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So Bad and so Good

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The three of them had just finished eating dinner and were now cleaning the table. It had been a good night. Maggie had cooked one of her famous Mexican recipes and Kara had brough enough of Alex’s favorite beer to get them tipsy enough, taking advantage that John would be picking Alex up and driving all the way to their destination. When dessert came the couple was already full which left Kara as the sole owner.

It had been a good way of catching up and pampering Alex, before she has to leave to her one-week convention in Metropolis. It didn’t happen really often that Alex leaves the city, and when she does, is usually to visit Eliza at Midvale and of course that Kara comes with her. So, the redhead leaving for an entire week was a novelty for them.

“Will you forget about us?" said the blonde, finishing with the boring task of cleaning and taking the beer that had been abandoned in order to do so. Even though there was more beer on the fridge, she was sure that that one was her last. “Will you ever come back?”

“Stop it, Kara.” Alex rolled her eyes whilst she putted her backpack on the side of the door “You make it sound like I’ll be gone for a year.”

From the sink, Maggie laughed out loud. She was used to the sisters’ antics and really enjoyed this environment, the bickering and dramatics. But a little part of her couldn’t wait another second for Alex to cross that door. The alcohol had already affected her and she knew there was only one way to satiate her craving. That’s why she hid in the kitchen, busying herself with the dishes so time could pass faster.

Kara was leaning on the couch with a lazy smile on her face and observing how Alex was checking that she had everything that she needed and nothing was missing. Actually, it was a good thing that she didn't travel that much; Alex always went a little crazy making sure that all was in order.

“Well, if you will be gone for a year, I’m going to start wondering what kind of convention this is.” she commented, before taking a sip of her drink "Besides, Metropolis is not that pretty. One week is more than enough for me."

Before Alex could answer, her phone rang. It was John telling her that he was waiting outside so Alex went to her girlfriend to give a goodbye kiss whilst Kara waited awkwardly in the lobby, feeling how her heart was beginning to accelerate at the thought of Maggie and her alone in this house. But before she starts to hyperventilate, her sister came back and it was their turn to say goodbye.

“Let me help you with your things.” suggest Kara, after ending the hug, just to focus her mind in a task.

“It’s alright Kara, I’ve got it.” said her sister whilst she picked her bag and threw the backpack over her shoulder “You are not planning on leaving tonight, right? I don’t want you leaving in your state.”

“I’m totally…”

“Kara.” The big sister's look was nothing but intimidating. “I know you’re not drunk, but that blush is not from soberness either.

“Ever the responsible, huh?” the blonde scratched her neck before accepting her fate. “Fine! I’ll sleep here.”

Alex gave her then a second hug, happy with the arrangement.

“Don’t miss me too much, ok?" the woman took another glance at the room and then turned around "Love you!”

The blonde opened the door for her and stood there, watching as her sister headed to their friend's car, that was already parked in the street.

“Bye John! Bye Alex!” Since it was already dark, Kara couldn't see much of them, but she still waved a bit when they started to drive away. She stood there for a minute or so, without a clear reason why.

When the car’s lights disappeared into the night, Kara sighed and proceed to enter the house. She leaned back on the door and closed her eyes. She was sober enough to understand that her staying alone with Maggie wasn’t a good idea. Fuck! Her pants were already getting tight from the memories of the last time that they were alone. More acutely, the last seven times that they were alone.

Kara took a long gulp of beer, until the bottle was empty. She was the worst.

But she could do this. She would go to the kitchen, say goodnight whilst keeping her distance and then crash at their couch. Easy peasy. There was not any reason to not being civil about this.

After another sigh, she went to the kitchen, although no noise was coming from there. With each step, her heart started pumping faster and stronger, the sensation going all the way between her legs.

When Kara arrived, she found Maggie leaning against the sink, her hands inside the pockets of her jeans and a blank expression on her face, but her eyes… her eyes were pure fire.

The woman’s cleared her throat and stayed a couple of steps away, completely aware of the tension in the air. It was unbelievable how a couple of minutes before they were laughing together and talking to each other.

