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Half and half

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Brock is a hybrid.

Usually, hybrids don’t exist in the Supernatural world, or if they do, they’re super deformed and die fast.

Brock is an exception.

He’s a rare Mer-werewolf hybrid.

His mother was a mermaid, she disappeared after his birth, and his dad is a werewolf.

His dad says it was because of his mother’s Mer blood in him that Brock was able to heal and survive and look, well, relatively normal.

Brock uses relatively normal because he’s gotten so many comments about how attractive he is, some of them use “unnaturally” too.

Anyway, it hasn’t been an issue until Petey came along.

But that’s another story for another time.

The main issue is that no one knows Brock is part-Mer, mainly because it’s dangerous and deadly for any non-Mer to know, which is why his dad is having memory issues at the moment.

Another main issue is Petey has been gone, with Quinn, for a long time.

Brock’s body and magic can’t take it.

Brock’s going to reveal or blow up something to the team if it keeps it up.

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It all started when Petey and Quinn didn’t have their contracts.

It snowballed from there.

It was way more than just “stressful” as Huggy puts it.

It was, and still is, a disaster.

Even once they come back, the damage has been done, there’s no going back.

Anyway, Huggy did a bitchy thing and sulked back to Michigan, with Petey in tow, until they got their contracts sorted out.

That started a chain reaction on Brock’s part, and it started with his Mer blood, which, of fucking course it does.

Everything starts and ends with his Mer part.

Don’t get him wrong, Brock loves being half Mer, his tail is beautiful.

His tail is this deep dark, Vancouver blue with kelly green stripes to represent UND. There’s also a Vancuver green too, in gradient shades. But his tail is mostly Vancuver blue.

Once Petey left, his tail started to get shades of yellow, like the yellow on the Swedish flag.

That was the first indication that something is wrong with Brock.

Mer don’t change colors on their tails at all, unless they’re extremely powerful or they’re extremely dried out.

Brock isn’t either of those things, he’s a hybrid, so he has less Mer power.

Or so Brock thinks.

Another damning thing that’s making things worse is the social media popping up about Petey and Quinn, the football pics, the Michigan sweatshirts, even Huggy’s tinder profile pic popping up.

Seeing those posts started to aggravate his skin, so Brock had to take multiple dips in the ocean to calm down.

It still wasn’t enough.

Brock is a possessive and jealous guy, but the problem is that Petey isn’t his to be jealous or possessive about.

That’s the problem.

For years, he and Petey have been flirting with each other, Brock has just been too nervous to do anything and Petey is too shy.

Also, Petey has been spending a lot of time with Quinn ever since he got onto the team.

Which makes this Michigan trip with Quinn killing Brock.


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Brock’s skin really itches.

He’s itchy all over and nothing, not even the ocean, is helping.

He’s already run out of the moisturizer Mark Scheifele hooks him up with and Brock doesn't want to annoy the guy, Mark already hates him because he’s a hybrid so Brock has to wait for the next shipment.

The only reason Mark helps him out with the moisturizer is because of the need for secrecy. And that only happened because Brock almost exposed himself as a Mer to his team when they were playing Winnipeg. Mark was not a happy man and still isn’t, because neither him nor Blake can get their heads out of their asses and talk to each other about mutual feelings.

Though Brock shouldn’t be hypocritical, he knows he needs to talk to Petey, and he will, once he gets back. It’s the type of conversation that needs to be had in person.

Usually, when Brock gets itchy, he needs to wolf out. However, Brock knows this isn’t wolf itchiness, it’s Mer, only because his skin is peeling off to reveal scales.

Which is why Brock has been wearing long sleeves and jeans in the middle of August and spending most off time in the ocean hiding away.

Brock has to be super careful these days in the ocean, he looks like a hybrid and not like a full blooded Mer.

To any normal Mer, he’s a monstrosity, according to Mark, they kill anyone on the spot that isn’t looking like a full blooded Mer.

Especially the Dark Ones, apparently, they kill any outsider who knows and isn’t turned.

The Dark Ones are a race of Mer that are supposedly the most pure Mer there are. They stay in the depths of the Mariana trench and rumor has it they eat humans if they stumble upon any area close to them. Which is why the bermuda triangle exists, apparently there’s a colony of them where that triangle is. Also, the Dark Ones are apparently the most powerful and dangerous of the Mer, which is why Brock’s gotta be careful, there are rumors there have been a spotting of one around the Vancouver area.

