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Half and half

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Weird things keep happening whenever Petey gets close to Brock.

Lights flash, electronics fritz, and sometimes, Petey glows.

Physically glowing, not like, metaphorically glowing.

Like Petey is a rainbow glowing person.

He also sometimes floats.

Brock is getting concerned, but also, not.

It’s because Quinn is helping Petey out and spending all his time with him.

So Brock’s jealousy is acting up.

Also, his Mer powers are acting haywire even more so now.

He can’t even wolf out anymore, his Mer side is acting up so much these days.

Thatcher has been making some soothing lotions and potions for Brock’s skin and stomach.

That way Brock doesn’t have to fish for all three of his meals each day in the ocean.

They make him look less liek a water zombie and more human, however, Brock still doesn’t look completely human.

It all comes to a head when Vancuver plays Winnipeg.

Because of course, Vancouver hasn’t played a team yet since Elias’s return that had a known Mer yet.

As soon as Mark gets anywhere near Brock, he starts to shift into his Mer form. He also sees Mark grimace as he looks like he’s shifting.

It’s giving him a major headache, and he can guess Mark is also feeling it too.

Brock is hoping they don’t check each other, he doesn’t think it’s possible.

They don’t end up checking each other.

They collide.

Brock is having one of his most painful transformations yet.

The game instantly stops, Brock looks over to Mark and he seems to be in the same pain as he is in.

Shit, they’re both transforming into their Mer form on the ice.

In front of thousands of people, on national television.

Brock can barely feel his legs, but he manages to get up, Mark got up faster than him, and mangled away from his own trainers.

Brock follows.

Brock can feel Thatcher following him, even though he’s currently playing the game, which means Jaro is coming on the ice to ask him what’s wrong.

That prevents Thatcher from immediately following them.

Brock manages to find Mark collapsed in mid-transformation in the hallway.

Where anyone can see.

Brock collapses and his body starts to convulse and rips apart his pads, pants, and jersey.