“Hi…” Maggie answered with nothing but a lip licking “So, I promised Alex that I would sleep here so I’m gonna head to the couch, ok?” Again, there was not answer and Kara just swallowed “So, yeah… I…”

The woman pointed carelessly behind her and before she started walking, the other girl lifted a brown and signaled with her head.

“Kara” hearing her name made her gulp and immobile “Won’t you throw that?”

Kara looked down to the empty bottle that was holding and then to the trash, that was a couple of steps into the room, right beside her sister’s girlfriend. Her throat became drier.

“Yeah, sure.”

With the first steps that she gave, she felt like a prey. Like a doomed prey that had just taken the bait. But a part of her – her darkest part – was terrible glad. As soon as her hand released the bottle, Maggie’s body cornered into the counter and her smell and her heat engulfed her.

“Maggie, wait…” but it was in vain, she had already surrender long ago, without ever realizing it.

“For what?” asked the girl, whilst positioning her hands on Kara’s waist and searching with her lips for skin to kiss.

The blonde wanted to say something but the breath on her neck erased all words from her mind. She tried to push Maggie away but when she moved her arms, it was to put her closer. And when she tried a second time, her hands slipped to the Latina’s ass, with a familiarity that was sickening.

“We promised that we wouldn’t do it anymore” murmured with her eyes closed, enjoying the hungry kisses and the sucking. “I don’t… fuck… don’t want it.”

Maggie backed off just a bit, just so she could see her in the eyes and after a second, she lowered her hand to grab the obvious erection of the blonde, loving how it twitched for attention in her hand and the moan that escaped the owner.

“You don’t want it” repeated her, with a smirk adorning her face “You don’t want it and yet your cock is so hard” Kara closed her eyes again and threw her head back, exposing her neck for better access. “I can feel how fat it got, Kara… just for me” her tongue traveled all the way to the blonde’s ear whilst her hands started working on undoing her pants “I bet it can get harder if I suck it.”

“Oh, god.”

“Do you want that? Do you want me on my knees and your fat dick between my lips?”

Yeah. She wanted that. She fucking wanted that. She remembered how hot Maggie looked with her dick in her mouth and tears in her eyes and precum and spit all over her pretty face, Kara pistoning with abandon and little whimpers coming from the girl below… Fuck, she fucking wanted that!

“Maggie, but Alex…” what a pathetic attempt.

“She doesn’t have to know.”

Wasn’t she right? They have fucked before and Alex still didn’t have a clue. Her sister was happy and they could enjoy themselves because Alex would never know, right? It has been almost 1 year since Kara’s birthday, when all of this started, and Alex still didn’t know. The relation between Maggie and her sister was as strong as ever, with cute photos all over social media, living together, finishing each other sentences. And well, the Danvers sisters were still partners in crime, like always.

When Maggie pulled her pants down and took her appendage out, she knew that the decision had been made. Because then Kara literally growled and looked her with raw hunger, taking her face between her hands and kissing her with force.

Good lord! It felt so good to give in. To feel the wrongness of their actions in each kiss and each breath. The women were making out fiercely, lips brushing with abandon and desperation, delivering all the energy accumulated through the night. In the privacy of that corner, they were being unfaithful to one amazing and unsuspecting Alex, and that fact turned them on in some twisted way.

Kara moved a few inches apart, just to observe how utterly ruined Maggie looked, to see the lust in her brown eyes and those full lips that were already red from their actions, enticing her to wreck them. She took one finger to trace them at a slow pace, with images of those same lips around her cock dancing in her mind.

“She doesn’t have to know.” repeated Kara, pushing down the other girl and getting her on her knees.

The blowjobs had always been messy and they both loved it.

With Kara’s jeans and boxers already around her ankles, Maggie wasted no time in adoring that cock. She took it in her hands and ran it all over her face, smelling the musk and spreading precum in her face. The hot tip of her tongue traced each vein from top to bottom, circling the mushroom head. A glistening drop of precum came out and rapidly caught it with her tongue, making sure to give as little attention as possible to the head. Once again, she put the fat dick over her entire face, feeling its weight and smelling the underside, her hands caressing Kara's ass cheeks and hip bones.

