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Half and half

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As soon as Mark and Boes hit each other, Elias knew something bad was gonna happen.

He just knows it.

Apparently, he didn’t realize the extent of the damage done when he saw flashes of Brock thinking about the possibilities of Elias being an alien.

Oh shit.

He’s gotta leave town.

He’s gotta leave the planet.

Which fucking sucks.

In this life, as a hockey player, Elias hasn’t had this much fun in his 300 ish years of life.

And now he’s gotta separate from his soulmate and live a terrible life if he survives on their godforsaken home planet.

Elias skips the shower, and the media, and heads straight home.

Avoiding the media was a miracle, usually he has to speak to them.

Elias thinks they avoided him because he had his “death stare” on.

As soon as Elias unlocks his apartment, he sees Emil standing with his arms crossed, frowning.

Emil then smiles, reaching for a hug, “Did you miss me?”

Elias nods his head, tears welling up.

“Don’t worry, I covered for you, a lot of times.”

Elias freezes, “What?”

“Duh, you’re my brother, I couldn’t let anything happen to you. I’ve been always watching, even in my sleep. You’re just lucky tonight was my official watch night, otherwise things would have gone to even more shit tonight.” Emil explains.

“Do you know how much trouble you can get into for meddling? Especially if Brock is who we think he is? This punishment could get you exiled from our entire race!” Elias yells.

Emil frowns, “No one’s going to know anything, I made sure of it.”

“Still a stupid risk to take for me.” Elias frowns.

“Why? I’d risk my life, my everything for you, Elias, my brother, because Brock makes you happy, hockey makes you happy, being on Earth makes you the happiest I’ve seen you in over 250 years,” Emil shouts.

“Don’t you have your own soulmate to find once I find mine? Aren’t there selfish reasons for you to not do this?” Elias points out.

Emil shakes his head, “My soulmate is banished, I won’t ever meet them. Longer I can push your mission, the longer I can stay on the ship longer.”

Elias gasps, that’s a death sentence, knowing your soulmate is banished and there’s nothing anyone can do.
“But if Brock is ported back to the ship, wouldn’t that be able to help you get your soulmate back?” Elias asks.

Emil shakes his head, “They’re planning on executing the entire planet, then reset everything back to the way it was, once Brock is on the ship and we’ve extracted from him.”

Elias frowns, “Extract?”

“Yes, new technology has developed for us, we can turn his blood into some weird genetic engineering machines where we can turn into a superior race.”

“That doesn't sound safe for Brock.”

“I mean, it’s safe, it’s just that he’ll be trapped on that ship for the rest of his life. Apparently, in a few more years, they’re going to crack immortality.” Emil explains.



Elias wouldn’t put that on his worst enemy.

Which is his own race right now.

Emil is in danger, as is Brock and Elias himself.

Elias knows that if his race finds Brock, he’ll get put to being a slave for him, get treated horribly because he’s the average person of his species.

“Why are you here Emil?” Elias asks.

“Damage control, I’ve done everything I can, but you need to do your part. Does your memory erasure device still work?” Emil asks.

Elias nods, “But that was for last resort measures though.”

Emil frowns, “We are at the last resort. Brock is close to the truth, too close. Especially with your powers going wack, we can’t take any more chances than what we’ve been doing.”

“Ok, I’ll erase Brock’s memory.”

“You gotta do that other Mer, just of the incident, and then that witch person there as well. Just erase the memory of their transformations and conversations about legends and aliens and stuff. No biggie.”
Elias nods.

Great, he has to be an intrusive guy now.

No big deal, he has to sabotage his best friend and his soulmate’s memories.

What a great guy Elias is pretending to be.