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You wouldn't leave till we loved in the morning

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Breathe in four, hold four, exhale five. As she walked down her street to her house in a daze. She didn't even want to go to school today to begin with, yet here she ended up. Slowly walking, doing her breathing exercises. Of course she wasn't going to be her “normal” loud self on the anniversary lf her late grandmother's death, December 20th. Of course she had to state that bluntly and in a monotonous voice to her clearly worried teammate- she'd been dissociating for the most of practice and almost got a ball to the head abouut seven times, and she barely reacted to Ukai’s yelling about getting her “head out of the clouds” or something. That's just what she does, isn't it? Ruining the atmosphere and making everyone uncomfortable somehow.

She'll have to apologize to Asahi later, it probably took her a lot of courage to come to Tobio and ask her if she was okay. That's just Tobio Kageyama for you, open her big mouth and speak her mind, regret it and apologize later. Social cues just aren't her area at the moment but she had been working on it! Honestly! With the growing silence and amount of heads turning in her direction after her response, she could feel that familiar tightness in her chest.

She had to get out of there, so with a quick, panicked glance and nod to the door to her captain and then coaches, she high tailed it out of the gym. Quickly grabbing her things in the locker room and leaving the karasuno school campus with shaky breathing. After a couple minutes her sprint slowed to to jog and then walk. Now her house is coming into view and she immediately catches Kentaro's gaze, she's standing in front of the gate, still in practice clothes, holding a bag of what she assumes is take out. Tobio idly wonders if Tanaka might have texted her, because how did she just 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸. She said she was having a long practice today and Tobio had left her own pretty early.

And as warm, intense coffee brown eyes soften a little as she smiles at Tobio, it's a small, beautiful thing and Tobio feels her eyes sting with salty tears. But when Kentaro is opening her arms for hug, Tobio barley stops herself from nearly tripping over her feet to run to her and fall into her oh so warm embrace. Tobio squeezes Kentaro as her vision is blurred with hot tears and Kentaro squeezes her back with even more force and god it's so warm. An involuntary sob escapes Tobio’s throat as she feels fingers comb through her hair. This is home.