When she finally opened her mouth and grabbed the cock from the base, Kara braced herself, but Maggie swallowed it all the way to the back of her throat just to release it a second after.

“You always taste so good…” The Latina then started with little licks here and there, caressing the balls and letting the dick to fall on her face, teasing, showing off more than actually giving head. “So fucking good, babe.”

The slow pace was killing Kara. The last time they had sex was two months ago at her place and she missed the way Maggie gag when she is being facefucked.

When Maggie once again closed her lips around the base of the erection, Kara let a loud moan fill the kitchen, her cock pulsing with need. The inside of Maggie’s mouth felt fantastic, especially when she made a type of vibrations with the back of her throat, but at that point the blonde needed more than just a sensual dance. Kara needed energetic, violent and plain pornographic movement. She needed to let this rage go, to feel the brunette chocking on her meat, watch her wide open eyes filled with tears for the violent intrusion.

She passed one hand through the girl’s hair and pushed, signaling what she wanted. Maggie giggled for a second and then put a little more effort into the task. Staring at the blue orbs, she stuck the cock at the back of her throat and with a gentle suck, she took it out, passing her flat tongue through its head, putting more force and speed to her bobbing, using one hand to wrap around the base and the other to cup his balls.

“Fuck Maggie…” Kara started to move her hips, focusing her stare in those full lips that were closing around its head.

“What, baby? Want more?” the cop backed off an inch or two but a string of saliva still connected her to the meat pole.

“Yeah.” Kara growled again when Maggie descended to her balls and put both inside her mouth “Fuck! Suck on them!” Kara looked down and saw a kneeling Maggie with her face hidden between her legs, eating her nuts with a pleased expression, her ass raised into the air and her hands jerking her hardness. "You look so pretty like this, Maggie"

It was so good! With Maggie jerking her and sucking on her balls, kissing and licking. But she wanted more and she would get it.

“Come on, Sweetie, make it worth my time” holding the brunette's head with her hands, she slammed her dick deep into her mouth, with not regard whatsoever. It took Maggie by surprise, but rapidly recovered. “Yeah, sweetie… just like that. Mmmm! Choke on my fat cock.” It was time to stretch that filthy mouth.

The slurping and the wet sounds became stronger, with spit and precum rolling down from Maggie’s neck, their eyes focused on each other, enjoying the expression of utter lust in each face. Her mouth felt delicious! So warm, so wet… so tight. Just like her cunt. Kara loved to fuck her face, to make that hole accept her cock with force, to watch her struggle to breath.

Maggie loved it too. The sensation of been dominated, of Kara feeding her cock and pounding her throat never failed to make her wet. So, whilst her left-hand grabbed Kara’s ass for more momentum, her right one sneaked under her dress and her panties, finding her clit. This made Kara even more excited.

“Fuck, Maggie…. This dirty mouth was made to be fucked” with that speed, her balls were slapping against her chin and adding more sounds “So slutty, touching yourself. I bet you taste really sweet.” Both women moaned at the thought. "A real bitch, what you are."

Calling names and a hard fuck were one of the favorite things for the Latina, it always made her feel dirty and sexy, so it was only natural that another loud moan made vibrate the insides of her mouth, making Kara feel it in all the right places.

Suddenly, she took her cock out and gave it a few tugs, letting Maggie breath for a second.

“You look good on your knees.” Kara, keeping the eye contact, started slapping her with her fat dick in her cheeks, her tongue and her chin, making the most delicious sounds. “You’re a fucking slut, aren’t you?”

Her throat was on fire and tears were rolling down her cheek, but the biggest smile was plastered on her face. She was kneeling between two muscular legs, with a dick hitting her face, masturbating herself and Kara watching her with a dark and possessive look; she couldn’t be happier.

“Yes! I’m a slut, baby. I’m a slut for your fat big cock!”

Kara was going to blow. The picture in front of her was just too good.

“Come on, bitch, open up!”

Maggie opened her mouth and saw Kara jerk her dick right up her face. The face that she makes when she’s about to cum was so beautiful! And her cock would always become so red, throbbing for release.

