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Danganronpa Reimagined 2: Trouble in Despair Resort

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The massive high school towers over the surrounding buildings, even in this urban area...

For decades, Hope's Peak Academy has been the pinnacle of education around the world. Every year, highly talented students from around the world are scouted to be invited into this school, where they will develop their talents to create a brighter future for the world. These two things are where the school gets its name.

Many people, including those who are highly talented themselves, dream of being selected to attend this school. They also dream of being like the many alumni who have become leaders in various industries after they graduate. It is often said that anyone who graduates from Hope's Peak Academy will be set for life, and these alumni are proof that this is true. Getting to attend Hope's Peak Academy and finding success later in life is a dream many people have held, but only a select few will ever get the chance to achieve this dream.

But out of everyone who dreams of attending Hope's Peak Academy, there are none that dream bigger than the young man who is standing at the entrance of this school, at least in his eyes. That young man's name is Hajime Hinata.

Hajime Hinata - Ultimate ???

Ever since he was young, Hajime has dreamed of attending Hope's Peak Academy, just like many people. He had a great admiration of the school and the people who graduated from it. It was this admiration that caught the attention of this school, and for that reason, he was invited to attend the school.

Or at least, that's how he remembered it. The truth is, the way he got into Hope's Peak Academy was a bit...different than how most people got into the school. How did he even get into Hope's Peak Academy? Well, Hajime doesn't know. All he knows is that Hope's Peak invited him one day and he accepted the offer without question. But that's a story for another time.

Hajime looked up at the school building as it towers over him, admiring how large Hope's Peak Academy is despite having so few students compared to other schools that are of similar size. He felt like he was an ant compared to the school, but that's to be expected. This is the most prestigious school in the world, after all. It's supposed to be large. After taking a look at the size of the building, Hajime took in a deep breath as he prepares to enter the school.

It's alright, Hajime, he thought to himself. You got this. Today is the day when your life in Hope's Peak begins. There's no need to fear.

With the confidence needed to enter Hope's Peak Academy, Hajime begins his first steps towards the main entrance of the building. Before he could get far, though, he heard a voice coming from behind him.

"Hey, you must be the new student, right?"

Hajime stopped where he was when he heard that voice. It sounded like a girl was talking to him. He wondered who it is. He turned around and saw...a girl who is around his age. Her hair is short and red, her eyes are olive green, and there are freckles across her cheeks if one looks close enough. She wears a white shirt with short sleeves, a red and white plaid tie, and a red pleated skirt. Her legs are covered with black socks that end below the knees, and her shoes are black as well. She has a digital camera near her right hips, which is attached to a strap that hangs from her left shoulder. Aside from her camera, there's no remarkable things to say about her.

Hajime thought about what to say in response to the girl's question. He had never met this girl before, but he tried his best to say something to her. "Uh...yeah," he said. "I' here..."

The girl nodded as she heard the response. "I see..." she replied. "Well, I'm also new to this school. I was just scouted out by Hope's Peak Academy."

"For what?" Hajime asked. "And...who are you?"

The girl grabbed her camera and snapped a photo of Hajime, much to his surprise. She then pulled her camera away from her face. "I'm Mahiru Koizumi," she introduced herself. "The Ultimate Photographer. Nice to meet you."

Mahiru Koizumi - Ultimate Photographer

Hajime stared at Mahiru for a moment, unsure of what to say.

Mahiru grew curious about Hajime. "What about you?" she asked. "What's your name?"

Hajime hesitated for a moment to introduce himself. "I'm...Hajime Hinata..." he said.

Mahiru stared at Hajime for a moment, expecting him to say something else. "What? That's it?" she said. "Is that all you have to say about yourself? Just your name? What about your talent? You must have one since you're in Hope's Peak Academy. Do you remember why Hope's Peak Academy invited you?"

Hajime tried his best to remember how he got to Hope's Peak Academy in the first place. He knows that he had a great admiration of the school, but he felt like there's another reason why he's here. But no matter how hard he tried, his mind ended up blank. He was unable to give a response about why he was invited to attend this school.

Mahiru sighed after not hearing a response from Hajime for a few seconds. "It looks like you don't remember your talent," she said. "That's fine. I'm sure you'll remember your talent eventually, Hinata..." She paused for a moment after saying that name. "Actually, that name sounds quite feminine, and it feels...weird to call a man by a feminine name."

"Well, that is my family name..." Hajime replied. "It's not like I had a choice..."

"I know..." Mahiru replied. She thought about a solution to this minor issue for a moment and came up with one. She doesn't appear comfortable with the solution, though. "I'm not sure if I'm okay with this, but is it okay if I refer to you by your given name? You know...your first name?"

"Uh...sure?" Hajime replied. "I guess..."

"Good," Mahiru said. "Well, enough talk. We've spent enough time introducing ourselves. Let's get moving and get to our class. I'm sure our classmates are waiting for us. Come on."

Hajime and Mahiru began to walk towards the front doors of Hope's Peak Academy. They open the doors together and stepped inside, beginning their life inside the most prestigious school in the world.

But when Hajime and Mahiru entered the building, something strange happened. Instead of an entrance hall like what they had expected, they entered what seems to be a classroom filled with students. The students in the classroom turn their heads towards them as soon as they heard the door open.

"Uh...what?" Hajime said in reaction.

"Huh? That's strange," Mahiru said. "Why are we in a classroom all of a sudden? We were just outside."

Then, one of the students spoke up. "Um...are you two feeling alright?" a girl with long blonde hair asked. "You two look pale. Is there something wrong?"

Hajime and Mahiru were too confused to come up with a response. There was something about this classroom that to them, and they don't know why they're feeling this way.

Another person then spoke up. This person looks a bit older than the other students. In fact, she might not be a student. She looks more like she's their teacher. The woman has long, orange hair and is wearing an apron over her light blue dress.

"Ah! You're finally here!" the woman said in a cheerful tone. "I was wondering when you two will show up. Excellent! With those two now here, we now have 14 students in this classroom!"

"But...aren't there sixteen desks in this classroom?" a pink haired girl said. She appears to be playing a game on a handheld console.

"Yeah, we're missing two students," a boy in a yellow jumpsuit said. "By the way, who are we missing?"

The orange-haired woman looked at the list of students. "Hmm...I don't know," she said. "There's enough space on this list for sixteen names, yet I can only see fourteen. I'm not sure who we're missing." The woman studied the list for a few more moments. "Oh well. I guess they'll be missing out on class. How about we just move on?"

There's a man standing next to the orange-haired woman. His hair is white and his suit is white. He let out a sigh. "Finally..." he said.

Hajime and Mahiru looked around the classroom to see who their classmates are. Aside from the people who spoke, there's a busty girl with a red athletic jacket wrapped around her waist; a man wearing a long jacket and scarf, accompanied by hamsters which are on his shoulders; a short girl in a kimono; a girl that's dressed like a punk, with black hair that has blue, pink, and white streaks on it; a girl with choppy looking hair wearing a nurse's outfit; a sickly looking boy with white hair that is colored on the tips; a big, muscular man that's even taller than the man in white; a timid looking boy who looks like he didn't get enough sleep; and a short boy with a pompadour wearing an apron.

In total, there are sixteen people in the classroom: fourteen students and two adults. Well, the large, muscular man looks like an adult, but he might be younger than he looks.

As he looked around the classroom, Hajime can't help but feel that had happened. "I...I don't understand," he said as he scratched his head. "How did we get to this classroom? I mean, we were just outside the school building a moment ago, and then we walked through some doors and end up here. What's going on here?"

"Oh, that's simple to explain!" the orange-haired woman replied. "You entered this classroom through the hallway!"

"The hallway?" Mahiru said. "What hallway? I don't remember walking through a hallway to get to this classroom."

The man in white stared at Hajime and Mahiru. "...Did you two forget how you get into this classroom?" he asked.

Hajime and Mahiru have nothing to say, as their minds end up blank.

"...Just as I thought," the man in white said. "You two are just like the rest of us."

"The rest of you guys?" Hajime said, looking puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"We were all outside the school building," the man in white began to explain. "We all remembered seeing the school building from outside. But the moment we entered the front doors, our minds went blank. And then, we found ourselves here in this classroom with no memory of how we got here."

"I must say, that is strange," the orange-haired woman added. "Almost as strange as the fact that we're missing two students and don't know who they are."

"Everyone getting blank minds as soon as they enter this school," the pompadour boy said. "Something tells me that this can't just be a coincidence..."

"So, you're saying that you think someone is responsible for this?" the blonde girl asked.

"But who could be responsible for this?" the muscular man asked.

The kimono girl turned towards the nurse girl and pointed a finger towards her. "I'll say that it must be her who's responsible!" she said. "She's the one to blame!"

The nurse girl cowered in fear. "Eek!" she shrieked. "Please! D-Don't blame me! It's not my fault!"

"Saionji! Knock it off!" the orange-haired woman scolded. "I expect you to treat your classmates better this time. Understand?"

Several pairs of eyes turn on the girl named Saionji, as if they disapproved of her actions. Saionji doesn't seem to care, however.

"So we have no idea of who's responsible for this," the boy in a jumpsuit said. "Great. So what now? Is there anything we can do?"

Suddenly, the timid boy realized something. "W-Wait...hold on," he said. "Can we...get out?"

Everyone's eyes then turn on the timid boy, which made him even more anxious. This made the timid boy attempt to get out of the classroom. He ran towards the door and tried to slid it open, but for some reason the door wouldn't budge.

"C-Come on!" the timid boy said as he tried to open the door. "Open up! Please! Get me out of here!"

"Hey, step outta my way," the busty girl said as she moved the timid boy away from the door. "You're clearly not strong enough to do that. Let me handle this!" She then attempted to open the door, but it wouldn't budge as well. "Damn door! Why won't you open?!"

Everyone then realized that they're trapped in this classroom with no way of escaping it.

"What? The door is locked?" the orange-haired woman said. "Impossible! I don't remember locking that door after the last two students entered this classroom."

"Aw shit!" the muscular man shouted. "I really wanted to take a shit!"

"T-This is bad!" the nurse girl said. "W-What if someone gets injured? W-We would have no way of t-treating the injuries..."

"M-My project!" the timid boy cried. "What about my project? I-I really need to work on it. It has a deadline!"

"Oh, don't worry about it," the punk girl said in a cheerful tone, oddly enough. "I'm sure you'll find an opportunity to work on that project of yours soon."

Mahiru watched as the busty girl continued to try to force the door open. She began to feel irritated at the sight of the locked door. "This doesn't make any sense!" she shouted. "We just went through that door and it opened up just fine! How did it even get locked in the first place?!"

At this point, the busty girl gave up trying to open the door. "Ugh, I can't do this," she said. "It felt like my arms were breaking faster than that door."

Everyone then went into silence for several seconds as a dreadful feeling began to fill the room.

"So...what's going on here?" Hajime asked. "Why are we trapped inside this classroom?"

"Maybe this is some cruel prank someone decided to pull on us," Saionji suggested. "It must be that girl because she looks suspicious."

"Eek!" the nurse girl cried. "Why me?"

The orange-haired woman let out a frustrated sigh as she shook her head. "Oh Saionji..." she said. "When will you change?"

"M-Maybe...something is happening outside, forcing us to remain trapped in this classroom," the boy in a jumpsuit suggested.

"My extraordinary senses don't detect any disturbances beyond the walls of this room," the boy with hamsters said.

The man in white looked out the windows of the classroom. "I don't see anything outside of these windows," he said. "All I see is a white light."

Mahiru then began to ponder about the reason behind their imprisonment. "So if it's neither of those things," she said, "then what is it? Why are we stuck inside this classroom?"

The sickly boy then spoke up. "Perhaps...this must be...the entrance exam," he suggested.

Everyone then turned towards the sickly boy with baffled looks on their faces.

"...An entrance exam?" the blonde girl asked.

"Impossible!" the orange-haired woman said in dismissal. "There's no way that this is an entrance exam. Everyone knows that Hope's Peak doesn't have any entrance exams. Every student that comes to this school was scouted out and then invited. That's how this school works!"

"Even if this really is an entrance exam," Mahiru added, "how would you consider this an entrance exam? Is this Hope's Peak Academy's idea of what an entrance exam really is?"

"Maybe..." the sickly boy replied. "It's possible that this is actually a special entrance exam, made specifically for us to participate in."

"No, that's wrong!" a new voice exclaimed. "This is not an entrance exam!"

Everyone jumped as soon as they heard the new voice.

"Huh?" the orange-haired woman said as she looked back and forth around the classroom. "Who said that?"

"It's me!" the new voice replied.

Everyone jumped upon hearing the new voice again.

"It's that voice again," the man in white said. His body then began to tense up. "Where is it coming from?"

"I'm right here!" the new voice said.

"That voice..." the orange-haired woman said. "It sounded so loud, as if it is right next to me..."

The gamer girl then looked towards the orange-haired woman. "It sounded like...the voice is coming from the teacher's desk," she said.

The orange-haired woman then turned towards the girl who said that. "What?" she said. "The teacher's desk?"

Suddenly, a whirlwind of sparkles began to form above the teacher's desk, right in front of the orange-haired woman. Everyone was startled at the sight of the sparkles. The man in white drew out his sword, ready to attack whoever shows up. Then, the whirlwind of sparkles forms into a rabbit, which lands on the teacher's desk. The rabbit is white and is standing on two legs. It wears a pink bib, a gold necklace, a bow on one of the ears, and a pink and white frilly skirt. On its hands is a staff topped with two hearts and a pair of wings.

Everyone was bewildered upon seeing this strange rabbit. They are having so many questions about this.

" that...?" the blonde girl asked in shock.

"Looks like a stuffed animal to me," Saionji replied.

"That's right," the rabbit said in a baby-like tone. "I'm a soft stuffed animal, who happens to be alive. Go ahead. Squeeze me as hard as you want! I won't be hurt at all!"

The orange-haired woman raised an eyebrow as she looked at the rabbit in front of her. "Ahem, excuse me," she said. "Who are you?"

The man in white tightened his grip on his sword. "What are you doing here?" he asked threateningly. "How did you get here? You'd better not do anything to us!"

"Please, calm down," the rabbit ordered. "I do not mean to cause any harm to you. I'm Magical Miracle Girl Usami! You can just call me Usami if you want."

The man in white stared at the rabbit for a few more moments, wondering if she really is harmless as she said. He then put his sword away, storing it in its sheath.

"Okay, so you're just some strange stuffed rabbit," the orange-haired woman said. "You don't intend to cause any harm to anyone, so that's good. But, I have one question to ask you: why are you here?"

"Oh, that's easy!" Usami replied. "I'm the teacher of this classroom!"

"Excuse me?!" the orange-haired woman gasped. "Are you trying to take my role from me? I'm the teacher of this class, not you!"

Everyone watched as Usami and the orange-haired woman argued against each other over which one of them is the teacher of this class. They can't help but feel like something strange is going on with that rabbit.

" I hallucinating?" the pompadour boy asked. "Am I the only one who's seeing that rabbit?"

"Nah, I saw it too," the boy in a jumpsuit said.

"Me three!" the punk girl added.

"'s definitely not an hallucination..." the nurse girl said.

"What's up with that talking chihuahua?" the busty girl asked.

The boy with hamsters turned towards the busty girl with a disapproving look. "A chihuahua?" he asked in bewilderment. "What happened to your sensors that caused you to mistake a rabbit for a chihuahua?"

The muscular man stared at the busty girl and facepalmed over her mistake.

"W-What kind of s-stuffed animal is that thing?" the timid boy asked. "H-How is it able to move on it's own?"

"Maybe it's some kind of remote control toy," the sickly boy suggested.

"You think so?" the boy in a jumpsuit replied. "I...doubt that it's really a toy. The movements look too lifelike."

As the students continued to talk among themselves, the man in white spoke to the orange-haired woman. "Any luck?" he asked.

The orange-haired woman let out a frustrated sigh. "It's no use..." she said. "That rabbit refuses to accept that I'm the teacher of this class, not her."

"Aw, that's okay," Usami replied. "You can be the chaperone of this school trip!"

Everyone stopped talking as soon as Usami mentioned that there's going to be a school trip.

"...School trip?" the man in white asked. "What do you mean there's a school trip?"

"That's strange," the orange-haired woman said. "I don't remember Hope's Peak Academy organizing a school trip for us to take."

"Trust me," Usami said. "We are going on a school trip!"

"To where?" the orange-haired woman asked.

"Oh, you'll see when we get there," Usami replied. "Now, before we go, let me check who's in this classroom. Let's see, there are thirteen students in this classroom and three adults."

"Thirteen?" the orange-haired woman gasped. "What do you mean there's thirteen students in this classroom? The last time I checked, there are fourteen students!"

The muscular man raised his hand. "I'm a student," he said. "I might not look like it, but I'm the same age as the rest of my classmates!"

"You look a bit old to be a high school student," Mahiru remarked.

"Ah, so that man is not an adult!" Usami said. "He's really a high school student! My bad! Okay, so there are fourteen students in this classroom and two adults. That looks great! Okay, get ready everyone, because we're ready to depart for the school trip!"

Before anyone could say anything, Usami waved her wand in the air, creating a trail of sparkles. As she waved her wand, the entire classroom began to vibrate, as if an earthquake was happening. Wait, this doesn't look like an earthquake, as the ceiling looked like it was about to open up. Then, like a box, the classroom walls and ceiling opened up, revealing a tropical paradise. The group found themselves in a beach, surrounded by palm trees, an ocean on one side, and some rocky terrain on the other. It...was a bizarre experience to put it lightly.

"What...the hell is this?" Hajime said.

"Huh? What happened?" Mahiru gasped. "What's going on here?"

"Ugh, there's sand all over my sandals!" Saionji complained. "I hate sand!"

"This doesn't make any sense!" the orange-haired woman shouted. "What are we doing here in the middle of a beach? The last time I checked, we were in Hope's Peak Academy!"

"I don't understand what's going on," the man in white said. "What just happened? How did this classroom turn into a beach?"

"Everyone, calm down," Usami ordered. "There's no need to panic. This is our destination for our school trip! Feast your eyes on the beautiful ocean! The waves washing in and out will make your heart feel cleaner."

"W-Wait, hold on," the timid boy said as he began to shiver. "W-Where...are we?"

The boy in a jumpsuit stared out into the ocean trying to find land. "I don't see anything on the horizon," he said. "Just some clouds and the ocean."

"W-Wait, does that mean...?" the timid boy began to ask.

"Yep! We're on a group of islands in the middle of an ocean!" Usami answered.

The timid boy then let out a horrified scream.

"Hey, what's with all the screaming, little guy?" the busty girl asked. "We're only on some islands."

"What about my work?!" the timid boy cried. "I-I have so many projects I haven't finished!"

The blonde girl then became concerned about something. "I...I don't understand..." she said. "We were just at the school a moment ago...and now we're here by the sea... This is impossible... How did we even get here?"

"Yeah, why are we on a school trip all of a sudden?" the punk girl asked. "Why didn't we take a boat or a plane to get on these islands? What happened between us being at Hope's Peak Academy and us being here in the middle of an ocean?!"

"Well..." Usami said before being quiet for a few moments. "I know that you're concerned about Hope's Peak Academy, but please forget about that school for now. We're on a school trip! We're here to relax?"

"Relax?" the orange-hair woman questioned. "You took us from a school all the way to these islands! Why would we relax?"

The man in white drew his sword and pointed it at Usami. "Explain to me, you silly little rabbit," he said. "What are you planning to do with us? Are you scheming something?"

"Hwah?!" Usami gasped upon seeing the sword. "Please, put that sword down! I promise! I do not intend to cause harm to anyone! I'm only doing this for everyone's sake! I'm praying from the bottom of my heart that hope will grow within everyone's heart!"

The sickly boy raised an eyebrow. "...Hope?" he quietly asked.

"I promise, there's nothing dangerous on these islands," Usami said. "You're all safe here. There's nothing to worry about while you're on this wonderful school trip!"

"...Are you sure about that?" the sickly boy asked.

"Of course I'm sure!" Usami replied. "I made sure that there's no hazards to be found anywhere on these islands! As long as you are careful, you should be okay! Just as a reminder, causing violence or inflicting pain is a big no-no on these islands."

"But what if I wanna fight someone?" the busty girl asked. "I like to challenge others into a fight!"

"I'm sorry, but it's best if you avoid trying to cause any big fights," Usami advised. "I don't want to see anyone getting hurt."

The busty girl sulked in disappointment.

"Okay, everyone!" Usami began to announce. "It's time for this school trip to officially be started! While you all relax on this paradise, I expect you to get along and strengthen your bonds with your classmates! That is the main purpose of this heart-throbbing school trip!"

The two adults looked shocked upon hearing the purpose of the school trip, as well as the name Usami decided to give to this school trip.

"Heart-throbbing school trip...?" the man in white asked. "What?"

"That's...a strange name to give to a school trip..." the orange-haired woman remarked.

"Now then," Usami continued. "Let the heart-throbbing school trip begin!"

"So what's the current status of the program?"

"So far, everything is working as intended. Nothing bad is happening."

"Good. The last thing I want is to see another killing game happening again. We've already been though enough pain already. I don't want to see anyone suffer in the same way we did..."

"Are you sure that my classmates and my former teacher will be fine?"

"They're going to be fine, brother. Just trust our coworkers. They know what they're doing."

"I know. It's just...we're responsible for making sure a Future Foundation official...our safe as well. The Future Foundation is putting heavy pressure on us to make this program a success. If we fail...we would have nowhere else to go..."

"Young master, there's no need to worry. As long as we have each other, nothing will stop us."

"I can't believe the Ultimate Despair has a spy hidden in the Future Foundation for so long."

"We should be lucky that we caught the spy before they could cause any more damage. If we didn't, of us might not be in this room with us..."

"I still have nightmares about that woman who's about to kill me... I really hope she gets cured like the others..."

*sigh* "If only they had heard my warnings... We could've prevented our boss from being corrupted by despair..."

"It's a real shame. We were so busy trying to fight against the Ultimate Despair that we didn't realize that one of us is a member of that group..."

"Look, let's not lament that we didn't prevent this sooner. There's still time for us to cure these patients of despair. If nothing goes wrong, these people will be free from despair and the world will return to normal in a few years."

"But what if something did go wrong? What if something happens to these patients that we didn't expect?"

"...Let's not let anything go wrong, okay?"

Chapter Text

Day 1 - 12:00 PM
Beach, First Island

What...did I just witness?

It was the strangest thing that Hajime had ever experienced. It felt so weird. One moment, he's standing in a classroom along with a group of students and adults. In the next moment, everyone is at a beach in a tropical resort, with no memory about what happened between those two locations. Something about this seems off. He has so many questions about what's going on. Who are his classmates? Who are those adults? What's with that strange rabbit? Why are they on a school trip? Why—?



Hajime jumped when he heard the sound of a camera snapping an image. It was enough to knock him back into his senses. He realized that he's staring out into the open ocean, lost in his own thoughts.

"Are you here? Can you hear me?"

"...Do you really have to do that?"

"Hey, I'm just trying to get his attention, okay?"

Those voices, Hajime thought. They sound familiar...

Wondering who just talked, Hajime turned around and saw...Mahiru and the sickly boy. That's all he saw. There was no one else on the beach other than them.

"Ah, there you are," Mahiru said. "I was wondering when you're going to stop whatever you're doing."

Hajime looked around the island, looking for everyone. "Uh..." he said as he looked confused. "Where...did everyone go?"

"You were staring out into the ocean for a while," the sickly boy explained. "Everyone else left while you were doing that."

"I was?" Hajime asked in surprise. "For how long?"

"Long enough for everyone to leave the beach, apparently," Mahiru said. "You should really pay more attention to your surroundings, Hajime."

The sickly boy turned towards Mahiru and raised an eyebrow. "Huh? Do you know that guy?" he asked.

"...Shut up," Mahiru replied.

Hajime stared at the sickly boy for a moment, wondering who he is. "Uh...who are you?" he asked. "I didn't get your name..."

The sickly boy realized that he forgot to introduce himself. "Ah, I forgot," he said. "My bad. There was so much going on that I didn't think to tell you my own name."

"Come on, already," Mahiru said, sounding impatient. "Just introduce yourself."

"Okay! Fine!" the sickly boy said. "I'll just introduce myself. I'm Nagito Komaeda. Nice to meet you."

Nagito Komaeda - Ultimate Lucky Student

Mahiru groaned as she rolled her eyes. "Ugh, finally," she said. "Took you long enough. By the way, I'm Mahiru Koizumi."

"Nice to meet you too, Koizumi," Nagito replied. He then turned towards Hajime. "Your name is Hajime, right? I heard your name earlier from Koizumi. Did you know her?"

"Komaeda..." Mahiru muttered. "We just talked about something like this."

"Uh...right," Hajime replied. "I'm...Hajime Hinata."

"Ah! Wonderful!" Nagito said. "Now we know each other's names! But what about my other question? Do you two know each other?"

"I said cut it out, Komaeda," Mahiru said, sounding a little frustrated.

Hajime just shook his head at the question Nagito gave him.

"I'll take that as a no," Nagito said.

Hajime took a moment to scratch the back of his head. "So...Komaeda," he began. "How did you get into Hope's Peak Academy? Like...what's your talent?"

"Huh? My talent?" Nagito asked. Then he let out a heavy sigh. " tell you the truth, my talent is pretty disappointing..."

"Your talent is disappointing?" Hajime asked. "What do you mean?"

"Do you picked a talent that you regret choosing?" Mahiru asked.

"It's not like that," Nagito said as he sighed again. "The truth is...I didn't really have a choice in my talent. I'm just...lucky."

Mahiru raised an eyebrow when she heard about Nagito's talent. "Lucky?" she asked in bewilderment. "You're saying that your talent is luck? How is that even a talent? Is that a joke or something?"

"It's not a joke," Nagito replied. "Luck really is my talent. I may not have asked for it, but that's how it is. I'm the Ultimate Lucky Student. At least, that's what I'm called in Hope's Peak Academy."

"The Ultimate Lucky Student?" Hajime said with a puzzled look. "What?"

"Yeah, I'm with Hajime," Mahiru replied. "What?"

"...I'll just ignore that for now," Nagito said as he began to explain how he got his talent. "Recently, Hope's Peak Academy has been hosting a nationwide lottery every year to pick the Ultimate Lucky Student. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary students have a chance of attending Hope's Peak Academy, but only one will be selected to join the highly talented. This year, I happened to be that one lucky winner. That's how I got in Hope's Peak Academy."

Hajime and Mahiru stared at Nagito for a moment, wondering what he is even talking about. They felt a little strange to hear that one doesn't have to be talented to get to attend Hope's Peak Academy. Then again, Hajime couldn't remember how he even got to the school, so maybe he shouldn't be questioning things like this.

"Hey, are you two okay?" Nagito asked.

Mahiru snapped out of her thoughts. "Oh, I'm fine," she replied. "It's just..."

"Yeah, I get it," Nagito replied. "I have mixed feelings about this."

