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Let Us Adore You

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Day 31- Angry x Kazutora(x Everyone)


Hanemiya Kazutora and Kawata 'Angry' Souya were two of the most pretty girls in their school but most people tended to ignore them because of them being part of a gang and not that social. They intended to continue doing that until from one day to another someone(who was very good looking and attracted everyone's eyes) came to pick them up everyday which brought a lot of rumours mostly how the two girls were sluts who sold their bodies to those people but they could never know how wrong they were.


Kazutora wasn't blind and neither was her blue haired girlfriend(they never really came out to everyone telling they were dating but they also didn't hide it) so they noticed when their friends started to look at them more and spoil them. They both knew they should have stopped them saying they were dating but they were weak, really weak, when it came to how they made them feel so subtly they started to flirt back and slowly their little harem grew as they met new gangs(Souya had never been so happy to have so many people with whom she could let herself be free and beat the shit out of them and they wouldn't mind, actually sometimes they seemed tired be begging her to do it).


"Hmmm should we tell them?" asked Kazutora one night when she and Souya had free time and decided to have a date


"I don't know. I kinda like how they act and I may have caught feelings for them too" answered Souya with a sheepish smile and Kazutora giggled at that


"Me too" agreed Kazutora "They are so sweet and fight for our attentions when we would freely give them attention equally" she said with a mischievous but soft smile


"They are so cute!" gushed Souya agreeing with her girlfriend


They continued talking about what they liked on their boys and girls(they took the whole package not leaving anyone behind who could be taken by someone they still haven't met) while smoking knowing that their sweet Koko had put a microphone and camera in their rooms recently(Smiley had been against on putting one on his sister's room until Yuzuha pointed out that he was being an hypocrite seeing that he was okay on putting one on Kazutora's) and well they could give them a show after they made sure they knew that they adored them a Smith as they did them.


"Souya" whispered Kazutora and Souya raised an eyebrow seeing that Kazutora sat in her lap "Should we give them a show? One that they will definitely like?" she asked and how Souya adored this side of her girlfriend(thankfully that day Smiley wasn't observing the cameras has he had gone visit their grandfather with their mother)


"I would love to, baby girl~" answered Souya while biting softly on Kazutora's neck


"So what are you waiting for, mommy~" teased Kazutora and well Souya did adore her baby girl so she didn't think twice before kissing her girlfriend


They have a show to those watching the cameras and microphones and the next day they giggled whenever one of their boys or girls blushed suddenly when looking at them so being good girls they offered to face them a personal show once they grew the courage to ask them out. It didn't take long until they all did that and until the end Souya and Kazutora gave equal attention and love to each member of their harem but something they all knew was that before any of them was always Souya or Kazutora because they loved each other first and their heart belonged to the other even if they gave equal little pieces to their harem(but it wasn't also as if their harme didn't find love between each other too).


"Minami! Stop encouraging Hiro and Sei's violent tendencies" scolded Emma


"What the fuck do you mean? I didn't even know they were getting in fights" growled South


"Look at the hour! I need to go water my work" said Senju suddenly and ran form the room making Emma growl and go after her while insulting her


"Did anyone see my suitcase?" asked Koko looking around the room


"It's in our room"answered Taiju form the table where he was drinking coffee while watching Sakura and Naomi play


"Our morning are to lively" muttered a tired Wakasa with a even more tire Rindou basically riding on his back


"Wait until Tora gives birth to the twins and you will see how lively it will be" said Baji passing by them in a hurry with Chifuyu because they were already late to open the pet shop


"Bye guys!" shouted Chifuyu before the two left


"Do you need anything, Tora?" asked Hina while watching Takemichi give a massage to the other girl


"Hmm no" answered Kazutora, relaxing into the couch from the massage "Go to work! If I need anything there is always Souya, Peh-yan and Mochi here" she said smiling softly and Hina nodded he head gave a kiss to her and Takemichi before leaving to her job


Slowly the house started to get empty, only resting the three people Kazutora mentioned and herself at their home. Souya seeing her wife alone on the couch didn't think twice before laying beside her and cuddling her. Both stayed in silence enjoying each other's company while watching Peh-yan and Mochi talk about the new company they were planning to open in the Philippines with Izana. They all were happy and both thanked that in the end no one left or was left behind since if there was they could have never been this happy as they were.