Mark has his theories that it’s just Mat Barzal swimming near Vancouver, but Brock doesn’t believe that rumor, the rumor that Mark made up.

There’s so few Mer in the NHL, the Mer are so secretive, no other supernatural creatures know they exist. The Mer also like to keep to the ocean, so it’s rare for a family like Nolan Patrick’s to raise a child on land and to have that child play on a team sport with traveling involved.

Brock really feels for him, he’s moving to a desert with no ocean or any body of water nearby. Brock shivers at the years in North Dakota, there was only a river with heavy pollution that clogged up his gills, but it was better than drying up and dying.

Brock doesn’t even think there is a river in Vegas, poor Nolan.

As far as Brock knows, it’s just him, Mark, Nolan, and maybe some guy on the Avs, none of them are sure, but all of them think there’s a guy on the Avs and Jost doesn’t know anything about Mer so Brock’s not asking him.

Brock just has a list of who’s what on the Avs and on the Canaucks.

Everyone on his team knows he’s a werewolf, whether it was back at North Dakota or on the Canucks, his smell gives him away to any Supernatural.

Brock knows his scent is weird, so people have had to ask him if he was a werewolf or not, and Brock knows this is because he’s a hybrid. This makes him nervous to wolf out in front of any other wolves so he only does it on rare occasions. The others think he’s weird or something for that, since wolves are pack animals. Brock thinks it’s because he’s also part Mer that he’s not as close to the wolves on the Canucks as he should be. But that’s also because he doesn’t want them to find out he’s a half breed.

Even some Supernaturals are not accepting of hybrids. It’s been a topic brought up in the locker room, but Bo sometimes steps in and shuts that topic down.

His wolf is a rare color as well, almost pure white, but with the tiniest blonde hint to his fur.

Anyway, Brock is in hell, and doesn’t think it can get any worse.

Except it does.

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Elias did not want to go to Michigan with Quinn, however, through guilt and tears, Quinn got his way to bring Elias to Michigan.

Which means Elias has to leave his pod behind, and can only bring his portable pod, which is much smaller and is super uncomfortable, unlike his pod in his apartment in Vancouver and the other one in Sweden.

Elias is an alien, an alien over 300 years old. It’s pretty young to his race, they can live up to thousands of years.

Anyway, Elias is on this mission to find a compatible mate on this planet. He’s the only one on Earth, but his race is looking at him, they planted invisible satellites to record video of where he’s at.

Elias has been on Earth for the past 200 years, he’s getting impatient, and so is his family in their mothership.

The reason their species has to find compatible mates on other planets with intelligent life is that their planet is mostly wasted away, only few people are left on their home planet. The rest of the population is on their mothership. Due to being stuck in outer space, they can’t repopulate, so they have to find compatible matches, aka, their soulmate, so they can repipulate and save their species.

Elias got sent to Earth over 200 years ago, and he’s running out of time.

Brock Boeser is Elias’s last hope until he is forced to go back to their homeland and probably die, the conditions on their planet are not safe.

The people on the planet are the ones who weren’t able to find their soulmate, condemned to cleaning up their disaster of the planet. Elias's species were the reason why there are “Supernatural creatures” on earth, they created them thousands of years ago. To help diversify the population on the planet. To prevent disasters like the one that happened on Elias's home planet. Elias never saw his home planet, it was destroyed when he was very little, but he's seen picture before and it was a beautiful, multi-hued planet.

Anyway, another interest of Elias's species is preventing disasters that they ended up doing to their home planet to other planets, like transforming some humans into supernatural creatures.

Elias can feel he is getting close, his soulmate is somewhere in Vancouver, which means going to Michigan is messing this up.

All because of the stupid contract negotiations.

Anyway, Elias is feeling a bit sick, so he enters his portable pod to recover.

Elias’s alien body needs the pods he has installed in his houses in Vancouver and Sweden and his portable one to prevent damage done by the earth’s atmosphere.

He’s used to more radiation, so he enters his glowy pods to heal from the damage.

Anyway, Elias has cool alien superpowers, but he’s not like Superman, every person of his species has them anywhere in the galaxy, not because of the weird atmosphere on Earth.