Mahiru glared at Nagito. "...I wasn't going to say that," she said.

Hajime then snapped out of his thoughts. "Wait, what did I just heard?" he asked.

"...Let's not talk about this, alright?" Nagito said. "So what about you, Koizumi? What's your talent? I saw that you have a camera. Are you the Ultimate Photographer?"

"Well...yes," Mahiru replied. "Don't request me to take any photos, though. I'll take them when I want to, understand?"

"Right," Nagito replied. "What about you, Hinata? What's your talent?"

Oh no, Hajime said with a sense of dread. Not this again...

Hajime tried once again to remember what his talent was. But just like last time, his mind ended up blank. His body began to shudder as he tried his best to recall that thought. Unsurprisingly, it didn't work.

"You'll have to excuse Hajime," Mahiru said. "He can't quite recall what his talent is. He will try, but...let's just say that his mind will end up blank if he tries to do that."

"I see..." Nagito remarked. "So Hinata has trouble remembering some things. I understand that feeling. After all, we were suddenly thrown into a situation like this with no memory about how we got here. Oh well. I'm sure he'll remember his talent once things settle down."

"Yeah...sure," Mahiru replied.

As the conversation between the three students comes to an end, a beeping sound was heard. Not only that, but they felt a rumble in their pockets.

Hajime snapped out of his own thoughts as soon as he heard the beep and felt the rumble. "Huh?! What was that?!" he asked.

"That felt like it came from my pocket," Mahiru said. Then she realized something. "Wait a second..."

The three students reached into their pockets and pulled out what appears to be a smartphone with the Hope's Peak Academy symbol on it.

"Huh?" Hajime said as he stared at the device.

"What is this?" Mahiru asked. "Is it some sort of PDA or something?"

"Why is something like this in my pocket?!" Hajime asked.

"Oh, those are just Electronic Handbooks, or E-Handbooks for short," Nagito explained. "They're devices invented by alumni of Hope's Peak Academy for its students to use. You remember getting an E-Handbook upon arriving at Hope's Peak Academy, right?"

"...I don't remember getting an E-Handbook when I arrived at Hope's Peak Academy," Mahiru said. "The last time I checked, I was outside the school building. When I stepped through the doors, I was suddenly inside a classroom. There weren't any opportunities for me to get an E-Handbook."

"I don't know how this device managed to get inside my pocket without me knowing," Hajime said, "but why did it rumble in the first place?"

Then, Usami appeared out from the trees and landed near the three students. Her sudden appearance startled Hajime.

"What the...?!" Hajime gasped. "Where did you come from?!"

Mahiru glared at Hajime for a moment. "Seriously?" she asked. "You're scared of a rabbit of all things?"

"Whoops!" Usami said. "Sorry about that. I didn't mean to startle you."

"You should've warned us that you were about to come," Nagito said.

Mahiru let out a sigh. "So what are you here for?" she asked.

"I'm here to talk about the device you three are holding right now," Usami explained. "You see, that E-Handbook is as vital to this school trip as it is back home. Make sure you don't lose it, especially since once we leave, it's super difficult to get a lost E-Handbook back."

"This device is important even if we're on vacation?" Hajime asked. "What kind of school trip is this?"

"I'll explain why you'll need your E-Handbooks for this school trip!" Usami replied. "The purpose of this school trip is to collect Hope Fragments!"

Everyone was puzzled when Usami said that term.

"Hope Fragments?" Mahiru asked. "What's that?"

"Hope Fragments are objects that are formed as you get along with your classmates and chaperones," Usami explained. "As your relationship with everyone improves, you'll be able to gather more and more Hope Fragments! Our goal is to collectively gain a total of 720 Hope Fragments! Once we've reached that amount, then this school trip will be a success!"

Hajime was shocked to hear how many Hope Fragments Usami has tasked the class to collect. "720 Hope Fragments?!" he said. "That's a lot!"

"You think so?" Nagito asked. "We do have sixteen people on this trip, so collecting that much Hope Fragments is easier than you think."

Hajime turned to Nagito, wondering what he's talking about. "What do you mean it's easier than I thought?" he asked.

Mahiru then pondered for a moment, calculating how many Hope Fragments each person would need to collect from each other. "Let's see..." she said. "There are 16 people on this school trip, who can each form bonds with the other 15..." Her voice trailed off as she continues calculating until she reaches a result. "Three times. In order to reach the goal of 720 Hope Fragments, everyone would have to collect three Hope Fragments from each other."

"See? I told you it's easier than you think," Nagito said.

"That's right!" Usami said. "I will warn you that collecting Hope Fragments can be difficult. The first Hope Fragment you get with each person is easy; all you have to do is introduce yourself to them. For the remaining Hope Fragments, things aren't so easy. You need to hang out with another person for a while and deepen those bonds. Only then will you obtain a Hope Fragment. Got it?"

Nagito and Mahiru both nodded their heads. Hajime, meanwhile, still looked a little confused and unsure.

"Good!" Usami said. "I will be going now, so feel free to explore these islands. Before you go, be sure to check the rules of this school trip. That's all I have to say for now! Bye!"

Usami then leapt into the trees and disappeared.

"Well...that was weird..." Hajime remarked.

"Yeah, I know," Mahiru replied. "It's not everyday that you encounter a talking animal."

"Seriously, what's her deal?" Hajime said. "A stuffed animal that moves, talks, and does whatever she wants... I don't know who's controlling her, but this doesn't make any sense!"

Mahiru and Nagito stared at Hajime for a moment, wondering what he just said.

Hajime looked over to Mahiru and Nagito. "What?" he asked.

Nagito let out a heavy sigh. "Just don't worry about her," he said. "It's no big deal. At least we know that we'll be safe for now."

"Well, that rabbit does look cute and harmless..." Mahiru said. "Mostly..."

"More importantly, don't you two think that we should get to know the others?" Nagito asked. "We should probably get going and find everyone. I think it's best if you two introduce yourselves to them."

"That's true..." Mahiru replied.

"Wait, where did everyone go?" Hajime asked. "Did anyone tell the others where they were going?"

Nagito stopped to ponder for a moment. "Perhaps everyone left to explore the island," he said. "This is our vacation spot, so it's best if we learn about it as much as we can. I haven't given myself the chance to get to know everyone know, I was waiting for you to move. So how about we use this opportunity to get to know everyone and explore the island at the same time?"

"That sounds like a great idea," Mahiru replied. "What are your thoughts, Hajime?"

Hajime felt a little nervous about introducing himself to everyone, but it looks like the other two don't want to leave him behind. So he decided to go along with them. "Fine..." he replied. "I'll go as well..."

"Great! We're all set!" Nagito said. "Now, let's take a look at the rules of this school trip before we continue. It's nice to know what we can and can't do."

The three students turned on their E-Handbooks and opened up the rulebook for the school trip. They read each rule carefully to make sure they understand what they can and can't do during their school trip.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Extreme violence is prohibited on this island. Please live peaceful and relaxing lives with your fellow students.
  2. Littering is not allowed. Students are expected to clean up after themselves.
  3. Chaperones are expected to look after the students when the lead teacher isn't present.
  4. Nighttime starts at 10:00 PM and ends at 7:00 AM the following morning. Some areas are closed off at night.
  5. The lead teacher cannot directly interfere with the students or the chaperones, unless a rule has been violated.
  6. Everyone is free to explore any accessible areas of the Jabberwock Islands Resort. Try not to get lost while exploring these islands.
  7. Destruction of property of the resort without permission is prohibited.

"So these islands are named the Jabberwock Islands," Nagito said. "That's interesting to know."

"That's a strange name to call a group of islands..." Mahiru remarked.

"There's so many rules here..." Hajime said.

"Well, at least we know the rules," Nagito said. "Alright. Let's get going and meet the others."

The three students then began making their way out of the beach to find the others. On their way out of the beach, Hajime noticed two odd things about the beach. There seems to be a monitor attached to one of the trees and a camera placed just off the beach. He became confused when he saw those two things.

"Um...what's that monitor doing there?" Hajime asked.

Mahiru stopped and looked at where Hajime is looking. "Huh? A monitor attached to a tree?" she said. "That's weird. How does that even work?"

"Just ignore that monitor," Nagito said. "I'm sure it won't bother us that much."

Hajime then looked towards the camera near the beach. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that it's actually a surveillance camera. "A surveillance camera?" he said. Then he jumped in fear. "Are...are we being monitored or something?!"

Mahiru turned towards Hajime and gave him a disapproving look. "Seriously, Hajime?" she said. "You're scared of a camera of all things? Why are you scared of everything? Come on, you're a man! If you're going to fear something, at least make that fear reasonable!"

"I wouldn't say that we're being monitored," Nagito replied. "I think we're being watched for our safety. Usami might say that these islands are safe, but you'll never know what might happen."

Hajime could feel some sweat dripping off his head. "Okay..." he said. "So...who's watching us? Are officers or something on these islands?"

"Look, we don't have time to talk about something like this," Nagito replied. "It's best if we ignore those cameras and stop worrying about them. Besides, we have people to meet and some islands to explore. That's our top priority!" He then walked out of the beach.

Hajime stared at Nagito as he left the beach, feeling a little weirded out by him. "Um...what's up with Nagito?" he asked. "He seems to be calm, even in a situation like this..."

"Just forget about it already," Mahiru said as she let out a frustrated sigh. "Let's...just go." She then left the beach.

Hajime remained on the beach for a few more moments, still wondering about Nagito and who he is. He decided to shake these thoughts off for now. After all, as Nagito said, there are people to meet and some islands to explore. It's best if he puts his focus there instead. After slapping himself with some confidence, Hajime left the beach and joined Nagito and Mahiru.

Day 1 - 12:45 PM
Airport, First Island

The beach connects to a road that encircles the entire island. Various buildings are placed alongside the road, giving visitors access to them. Near the beach, there is a large bridge that connects to another island in the distance. It looks like a long walk to get to that island, so the three students decided to explore that island last.

The first building that the three students explored is an airport. It's a pretty small airport, consisting of a single building that doesn't have much inside it. Outside the wall of windows, several small airplanes can be seen.

"Airplanes?" Hajime gasped.

"Did we use those airplanes to get to these islands?" Mahiru asked.

"Probably," Nagito replied. "I'm not entirely sure, though. I can't quite remember what happened between us being in the classroom and us ending up here..."

Hajime then got an idea. "Wait, if we used those airplanes to get to this place," he began to ask, "can we use them to escape these islands?"

"What? Escape these islands?!" Mahiru shouted. "Are you crazy? We just got here! Are you seriously thinking about leaving this place? Are you that desperate to go back home?"

"Hey, I'm just asking!" Hajime tried to explain.

"Nah, that's impossible," a new voice said.

The three students turned around towards the source of the new voice. They found a boy in a yellow jumpsuit.

"If these planes were damaged, I could probably fix them," the boy in a jumpsuit explained. "But it looks like these planes are just for show."

"Just for show?" Hajime asked. "What do you mean those planes are just for show?"

"I think those planes are just props," the boy in a jumpsuit replied. "They simply don't work. There's nothing I can do about that. Besides, it's not like any one of us can pilot a plane."

"Wait, so if these planes don't work, then how did we get to these islands?" Mahiru asked. "Did we come here on a boat? If so, then where's the port? Why does this airport exist if the planes don't work? Ugh, the more I think about it, the less sense it makes..."

"Let's not think too much about this," Nagito said. "This is starting to hurt my head..."

The boy in a jumpsuit then realized something. "Oh, I nearly forgot," he said. "We haven't introduced ourselves to each other, right? Let's go ahead and do that. Name's Kazuichi Soda. I'm the Ultimate Mechanic! Nice to meet ya!"

Kazuichi Soda - Ultimate Mechanic

The three students then began introducing themselves to Kazuichi. During their introductions, Mahiru started to smell something strange in the air.

"Hmm? What's that smell?" Mahiru asked.

"Eh? What are you talking about?" Kazuichi asked.

Mahiru leaned towards Kazuichi and sniffed his jumpsuit. She cringed upon noticing how bad it smelled.

"Ugh, that jumpsuit!" Mahiru complained. "It smells so bad! Do you ever wash that jumpsuit?"

"Wash my jumpsuit?" Kazuichi replied. "Why would I do that? It's going to get dirty anyways if I tried to clean it, so what's the point?"

"The point is, you shouldn't be walking around in such a dirty jumpsuit," Mahiru replied. "Besides, it's not like you're going to work on machines anytime soon. We're on a school trip. You'd better take care of your own clothes, you lazy boy!"

"Hey! Who are you calling lazy?" Kazuichi said.

Hajime and Nagito watched as Mahiru and Kazuichi argued over the cleanliness of the latter's jumpsuit. They both let out a sigh.

"Koizumi really doesn't like lazy people, doesn't she?" Nagito asked.

"Yeah, I agree," Hajime replied. "She kind of reminds me of my mom..."

Nagito then shuddered for a moment.

"Huh? Is there something wrong?" Hajime asked.

Nagito shook his head in denial. "It's nothing," he replied.

After a while, Mahiru gave up in trying to convince Kazuichi into cleaning his jumpsuit. "Ugh, it's no use..." she groaned. "This boy is both lazy and stubborn."

"Hey, you can't blame me for my dirty jumpsuit," Kazuichi replied. "As a mechanic, I work with machines a lot, especially vehicles. As a result, I tend to get oil spilled on them. Maintaining machines can get...messy. As I said earlier, cleaning my jumpsuit is pointless because they're going to get dirty the following workday, so I don't bother cleaning them."

Mahiru then let out a frustrated sigh. "Well, you won't be working with machines during this school trip," she said. "So I expect you to clean your jumpsuit soon before your classmates complain about the smell." She then sighed again. "I can't take this anymore. Let's just go." She then slowly walked out of the airport.

"Hey, uh Koizumi!" Hajime said as he and Nagito began to go after Mahiru. "Wait for us!"

"Oh, you're leaving now?" Kazuichi asked as he watched the three students leave the airport. "Bye now! I'll see you soon! Oh, and if you see a girl with long hair, be sure to remind me! They're...not gonna listen to me, aren't they? Ugh, I should've told them this earlier. Where did that beautiful lady go? I must find her."

Day 1 - 1:00 PM
Rocketpunch Market, First Island

The next location the three students visited is a supermarket that, despite the name, isn't outer space themed or fighting themed. It's just a generic supermarket on an island resort. This supermarket contains things that are typically found in many convenience stores: food, accessories, hygiene products, and more. Strangely, there doesn't appear to be anyone staffing the store. The cashiers are empty, there's no one putting products on shelves, and there are no janitors to be seen.

"What an odd supermarket," Mahiru remarked. "There doesn't appear to be anyone other than us."

"Well, at least we won't have to worry about getting food and other necessities," Nagito said.

"Hey, has anyone brought any money with them?" Hajime asked. "What country does these islands belong to? What currency are we using here? Yen? Are we in international waters?"

"Uh, no," Mahiru replied. "I don't think any of us has brought any money with them..."

"Who cares about money?" Nagito said. "There's no point in bringing them along with us to this school trip. Everything is free here. There aren't any price tags on any of these products?"

"Really?" Mahiru replied. "Well, if that's the case, then this supermarket is stranger than I thought. How does this supermarket even work?"

Suddenly, someone bumped into Hajime.

"Ugh! Excuse me!" Hajime shouted.

Nagito and Mahiru turned towards Hajime.

"What happened?" Nagito asked.

Mahiru then saw that a girl had bumped into Hajime. The girl has choppy looking hair, wears a nurse's outfit, and has bandages all over her limbs. She is staring at Hajime with a funny look.

"Um...who are you?" Mahiru asked.

The nurse girl then shrieked. "Ah!" she shrieked. "I-I'm sorry!" She cried as she apologized, much to the confusion of the three students.

"Sorry? For what?" Hajime asked. "For bumping into me?"

This only made the nurse girl cry harder.

Nagito and Mahiru turned towards Hajime to give him a disapproving look. "Not cool, Hinata," Nagito said as he shook his head. "Not cool."

"What do you mean?" Hajime asked, looking increasingly confused. "I didn't do anything wrong!"

"A-Ah, so your name is Hinata," the nurse girl said. "I-If it's okay with you, may I please re-remember your name?"

Hajime got even more confused. "What?" he said.

Mahiru then sighed. "Hey, we haven't introduced ourselves to each other, haven't we?" she asked. "Would you mind telling us your name?"

"M-My name?" the nurse girl asked. She paused for a moment as she began to introduce herself. "I-I'm...Mikan Tsumiki..."

Mikan Tsumiki - Ultimate Nurse

"S-Sorry for bumping into you earlier," Mikan apologized. "I-I wasn't looking. Are you okay?"

"Uh...I'm fine...?" Hajime asked, sounding unsure.

"Come on, show a little more confidence," Mahiru said. "Of course you're fine. You weren't seriously hurt from her bumping into you, right?"

Hajime rubbed the side of his body that Mikan had bumped into. He doesn't feel any pain coming from it.

"Oh, g-good," Mikan said, letting out a sigh of relief. "Y-You're fine. I was w-worried that I'd hurt you. But t-that's fine! If you're hurt, I'll b-be sure to treat your injuries..."

"Well, you'd better do a good job in treating our injuries," Mahiru said. "I don't see any other doctors on these islands. Anyways, why don't we introduce ourselves?"

The three students then proceeded to introduce themselves to Mikan. She learned Hajime's full name this time. During their introductions, another girl walked into them. Though this time, she didn't collide with anyone.

"Ooh, are we doing introductions?" a girl asked. "I'm in!"

Mikan was startled by the sudden appearance of another person. "Kyah!" she screamed as she ran off to the other side of the supermarket.

The three students watched as Mikan ran away. They wondered who made her do that. They turned around and saw a punk girl with multicolored hair.

The punk girl stared at the three students who are standing before her, wondering why they're looking at her like that. "What?" she asked. "What did I do?"

Nagito gave the punk girl a disapproving look. "Not cool, whoever you are," he said. "Not cool."

"What?" the punk girl asked. "What did I do?"

"You scared Tsumiki away," Nagito replied.

"I scared someone away?" the punk girl asked. "Whoops! My bad! Didn't mean to do that!"

Mahiru let out a sigh. "Well, since you're here, why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself?" she suggested.

"Of course I'll do that!" the punk girl replied. "I was gonna do that anyways, but oh well. I'm Ibuki Mioda! The Ultimate Musician!"

Ibuki Mioda - Ultimate Musician

After Ibuki finished introducing herself, the three students then introduced themselves to her. While Nagito and Mahiru had pretty confident introductions, Hajime sounds insecure when he's introducing himself.

"Hey, what kind of introduction is that, Hajime-chan?" Ibuki asked. "You need to work on your tone, because that is weak!"

Mahiru gave Ibuki a confused look when she hear her call Hajime by that name. "Uh, excuse me?" she said. "Did you just say 'Hajime-chan'? But you just met him!"

"...Says the person who calls Hajime by his first name," Nagito replied.

Mahiru glared at Nagito with an angry look on her face.

"Whoops!" Ibuki said upon realizing that she said that. "Sorry. It's a force of habit for Ibuki. It's okay. Ibuki will make sure that she doesn't do that again, at least to the boys."

Mahiru rolled her eyes. "Yeah, sure..." she said sarcastically.

Ibuki then clapped her hands. "Anyways, how that introductions are done," she began, "can I just say how much I need to play music? I've checked everywhere on this island and there isn't a music venue anywhere to be seen!"

"Maybe the music venue is on another island?" Nagito suggested.

"That could be the case," Ibuki replied, "but I tried checking the list of locations on my E-Handbook and I couldn't find a place like that anywhere! Uggggh! Ibuki is so bored! Ibuki wants to play music so badly!"

Hajime pulled out his E-Handbook and opened up the map app. It contains a map of Jabberwock Island and a list of locations. Hajime scrolled through the list and found a large amount of blanked spaces. Well, technically most of the listed locations are just a string of question marks, but it appears that there is a lot of unknown locations on this resort.

"Maybe there is a music venue on this resort," Hajime said. "It's just that we haven't visited that location yet. Maybe you should explore this resort a little more. Perhaps you'll find what you're looking for."

Ibuki pondered on that suggestion for a moment. "Hmm...that seems like a great idea," Ibuki said. "Why haven't I thought of that? Alright! Ibuki will go to another island to find what she's looking for! See ya later!" She then sprinted out of the supermarket.

The three students watched as Ibuki ran out of the supermarket. "Well, that girl certainly has a lot of energy in her," Mahiru remarked.

"It...feels so strange," Hajime added. "She dresses like a punk, yet she doesn't act like one..."

"I guess that's how the way Mioda is," Nagito said. "Anyways, shouldn't we be leaving? I don't see anything we can take from this supermarket."

"I agree," Mahiru replied. "Even though everything is free in this supermarket, it's not like we in desperate need of food or anything."

Hajime could feel his stomach growl. He felt like he could really have some food soon.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Nagito asked. "Let's leave and explore more of this island. We might meet new people along the way."

After making an agreement, the three students then exited the supermarket. There was now no one left inside of the store, aside from Mikan who is hiding in the back corner of the supermarket. She took a peek out of the shelf she was hiding behind.

"I-Is...everyone gone?" Mikan asked.

Day 1 - 1:25 PM
Outdoor Area, Hotel Mirai

This area doesn't seem like much, but this is actually the hotel for the resort. From the entrance, there is a bridge that leads straight into the hotel's main area. The main building of the hotel is visible from the entrance. On each side of the bridge, there is a boardwalk that leads to eighteen cottages. Sixteen of those cottages are small and are placed along the boardwalk. The other two cottages are much larger, and are placed at the ends of the boardwalk.

The three students looked at the cabins around them, forming thoughts about them.

"So...are these the places where we'll be living in during our school trip?" Mahiru asked.

"It...seems to be the case," Hajime replied. "I don't think that building in the distance is large enough to have any hotel rooms. I guess these cottages are our guestrooms for the trip."

Nagito let out a sigh of relief. "That's a relief," he said. "When we're told that we have to live on this island, I was worried that we'd have to pitch a tent or something, and I don't remember anyone having brought any camping supplies. But now that I think about it, this island is developed enough that we don't have to worry about comfort. This place does have an airport and a supermarket nearby, after all."

"It's not like we had any other choice..." Hajime replied. "I know that we're on this school trip to collect Hope Fragments or something, but why is our school trip taking place here? Who decided that we should go here of all places?"

Mahiru opened her mouth to give a response, but then someone bumped into her. "Ow!" she yelped, drawing the boys' attention to her.

"Huh? What happened?" Nagito asked.

"Ahhh!" someone screamed. It sounded like a young boy. "I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!"

Mahiru angrily turned towards the boy who bumped into her. The boy is rather small for his age. He's wearing a basic suit and tie. He has heavy bags under his eyes, which suggests that he is tired. That might explain why he bumped into Mahiru.

"Sorry?!" Mahiru gasped. "What do you mean you're sorry? You just bumped into me! Can't you see that I'm standing here?"

This made the timid boy cower even more.

Nagito glared at Mahiru with a disapproving look and shook his head. "Not cool, Koizumi," he said. "Not cool."

"That's the third time you said something like that," Hajime commented.

Nagito let out a sigh. "Koizumi, let's not repeat what Hinata did to Tsumiki," he said.

"What do you mean?" Mahiru asked as she looked behind her.

Hajime looked at the timid boy standing before them. "Hey, since you're here," he said, "why don't you introduce yourself?"

The timid boy lifted his head up to look at Hajime. "Huh?" he said.

"I just wanted to get to know everyone on this school trip," Hajime replied. "That's all."

The timid boy looked off into the distance as he thought about introducing himself. It took him a few moments before he decided to say something. "Fine..." he sighed. He took a deep breath as he introduced himself. "I'm...Ryota Mitarai..."

Ryota Mitarai - Ultimate Animator

"L-Look, just make this quick," Ryota said. "I need to go somewhere..."

"To where?" Mahiru asked. "There's not a lot of places to go on this island. By the way, what are you doing out here?"

Ryota shook nervously. "L-Look, I don't have time to do t-this," he said. "I've got to go." He then got out of the hotel area, shoving Mahiru out of the way.

"Hey! Come back!" Mahiru shouted. "You'd better explain yourself, Mitarai!"

"That guy is a lot like Tsumiki, isn't he?" Hajime asked.

"He sure is," Nagito remarked. "I wonder how long it'll take before these two become friends." He then shifted his focus onto Mahiru. "Look, Koizumi. Just ignore Mitarai for now. I'm sure we'll see him again soon."

Mahiru let out a frustrated sigh. "Jeez, that Mitarai is so much of a coward," she said. "When will he learn to toughen up and act more like a man?"

Hajime and Nagito stared at Mahiru, wondering what she's talking about.

"...Let's just move on and head to that building," Nagito said, pointing towards the hotel main building. "I'm sure we'll meet more people there."

The three students then walked towards the main building, though Mahiru was a little reluctant about going there. On the way to the main building of the hotel, they spotted two students having a conversation at the corner of the deck. One of the students is a busty girl, while the other is a muscular man who could be mistaken as being older than he actually is.

"Come on, coach!" the busty girl said. "Gimme a fight! I wanna test my fighting skills against ya!"

"No way, Owari," the muscular man replied. "The rules state that we can't fight too much. We don't know how much fighting we can do before that bunny intervenes. There's no telling if she'll consider our fighting to be 'excessive violence'."

The three students were distracted by the conversation the busty girl, whose name is Owari, and the muscular man. They were so distracted, Hajime nearly fell into a pool...which is placed right in front of the entrance of the main building.

"Whoa!" Hajime yelped as his foot suddenly dropped and his body leaned forward towards the pool.

Nagito and Mahiru managed to catch Hajime by the arms just before he fell into the pool and got wet. They pulled him back as hard as they can, but they don't seem to be getting anywhere.

"Stupid pool!" Mahiru said as she struggled to pull Hajime back. "Who put that pool there?"

"I can't believe we didn't see that pool," Nagito said.

"Guys!" Hajime said as he felt himself being pulled towards the pool. "I think...I'm about to slip!"

Nagito and Mahiru continued to try to pull Hajime back on the deck, but it's no use. They're starting to feel like they're about to fall into the pool along with him. If this happens, they're going to be wet. Even in this tropical weather, it's going to take a while before they're fully dried. It looks like they might have to cut their losses and just let Hajime fall into the pool. Before they could even think about letting go of Hajime, two students grabbed onto them and pulled them back, taking Hajime along with them. The three students then landed on their backs, wincing in pain.

"Ow..." Hajime said. "My arms..."

"Ugh, I hate that pool," Mahiru said. "Whoever put that pool there should be fired..."

"That's strange," Nagito said upon realizing something. "It almost felt like someone had saved us there."

Hajime then realized that Nagito and Mahiru aren't the only ones who saved him. "Wait..." he said as he looked around the deck. He saw the busty girl and the muscular man near Mahiru and Nagito respectively. "Huh? Who are you two?"

"Hey, are you okay?" the busty girl asked.

Hajime blankly stared at the busty girl, unsure what to say in response. It appears that he didn't expect her to ask a question.