Soon, with the mushroom head pointing on her bottom lip, Kara started shooting thick ropes of white cum. Some blasts landed on her tongue, other on her chin and her hair. There was so much, that some even rolled down between her breasts.

After Kara finished, she smeared the remains on Maggie's lips, moaning when the latina finished the task of cleaning with her tongue. Then, she stood up and both joined in a heated kiss, sharing globs of cum and moaning loudly. There was a tremendous amount of passion in their kiss. Both felt like combusting with desire, and a big part had to do with their wrongness of their actions.

“You always cum so much” said Maggie as soon as Kara left her mouth, in order to lick the bit of semen that was on her neck “Fill me up so good.”

Kara purred absently, rolling the sleeves of Maggie’s dress down her shoulders in order to get better access. She rapidly got rid of the bra and then stopped to contemplate the view. Those tits were magnificent, so round, so big, still with a bit of cum that had slipped between them. Perfect to drown in there.

So, that was what she did. She buried her face in those big globes of flesh and took a deep breath, getting reacquaintance with that sweet smell, moving her tongue to recover her own semen and tasting it. It tasted so good, that Kara couldn't help herself and moaned on top of that flesh. Then she moved again and focused on the right tit, kissing and sucking the nipple into her mouth.

“Did you like your treat?” Inquired the blond between bites. One hand wandered down to the Latina’s ass. She was obsessed with that part of her body, so juicy and perky, overflooding her hands. Kara couldn’t get enough of it

“You know I did” Indeed she did! Her pussy was proof of it. Throbbing with need and panties totally ruined.

Kara got up to kiss her again with complete abandon. At the same time, her hands worked under the dress in sliding said panties down her tights, Maggie wiggling a bit so they could come down all the way and then stepping out of them.

“Bend over. I wanna taste that pussy of yours” the authoritarian voice did wonders to Maggie’s desire, but she was tired of waiting. She wanted the bid deal.

“No, Kara” even though she refused, she wasted no time bending over the counter “I need your cock now! … please fuck me, baby” Implored whilst she pulled up her dress, presenting herself “Use that pussy!” Kara was so weak! She gave a couple of tugs to her dick and positioned behind Maggie, staring at that wet cunt. With two fingers, she separated those glistening lips in order to get a better view of that pinky shaved pussy, relishing the familiar smell that was coming off it "Can't wait to feel you inside me again."

Maggie offering herself in a silver plate was a beautiful sight. Taking revenge from the previous teasing, Kara played with her entrance for a couple of seconds, going with the tip of the phallus from top to bottom, getting it wet with pussy juices. With gentleness, her thumb caressed her sensitive bud of nerves and tortured Maggie for another moment.

Tired of prolonging the wait, the girl stopped jerking and gave a strong slap to the right cheek of the Latina, watching how the flesh moved with the aggressive spanking.

“You are a fucking whore, Maggie” said the blonde whilst she took one step closer “Getting wet from blowing me” she positioned the fat mushroom head in her entrance and grabbed her with both hands from her waist “Take this, slut!”

Without preambles, Kara entered her pussy in one push and Maggie cried out. That cock stretched the brunette so well, that it always made her mind go blank. She could only be present for the slapping of Kara’s hips in her rear, those big hands holding her by the waist, the squelching of that meat pumping inside her and precum and her own pussy juices rolling down her tights.

Kara was ecstatic! She couldn’t even remember why she denied herself this pleasure in first instance. The way that ass wobbled with each bang, the pornographic sounds that were coming out of Maggie, the heat and tightness of that fucking pussy, the way the slut met her thrust halfway.

Kara pressed her front against Maggie's back and leaned over her earlobe so she could take a small bite and at the same time one hand slidden between Maggie’s legs, touching her clit.

“You sound like a bitch in heat” her pistoning became slower, more sensual. “You feel so good around my cock.” Maggie tilted her neck to give more access to Kara's kisses, arching her back to feel the lunges deeper. "I get so hard when I think of you." Kara gave one gentle slap to the clit and bite her shoulder at the same time, making the cop moan.

Maggie was reaching embarrassingly fast her peak, and the meatpole that was impaling her from behind was no help at all.

