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Let Us Adore You

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Day 1- Emma x Kazutora


Kazutora never had the best childhood(his father was abusive and his mother abandoned them once she could) but he worked hard everyday to have a bright future. He may have been part of a gang for some years but he left once he entered high school so he could focus on getting a scholarship for university. He got it and his friends celebrated that achievement with him. Now he was outside his university waiting for one of his friends to pick him up(they wanted to give him his own car or bike but he denied it so sometimes one of them would pick him up) but different from the other days his bullies(they didn't really hurt him just irritate him) where there and as always where making fun of him with everyone else following their steps making Kazutora roll his eyes at the way they act.


"Hey who does that car belong to?" asked one of the popular girls and Kazutora looked in the direction she was pointing to and found Emma's favourite car parking meaning that today Emma was the one to come pick him up which surprised him a bit because last time he checked his girlfriend was in a business trip


"That girl is so pretty and sexy" murmured someone once Emma left the car in a formal suit which lets Kazutora know she had just arrived from her trip making him roll his eyes because she really didn’t need to come pick him if she just arrived(especially because any of their friends could do it)


"Do you think she is single?" asked one of the popular boys leering at Emma


"Wait!" shouted a girl "Isn't she the youngest sister of Sano Manjirou and Kurokawa Izana?" she asked and everyone started murmuring because it was no secret that the Sano family had a lot of agencies, shops, etc and Emma was the one in command of one of the best Beauty Shops Group


"She is more beautiful in person. I really want to be like her in the future"murmured someone and a lot agreed while others said it would be good to have her in their bed or make her their wife(like that would happen when Emma has the most pretty boy as her boyfriend)


"But why is she here?" asked the girl that had noticed Emma first and they got their answer once Emma looked in their direction and saw Kazutora leaning into a wall


"TORA!!!" shouted Emma with a big smile and she ran to where Kazutora was to give him a kiss "I hope I didn't take long, doll" she hummed once they were done with their kiss


"You didn't, Emma"said Kazutora with a soft smile while blushing “Especially because I thought it would be one of our friends and not my girlfriend that would come to pick me up” he added and Emma giggle


"Good because you are all mine until tomorrow" she said smiling while picking his hand and guiding him to the car


That night Emma took him to one of their night clubs, where coincidentally most of his university’s students were partying, in his favourite long black dress that was tight in the right places and showed his right leg(Emma had bought it once and he adored as he did with anything she bought to spoil him) and had fun dancing before she took him home so she could have her own fun(it isn't like Kazutora didn't love when his girl worships his body and made him feel weak on his knees with just her fingers, tongue or some toys). Once they were done Emma prepared a bubble bath for both of them so they could relax before going to sleep while cuddling each other.


Since that day no one in Kazutora's university ever messed up or bullied him because it was no secret that the Sano's and those connected to them were possessive and would destroy anyone who hurt or touched what is theirs.

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Day 2- Izana x Angry


Souya was always the quiet one between the Kawata twins so he ended up always getting pushed aside even if people didn’t realize it, not even his brother, so he never really thought of finding someone to date since no matter what they preferred Nahoya. So he still asked himself what his boyfriend saw in him especially when he looked at him with those purple eyes as if he was his world, and maybe he was but it was still strange to think someone thinks that.


“Something in your mind, dear?” asked Izana sitting in the bed near Souya


“Just some random thoughts” answered Souya leaning into Izana who surrounded him in his arms without thinking twice


“Hopefully none of them is negative” hummed Izana and Souya sighed knowing that Izana for sure knew what he was thinking “I already told you that you are perfect as you are and I don’t need someone who calls everyone attention otherwise I would jealous all the time” said Izana bringing Souya to his lap


“You are already jealous whenever one of your boys approaches me even Mochi who basically adopted me as his little brother” said Souya a bit amused by what he just heard


“Well not my fault my boyfriend his this pretty” said Izana smiling “I don’t know why everyone prefer your brother when you much more pretty and sweet” murmured Izana before kissing Souya’s neck making the younger boy giggle


“Iza! Stop! You know I’m ticklish there!” said Souya between giggles and Izana could only smile when seeing his little boyfriend(and future husband) giggling like this


“Whatever my queen wants” said Izana bringing Souya for a kiss that didn’t take long on being deepened between both of them


“Love you” hummed Souya once they stopped to breath


“Love you too” said Izana before he kissed Souya once again


They stayed sometime in their room making out before they had to leave since Tenjiku would be fighting a gang that thought they could take over their Yokohama . Maybe once Souya would have been part of Toman with his twin brother but this time Izana found him first and claimed Souya as his and Souya was never against and never will when this was the boy who stole his heart in their first meeting.

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Day 3- Mikey x Kazutora


Kazutora wasn’t expecting that Mikey, the one who made everyone leave him and decided to follow the dark and bloody path, would be the one to pick him up with his right hand man but he couldn’t say that he disliked it when it brought him to find love in said man who picked him up despite their past(mostly how Kazutora killed two of the people most important to Mikey).


It had been strange at the beginning knowing all the dirty work they did but never let him do it too(it wasn’t later that he found out Mikey made sure everyone understood that he didn’t want Kazutora to be part of the dark side of the underground). Koko got him a job at a little flower shop which he thanked for because he wasn’t the best at being surrounded by a lot of people and he thrived in the job and under their care.


He couldn’t pinpoint the moment where those feelings he once had for Mikey came back or that Mikey started to love him but he thanked whatever deity permitted that to happen since he had never been this happy in his life as he was now. At the beginning none of them did anything until a man asking for an alliance visited them and when he saw Kazutora flirted with him(that night Mikey confessed to him and showed how much he loved him all night). and since that day you rarely saw Mikey without Kazutora except when the last one was working or Mikey had to do a dirty job.


“Lost in your thoughts again, Tora?” asked Koko who was in one of the sofas with the youngest Haitani and Sanzu’s heads in his lap


“Hmm I was just remembering something” answered Kazutora with soft smile while letting himself sink completely into Mikey’s embrace


“And what would that be?” mumbled Mikey into Kazutora’s neck who hummed


“Just how I came to be here” mumbled Kazutora before giggling once Mikey kissed near his ear which was a sensible part of Kazutora’s body


“And you are the best thing that I came to have here” whispered Mikey and Kazutora smiled softly before turning his head to the side so he could kiss his husband(they had gotten married just four months ago but it still made Kazutora feel incredulous that they are married and how warm that makes him feel)


“You too” said Kazutora once they were done with their kiss


“Can you guys stop being so cute? I’m still single!” whined Takeomi from the door making everyone laugh


“Mochi is single too and he doesn’t whine like you” said an amused Kakuchou and Takeomi showed his middle finger


“Anyway, we have to go since we will be meeting every member of our ex-gangs” sighed Takeomi


They all got up slowly because despite also wanting to see them again there was still the fear and anxiety of doing it. Kazutora was probably the most nervous since he hadn’t seen anyone since the day he killed Baji but when Mikey held his hand he relaxed and thought that no matter what he would always have Mikey and the rest of Bonten beside him and that was enough for Kazutora.

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Day 4- Sanzu x Angry x Senju


Souya still couldn't believe that today he would be getting married to the loves of his life. When he fell in love with the two youngest Akashi siblings he thought he was a greedy and indecisive person for loving both of them and not wanting to give up on the love he felt for one of them. It had taken a long talk with Kazutora, Draken and Mitsuya for him to understand that he wasn't either of those things and that he wasn't the only one that liked two people(it was that day that he found out Kazutora was dating the two Haitani siblings). Now here he was waiting for the signal for him to enter the wedding hall while wearing a white wedding kimono(his mother gave him her old wedding dress for him to use and Mitsuya made any changes needed to it) and Smiley at his side to take him to his future husband and wife.


"Are you thinking of running away?" joked Smiley but Souya just rolled his eyes


"Never" said Souya and Smiley pouted because even if he wanted his brother to be happy he didn't want him to get married already(and he totally 'forgets' that they are both 27 already)


"Stop being and idiot" sighed Souya giving a soft smile to his older brother "I will still be your little brother even after getting married" he added and Smiley sighed and gave him a soft smile before kissing his cheek


"If they ever hurt you, tell me so I can beat them myself" Souya giggled at the threat to his lovers but nodded his head


"If they don't kill each other accidentally" whispered Souya amused and Smiley laughed at that


It was no secret that Akashi Senju and Akashi Haruchiyo love each other(as siblings) but they are always fighting especially when it comes to Souya even if the younger boy loves them equally they always fight over who he loves more(they know Souya loves them equally but like to mess with each other. Neither of the three are perfect(it is overrated anyways) but they fit perfectly together and today would be one of their happiest days just after Senju gives birth to their only blood kid(well Sanzu technically is the Uncle but yeah), Yuri, and when they adopted the twins, Sakusa and Ayumi. Spuya never thought of himself being this happy or ending falling in love with Sanzu and Senju but if given the chance to go back in time he wouldn't change anything.


"Ready to get married, Souya?" asked Smiley once they were given the signal


"I have never been more ready for anything in my life" answered Souya smiling and both made their way to the wedding hall were all of their friends were but Souya's eyes were focused in the two youngest Akashi who also couldn't take their eyes from him

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Day 5- Mikey x Draken x Mitsuya x Pah-chin x Kazutora


Kazutora had only loved one person in his life and that person had  one promise they had that kept him from ending everything when he was in juvie. Baji had confessed to Kazutora a week before Shinichiro's death and seeing how insecure Kazutora was he promised that in two years he would confess again and hoped Kazutora was ready for a relationship when the time came. During this two years that promised and Baji's letter kept him alive until during the middle of his first year a certain name started appearing on Baji's letters and Kazutora knew that he wasn't Baji's everything anymore but that person. It broke him in a way he always expected would come from anyone else but Baji who was everything he had so it wasn't surprising that he tried to kill himself(thankfully a guard realized that and stopped it in time). What he didn't expect was the visit he had after, of course it wasn't Baji because he was just one more for him and not his world anymore, from the person he last expected. 