That’s just a dumb movie concept in Elias’s opinion.

But that’s because that’s Hollywood and Superman doesn’t travel across the universe.

Elias can heal fatal wounds, can float/fly, and his body glows and then can turn that glow into a light blast for defence. He can also turn invisible.

He also has the typical enhanced speed and strength.

His powers have come in handy, especially escaping discovery.

Elias has watched alien movies, he guesses if he’s discovered, it won’t be pretty.

Also, his species would remove him from the situation(aka Earth) should he ever be found out by the government.

Elias isn’t ready to leave Earth, he kinda wants to stay there, which is ridiculous. Once he finds his soulmate, they’re supposed to abduct them, transfer them to the mothership, then transform them into one of them.

Apparently technology of theirs has been growing now, that last thing just got implemented 100 years ago.

Yea, Elias doesn’t want to do that to his soulmate.

But he may not have a choice in the matter, after all, he’s just a regular alien.

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A second after hearing Quinn’s yelp, Elias falls flat on his ass,

Time to go talk to Quinn.

When Elias walks into the living room of their rented apartment, Quinn has a look of confusion on his face.

“What are you? I’ve never seen anything like that before?” Quinn asks Elias.

Elias sighs, “I’m an alien.”

“Oh, I’m a werewolf.”


Awkward silence.
“So, why are you on Earth then?” Quinn asks.

Elias explains his story.

“So, you’re here to find your soulmate, why did you end up playing hockey?”

Elias shrugs, “My latest findings say my soulmate was in western North America and that I would get to them through hockey.”

“Them?” Quinn asks, eyebrows raised.

“Yes, my species can have either sexual reproduction organs so gender isn’t really a thing for us nor does it matter. As long as we have our soulmate.” Elias answers.

“Oh, well, I’m bisexual, just to let you know.” Quinn says.

“It’s not you, pretty sure my soulmate is Brock, but thanks for telling me.” Elias replies.

“Yea, just didn’t want you to think I’m homophobic or something.” Quinn says.

“Can you keep this between us? The alien and soulmate thing?” Elias asks seriously.

“Of course, i get the need for secrecy, and didn’t you say your kind would take you away if anyone found out about your species?”

Elias nods his head.

“There we go, we need you here on Earth, and you and Brock just gotta talk things out.”

“That’s the problem, if i tell Brock everything, my species will take us back to the mothership and ultimately change brock but that’s the bad part, he won’t change-he’s a perfect…….” Elias trails off.

“Perfect what? Werewolf? Hell no, he’s not, he’s all, well, weird and stuff.” Quinn points out.

Elias frowns.

“Well, anyway, our transformation technology won’t work on him and I am getting suspicious that he’s the one my kind has been waiting for, the person that’s going to give us the genetics to create perfect breeds to survive anywhere. This scares me, a lot, cause then we won’t be able to live on Earth anymore. There’s way better planets out there, even empty ones that are survivable.”

Quinn raises his eyebrows, “So, then I am guessing you’re going to avoid confronting Brock about all this soulmate business?”

“I have to, so I don’t force Brock out of this world, literally. His existence changes everything for everyone. I want to protect him, I have to avoid him, our connection is getting stronger.” Elias determinedly says.

Quinn nods, “Ok then, operation keep Brock on earth is our priority then.”

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Brock is in constant pain.

The itchiness turned to pain sooner than expected.

Brock doesn’t get it, he’s been in the ocean wherever he’s not at the rink or working out, there’s no reason why he should be in pain.

Maybe it’s because he hasn’t been in his wolf form recently, but it’s been too painful to get into it ever since Elias left for MIchigan.

Contract negotiations are taking forever, and those damn pictures of Quinn and Petey at the football game are making him feel burning jealousy.

Which is making things hurt worse.

Brock is starting to think that his Mer side is starting to cause issues with his werewolf side and his human form as well.

His eyes for one thing, are not looking normal anymore, they’re a more vivid and unnatural looking blue now, he tries to wear sunglasses or not look directly at anyone these days.

His skin is super pale, and his appetite is now only allowing sushi and raw fish from the sea.

He looks more like his Mer form, which isn’t all that much different from his human form apparently.

In his Mer form, he just has the gills on his neck, his tail, and a little bit of webbing in between his fingers.

Apparently, full blooded Mer looks less human and more scary monster fish than anything else.