"What kind of response is that?" the muscular man asked. "We just saved you from falling into that pool. You should be careful next time. You don't want to make another misstep in this area."

Mahiru got up to her feet and dusted off her back. "I was about to say that to Hajime," she said. "By the way, could you two introduce yourselves?"

"Oh, you wanna know my name?" the busty girl asked. "Fine. I'm cool with that. I'm Akane Owari! Nice to meet ya!"

Akane Owari - Ultimate Athlete

"And I'm Nekomaru Nidai, the ULTIMATE COACH!" the muscular man said.

Nekomaru Nidai - Ultimate Coach

Mahiru covered her ears in pain from Nekomaru's sudden shouting. "Ow, my ears," she said as she winced in pain. "Why do you have to be so loud?"

"Ah, so you're the Nekomaru Nidai that I've been hearing about lately," Nagito said as he got back up on his feet. "I've heard that you rescued several teams from being shut down thanks to your skills."

"That's right!" Nekomaru proudly replied. "All of those teams' victories were THANKS TO ME!"

"...He won't stop being loud, isn't he?" Mahiru asked.

"Coach is so amazing," Akane said. "When I heard 'bout him, I knew that someone like him would be perfect for me! That's why I wanted him to train me. I really want to pick a fight against Coach, but he won't do it."

Hajime then got up on his feet. "Well, the rules does say that excessive violence is prohibited on this resort," he said. "If we do try to fight each other, Usami might try to intervene."

"That's true," Nekomaru said. "That little rabbit would find it UNACCEPTABLE to see any of us hurt each other."

"Why should we let that rabbit decide what's best for us?" Akane asked. "I wanna fight the toughest opponents, and Coach is the toughest opponent I could find. I could lightly tap 'em, but that'll be boring. Ugh, I wish that rabbit wasn't in charge of this school trip."

"Well, we can hold off fighting for another day," Nekomaru said. "We're on vacation, after all. We're here to relax, NOT TO PICK A FIGHT WITH ANYONE!"

"Jeez, would you quiet down?!" Mahiru complained. "You're going to blow out our hearing at this rate!"

Nekomaru stared at Mahiru for a moment and lets out a big hearty laugh, much to her annoyance.

In the background, Kazuichi is seen walking through the hotel grounds looking for someone. "Pretty lady?" he called out. "Where are you? It'll be nice to know your name!"

Hajime and Nagito turned around and watched as Kazuichi wanders around the pool deck. They don't show much concern for him...until they realized that he's about to fall right into the pool.

"Watch out!" Hajime tried to warn.

The other students turned around and watched as Kazuichi fell into the pool.

"Aw shit," Nekomaru groaned. "Not this again!"

"See, I told you that pool is stupid!" Mahiru shouted. "Why does that pool have to be placed here?!"

"Ah!" Kazuichi screamed as he struggled to stay above the water surface. "Help! I can't swim!"

"I got ya!" Akane said as she got up to Kazuichi to save him.

"Hold on!" Nekomaru said as he went after Akane. "I'll save you!"

The three students watched as Nekomaru and Akane try to get Kazuichi out of the pool. They can't help but wonder why that pool was placed right in front of the entrance of the hotel main building.

"You know, someone should really put up fences around that pool before another person falls into that pool," Mahiru remarked. "The design of this deck is really annoying and inconvenient. Whoever designed this deck should be fired."

Hajime looked at the main building of the hotel. "I think we should head inside that building," he suggested. "There might be more people in there."

"Yeah, I agree," Nagito replied. "Let go."

The three students then walked around the pool and headed inside the hotel's main building. Along the way, they spotted a wooden building that's just a short walk away. It looks like there's a sign attached to the front door of that building. They don't think that anyone is inside that building, so they ignored it for now.

Day 1 - 1:45 PM
Lobby, Hotel Mirai

The lobby of the hotel's main building is quite well decorated. Considering that the guests are staying in cottages instead of standard hotel rooms, this is to be expected. It contains things that are standard across pretty much every hotel, such as seating areas and a reception desk. There doesn't appear to be anyone running the hotel, however.

"Uh, are you sure there's anyone else on these islands other than us?" Mahiru asked. "I don't see anyone behind that reception desk."

"Why did you ask that?" Nagito asked.

"Well, this is a resort," Mahiru replied. "I would expect there to be people actually running the resort during our stay. It was weird enough that there's no one employed in the supermarket, but seeing that there's no one running the hotel just feels...weird. What's with this resort? Why is there nobody on these islands other than us?"

Hajime looked around the lobby and spotted a pink haired girl playing at an arcade machine. It looks like she's playing a typical shoot-em-up game. As soon as he saw that girl, a strange feeling began to form in his body. He doesn't know why, but he walked up to the gamer girl to try to talk to her.

"Um...excuse me?" Hajime asked. "I would like to talk to you..."

The gamer girl ignored Hajime and continued to play the arcade game. She looks like she's completely absorbed into it.

Mahiru walked up to Hajime. "What's going on?" she asked. Then she saw that Hajime is staring at the gamer girl. "Oh, it's just a girl playing at an arcade machine. Just don't bother her. Let her finish before you introduce yourself."

The three students watched as the gamer girl played at the arcade machine. They were...completely blown away at how good the gamer girl is at the arcade game.

"W-Wow," Mahiru said in shock. "That...score is very high. And it's barely even increasing!"

"That girl is really good, isn't she?" Hajime asked.

"It looks like it's going to be a while before she's done," Nagito said. He then let out a sigh. "I don't have time to wait. Just make her stop playing that game."

"Hey, isn't it rude to interrupt someone while they're in the middle of playing a game?" Mahiru asked. "We'd better let her finish playing before we can introduce ourselves."

Nagito ignored Mahiru and tried to get the gamer girl's attention. "Hey! Can you hear me?" he shouted.

It looks like the gamer girl heard Nagito, as she slipped up on her inputs that made her end the run. "Aw," she said in disappointment. "I was so close to passing my high score..."

Mahiru gave Nagito a disapproving look. "Not cool, Komaeda," she said. "Not cool. I warned you not to interrupt her."

Hajime slumped over in annoyance over hearing that phrase being said again. "How many times must I hear someone disapprove of another person's actions?" he asked himself.

The gamer girl turned around and saw that there are three students standing before her. "Oh, hi there," she greeted. " long were you three standing here?"

"Just a few moments," Nagito replied. "I just really want to get your attention."

"Were you watching me play that game?" the gamer girl asked.

"Yeah, we were," Mahiru replied. "It looks like you've been playing that game for a while. That high score of yours is quite impressive."

"I know," the gamer girl replied. "That's not even my highest score on that game. I was trying to beat my high score, but then you three came in and I lost my focus. That's the big problem in attempting to break high scores. You have to put all of your focus on that game. You put your focus away for even a second and all of a sudden, you lost your chance of beating that high school, at least for the current session."

"I think that's enough talk about games," Hajime said. "How about you introduce yourself to us? We just wanted to get to know the other people on this school trip."

"Oh, right," the gamer girl replied. "We're doing introductions. Got it." She paused for a moment to come up with something to say. "I'm Chiaki Nanami, the Ultimate Gamer. Video games are my hobby, and I'm a fan of all genres. Well, most genres. Nice to meet you."

Chiaki Nanami - Ultimate Gamer

The three students then proceed to introduce themselves to Chiaki. She nodded her head as she got to know them. She opened her mouth to try to continue the conversation, but it looks like she's having trouble finding something to say.

"You're not much of a talker, aren't you?" Mahiru asked.

Chiaki shook her head. "No, I'm not," she replied. "I do talk when I feel like it. It's just...I'm the kind of person who has to gather their thoughts before talking. It's like...I can't talk well unless I have something prepared in my head. I'm...not used to speaking well in front of new people. I might talk faster if I'm used to them, though."

"Wow," Hajime said, surprised at how much Chiaki has to say. "You have a lot to talk about yourself."

Chiaki then put her hand over her mouth and yawned. "All this talking..." she said as she started to look drowsy. "It's making me feel...sleepy..."

Chiaki then walked towards a nearby chair and sat on it to get some rest. To pass the time, she pulled out her handheld console and started to play a game.

"Wow," Nagito said. "Nanami can play games even when she's sleepy."

"Should we be worried about her?" Mahiru asked. "I have a feeling that she's going to fall asleep while she's playing a game."

"Let's not worry about her," Hajime said. "I'm sure she'll be fine. In the meantime, there might still be people that we haven't met yet. We'll just have to keep exploring. How about we take the stairs to the second floor?"

The three students then turned towards the stairs that go up from the lobby.

" might be right," Mahiru said. "I wonder what those stairs lead to..."

"I think I smell some food from up there," Nagito said. "Could that be the restaurant?"

"Well, only one way to find out," Hajime replied.

The three students then began to walk up the stairs to the second floor of the main building, leaving Chiaki behind. Even though she didn't see them leave, she still spoke to them.

"Bye now..." Chiaki said as she continued to play her game while feeling sleepy. "I'll...see you...soon..."

Day 1 - 2:00 PM
Restaurant, Hotel Mirai

The restaurant area of the hotel is tropical themed, which is fitting considering where the hotel is located. It has several tables with four chairs each. On one of the walls, there is a door that leads into the kitchen. Other than those three things, there's not much to say about the restaurant. Despite this, Nagito appears to be blown away by the sight of the restaurant.

"Wow! This restaurant is amazing!" Nagito said. "We could easily hold a banquet here if we want to!"

"Are you sure?" Mahiru asked. "It looks pretty average to me. Are you really that easily blown away by everything this resort has to offer?"

"What?" Nagito replied. "I'm just complimenting how amazing this resort is to us."

Mahiru slumped over in annoyance. "I swear, I think you're giving the people who made this resort too much credit..." she said.

Hajime turned around and saw that there are two more people in the restaurant. One is a short boy with a pompadour, wearing a chef's outfit. Sitting at a table is a girl with long, blonde hair. They appear to be talking to each other.

"Wait, hold on, you two," Hajime ordered. "There are two people over there."

"Huh?" Mahiru said as she and Nagito turn to where Hajime is looking. She raised an eyebrow upon seeing the two new students. "Who are these two?"

The three students then took a listen at the conversation going on between the little chef and the blonde girl.

"Look, I'm having a hard time getting that poison out of you," the little chef said.

"Poison?" the blonde girl asked. "What are you talking about?"

"It's a special kind of poison that can only be extracted in a...specific way," the little chef said. "If you allow my access to a specific spot, I might be able to extract the poison..."

"And where is that place?" the blonde girl asked.

The chef boy then began reaching for the blonde girl's...uh oh!

"Hey, get your dirty hands off her!" Mahiru shouted as she ran in and pulled the little chef away from the blonde girl. The blonde girl gasped as she watch the events unfold in front of her eyes.

"Ow!" the little chef said as he laid on the floor. "Aw...denied again..."

"You'd better not do that ever again!" Mahiru continued to shout at the little chef.

"Do what?" the little chef asked.

Mahiru was too uncomfortable about saying this to the little chef. "Look, I won't let anyone touch a woman' without her permission! It's not okay!"

"Permission?" the blonde girl asked.

"Hey, calm down, everyone," Hajime ordered. "There's no need to escalate this. We just wanted to get to know you. That's all."

The blonde girl gasped upon realizing something. "Oh my goodness!" she said. "I almost forgot! We didn't introduce ourselves to each other, right? I'm so sorry. Let me introduce myself."

"Hey, let me introduce myself first!" the little chef said.

"Only if you promise to never touch a woman' ever again," Mahiru demanded. "Got that?"

"Okay," the little chef replied as he nodded. "But what about the boys? Can I touch them too?"

"...And don't touch a man' too," Mahiru added.

"Fine! I promise," the little chef said. "I won't do something like that ever again. Now please let me get back on my feet and I'll introduce myself. Sound good?"

Mahiru stepped away from the little chef as he began to get back on his feet.

"Phew! Now with that over, let's move on into introductions," the little chef said. "My name is Teruteru Hanamura. On the streets, I'm known as the Ultimate Cook. That's my official title. But could you guys please call me the Ultimate Chef instead? I find that title to be much more pleasing."

Teruteru Hanamura - Ultimate Cook/Chef

"Ah, so you're the Ultimate Cook," Nagito said. "Err, sorry. The Ultimate Chef, I mean. Does that mean that you will make the food for us?"

"Of course," Teruteru replied. "It's not like we have a choice. There's no staff in that kitchen, so I'll have to make all the food for you guys to eat. Don't worry about that. I'll make sure that I make the best food I can. Sound good?"

Hajime, Nagito, and Mahiru all stared at Teruteru, feeling a little nervous.

"Um, pardon me," the blonde girl said, "but can I now introduce myself?"

"Yeah, sure," Mahiru said, sounding a little drained. "Go on ahead..."

The blonde girl got up from her chair and bowed to the students. "Thank you," she said. "I am terribly sorry for not telling you my name earlier. Allow me to introduce myself. "I'm Princess Sonia Nevermind. I'm pleased to meet you."

Sonia Nevermind - Ultimate Princess

"Sonia..." Hajime said. "That doesn't sound like a Japanese name. You're not Japanese, are you?"

"Of course not," Sonia replied. "I'm a foreign exchange student from a small European kingdom named Novoselic. I hope we can get along."

Hajime stared at Sonia for a moment, enchanted by her looks. He can't believe that there's actually a princess in his class. He then received a slap from Mahiru. "Ow!" he yelped.

"Snap out of it, Hajime," Mahiru said. "We may have a princess in our class, but she's a princess of a small kingdom. It's nothing too major."

"You know, I'm really excited to be on this school trip and make friends," Sonia said. "Back in my home country, I did not have a single friend my age whose social standing matched my own. Going out to search for kingdoms is not an option for me since kingdoms are hard to come by these days. So instead of trying to find royal friends, I decided to live life like a normal, everyday person."

"A princess that wants to act like a common person?" Hajime asked. "That's...a strange princess."

Sonia smiled and giggled. "I know that's strange for a princess to do," she said, "but I actually like doing this. This is a new experience for me, so it's refreshing."

The students continued to have a conversation with each other as they introduced themselves to each other. Strangely, Hajime felt a sudden urge to drop one knee and bow down to Sonia, and did just that. Sonia looked at this and laughed, finding it funny that Hajime would treat her like royalty. Mahiru just stared at Hajime, wondering why he started doing this.

"So, what kinds of food are we having?" Sonia asked. "Japanese food? French food? Ooh, how about some Italian food? That sounds nice!"

"Order up any food you like, Your Highness," Teruteru said. "I'll make them as long as I have the ingredients for them."

"Oh dear..." Mahiru murmured as she watched Teruteru treat Sonia like a princess. "Not him too..."

Nagito leaned over to Mahiru and whispered to her. "Well, this is to be expected when there's a member of royalty nearby," he said.

"Well, I'd better get going," Teruteru said. "I need to prepare dinner for everyone!" He then got inside the kitchen.

"Well, should we go now?" Nagito asked.

Mahiru shook her head. "I don't know," she said. "I don't trust that chef. He seems dangerous."

"What are you talking about?" Sonia asked.

"...Never mind," Mahiru replied as she shook her head. "No, I don't mean you, Sonia! What's with your last name? Why is it like that?"

"Huh?" Sonia said as she stared at Mahiru with a confused look.

"You know what, I'm done with this," Mahiru said. "I'm leaving now. out for Hanamura, okay? Don't let him do any...things to you." She then walked towards the stairs and went down.

"Um, there is a door that leads right outside," Sonia said. "It's right over there." She pointed to a door on the wall that has windows.

"Oh, we can just walk right out the restaurant?" Hajime asked. "We don't have to walk through the lobby? That sounds nice. Thanks, Sonia."

"You're welcome!" Sonia replied.

Hajime and Nagito then walked out of the restaurant, meeting up with Mahiru outside the main building.

Day 1 - 2:40 PM
Usami Ranch, First Island

The last location that the three students haven't explored yet on this island is a ranch. It looks like a farm, except without any crop fields. The ranch is mostly empty, with only a single chicken in the entire area. There's no other animals to be seen.

"This...feels strange," Hajime commented.

" you even consider this a ranch?" Mahiru asked. "There's only a single animal in here: just a lone chicken."

Nagito sighed over the lack of animals. "If only there are more animals in this ranch," he said.

Suddenly, Usami appeared out of nowhere. "Aw, look at this poor ranch!" she said. "It's in desperate need of animals!"

"Gah!" Hajime yelped, startled at Usami's sudden appearance. "Where did you come from?!"

Mahiru sighed and shook her head. "I swear, Hajime," she said. "You are so easily scared..."

"I can show up anywhere, anytime!" Usami explained. "Thanks to my Magic Stick, I can appear anywhere on the resort!"

"...That's a toy, isn't it?" Nagito asked.

"It's not a toy!" Usami shouted. "My Magic Stick actually works! Here! Watch this!" She turned around to face the ranch, seeing that it lacks some animals. "Aw, bummer. This ranch is nearly empty! There's only a chicken on this ranch. There's not a single cow in sight. A ranch without any cows is like a soccer team without any balls to play."

"Are you talking about a team's morale or actual playing balls?" Nagito asked. "You might want to rephrase that..."

"No worries," Usami continued. "I'll use my Magic Stick to add cows to this ranch!"

The three students watched as Usami waved her wand in the air, saying words that they don't understand. Usami cast a spell on the field of the ranch. It touched the ground near the chicken, and suddenly, the entire field is filled with cows. Everyone's jaws dropped upon seeing the cows appear out of nowhere.

"A job well done!" Usami declared. "Now this ranch is full of cows! That's all I have to do for now! Bye!" She then vanished once again.

"...What?" someone said.

"Yeah, I'm having the same reaction," Mahiru replied. "What...just happened?"

"...I didn't say that," Hajime replied.

"Huh?" Mahiru said as she turned to Hajime. "What do you mean?"

"I don't think that was Hinata who spoke," Nagito replied. "I think it's that guy over there."

Nagito pointed towards someone. Hajime and Mahiru looked in that direction. They saw a boy who was shocked at the sudden appearance of all those cows. He has a...rather dark feel, with a long black jacket and a even longer scarf. Looking closer, one can see that his eyes have mismatched colors, with one being gray and the other being red. Some hamsters can be seen peeking from the scarf.

" this witchcraft?" the strange boy asked. "How could this happen? Where did all of these bovines come from? Are these bovines even real?"

The strange boy with hamsters entered the field where all the cows are grazing to check on them. The three students stared at the strange boy, wondering what to do next.

" that guy?" Hajime asked.

"I don't know," Mahiru replied, "but he's giving me some...strange vibes."

"Should we talk to him?" Nagito asked.

"He's a little busy," Mahiru replied, "so I say that we ignore him for now. Anyways, is there anyone else in this ranch besides us?"

"Squish! Squish!" a girl said.

The three students turned around to face the source of the new voice. They saw a short girl in a kimono, sitting on the ground pressing her fingers on the ground in various places.

"What is that kid doing?" Hajime asked.

"I'm not sure," Mahiru replied. "I'd better approach her to see what she's doing." She then walked up to the kimono girl. "Excuse me, but can we have a moment to—"

The kimono girl put her hand in front of Mahiru. "Hey! Stop right there!" she shouted.

Mahiru stopped in front of the kimono girl's hand. "Huh? Why?" she asked.

"I'm looking for more Mr. Ants to squish," the kimono girl replied. "I don't want anyone to squash Mr. Ants instead of me! Ooh, hey Mr. Ant! Let me squish you!" She continued to press her fingers on the ground.

Hajime looked at the kimono girl and immediately knew that she's trouble. "I have a really bad feeling about this girl," he said.

"How cruel," Nagito commented. "That girl is squishing tiny critters without remorse..."

"I think she's the one who bullied Tsumiki when we were in the classroom," Hajime said. "What did our teacher call her again? Saionji?"

The kimono girl looked up from the ground upon hearing her name. "Huh? You called me?" she asked.

"Uh, no," Mahiru replied. "We just wanted to get to know your name. That's all."

Saionji stared at Mahiru for a moment before briefly introducing herself. "I'm Hiyoko Saionji," she said.

Hiyoko Saionji - Ultimate Traditional Dancer

Before any of the three students could introduce themselves, Hiyoko went right back to pressing her finger on the ground. "Squish! Squish!" she said again.

"Hey, Saionji," Mahiru said, trying to get Hiyoko's attention. "Could you please stop what you're doing? I just want to talk to you."

"What's that?" Hiyoko asked. "I can't hear you over the sounds of ants getting crushed! Squish! Squish!"

Mahiru let out a frustrated sigh. "This is going to take a while..." she said.

As they watched Mahiru try to start a conversation with Hiyoko, Hajime and Nagito turned to each other and talk.

"That girl looks quite young, doesn't she?" Hajime asked. "Her size and voice made her look like a kid. Are you really sure that she's a high school student like us?"

"What can I say?" Nagito asked. "Saionji must be a really late bloomer, even for a girl. Or maybe she's just that short and won't grow any further."

Hajime looked back at Mahiru and Hiyoko. "I don't think I even want to approach Saionji," he said. "Her appearance and attitude just don't match at all. Why don't we greet that strange boy in the ranch instead? I have a feeling that he might be more approachable than Saionji, even if he might give us some strange thoughts about him."

Nagito nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I think that's a good idea," he replied. "We are trying to get to know everyone, after all."

Hajime and Nagito then entered the field that's full of cows. There, they found the strange boy with hamsters inspecting one of the cows.

"Impressive," the strange boy commented. "These bovines have materialized from nothingness, yet they behave like they're real. How curious. I must get to the bottom of how these bovines came to be."

"Ahem, excuse me?" Hajime said. "Can we talk for—"

"Who goes there?" the strange boy said as he suddenly turned around. "If you value your life, then do not take a single step closer!"

Hajime and Nagito stopped right in front of the strange boy. They stared at him with confused looks.

"I said stay back!" the strange boy ordered. "If you don't listen to my orders, then you will face punishment!"

Hajime is unsure if the strange boy is going to do as he said. He took a quick glance at Nagito. "Is this guy for real?" he asked.

"Oh, don't be fooled," Nagito said. "I'm sure he's just pretending."

The strange boy observed Hajime and Nagito. " seemed unconcerned about the powers I wield," he said. Very well. I shall accept this courage of yours. Now, state your purpose. If you intend to cause harm to me, then I will retaliate!"

"Whoa! Hey, relax," Nagito said. "We're not here to pick a fight. Besides, it's against the rules to cause violence on this resort. Usami will stop us from fighting if we try to do that."

The strange boy stared at Hajime and Nagito for a few more moments. "So what's your purpose for approaching me?" he asked.

"We just want to get to know you," Hajime explained. "That's all. So, could you please tell us your name? I'm Hajime Hinata, by the way."

"And I'm Nagito Komaeda," Nagito said.

"So those are your names," the strange boy said. "Very well. If you intend to know my name, than I shall let you know it. I am called Gundham Tanaka. Remember this name well, for it will be burned into your memories for the rest of your life!"

Gundham Tanaka - Ultimate Animal Caregiver

"Now then, it is my turn to ask you a question," Gundham said. "Which beast do you have control over?"

Hajime was confused by the question. "Um...what?" he replied.

"Don't answer my question like that!" Gundham shouted. "I must ask you this again, this time in a different way. Which beast tribe did you make a pact with? Answer me! If you don't answer me now, then I shall cast you into a watery grave!"

"That's not helping!" Hajime replied. "I don't understand what you're trying to say!"

"Perhaps he's asking you if you have a pet?" Nagito suggested.

Hajime took a quick glance at Nagito. "Really?" he asked. "He's asking me if I have a pet?" He then turned back to Gundham. " I don't have a pet. The only animal I had taken care was a hermit crab in elementary school."

"A hermit crab?" Gundham asked. "Just a hermit crab?"

"I...guess so," Hajime replied.

"Ha!" Gundham laughed. "How pathetic! That's nothing compared to the number of beasts I've tamed! Here! Have a taste of my power!"

Four hamsters then came out of Gundham's scarf, standing on his shoulders, head, and arms. Hajime stared at the hamsters for a moment.

"Uh...that's it?" Hajime asked. "That's all of your power? Just four hamsters?"

"Do not be fooled by the sight of my Dark Divine Beasts of Destruction!" Gundham shouted. "This is only a fraction of my power! I have many more beasts tamed at home!"

Hajime continued to stare at Gundham, not saying a single word.

"I just received word from one of my Divine Beasts, Jum-P," Gundham said. "They said, 'we're not going to go easy on you if you make us angry.' I'm warning you right now. If you dare to anger me, then you will face retribution!"

Hajime took a step away from Gundham, sweating from being nervous. "Um, yeah," he said. "I think we've talked for long enough. I'd better get going. See you later!" He then sprinted out of the field."

"Hey! Hinata!" Nagito shouted as he began to chase Hajime. "Wait for me!"

Gundham watched as the two boys ran away from him. "Ha! I had a feeling that their courage was nothing more than a facade!" he said. "There's no one in the world who can challenge my powers!"

Hajime and Nagito then got out of the ranch and onto the road that encircles the island. There, they met Mahiru, who appears to be standing there for a while waiting for them.

"There you are!" Mahiru said. "I was wondering when you two would be finished. Tell me, did you talked to that strange looking boy while I was busy trying to get Saionji to talk to me?"

"Uh, yeah we did," Hajime replied. "We met with a boy called Gundham Tanaka. He's as strange as he looks."

"Huh. Just as I suspected," Mahiru replied. "Even his name is strange, too. Who names their kid 'Gundham' of all things? Or did he gave himself that name?"

"I don't know how Tanaka got his name," Nagito said, "but we do know that he has an affinity for animals. He brought four hamsters with him to this school trip. What about Saionji? Did you get anything out of her?"

Mahiru let out a sigh. "I tried my best to get Saionji to talk to me," she said. "But no matter what, she prefers to squish ants over talking about her. All I could get out of her is that she wears a kimono, so she must come from a family that sticks to traditions. Also, she's a cruel little girl. She's almost as bad as some of the boys. I swear, nearly everyone on this school trip is weird in one way or another. The more people we met, the weirder they become..."

"Well, we do have two more people to meet," Hajime said. "They look like they're our chaperones for this school trip. I hope they're not as strange as Tanaka or as cruel as Saionji. I wonder where they could be."

"There's only one place that we haven't explored yet," Nagito said, "and that's the island across the bridge. I think we'll find the chaperones there."

"What are we waiting for?" Mahiru said. "Let's get going, boys."

The three students then walked to the bridge and crossed it to reach the island in the distance.

Day 1 - 3:10 PM
Jabberwock Park, Central Island

The last location that the three students visited is the central island. There's not much to see on the central island. There's just a trail that encircles the entire island, connecting to bridges that lead to the other islands. Only the bridge that leads to the first island is accessible. There are four more bridges, each blocked by a gate. Ibuki is seen at one of the gates, trying to get them to open.

"Come on, open up!" Ibuki said. "I wanna see what's on the other side of that bridge! Please! Open up!"