Mikey had decided to visit Kazutora after his grandpa was informed of what the other boy tried to do(Sano Hirotsu never blamed Kazutora because he knew that it was all an accident besides Shinichiro wouldn't want anyone to blame the boy so he asked to be informed of everything to do with Kazutora). He maybe should be surprised but he wasn't that the moment Kazutora tried to kill himself was right when Baji had told the founders he started dating Chifuyu(Mikey saw in the others founders face how disappointed and mad they were at Baji because they knew about the promise between Baji and Kazutora) so maybe it was that what made him visit besides him wanting to know why Kazutora killed his brother. At the end of the visit Mikey had forgiven Kazutora and had some revelations of his own that made him realize how they were all kids that didn't notice how shitty they were being.


The one and half years passed with Mikey and the other founders(except Baji the one Kazutora really wanted at the time) visiting him or sending letters and once he was out Pah-chin was waiting for him since he had offered his home for Kazutora to stay(Kazutora ended up telling them everything about his past and they decided that Kazutora should not go back to either of his parents) with his aunts authorisation.


Things started to get better for Kazutora and now that he was out he got back to school(the same one as canon) where he started to think what he should do in the future(he erased all the dreams he had of future since there was no more Baji for him when he still hadn't contacted him after he left juvie two months ago) and he finally had an answer when hsi at teacher told him how good his art was. Mitsuya helped him get better and decide the best art career for him while the others were there to cheer him up. He never felt this loved until those four started talking to him again after Shinichiro's death and he felt the tell tale feelings of falling in love but maybe this time it would end up well.


It wasn't until four months after he left juvie that Baji contacted hima and they met again. There he met Chifuyu who was a good person and didn't have the fault for the idiot he fell in love with(Baji never remembered that promise and no one brought it out since there was no reason for that when they were all happy now) and he became friends with the other boy. His friendship with Baji never came back to what they once had even if Baji tried hard for it in the first months but Kazutora felt this was how it should be and stay.


Draken was the first to notice he was in love with Kazutora when he noticed that instead of imagining a future with Emma he was doing it with Kazutora. Then it was Pah-chin who didn't feel the same he did when he thought of Hanayome but started to feel it when it came to Kazutora. Mitsuya came next when most of his thoughts outside of important things were basically about or related to Kazutora. Mikey was the last and noticed it when he saw some random person flirt with Kazutora. They told each other that they were in love with Kazutora and froze when the other said the same but agreed to confess at the same time and let Kazutora decide what to do.


Now they were all living in the same house and even more in love with Kazutora who loved them equally and showed them how much he did and was proud of them whenever he could. Their relationship wasn't perfect but it wasn't based on a promise or anything like that besides the five of them were happy and that was the most important thing.

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Day 6- Rindou x Angry


Souya was too adorable and sweet for someone like Rindou but he wouldn't deny and say he didn't thank every deity in the world for Souya also loving him as Rindou did. Rindou's attraction to Souya started after their fight(it was the first time someone defeated him and his brother especially after having his bones broken) and truly Rindou wanted to bash his head when he notice how much he thought on the blue haired boy(his thought stayed a lot on how soft that hair would be) but he didn't and good he never thought he could be this happy.


Rindou just adored his boyfriend so much that now that they have been together for three years he was ready to pop the question. Right now he was with Smiley(it took a long time for him to accept the relationship but once he saw how happy Souya was with Rindou he accepted it) looking for the perfect ring for Souya. Finally after three hours they found the perfect one and left the stores with Smiley desiring luck to his brother-in-law before Rindou made his way to the apartment he shared with Souya.


Once he was home he found his boyfriend cooking something which he supposed was their dinner and he gave a kiss on his cheek before going to change clothes and hide the ring for now. The rest of the night went well and once Souya had settled in on the couch for their movie night Rindou picked the ring and put himself on one knee in front of Souya.


"Rin? What are you doing?" asked Souya softly while looking confused to his boyfriend and Rindou only smiled at him


"Kawata Souya" started Rindou and Souya's eyes became bigger in surprise of Rindou using his full name "We have gone from enemies to friends to lovers in this four years and I have enjoyed each day at your side" Rindou opened the ring box and one or two tears escape Souya's eyes "I fall in love with you even more each day and I would like to know if you would let me experience that for the rest of our lives. So will you marry me, Souya?" Souya was now openly crying but before Rindou freaked out about it he jumped into Rindou's arms


"Of course I will" whispered Souya into Rindou's ears who hugged him tight before putting the finger in Souya's finger


"I love you" said Rindou softly and Souya smiled back


"I love you too" hummed Souya before they kissed each other happy that now they had affirmed between them that they would last till together till their last day in earth if not even after that

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Day 7- Smiley x Kazutora


Kazutora was perfect in every way for Smiley. While most would list a lot of defects that the golden eyed boy had, Smiley would still call them perfect but then again he was head over heels for the boy. Their first meeting wasn't the best(not when it happened in the Bloody Halloween even if Baji survived it didn't leave a good impression of Kazutora on everyone) when Kazutora became friends with Souya and Smiley also got to know him he started falling little by little.


Smiley understood what Souya and the founders saw in Kazutora and also became one of his protectors. It was impossible not to fall for the boy(platonically or romantically) when despite everything he tried to change for better(or turn back into the boy the founders had first met) and became a great person in the future.


Their relationship didn't really evolve until both ended their school years(Smiley knew he had been in love for a lot of years but also knew Kazutora wasn't ready for a relationship yet) but Smiley confessed two weeks after Kazutora graduated and to his surprise Kazutora also liked him back. There were problems like in any other relationship but they were able to go to sleep knowing they had resolved it the same day it started so Smiley would call it a perfect relationship.


God, Smiley never thought he would have fallen so much for someone to turn into a fucking romantic but Kazutora was worth it and much more. His princess made him happier than he had ever been in his life so when they had been together for three years he asked him in marriage and now they were happily married.


Kazutora was his everything just like he was Kazutora's everything and they would enjoy each other's company till the rest of their lives.


Because at the end of the day Smiley loved this princess and Kazutora loved his daddy.


"Daddy?" called a sleepy Kazutora and Smiley just grinned


"Shh, go back to sleep, princess" mumbled Smiley bringing Kazutora closer to him and settling himself become slowly falling asleep

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Day 8- Rindou x Angry x Ran


Ran knew he wasn't what others viewed as the perfect boyfriend and neither was his brother but god they would try to be that bad more for their little angel. Neither of them knew how Kawata Souya, the brother of the famous Kawata 'Smiley' Nahoya Toman's 4th division captain, ended joining Tenjiku or gaining a special place in their hearts but they would thank whoever permitted or made that happen.


Souya despite his angry face wasn't a delinquent material especially one that would join the Worst Generation but somehow he fits so well between them especially between the Haitani siblings. Those two simply made everything Tenjiku's angel asked of them no matter what it is.


Rindou couldn't pinpoint the moment they fell for Souya but maybe they had already fallen when Kakuchou presented him as another of the Heavenly Kings despite no one seeing what could made him when he looked so innocent and kind(they found out later when a stupid gang hurt Mochi serverlt in front of the boy who started crying and destroyed said gang, thankfully Mochi recuperate from the injuries he suffered). He had this aura that attracted the two brothers, at first it made them want to break him(see him below them crying and begging) but then they wanted to spoil him and make him feel their love anyway they could(they loved seeing shriver and moan with every touch they gave him while spoiling him in their bed).


They weren't perfect lovers and sometimes it was difficult for them to share because they wanted Souya just for them but for their angel they would do anything so right now they were in front of Souya ready to fight their lover's brother once the fight between Tenjiku and Toman started.


"If you guys can come from the fight without many injuries I will give you a prize that you will adore" whispered Souya to them and they kicked their lips before smirking and nodding their heads


"Whatever our angel say" they said at the same time because Souya was an angel but he was a fallen one


Souya was their fallen angel and they would give him the world if asked because they may follow Izana but it was Souya who made them kneel. Haitani Ran and Haitani Rindou are completely in love with Kawata Souya as much as Souya is with them so it wouldn't surprise anyone to see them still together in the future because that was the right thing to happen when they loved each other so much.

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Day 9- Wakasa x Kazutora


Wakasa knew he wasn't really someone you would want to date, sleep with him for sure since a lot of people asked him a one night stand which he didn't say no to, so when that pretty boy(because no matter what Hanemiya Kazutora was one of prettiest boys Wakasa had ever met) appeared in his life thanks to Draken(really the taller boy was lucky to be surrounded by so many pretty people) he hadn't expected for a year later the same pretty boy to ask for at least on date from him(it was the first time someone did that so Wakasa wasn't able to hide the surprised look from his face) but he accepted wanting to know if after said date how things would go like.


Well that date did change a lot of things and one of them was that Wakasa was right now in his bed with a content and snuggling Kazutora on his arms. The years only made Kazutora prettier and whenever they got out Waksa passed a lot of time glaring at the people who looked at his boyfriend(when it was their friends he didn't mind because he enjoyed how Kazutora would blush and hide his face on Wakasa's back or chest) but he couldn't deny that it made him happy that Kazutora choose him above anyone else(God knows how Kazutora fell in love with Wakasa or gained courage to be the one to ask the older men out).