But Brock still doesn’t look too good, and his teammates are noticing and trying to ask him what’s wrong to ask him to hang out.

He keeps pushing them away, he knows he has to swim in the ocean whenever he’s not playing hockey.

His scales look dried out whenever he’s not in the ocean, and the small patches of skin that had scales are now increasing in size.

There’s also the slits his gills are underwater showing very slightly.

He’s going to lose control over his body soon at the current rate he’s going.

Brock has a theory that Elias helps ease him of the pain of being a half-blooded Mer, but he can’t prove it.

If only Elias was here, he’d have some advice, Brock just knows it.

Petey seems to be hiding a secret, just like Brock, so if anyone would know about keeping a huge secret, it’d be Elias.

Brock just hopes Elias comes back to Vancouver soon, he doesn’t know how much longer he can take his absence from his life.

Little did Brock know that there’s no difference if Elias was in Michigan or in Vancouver, Elias won’t be in his life soon.

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Brock thought that things would be better and solved once Elias got back.

Boy, did he get that wrong.

Things turned worse than Brock thought they could get.

Elias would barely acknowledge him, and wouldn’t say anything besides small talk if only necessary or something about hockey.

Brock’s body is reacting even worse to this.

Since Petey came back, he’s been losing weight and has only been eating fish.

The trainers have been getting on him about that.

Brock doesn’t know what to do at this point, he’s been narrowingly avoiding Thatcher, who’s been nagging him to hang out.

Thatcher, he’s some type of Supernatural, Brock just can’t determine what he is, a werewolf or a witch. One of them at least.

Brock’s decided he’s had enough of this loneliness, so he eventually gives into Thatcher’s requests to hang out at his place for lunch.

“So, what’s been bothering you Boes?” Thatcher asks.

Brock shrugs, “Not much, I guess.”

Thatcher frowns, “Wrong answer, seriously, what’s up? You’ve been acting, well, not like yourself.”

Brock sighs.

“Is it a supernatural thing?”

Brock cringes.

“Hey, it’s okay, I’m a hybrid too, werewolf and witch. Dad’s a werewolf, mother is a witch. Perfect half and half, apparently.” Thatcher says.

Brock freezes.

“It’s ok, I only know you're half werewolf, I don’t know your other part. I used my magic to find out you needed sushi, so I brought the freshest fish you can get.” Thatcher offers from the fridge, a fat tuna fish still unchopped.

Brock smiles, “Thanks, this means a lot.”

Thatcher continues, “Of course, I get you don’t wanna talk about your other half, if you ever do, just let me know, I get the whole, you know, hybrid thing with the other Supernaturals not approving and stuff. Usually, people are one thing or the other if their Supernatural parents are mixed with each other.”

Brock nods, digging into the fish.

Once they finished eating, Brock felt for the first time, settled.

They hung out the rest of the afternoon and Brock ends up back at his apartment.

He checks his phone once he flops onto the couch in his living room and freezes, seeing a text from Mark:

“We need to talk, rumors have been spreading. You better have things under control over there. I’m concerned about Pettersson too.”

Brock gulps.

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Operation keeping Brock on Earth is harder than Elias thought.

If Elias thought their connection was getting stronger all the way over in Michigan, it got stronger when Elias returned to Vancuver.

Ever since Elias returned to Vancuver, his body has been reacting to the soulbond, as in, his powers are going haywire.

If Elias is within six feet of Brock, he starts to levitate.

If Elias is within 3 feet of Brock, his body starts to glow. The only reason he doesn’t seem to glow on the ice is because of the bright lights and the hockey pads and jersey covering most areas of the body.

Things also start to zap around Elias these days, his phone has fizzled 5 times when Elias was in like, ten feet of Brock. The lights also flicker if he gets too close.

Sometimes, he even turns invisible when Brock tries to talk to him, so Elias has to avoid talking with him.

All this avoiding is breaking Elias and his weirdly shaped alien heart.

HIs heart is like, bigger than a human’s heart, and it is hard to describe the weird curvy shape it’s in.

The reason Elias’s powers are glitching all over the place if he’s within distance of Brock is to show him that he’s found his soulmate.

His soulmate that he can’t have, even though he’s running out of time on Earth to “find his soulmate”.