It looks like access to the other islands is currently blocked. The three students don't know why. They decided to keep those other bridges in mind, just in case it becomes important later on.

The three students then arrived at the park that lies within the center of the resort. The park is a bit small, but there is enough space to host a gathering. At the center of the park is a large statue that features several animals: an eagle, a horse with a human riding it, a tiger, and a snake. At the base of the statue, there are two adults. One has orange hair and wears a light blue dress and a white apron. The other dresses in all white. The man in white has a long sword strapped to his waist.

"Wow," Nagito said as he stared at the statue. "What a grand statue!"

"Is that statue really that grand?" Hajime asked. "I'm getting strange feelings from just looking at it..."

"I wonder what this statue represents..." Mahiru said as she began to ponder.

"Oh, those are the guardians of these islands," the orange-haired woman replied.

The three students looked forward and saw the two adults standing before them.

"Uh...who are you two?" Hajime asked.

The orange-haired woman realized that she hasn't introduced herself to the students. "Oh, pardon me," she said. "It looks like you don't know me, even though you're my students. Oh well. I guess it's time to introduce myself. I'm Chisa Yukizome! I'll be looking forward into having a great time with you!"

Chisa Yukizome - Former Ultimate Housekeeper

The man in white took a quick glance at the three students before looking away. Chisa turned to the man in white.

"Come on, Kyosuke," Chisa said. "Don't be like that. You'll be helping me watch over these students during this school trip. The least you could do is to introduce yourself to them."

The man in white closed his eyes and growled softly. "Fine," he muttered. Without looking at the three students, the man in white introduced himself. "My name is Kyosuke Munakata."

Kyosuke Munakata - Former Ultimate Student Council President

"Kyosuke and I used to attend Hope's Peak Academy, just like you kids," Chisa said. "We graduated a few years ago, but now we're staff members of the school we once attended. I'm your teacher, so I expect you to call me your Sensei. As for Kyosuke, I also expect you to refer to him as Sensei."

"So basically, you expect us to show respect to you," Mahiru said.

"Exactly," Chisa replied.

Nagito then turned his head towards Kyosuke, specifically his sword. "Wow, that's a nice sword that you have there," he said. "Are you the Ultimate Swordsman or something?"

"No," Kyosuke replied. "Though, I will note that I'm an expert when it comes to fighting with swords. There's only one person who can put up a fight against me. I don't know her name, but she's as skilled as me."

"Kyosuke is a natural leader," Chisa explained. "When he was in Hope's Peak Academy, he was known as the Ultimate Student Council President. Meanwhile, I was known as the Ultimate Housekeeper. I like to keep things clean, and the rules state that we might clean up after ourselves. So I expect you to not make a mess in this resort."

"That reminds me..." Kyosuke said as he turned towards the three students. "How did you three get into Hope's Peak Academy?"

"I'm Mahiru Koizumi," Mahiru replied. "The Ultimate Photographer. I'm looking forward into taking pictures during our school trip."

"Oh, you don't have to say that, Koizumi," Chisa said. "I can already tell that you're the Ultimate Photographer based on that camera you have." She then turned towards Nagito. "What about you?"

"I'm Nagito Komaeda," Nagito replied. "I'm only in Hope's Peak Academy because I got lucky and had my name picked in the lottery."

"So, you're the Ultimate Lucky Student, then," Chisa guessed.

Nagito nodded his head. "Yep," he said.

Kyosuke then glared at Hajime. "As for you..." he said.

Hajime was intimidated by Kyosuke. The man in white has a sense of overwhelming presence whenever he's around. It's probably how he became such a great leader. Hajime glanced nervously off to the side, unsure of what to say to Kyosuke.

"Come on, Hajime," Mahiru said. "Say something."

Hajime let out a sigh. "Okay..." he said as he took in a deep breath. "I'm...Hajime Hinata. I..." His voice trailed off when he tried to recall his talent. As he had struggled with remembering his talent before, Hajime decided to not bother with it anymore. "I...don't remember what my talent is..."

"You don't remember your own talent?" Kyosuke asked. "How could this happen?"

"Hinata can't remember much about his talent," Nagito explained. "Apparently, he lost his memory of what his talent is."

"I see..." Chisa said. "Well, let's not worry about your talent, Hinata. We're on a school trip, after all. I'm sure you'll figure out what your talent is someday. For now, how about we just relax?"

*Ding-dong, ding-dong!*

Everyone was caught off guard when they heard a school bell go off.

"Did we hear a school bell just now?" Hajime asked.

"That's strange," Kyosuke replied. "What's a school bell doing in a tropical resort?"

Nagito then saw that the monitor in the park has turned on. "Everyone!" he shouted. "Look at that monitor!"

Everyone then turned to the monitor in the park and watched the announcement.

"Greetings, guests," Usami announced. "This is a resort announcement! Everyone, please gather at the beach on the First Island! I'll be meeting all of you guys there!"


"Well, I guess we're all going back to the beach, then," Chisa said. "What are we waiting for? Let's get moving now!"

"Is it really okay for us to go there?" Hajime asked. "I'm getting a bad feeling about this..."

"Oh, quit worrying, Hinata," Chisa said. "I'm sure we're all going to be fine!"

The five people then exited the park for the beach on the First Island, with Hajime being reluctant to go. They cross the bridge that leads to the First Island and met up with everyone on the beach.

Chapter Text

Day 1 - 3:35 PM
Beach, First Island

Everyone gathered at the beach of the First Island, just like what Usami had told them in her announcement. It appears that Usami hasn't arrived yet, so everyone used this opportunity to get to know everyone else on this school trip. A lot of things were exchanged between the students and chaperones. For example, Chisa saw that Kazuichi is soaking wet for some reason. Kazuichi is complaining that he can't approach Sonia, whom he had developed a crush on, because he is wet. Mahiru commented that at least Kazuichi got his jumpsuit clean, but then he counters by saying that he now reeks of chlorine.

It's been a few minutes since everyone had arrived at the beach, and Usami still hasn't arrived. Some of the people began to wonder what's taking her so long. They wondered if they should continue to talk to each other while they wait for Usami, but Kyosuke has something else in mind.

"Attention, everyone," Kyosuke said, causing everyone to stop talking to each other and turn their attention on Kyosuke. "It seems that the rabbit has decided to take her time before arriving at this beach."

"Yeah, we know that," Mahiru replied.

"It would be a while before she arrives," Kyosuke continues. "Now that we have explored these islands, how about we discuss what we've found? Does anyone have anything to say?"

Ibuki immediately raise her hand. "I was walking around the island trying to find a music venue to play in," she said.

"Did you find anything?" Chisa asked.

"Nope," Ibuki replied. "Just a bunch of bridges that have been gated off. I think I can see some islands on the other side of the bridges."

"Do you think we can bust 'em open?" Akane asked.

"No way, Owari!" Nekomaru replied. "Didn't you read the rules? Destruction of property on this resort is against the rules! What? Do you want to be punished or something?"

"Interesting," Kyosuke said. "It appears that there are some areas that have been closed off to us. I wonder why that's the case."

"Perhaps whoever brought us here wants us to get used to this resort before the other islands are unlocked to us," Nagito replied. "Or maybe they don't want us to get lost."

Kyosuke tried to come up with something to add, but he couldn't find the words to say it. "You know what, never mind," he said. "Let's just move on to another topic."

"Huh? You're calling me?" Sonia asked. "I found a restaurant in the hotel. It looks big enough for all of us to have a meal in."

Kyosuke turned towards Sonia and glared at her. "I wasn't calling you, Sonia," he said. "Don't think that we're referring to you every time we say 'never mind'. I swear, your last name can cause confusion."

Teruteru then raised his hand. "Ooh! Can someone please listen to what I have to say?" he asked. "There's not just a restaurant in the hotel. There's also a kitchen! So if you're in need of food, just ask me. I'll gladly prepare any food you ask for as long as I have the ingredients for it. But more importantly, there are girls on this resort! Lots of them!"

Several of the girls immediately reacted to what Teruteru had just said.

"Ah!" Ibuki screamed. "Ibuki is getting goosebumps from hearing that!"

Mikan is cringing from what she just heard.

"You think I'm cute, you nasty pig?" Hiyoko asked. "Ha! Try to touch me with your dirty hands! I dare you!"

"Saionji! Don't even think about letting people do that to you!" Chisa shouted. "I don't want you to get into trouble! And Hanamura, please respect everyone's privacy. I don't want you to touch people without their permission!"

Kyosuke glared at Teruteru with a menacing look. "And if you dare get too close to Yukizome," he said as he hovered his hand over his sword, "you will face retaliation from me."

"Whoa there, Kyosuke!" Chisa shouted. "Calm down! There's no need to threaten someone with violence. It's against the rules to cause violence during our school trip. Also, please call me Chisa next time. We are close enough to use our first names."

Kyosuke shifted his eyes over to Chisa, letting out a small growl.

The other students continue to share their findings with the chaperones. They talked about locations such as the supermarket, the hotel, the ranch, and the airport. Once the students are done talking, it's time for the adult chaperones to share what they found while exploring the resort.

"Okay, now that we're done talking, it's time for me to share what I have found," Kyosuke said. "so, has anyone explored the park in the Central Island? It's across the nearby bridge."

Hajime, Nagito, and Mahiru all raised their hands.

"I mean other than you three," Kyosuke clarified. "And me. And Yukizome."

"It's Chisa," Chisa corrected.

"Do you really have to ask us that question?" Mahiru asked. "I don't remember seeing anyone else enter the park on the Central Island."

"Whatever," Kyosuke said as he shrugged. "Anyways, there is a statue placed at the very center of the park. It depicts several animals. When I first laid my eyes on my statue, I remembered hearing a story about these islands. Does anyone remember the name of this resort?"

Hajime pulled out his E-Handbook and opened up the map app. "These islands are called...The Jabberwock Islands," he answered.

Kyosuke silently nodded at the correct answer. "Now, there's something about these islands that I do remember researching about before this school trip began," he continued. "According to what I've found, the Jabberwock Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, far from the ocean territories of every nearby country. It is said that summer never ends here on these islands. There are six main islands in this archipelago: one central island surrounded by five outer islands."

"Ah, so that must be why I saw five bridges and gates in the Central Island," Ibuki said. "Each bridge connects the central island to one of the outer islands!"

Kyosuke glared at Ibuki and proceeded to ignore her as he continued. "According to legend, each of the outer islands is said to be guarded by an animal," he said. "The fact that there are legends associated with the islands imply that these islands were once populated. But now..." His voice trailed off at that moment. "Never mind."

"Huh?" Sonia asked. "You called me again? Um, where were you about to say again?"

"Yeah, that was an incomplete story you just told us!" Nekomaru said. "How could you leave us HANGING LIKE THAT?!"

Everyone jumped when Nekomaru shouted suddenly.

"Goodness gracious, Nidai," Chisa said. "Calm down. There's no need to shout about it."

"Meh, I don't care about this island's history," Akane said. "It doesn't change the fact that we all gotta live here, right?"

"We're on a school trip, Owari," Chisa said. "Of course we're going to live on these islands, at least for the duration of the school trip."

"Living together on a tropical resort sure is exciting!" Ibuki said. "I'm super looking forward to it, as long as I can play my music!"

"Um, I don't know..." Ryota said. "I'm not sure if it's okay for us to live on these islands..."

"Who cares, you little twig?" Hiyoko replied. "I think I like this island, aside from the sand on the beaches. Ugh! They're like the rest of you guys; so annoying."

"Huh? What did you just say?" Teruteru asked.

"You know, at first I was worried about being stuck on these islands," Mahiru said. "It does feel strange finding myself here all of a sudden. I'm still worried, but not as much as earlier. In fact, now that I've taken a look at these islands, I think I'm taking a liking to these islands."

"Wait, seriously?" Hajime asked. "Hey, guys? Aren't we forgetting something? We were supposed to attend Hope's Peak Academy, right? So why are we living on an island resort instead?"

"That reminds me," Nagito said. "We did discuss this earlier, but how did we get to these islands in the first place?"

"All the planes at the airport are just for show," Kazuichi added. "The engines don't work on them. And there's not a port on the resort either, so we couldn't have gotten here by boat. Oh, and there's no way for us to contact the outside world. We do have our E-Handbooks, but we can't use them to call anyone aside from the people on this resort."

"So you're saying that we're stranded, right?" Akane asked. "Then why don't we swim outta these islands and towards home?"

"I=I don't think that's an option," Mikan replied. "W-Who knows how f-far we are from any other land. We'll probably d-drown long before we reach any other land..."

"I don't see why we should do that," Kyosuke said. "It's foolish to try to reach land that we couldn't see."

"How about we just cut down the trees and make a raft?" Hajime suggested.

"Nope! You can't do that!" Usami said as she suddenly showed up. Everyone was surprised at her sudden appearance.

"Ah, there you are!" Chisa said. "What took you so long? We've been waiting several minutes for you to show up!"

"I'll explain later," Usami replied, "but first, let's review the rules of this school trip. Destruction of property of the resort without permission is prohibited. The trees of these islands are a property of the resort, so you're not allowed to chop them down for wood. If you're looking for something to fuel a fire, then the supermarket has the supplies you'll need! Just make sure that the fire doesn't spread too much. You wouldn't want to accidentally burn the entire island."

"Wait, what does this have to do with anything?" Hajime asked.

"She means that we can't build a raft by chopping down the trees, Hajime," Mahiru said. "I swear, you are so dense sometimes..."

"Look, Hinata," Nagito said. "I understand what you are feeling right now, but could you please calm down? We're on vacation. We're supposed to relax."

"Well...he might have a point..." Ryota said. "What if there's something else going on in this school trip? What if that rabbit...puts us in d-danger?"

"What? Put you guys in danger?!" Usami shouted. "I would never do something like that!"

"I don't know what that rabbit is," Chisa said, "but I guess we could trust her. So far, she hasn't done any harm to us. Yet. Speaking of that, what are you doing here, anyways? Why did you summon us to the beach, whoever you are."

"As I said earlier, my name is Usami!" Usami replied. "As for why I'm here and why I called all of you to this beach, I'm gathering you all here to make an announcement."

"An announcement?" Kyosuke asked. "Is that why you took so long to get here?"

"Well, yeah," Usami replied. "I was trying to come up with something special to celebrate something, but I just couldn't do it."

"And what were you celebrating again?" Chisa asked.

"Well, the thing I was trying to a milestone!" Usami replied. "Thanks to your efforts, everyone has collected over 200 Hope Fragments!"

Hajime and Mahiru were shocked to hear that everyone has collected that many Hope Fragments.

"T-That much?" Hajime gasped.

"In just a single day?" Mahiru gasped. "Huh. It looks like we're going to reach the goal of 720 Hope Fragments in no time at all..."

"Oh, don't be fooled by the amount of progress you guys have made so far in such a short time," Usami said. "As I explained earlier, getting additional Hope Fragments from other people takes time. You need to deepen your relationship with someone else in order to get another Hope Fragment. This school trip will last for a while, so you'll have plenty of time to learn more about everyone! If everyone works hard enough on their relationships, we'll be able to reach our goal by the time the school trip ends!"

"So how are you're going to motivate us into deepening our relationships?" Nagito asked.

"We're going to have lots of events during our school trip!" Usami declared. "Parties! Festivals! Sports matches! And plenty of free time! This school trip is going to be a lot of fun for everyone!"

"There's going to be matches?" Akane said. "Hell ya! That sounds like fun! I'm in! I wonder what kinds of sports we'll be playing."

"Wow, we're going to have festivals during our school trip?" Sonia asked with sparkling eyes. "That sounds great! What kinds of festivals are we having? I hope we get some from cultures across the world!"

"It's a good thing that you guys have a chef that can cook any food from any culture," Teruteru said. "By the way, can somebody check out my loins? They're full of poison, so I'd appreciate it if someone—"

"Hey! Hanamura!" Mahiru shouted. "Knock it off!"

"Are we going to have music festivals?" Ibuki asked. "Ibuki has some music to play, and she really wants everyone to hear them!"

Usami watched as everyone throws ideas about what they should do during the school trip. "It looks like everyone has different ideas about what to do," she said. "Most of them sound fun! But before we can do any of that, how about we all get something to eat? I'm sure you're all hungry by now!"

"Oh, you all want some food?" Teruteru said. "That sounds great! It's a good thing that you guys have an Ultimate Chef on this school trip, because you wouldn't be able to get high quality food otherwise!"

"...I sure hope you don't do anything funny with our food," Mahiru muttered.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Usami asked. "Let's eat!"

Everyone then began to walk towards the hotel area for dinner, with Teruteru going ahead to prepare food.

Day 1 - 5:00 PM
Restaurant, Hotel Mirai

The students and chaperones have a big feast at the hotel's restaurant, with Usami watching everyone having a great time. Teruteru is serving food to everyone from the kitchen, and they all enjoyed it. Well, most of them. Hiyoko looked at the food for one second and refused to eat them. It took the efforts of the nearby students to force her to eat food. During the feast, Chisa arrived at the restaurant, holding Kazuichi's now cleaned jumpsuit. Kazuichi took his clean jumpsuit and put it on, not taking a liking to how nice it smelled at first. He was more used to its old smell.

The feast continued for a while, and so far nothing bad seems to be happening. That is...until...


The chatter suddenly stopped when everyone heard a thud. It sounded like someone, or something, had hit the floor. Turning towards the source of the sound, everyone was shocked by what they had saw. Apparently, Mikan had accidentally tripped while trying to get up from her seat. She landed in such a way that her skirt was...pointed directly at several of the students. Reactions to Mikan tripping are varied. Ryota tried to avert his eyes, some of the students were either shocked or disgusted, others didn't react at all, and a few are...enjoying the view for some reason.

"N-Not again..." Mikan cried.

"Oh. My. Goodness," Chisa said.

"How...did you land in a...compromising position?" Kyosuke asked.

"Can you even call that tripping?" Hajime asked.

Mahiru put her hand over Hajime's eyes. "Hey, don't look at her!" she shouted.

"Too late..." Nagito said, wincing in pain.

"Ha! Look at that nasty pig barf!" Hiyoko laughed. "She's so funny when she trips!"

"Hey! Don't encourage people to do that, Saionji!" Mahiru shouted. "You're embarrassing her!"

"What's the matter with that?" Teruteru asked. "I'm certainly having a great time!"

"You're not helping, Hanamura!" Mahiru shouted.

"Speaking of help, could somebody help this poor girl get back up?" Usami asked.

"I'll do it," Chisa said as she walked over to Mikan. "Here, Tsumiki. Grab my hand."

Chisa then helped Mikan get back up to her feet. Mikan looked dizzy from her fall. She clutched her head as she tried to get her vision straight.

"Are you okay?" Usami asked.

"My...head is throbbing a little..." Mikan replied as she stumbled around. "But...I'm fine..."

Mahiru pulled her hand away from Hajime as she stared at Mikan. "You're probably not okay, Tsumiki..." she said.

"Well, that was...quite an embarrassing situation," Usami commented. "But at least everyone's okay in the end, right?"

As soon as Usami finished talking, something else began to happen. All of a sudden, the sky became dark and cloudy. The lights suddenly turned off, sending the entire restaurant into near darkness.

"AHHH!" Ryota and Mikan both screamed at the same time.

Chiaki looked around, wondering what's going on. "Huh?" she said. "Why is it dark all of a sudden?"

Everyone looked outside the window and saw that the entire sky is covered in clouds.

"H-Huh? There's clouds covering the sky?" Sonia asked. "Since when?"

"Wasn't it sunny just a moment ago?" Hajime asked. "This can't be right. There's no way that it's going to be cloudy soon! Hey, does anyone know the weather forecast for this area?"

"Could it be...that calamity is approaching?" Gundham asked.

"Hey, what did you do, Usami?" Mahiru asked. "Did you do this? Did you cover the sky in clouds?"

"Hwah?!" Usami gasped. "Why would I do that? I would never do anything like that! This isn't the work of me!" She then paused for a moment as she realized in horror what the clouds are implying. "Oh, no, no, no, no! This is bad! This is very bad!"

"What are you talking about?" Kyosuke asked. "Are you denying that you caused all of this? Surely, you have something to do with all the clouds appearing out of nowhere. I've gotten word that cows have appeared out of nowhere thanks to you. Come on, you rabbit. Explain yourself!"

"Look, like I said, this isn't my work!" Usami cried. "I didn't do this!"

Before anyone else could say another word, the monitor in the restaurant turned on. As Usami is currently present in the restaurant, the upcoming announcement couldn't have been hers. Unless the announcement was prerecorded, that is. Based on the current time, however, it doesn't look like a nighttime announcement. So what could this announcement be?

A voice then came out of the monitor, and it doesn't sound like Usami at all. "Ahem, ahem," the mysterious figure said. The voice sounded like a mix of being sinister and being carefree. "Mike check! Mike check! Testing! Testing! Can you all hear me?"

The moment everyone heard that voice, everyone began to shudder.

"What...was that?" Chisa asked.

"Could this be the calamity that the clouds foretold?" Gundham asked.

"I have a very bad feeling about this..." Hajime muttered.

"Puhuhu..." the mysterious figure laughed. "Are you surprised? You should be! Now, time to throw away all of this worthless entertainment behind in favor of something more...exciting. Get to Jabberwock Park in the Central Island! The main event is about to begin!"

Everyone was confused when the figure told them to go to Jabberwock Park. Something about this doesn't seem right.

"I...don't understand this," Chisa said. "Who was that?"

"You think we should listen to whoever that was and go to what...whatever that park is?" Akane asked.

"Oh, no!" Usami shouted. "No, no, no! Don't listen to whoever that was! Don't trust them!"

"But we don't know who just spoke through that monitor," Nekomaru said.

"What are we supposed to do?" Kazuichi asked. "What's gonna happen to us if we don't listen?"

"Everyone, stay here!" Usami said. "I'll go to Jabberwock Park and deal with whoever is waiting for me there." She then vanished out of the restaurant.

"Hey! Wait!" Hajime shouted.

" what?" Ryota asked. "W-What do we do next?"

"Sit here and wait until the calamity passes by?" Gundham asked.

"I don't know," Sonia replied. "That sounds like a terrible idea..."

"In that case, I should go to Jabberwock Park and confront whoever crashed into our school trip," Kyosuke declared.

Chisa gasped upon hearing what Kyosuke is suggesting. "But...Kyosuke!" she said. "Didn't Usami told us to stay here?"

"I don't know what she's about to fight against," Kyosuke said, "but I doubt that she'll last long in a fight. She might be capable of creating living things out of nowhere, but her fighting capabilities might be lacking. I'm not sure if we can fully trust that rabbit, but I must fight alongside her."

Chisa grew concerned for Kyosuke. "But...aren't you risking your life?" she asked. "Who knows how powerful your opponent might be. You might not stand a chance against them."

Kyosuke closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Yukizome..." he said. "We've known each other for years ever since we met in Hope's Peak Academy. You know how well I can put up a fight. I'm sure I can handle whatever comes in my way. Additionally, we're chaperones for these students. It's our duty to watch over them and protect them whenever danger comes."

"Well, that's true," Chisa replied. "That is our job as chaperones. But there's a fine line between protecting our students and putting our lives in grave danger. I don't want you to risk your life, Kyosuke."

"I know," Kyosuke replied. "But we can't let whoever that was to ruin our school trip. We have to take action right now. Don't stop me now, Yukizome. I'm going to Jabberwock Park. Stay here, everyone. I'll be back."

Kyosuke got up from his seat and walked towards the exit of the restaurant, taking his sword with him. Everyone watched as one of the chaperones leave.

Chisa clutched her heart on her chest. "Kyosuke..." she said. "He's going to put himself in danger. Who knows what will be waiting for him at Jabberwock Park." She then turned towards the students. "Everyone, we can't let Kyosuke and Usami go to Jabberwock Park by themselves. I don't know who told us to go there, but we must investigate as soon as possible. Everyone, follow me! Time to go to Jabberwock Park!"

Everyone got up from their seats and followed Chisa out of the restaurant. Well, all except for Teruteru. He was a little late to leave.

"Wait!' Teruteru cried as he ran out of the restaurant. "What about the dishes?"

Day 1 - 5:15 PM
Jabberwock Park, Central Island

Everyone ran into Jabberwock Park. There, they saw Kyosuke and Usami looking around the park, searching for something.

"Where are you?" Usami shouted. "Show yourself! You better not hide from me!"

Kyosuke glanced over to the entrance of the park and saw everyone there. "What?" he gasped. "What are you all doing here? Didn't I tell you to stay in the restaurant?"

"Look, Kyosuke," Chisa replied. "We just wanted to know what you're about to fight against. I won't let you take on this mysterious opponent on your own. Who knows how strong our enemy could be."

Kyosuke opened his mouth to respond to Chisa, but then...a voice ringed throughout the park.

"Puhuhuhu..." a voice laughed. "Ahahahahaha!"

Everyone tensed up upon hearing that laugh.

"I'm...sensing something approaching," Gundham said. "It must be...the calamity that the clouds foretold!"

Ibuki looked up at the statue and pointed towards it. "It's...coming from over there!" she shouted.

"From the statue?" Kyosuke asked.

"Are you implying that the statue just talked?" Nagito asked.

"Uh, no," Ibuki replied. "I think there's something going on at the base!"

"Ah, so that's where you're hiding!" Usami said. "Now, show yourself!"

Everyone stared at the statue, wondering what's going to come out of it. They began to tense up as they feared for the worse. Then, something appeared. A black and white stuffed bear leapt out of the base of the statue. He sat in front of the statue, looking down at the students and chaperones. There's no doubt about it. Monokuma has arrived.

"Hello everyone!" Monokuma greeted. "Thank you all for waiting! I am Monokuma, the new lead teacher of this school trip!"

"New lead teacher?" Chisa asked. "Oh no, not this again!"

"Another talking animal?" Kyosuke gasped. "What is even happening?"

"Ahem, now that I have finally arrived, there is one thing that I just have to say about this school trip," Monokuma said. "This is lame! So freaking lame! It's so lame, it's crippling!"

"It's just as I suspected," Usami said. "It was you who disrupted this school trip!"

Kyosuke pointed his sword at Monokuma, tightening his grip on it. "What are you doing here?" he asked in a demanding tone. "Something tells me that you are about to bring a lot of trouble to this resort."

Monokuma proceeded to ignore Kyosuke. "What's with all this 'fun' and 'exciting' crap that you're having on this school trip?" he asked. "Where's the fun in what you are doing? I don't see any! This is making me so bored! You'd better knock this fun attitude off right now!"

"What are you talking about?" Ibuki asked. "We've barely even started this school trip."

"This school trip has the potential to be quite fun," Monokuma said. "Well, for me. Because who wants to see high school students live calm and peaceful lives? No one! There has to be drama! There has to be conflict! There has to be suffering! That's the type of stuff that everyone wants to see! Not something as boring as this!"

"What is he even talking about...?" Chisa asked.

"I don't know what that thing is about to do," Kyosuke said as he readies himself to fight, "but this is a threat that must be eliminated as soon as possible."