They were happy despite some people(no one really important to either of them) being against because of the difference in their age(not like there were people dating with a bigger difference in age or anything). Wakasa didn't remember ever feelings this happy since he lost his best friend but Kazutora brought every positive thing out of Wakasa so in turn Wakasa worshipped Kazutora whenever they were alone in their apartment(after a year of dating Wakasa asked Kazutora to move with him and the younger one accepted happily). Wakasa loved the reactions he could get from the younger one with every action he did but he loved the most was how Kazutora always looked at him with eyes full of love and lust it made Wakasa feel warmer than ever(and maybe he was a bit too kink and romantic but Kazutora Kazutora shown that he loved it). Their relationship was perfect in the way it wasn't but made them happy to be by each other's side.


Kazutora was in love with Wakasa as much as the older men was with him. They didn't need a ring or anything to prove it since their actions and looks showed it to anyone that was taking attention to their interactions. They were everything the other needed to be happy which they thanked everyday to have found before it could probably be too late.


"Waka?" mumbled a sleepy Kazutora and Wakasa could only look at the boy in his arms with a soft smile


"Did I wake you?" asked Wakasa softly


"No, I just got hungry" answered Kazutora putting himself in Wakasa's lap which got him a raised eyebrow and smirk because the older men knew what he meant


"Really? And what would my darling want?" Wakasa whispered bringing Kazutora closer to him


"As if you don't  know" hummed Kazutora before they finally kissed which would evolve for another session of Wakasa worshipping Kazutora

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Day 10- Draken x Angry


After Emma's death Draken couldn't see himself ever falling in love again but he was proven wrong. Souya had been by his side helping him whenever he broke down(he would hug Draken and sing a lullaby until he calmed down or was ready to talk about what made him break down) and Draken thanked every day that he was given such an angel to keep by his side. When he slowly realized he was in love with Souya he was in shock and felt like he was betraying his past feelings for Emma and he could have continued thinking like that if not for a drunk talk he had with Inui that made himself realize that it was okay for him to fall for someone(and Emma would be happy that it was sweet Angelica Souya who took his broken heart and pieced it together once more).


Souya had practically loved Draken since their first meeting and while it hurt that Draken loved Emma he would be happy if the boy he loved was too so when Emma died he promised to her to be there for the person they both love(Emma was there when he promised and was thankful that there was someone to love Draken when she wasn't there anymore). He helped Draken come back to be who he was before Emma passed away and he continued falling for the tattooed boy each day even if he already loved him so much.


When Draken asked Souya out the blue haired boy had been shook because he never expected that Draken would ever like him like that but Draken had asked him out and that was just unbelievable for him. Of course Souya accepted and in three months of relationship both felt like they had been together for years(in a way they had been just not a romantic relationship). Each day they were happier as they passed time together, encouraging each other's dreams and loving each other.


There were times where Draken would remember Emma but Souya would make him feel like it was okay to remember her and still love her because he would never try to take those memories form the man he loved especially when he had promised Emma to always be there for him. Neither were perfect so neither was their relationship where one or the other had their bad days but they never left the other alone those days and stayed by their side telling them that they loved them and that they would never abandon the other.


"KEN, CAN YOU BRING ME THE SUIT MITSUYA MADE FOR THE WEDDING?" shouted Souya from the bathroom where he was getting ready for Hina, Takemichi and Mikey's wedding


"OKAY!" answered Draken pricking the suit that was on their bed and bring it to his lover(and future husband after Draken asked him in marriage in a week since the ring still wasn't ready)


When Draken entered the bathroom he saw Souya with his long hair down(he had taken into straightening his hair from time to time so he could use a matching hairstyle to Draken) and was trying to make a braid on it but having difficulty doing that.


"Get dressed and I will help you with the braid, angel" said Draken walking to Souya giving him the and suit kissing him


"Thank you" hummed Souya before doing what Draken had said because he loved when Draken took care of him(it was only in some rare times when both had the time to be by each other's side without worrying about their shop and restaurant but they cherished those moments) especially how when both would look at each other through the mirrors and see those eyes full of love looking at them

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Day 11- Bonten x Kazutora


If you asked any of them how they came to be, only silence would be your answer because none of them really knew the answer. They could tell when things started which was when Mochi found Kazutora working on one of their clubs and during dinner brought it up to the others(he remembered Mikey talking about the boy when drunk) and somehow that evolved in them bringing Kazutora to their house (they never let anyone in their home not even their past lovers) and give him a better job in one of their many shops/clubs/etc.


Kazutor said been confused with all the things they were doing for him(especially because he still couldn't understand how or why Mikey had forgiven him) but he accepted it since he didn't have anyone else and if they really wanted they could have killed him already. So he accepted the warm home and comfortable job and has a thank you, prepared their meals and made them take care of themselves.


Now here they were sharing a big ass bed and room(which Koko specially asked to be made for them) while pampering Kazutora who was the center of their world. How did they all fell or notice their feelings for their little doll?

Well the first one to fall was Mikey(it happened before Shinichiro died and the feeling never truly disappeared but was hidden behind all the hurt) and he noticed he had once more fallen for the golden eyed boy when he had gotten sick and Kazutora took it to himself to take care of him.

Mochi was the second one and noticed his feelings when one day he was in the kitchen and caught himself smiling softly while watching Kazutora moving around the kitchen while preparing dinner for all of them.

Kakuchou was the next one who noticed his feelings one day when he got lost thinking about what might be waiting in his future and all of those options somehow always had Kazutora at his side making him realize his feelings(it had been a bit strange at first because the other person he had ever loved was Izana but he  knew that Izana would want him to happy so accepted that the pretty boy living with them won his heart without knowing).

Takeomi followed Kakuchou and found he was in live with the younger men when he visited the club Kazutora was working in and caught some rich and ugly men flirting with their pretty boy(that men never saw the light of the day especially because it was easy to notice how uncomfortable Kazutora had been and Takeomi would never let their doll be like that ever again).

Sanzu noticed his feelings not long after Takeomi how he had started thinking of Kazutora as if it where Mikey or more like while Mikey was his King, Kazutora was his god(he was so confused and angry when he noticed this but when he saw Kazutora cleaning their living room he calmed down and understood that maybe it wasn't bad that Kazutora had turned into his god).

Koko was next and he realized his feelings one night when both were watching a movie together(the others were on a mission leaving them alone at home) and Koko noticed that he hadn't been paying any attention to the movie because he couldn't take his eyes from Kazutora's face(he never felt like that before and that made him realize that maybe he had just idolized Akane and not loved her with all his being as he did Kazutora).

Haitani were the last ones and noticed their feelings at the same time, they had seen how little clothes Kazutora had even after living with them for at least a year so they decided to take him shopping(they bought a lot of clothes for Kazutora and he looked beautiful in all of them which should have been impossible seeing how he was already pretty but looked even better with those new clothes especially the dresses) and Kazutora being pretty called for everyone's eyes which made the brothers feel jealous and want to hide Kazutora from all of those looks but it wasn't until night that they realized the why of them feeling jealousy.


None of the members of Bonten knew what to do with their feelings especially because they knew the others also liked Kazutora so they decided to let time tell. Of course it didn't happen like that and one night all of them got drunk(Kazutora not as much as them) and Bonten ended up confessing to Kazutora who could only blush and look in shock to them but the next day when he questioned them if what they told him was true he ended up accepting their confession because he also loved them. They were all happy having Kazutora as their love(everyone knew to fear Bonten's doll not only because they would destroy the world for their doll but because said doll would also destroy the world for them while smiling softly).


"Lost in your thoughts?" asked an amused Kazutora seeing all his lovers distracted


"Just thinking about Bonten's pretty and dangerous doll" said Mochi making Kazutora giggle while bringing him for a short kiss


"We are very lucky to have him with us" hummed Takeomi bringing Kazutora to him for a kiss too


"And I'm very lucky to have you all with me" said Kazutora smiling for his lovers who felt warmer at being in the other side of that smile


"Good what did we do to deserve such a beautiful doll?" whispered Ran and really despite Kazutora's past he was perfect in their eyes and they couldn't see how he was able to love them with all the blood they have in their hands


"Everything"  murmured Kazutor giving him a short kiss which made Rindou whine since he was just beside his brother and also wanted a kiss


"I want a kiss too" said Rindou and Kazutora giggled but gave him a kiss


"And the rest of us?" asked Kakuchou who was as jealous as the others that still haven't received a kiss


"It isn't like you guys can't just come here and steal a kiss from me" said Kazutora rolling his eyes but he was pretty amused by this


"Your right" said Koko pushing Kazutora to his lap and stealing a kiss from him


"I'm so happy that you are ours" hummed Mikey before Kakuchou and him stole their own kisses


In no time Kazutora was surrounded once more by his lovers who continued to steal kisses from him while telling how much they loved him while he did the same. The world wasn't perfect and neither were their lives or relationship but while they had each other they would be happy.

Chapter Text

Day 12- Takemichi x Angry


Takemichi always thought he would end up alone or with Hina because there was no one that would love him romantically but he didn't mind falling for Toman's 4th Division vice-captain or when said vice-captain accepted his confession(it took Hina, Chifuyu and the Mizo Five a lot of tries to make him finally confess but he did even if it was really awkward).


Souya just had something that made Takemichi attracted to him since their first real meeting(not during a fight or a gang meeting) and when he least expected he noticed that the youngest twin had already taken over his heart as if it had always been his place(and maybe it was). At first he decided that he wouldn't pursue his feelings and just be happy to be a close friend to Souya(he didn't want to lose the other boy if he confessed and Souya didn't feel the same) but once his friends(especially Hina with whom he became best friends with after they broke up a week after he joined Toman) found out about his feelings they didn't let him go down that way and as said before after a long time they convinced him to finally confess to Souya.