The soulmate that he’s found.
If the satellites catch Elias’s powers acting up, they’re going to abduct the closest person there is.

And seeing how Brock is now hanging with Demmer, which Elias should not be jealous about, there could be danger to him too now.

Worst part is, Elias’s self-healing has stopped working so he’s fucked if he gets injured or takes the slightest weird, or heavy hit.

All in all, it’s a shitty situation.

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Weird things keep happening whenever Petey gets close to Brock.

Lights flash, electronics fritz, and sometimes, Petey glows.

Physically glowing, not like, metaphorically glowing.

Like Petey is a rainbow glowing person.

He also sometimes floats.

Brock is getting concerned, but also, not.

It’s because Quinn is helping Petey out and spending all his time with him.

So Brock’s jealousy is acting up.

Also, his Mer powers are acting haywire even more so now.

He can’t even wolf out anymore, his Mer side is acting up so much these days.

Thatcher has been making some soothing lotions and potions for Brock’s skin and stomach.

That way Brock doesn’t have to fish for all three of his meals each day in the ocean.

They make him look less liek a water zombie and more human, however, Brock still doesn’t look completely human.

It all comes to a head when Vancuver plays Winnipeg.

Because of course, Vancouver hasn’t played a team yet since Elias’s return that had a known Mer yet.

As soon as Mark gets anywhere near Brock, he starts to shift into his Mer form. He also sees Mark grimace as he looks like he’s shifting.

It’s giving him a major headache, and he can guess Mark is also feeling it too.

Brock is hoping they don’t check each other, he doesn’t think it’s possible.

They don’t end up checking each other.

They collide.

Brock is having one of his most painful transformations yet.

The game instantly stops, Brock looks over to Mark and he seems to be in the same pain as he is in.

Shit, they’re both transforming into their Mer form on the ice.

In front of thousands of people, on national television.

Brock can barely feel his legs, but he manages to get up, Mark got up faster than him, and mangled away from his own trainers.

Brock follows.

Brock can feel Thatcher following him, even though he’s currently playing the game, which means Jaro is coming on the ice to ask him what’s wrong.

That prevents Thatcher from immediately following them.

Brock manages to find Mark collapsed in mid-transformation in the hallway.

Where anyone can see.

Brock collapses and his body starts to convulse and rips apart his pads, pants, and jersey.

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Brock blinks through the blurriness of his Mer vision, which looks like he’s underwater, since his Mer eyes are for like, underwater.

He sees Mark fuming, frantically swiping his fisted hand in front of him.

Mark turns, hisses, “Thanks a lot freak, my magic is fritzed which means I can’t cloak myself invisible.

“You can turn yourself invisible?” Brock asks incredulously.

“Well duh, that’s how we prevent detection on land in emergencies,” Mark rolls his eyes.

“Guess I can’t do that because I’m only half.” Brock notes.

“Not like it matters, both of our magic is toast, because you can’t keep your mate bond under fucking control!”

“Mate bond?” Brock asks.

“Geez, did no one tell you about anything?” Mark remarks.

“Of fucking course not, I only know you and Pats and both of your guys rarely talk to me!” Brock yells.

“Keep your voice down, you’re lucky there hasn’t been any traffic so far.” Mark hisses/.

Speaking of traffic, Brock hears some footsteps coming.

Brock cringes visibly.

“Relax Boes, it’s just me. I’m here to help.”

Brock is relieved, Mark is not.

“You fucking told this weirdo about us?” Mark yells.

“Not like I had much of a choice,” Brock mutters.

“Why the fuck not?”

“My powers have been kinda obvious.”

“No fucking shit Sherlock.” Mark deadpans.

“My magic should bring you guys back to normal, before anyone notices, but Brock, you’re not coming back to play in the game. Mark can go, but not Brock. This is getting really dangerous for you and for everyone else. Brock, your magic is getting unpredictable and there’s not much that I can do. Trust me, when I say unpredictable, it’s really dangerous. I’ve been doing all I can on the ice to prevent it but Brock, you’re getting stronger, and more powers than I’ve even considered are real. At this rate, you could blow up half the rink in a few days. You and Petey need to sort things out, or else I’m going to get someone I know who can fix this. I’m a witch, I have the resources.” Demmer explained.