"Leave this to me, sir!" Usami said as she pulled out her Magic Stick. "I can handle this by myself! As long as I have my Magic Stick—"

"Ha! Opening!" Monokuma shouted as he lunged towards Usami.

"Hwah?!" Usami gasped.

Monokuma and Usami got into a fight. Usami was completely unprepared for a fight like this. It looks like the odds are stacked against her. She tried to use her Magic Stick to turn the tide of the battle, but then Monokuma grabbed it and snapped it in half.

"No!" Usami cried. "My Magic Stick!"

"Ha! Your magical powers are nothing more than a cheap trick!" Monokuma said. "That's what you get for leaving yourself open for attacks!

Usami grew angry at Monokuma. "I won't let you get away with this!" she shouted as she lunged towards Monokuma.

"Ow!" Monokuma yelped. "Hey! What are you doing? Ow! I thought that I had defeated you!"

"I'm not done fighting yet!" Usami shouted as she continued to flail her arms on Monokuma.

The fight between Monokuma and Usami continued for several moments. Everyone watched the fight, wondering who's going to come out on top in the end. Eventually, the dust settled, revealing that neither of them had won the fight.

"You're...stronger...and tougher...than I thought!" Monokuma said. "Too bad...that you won't be able to stop me!"

"I could've...won this fight," Usami said, "if you haven't...destroyed my Magic Stick!"

Kyosuke saw that Usami was unable to win her fight against Monokuma. He figured that if she had some assistance, she might be able to win. Without saying a word, he rushed towards Monokuma, ready to strike him down.

"Kyosuke!" Chisa cried. "Wait! Stop!"

This alerted Monokuma that Kyosuke is approaching. He turned his head around and saw that Kyosuke is about to attack him. He doesn't seemed concerned about being hit at all. Right before Kyosuke could swing his sword at him, Monokuma jumped towards Kyosuke and punched him in the gut. Despite Monokuma being rather small, the force from his punch was enough to send Kyosuke flying backwards. Everyone was shocked to see that Kyosuke stood no chance against Monokuma.

"Kyosuke!" Chisa screamed. She then ran up to where Kyosuke landed, with Mikan joining her.

"A-Are you okay?" Mikan asked.

"Ugh..." Kyosuke grunted as he clutched his gut. "That...bear! He...might be small, but...he's a menace!"

Akane growled at Monokuma. He looked like a tough opponent to face. Not only that, but he's causing a lot of trouble. Akane attempted to step forward to fight Monokuma, but Nekomaru stopped her.

"Stay back, Owari!" Nekomaru ordered. "There's no way you can stand a chance against him!"

"But I wanna fight him!" Akane said.

"Look, that bear just knocked that man away in a single blow," Nekomaru explained. "Do you really think you can survive in a fight against him?"

Akane decided that maybe she should not consider fighting Monokuma, at least for now. She continued to growl at him, vowing that she would one day try to fight against him, no matter how risky it might be.

Monokuma wagged his finger at Kyosuke. "You naughty adult," he said. "How dare you attack the headmaster?"

Chisa looked at Monokuma with a confused look on her face. "Headmaster?" she asked. "What are you talking about? Didn't you say that you are the new lead teacher?"

"The headmaster has decided to join you guys in this school trip!" Monokuma replied. "Now, as the headmaster, I shall now make a formal declaration! From this point onward, the Killing School Trip will now commence!"

Everyone gasped when Monokuma announced that he's turning this school trip into a killing game, especially Usami.

"What? You're making this school trip a killing game?" Usami gasped. ", no, no, NO! This isn't supposed to be happening! This is supposed to be a nice, fun school trip!"

"Shut up, you stupid rabbit!" Monokuma shouted as he slapped Usami away into the bushes. "A school trip where everyone gets along is so boring. Nobody wants to read a story like that! What this school trip needs is drama! Conflict! And suffering! A killing game will surely bring excitement to this school trip. Naturally, all of you here are participants of this killing game!"

"I...don't know why you're doing this..." Kyosuke said. "But this...this is unacceptable! As...a staff member...of Hope's Peak Academy, I demand you do stop what you're doing!"

"Hey, what did I tell you again?" Monokuma asked as he looked at Kyosuke. "I'm the headmaster! You're just a staff member! Therefore, you have to follow my commands! In fact, as punishment for your attempt at attacking me, I shall strip you of all of your authority!"

Kyosuke and Chisa gasped upon discovering that they no longer have authority over the students.

"You're...stripping us...of our authority?" Chisa asked.

"I'm the headmaster here!" Monokuma said. "I get to do whatever I want! You two adults are now on the same level as the rest of your students!"

Kyosuke gritted his teeth. "You're the worst headmaster...I've ever met..." he muttered.

"Now then, where was I?" Monokuma asked himself. "Oh, right! Before we can officially begin this killing game, allow me to explain the rules. Obviously, the objective of a killing game is to kill another participant!"

"K-Kill?" Ryota asked.

"I-I don't like the sound of t-that..." Mikan said.

"Ah, so we have to kill each other," Kazuichi said. "I see." He then paused to think about the implications for a moment. "Wait a minute... KILL EACH OTHER?!"

"This is going to suck..." Hajime muttered.

"Yeah, I agree..." Nagito replied.

"W-Wait a second!" Teruteru said. "We have to kill each other? For what? I don't care why we have to kill each other. There's no way any of us would be willing to kill each other!"

"Well, don't you think it's kind of lame that all you're doing on this school trip is getting along with each other?' Monokuma asked. "Don't you think that's boring? Isn't it more fun to watch people kill each other?"

"It might be fun for you," Kyosuke replied, "but it certainly won't be fun for us!"

"Why would we want to kill each other?" Mahiru asked. "What's the point?"

"Well, you want to leave this island, don't you?" Monokuma asked.

Everyone shuttered when Monokuma asked them that question.

"Face it, everyone," Monokuma began. "You're all trapped on this island with no idea about how you got here in the first place. You all wanted to find a way to get out of this island. I hate to break it to you, but there's no way to escape this island. The airplanes at the airport do not function, and there are no ports to be seen. You can't escape this island through normal means. However, there is a way to escape this island, and that's to kill one of the other participants. Not only that, but you'll have to commit your crime without being caught in the Class Trial."

"Class...Trial?" Chiaki gasped.

"That's right!" Monokuma said. "The Class Trials are the highlights of a killing game! Allow me to explain how Class Trials work. If one of you gets murdered, the surviving members must participate in a Class Trial. The Class Trials will be a showdown between the blackened, the killer, and the spotless, the innocents. During the trial, you will all present your arguments about how the crime happened and who did it. Once the Class Trials are over, everyone will have to vote for who they think the blackened is. The winner will be decided by popular vote. Should you arrive at the correct answer, only the blackened will be punished. The surviving members will get to continue their school trip. However, if you pick the wrong person, then the blackened will survive, while everyone else will be punished. The blackened will get to leave the resort along with everyone else who is now dead. So, everyone got all that?"

"I don't know..." Akane replied. "This all sounds kinda complicated..."

"Hey, it's simpler than you think!" Monokuma said. "If you kill someone and get away with it, then you'll get to live and leave this resort. But if you fail, then you will be punished! Does that sound easier to remember?"

"Hey, why are you saying 'punish' over and over again?" Kazuichi asked. "What's the deal with that?"

"Basically...I'm going to execute the blackened," Monokuma said. "Or, if you fail to vote for the blackened, everyone."

Sonia gasped in horror. "Execution...?" she said.

"What horrors awaits us if we fail to escape the consequences of taking someone's life?" Gundham asked.

"Who knows," Monokuma replied. "You'll just have to wait and find out. As for your method of killing, any method is fine. I don't care. You can bludgeon someone, stab someone, slice them in half, beat them into a pulp, strangle them, burn them, make them fall to their doom, drown them, crush them, blow them up, whatever! Just choose whatever method you like. As long as it's lethal, it's fair game!"

"This horrible..." Mahiru said. "Killing someone to get a chance to escape this resort? What kind of person would take such a deal? And...what if nobody kills each other? Are we all going to be stuck on this resort for the rest of our lives?"

"Hey, it's not like I'm forcing you to kill each other," Monokuma said. "Whether or not you decide to kill someone is up to you. If you want to live in this resort for the rest of your lives, then don't kill anyone! Simple as that? But eventually, you will all begin to wish that you are back at your home. You will want to leave this resort just to see your home again. If that happens, then you'll have to kill someone and try to get away with it."

"But...why are you making us kill each other?" Mahiru asked, looking increasingly worried. "Why are you making us participate in this killing game?"

"Well, there's a good reason why I want you guys to kill each other," Monokuma replied. "But I'm not going to say it."

Kyosuke decided that he has enough of Monokuma. He tried to get himself back on his feet, but nearly fell over again.

"Kyosuke!" Chisa cried as she caught Kyosuke in the middle of his fall. "You're still injured! You need to get some rest now!"

"I...don't care," Kyosuke said. "I...want that bear...eliminated..."

Akane also decided that she has enough of Monokuma. "Alright, that's it!" she roared. "Time to take you down, whoever you are!"

Nekomaru caught Akane again before she could get very far. "Owari, stop!" he shouted. "You can't do this!"

"Let me go!" Akane demanded. "I wanna fight him!"

Monokuma saw that there are a few participants that are willing to defy him. "Ooh, what's this?" he said. "There are some who want to defy me and my killing game! Aw, that's cute. Well, if you're so unwilling to follow the rules of this killing game, then perhaps *this* will!"

The entire park then began to shake, as if an earthquake was happening right now. Everyone struggled to remain on their feet as the earthquake continued. Then, the statue at the center of the park began to crack. It looked like it's about to collapse. But as pieces of the statue continue to fall, everyone noticed something strange. It looks like the statue is hiding mechanical beasts. The statue then completely collapsed, revealing that there are five mechanical beasts encased inside it: a humanoid, a horse, an eagle, a snake, and a tiger. Each beast was massive, towering over everyone in the park and sporting powerful weaponry. The beasts then leapt off the base of what was once the statue and landed near Monokuma.

Everyone's jaws dropped when they saw the giant mechanical beasts. Their sudden appearance left everyone with an overwhelming sense of shock and terror. It's so overwhelming that some of them are unable to speak in reaction. For the few that were able to speak, their reactions aren't any better than if they haven't spoken at all.

"D-Did...did the statue just...move?" Chisa asked.

"AHHHH!" Mikan screamed.

"I-It's a monster!" Ryota screamed.

"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Kazuichi screamed as he began to run around the park.

Usami then crawled her way out of the bushes. "Ow...that was so painful..." she said. "Hey, what happened while I was-" She stopped when she saw the giant mechanical beasts standing before everyone. "Hwah?! Where did those come from? And...what happened to the statue?!"

" this...?" Gundham gasped. "I thought that bovines appearing out of nowhere was strange enough. But this? This is beyond comprehension!"

"Scared, yet?" Monokuma asked. "You should be! These are my Monobeasts! They're weapons of mass destruction! Go ahead and defy me! It won't end well once one of these bad boys shows up in your location!"

"T-That...can't end well..." Mahiru said.

Out of everyone who saw the Monobeasts, only Hiyoko doesn't seemed fazed by their appearance. She looked at them and gave a shrug. "So what?" she asked. "You say that they're weapons of mass destruction, but they're probably way weaker than we thought."

Monokuma then shot an enraged look at Hiyoko. "Weak?!" he roared. "You dare doubt the power of the Monobeasts? Jeez, you're so skeptical. I get it. This is something you have never seen before, so you have no idea how dangerous this could be. Well, if you're going to be like that, then how about I give all of you guys a demonstration of the power of the Monobeasts? Take this as an example of what will happen if you break the rules of this killing game! Try to doubt this!"

Monokuma then ordered the humanoid Monobeast to shoot at him. The humanoid Monobeast then proceeded to fire a laser at Monokuma from its eye. The laser didn't hit Monokuma, but it's enough to alert the other Monobeasts that Monokuma is under attack. The other four Monobeasts then proceeded to attack the humanoid Monobeast. Everyone watched as the humanoid Monobeast gets absolutely shredded by the other Monobeasts. The snake Monobeast bit at the arm and tore it off. The horse Monobeast rammed right into the chest. The tiger sent laser blasts at the humanoid Monobeast. And finally, the eagle Monobeast attacked with machine guns and missiles, finishing off the humanoid Monobeast.

The remains of the humanoid Monobeast then fell in front of everyone's eyes. Despite being a weapon of mass destruction, it stood little chance against the other Monobeasts. Everyone was left shaken by this turn of events, even Hiyoko. The killing game has just started, and yet it had claimed a life. It might not be a human life, but still...seeing a robot getting destroyed was frightening.

Kazuichi was so shocked by the events that he stopped screaming and running around. "Did...did that robot destroyed?" he asked. "Did...someone already die? I-I know that it's a robot, but still!"

"Ahahahaha!" Monokuma laughed. "Just take a look at your own faces! That's the look you'll have once you've realized that someone has died! See, this is what will happen if you dare defy me. I know that I had just destroyed a giant robot for demonstration purposes, but trust me. The Monobeasts tear you into a million pieces if you break any of the rules! So if you don't want to be turned into a pile of giblets, then you'd better not disobey me! Oh, and speaking of that, I have updated the list of rules and regulations for the school trip! Check your E-Handbooks for more details! Now then, enjoy this school trip while it lasts! You'll be in here for the rest of your life! Unless you managed to survive, that is."

Monokuma and the remaining Monobeast then vanished out of the park, leaving behind everyone and a pile of robot parts. The shock from what happened left everyone exhausted, even though nighttime hasn't started yet. It also left everyone silent, though they have many thoughts going through their heads.

They might have no idea who is orchestrating these events behind the scenes. They don't know why they're stuck in this situation. They don't know why Monokuma is here in the first place. These things are making everyone scared. Not even the stoic or the fearless are spared from these feelings. They're scared of this killing game. They're scared of the Monobeasts. And they're scared of Monokuma. But out of all of these things, the thing that they feared the most is...themselves.

Being trapped on a tropical resort with people you've barely know and ordered to kill each other to escape is a frightful thought. It's making them want to escape this resort even more, and along with the desire to escape, the desire to take a person's life grows inside them. They can deny this thought all they can, but they will eventually face a truth. They have the potential to be a killer. The only way to escape this resort and this killing game, they will have to sacrifice someone else.

This made everyone fear each other. Everyone began to wonder when someone will snap and try to kill someone else. At the same time, everyone feared themselves as well. They feared that they will succumb to the desire to escape this killing game and risk their lives to do just that. With the pressure of the killing game looming over them, everyone can no longer trust everyone else, even themselves.

As everyone went through these thoughts, someone broke the silence.

"So, does that mean that I can finally fight someone now?" Akane asked.

Prologue: Trouble in Dangan Despair Resort


Current Survivors: 16

Chapter Text

"What the...? What's going on? What's happening?!"

"Shit...shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT! Not this again! Why?! How?! How did he return?!"

"Hey, stop pounding on the walls, [REDACTED]. I know you're frustrated, but don't damage the walls!"

"T-This can't be... Another killing game...has started...?"

"Shit, this can't be good... My classmates and my teacher are in danger!"

"It's not just those people who are forced into this killing game. Our boss is in this killing game as well!"

"We have to do something about this. If any one of our patients dies, we'll be screwed! We'll be in deep trouble if anyone dies!"

"[REDACTED], is there anything we can do about this?"

"I'm trying as best as I can! looks like a virus has infected the system! It's blocking me from doing anything about it!"

"Ugh, this is so frustrating! The Future Foundation has trusted us in taking care of these patients, and now all of them are in danger of dying! Not only that, but we have to raise children as well! This is...I can't...GAHHHH!"

"Young master, you should calm down. We can't afford to panic at a time like this."

"You two shouldn't have made love back then."

"Hey, you can't blame us for not knowing that we would eventually find ourselves in a situation like this. That was something that [REDACTED] did on the spot without thinking."

"...Now that I think about it, maybe I should've waited a little longer before...doing that..."

"I can't believe that Monokuma has appeared again, and that we can do nothing about it. What are we supposed to do?"

"The Future Foundation needs to be notified immediately. They need to understand that we're experiencing some difficulties and that we're trying our best to fix them. I'll send a message to their headquarters explaining our current situation. Hopefully, we will resolve this issue before anyone dies."

"I don't know..."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"...I have a strange feeling that we're not going to save everyone..."

Chapter 1: From Vacation to Nightmare

Daily Life

Day 1 - 9:00 PM
Lobby, Hotel Mirai

After the announcement that the killing game has begun, everyone gathered in the hotel's lobby to discuss their next action. Everyone aside from Chisa sat down at a chair or couch. Mikan is treating Kyosuke's injuries during the discussion. Usami is absent, though. She's probably at her house, crying over her inability to prevent Monokuma from turning the school trip into a killing game.

Before the discussion could begin, everyone pulled out their E-Handbooks to check the updated list of rules and regulations. While the first several rules remained the same, the added rules had a much more...unsettling feeling to them.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Extreme violence is prohibited on this island. Please live peaceful and relaxing lives with your fellow students.
  2. Littering is not allowed. Students are expected to clean up after themselves.
  3. Chaperones are expected to look after the students when the lead teacher isn't present.
  4. Nighttime starts at 10:00 PM and ends at 7:00 AM the following morning. Some areas are closed off at night.
  5. The lead teacher cannot directly interfere with the students or the chaperones, unless a rule has been violated.
  6. Everyone is free to explore any accessible areas of the Jabberwock Islands Resort. Try not to get lost while exploring these islands.
  7. Destruction of property of the resort without permission is prohibited.
  8. Once a murder has taken place, a Class Trial will begin shortly after the Body Discovery Announcement. Participation is mandatory for all surviving members.
  9. If the blackened is exposed during the Class Trial, they alone will be executed. If they are not exposed, everyone else will get executed.
  10. If the blackened successfully gets away with their crime, they will be forgiven and are allowed to leave the resort.
  11. The Body Discovery Announcement will play as soon as three or more people discover a dead body for the first time.
  12. The chaperones have no authority to enforce any rules listed here. Attempting to enforce rules will result in punishment.
  13. Attacking the lead teacher is prohibited, and will lead to punishment.

It looks like Monokuma wasn't joking when he said that he was going to turn this school trip into a killing game. He added multiple new rules to the list of rules that reminds everyone on how the killing game works. He's even gone so far as limiting how much authority the adult chaperones have.

"Well, that didn't go as well as we expected," Chisa remarked as she walked around the lobby. "I was hoping that this school trip would be a fun one where we would spend time with each other and get along. But apparently that Monokuma has other plans for our school trip. He came in and turned our school trip into a killing game."

"Curse that bear..." Kyosuke grumbled. "Why does he think that this school trip has to feature killings in order to be entertaining? Ow!"

"H-Hey, try not to m-move too much, okay?" Mikan said. "Just get p-plenty of rest..."

"Thanks for trying to protect us, Mr. White Man," Hiyoko said sarcastically. "You really did a great job back there."

Kyosuke glared at Hiyoko, growling in disapproval.

"What are we supposed to do now?" Mahiru asked. "Monokuma has taken away the chaperones' authority over us..."

"Do not worry about our lack of authority," Chisa replied. "Even though we are now treated like you students, we are still responsible for ensuring your safety. We'll try to make this school trip as best as we can. Hopefully, we won't get to the point where we'll try to kill each other. As for our next course of action, we shall continue doing activities for this school trip as if we weren't in a killing game. We're here to relax, not to play some cruel game, after all."

"But...what if Monokuma tries to motivate us into killing each other?" Hajime asked. "I know that getting to escape this resort is the reward, but what if he adds something on top of that?"

"Oh, I'm sure we'll be fine," Chisa replied. "No motive will be strong enough to get us into killing each other."

Hiyoko rolled her eyes. "Yeah, sure," she said sarcastically. "Tempting fate is surely a great idea."

"But let's stop talking about this killing game for now," Chisa said. "Nighttime is starting soon, and we all need a place to sleep for the night. Luckily, it seems that the cottages were assigned to us in advance. I'll distribute the keys to the cottages. When you hear your name and your cottage number, please walk up to the receptionist desk and take the key that has your cottage number on it. Be sure to not lose them."

Chisa then started to call out names on her list of students. Each student walked up to the receptionist desk and grabbed their cottage key. Once the students are done getting their cottage keys, Chisa grabbed two larger keys and handed one of them to Kyosuke. Based on their size and design, it looks like these keys correspond to the two larger cottages. After the keys are distributed, Chisa noticed something strange: two of the cottage keys were left behind.

"Huh. That's weird," Chisa remarked. "It looks like we were going to have more people on this school trip than we have right now." She then looked back at her list of students. "Hmm...this might be closely related to the two missing students. I wonder why that's the case."

"Perhaps the two missing students weren't aware that we were going to have a school trip?" Nagito suggested.

"If that were true, then we would've notified them about the school trip ahead of time," Chisa replied. "We would've also gotten a response from them saying that they couldn't come with us on this school trip. But I don't remember getting a response like that from any of my students. Plus, I don't know who we're missing. Oh well. I guess we'll have to continue our school trip without them."

"It's not like they want to be a part of a school trip that's also a killing game..." Hajime said as he stared at his cottage key.

"Now then, let's recap our current situation," Chisa said. "We were once inside a classroom inside Hope's Peak Academy. Then, we found ourselves on this tropical resort, with no idea about how we got here in the first place. Then, hours after we've arrived, Monokuma showed up and turned our school trip into a killing game. Clearly, he's trying to get us all to kill each other if we want to escape this resort. Naturally, we don't want to let anyone become a killer. So, with that in mind, what do you think we all need right now?"

"What do we need?" Akane replied. "We need food and sleep, obviously."

"...I don't think that's the answer Yukizome is looking for," Kyosuke said.

"What about shitting?" Nekomaru suggested. "We can't just walk around holding on to our shit. We have to get rid of it eventually."

Mahiru slumped over as she stared at Nekomaru with a cringed look on her face. "...Can't you be a little bit more mature?" she asked. "You're the closest thing we have to an adult..."

"Of course we need food!" Chisa replied. "Of course we need shelter! Of course we need to excrete! Those are essential for human survival. But that's not what I'm asking for. I'm looking for something else. Without this, we wouldn't be where we are now as a species. Does anyone have any idea about what that is?"

The lobby went silent for several seconds as everyone tried to come up with an answer.

"Seriously?" Chisa said. "You've all got nothing to say? Come on! Do I have to tell you what we need myself?"

"How about...a bond?" Nagito suggested, causing everyone to turn their attention towards him. "At least, that's what I believe."

"A bond?" Hajime asked. "What do you mean by that?"

"If we can work together, then there's nothing that can stop us," Nagito explained. "Together, we can create a hope that can overcome any amount of despair. That's why, if we want to escape this island alive, we have to put trust in each other. We can't let this killing game break our trust!"

"Wow, that's so cheesy," Hiyoko commented in a snarky tone. "He just talked about how powerful friendship is with a straight face. How is he not embarrassed?"

"As silly as that was, Komaeda does have a point..." Kyosuke said. "Alone, we stood no chance against that bear. But together—! Ow!"

"Kyosuke!" Chisa cried.

"H-Hey, just hold s-still!" Mikan said.

Ryota then nervously looked at the rest of the students. " can w-we rebuild our t-trust?" he asked. "H-How do we make sure that n-no one breaks that trust?"

"Good question, Mitarai," Chisa said. "There's no telling when one of us will betray the others and try to escape this resort. Just bonding with others and rebuilding trust isn't enough to discourage us from trying to kill each other. What we really need is a leader, which is what I'm looking for when I asked you guys what we need right now."

"Ah, I see," Nekomaru said. "We wouldn't be where we are without some leadership. Back in ancient times, people were just gathered in small groups trying to survive together. Once civilization begins, people realize that they can't just coast around without having a direction to take. Someone has to step up and take charge. Otherwise, the group will crumble."

"That's right, Nidai," Chisa said. "Without a leader, we will soon succumb to this killing game and try to kill each other to escape this resort. Without a leader, we will stand no chance at rising up against Monokuma. Without a leader, we won't survive. Now, as your teacher, I shall assume the role of the leader of this group. I can assure you that I won't let anyone die under my watch."

"What happens if you die?" Hiyoko asked.

Kyosuke glared at Hiyoko with a look that will paralyze anyone caught within his sight. Hiyoko doesn't seem to be aware that Kyosuke is glaring at her, though.

"Quiet, Saionji," Chisa said. "Didn't you listen to what I just said?"

Hiyoko blew a raspberry as she looked away from Chisa.

"Well, I think that's enough to talk about for today," Chisa said. "I'm sure you're all exhausted from what happened this afternoon. I say that we should get some sleep right about now. Get to your assigned cottages, everyone. I will see all of you tomorrow morning."

Everyone got up from their seats and walked out of the lobby. Due to his injuries, Kyosuke requires someone to escort him to his cabin. The man whined in pain as he walked. He felt like the pain from that blow to his guts will keep him up for the entire night.

"Oh, and Tsumiki?" Chisa said. "Could you please help Kyosuke tomorrow morning? I have a feeling that it'll take quite a while for him to recover from his injuries."

"Y-Yes, sensei..." Mikan replied.

Day 1 - 10:00 PM
Hajime's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

*Ding-dong, ding-dong!*

"Ahem, attention everyone!" Monokuma announced. "This is a resort announcement! The time is now 10:00 PM, which means that it is now nighttime! This is a dangerous time to be out on your own. If you accidentally run into someone who's in the middle of a murder plan, then it sucks to be you! Luckily, all of you have cottages to stay in, which is nice! What's not nice is when someone breaks into your cottage with the intent to kill you. If that happens, then you're done for. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you lock your doors before you go to bed. You never know if someone's planning to kill you! Sleep tight, everyone!"

Everyone entered their cottages just before the nighttime announcement started. The cottages are distributed in two halves by gender. From the entrance of the hotel area and facing the main building, boys got the cottages to the left while the girls got the cottages to the right. Just like what the announcement recommended, everyone locked the doors as soon as they entered it.

Hajime looked around his own cottage, seeing what's in it. There's nothing much to say about this cottage, just like himself. There's a bed and a desk to his left and a bathroom on his right. For some reason, the bathrooms have large windows that face the main room of the cottage. He's not sure why it was constructed that way. It feels embarrassing being able to see the bed from the shower, even if no one else is there. Above him is a monitor and a surveillance camera. Those two things are pretty much all around the resort. Hajime grew uneasy over the idea that someone might be watching him sleeping. It might be enough to keep him up at night, if the idea of being stuck in this killing game didn't do that.

Hajime sat down at the edge of his bed. He sulked as he goes through his thoughts about the current situation.

Can anyone? Hajime thought. Can I even trust myself? Is there anyone...who can trust me? Someone is definitely going to die soon. I can feel it. I can only hope that I will not be the first one to die...

After a while, Hajime buried his head into his arms and let out a scream of agony. He did this several times, venting his feelings of frustration out into the world. After letting out those screams, he then heard several voices coming from the neighboring cottages.

