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Let Us Adore You

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Day 1- Emma x Kazutora


Kazutora never had the best childhood(his father was abusive and his mother abandoned them once she could) but he worked hard everyday to have a bright future. He may have been part of a gang for some years but he left once he entered high school so he could focus on getting a scholarship for university. He got it and his friends celebrated that achievement with him. Now he was outside his university waiting for one of his friends to pick him up(they wanted to give him his own car or bike but he denied it so sometimes one of them would pick him up) but different from the other days his bullies(they didn't really hurt him just irritate him) where there and as always where making fun of him with everyone else following their steps making Kazutora roll his eyes at the way they act.


"Hey who does that car belong to?" asked one of the popular girls and Kazutora looked in the direction she was pointing to and found Emma's favourite car parking meaning that today Emma was the one to come pick him up which surprised him a bit because last time he checked his girlfriend was in a business trip


"That girl is so pretty and sexy" murmured someone once Emma left the car in a formal suit which lets Kazutora know she had just arrived from her trip making him roll his eyes because she really didn’t need to come pick him if she just arrived(especially because any of their friends could do it)


"Do you think she is single?" asked one of the popular boys leering at Emma


"Wait!" shouted a girl "Isn't she the youngest sister of Sano Manjirou and Kurokawa Izana?" she asked and everyone started murmuring because it was no secret that the Sano family had a lot of agencies, shops, etc and Emma was the one in command of one of the best Beauty Shops Group


"She is more beautiful in person. I really want to be like her in the future"murmured someone and a lot agreed while others said it would be good to have her in their bed or make her their wife(like that would happen when Emma has the most pretty boy as her boyfriend)


"But why is she here?" asked the girl that had noticed Emma first and they got their answer once Emma looked in their direction and saw Kazutora leaning into a wall


"TORA!!!" shouted Emma with a big smile and she ran to where Kazutora was to give him a kiss "I hope I didn't take long, doll" she hummed once they were done with their kiss


"You didn't, Emma"said Kazutora with a soft smile while blushing “Especially because I thought it would be one of our friends and not my girlfriend that would come to pick me up” he added and Emma giggle


"Good because you are all mine until tomorrow" she said smiling while picking his hand and guiding him to the car


That night Emma took him to one of their night clubs, where coincidentally most of his university’s students were partying, in his favourite long black dress that was tight in the right places and showed his right leg(Emma had bought it once and he adored as he did with anything she bought to spoil him) and had fun dancing before she took him home so she could have her own fun(it isn't like Kazutora didn't love when his girl worships his body and made him feel weak on his knees with just her fingers, tongue or some toys). Once they were done Emma prepared a bubble bath for both of them so they could relax before going to sleep while cuddling each other.


Since that day no one in Kazutora's university ever messed up or bullied him because it was no secret that the Sano's and those connected to them were possessive and would destroy anyone who hurt or touched what is theirs.