He hadn't know what to do(Hina had been the one to confess and that didn't really help her and neither did his other friends that had even less experience and Chifuyu's manga didn't count despite what the other boy said) and he had thought about asking Smiley since he knew his brother the best but Takemichi was too afraid of him for that so he continued thinking on how he should confess. At the end he had confessed one time Souya came to his house so they could study for a test they were going to have. It had been awkward and out of nowhere but Souya had found it cute and he felt the same so he said yes to the confession.


Since that day they could be found most of the time together being one of those really sweet couples that should gross you out but somehow you found them too cute to feel like that(except if you are Baji but he is worse with Kazutora so he has no say in this). They were happy in their relationship despite the rare fights they would have or some jealousy(they were both pretty and a lot of people wanted them for themselves so they always said they had the right to feel jealous when they had such a pretty lover) moments.


12 years since their first meeting found them in a wedding hall getting married while surrounded by family and friends. Once the discourses started the two grooms let themselves get lost in the memories their friends brought up(at the end of the night they still asked who let Mikey and Baji take the microphone but they still enjoyed remembering those embarrassing moments too). Now they were Hanagaki Takemichi and Souya and a long lifetime together and even after death they felt that they would still be together because in their own minds they thought that they are soulmates(and maybe they were) so no matter what nothing or no one could break them apart.


"I love you Souya" murmured Takemichi looking at his husband eyes who smiled softly at him


"And I love you too, Takemichi" said Souya before giving a soft kiss full of love to his husband

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Day 13- Inui x Kazutora


Inui probably wouldn't admit it but he fell for Kazutora at first sight and he couldn't be happier that it happened(Koko still teased him about that but Inui in the end didn't really mind it). It was impossible for Inui not to fall for Kazutora because he was so pretty and sweet(prison had changed the boy but not for  a new person but to how he had been before accidentally killing Shinichiro). Inui was a fucking simp when it came to Kazutora that it was a miracle that the boy hadn't noted Inui's feelings for him so soon(or maybe it was because he thought he didn't deserve to be loved but Inui was doing a good job on convincing Kazutora otherwise since they started dating).


Kazutora since he killed Baji(no matter that in the end Baji was the one who killed himself and that no one blamed him) thought he didn't deserve any type of love but his friends(he didn't deserve to call them that but they told him he deserved and that they loved him so Kazutora let himself believe that) tried to prove him wrong everyday especially Chifuyu who had become the brother he never had(Baji was his first friend and love despite the longer haired boy only seeing him as a friend or brother). They didn't let him dwell in his self-hate and tried to make him happy everyday but the only person that always seemed to be able to cheer him up was Inui and he never realized the why until said men confessed to him.


When Inui confessed Kazutora didn't know what to say and just left(thankfully Inui understood why he acted like that and didn't hold it against him). He arrived at the pet shop were Chifuyu was with Hina in panic scaring his two friends who helped the customers in the shop before closing it and bringing Kazutora to his and Chifuyu's apartment. After calming him down and preparing him some tea(if Takemichi wasn't going to marry Hina, Kazutora would do it just for the amazing tea she could do) they were finally get Kazutora to tell them why he had been in a panic(Chifuyu and Hina had smiled softly before trying to make Kazutora understand that he deserved to be loved and love so he shouldn't be afraid of accepting Inui' confession). It took a bit of time but the next day Kazutora called Inui and they resolved things so since that day they started dating.


It wasn't easy at the beginning with Inui's sometimes emotionless face(he showed more emotions when it comes to Kazutora but there were still times he didn't show them and Kazutora feared having done something wrong) and Kazutora's self-hate and belief he didn't deserve loves but they were still going strong after years(they slowly resolved their problems even if there were moments were they would go back to what they did before) and Inui planned in asking Kazutora in marriage after loving together for three years.


"Lost in your thoughts, Sei?" hummed Kazutora sitting in his boyfriend's lap


"I was thinking of my beautiful boyfriend" teased Inui making Kazutora blush


"Stop doing that!" whined Kazutora making Inui laugh


"Love you, Tora" smiled Inui and Kazutora blushed even more but had a soft smile on his lips


"Love you too, Sei" said Kazutora before he kissed Inui softly

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Day 14- Baji x Angry


Baji still couldn't see what Souya saw in him but whatever it was Baji would be proud of it(even if it was something stupid) because it brought him a sweet and cuddly lover. He adored Souya and if the boys asked for anything Baji would give it to him even the moon because he deserved that and much more(Baji was working his ass off to open his pet shop and be able to buy a ring to finally ask Souya in marriage).


Souya at first was a bit afraid of Baji and stayed far away from him but after one day seeing him sleeping in a park with cats above and around him, Souya's fear disappeared and he became interested in the 1st division captain. When he least expected Souya realized he had fallen for the idiot with a golden heart(and it was his feelings that made him act on Bloody Halloween and save Baji, and Kazutora who later became his best friend). He never thought he would be able to confess to Baji until Kazutora pushed him to do it(which he will always thank for) but when he did Baji said he felt the same and that was one of the happiest days in Souya's life.


Neither was the perfect lover(they had their own way to show their love and not always it was easy to interpret but they loved each other and tried the hardest to understand each other) and they didn't wish for that since they were in the real world not a fantasy story but it was their imperfections that made them love the other even more. They had their bad moments but they never lashed out or hurt the other because he was always there by their side to make them feel better. There were moments when one or the other felt jealousy(they were both good looking so it wasn't surprising that other people wanted their lover but that doesn't mean they won't get jealous from time to time) but it was resolved with a kiss and  a promise that the other was their everything(which was the truth and nothing could change that). They were just two teens(later adults) in love that couldn't see a life without the other.

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Day 15- Hina x Kazutora


Hina had been called the perfect girl and girlfriend since she entered middle school but whenever she heard that the only thing that came to her mind was they hadn't met her sweet and badass girlfriend because otherwise they wouldn't say that about Hina. Like no matter what she wore she would rock it, she could destroy men thrice her size and was a caring girlfriend so really in Hina's mind Kazutora was the perfect girl and girlfriend. But in a way Hina is happy that no one thinks like her when it comes to Kazutora since if they did she probably wouldn't be dating her or would have many rivals and competition.


Kazutora was looked down for a long time for being a girl in a all male gang(one gang had dared to call her Toman's slut/whore and she single handed had destroyed them showing she wasn't just a pretty face or their toy) so when this pink haired girl had confessed to her of course she was surprised(she always knew she was a lesbian but it wasn't like she talked to a lot of other girls beside Emma and Yuzuha but both were connected to Toman for being Mikey and Hakkai's sisters). At first she didn't know what to answer but she ended up saying that she wanted to get to know Hina better because while she thought she was pretty she didn't know if she would fall for her. Well spoiler alert she did end up falling for Hina who ended up joining Toman and convinced the other two girls to do the same(Mikey ended up creating a Division only for the girls to show that even girls could be delinquents and badass) so they spent most of their time together.


To anyone in Toman or that at least knew one of the girls it was easy to see how in love they were with each other(Takemichi, Hina's best friend, ended up creating a poll of when one of them would pop the question and he and Emma won) and that no matter the problems that might arise they would stay together forever. They were yin and yang meaning they fit perfectly together. Years later they would be observing their kids(Naoto offered his sperm for them to have kids of their own) growing up and falling in love while being still in love as much as they were before and proud of how their kids turned out.


"Tora?" called Hina while watching Kazutora wash the dishes


"Hmm?" hummed Kazutora taking her eyes from the dishes to look at her beautiful wife


"I love you" Hina said before kissing Kazutora who melted into the kiss


"I love you too" Kazutora said before pushing Hina away so she could continue washing the dishes making the pink haired woman pout while the golden eyed laughed at that

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Day 16- Yuzuha x Angry


Yuzuha would never have enough of looking at her pretty girlfriend. She doesn't know how anyone beside her has not noticed how pretty and wonderful Souya is but she is glad she can have the blue haired girl only for her(she was a bit possessive but who could blame her when Souya was so pretty and oblivious of when someone flirted with her?). She had to thank Hakkai for permitting that she could met her blue angel(when Yuzuha found out that the pretty girl her brother had brought to their house for a sleepover with Mitsuya, Chifuyu and Takemichi was a member of Toman and could beat almost anyone she fell harder than she had for those pretty eyes) who was now sleeping in Yuzuha's arms with a soft and calm face.


Souya was used to being one of the boys and compared to them because despite being a girl she didn't really have big boobs so really it didn't surprise her that people thought she was a boy(at first it was inconvenient but she got used to that at least when she was with her boys). It surprised her that she was able to get a beautiful and caring girlfriend like Yuzuha or that Yuzuha fell for her(she loved her brother but it hurt when people preferred Smiley over her but in Toman she met people that loved them equally or prefered her and she thanked every deity for meeting her boys and later, thanks to one of them, her girlfriend) when she wasn't really girlfriend material but they were happy and that as the important thing.


They loved each other so much and they were always there when the other needed it. Smiley, Hakkai and Taiju were proud of their sisters and sister-in-law since they were happy and weren't letting anyone's beliefs destroy their relationship(the twins father was against same sex relationships but Souya ignored it because she was happy and if her father really loved her he would be happy for her). Yuzuha, with Taiju's help who was surprisingly a good confident when it came to relationships, had been planning to ask Souya in marriage despite both still being in their last years of high school but she knew that if life permitted it she would always stay by Souya's side so she knew she was making the right decision by planning to ask Souya in marriage on the prom.


