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Half and half

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A second after hearing Quinn’s yelp, Elias falls flat on his ass,

Time to go talk to Quinn.

When Elias walks into the living room of their rented apartment, Quinn has a look of confusion on his face.

“What are you? I’ve never seen anything like that before?” Quinn asks Elias.

Elias sighs, “I’m an alien.”

“Oh, I’m a werewolf.”


Awkward silence.
“So, why are you on Earth then?” Quinn asks.

Elias explains his story.

“So, you’re here to find your soulmate, why did you end up playing hockey?”

Elias shrugs, “My latest findings say my soulmate was in western North America and that I would get to them through hockey.”

“Them?” Quinn asks, eyebrows raised.

“Yes, my species can have either sexual reproduction organs so gender isn’t really a thing for us nor does it matter. As long as we have our soulmate.” Elias answers.

“Oh, well, I’m bisexual, just to let you know.” Quinn says.

“It’s not you, pretty sure my soulmate is Brock, but thanks for telling me.” Elias replies.

“Yea, just didn’t want you to think I’m homophobic or something.” Quinn says.

“Can you keep this between us? The alien and soulmate thing?” Elias asks seriously.

“Of course, i get the need for secrecy, and didn’t you say your kind would take you away if anyone found out about your species?”

Elias nods his head.

“There we go, we need you here on Earth, and you and Brock just gotta talk things out.”

“That’s the problem, if i tell Brock everything, my species will take us back to the mothership and ultimately change brock but that’s the bad part, he won’t change-he’s a perfect…….” Elias trails off.

“Perfect what? Werewolf? Hell no, he’s not, he’s all, well, weird and stuff.” Quinn points out.

Elias frowns.

“Well, anyway, our transformation technology won’t work on him and I am getting suspicious that he’s the one my kind has been waiting for, the person that’s going to give us the genetics to create perfect breeds to survive anywhere. This scares me, a lot, cause then we won’t be able to live on Earth anymore. There’s way better planets out there, even empty ones that are survivable.”

Quinn raises his eyebrows, “So, then I am guessing you’re going to avoid confronting Brock about all this soulmate business?”

“I have to, so I don’t force Brock out of this world, literally. His existence changes everything for everyone. I want to protect him, I have to avoid him, our connection is getting stronger.” Elias determinedly says.

Quinn nods, “Ok then, operation keep Brock on earth is our priority then.”