Mark twists his face, “None of this should be happening, I think Pettersson is hiding something huge, because the only thing I can think of that can mess with a Mer’s magic is otherworldly. There’s been a lot of stories and legends about aliens creating the Mer and other supernatural creatures, I wouldn’t be surprised if Elias is somehow connected to those stories and that those stories are real.”

Brock is shocked.

He can’t believe it.

Is Petey like an alien?

What’s happening to him?

What’s going to happen to his body and his environment?

Chapter Text

As soon as Mark and Boes hit each other, Elias knew something bad was gonna happen.

He just knows it.

Apparently, he didn’t realize the extent of the damage done when he saw flashes of Brock thinking about the possibilities of Elias being an alien.

Oh shit.

He’s gotta leave town.

He’s gotta leave the planet.

Which fucking sucks.

In this life, as a hockey player, Elias hasn’t had this much fun in his 300 ish years of life.

And now he’s gotta separate from his soulmate and live a terrible life if he survives on their godforsaken home planet.

Elias skips the shower, and the media, and heads straight home.

Avoiding the media was a miracle, usually he has to speak to them.

Elias thinks they avoided him because he had his “death stare” on.

As soon as Elias unlocks his apartment, he sees Emil standing with his arms crossed, frowning.

Emil then smiles, reaching for a hug, “Did you miss me?”

Elias nods his head, tears welling up.

“Don’t worry, I covered for you, a lot of times.”

Elias freezes, “What?”

“Duh, you’re my brother, I couldn’t let anything happen to you. I’ve been always watching, even in my sleep. You’re just lucky tonight was my official watch night, otherwise things would have gone to even more shit tonight.” Emil explains.

“Do you know how much trouble you can get into for meddling? Especially if Brock is who we think he is? This punishment could get you exiled from our entire race!” Elias yells.

Emil frowns, “No one’s going to know anything, I made sure of it.”

“Still a stupid risk to take for me.” Elias frowns.

“Why? I’d risk my life, my everything for you, Elias, my brother, because Brock makes you happy, hockey makes you happy, being on Earth makes you the happiest I’ve seen you in over 250 years,” Emil shouts.

“Don’t you have your own soulmate to find once I find mine? Aren’t there selfish reasons for you to not do this?” Elias points out.

Emil shakes his head, “My soulmate is banished, I won’t ever meet them. Longer I can push your mission, the longer I can stay on the ship longer.”

Elias gasps, that’s a death sentence, knowing your soulmate is banished and there’s nothing anyone can do.
“But if Brock is ported back to the ship, wouldn’t that be able to help you get your soulmate back?” Elias asks.

Emil shakes his head, “They’re planning on executing the entire planet, then reset everything back to the way it was, once Brock is on the ship and we’ve extracted from him.”

Elias frowns, “Extract?”

“Yes, new technology has developed for us, we can turn his blood into some weird genetic engineering machines where we can turn into a superior race.”

“That doesn't sound safe for Brock.”

“I mean, it’s safe, it’s just that he’ll be trapped on that ship for the rest of his life. Apparently, in a few more years, they’re going to crack immortality.” Emil explains.



Elias wouldn’t put that on his worst enemy.

Which is his own race right now.

Emil is in danger, as is Brock and Elias himself.

Elias knows that if his race finds Brock, he’ll get put to being a slave for him, get treated horribly because he’s the average person of his species.

“Why are you here Emil?” Elias asks.

“Damage control, I’ve done everything I can, but you need to do your part. Does your memory erasure device still work?” Emil asks.

Elias nods, “But that was for last resort measures though.”

Emil frowns, “We are at the last resort. Brock is close to the truth, too close. Especially with your powers going wack, we can’t take any more chances than what we’ve been doing.”

“Ok, I’ll erase Brock’s memory.”

“You gotta do that other Mer, just of the incident, and then that witch person there as well. Just erase the memory of their transformations and conversations about legends and aliens and stuff. No biggie.”
Elias nods.

Great, he has to be an intrusive guy now.

No big deal, he has to sabotage his best friend and his soulmate’s memories.

What a great guy Elias is pretending to be.


Chapter Text

Brock wakes up in the middle of the night to Elias’s breathing.

Which what?

The last thing Brock remembers was getting hit, then everything since then is all blank.

Shit, does he have a concussion?

Is that why Petey is here breathing down his neck?