"Ah!" Hajime heard Ryota scream. It sounds like he's his neighbor. "W-What was that?"

"D-Did I hear a monster?" Hajime heard Kazuichi say. "O-Oh no...this can't be good!" The sound of a door slamming shut was heard outside.

Hajime let out a frustrated sigh. He questioned if he is going to survive this killing game that Monokuma had set up. He began to wonder if there's any point in trying to get to know everyone, knowing that they might be killed soon. He began to wonder if spending time enjoying this school trip is going to be worth it if a dead body is going to bring the mood all the way down to rock bottom. He began to wonder if he has the potential to become a killer.

Hajime then laid himself on the bed, staring at the ceiling. He continued to have thoughts about the killing game as he tried to fall asleep. The only sounds he could hear are the sounds of waves crashing into the shoreline. After a while, Hajime drifted into sleep.

Day 1 - 10:03 PM
Mahiru's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

Mahiru sat at the desk in her cottage, staring at the two billboards that are placed on the wall near it. Pinned to the billboards are various photos that Mahiru remembered taking in the past. Many of these photos features landscape of places she had visited, views of mountains, forests, and lakes. They're all quite beautiful, at least to most people. To Mahiru, looking at these photos made her feel that something's missing: photos of people. Not only that, but she's missing photos of people smiling at the camera.

Ever since she was young, Mahiru has always loved the look of people smiling, especially if their smiles are genuine. She looked back at the time she was introduced to photography by her mother, who was a famous war photographer. She remembered all those photos of smiling soldiers and people that her mother showed to her. She liked seeing those photos. It made her want to pursue photography like her mother. At the time, Mahiru thought that following the path her mother took was a great idea. But looking back at it now, she's not sure if it's a great idea after all.

Photography is a rather simple skill compared to many. The only complicated things about photography are filters, aperture size, exposure time, and camera angles. Even those, knowing about those things is relatively easy. It's not like a lot of people really care about those things. When most people want to take a photo, they don't want to deal with all of these complicated things. They just want their photo to be good enough.

The relatively low skill ceiling of photography compared to other skills make Mahiru feel like she's inferior compared to her classmates. Most of her classmates' talents are ones that require a lot of time to be considered worthy of being a student of Hope's Peak Academy. For example, being a mechanic requires a lot of knowledge about machines, how they work, and how to fix them. A few others are born with their talent, such as Princess Sonia and Kyosuke. As for Mahiru herself? She's just got a camera, which is so commonplace these days that it doesn't feel like a special thing about her. The only two people she could find herself relating to is Hajime, who doesn't remember his talent, and Nagito, who has a "talent" that probably shouldn't be considered a talent. This made Mahiru wonder if it's worth pursuing photography in the first place.

Mahiru began to ponder about her own talent as she wondered what can do with her talent during this school trip. She remembered that despite how simple photography as a skill is, there are lots of applications of it. Since she's in a killing game and they're going to need to solve crimes in order to survive, taking photos of the crime scene and evidence might be useful here. That is, if she isn't the victim of one of the cases.

Speaking of the killing game, that also brings up another point. Everyone in this killing game is under a huge amount of stress, as they fear that they could be killed at any moment. This reminds Mahiru of soldiers at war. These men are putting themselves in danger to complete an objective, to serve their country, and to protect it. Just like the people in this killing game, they could be killed at any moment on the battlefield. Despite knowing that they might die soon, these soldiers still put on a smile.

This made Mahiru wonder if there's going to be any fun moments even in this killing game. Everyone knows that they might be killed soon, so they're probably aren't willing to do any fun activities. After all, what's the point in building up hope if it's going to be destroyed soon? But the smiling soldiers in the photos suggest that there is a point in building up hope even in these harsh conditions: it helps maintain morale. Without morale, an army will likely crumble against any adversity.

Perhaps this group could use a boost in morale. After all, even though they're stuck in this killing game, they're still on vacation. People typically go on vacations to relax, to escape their boring lives, or to explore places they haven't seen before. Even though they might get killed soon, they should still use the time to have a little fun. Also, if all the students do is stand around doing nothing, eventually someone is going to get bored and try to kill someone to escape this resort.

Mahiru took a look at her camera one more time before going to bed. I'm going to capture every significant moment in this school trip, she thought to herself. That way, should we ever reach our lowest point, at least we'll have these good memories to look back on.

Mahiru then got on her bed. She pushed away her concerns aside as she tried to fall asleep.

This isn't the time to worry about if we're going to be killed, Mahiru thought. We just have to remain calm about this. As long as we remain calm, no one will be killed. At least, I hope everyone can remain calm.

Mahiru then closed her eyes and drifted into sleep.

Day 2 - 7:00 AM
Hajime's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

*Ding-ding, ding-dong!*

"...H-Huh?" Usami said as the monitors turn on. "I-Is it...morning already?"

"Hey, what kind of performance was that?!" Monokuma shouted from off-screen. "Do you want me to do all of the announcements from now on?"

Usami panicked and tried her best to do the announcement. "U-Um...good morning...everyone..." she said halfheartedly. "T-The time is...7:00 AM... Rise and shine...every... Ugh, I can't do this..."

"Seriously?!" Monokuma shouted from off-screen. "You call that an announcement? Come on! Show these people a little excitement!"

"It's all your fault!" Usami cried. "You ruined this school trip, you meanie! Now I can't say things in my usual tone!"

"Ruined this school trip?" Monokuma asked. "What are you talking about? I didn't ruin this school trip. I just made it more interesting!"

"Interesting?!" Usami shouted. "How is making people kill each other interesting? You big meanie! How could you—?"

The monitor turned off at that moment.


That...was the strangest wake-up alarm I've ever heard, Hajime thought as he slowly opened his eyes. As if this school trip wasn't unusual enough...

Hajime then felt his stomach growl, as if it was empty. He doesn't feel the need to eat, however. The events of yesterday had made him lost his appetite. It put him into a bad mood this morning. He doesn't want to go to the restaurant to start his day, but then again, Akane did mention that having food is important, at least in her eyes.

After thinking about it for a moment, Hajime decided that maybe he should get something to eat this morning. "I guess I should go..." he muttered as he prepared himself to go outside. Hajime then combed his hair and made sure his tie was secure before putting his shoes on and exiting his cottage.

Day 2 - 7:03 AM
Outdoor Area, Hotel Mirai

Hajime stepped out of his cottage and immediately ran into someone. It's probably because the bright morning light disoriented him for a moment

"AHHH!" Kazuichi screamed.

"Whoa!" Hajime yelped as he stumbled backwards.

It took Kazuichi a moment to realize that he had ran into Hajime. "Oh, it's just you," he said. "Thank goodness. I thought I had ran into a monster or something."

"I could say the same for you..." Hajime replied.

"Hey, were you the one who screamed last night?" Kazuichi asked.

"Uh...yeah," Hajime replied.

"Did something happen to you?" Kazuichi asked. "Were you attacked by some kind of monster?

"," Hajime replied. "I was just...venting out my emotions..."

As Hajime and Kazuichi continued to talk to each other, Ryota opened the door to his cottage and peeked out of it.

"W-What's going on out there?" Ryota asked. "Why am I-I hearing screams?"

"Oh, good morning Mitarai," Kazuichi greeted. "Nothing bad is happening right now. I swear!" He then nervously laughed for a moment.


"AHHHH!" Kazuichi screamed again.

"Eek!" Ryota yelped.

"What?" Hajime said in reaction. "What was that?"

"Jeez, Soda," Mahiru said as she walked up to the boys. "What's wrong with you? Why are you so scared of everything?"

Hajime looked over to Mahiru. "Oh, good morning, Koizumi," he said. " just took a photo of us?"

"Oh, i-it was just a photo?" Ryota asked. "Phew. What a relief."

Mahiru glanced over towards Ryota with a disapproving look. "Seriously, Mitarai?" she said. "Have you not heard of a camera before?"

"Sorry..." Ryota said.

Mahiru let out a frustrated sigh. "Boys these days..." she said. "Can't they just learn to face their fears and toughen up?"

"Well, we would..." Hajime replied, "if we're not stuck in this killing game. How can we be brave if everyone has the potential to become a killer?"

"Yeah, I'm with Hinata," Kazuichi added. "We were all having a great time enjoying our vacation, and then this freaking monster shows up and turned our vacation into a nightmare! Ugh, there's no way I can get a grip on this. I can't enjoy this vacation anymore..."

" p-project..." Ryota said. "I' finishing it. W-What if I die...before I c-can complete it?"

"Quit worrying, boys!" Mahiru shouted. "Jeez, why are you guys worrying so much? Are you seriously that worried about getting killed by one of our classmates? Didn't you remember what Yukizome-sensei had told us? She's not going to let anyone die under her watch! We can trust her that she's going to keep everyone safe. Isn't that right, boys?"

The boys then went into silence for a moment, wondering what they should say in response. They were interrupted, however, the voice of another person.

"Hey, excuse me!" Nekomaru said. "Can you guys please move out of the way?"

Everyone then turned towards the end of the boardwalk and saw several boys trying to make their way towards the restaurant.

"Oh, you're going to the restaurant for breakfast?" Mahiru asked. "Okay, fine. I'll let you go there." She then took a closer look at the boys and noticed a few people missing. "Um, shouldn't there be more of you? Where did Hanamura go? That creep better not be messing around with any of the girls..."

"Yeah, I agree," Nagito replied. "We should watch out for Hanamura. Apparently, that guy doesn't know when to keep his hands off anyone, especially the girls. As for his whereabouts, I'm guessing he's at the restaurant preparing breakfast for us. I remember seeing him exit his cottage a few minutes before the morning announcement played."

"So he's making breakfast," Mahiru said. "I see... We'll I'd better hope it's as good as what we got for dinner yesterday. That's him accounted for, but what about Munakata-sensei? Where's he?"

"The man in white you seek is currently still recovering from his injuries," Gundham replied. "Expect him to take an eternity before arriving."

Nagito glanced over towards Gundham. "...Do you mean a few minutes?" he asked.

"Why are we wasting our time talking about this?" Nekomaru asked. "LET'S GET GOING ALREADY!"

Everyone covered their eyes as Nekomaru suddenly raised his voice.

"Jeez, Nidai," Mahiru said. "Not so loud..."

Everyone then walked towards the restaurant, joining the other girls in having breakfast.

Day 2 - 7:14 AM
Restaurant, Hotel Mirai

Mahiru and the boys entered the restaurant and met up with the girls and Chisa. Upon hearing the door open, Chisa turned around and greeted the students.

"Ah, there you are," Chisa said. "I was wondering when you guys will arrive at the restaurant."

"Sorry if we're a little late," Mahiru said. "I got a little distracted by what's going on near the boy's cottages."

"Yeah, I saw that as I walked out of my own cottage," Chisa replied. "No need to talk about that further. It's breakfast time, after all. Please, take a seat. There's plenty of food for all of us! At least, for as long as Owari doesn't ask for seconds."

Everyone glanced over to where Akane is sitting. They saw that there's a huge pile of food on her plate. A normal person wouldn't be able to handle all that food in a short amount of time, and yet Akane is chewing through it without any problems. Everyone was rather shocked to see Akane eat all that food, especially Ryota.

"T-That's a lot of food!" Ryota exclaimed.

"I get that athletes these days need to eat a lot of food," Nekomaru said, "but this is just excessive. I doubt that she'll be able to burn off all those excess calories."

"Ha ha!" Hiyoko laughed mockingly. "She's going to get fat at this rate! Ha ha!"

"...Hiyoko," Chisa said, looking a little tired of Hiyoko's insults. "Enough of this."

Everyone then grabbed some food off the serving table near the kitchen and sat down at a table. Most of the students wanted to sit away from each other, but there are more people on this vacation than there are tables in the restaurant, so someone has to share a table with someone else. Nekomaru sat down with Akane, hoping that he can teach her some discipline in eating food. Meanwhile, Hajime, Nagito, and Mahiru sat down at the same table. As the students ate their breakfast, Chisa looked around the restaurant to make sure everyone is here. It was at this moment that she noticed someone is currently missing.

"Hey, has anyone seen Soda?" Chisa asked.

Everyone looked around and realized that Kazuichi is currently absent.

"Huh? Where did Soda go?" Hajime asked.

"Wasn't he with us just a minute ago?" Mahiru asked.

"I swear he was walking with us to here," Hajime replied.

"Do you think Soda ran away from us while we weren't looking?" Nagito suggested.

"That spineless coward!" Hiyoko said. "He has no staying power in this killing game! He's totally going to be the first victim! People like that are usually the first ones to die!"

Chisa then let out a heavy sigh in response. "In that case, we should keep a close eye on Soda," she said. "We can't let him run off on his own."

"Can we send someone out there to get him?" Mahiru asked.

"Not yet, Koizumi," Chisa replied. "Just focus on eating your breakfast. Once you're done, then you can go out and bring Soda back here. No, I'm not talking about the drink, in case you're wondering. I'm talking about..." She paused for a moment to think about something. " know, calling us by our last names can feel a little awkward at times, especially when we're talking about last names like Nevermind and Soda. I know that we have to remind Sonia that we're not calling on her every time we dismiss our thoughts."

"So...are you suggesting that we call each other by our first names, then?" Sonia asked.

"We'll have to save that discussion for when everyone is here," Chisa replied. "Speaking of that, I assume that Kyosuke and Tsumiki are currently on their way here, right?"

Just as when Chisa said that, Kyosuke entered the restaurant from the stairs that lead to the lobby. He's still clutching his stomach.

"Oh, there you are, Kyosuke!" Chisa said. "I was wondering when you'll show up. Are you okay right now?"

"I'm fine, Yukizome," Kyosuke replied. "My stomach still hurts, but I should make a fully recovery by tomorrow."

"It's Chisa, Kyosuke," Chisa corrected. "Call me Chisa next time. Anyways, it's good to see you here. Now, where's Tsumiki? Wasn't she accompanying you on the way here?"

Kyosuke attempted to open his mouth to say something, but then...something happened downstairs.


Kyosuke turned around and looked down the stairs. He groaned upon seeing what's down there. "Not this again..." he said.

Several students walked up to the stairs to investigate what's going on. When they looked down the stairs, some of them were horrified at what they're seeing.

"AHHH!" Ryota screamed. "AH! Get it out of my head!"

"Hey, it's your fault for looking down there, stupid," Hiyoko said. "You shouldn't have done that if you're so scared of it."

"Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious," Mahiru said.

"How...did this happen?" Hajime said.

"Ah..." Mikan cried from downstairs. "I-I'm so sorry! I-I showed you something so u-unsightly!"

Teruteru then peeked his head out of the kitchen. "Ooh? What do we have here?" he asked. "Did some unfortunate girl happen to expose her—"

"Hey! Shut up, Hanamura!" Mahiru shouted. "Don't even mention it!"

"Aw, Tsumiki is so adorable when she's embarrassed!" Ibuki said. "It's making me snort with joy!"

"You're not helping either, Mioda!" Mahiru shouted.

"Well, this is getting awkward," Chisa said. "I'd better help Tsumiki get back up to her feet." She then walked down the stairs.

Kyosuke sighed as he watched Chisa help out Mikan. "This is getting ridiculous," he said. "There's being clumsy, and then there's this. I'm not sure how Tsumiki managed to trip on the stairs."

"Perhaps our clumsy nurse girl was cursed with tripping," Gundham replied as he fed some food to his hamsters.

"I-I really hope she doesn't trip in front of me again..." Ryota said. "I-I've seen enough bad things already..."

Chisa then walked up the stairs along with Mikan. Mikan doesn't seem to be in the best condition. It looked like she was dizzy from her trip.

" head..." Mikan groaned as she clutched her head. "It's...throbbing so much..."

"Oh, you'll be fine, Tsumiki," Chisa said. "You just have to check your footing next time so that you don't accidentally trip again. Sound good?"

"Yes..." Mikan replied.

"Alright, so that's two more people that have arrived," Chisa said. "Now all that's left is Soda. I do hope he comes here soon. He's going to go hungry before long. Hey, can anyone go out there and get Soda to come here?"

Chiaki raised her hand. "I'll go," she said.

"You're going out to get Soda?" Chisa said. "That's good, but we still need someone to accompany you. We can't let you go out on your own. Who knows what Soda is currently planning to do. Is there anyone else willing to go with Nanami?"

Right before anyone could raise their hand, Kazuichi burst through the door that leads outside. Everyone turned their heads towards the door. Kazuichi leaned on the door as he catches his breath.

"Ah, there you are, Soda!" Chisa said. "I was wondering when you'll show up."

Kazuichi then lifted his head to face everyone. He has a panicked look on his face. "This...this is an emergency!" he shouted.

Everyone was confused when Kazuichi said that there is an emergency.

"Huh? What emergency?" Chisa asked. "I'm sure nothing bad has happened yet. We're all here, so I don't get why you're panicking."

"T-There's...something in the park...on the Central Island," Kazuichi explained. "You've gotta see this!" He then ran out of the restaurant to everyone's surprise.

"Wait!" Teruteru cried as he ran after Kazuichi. "You didn't even eat my delicious food! Come back!" He then exited the restaurant.

"Seriously?" Kyosuke said. "There's something going on at the park again?"

"I can't believe it..." Chisa said. "This is getting ridiculous. Can't we just enjoy our vacation for once?!"

"What should we do, sensei?" Mahiru asked.

Chisa paused for a moment to think about her next action. "I do not like the sound of this," she said, "but we must investigate Jabberwock Park this instance! I swear, if this is related to this killing game, then we're going to have a much harder time trying to enjoy our school trip. We've got no time to waste, everyone. Let's go!"

Most of the people joined Chisa and got out of the restaurant as fast as they can. Only a few people remain behind, those being Hajime, Mahiru, Akane, Nekomaru, and Gundham. Gundham is a bit busy trying to gather his hamsters, while Akane has food on her mind.

"But what about the food?" Akane asked with her mouth full. "I wanna eat as much as I can."

"Forget about the food, Owari!" Nekomaru said. "You had enough food for now!"

Akane groaned in disappointment over not being able to eat more food. She later shrugged it off. After all, she can have more food during lunch. She won't get hungry for a long time. Akane then sprinted right out of the restaurant, much to Nekomaru's dismay.

"Hey! Owari!" Nekomaru shouted as he ran after Akane. "Slow down!" That's all Hajime and Mahiru heard before Nekomaru became too far away for his voice to be heard clearly.

Hajime stared at the exit door of the restaurant, wondering if he should join the others in Jabberwock Park. "Should we go, too?" he asked.

"I don't know," Mahiru replied. "This is the second time that we had to go to Jabberwock Park. This time, we had to go there because our classmate said so instead of Monokuma. Based on how Soda looks, I don't think he saw something good..."

"That pathetic mortal has clearly seen something ominous," Gundham said. "I hesitate to see what terrible omen he saw at the center of this paradise. Alas, as all of our friends are going there, I'm afraid that we must go too." He then exited the restaurant.

"Well, I guess we're going too..." Hajime said as he sighed.

Mahiru pondered for a moment. "I wonder what Soda saw in Jabberwock Park that made him panic..." she said.

After much hesitation, Hajime and Mahiru decided to join the others and walked out of the restaurant.

Day 2 - 7:45 AM
Outer Road, Central Island

Hajime and Mahiru crossed the bridge that leads into the central island. Before they could go very far, they spotted several pieces of what appears to be a robot laying around in front of the gate to the first island.

"Are those...the remains of the Monobeast that was destroyed yesterday?" Mahiru asked.

Hajime shuddered as he looked at the robot remains. "I...think so..." he replied.

"If those Monobeasts have the power to shred apart one of their own, then..." Mahiru said before trailing off for a moment. "...I don't want to imagine what they can do to us."

"What should we do about those robot parts?" Hajime asked. "They're everywhere on this path. Don't you think that's a little hazardous? Someone could run into them or trip on them."

"Just...ignore them," Mahiru replied. "They might be in the way, but as long as we pay attention to where we're going, we should be able to avoid them. Let's keep going. We have to go to the park for something, remember?"

"Of course..." Hajime replied.

As Hajime and Mahiru looked around the area, they spotted something strange in the distance. There's a massive rock between the first and second island bridges. Carved at the top of the rock are several faces that resemble Monokuma.

"Was that rock formation always there?" Hajime asked.

"I don't know," Mahiru replied. "I didn't check that area the last time I was on this island. But I'm pretty sure those carvings weren't there before."

They're not sure what's going on with that giant rock, but they have a feeling that they shouldn't get too close to it. They then walk away from the rock and towards the entrance of the park. On the way to the park, they encountered the tiger Monobeast. This one is blocking the gate to the bridge that leads to the fifth island. Hajime jumped in fear upon seeing the Monobeast.

"Ah!" Hajime yelped.

"Okay, I'll admit it," Mahiru said as she stared sweating. "That's something you don't want to encounter."

"I don't think I want to approach that thing..." Hajime said. "It'll probably shred us apart if we look at it the wrong way."

"I'm not sure we should be fearful of that Monobeast, though," Mahiru said.

Hajime looked at Mahiru with a confused look. "What?" he asked. "What do you mean?"

"It doesn't appear to be paying much attention to us," Mahiru said as she looked at the Monobeast. "In fact, I think it's acting as if we don't exist. That is, as long as we don't break any of the rules. Still, having the Monobeasts guarding the gates to the bridges seems unnecessary. The gates are already blocked, so why do you want anyone to guard them? Ah, what am I saying? Let's keep going and ignore the Monobeasts for now." She then walked away from Hajime.

Hajime gave the tiger Monobeast one more nervous look, expecting it to do something to him. The tiger Monobeast looked around the area it was guarding. It can see Hajime, but doesn't react to his presence. It's acting as if he doesn't exist. Well, if that Monobeast is going to ignore him, then why should he pay attention to it? Hajime looked away from the tiger Monobeast as he walked towards the park, though he did look back once to make sure the Monobeast isn't chasing him.

Day 2 - 7:47 AM
Jabberwock Park, Central Island

Hajime soon entered the park, joining everyone who's currently in there. They appear to be looking up at something.

Kazuichi saw Hajime enter the park. He walked up to him.

"D-Did you see those monsters?" Kazuichi asked.

"Uh, of course I did," Hajime replied. "It's not like I can avoid seeing them."

"Those Monobeasts are the least of our problems," Mahiru said, "because we've got a bigger one up there." She pointed towards where the statue once stood.

Hajime looked to where Mahiru is pointing. He gasped upon seeing it. In place of the statue is a black, round object, shaped like the head of a bear. Attached to the object is what appears to be a timer. It reads, "20 Days, 4 Hours, and 12 Minutes Remaining." There is a seconds counter, and it's constantly counting down.

"W-What the hell?" Hajime gasped. "What is that thing?!"

"That wasn't there the last time we visited this park, was it?" Mahiru asked.

Hajime turned to Kazuichi. "Was that the thing you were warning us about?" he asked.

"Huh?" Kazuichi said as he turned towards Hajime. "Uh...yes! I was walking around this island trying to avoid you guys when I saw that thing in the park! If those monsters in front of the bridges didn't freak me out enough, this certainly does!"

"Who could've done this?" Chisa asked.

"It better not be that bastard bear," Kyosuke grumbled. "Ever since he showed up, everything has been going downhill. This is the last thing I want him to do to our school trip."

"But...what does that countdown even mean?" Sonia asked. "What's going to happen once the timer runs out?"

"Well," Monokuma began as he appeared behind everyone. "You see, once the timer runs out, the entire resort is going to blow up."

Everyone turned around and gasped as they saw Monokuma. They were shocked that there's a bomb planted in the middle of the resort, threatening to blow it up. Well, all except for Kazuichi, but he was already stressed enough.

"See?" Kazuichi said. "I knew that it was a bomb! We're all gonna die! We're all gonna be blown up!"

Kyosuke growled at Monokuma. "You bastard," he said. "Why did you do this to our school trip? Why did you rig this entire resort to blow up in a few weeks?"

"Puhuhu," Monokuma laughed. "You see, there is a reason why I did this, and that's to send a message to all of you. All vacations must come to an end, and this school trip is no exception. You only have a limited amount of time to enjoy your school trip while it lasts. But it's not just that I want to limit how long this vacation lasts. This timer exists to put even more pressure on you guys to kill each other and escape this resort."

"So you're doing all of this just to pressure us into killing each other?" Chisa asked. "Nonsense! It doesn't matter how much you pressure us. We're not going to kill each other! I'll make sure that everyone lives!"

"Are you sure about that?" Monokuma asked. "Can you trust everyone that they will refrain from killing each other?"

"Enough of this condescending bullshit," Kyosuke said. "You'd better stop talking right now or else!"

"Kyosuke!" Chisa gasped. "Don't attack Monokuma again! Do you remember what happened the last time you tried to do that?"

"Ah, look at you," Monokuma said as he laughed. "Your attitude towards reminds me of someone that I've met before. How funny. Even though you're a former student council president, you're no better than gang members."

Kyosuke growled angrily at Monokuma. He stepped towards him, but was stopped by Chisa.

"Kyosuke, stop," Chisa begged. "Don't do this! Don't let Monokuma get to you. He's trying to trick you into attacking him."

"Oh, so you've seen through my tricks, young woman," Monokuma said. "How disappointing. I really wanted to trick someone into attacking me again so that I can get my Monobeasts to kill someone to send everyone a message, just in case the demonstration destruction of one of my Monobeasts didn't make it clear. That punch to the gut is a warning punch, by the way."

Kyosuke clutched his gut, still feeling pain emanating from it.

"Now then, I'll be leaving you guys alone for now," Monokuma said. "Enjoy this vacation while it lasts. It's going to be the last one that you'll ever have. Oh, and one last thing. If I don't see a dead body within the next few days, then... Well, you'll see what happens when the time comes." He then vanished from the park.

After Monokuma left, everyone stood around the park, watching the timer slowly tick down. Well, it's not that the timer ticks down slower than usual. A second on the timer lasts as long as an actual second. The reason why it feels like the timer is slowly ticking down is that the timer is set to run out in several weeks. It's going to be quite a while before the entire resort gets blown up, assuming that it's actually a bomb. Even though everyone has plenty of time to enjoy their vacation, they're not sure about what to do with the time they have.

"Um...what should we do?" Sonia asked.

"The calamity that will destroy this paradise is far away from us," Gundham added. "Even with all this time, it is unclear how we should use our time."

Mahiru turned to Chisa. "Sensei, do you have any ideas?" she asked.

"Don't worry, everyone," Chisa replied. "Even though we have a limited amount of time to enjoy our vacation, we should still continue our normal activities. After all, we can only be on vacation for so long. Just pretend that the time limit doesn't exist. As long as we don't worry about any time limits, we should be fine."

"But...this is a killing game, too," Nagito added. "Someone has to die in a killing game in order for it to progress. What if Monokuma finds out that nobody has died?"

"Who knows?" Chisa replied. "Monokuma might put even more pressure on us to kill each other, but I won't let that stop me from making sure that everyone will survive!"

