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Half and half

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Elias did not want to go to Michigan with Quinn, however, through guilt and tears, Quinn got his way to bring Elias to Michigan.

Which means Elias has to leave his pod behind, and can only bring his portable pod, which is much smaller and is super uncomfortable, unlike his pod in his apartment in Vancouver and the other one in Sweden.

Elias is an alien, an alien over 300 years old. It’s pretty young to his race, they can live up to thousands of years.

Anyway, Elias is on this mission to find a compatible mate on this planet. He’s the only one on Earth, but his race is looking at him, they planted invisible satellites to record video of where he’s at.

Elias has been on Earth for the past 200 years, he’s getting impatient, and so is his family in their mothership.

The reason their species has to find compatible mates on other planets with intelligent life is that their planet is mostly wasted away, only few people are left on their home planet. The rest of the population is on their mothership. Due to being stuck in outer space, they can’t repopulate, so they have to find compatible matches, aka, their soulmate, so they can repipulate and save their species.

Elias got sent to Earth over 200 years ago, and he’s running out of time.

Brock Boeser is Elias’s last hope until he is forced to go back to their homeland and probably die, the conditions on their planet are not safe.

The people on the planet are the ones who weren’t able to find their soulmate, condemned to cleaning up their disaster of the planet. Elias's species were the reason why there are “Supernatural creatures” on earth, they created them thousands of years ago. To help diversify the population on the planet. To prevent disasters like the one that happened on Elias's home planet. Elias never saw his home planet, it was destroyed when he was very little, but he's seen picture before and it was a beautiful, multi-hued planet.

Anyway, another interest of Elias's species is preventing disasters that they ended up doing to their home planet to other planets, like transforming some humans into supernatural creatures.

Elias can feel he is getting close, his soulmate is somewhere in Vancouver, which means going to Michigan is messing this up.

All because of the stupid contract negotiations.

Anyway, Elias is feeling a bit sick, so he enters his portable pod to recover.

Elias’s alien body needs the pods he has installed in his houses in Vancouver and Sweden and his portable one to prevent damage done by the earth’s atmosphere.

He’s used to more radiation, so he enters his glowy pods to heal from the damage.

Anyway, Elias has cool alien superpowers, but he’s not like Superman, every person of his species has them anywhere in the galaxy, not because of the weird atmosphere on Earth.

That’s just a dumb movie concept in Elias’s opinion.

But that’s because that’s Hollywood and Superman doesn’t travel across the universe.

Elias can heal fatal wounds, can float/fly, and his body glows and then can turn that glow into a light blast for defence. He can also turn invisible.

He also has the typical enhanced speed and strength.

His powers have come in handy, especially escaping discovery.

Elias has watched alien movies, he guesses if he’s discovered, it won’t be pretty.

Also, his species would remove him from the situation(aka Earth) should he ever be found out by the government.

Elias isn’t ready to leave Earth, he kinda wants to stay there, which is ridiculous. Once he finds his soulmate, they’re supposed to abduct them, transfer them to the mothership, then transform them into one of them.

Apparently technology of theirs has been growing now, that last thing just got implemented 100 years ago.

Yea, Elias doesn’t want to do that to his soulmate.

But he may not have a choice in the matter, after all, he’s just a regular alien.