Hm, maybe Elias does care about their ruined friendship after all.

Ever since Petey came back, he gave Brock a lot of space, for no reason at all. Everytime Brock tries to initiate a conversation, Elias either ignores it or replies with one or two words and then walks away.

Petey freezes, mouth gaping, like he didn’t expect Brock to wake.

Petey drops something, it shatters and then Brock gets a massive headache then passes out

Brock wakes up feeling much rested, last night was still fuzzy, but he should still be cautious of a potential concussion.

He, in fact, does not have a concussion.

Brock finds this out as soon as he went into their practice facility and got checked out by the trainers.

He mentions the memory loss to them, and they frown, they’re also puzzled.

They list him day-to=day as a precaution.

He saw the replay of the hit, it did look pretty bad, bad enough to be put as day-to-day.

The trainers think it’s a miracle he didn’t have a concussion, but they’re concerned about Brock not remembering a lot of the game.

Especially the rest of the night he blacked out from the hit.

His phone blares with a message from Mark,

“You ok? I don’t remember much after the hit, but we collided pretty hard during last night’s game.”

Huh, that’s weird, Brock has memory loss too.

Demmer approaches Brock,

“Hey, I have a splitting headache, what happened after you collided hard with Mark Scheifele?”


Oh shit.

This is getting dangerous.

Brock’s powers are out of control.

Brock books it out of the room.

He heads straight to the ocean, preparing for the worst: that he’ll have to stay there forever.

Chapter Text

Shit, Boes wasn’t supposed to wake up, and then Elias got scared and dropped the damn thing.

The worst part is, he doesn’t know if it worked or not.

Once practice was over, Elias noticed that Boes was nowhere to be seen.

Elias starts asking around, until Demmer overhears.

“Brock just booked it out of here, he seemed pretty shaken when I told him about not remembering last night, which was weird, since I didn't get hit.”

“Uh, well,” Elias starts.

Quinn saves the day, “Well, me and Elias can find him, I bet we know where he is right now.”

“No I insist, neither of you have magic, Elias just has some other weird thing, I can do a general locating spell to help,” Demmer insists.

“Okay fine, you can help.” Elias snaps.

Elias is getting crankier the longer Brock isn’t here.

Brock has been missing for two days.

Elias is freaking out.

They managed to pull off one maintenance day and a family emergency, but those things can only last so long.

Demmer has been working tirelessly about getting a spell to work.

They haven’t been ending too well.

He thinks he needs an amplifier, and he knows one through the goalie grapevine.

He’s on the Jets and they just played them.

Which sucks, they don’t play them again for a few weeks.

“Don’t worry guys, Adam Lowry is a really powerful witch, he can teleport Connor in a snap.”

Connor Hellaybuck appears right after he said that.


Thank god they didn’t need to use Elias’s alien tech to teleport now.

“Ok, do we have something of Brock’s we can use? I also need whoever is the closest to him to be a part of the ritual as well,” Thatcher asks.

Quinn brought out a small weirdly shaped necklace of Brocks they found while scourging his apartment.

“Perfect, now, Petey, I need you to hold my hands while I do the incantation while Connor amplifies my magic,” Demmer instructs.

“Will this hurt Connor?” Quinn asks.

Thatcher shakes his head, “No, he doesn’t have magic, just amplification, he can pretty much amplify anything, witches, werewolves, other magic, but he can transform himself to other forms. He’s kinda like a Fae but he’s human obviously. We’re sure he’s descended from Fae, since Amplifiers are rare and super powerful.”

“Oh,” Quinn nods, then steps out of the way.

Demmer starts the ritual, and as soon as he is done with it, a huge blast of light flashes before Elias.

Oh shit.

This left Conor to feint, looking like the life was sucked out of him, Elias is still here, and Demmer is nowhere to be seen.


Chapter Text



Brock is scared.

He hates to admit it, but he’s scared.

The ocean is like, big and lonely and Brock just crawls into a huge cavern and cries.

He’s been hanging out in this cavern for a while, he prefers to cry on the surface so he does that whenever the tears fall.

He misses his dogs, who are actually at home in Minnesota right now, he misses his bed, he misses hockey, and most of all, he misses Petey.

Oh Petey.

Brock bets Petey doesn’t even miss Brock now, he was ignoring Brock ever since Michigan.