“You fuck me so good, baby!” the drop of speed let her brain search for coherent words, despite the weight on top of her and the panting of Kara in her ear “I come so hard when you’re fucking me.”

The blonde gave one hard lunge as reward. It was wrong of her, but she wanted to know that she was better that Alex, that her cock was better.

“Oh, yeah? Do you like it when your girlfriend’s sister screw you?” The finger on her clit was working faster, the dick inside her hitting her slow but hard and with the rocking of Kara’s hips, her nipples were scratching against the cold surface of the counter. All the sensation building up. “Is that what makes you orgasm, fucking cheater?”

Maggie was so close.

“Yes, yes! God, I love it!” exclaimed her, with her eyes closed and her arms on both sides of her head “I want you all the time… Fuck, your cock! Baby, give me more!”

“Do you think of me when you’re kissing Alex?” Maggie nodded, letting little whimpers “Do you think of me when you fuck her?” Kara put some kisses at the back of her neck and rolled her brown hair in her hand “When you give her head?” Maggie could only moan but it wasn’t enough for the blonde, so she stepped out and gave one strong smack on her ass, pulling her hair at the same time “Speak up, nasty slut.”

Maggie screamed, going crazy with so many sensations in her body. Her scalp and ass were burning, her back arched, the hot presence of Kara behind her… but the emptiness of her pussy. God! She wanted to cry! She wanted that cock back to where it belonged, opening her up! Destroying her slutty cunt.

“Yes! Yes, baby! I think of you when I’m with her” confessed the Latina, turning her head to the side, so they could hungrily kiss “When she eats me out, when I finger myself…”

Kara went back to kiss her mouth, sliding tongue against tongue, making her feel her harness between her buttocks “Uuuuh! I always come thinking of you.”

Glaring down, Kara caressed that perky ass. The skin, although smooth, was red from the previous spanking and humping and looked so God damn delightful. Slowly, the blonde separated her ass cheeks and focused on that pink cute pucker, hovering her thump over it for just a second and then just patting its edge.

“You have such a pretty ass… it’s begging for a hard fuck.” Calmly, she licked her finger and then pushed just the tip inside. “Sweetie, you’re so tight down here”

Maggie moaned really loud and presented herself even more, trying the get that finger deeper.

“You can be the first one to do that” responded over her shoulder, watching how Kara admired her rear “We have an entire week to poop that cherry.”

Kara looked at Maggie, surprised for the fact that a slut like her was still an ass-virgin. Suddenly, knowing that her dick would be the first to enter that arse, the need to be back in her cunt invader her. With new vigor and the hardest erection ever, she impaled the cop.

“I’m gonna fuck that ass so good, baby.” The blonde slammed her hips harder, pushing her thump all the way, wiggling it inside her dirtiest hole.

“Ah, yes!!!! Ahhh, ahhh!!!”

“You won’t be able to walk” Kara growled between plunges “You’re going to blow me dry whilst I eat that sweet pussy of yours” Maggie was just a cock sleeve at that point, enjoying the ride, feeling overstimulated by the doble penetration. “And I’m gonna eat your ass for as long as I want… Ugh!” Kara was panting, entering with fury in the heat of that pussy “Yeah! You’ll beg for my cock in your ass, fucking bitch.”

“Oh, ohhh!!!”

Maggie felt a crescendo within her body, with the head of the big cock breaking her apart, coming out and the not even a second after, it was already up to the hill, hitting her cervix and her g-spot. With a finger fucking her in the ass. The sounds were insane, squashing with the juices of both of them. She was so fucking turned on that it was a flood between her legs.

“Fuck! Kar… Kara!! Aaahh! I-I’m… I’mgonnacum! G-gonna” She tried to grab, aimlessly, from something but her hands ended up behind her, tangled in Kara’s head, with her tits up in the air “I’M COMING!!” her whole body stiffened and her mouth was suspended in a silent scream.

Kara felt the strongest spasming in her cock, it being sucked into her vagina and a flow of liquid was splashed against her balls, rolling down her legs into the floor. It was a complete mess of fluids. The fact amazed her and made her halter her movements for a bit, but as soon as she fully registered what had happened, she carried on banging the sloppy pussy.