"Yeah, I get that," Mahiru said. "But don't we have more things to worry about? I know that we talked about this a few times before, but what's with this resort?"

"Good point, Koizumi," Chisa said. "This tropical resort is more mysterious than I would imagine."

"Clearly, these islands were once inhabited," Kazuichi said. "I mean, if it weren't for people, all of these buildings and paths wouldn't exist. This is supposed to be a resort, and yet there's no one running this place. There aren't even any tourists walking around other than us!"

"How is this possible?" Kyosuke asked. "How could a tropical resort be uninhabited? Based on how the resort looks right now, it appears that this resort was abandoned recently. But if an incident did really happened recently, then we should've known about it before going here. And yet, as far as I know, we don't know what happened to this place. Why is that?"

"Perhaps the civilization here collapsed not too long before we came here," Gundham suggested. "The civilization that was once here has met the fate that all civilizations will eventually face. It doesn't matter how long a civilization lasts. Calamity will eventually come to it."

"So...whoever was here...abandoned this place?" Mikan asked as she shook in fear.

"Going on an abandoned resort..." Ryota said as he shuddered. "That's not what I call a vacation..."

"But...why would people abandon this resort?" Hajime asked. "I don't see why anyone would abandon a resort and allow us on it."

"Maybe the people that were once here didn't abandon this resort," Hiyoko suggested. "Maybe...those Monobeasts killed everyone here!"

"AH!" Kazuichi screamed. "Not those monsters!"

"So the Monobeasts killed everyone on this resort?!" Nekomaru gasped. "That's how this island became uninhabited?!"

"T-Then...this resort...might be haunted as well..." Ryota said.

"Hmm...that is a possibility..." Chisa said. "However, I doubt that it's true. If those Monobeasts were to had killed everyone here, then we would've seen blood and signs of damages. But so far, I don't see any signs of any damage to this island."

"Then what made people abandon this resort?" Hajime asked.

"Ugh, this is so frustrating!" Ibuki said. "This resort is full of mysteries we couldn't possibly solve! Why can't we get an explanation?"

"Okay, so we have no idea why these islands are uninhabited," Mahiru said. "As far as we know, people abandoned this island for seemingly no reason.  That leaves us with another question: why are we on this resort in the first place? And why are we forced to play this cruel killing game?"

"I don't know what sane person would send sixteen people to some uninhabited islands and make us play this stupid killing game," Kyosuke said. "My only guess is that this is the work of an enormous organization."

Everyone stared at Kyosuke for a moment, wondering what he's talking about.

"An enormous organization?" Chiaki asked.

"It is clear to me that this was all set up by an enormous organization," Kyosuke explained. "This island resort likely wasn't constructed to even be a destination. It is meant to be the place where this killing game would take place in. That must explain why these islands are uninhabited."

"Plus, we have those monsters, Monokuma, and Usami to talk about," Kazuichi added. "The latter two must've been machines, right? Because there's no way those stuffed animal things should be able to do...whatever they were doing. Making those things work probably costs a lot of money, so whoever set up this whole thing must've had a lot of funding."

"That might be true," Chisa said. "After all, building this resort isn't cheap, even if it wasn't meant to be a destination. There's no way that this resort was built just for fun, as the construction quality seems...alright."

"Not only that, but there's also those cameras that are placed all around the resort," Kyosuke continued. "Whoever put us here also wanted to monitor us."

"So, my suspicious are correct after all..." Hajime said.

Akane growled and began cracking her knuckles. "Hearing all of this makes me so mad," she said. "It makes me wanna find those bastards that put us here and beat the crap outta them!"

"I don't think we can find the people behind this here on this island," Nekomaru said. "Whoever is behind all of this is probably hiding somewhere else."

"Like what?" Akane asked.

"I don't know," Nekomaru replied. "Maybe the mainland?"

"We're not sure where this organization could be hiding," Kyosuke said. "All I can say about them is that they both have a lot of money and a lot of influence. Only an organization that's on their level would be able to pull off something like this."

"So...what could this organization be?" Chiaki asked.

"There's one group that we can cross off our list of suspects," Kyosuke replied. "Hope's Peak Academy. They have plenty of money and, being a government funded program, it has a lot of influence. However, I doubt that Hope's Peak Academy is willing to send its students and staff members into a death game. Hope's Peak is a prestigious school, and if people discover that the school is pulling off stuff like this, there will be immense backlash. I can't imagine the school going low enough to be willing to do that."

"So...are there any other suspects?" Chiaki asked again.

"Unfortunately, I couldn't think of an organization who is able to do all of this," Chisa said as she walked around. "The only group that I could think of that could've done all of this is the Kingdom of Novoselic, where one of our students came from."

Sonia gasped in shocked when she heard that her kingdom is a suspect. "Huh? My kingdom?" she said. "Why, my kingdom would never do something like that! Sending their princess to a killing game? Why would they do that?!"

"Yeah!" Kazuichi said. "What kind of country betrays its own rulers? Miss Sonia is too kind to her people to be betrayed by her country!" He then glanced over towards Sonia. "Isn't that right, Miss Sonia?"

Sonia didn't react at all to what Kazuichi was saying. In fact, she didn't pay attention to Kazuichi at all. Kazuichi doesn't seem to be getting the memo, though.

Mahiru glared at Kazuichi with a disapproving look. "Haven't you heard of someone named Julius Caesar?" she asked. "Would you mind if I explain to you who he is? Actually, don't. This isn't the time to be doing that."

" it doesn't seem like the Kingdom of Novoselic is behind this," Chisa said. "How unfortunate. That was our only suspect."

"So, we don't know the mysterious organization that's behind all of this," Kyosuke said. "We also don't know what their intentions are in trapping us in a resort to make us participate in this killing game. Perhaps they have a vendetta against Hope's Peak Academy and wanted to kill us to get them furious. Perhaps we're a part of a social experiment to see how far we can be pushed before we resort to violence. Perhaps this is all just a cruel joke meant to mess with our minds."

"Regardless of this organization's intentions, we must remain on the lookout for any clues that can help us figure out who this organization is," Chisa told everyone. "Unfortunately, the areas of this resort that we have access to is currently limited. But don't worry. I'm sure more areas of the resort will be open to us over time. In the meantime, we'll go ahead and try our best to enjoy our school trip while it last. That countdown might seem scary, but we have plenty of time to spend before that bomb explode. It's best that we don't think about it too much."

"Ugh, that countdown is going to keep me up all night..." Ryota muttered.

"Y-Yeah..." Mikan replied, nodding in agreement with Ryota. "M-Me too..."

Chisa then clapped her hands. "Alright, everyone," she said. "I think we've spent enough time in this park. You're dismissed, everyone! You're free to walk around this resort for now!"

Everyone then walked out of the park, going off in their own directions. Well, everyone left except for Hajime. He remained in the park for just a little longer, continuing to stare at the timer as it counted down.

Hajime thought about the current situation for a moment. This is terrible, he thought. This resort is going to be blown up in a few weeks. Our remaining time is limited. Even if we weren't murdered by anyone or are caught as the culprit, all of us will die soon to this explosion. going to end soon...

Hajime then thought about how...fearless everyone seems to be when it comes to the countdown. Even Kazuichi, who was initially fearful of the bomb, soon overcame that fear. Ryota and Mikan, who are probably the most scared out of everyone doesn't seemed too stressed out about the situation. It felt...strange to him that everyone forgot about the time limit so quickly. Of course, that was because Chisa told them to not fear the bomb, but still. Despite the fact that everyone cannot fully trust everyone else, they still listened to Chisa.

Is that what being an Ultimate feels like? Hajime thought. To have the confidence needed to remain in high spirits even in tense situations? We are in a situation where we could all be killed at any moment, and yet most of us aren't worried about death. If this is what being an Ultimate feels like, then...what am I? Can I really say that I'm one of them? Do I even have a talent? I can't remember what my talent is. What is it supposed to be?

Hajime continued to think about the situation and what he should do. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much about the bomb, he thought. Even though this resort will come to an end, maybe I should use the time I currently have. Maybe I should live life to its fullest. Maybe...there is a point in doing something. I shouldn't be wasting my time thinking about the inevitable end. Instead, maybe I should spend the time getting to know my classmates on a deeper level. Yeah, that sounds about right.

After making his decision, Hajime walked out of the park, ready to start enjoying this school trip as best as he can. It might've been turned into a killing game thanks to Monokuma, but that won't stop everyone from having a great time. Hopefully, no one will give in to the temptation of taking someone's life in a desperate attempt to escape the resort.


Chapter Text

Day 2 - 9:30 AM
Beach, First Island

Hajime walked back to the beach on the First Island, where everyone's time on this resort began. He found Nagito in the beach, staring out into the open ocean.

"Hey, Komaeda," Hajime greeted as he approached Nagito.

Nagito turned around and saw Hajime. "Hey, Hinata," he greeted back. "Good to see you here!"

"I must say," Hajime said, "this has to be the strangest school trip I've ever had in my life."

"Yeah, I have to agree with that," Nagito replied. "With this school trip being turned into a killing game, the Monobeasts, Monokuma, and Usami, we are having the strangest school trip in history. I'm sure no other school trip will be close to this in terms of how unusual it is. There's no need to panic, though. Sensei has got this under control for now, so we should be fine."

Hajime chuckled nervously. "Yeah," he said. "We should."

Nagito then took a closer look at Hajime. He grew a little concerned. "Uh, Hinata?" he asked. "Is there something wrong?"

Hajime then stopped chuckling. "Huh...?" he said. "What are you talking about?"

"Sorry for asking," Nagito said. "You looked a little pale for a moment, so I asked to see if you're okay. I'll take that as a sign that you're fine. It'll be quite bad if one of us were to become sick. I know that we have a nurse, but I'm not sure I can trust Tsumiki. In treating my illnesses, I mean."

Hajime raised an eyebrow as he felt like there's about Nagito. "Don't you sound a little...ill?" he asked.

"What? No," Nagito replied. "I'm fine. My voice might sound a little weird, but I can assure you that I'm fine."

"Okay..." Hajime replied.

"Say, what about your talent?" Nagito asked. "Do you have any idea about what it could be?"

Hajime shook his head. "Not really..." he replied. "It might be too early for me to figure that out."

"That's fine," Nagito replied. "There's plenty of time for you to figure out what you're good at. You've just have to try a few skills and see what works best for you. I hope your talent isn't something disappointing like luck."

"What's wrong with having luck as a talent?" Hajime asked. "If you consider luck to be a talent in the first place..."

"The problem I have with luck is that it's too unpredictable," Nagito replied. "It can make any attempts at putting in effort meaningless. You can try as hard as you can, but if the universe is against you, you're not going to succeed. And if you do succeed, it can be difficult to tell if you succeed because you put in the effort or because you got lucky. There's no telling which is the case. In my opinion, luck just reduces the value of skill, because what good does skill does to you if luck can take you just as far with minimum effort?"

"I'm getting where you're coming from, Komaeda," Hajime replied. "I do get that it sometimes feels bad to see that your skills aren't being respected. But isn't luck also exciting sometimes?"

"You may see luck as something that can bring excitement to many scenarios," Nagito replied. "It may shake things up and force you to adjust your plans. But in my opinion, luck is more of a liability than an asset."

"But why do you think that way?" Hajime asked. "You're the Ultimate Lucky Student, right? So why do you see luck as more of a problem than anything else?"

Nagito paused for a moment to come up with an answer. "Let's...not talk about this any further, okay?" he said. "All this talk about luck and talent is dragging down the mood, and we can't be on a bad mood while we're on vacation. I know that we're in a stressful situation since we're in a killing game, but we have to listen to Yukizome, our sensei. I'm sure she can keep things under control."

Hajime grew a concerned look on his face as Nagito said that. It's true that Chisa can handle the situation despite her loss of authority, but what if Monokuma threw in something that not even she can handle? Hajime became nervous over how long Chisa will last into the killing game. Something tells him that she's not going to survive this.

"Uh, Hinata?" Nagito said. "Are you okay?"

Hajime snapped out of his thoughts. "What?" he said. "Uh, yeah. I'm fine."

"You were staring out into the ocean again," Nagito said. "You seem to be spending a lot of time in your own thoughts. That gives me an idea. What if your talent is the Ultimate Thinker?"

Hajime was bewildered by what Nagito is talking about. "Uh...what?" he said. "What are you saying?"

"I'm just trying to help you remember your talent," Nagito replied. "That's all. Well, if that doesn't work, then maybe we should try something else. Let's see if this works. How about...the Ultimate Clumsy Student?"

"That's like saying that you're the Ultimate Lucky Student," Hajime replied as he slumped forward. "Also, wouldn't that title fit Tsumiki more?"

"What about the Ultimate Scatterbrain?" Nagito suggested.

"Komaeda..." Hajime said.

"That still doesn't work?" Nagito asked. "Okay, then how about the Ultimate Ordinary Student? Does that work now?"

Hajime let out a sigh. "We're not going to get anywhere by doing this..." he said.

Nagito continued to throw possible talents at Hajime, thinking that he'll remember at least one of them. No matter how many times Nagito tried, Hajime was unable to find a talent that fits him well. Hajime eventually grew tired of this and decided to part ways with Nagito for now. The two boys then say goodbye to each other as Hajime exited the beach.

Day 2 - 9:40 AM
Rocketpunch Market, First Island

Mahiru visited the supermarket to try to find a snack to eat. During her visit, she noticed that the supermarket has some new products on display. Several survival gear can be seen sitting on a table that's covered in a cloth with a camouflage pattern on it.

"That's weird..." Mahiru remarked as she walked up to the survival gear. "I don't remember seeing those the last time I visited this supermarket. How did these things get in here? Oh well. It doesn't hurt to be prepared in case someone tried to murder me."

Mahiru leaned forward towards the table, wondering what she should pick up. "Let's see..." she muttered. "What do we have here? There's a gas mask, some night vision goggles, a protective vest, some durable cases, and some self-defense weapons. I'm not sure if I really need some of those right now. Maybe the night vision goggles would be useful if I'm going out at night, but why would I want to do that?"

As Mahiru wondered about if she should prepare herself for any murder attempts on her, another voice spoke from across the supermarket.

"Aw man," a girl complained. "There's not a single bag that doesn't have anything sour in them? Come on! Why won't these candy manufacturers stop putting sour stuff in their candies?"

"Huh?" Mahiru said as she turned towards the source of the voice. It sounded like Hiyoko is here as well. What is she doing in the supermarket? It sounds like she's looking for candy, but what kind? Mahiru decided to walk up to Hiyoko to find out.

Hiyoko looked around the candy shelf, trying to find something to take. Bags of gummy candies are placed all around the shelf. Even though there's plenty of bags for her to choose, she couldn't find anything that she likes.

"Aw man!" Hiyoko complained. "They don't even sell my favorite brand of candy? Bummer! I really like candies that don't have anything sour in them!"

"Hey, Saionji?" Mahiru greeted.

Immediately, Hiyoko looked away from Mahiru. "Go away!" she said. "I don't want to see you here!"

Here we go again, Mahiru thought.

"Look, I just wanted to talk to you," Mahiru said. "Can we have a moment to talk?"

Hiyoko refused to give an answer to Mahiru.

Mahiru looked towards the shelf Hiyoko was standing in front of. "You're looking for candy, aren't you?" she asked.

"Well, duh!" Hiyoko replied. "If I wasn't looking for candy, I wouldn't be standing here!"

"Okay..." Mahiru replied. "There's plenty of candies to be found here. What's the problem?"

Hiyoko grabbed a bag of gummy candy and pointed to the list of flavors. "This!" she said as she pointed to the lemon flavor.

Mahiru looked at the flavor Hiyoko was pointing at. "Really?" she said. "What's the problem with the lemon flavor?"

"The problem with lemon flavored candy is that they're sour!" Hiyoko replied. "I hate sour things! They leave a bad taste in my mouth! Ugh!"

"Well, I'm pretty sure the flavor isn't that intense," Mahiru said. "Every piece of candy in that bag probably taste the same."

"Nope! I don't like it!" Hiyoko shouted. "I don't like sour things! I don't care how intense the flavor is. As long as it's sour, I'm not going to even touch it!"

"Why don't you like sour things?" Mahiru asked.

"What? Didn't you listen to me?" Hiyoko replied. "Sour things leave a bad taste in my mouth! I hate it!" She then placed the bag of gummy candy back on the shelf.

Mahiru looked back at the shelf of candies. "Well, there are more kinds of candies in this supermarket," she said. "Some of them might not be sour. Why don't you go for them instead?"

"The only candy I like to eat are gummy candies," Hiyoko replied. "They're so soft and squishy and tastes great in my mouth. Except for the sour kinds. Those flavors are gross! I don't like to eat any other kinds of candy. They're not as good as gummy candy."

Mahiru let out a sigh. "Well, it looks like you'll have to settle for the candy this supermarket has in stock," she said. "Every bag of gummy candy has a sour flavor in them, so you're going to have to accept it. Oh, and would you mind if you share your candies with the others? I'm sure everyone will appreciate you more if you share."

Hiyoko rolled her eyes. "Fine," she said as she grabbed a bag of gummy candy. "I'll share some of my candy with you. But I'm only going to give you ones that are lemon flavored just so I don't have to eat them." She then walked out of the supermarket with a bag of candy.

Mahiru watched as Hiyoko walked away. She can tell that she will come out of this interaction with a sour taste in her mouth, literally. Hopefully, the lemon flavored candies don't have that intense of a flavor. Mahiru sighed as she walked after Hiyoko.

That is one cruel girl, Mahiru thought to herself. I hope her attitude improves over time...

Day 2 - 10:00 AM
Lobby, Hotel Mirai

Hajime entered the lobby of the hotel, wondering who's there for him to talk to. He found Chiaki in the lobby. Unsurprisingly, she's at the arcade cabinet playing a game. Hajime began to wonder if Chiaki is going to continue doing this for the remainder of the school trip. Perhaps Chiaki is able to talk to someone while she's playing a game at the same time. Hajime decided to talk to Chiaki to see if that's the case.

"Hey, Nanami," Hajime greeted.

"Give me a moment," Chiaki replied. "Let me finish this session before I can—" She was cut off when she saw that her spaceship got hit, exploding into pieces and ending her run. She sighed in disappointment. "Not again..." she said. "I lost focus for one moment and my run ended right there. I was on my way in getting close to my high score..."

"Oh..." Hajime said upon realizing what he had just done. "Sorry about that. I didn't mean to."

"It's alright," Chiaki replied. "I can do another run someday. Maybe I'll do better next time." She then turned around to face Hajime. "So, you're here to hang out with me, right?"

"Uh, yeah..." Hajime replied.

Hajime and Chiaki stared at each other for a moment, expecting the other to start the conversation. This is starting to get a little awkward. Maybe talking to Chiaki wasn't as great of an idea as Hajime initially thought.

"So...where should we start?" Hajime asked. "I don't know where to begin..."

"Sorry about the silence," Chiaki apologized. "It's just...I'm not used to situations like this."

"You've been playing video games a lot since this school trip began," Hajime remarked.

"It's true," Chiaki replied. "I play games whenever I can. I always carry my handheld console wherever I go, and I always go for an arcade cabinet if there are any around. But sometimes, I play games a little too much..." She then dozed off for a moment.

Hajime grew a little concerned about Chiaki. "Uh, Nanami?" he called. "Are you okay?"

"Ah!" Chiaki said as she woke up. "Oh, sorry. I think I fell asleep for a moment."

"Have you not been sleeping well?" Hajime asked. "I get it. We're kind of in a stressful situation at the moment..."

"It's more than that," Chiaki replied. "Sometimes I stay up way later than I should while I'm gaming at night. It's a habit that I don't think I'm able to shake off anytime soon. Plus, I keep on getting nightmares every night, so that affects my sleep quality."

"Can you tell me about your dream last night?" Hajime asked.

"Well, I can't tell you the exact details," Chiaki replied. "I forgot some of the things that happened in my dream, and others I want to spare you the pain of listening. But basically, I just watched someone get cooked alive."

Hajime shuddered upon hearing Chiaki's dream. "That's...a terrible way to die..." he said.

"It's like we're in a cooking show," Chiaki continued, "where the loser gets cooked alive, dying as a result. It would be a cruel game show. No one would approve a game show that kills off its participants if they lose. This killing game is just like the cooking show I was describing. It wouldn't be a fun game to play because you'll die if you fail."

"Yeah, I agree..." Hajime replied.

"I don't like games that aren't fun to play," Chiaki said. "If you make a game that people don't have fun playing, then you've failed as a developer. But the fun can also be drained by the players, too. Some players focus on winning over anything else, and so will optimize the fun out of a game. I'm not the type of player who likes to do that. If I try to optimize, I would find myself constantly worrying that what I'm doing is not the most optimal thing to do. That's why, when I play a game, I try my best to find enjoyment out of it because having fun should be the main point of a game."

"I see," Hajime replied. "It's no wonder I find myself not having fun when I play some games. I worry too much about trying to succeed rather than having fun."

"Yep, winning a game should be a secondary goal when playing a game," Chiaki said. "Sure, it can be fun to win a game most of the time, but it can be fun to lose a game as well. If you lose, you can look back at what you were doing and spot any mistakes you might've made that costed you a win. By doing that, you learn from your mistakes and improve your skills. Most of the time, it's your mistakes that costed you a win. But other times, it's factors that are outside of your control that made you lose..."

"Yeah..." Hajime said as he looked back to when he started this conversation. "Sorry for interrupting you while you're playing a game. I should've waited for you to stop."

"It's alright," Chiaki replied. "I often find myself playing games for long periods of time, and I don't stop myself. I'm used to having others making me end my sessions."

"Okay..." Hajime said. "So, quick question. What genre of games do you like playing?"

"Oh, that's an easy question for me to answer," Chiaki replied. "I like to play many kinds of games. Sports games, puzzle games, action games, adventure games, and so on. I even like to play games that are weird. Those are fun to play, even more so than the more grounded games. But, I'm not good at all kinds of games."

This surprised Hajime. Even though she's the Ultimate Gamer, there are still some games that she's not good at. Hajime wondered what Chiaki isn't good at out of curiosity.

"So...what is it?" Hajime asked.

Chiaki doesn't seem to be comfortable revealing the answer. She put her hood over her head to try to hide her discomfort. "...I won't tell you," she replied. "It's...something that I usually keep to myself..."

Day 2 - 10:18 AM
Outdoor Area, Hotel Mirai

On the way out of the hotel, Hajime encountered Mahiru near the cottages. Mahiru looked like she just ate something that she regretted eating. Hajime wondered what happened to Mahiru and what did she ate.

"Oh, hey Koizumi," Hajime greeted.

"What?" Mahiru said as she turned around. "Oh, it's you, Hajime." She then look off to the side and sighed. "Ugh, that tasted horrible. Why did I agree to do that?"

"Uh, is there something wrong?" Hajime asked.

"It's not much," Mahiru replied. "I just had a snack with Saionji, and now I have a sour taste in my mouth."

"What did you eat as a snack?" Hajime asked out of curiosity.

Mahiru just shook her head. "I don't want to talk about it..." she replied. She then walked away from Hajime without saying another word to him.

Hajime watched as Mahiru walked away from him. He was left wondering what Mahiru just did that left her with a sour taste in her mouth. Clearly, Mahiru had just ate some food, but what kind of food did she eat? A citrus that has a strong sour taste?

"Hey, you!" Hiyoko said.

Hajime turned around towards Hiyoko. He was surprised to see her there. "Uh, Saionji?" he said. "What are you doing here?"

"I was just in my cottage enjoying my favorite snack," Hiyoko replied. "The gummy candy on this resort is great! They're not the exact brand that I usually eat, but they're good enough! I like them so much, I want to go to the supermarket again to grab another bag! Want to join me? I don't mind!"

Hajime got a bit uncomfortable at the idea of heading to the supermarket to get some candy. "Uh, I'm not sure if I want to do that..." he replied.

Hiyoko ignored what Hajime said and continued on as if she didn't hear anything from him. "I'll share my candy with you if you come with me," she said. "I'll only give you the ones that are sour just so I don't have to eat them myself."

Hajime began to wonder if he should spend time with Hiyoko. He's pretty sure that everyone still has to collect Hope Fragments, even though reaching the goal probably doesn't do anything. After all, when Monokuma came in, he didn't say anything about abolishing the Hope Fragment system. Even during a killing game, everyone has to hang out with each other to order to collect Hope Fragments. At the same time, there are some students that Hajime doesn't want to hang out with. Hiyoko is one example, as she didn't leave a good first impression when he met her in the ranch. Perhaps it's best if he tries to avoid her if he can.

"I'll...pass," Hajime replied. "I'll just...go somewhere else instead." He then quickly walked out of the hotel area.

"Hey! Wait!" Hiyoko shouted. "Come back! I wanted to see the look on your face when you eat a sour piece of candy! It's going to be so hilarious! Seriously, the candy on this resort has some strong flavors added to them! You should give them a taste someday!"

Hiyoko waited for Hajime to come back and listen to her. She's eager to have another bag of candy and to share them with others, particularly the sour ones. It appears that Hajime didn't listen to her, as he didn't return after a while. Hiyoko groaned in disappointment. She really wanted to see someone's reaction to how sour the lemon flavored candies are. She soon walked back to her cottage to plan her next action.

Day 2 - 10:25 AM
Usami Ranch, First Island

Gundham returned to the ranch to look at the cows that Usami had summoned yesterday. He looked disturbed at how...normal the cows seemed to be even though they came out of nowhere. He felt like there should be about those cows.

"Do these bovines not realize that they're supernatural?" Gundham muttered to himself. "They don't seem aware of their unusual status. I must investigate their energy signatures further."

Gundham was about to enter the field to check on the cows again, as well as find the chicken that had mysteriously vanished when the cows appeared. He focused on the cows first since those stood out to him. He reached out his hand to try and read their energy signatures. Before he could get any readings, someone came in and interrupted him.

"What are you doing here?" a girl asked.

Gundham quickly turned around towards the source of the voice. "Who goes there?!" he shouted. "I demand that you explain your—" He stopped himself when he saw who came to the ranch. It was Sonia.

Sonia tilted her head as she wondered what Gundham is doing. "Are you...taking care of these animals?" she asked.

"What? No," Gundham replied as he covered his mouth with his scarf. "I'm not looking after these bovines. I was just checking their energy readings."

Sonia stared at Gundham for a moment, thinking about something else entirely. "I guess that kind of makes sense," she said. "If you're looking after farm animals, you need to know what they're feeling to know how to take care of them. Ah, so this must be what being a farmer is like! I never knew that farmers also have a lot of responsibilities!"

Gundham rapidly shook his head. "No, Miss," he said. "You're not getting this right. This isn't what it looks like at all! I was just—"

"Taking care of these animals?" Sonia asked. "Is that what you were doing?"

Gundham is starting to get frustrated that Sonia is misinterpreting what he's doing right now. True, he is the Ultimate Animal Caregiver, but that doesn't mean that farm animals are also his specialty. In fact, farm animals are his least favorite type of animal to interact with, as he felt like they're destined to be eaten.

