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Half and half

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Brock blinks through the blurriness of his Mer vision, which looks like he’s underwater, since his Mer eyes are for like, underwater.

He sees Mark fuming, frantically swiping his fisted hand in front of him.

Mark turns, hisses, “Thanks a lot freak, my magic is fritzed which means I can’t cloak myself invisible.

“You can turn yourself invisible?” Brock asks incredulously.

“Well duh, that’s how we prevent detection on land in emergencies,” Mark rolls his eyes.

“Guess I can’t do that because I’m only half.” Brock notes.

“Not like it matters, both of our magic is toast, because you can’t keep your mate bond under fucking control!”

“Mate bond?” Brock asks.

“Geez, did no one tell you about anything?” Mark remarks.

“Of fucking course not, I only know you and Pats and both of your guys rarely talk to me!” Brock yells.

“Keep your voice down, you’re lucky there hasn’t been any traffic so far.” Mark hisses/.

Speaking of traffic, Brock hears some footsteps coming.

Brock cringes visibly.

“Relax Boes, it’s just me. I’m here to help.”

Brock is relieved, Mark is not.

“You fucking told this weirdo about us?” Mark yells.

“Not like I had much of a choice,” Brock mutters.

“Why the fuck not?”

“My powers have been kinda obvious.”

“No fucking shit Sherlock.” Mark deadpans.

“My magic should bring you guys back to normal, before anyone notices, but Brock, you’re not coming back to play in the game. Mark can go, but not Brock. This is getting really dangerous for you and for everyone else. Brock, your magic is getting unpredictable and there’s not much that I can do. Trust me, when I say unpredictable, it’s really dangerous. I’ve been doing all I can on the ice to prevent it but Brock, you’re getting stronger, and more powers than I’ve even considered are real. At this rate, you could blow up half the rink in a few days. You and Petey need to sort things out, or else I’m going to get someone I know who can fix this. I’m a witch, I have the resources.” Demmer explained.

Mark twists his face, “None of this should be happening, I think Pettersson is hiding something huge, because the only thing I can think of that can mess with a Mer’s magic is otherworldly. There’s been a lot of stories and legends about aliens creating the Mer and other supernatural creatures, I wouldn’t be surprised if Elias is somehow connected to those stories and that those stories are real.”

Brock is shocked.

He can’t believe it.

Is Petey like an alien?

What’s happening to him?

What’s going to happen to his body and his environment?