“F-Fucking whore! Squirting at the thought of her ass being fucked.... aahh!!” Kara gave a couple humping but couldn’t hold it anymore, all the situation overpowered her “I’m cumming, Maggie…”

The head of Maggie was spinning from the intense orgasm, but when she heard those words, she obliged herself to recover some sense and looking behind her just to beg.

“Inside, baby!! Please! Mmm... Do it inside, please!!!” And now holding with both hands onto her breasts and her eyes glued to the brown eyes of her sexual companion, Kara exploded with thick, strong ropes of semen, warming and flooding her already wet and clamping cunt.

Their moans resonated within the kitchen’s walls and none of them worried about the neighbors, too preoccupied with their own pleasure and recovering their breath. Sweat was covering their entire bodies and it was a mess the floor and their legs, with so much fluids, but Maggie had the biggest smile on her face. That was how a real hook up felt like; total bliss.

For her part, Kara was still slightly spasming, out of breath and with a sweaty body. Her shirt stuck to her skin uncomfortably but she still leaned over Maggie’s back, waiting until she had enough strength to move. Meanwhile her mind, without the fog of lust, started to catch up with what happened.

“Maggie, this is so bad…” murmured with shame, hiding her face in the back of Maggie’s neck and hugging her from the waist.

When the semi flaccid dick slipped out of the cop’s cunt, both whimpered. A stream of cum came out, so Maggie reached behind her and scooped up the load. Making sure that Kara was watching her actions, she licked her hand slowly, closing her eyes, tasting the salty flavor of their juices combined.

“But it’s so good” purred Maggie, feeling how the blonde closed the distance and kissed her sensually, thoroughly, her hands traveling all over her waist to reach her nipples “You always leave my pussy so loose” she turned around se they could be face to face… “I can’t stop, Kara. What we have is amazing.”

They kissed some more, enjoying wandering hands. Until things escalated again. They started to walk clumsily to the bedroom, finally taking their clothes off along the way. The previous occasions were all rushed, hiding from someone, against the clock; a quickie in Winn’s living room, before he arrived with the pizza; a blowjob in the way to pick more ice; some hard fucking inside the dirties stalls of the club’s bathroom whilst Lucy was taking care of a drunk Alex; some pussy eating in the couch whilst Alex was taking a shower… It always started and ended before any of them could truly stop to think about it. The guilty came later, with flashes of their activities playing in Kara’s mind over and over again. Until the next time. Until her resolve faltered and then the cycle was repeated.

But this time she was walking to the bedroom of the couple right to where Alex, her dear sister, sleeps and makes love to her girlfriend, with all of her stuff in there. This time there was a chance to think things over, they could take as long as they wanted and the next day, and the next after that. They could be as loud as they wanted, could make any sound, without looking over their shoulder. They could finally fuck in a bed, moving however the heck they wanted, in whatever position they liked.

And it was wrong.

Kara stopped at the entrance, swallowing down. Suddenly she didn’t know if she was capable anymore. Somehow, all of that seemed finally too much. And for what? They didn’t even love each other, she knew that. It was just this hunger that they could not satisfy.

Maggie saw the hesitance in her companion’s face but didn’t worry about it. She had already made peace with all the situation. Instead, she kept walking into the bed, where she coolly laid on her back and placed her feet on the surface, casually spreading her legs like a book and showing her pussy to a motionless Kara.

“Aren’t you coming, baby?” inquired with all the tranquility of the world “To clean up your mess” Her right hand went down to her sloppy pussy and in one movement inserted three fingers, digging out more semen. “Lick me, baby… just like you wanted.”

In matter of seconds, her erection was at full mast. It was against better judgement, but Kara wasn’t strong enough to resist a scene like that: a beautiful woman laying so placid, opening herself up with one hand and playing with the mess that both created, the other touching her nipple, with her mouth barely open so the dirtiest moans were heard, with remains of her jizz all over her hair and between her legs.

Kara advanced, with so many ideas of how to use that body in the spam of one week.

This was really bad. But Maggie was right. It also was so fucking good.