"Yuzu kisses" murmured a sleepy Souya who had just woke up while Yuzuha was lost in her thoughts


"Whatever you want, my angel" said Yuzuha softly before kissing Souta all over her face making the blue haired girl giggle


"In the lips!" pouted Souya and Yuzuha smiled amused before finally kissing Souya in the lips "I love you" whispered Souya before she hides her face in Yuzuha's neck


"And I, you" also whispered Yuzuha kissing Souya in the top of her head

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Day 17- Chifuyu x Kazutora


Chifuyu sometimes didn't know if he should call his lover an angel or demon because he fits those two terms well depending on his moods. One minute Kazutora could be the sweetest person alive and in the other he would seduce you within seconds(or at least that is what happens to Chifuyu but not like he is complaining about all that not when he can make Kazutora scream his name until he can't talk the next day or walk sometimes). No matter what Kazutora was the one who won his heart and who Chifuyu was planning to marry once the pet shop expanded to a serie of them(it was a promise they made when they started dating because both knew that their love would be forever).


Kazutora rarely acted on his feelings and thoughts before prison but once he left he started to do it. Chifuyu, his adorable and handsome boyfriend, was his principal victim but he knew the younger one didn't mind it at all. It had been strange at first when Kazutora noticed his feelings(at the time he still felt like he didn't deserve any love) but slowly he started accepting those feelings and confessed to Chifuyu and they started dating. He loved his boyfriends so much and couldn't wait for the day Chifuyu would get on his knee and ask him to marry him.


Today was a slow day at the pet shop so Chifuyu was planning to close it early and let Mitsuya's sisters enjoy the rest of the day off like him and Kazutora would do. Once the clock hit three in the evening the four of them closed the shop and left(the two sisters to their brother's workplace and the couple to their home). Once the couple arrived home Chifuyu had changed clothes and immediately gone to read one of his manga on the couch while Kazutora disappeared for a bit(Chifuyu knew Kazutora was planning something but he knew he would enjoy whatever it would be).

After some time Chifuyu heard the bathroom door open and when he looked up he let his manga slide down to the floor. Kazutora had his hair down and was wearing one of Chifuyu's hoodies(Chifuyu adored when Kazutora used his clothes since he looked adorable) but those two things weren't the reason of Chifuyu letting his manga fall because the reason was the almost unnoticeable(for anyone else but Chifuyu) lacy panties below the hoodie.


"Hmmm I see you like the vision" giggled Kazutora walking to the couch and Chifuyu almost had a heart attack when he saw the heels on Kazutora's feet(he doesn't know if he should thank Inui for that or not because Kazutora looked so good in them but him on heels wasn't good for Chifuyu's heart)


"As if I don't always like to see my boyfriend no matter what he's wearing" said Chifuyu and pushed Kazutora to his lap once the boy was at his side


"That good to know" hummed Kazutora before kissing Chifuyu


"So are you only wearing the panties, kitten?" asked Chifuyu putting his hands below the hoodie


"Why do you not try to find out, daddy?" murmured Kazutora with a mischievous smile and Chifuyu didn't lose time in making Kazutora's wishes come true because Chifuyu would give the universe to the man in his lap if he asked

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Day 18- Mucho x Angry


After all this years Mucho still doesn't know what the fuck Kawata 'Angry' Souya saw in him that made him give a chance to him like Mucho was the first to admit that he wasn't a good person(he almost betrayed Toman for Tenjiku but he spilled everything to Souya and somehow the blue haired boy was able to make Izana see reason and stop him before he followed Kisaki's manipulations, said glasses wearing boy ended up in juvie while going to a therapist after that) but Souya looked at him like he was perfect(and he was to his husband but he would never be able to accept that no matter how hard he tried).


Souya always knew he had a type(Smiley never knew about his brothers relationships and crushes because he had always been overprotective despite Souya being able to defend himself) so when him and Smiley joined Toman and he met Mucho he knew he would probably gain a crush on Mucho, which he did later because Mucho was completely his type. Even if Mucho was the first to approach him to start a relationship it was Souya who said 'I love you' first and it was also the same day that Mucho spilled everything to him. Really Izana's problem was all because of his stupid adoptive mother but it wasn't really that difficult to make him understand that Shinichiro had loved all his siblings equally(or maybe it was because Souya was used to being the one to defuse the problems between his mother and her twin sisters).


It wasn't long after the almost Tenjiku accident that Mucho took the decision of asking Souya in marriage despite them being so young because if Souya decided to resolve a problem to protect him it only meant that Mucho should cherish said blue haired boy forever. Everyday of their life Mucho cherishes and spoils Souya who in turn loves him with his whole heart and also spoils him.


Neither of the two knew what they did to deserve the other but they were happy to be the one by the others side. They loved each other when Mucho asked Souya in marriage, they were still in love when they got married five years later and now ten years later their love has only grown everyday and will for the years until they leave this world even if Mucho thinks that maybe even after they love would be strong.

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Day 19- Hanma x Kazutora


Hanma wasn't the most lovable person, he didn't even believe in love because of how his parents turned out as and how they abused and neglected him, but Kazutora for some unknown reason loved him and Hanma at first didn't know how to take it but at the end he also fell for the other boy. He still wasn't a perfect person and wasn't the best showing his love, all the 'love' he had been shown was through violence, but he did try his best and that was all Kazutora asked from him. Kazutora made him give up on that fucked up plan(he still adores Kisaki as a little brother so when he gave up in the plan he made sure that Kisaki understood that he was still in his side but Kazutora was also in his heart too) and that change many more things than he or Kisaki ahd ever thought of(who would guess Kisaki was into long black haired boys who had wanted to beat the shit out of him at first met) but he was thankful for all this.


Kazutora knew that he would never have a perfect life or lover, not with ou mentally fucked up he was, so he wasn't that surprised that he fell for that insane boy who recruited him to Valhalla. He knew Hanma wasn't a saint and that he would try to sue him to get to Toman(it wasn't well known but the Sanos, including Izana but he didn't came in the same day as the others, came to visit him and forgave him even if Kazutora couldn't understand why they did it) but maybe that was why he fell for Hanma who never hides his intentions from him. Now they were together and Kazutora had never felt like he belonged somewhere but he does it when he is in Hanma's arms.


"Ka-zu-to-ra~" called Hanma into Kazutora's ear making the long haired boy giggle


"Shuji! You know that I hate when you do that" pouted Kazutora because he hated giggling especially in public


"But you are so cute when you giggle, my love" teased Hanma while giving a kiss to Kazutora's neck who despite rolling his eyes had a soft smile in his lips


"You are lucky I love you" said Kazutora turning until he was facing Hanma


"That I'm for sure" hummed Hanma before kissing his sweet boyfriend

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Day 20- South x Angry


South would admit that when he decided to try and recruit Kawata 'Angry' Souya to his gang after hearing some of his members talking about how he defeated them he wasn't expecting what happened and that he would develop feelings for said boy. He had made one of his lowest members look for where he could find Souya and once he knew he decided to go there(they lived in a quiet neighbourhood full of hard working people so it didn't surprise him when almost no one was present at the time he decided to go recruit the blue eyed boy). Maybe South shouldn't have beaten up Smiley when Souya refused to join him because when the Crying Blue Ogre appeared he was totally defeated(it shouldn't have surprised him since if he won against four strong people with broken bones so when he was in good wealth he would be even stronger). Somehow from that day South couldn't leave the boy alone and miraculously Souya also fell in love with him(Rokuhara's members had a bet going about if Souya would fall for South or not and Kakuchou and Shion were the winners) and four years after the day they met they were happily dating.


Souya still couldn't believe that he had beat a man that was as strong as Mikey but good did that make him feel proud beside when he looked at South when he was the ground beat up the shine is eyes made him shiver because it was the look of someone who wanted to devour him(and Souya knew that he would let that men do it since he was his type and despite beating the shit out of Smiley). He still didn't know how they started to hang out(or why Smikey didn't say anything about it by Souya thinks it was because he was too worried about his princess to think anything of this hangouts) but he slowly fell for the taller man who despite being violent and a fucking bitch(it was like a worse version of Baji from what Kazutora and Chifuyu said after meeting South) was caring and had a love for classic music(Souya never felt relaxed as he did the day South played a song in the piano for him because the man was talented when it came to the piano, an maybe other things involving his fingers).


If someone looked at both of them they wouldn't know who scared you the most or if they were going to fight each other out of nowhere unless you knew them and could see that despite the angry or crazy face they showed if you looked into their eye you could see a happy shine for knowing they were beside the person who held their heart. They had a lot of fights but South always ended up being the one to resolve them himself since he adored Souya and didn't want to be away from him because of a stupid fight that in no time wouldn't make sense(South was always confused about why Souya never cared about him being possessive but the truth was that Souya thought his man looked hot when being jealous and/or possessive). They were happy and in love and that's all both cared about.