It’s breaking Brock’s heart, even more so than the fact he’s a danger to everyone around him on land.

Worst part is he never got to kiss Petey, to feel his lips pressed on Brock’s lips.

Brock chokes up at that realization.

Now he’s condemned to spend years in an underwater prison.


Elias:(note this happens before ch 12)

Elias hasn’t been getting much sleep lately, all he dreams about is the ocean.

Even when he’s awake, he gets these visions of a cave and sounds of crying.

Oh, that’s Brock’s voice.

Shit, Brock is crying.

Elias basically forced Brock to disappear into the ocean to never come back and now he’s made Brock cry.

Elias feels like a piece of shit.

Elias tear up, feeling so guilty and horrible.

He never wanted Brock to feel this way.

Elias is determined to get him back, and to tell him the entire truth.

Brock may never forgive him, Elias wouldn’t forgive himself either, but it’s way better than losing Brock to the ocean forever.

Chapter Text

The thing is, Brock thought the ocean would control his powers.

Apparently not since he just zapped some angry looking Mer dead.

That was one thing Brock didn’t know, that Mer turns into water when they die.

Brock wonders what parts of him will turn into water once he dies.

He hopes he never has to find out.

Suddenly, a flash of light and a huge plop right in front of Brock happens.

“Demmer? What the fuck?” Brock asks hysterically.

“What happened? Elias was supposed to come, not me.

Brock frowns, “Wait, what did you-is that my necklace?”

“Uh yea, funny story, we did a ritual that was supposed to bring Elias to you since he could survive the cold water, but clearly it didn’t work.”

“Pft, no wonder why it didn’t work, Elias was supposed to hold the necklace, that thing apparently belongs to me, my mother apparently created it for me. I heard rumors but nothing concrete on what it’s supposed to know. Mark would know though.” Brock explains.

“Oh well, anyway, please come back to us, the team, to Petey, he’s really stressed out.” Demmer says.

Brock shakes his head, “I can’t do that.”

“Why the hell not?” Demmer asks while he puts a heat bubble around himself with his magic.

“Because I only hurt people. I blame myself for the memory lapses you and Mark went through, it’s the only explanation,” Brock explains.

“What if it wasn’t you, but Petey? How do you know for sure it was you? Did you feel power come out of you besides the transformation?”

“Wait, I transformed?”

Demmer frowns, “I just remembered that, Mark also transformed.”

“Demmer, I think Petey does have something to do with this.”

Suddenly, a bright light flashes and Demmer is gone.

“Demmer? Thatcher? Where are you? Where did you go? Petey? Is that you?”

Brock passes out.

Chapter Text

There was a bright flash and then Elias looked around.

He’s still in the apartment, however, as he looks around Demmer is gone.

Just then, Emil teleports right where Demmer left.

“Elias, they got him.”

“Oh, what I wanted to prevent.” Elias is dismayed, heartbroken.

“He looks different though, much taller, definitely not blonde.” Emil comments.

“Wait, that’s not Brock, you got the wrong hybrid.” Elias says.

“Wait, there’s more than one hybrid on your team?” Emil asks.

Quinn interrupts, “What the hell is going on? Hellebuyck is like passed out, and how is this dude?”

“My brother, we can heal Connor, don't worry about him. We need to worry about Brock and Demmer. They could kill Demmer if they start experimenting.”

Emil looks shaken up, “Ok, I’ll stop them then.”

Emikl leaves.

Quinn pales, “What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know. This is a first for me, not knowing.” Elias answers honestly.

Chapter Text

A bright light flashes in front of Thatcher’s eyes and then everything turns black.

He wakes up on a cold table, with only a thin, weird type of cloth covering his privates.

Thatcher looks around, there’s really weird looking technology he doesn’t recognize at all surrounding him.

He sits up and is greeted by a weird looking humanoid shape.

He can’t really make out details, he just sees a looming shape in the shadows.

He does end up hearing a hushed conversation:
“He’s not the one, he’s not even mated to anyone from our planet.”

“How the hell did we even get the wrong one?”

“So I’m guessing there’s more than one hybrid on the team then.”

“Go get the other one, we can use this waste of space as bait, but until then, we’re doing experiments on him.”


That’s not good.

Thatcher has to come up with a good plan to escape, otherwise he may get injured or die.

He can’t let that happen.