"Puppy" called Souya softly from his place in the big couch they owned


"Master" said South walking to Souya who smiled at him(who would have thought South was into pet play, right? but it wasn't like Souya didn't like it because he did love it a lot)


"Has my puppy been a good boy?" whispered Souya with a soft smile while petting South's head(Souya almost giggled when South stopped himself from whining since he was weak to praise or possible praise)


"Yes master!" said South not looking directly at Souya because despite everything this still made him embarrassed(and proud but he would never tell anyone beside Souya about that)


"Good boy" hummed Souya while patting the place next to him signaling Souto to get on the couch which the man did "Since you have been so good for me and our friends" started Souya with a mischievous smirk and this time South did whine(how Souya adored this little sounds his puppy did before he let South ravishing him completely) "You should get a reward, right?" he asked giving a soft kisses to South lips and neck "So come and get your reward, puppy~" he teased which has he expected made South attack and ravishing him all night

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Day 21- Wakasa x Sanzu x Kazutora


Hanemiya Kazutora. When Wakasa and Sanzu heard this name for the first time was when the boy accidentally killed Sano Shinichiro and those really close to Shinichiro(actually only Mikey and Takeomi being the reason for the last one to do it because he wa sin love with Shinichiro and never wa stable to confess) cursed him as if he did intentionally kill Shinichiro(they forget that Kazutora was a kid at the time and that he didn't, probably, have the best role models). The day they finally met him they were surprised by how pretty he was and his beautiful smile(they had been going on a date when they saw Kazutora hanging how with Chonbo) and they couldn't see the boy that they were told about because he wasn't cold, cruel or wanting to start a fight at every second(they reached their conclusion that Mikey and Takeomi's mind had been manipulated by their grief and created a reason to blame Kazutora as if he hadn't been a kid). That same day they decided that they would try to get to meet Kazutora and both were happy they did it.


Sanzu was happy for the decision him and Wakasa had done that day because after being friends with Kazutora for five years(and slowly falling for said boy during those years) he was a permanent person in their life and home(how he adored to wake up with Kazutora between them or the smell of food and coffee that Kazutora was making for them). Sanzu never thought he would ever fall for someone else beside Wakasa(who was his first love and the first person to understand him completely) but Kazutora had this aura that attracted you and once you let him in it wasn't difficult to fall for the golden eyed boy.


Wakasa never even dreamed of dating(or marrying like him and Sanzu have been  planning to do once Kazutora's bakery is stable) anyone beside his blue eyed boyfriend but Kazutora was able to destroy his defenses and enter his heart(it was no secret that Wakasa was someone difficult to fall for others but Sanzu and Kazutora did it easily). He could have never dreamed of being this happy but everyday Kazutora made it better and he and Sanzu fell even more for their tiger.


"Waka! Haru! Welcome home!!" called Kazutora from the kitchen making the two men entering the house smile


"We are home, Tora" said both before making their way to their room to change clothes(and exchange some kisses) and then go to the kitchen


Once they entered the kitchen they stayed at the door observing Kazutora cooking while humming a song that Choji probably had out on his head(hopefully it won't be like that one 'I wanna die but I really don't wanna die' which scared the shit out of them when they heard Kazutora sing it) and really it was a perfect image that neither wanted to ever lose.


"Stop staring and put the table" said Kazutora without looking at them(it became an habit for those two to observe Kazutora cook when they arrived home and Kazutora knew it) and the two lovers laughed


"Whatever our lovely wife wants" they said before stealing a kiss from Kazutora making him blush and going to do as requested


"I hate you!" whined Kazutora that after this long still blushed with this little things which made Sanzu and Wakasa laugh and promise to make sure that this moments would continue to happen until the three of them left this world

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Day 22- Mitsuya x Angry


Kawata Souya was beautiful and that was the first thing that attracted Mitsuya's eyes to him and his hands hitched to make clothes for such a beautiful human being. Mitsuya had never really thought much about love but with years of knowing Souya he started thinking more about it and together with that thought always came Souya's name and image. He was completely and irreversibly in love with the younger Kawata and he didn't really mind it. He was happy that Souya felt the same for him and that now they would be together for even more years after both said yes.


Mitsuya Takashi was the perfect husband/lover in everyone's eyes and no one could deny that so it was not surprising for Souya that one day he noticed that he had fallen in love with the older boy. Souya didn't want to confess in fear of losing the friendship he had with the 2nd division captain but Hakkai once he noticed that both liked each other convinced Souya to do it and Souya would thank him forever for that since now he and Mitsuya were about to get married with Hakkai being one of their groomsmen.


Neither of the two men could believe how lucky they were to have the other and to be able to pass all their lives together. They knew they had and will have problems but they will try their best to resolve them without hurting the other as best as they can because they loved each other and it hurt them to see the other hurt.


"I love you, my angel" whispered Mitsuya with a soft smile once they had exchanged rings


"And now you can kiss the groom" said the priest and their friends started to celebrate before they even joined their lips


"I love you too, Takashi" whispered Souya to Mitsuya before they finally kissed to seal their union forever

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Day 23- Mucho x Kazutora


Kazutora always had questionable tastes and no one would ever deny that, not even him, but how he ended up falling for a Toman's traitor was a complete surprise to himself(Mikey had forgiven Mucho because he could understand that he would always follow his first leader even if he liked everyone in Toman). Okay, maybe not so much if he thinks about it. Mucho clearly was his type(Sanzu even said that he made the right choice by choosing someone like Mucho instead of South as if South hadn't practically adopted Kazutora, Baji and Angry as his little siblings) in body and personality but that didn't mean he would fall in love with him but Mucho was so cute when he was near Kazutora when he realized his feelings for the golden eyed boy(Mucho was awkward but in Kazutora's eyes it was adorable especially seeing how Mucho was such a serious and terrifying person most of the time). He was happy he fell for Mucho even if no one predicted that and today they finally got married(it took this long because there was a fight about who should take Kazutora to the altar which was won by Hanma because the idiots ended up playing rock, paper, scissors after having fought for months).


Mucho was never interested in love(his mother practically had given up on seeing her son getting married and focused on her daughter finding a good husband or wife) but when he first saw Kazutora for the first time in his life he felt something for someone that wasn't anger, disgust, friendship, etc. He fell hard for Kazutora and he couldn't understand why but he tried to pursue it(he didn't know shit about love but tried his best with Tenjiku helping him) even if he was so awkward about it. Thankfully Kazutora somehow fell in love with him(Mucho knew there were better people than him for Kazutora so he would thank the universe for this) and after years of dating today they got married. Mucho couldn't wait for what awaited them in the future because he knew he would have Kazutora by his side and that was all he needed.


"I wish this day would never end" whispered Mucho on his husband's ear


"Hmm" hummed Kazutora in agreement with a soft smile on his face "Love you, Shiro" said Kazutora softly looking at Mucho's eyes with so much love


"Love you too, my tiger" Mucho said before stealing a kiss from Kazutora while their friends celebrated in the back

Chapter Text

Day 24- Tenjiku x Angry


Souya was theirs and they thanked every day to whoever gave them such a beautiful and sweet boy as their boyfriend. Everyone in Tenjiku adored and did everything for Souya just not as much as his lovers who basically licked the ground he walked in. It was no secret to every gang that Izana may be the leader of Tenjiku but it is their Queen who decides everything in the end so you should never mess with their Queen or just anyone related to them since no one knows Souya's face.


This was never what Souya expected of his life but when he met those two boys(Izana and Kakuchou) and they gave him the chance to show he wasn't Smiley and that he didn't need to follow his brother everywhere he took it without thinking twice. He never thought that Tenjiku would bring out all his sides, good and bad, but god does he love it that they do it. At first he didn't even notice that Tenjiku brought out his manipulative side(he had always been closer to their mother than Smiley and their mother is good at getting what she wants so he learnt everything from her) until he noticed that he had manipulated Mochi to take care of some boys who ha been messing with his friends and of course he told everyone afraid they would hate him for that but surprisingly no one really minded or more they thought Souya looked good when manipulating them(it was three months after that day that they asked him to marry him because they wanted to keep him forever and who was Souya to deny that to his lovers who made him feel so loved and powerful).


Each of them had those moments they shared alone with Souya(he didn't want any of them to feel less loved than the other and that warmed their hearts so much seeing that their fallen queen will have them in first place against anything just like they do to him). Koko and Souya were when Koko was working and Souya would lie on his lap and play with his hair while he did his work, Mochi and Souya worked out together every morning(someday Souya didn't go with him because he couldn't move well for reason you might already know), Kakuchou always helped Souya preparing their food, Souya was almost always beside Mucho when he was interrogating traitors, Sanzu would take naps with Souya, Izana always had Souya on his throne(Izana kneeled in front of Souya and rested his head on the younger body lap) whenever they have a meeting, Shion and Souya always go take some walks around the city at night and Souya could always be found in the library cuddled between Ran and Rindou.


They were happy with this life and will always be so when Souya asked them to fight Toman so he could see his dear older brother's face(Smiley may have loved his baby brother but he also left him behind once he made friends in Toman) when he discovered that Souya was Tenjiku's so adored queen. And it was finally time for the reveal seeing how only Mikey, Draken, Baji and Mitsuya were still holding themselves up even if weakly.


"Our queen" said Sanzu once he saw Souya walking to them wearing nothing more than one of Mucho's hoodies and some new pants that Mochi had bought him when he had gone shopping once


"Haru~" poured Souya ignoring for now Smiley "I told you not to bow for me" he added and Sanzu just smiled before walking to him and stealing a kiss


"And I said no promises" Sanzu said and Souya rolled his eyes


"Will guys not come and also give me a kiss?" he asked looking at the rest of his lovers who didn't need to be asked twice before also having their turn at kissing Souya


"S-souya?" said Smiley in shock after being in silence for sometime and everyone in Toman froze because they may never have met Souya but they heard Smieky talking about him


"Did you like my present?" Souya smiled to his brother who opened his eyes in shock "My dear Ran asked me what I wanted him to do with you and well I thought a few broken bones might be enough, don't you think?" hummed Souya giving a kiss to Ran's cheek


"Why?" asked Mikey not believing what was happening since Smiley always said his brother was the better one between them


"Nahoya left me behind and both Iza and Kaku found me" said Souya smiling to the two mentioned "And well being the worst generation they brought out my 'bad' side so it isn't surprising I would want to see the brother who promised to stay by my side and protect me fall down, is it?" he added and no answer was given since they were all processing this especially Smiley "Boys, let's go I made your favorite for dinner"he said winking to his boys who didn't lose time in following their queen because tonight they would feast

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Day 25- Takemichi x Hina x Kazutora


Kazutora wasn't considered the prettiest or even good looking boy in his old house and school so he still doesn't understand what called Hina and Takemichi's attention to him(he didn't hate that because now they were his lovers but he still didn't believe someone could love him so easily). When he joined his new school it was right after he left juvie and everyone knew about it so they were always talking behind his back or too afraid to approach him(as if he had wanted to kill Shinichiro, it was a fucking accident but somehow outside of his therapist and maybe Baji everyone believed he did it on purpose) so when the most famous and sweet couple of the school approaches dhim of course he was surprised and didn't want to believe their good intentions but they didn't give up and Kazutora fell down their rabbit hole.


Takemichi and Hina had been together since their first year of middle school and now they were in their second year of high school. They had been talking of adding a third in their relationship but there was no one that felt right to both of them until they saw Hanemiya Kazutora passing by them in the streets and fell for him at first sight. They knew the boy's past(Hina was Baji's girl best friend and they both knew what it felt like when people assume things about them without knowing the full story) but didn't really care about it so when they found out he studied din their school and was just a year older than them they didn't lose time in pursuing him(with Baji's approve). Even if Kazutora had been difficult at first to approach they didn't give up and in no time they had a little tiger cuddling between them or at their side during their dates.


Hina was so happy she and Takemichi didn't give up on trying to get to know Kazutora because she felt even happier now that the other boy was their lover(he was such a cutie even if he said he probably was the worst boyfriend anyone could have, spoiler: he was one of the best someone could have). Takemichi was like the sun who shined brightly and was there to always warm you while Kazutora was like the moon, a quiet but always there presence and lastly she was the stars that was always there for both of them and let themselves be embraced by them. Hina couldn't wait for the day she and Takemichi would finally ask their sweet boy in marriage.


Takemichi always thought he could only love Hina but Kazutora proved him wrong(no one else beside Kazutora, and of course Hina, had ever made his heart beat this fast or make him feel this amount of happiness just by being by the others side) since the first time they saw him. It was easy to fall for Kazutora and even easier to see why Baji protected him so much even if the golden eyed boy could fight. He won't lie and say that he almost broke their friendship with almost everyone in Toman because of Kazutora(it hurt him how they always called Kazutora a murderer or cruel when what happened had all been an accident and they were only looking for someone to blame since they didn't want to move on from Shinichiro's death) but the boy stopped him and said for Takemichi to never mention him to anyone but Baji and Emma(the girl and her grandpa were the only ones who realised it had been an accident and had visited him once a month) because he didn't want to be the reason why he or Hina left their friends behind. In the end that was what they did but thankfully their friends finally realised their own errors before they all ended school because they wouldn't know what to do if the people they had to invite to their wedding hated their sweet boy.


They fell in love and until this day(and maybe forever) they will always be in love. Hina and Takemichi were so happy that the day they could ask their boy to marry them was arriving while Kazutora will always be happy while he has his two lovers beside him forever.


"Hina! Michi! Can one of you bring me a change of clothes here?" called Kazutora from the bathroom once he noticed that he had been in a hurry to take a bath after how much he had sweat in the pet shop today that he didn't even bring clothes with him


"You or me?" asked Takemichi looking at Hina who just got a mischievous look on her face making Takemichi raise an eyebrow at it


"Why not both? We do have tomorrow free and we haven't been able to spoil Tor pain a long time" hummed Hina with a smirk


"Hmm, your right" agreed Takemichi getting up and also helping Hina do the same "You go pick clothes for us while I go and bring our toys to the bathroom" added Takemichi and Hina giggled before kissing her blonde boyfriend


"Guys?" asked Kazutora when he saw his lovers entering the bathroom with mischievous looks


"Tora~" hummed Hina and Kazutora could only blush knowing what was expecting him that night(thanked he had asked for two free days instead of one)

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Day 26- Kakuchou x Angry


Souya was so pretty and Kakuchou couldn't see how someone so pretty loved someone so ugly like him. They even hadn't met in the best way since they met during a fight but somehow Souya was one of the first to help him after he had lost Izana and stayed by his side(and will forever stay since they had gotten married three months ago). Even if Kakuchou didn't understand how Souya fell for him he thanked everything for the opportunity of having the blue haired boy in his arms forever.


Souya at first decided to help Kakuchou because he remembered him of his cousin when she lost her girlfriend(she didn't have anyone by her side and ended up killing herself) and because he was Takemichi's friend. He didn't expect to fall for him but when he thought about it he shouldn't have been so surprised once he noticed his feelings for the half-blind teen. He had fallen hard for Kakuchou and he had been afraid of confessing to him(the first time he ever confessed to someone that person said she preferred Smiley over him and it hurt him) but he decided that it was better to confess and be rejected or live with the hope of being corresponded but end up seeing Kakuchou ending up with other person. Thank whatever deity that gave him courage to ask Kakuchou out because years later they got married and live happily together(of course they have their problems like any couple but they are happy).


"Souya, come back to bed!" whined Kakuchou once he noticed that his husband had left the bed not long after the movie they had been seeing and ended


"Just wait a bit!" giggled Souya while looking in the mirror to see how the present he bought for his husband looked on him(he really needs to thank the Haitani siblings for helping him shopping for a lingerie set and some other things for him and Kakuchou to enjoy)


Once Souya saw that his black and red lingerie set was in place he finally left the bathroom. When he put his feet in the bedroom he knew tomorrow he would be completely marked and proud of those Mark's by the look in Kakuchou's face.


"Do you like my present?" teased Souya twirling while winking to his husband


"I don't like it" said Kakuchou walking slowly to Souya until the shorter one was between the wall and his husband "I love it" he murmured before he attacked Souya's lips both already knowing how their night was going to end and how much they would love it

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Day 27- Baji x Kazutora


Hanemiya Kazutora. Baji had known the boy for years but everyday the boy became even more beautiful and he fell even more in love with him. He didn't know what he had done in his past life to receive such a beautiful boy as his soulmate but he would thank whatever he had done for it. For many Kazutora was a cold and crazy person but Baji knew the truth because you could never met a more sweet, shy and caring person unless you were able to break the walls that Kazutora created around his heart after the abuse he suffered by his parents(his mother emotionally manipulated and neglected him most of his life before abandoning him once she married another man). Truly Kazutora was perfect in Baji's eyes so he would do anything for that boy even without said boy asking for it.


Baji was the light in Kazutora's life and he thanked everyday that the universe gifted him after being alone for so long. The long haired boy broke every wall that Kazutora once had around his heart and with him came a group of friends that would also stay with him forever. Baji brought so many good things to Kazutora's life and he would never know how to thank for it even if the other boy said that Kazutora loving him was everything he needed. So after leaving juvie he did his best to show Baji how much he loved him and helped the black haired boy obtain his dream pet shop since for Kazutora his dream was only staying at Baji's side forever and that's what he did. They were perfectly imperfect in each other's eyes and they knew they fit like two puzzle pieces despite the fights they have for the stupidest reasons that at the end of the day they end up laughing about.


"I don't if I like you getting lost in your thoughts when I finally get some free time to take care of my baby" whispered Baji into Kazutora's ear who shivered and blushed at that


"Kei!" whined Kazutora because he loved his boyfriend but Baji knew how shy he was until he had let himself get lost in his lust


"Yes, baby?" Baji teased him while biting Kazutora's neck making sure to leave Mark's so those flirty customers know Kazutora has a owner


"Your the worst" said Kazutora pouting but he gave Baji better access to his neck


"Only for my baby" smirked Baji before picking Kazutora up and take him to their bedroom where he would take care of his baby and make sure everyone would know who he belongs to

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Day 28- Mochi x Angry


Mochizuki 'Mochi' Kanji was never the first one people choose to date and he always thought that until he met Kawata 'Angry' Souya who just changed too many views he had of the world and captured his heart easily. Mochi still didn't know what made Souya fall for him but once they started dating Mochi did his best to show how much he adored the other boy by making each time they passed together special or/and sweet. He loved to see the smile Souya would give him everytime he saw him or what he had prepared for them to do and that was everything he needed to feel happy and have motivation to live.


Souya was always good at knowing how people's personality are at first meeting so when Tenjiku joined Toman he didn't lose time in pleading at his brother to ask for Mochi to join their division(thankfully Smiley did everything for Souya and he didn't need to plead for long) and became fast friends with him knowing that inside he was a kind and sweet person. He didn't even notice he had fallen for Mochi until he and Smiley had been talking about what they wanted for their future and Souya said he wanted Mochi to join them in creating their restaurant(Smiley teased Souya for so long because of that) but it wasn't like he would try to forget those feelings because really Mochi was just so sweet so no one could blame him for falling hard for him. He didn't lose time and confessed to Mochi(he wasn't Smiley who took forever to confess to Muchi and almost lost him to someone else) who, thanks to every deity, also liked Souya.


Their relationship could be described as the sweetest thing everyone ever saw and they weren't really that much into showing affection in front of others but they were always close to help the other or gave gifts from time to time and really they were defined as relationship goals for almost everyone(Draken suffered once he started dating Emma because she said that if he couldn't be even a bit like Mochi or Souya she would end things with him because of how long he made her wait for them to get together). They were so happy that their life turned out like this because they now couldn't imagine how their future would be without the other.


"Kanji, can you go pick up these ingredients? We need more since people had been asking more for plates with them" asked Souya to his boyfriend when he passed by him to go to his lunch


"Sure" agreed Mochi "I will be going now and I will also bring some cupcakes for you" he added and Souya looked at him with hearts in his eyes


"You're the best!" said Souya smiling before giving a kiss to his boyfriend who waved his hand a last time and left


"You two will someday give me diabetes" said Sanzu rolling his eyes from where she was picking a order that was ready for one of the tables he served


"As if you and Takemichi were much different" teased Souya making Sanzu blush and his before leaving which made Souya giggle and go back to his work

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Day 29- Koko x Kazutora


Koko had only loved Akane in his life and he knew he hurt his best friend because of that so it was no surprise he chose to follow a different path from Inui so he wouldn't hurt him again. He never expected to meet Hanemiya Kazutora and the boy made his heart beat like it hadn't in years. It had been a total accident that they had met(Koko had decided go around in his car while Kazutora and just left jail and there was no one to pick him up so he had to walk and then tried to see if any car would stop to at least take him to a motel where he could sleep) but Koko felt something pushing him to help Kazutora so he did and took him in on his own house(while the Bonten executives shared a house Koko prefered to be on his own house and no one said anything about it). At first Kazutora was only going to stay until he found a job(Koko would be lying if he said he didn't like having someone else living with him) but it was being hard and stressing him so Koko said that he could stay as long he wanted and to take a pause in looking for a job to which Kazutora reluctantly agreed. Somehow both started to fall for each other from that point and Koko even helped Kazutora find a job(it was as Koko's secretary but it was  a job and Kazutora was paid). Koko had been afraid to confess so he talked to Mikey about everything who looked seriously at him and said for him to confess and that should he ever hurt Kazutora, Mikey would kill him(Mikey still held everyone in his heart despite pushing all of them away). He did it and gained a beautiful boyfriend and later husband.


Kazutora was completely in love with Koko in a way he never had been with Baji who had been his first love(he feared that he would end up killing Koko too but once he restarted therapy he understood that he wouldn't and what happened before had been a mixture of his unresolved mental problems and manipulations from others). After Koko's confession they started it slow and also Kazutora was told about what Bonten was and while he would have liked Mikey to have a better life he was happy the other man was surrounded by people who cared about him(maybe in another universe Mikey would have tried to kill himself because he felt completely alone and that he didn't deserve love but when Kazutora came to his side he knew that there was at least one person who despite disliking his choices would be there for him). Kazutora slowly also got to know every one of Bonten's executives and make friends and he loved them dearly but he also missed his old friends so after trying to convince, and succeeding in it, Koko both of them visited Draken and Inui for the first time in a long time. The visit was emotional especially for Inui and Koko but thanks to that they reconnected with other people(Kazutora was also able to make Mikey at least talk from time to time with Takemichi and Draken).


In the end that accidental meeting between Koko and Kazutora brought a lot of happy things to both of them and their friends and they thanked whoever made that possible.


"Master~" whispered Kazutora into Koko's ear onc she found his husband still in his office


"What is it, sweetheart?" asked Koko turning off the computer even if he knew what Kazutora wanted and he wouldn't even try to deny it when he would give everything to his husband


"Let's play, please?" asked Kazutora and Koko smirked


"Lead the way to our room" Koko answered and Kazutora smiled happily and gave his husband a short kiss before doing what he said

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Day 30- Benkei x Angry


Benkei was probably one of the member of the 1st generation of Black Dragons with least experience when it comes to relationships and romance(at least he didn't end up getting rejected 20 times) so he never even thought of falling in love but when Draken presented his blue haired friend well Benkei took is turn in falling for someone. Souya was beautiful and a kind person so really Benkei couldn't have chosen someone better to fall for(but then again Takeomi had always been in love with Shinichiro who never even noticed his own feelings for Takeomi and Wakasa could never deny that he was attracted to Takemichi with how he would basically kneel if the boy asked). Let's be real Benkei was pretty much lucky when he fall in love because Souya wasn't oblivious and he also was Souya's type through and through so after knowing each other for a year Benkei to confess(at the beginning Benkei and asked for his friends help but after hearing all their ridiculous ideas he decided to just go for it and go through whatever happened) to Souta who said he felt the same but they decided to wait until Souya turned twenty to start dating(they wanted to make sure their feelings wouldn't disappear out of nowhere and because in almost everyone's eyes Souya was still a minor even if he was more mature than some adults Benkei had met).


Souya always had a type and Smiley knew it so when his younger brother came back from meeting Draken's new gang and had that look on his face he knew his brother had a crush and he would be there for whatever Souya may need(mostly for teasing but then again he is the older brother he has to do it as any good older brother should). Souya never really expected that his crush on Benkei would go further than that but when he noticed that Benkei felt the same he gave some hints he felt the same(sadly Souya was the type that was too afraid to confess even if the person had shown they felt the same as him) and Benkei later confessed but both still waited to finally get officially together. Both were completely in love and Souya loved how sweet and protective Benkei was when it came to him.


"Five years, right?" murmured Souya with a soft smile


"Yes" hummed Benkei hugging Souta closer to him who wa sin the older's lap "Can't wait for the many more years we will have together" Benkei kissed Souya softly who melted into the kiss


"Me too" whispered Souya after the kiss "I'm so happy I fell in love with you" said Souya before kissing his boyfriend once more and no more words were said between the two for the rest of the night where they got lost in each others body and later in their dreams of the day they would finally get married

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Day 31- Angry x Kazutora(x Everyone)


Hanemiya Kazutora and Kawata 'Angry' Souya were two of the most pretty girls in their school but most people tended to ignore them because of them being part of a gang and not that social. They intended to continue doing that until from one day to another someone(who was very good looking and attracted everyone's eyes) came to pick them up everyday which brought a lot of rumours mostly how the two girls were sluts who sold their bodies to those people but they could never know how wrong they were.


Kazutora wasn't blind and neither was her blue haired girlfriend(they never really came out to everyone telling they were dating but they also didn't hide it) so they noticed when their friends started to look at them more and spoil them. They both knew they should have stopped them saying they were dating but they were weak, really weak, when it came to how they made them feel so subtly they started to flirt back and slowly their little harem grew as they met new gangs(Souya had never been so happy to have so many people with whom she could let herself be free and beat the shit out of them and they wouldn't mind, actually sometimes they seemed tired be begging her to do it).


"Hmmm should we tell them?" asked Kazutora one night when she and Souya had free time and decided to have a date


"I don't know. I kinda like how they act and I may have caught feelings for them too" answered Souya with a sheepish smile and Kazutora giggled at that


"Me too" agreed Kazutora "They are so sweet and fight for our attentions when we would freely give them attention equally" she said with a mischievous but soft smile


"They are so cute!" gushed Souya agreeing with her girlfriend


They continued talking about what they liked on their boys and girls(they took the whole package not leaving anyone behind who could be taken by someone they still haven't met) while smoking knowing that their sweet Koko had put a microphone and camera in their rooms recently(Smiley had been against on putting one on his sister's room until Yuzuha pointed out that he was being an hypocrite seeing that he was okay on putting one on Kazutora's) and well they could give them a show after they made sure they knew that they adored them a Smith as they did them.


"Souya" whispered Kazutora and Souya raised an eyebrow seeing that Kazutora sat in her lap "Should we give them a show? One that they will definitely like?" she asked and how Souya adored this side of her girlfriend(thankfully that day Smiley wasn't observing the cameras has he had gone visit their grandfather with their mother)


"I would love to, baby girl~" answered Souya while biting softly on Kazutora's neck


"So what are you waiting for, mommy~" teased Kazutora and well Souya did adore her baby girl so she didn't think twice before kissing her girlfriend


They have a show to those watching the cameras and microphones and the next day they giggled whenever one of their boys or girls blushed suddenly when looking at them so being good girls they offered to face them a personal show once they grew the courage to ask them out. It didn't take long until they all did that and until the end Souya and Kazutora gave equal attention and love to each member of their harem but something they all knew was that before any of them was always Souya or Kazutora because they loved each other first and their heart belonged to the other even if they gave equal little pieces to their harem(but it wasn't also as if their harme didn't find love between each other too).


"Minami! Stop encouraging Hiro and Sei's violent tendencies" scolded Emma


"What the fuck do you mean? I didn't even know they were getting in fights" growled South


"Look at the hour! I need to go water my work" said Senju suddenly and ran form the room making Emma growl and go after her while insulting her


"Did anyone see my suitcase?" asked Koko looking around the room


"It's in our room"answered Taiju form the table where he was drinking coffee while watching Sakura and Naomi play


"Our morning are to lively" muttered a tired Wakasa with a even more tire Rindou basically riding on his back


"Wait until Tora gives birth to the twins and you will see how lively it will be" said Baji passing by them in a hurry with Chifuyu because they were already late to open the pet shop


"Bye guys!" shouted Chifuyu before the two left


"Do you need anything, Tora?" asked Hina while watching Takemichi give a massage to the other girl


"Hmm no" answered Kazutora, relaxing into the couch from the massage "Go to work! If I need anything there is always Souya, Peh-yan and Mochi here" she said smiling softly and Hina nodded he head gave a kiss to her and Takemichi before leaving to her job


Slowly the house started to get empty, only resting the three people Kazutora mentioned and herself at their home. Souya seeing her wife alone on the couch didn't think twice before laying beside her and cuddling her. Both stayed in silence enjoying each other's company while watching Peh-yan and Mochi talk about the new company they were planning to open in the Philippines with Izana. They all were happy and both thanked that in the end no one left or was left behind since if there was they could have never been this happy as they were.