"You know, for most of my life, I have no idea what the people below me were doing to support my kingdom," Sonia said. "I never interacted with anyone outside of my royal family and those who serve them. In fact, I never had any friends who are equal to be in status other than my family. Going outside of my castle and seeing what life was like as a commoner has made me appreciate the work they're doing. Without commoners, a country will collapse."

"That's...true..." Gundham replied. "If the highest order does not look after the needs of the many, calamity will soon come."

Sonia nodded her head in agreement. Then she looked off into the distance and sighed. "You know, it bugs me how the people running a country are out of touch with the common people these days. They appeal to the rich and powerful instead of the people that really matter: commoners. Without the support of commoners, the people will revolt and overthrow the people in charge. That's what happened to France in the early 1800s. The commoners are getting tired of being treated unfairly."

"What was the cause of this uprising?" Gundham asked.

"Well, to tell you the truth, there are many reasons why the French Revolution happened," Sonia replied. "The first was that everyone in general was getting smarter. When you are more educated, you become more aware of the issues going on around you and how to address them. The commoners saw that there's a problem with how the regime is run, and knew that they had to take action to change things for the better."

"And what was the issue that the common men saw?" Gundham asked.

Sonia then went on to explain the other causes of the French Revolution. She talked about the concentration of power held within the elite at the time, the inability for French farmers to feed the growing population, the poor harvest that struck France at the time, and high taxes that are imposed to pay for the cost of the war against Britain. These factors, along with frustration that the commoners had with the regime, lead to them revolting against the ruling family. Gundham was shocked to hear this information.

"So...the common men...were pushed hard enough to bring down the royal family?!" Gundham asked.

"Yes," Sonia replied. "Many people died in that revolution. It took France years to get out of this era of crisis. It's...sad to see how ignoring the needs of the common people can lead to a country's downfall. I learned all about the instances while I was being trained to become a princess. In my country, I must prioritize the needs of the people over my own needs. If I don't, then my country will soon collapse."

"All civilizations are destined to collapse someday," Gundham said. "But those who choose wisely shall live long lives, while those who choose poorly shall be doomed to fall soon."

Sonia nodded in agreement with Gundham. "Yes, that's true," she said. "I wish leaders today would not do policies that only appeal to the rich and powerful. They're going to set their country up for failure if they keep on ignoring the needs of commoners." She then realized how badly she felt saying that. "Oh, sorry if I'm bringing the mood down a little. I was just talking about how important commoners are to the health of a country. Well, I think I should be going for now. See you later, Tanaka. And take care of those animals!" She then walked out of the ranch.

Gundham watched as Sonia got out of the ranch. He felt a...strange feeling growing inside him as he kept his eyes on Sonia. He pulled his scarf to cover his mouth and cheeks.

" this...feeling?" Gundham asked himself. "That woman...she's giving me this feeling. Could she be...the golden goddess that shines upon my darkened heart?"

Gundham's hamsters popped out of his scarf. They looked at him, wondering what he's talking about. They make squeaking noises, as if they are talking to him.

"I don't know, my Dark Divine Beasts," Gundham said. "I may have to watch out for her."

Gundham then went back to checking on the cows.

While Sonia was walking away from the ranch, she encountered Kazuichi. Kazuichi perked up as soon as he saw that Sonia is walking towards.

"Oh, hey!' Kazuichi greeted. "Miss Sonia! Oh, it's such a relief to see you here. Hey, can we talk for a moment?"

Sonia didn't say anything to Kazuichi as she walked right by him. She didn't even pay any attention to him.

"Miss Sonia?" Kazuichi asked as he watched Sonia walk by him without giving him any attention. "Hey! Miss Sonia! I'm right here!" He waved his arms in the air as he tried to get Sonia's attention.

But no matter how hard Kazuichi tried, Sonia just won't put her focus away from her destination. Kazuichi was left disappointed that he didn't get to talk to Sonia.

"Aw man..." Kazuichi groaned. "Why does this have to happen to me?"

Day 2 - 11:20 AM
Restaurant, First Island

Nekomaru sat down at a table in the restaurant, waiting for Teruteru to finish making lunch. He stared at the entrance to the kitchen, wondering when Teruteru is going to bring out some food. While he was waiting, Akane entered the restaurant from outside and walked up to the table where he's sitting at.

"Hey, Coach," Akane greeted as she took a seat. "What's up?"

Nekomaru turned towards Akane. "Oh, hey Owari," he greeted back. "I'm just sitting here waiting for lunch to come."

"Wait, it's almost lunch now?" Akane asked. "Man, I picked a great time to come here! I wonder what we're going to have for lunch. I bet that we're gonna have a lot of meat!"

"Oh, is that you, Owari?" Teruteru asked as he peeked his head out of the kitchen. "I'm sorry to say this, but today's lunch is not going to feature a lot of meat. It's not my fault. This kitchen is stocked up with less meat than usual, so you're going to have to settle with what I have for now."

Akane slumped forward in disappointment. "Aw man..." she groaned. "I was looking forward to eating a big slab 'o meat..."

"Although, if you really want some meat," Teruteru began to suggest, "you can always try that big hunk of meat that's sitting across from you."

"Hanamura, knock it off," Nekomaru said. "Don't give Owari any ideas. Also, shouldn't you be making food for lunch? Our classmates are going to arrive soon and they expect food that's ready to eat!"

"Oh, right," Teruteru said. "I almost forget what I'm supposed to do." He then went back into the kitchen.

Nekomaru sighed as he shook his head. "Ugh, we should really watch out for Hanamura," he said. "He's creeping me out."

"What's wrong with that chef?" Akane asked. "He's the one who makes all the food. Why should we worry about him?"

"Just..." Nekomaru said before pausing for a moment to collect his thoughts. "Just...make sure that Hanamura doesn't touch you in your...private parts..."

"What private parts?" Akane asked again.

"Never mind," Nekomaru said.

"Okay, fine," Akane replied. "I was wondering what's up with the chef, but whatever. He seems to be taking a while to make the food. Oh! That gives me an idea! Hey, Coach, how about we fight each other while we wait for our food?"

Nekomaru was shocked to hear that Akane wants to start a fight. "What?!" he gasped. "Are you serious, Owari?"

"Of course!" Akane replied with a grin on her face. "I always wanted to challenge tough opponents! Now that the rabbit is not in control anymore, we can now start fights with each other, right?"

Nekomaru let out a heavy sigh. "Owari, that rabbit's name is Usami," he said. "Her job is to keep us safe while we're in this school trip. But now that she no longer has full control over this school trip, we have to be careful. We're now in a killing game where we either get murdered, or die trying to get away with murder."

Akane raised an eyebrow. "So what?" she asked. "That rabbit's been preventing us from having any fights, and now she can't stop us from doing that. What's the problem with being allowed to fight?"

"Listen, Owari," Nekomaru replied. "I know that you're eager to get into a fight with someone, but you have to be careful. Everyone is concerned that someone's going to murder another person. They're going to prepare themselves for any murder attempts. If you attempt to attack anyone, they'll most likely mistake you as trying to murder them. They will probably accidentally murder you when they're trying to defend themselves."

"So what?" Akane asked. "I'm not asking to fight anyone. I'm just asking if I could fight with you since you look tough."

"But if the others walk into us while we're fighting, they might mistake us for trying to murder each other," Nekomaru replied. "Everyone is paranoid right now. We can't trust that the others will see our sparring matches as just us having some fun."

"Aw, come on!" Akane groaned. "I'm getting tired of hearing all these excuses about why we shouldn't fight each other. Why can't we have a fight now?"

"Owari, I'm going to teach you an important lesson," Nekomaru said. "You need to understand when it's appropriate to start a fight and when it's not appropriate. If you're doing sports like boxing or martial arts, then it's okay to start fights as long as you do it in a designated arena. The audience will understand that fighting is the whole point of those sports I mentioned, and is more likely to accept it. On the other hand, it's not okay to start a fight if everyone around you is paranoid about getting murdered. If they saw you having a fight, they won't see that fight as a friendly sparring match. You understand all of that?"

Akane stared at Nekomaru for a moment, not getting what he said. "What?" she asked. "What did you say? All I heard was a lot of words that I don't understand."

Nekomaru sighed in defeat. It looks like Akane is too dense to know when it's a good time to start a fight.

"Lunch is ready!' Teruteru announced from the kitchen. "I'm bringing out the food now!"

Akane's mouth then started to water. "Ah, finally!" she said. "We have lunch now! Great! So, what's for lunch? There might not be much meat, but I'll take what's there!"

Day 2 - 3:00 PM
Kyosuke's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

Kyosuke walked around his cottage, wondering what to do next. He is muttering to himself over what happened yesterday and this morning.

"Curse that bear..." Kyosuke muttered. "He ruined this school trip." He then placed his hand in the area where Monokuma punched him. "I must find a way to end that bear's life, one way or another."

As Kyosuke continued to walk in circles, he heard someone knock on his cottage's front door.

"Who is it?" Kyosuke asked.

"Kyosuke?" Chisa said from outside the cottage. "It's me, Chisa. Can I come in?"

Kyosuke then walked towards the door and opened it up. He saw Chisa standing outside his door.

"Thank you," Chisa said as she walked into the cottage, taking off her shoes in the process.

Kyosuke watched as Chisa walked towards a chair to take a seat. "Yukizome," he said. "What are you here for?"

"It's Chisa, remember?" Chisa replied. "Anyways, can we have a moment to talk? There's something that I want to discuss."

Kyosuke stared at Chisa for a moment before deciding to take a seat with her. "Sure," he said. "So, what's your talking point?"

"First off, how are you feeling right now?" Chisa asked. "Is your stomach feeling alright now?"

"I'm fine," Kyosuke replied. "It won't be long before I make a full recovery."

"Ah, so you're recovering faster than I expected," Chisa said. "That's good. So...can I ask you something?"

"What is it?" Kyosuke replied.

"Well, we did meet during our time in Hope's Peak Academy," Chisa recalled. "We were a part of the 74th Class, right? Am I missing something?"

Kyosuke tapped himself on the head as he tried to remember his time in Hope's Peak Academy. "That...might be true..." he replied. "I...can't remember what we did during our time in Hope's Peak Academy other than our meeting."

"Me too," Chisa replied. "I'm trying my hardest to remember what I did at Hope's Peak Academy, both as a student and as a staff member. But all I'm getting is a lot of nothing. Other than our meeting, I do remember that I'm the teacher for this class. That's...all I can remember."

Kyosuke pondered for a few more moments. "...Do we have classmates while we were attending Hope's Peak?" he asked. "I know that we're both classmates, but I think there is a third person who is a member of our little group."

Chisa continued to ponder about her time in Hope's Peak Academy. "You might be right, Kyosuke," she said. "I think I remember that we're close friends with a third person. I can't remember what their name is, what they look like, or what their talent is."

Kyosuke felt that his head was straining from thinking too hard. "What is going on?" he asked. "Why can't we remember our time in Hope's Peak Academy?"

"I don't know," Chisa said. "Has anyone else talked about that? Does anyone have any memories of attending Hope's Peak Academy?"

"Not that I know of," Kyosuke replied.

"Hmm, this school trip is stranger than I thought," Chisa remarked. "We have no memory about how we got to this resort, no memories of attending Hope's Peak Academy, and we're stuck playing a killing game. Is there any ways this school trip can get any stranger?"

"On top of that, we lost our authority..." Kyosuke added.

"Ugh, that Monokuma..." Chisa grumbled. "Since when is he the headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy? I've never heard that the previous headmaster has chosen their successor. Why is he the headmaster? What kind of headmaster would choose someone as cruel as him to be their successor? Did they not realize how much trouble Monokuma is going to bring?"

"I wish there is a way to stop that bear from causing any more trouble than he caused," Kyosuke said. "But we can't. Defying him is impossible. If we try to defy him, we'll be destroyed by those monstrous robotic beasts. On top of that, he has rigged this entire resort to explode in a few weeks! Ugh, this is so frustrating. That bear has always brought trouble wherever he goes..."

Chisa put her hand on Kyosuke. "Kyosuke, I know how you're feeling right now," she said, "but this isn't the time to be frustrated. If we wanted to have a chance of surviving this killing game, we must remain strong and not let Monokuma control our actions and emotions. His motivations are clear. He wants us to betray and kill each other. If we deny him any dead bodies, he will not get what he wants from us."

"But...Yukizome—" Kyosuke tried to speak, but Chisa put her finger over his mouth.

"Don't worry, Kyosuke," Chisa assured. "I will make sure that nobody dies. I don't care what motives Monokuma throws at us to try to get us into murdering each other. As long as I'm alive, there won't be any dead bodies. Understand?"

As nervous as he was, Kyosuke nodded his head. He has a feeling that not everyone is going to survive this killing game no matter what they do, but he can trust that Chisa will make sure that everyone survives for as long as possible.

"Good," Chisa said as she pulled her finger away from Kyosuke. "Well, I think that's enough talking for now." She then stood up from her seat. "I'm glad that we got to have a chance to talk to each other, Kyosuke. I'll be seeing you soon." She then walked out of the cottage, putting her shoes back on shortly before opening the door.

Day 2 - 10:00 PM
Hajime's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

After a long day of hanging out with the students, nighttime eventually came. Before the nighttime announcement could begin playing, everyone returned to their cottages to sleep for the night. They were about to fall asleep just as when the nighttime announcement played. But when the clock strikes 10:00, instead of a nighttime announcement, a different announcement began playing.

*Ding-dong, ding-dong!*

"Ahem! Attention, everyone!" Monokuma announced. "The School Trip Committee has an important announcement to make!"

"What committee?" Usami shouted from off-screen. "There's no such thing as—"

"Hey! Shut up!" Monokuma shouted back. "I'm trying to do an announcement! Ahem. Apologies for the interruption. Now, where was I? Oh, right! So, are you ready to have some fun, everyone?"

"Everyone was already having fun!" Usami shouted. "Why are you trying to interfere with them?!"

Monokuma ignored Usami as he continued the announcement. "Good!" he said. "I have prepared something just for you! Come to Jabberwock Park at the Central Island to see it! Try not to miss this special event!"

"Why don't you just save this...whatever you're preparing for tomorrow?!" Usami shouted. "It's nighttime! Let everyone get some sleep and—"

Monokuma got off the chair and walked off-screen. A slap was soon heard.

"Ow!" Usami yelped.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up, you stupid rabbit?" Monokuma asked. "You know what? I'm not going to leave you here all by yourself! I'm taking you with me!"

Monokuma was then seen dragging Usami away.

"Help me!" Usami screamed as she was seen getting dragged across the screen.

After Usami went off-screen, the monitor turned off, ending the announcement.

Hajime groaned as he heard the announcement. "Seriously?" he said. "Again?! We were just there this morning! Why do we have to go there again?!" He then let out a scream of frustration. It's not even two days since this killing game began and already it's starting to take a toll on his mind. When will Monokuma stop interfering with their school trip? When will he just leave them alone for just a single day?

Chapter Text

Day 2 - 10:12 PM
Outer Road, Central Island

The tired students and chaperones made their way towards the park in the Central Island, feeling anxious as they pass by the Monobeasts that are guarding the bridges. Everyone looked annoyed at how they were rudely awakened by Monokuma just as when nighttime was about to begin. They began to talk as they walked towards the park.

"What is Monokuma up to this time?" Mahiru said in an annoyed tone. "Why does he want us in the park again? Does he not realize how many times we went to that place?"

"I'm starting to get tired of this..." Hajime groaned. "When will we have a normal day in our school trip?"

"Hinata, I don't think Monokuma is going to let us have a single normal day," Nagito replied.

"H-How long...must I go...with little...sleep...?" Ryota said, looking like he could fall asleep at any moment.

"J-Just m-make sure you get p-plenty of sleep tonight..." Mikan advised.

"What could be waiting for us at the park?" Kyosuke asked.

"I sure hope it's nothing too dangerous..." Chisa replied.

Soon, everyone arrived at the entrance of the park and entered through it.

Day 2 - 10:15 PM
Jabberwock Park, Central Island

As soon as everyone entered the park, they saw something new that wasn't there the last time they came here. It looks like Monokuma has added a stage in front of where the statue once was. This doesn't seem remotely promising, considering that there's a bomb that's about to blow the entire resort up in plain view. Everyone became confused when they saw the stage.

" that?" Kyosuke asked.

"Oh, that's a stage," Ibuki replied. "Yeah! I can play my music now! Oh wait, I think I forgot to bring my guitar here..."

"I don't think this stage was set up for anyone to perform in," Mahiru said.

"Really?" Ibuki asked. "Well, if it's not there for me to play music, then what is this stage for?"

"Based on the announcement we got tonight," Chisa said, "my best guess is that the stage was set up for Monokuma to perform in."

"Ugh, that bear..." Kazuichi said as he nervously gripped his head. "Just...what does he have in store for us tonight?"

Suddenly, Monokuma showed up. This time, he's wearing a suit and tie.

"Oh look, you're all here," Monokuma said.

"AHHH!" Kazuichi screamed.

Hajime groaned as he saw Monokuma. "Oh dear, not this again..." he said.

Chiaki took a moment to observe Monokuma. She saw that he's in an outfit now. "Um, what's with the suit?" she asked. "Why are you dressed like that?"

"Oh, this suit?" Monokuma replied as he pointed to himself. "I'm wearing this suit for my upcoming comedy routine!"

"A comedy routine?" Nekomaru said in reaction.

"Hmm, that sounds interesting," Sonia said. "I wonder what a comedy routine looks like. I've never been to one before."

"I don't think we'll find any comedy in his routine..." Ryota said.

"What are you taking about?" Monokuma asked. "Of course my comedy routine is funny! You'll laugh at how funny is it!"

"Yeah, we'll laugh," Nagito said. "...At how much you fail at comedy! Am I right, everyone?"

The park fell into awkward silence as everyone stared at Nagito, wondering what he just said.

"Seriously?" Monokuma said as he stared at Nagito. "You think my comedy routine would fail at its job? Come on! It'll be funny! If you don't find my comedy routine funny, then you need to change your standards because you have no taste in comedy!"

"No, that's wrong!" Mahiru shouted. "We won't find your comedy routine funny not because we have no taste in comedy, but because you've caused nothing but trouble for us ever since you arrived! Knowing what you've done to this school trip, there's no way we'll find anything you do funny!"

"What do you mean I've caused nothing but trouble?" Monokuma asked. "I'm not the one who put you into this resort. It's that stupid rabbit who brought you all here!"

"True, Usami might be the one who brought us all to this resort," Chisa said, "but it was you who turned our school trip into a killing game! Also, that rabbit's name is Usami. You'd better remember that!"

"Listen, bear," Kyosuke said as he took a step towards Monokuma. "You'd better stop what you're doing right now, or else—"

"Or else you'll get punched in the gut again!" Monokuma countered, stunning Kyosuke. "And then, since you're becoming stubborn in trying to defy me, I'll have the Monobeasts come to your location and shred you into pieces!"

Kyosuke gritted his teeth as he looked at Monokuma. He felt that his gears were grinding with every action Monokuma took.

"Ahem," Monokuma said as he cleared his through. "Now, where was I? Oh, right! The comedy routine! Speaking of that stupid rabbit, I'm going to have her be a part of my comedy routine! Now, if she arrives here soon, then we can start this comedy routine! Hey! Stupid rabbit! Where are you? I know you're hiding here somewhere!"

Usami then peeked her head from behind the stage. She appears to be wearing a dress that she's not comfortable wearing. She shook nervously as she walked from behind the stage.

"Ugh, I hate wearing this dress," Usami complained. "Why do you have to do this to me, Monokuma? Why?"

"Hey! Quit complaining, you stupid rabbit!" Monokuma shouted. "Just get on the stage already, or I'll force you on it!"

Usami whimpered as she climbed on top of the stage. Monokuma then joined her on the stage.

Monokuma tapped on the microphone to check if it's working. The sound of him tapping the microphone boomed across the park, making everyone jump in shock. He then put his mouth near the microphone and spoke to it.

"Greetings, everyone!" Monokuma said. "Welcome to my Side-Splitting Comedy Show! I'm Monokuma, and I'm ready to present to you the funniest jokes you'll ever see! Joining me in this show is a very special guest! I won't tell you her name because she's a stupid little girl, but she'll be a part of my comedy show! Say hi, stupid rabbit!"

Usami walked up to the microphone and looked at everyone with a worried expression. She tried to come up with something to say, but her mind ended up blank.

"Uh...what am I supposed to say?" Usami asked. "W-We didn't...practice for this, did we? W-Where's the script? Do you even have a script?"

"Scripts?" Monokuma asked. "What scripts? Do we even need a script for this comedy routine! We don't! We'll just have to improvise a comedy routine!"

"I-Improvise?!" Usami gasped.

"Yep!" Monokuma replied. "We're improvising! You know, some of the most famous lines were improvised by actors. Those lines weren't in the script at all, and yet the producers decided to throw the line in because it's funnier than what the writers originally came up with. Why male models? Didn't I explain that just a moment ago?"

Everyone stared blankly at Monokuma, wondering what the hell he just said. No one laughed at what they had just witnessed at all, as they have no idea what the joke actually is.

"...I have a feeling that this is going to hit rock bottom," Gundham muttered, sensing that this comedy routine will not end well.

"Now, allow me to demonstrate my amazing mind-reading abilities!" Monokuma said.

"You can read minds?" Usami gasped. "What are you? A psychic?"

"Watch, as I guess my partner's favorite food!" Monokuma continued. "Hmm...let's see. Is your favorite food..."

"Hey! I'm a rabbit!" Usami said. "You know what rabbits like to eat, right?"

"Is" Monokuma began.

"Oh, you're getting there!" Usami said, expecting Monokuma to say a certain thing.

"...viar?" Monokuma finished.

Everyone cringed upon hearing that twist. Most of them were...disgusted to put it lightly.

"Wow, what a lame joke," Hiyoko commented. "That's not even funny."

"Hwah?!" Usami gasped. "You eggs?! Gross! I'd never eat any fish eggs!"

"Wait, no," Monokuma said. "That's not right. Caviar is way too high class and expensive for someone like you."

"Come on, you can do it!" Usami said. "It's not that hard to figure out what my favorite food is!"

Monokuma then gave a shrug. "Oh well," he said. "Guess my mind-reading abilities aren't as reliable as I thought. Maybe I don't have the ability to read a person's mind. Anyways, moving on!"

"Wait, don't move on!" Usami begged. "We're not done with-"

"Now it's your turn to come up with a comedy skit!" Monokuma said as he pounded Usami in the back. "Come on. Say a joke or something."

"What? I can't do that!" Usami protested. "I mean, I would do that if you didn't come in and ruin this school trip!"

"I ruined this school trip?" Monokuma asked. "What are you talking about? This school trip was already ruined when I got here. It's boring and lame! I just added some spice to this school trip! Isn't this much more exciting now?"

"What's so funny and exciting about making people kill each other?!" Usami cried. "There's no way that it can be funny!"

"Hey, did you know that laughter can be a good self therapy method when you're in harsh situations?" Monokuma asked. "It's proven that lightening things up can really improve your mood!"

"You'll look like you're going insane if you're doing that!" Usami countered. "How is that a healthy coping mechanism?! Ow!"

"Ugh, you stupid rabbit," Monokuma said, groaning in annoyance after he slapped Usami. "Quit complaining! You're ruining this comedy show by constantly complaining about it!"

"This comedy show isn't even good in the first place!" Usami shouted. "Look, nobody is laughing! If your intent is to make everyone laugh, then you've failed at your job!"

Monokuma decided that he had enough of Usami complaining and punched her in the face. Everyone gasped as they saw Usami fly across the stage.

"Oh no!" Ibuki cried. "Usami!"

"That's it!" Akane declared. "I had enough of this!"

Nekomaru put his hand in front of Akane, stopping her before she could get close to the stage. "Owari, stop it right there!" he ordered. "You remembered what will happen to you if you dare try to attack Monokuma, right?"

Akane stopped trying to resist Nekomaru when she remembered the consequences of defying Monokuma. "Oh...right..." she said.

"You could've gotten yourself killed right there," Kyosuke said.

"Well, that was a close one," Chisa said as she sighed in relief. "But do you really have to do that to Usami, Monokuma? Give her a break! She's been suffering ever since you showed up and turned this school trip into a killing game!"

Monokuma turned around and faced the audience. "Oh, I'm only doing you a service," he said. "Because, I'm not the real bad guy in this story. That stupid rabbit is."

Everyone gasped when they realized that Usami might not be what she really is.

"Wait...what?" Hajime said.

"That...doesn't make any sense!" Mahiru said. "How could you say that Usami is the villain here? All she's trying to do is give us a fun time, and you ruined it!"

"Oh, you think that the stupid rabbit is the good guy here?" Monokuma replied. "Don't be fooled. She might look like a cute little bunny on the outside, but on the inside, she's secretly your biggest enemy."

"Usami is our biggest enemy?" Hajime asked. "But...why?"

"Well," Monokuma began, "it's because she's the one who took away your memories."

Everyone was left shocked when this is revealed. They don't want to admit it, but it's true. They had lost their memories before coming to this resort. Hajime then realized that this might explain why he doesn't remember his talent. Unlike everyone else, Hajime's talent was probably accidentally removed from him prior to his arrival at this resort. Meanwhile, Kyosuke and Chisa looked at each other, realizing that this might be the reason why they can't remember their time in Hope's Peak Academy.

"W-What...did you say...?" Usami said from offstage.

"But wait!" Monokuma continued. "There's more! She didn't just stole your memories of how you got to this resort, she also stole your memories of the time you've spent in Hope's Peak Academy!"

"Say what?!" Usami gasped.

"Phew, thank goodness I decided to reveal this early," Monokuma said. "I'm sure that you'll all realize this someday. Revealing this twist is inevitable once you guys think about it. That's why I decided to spare you the trouble and just reveal this as soon as possible. Seriously, memory loss plots are to be expected these days. Only a total fool would put that twist at the very end of their story! Seriously, I need to get a list of all the cliches that we've used so far so that I can know what not to use ever again!"

"Wait, wait, wait!" Ibuki said. "Something's not right here! How could you say that we've lost our school memories? I remember entering Hope's Peak Academy, then I found myself inside a classroom, and then I...find myself in this...resort..." Her voice trailed off as she realized that there's something off about her train of thought. "Oh..."

"See that?" Monokuma asked. "You can't remember what happened between you being outside Hope's Peak Academy, you being inside a classroom, and you going on this school trip. Those gaps in your memories are all thanks to that rabbit. Think about this for a moment. How long has it been since you guys first entered Hope's Peak Academy? And for the adults in the group, since when were you hired to become staff members of Hope's Peak Academy?"

"Well, it clearly has to be around two years since Kyosuke and I graduated from Hope's Peak Academy," Chisa replied. "Otherwise, I wouldn't be the teacher of this class."

"And what could've happened within those two years?" Monokuma asked.

Chisa was left stunned in silence as she found herself unable to respond to that question.

"Face it, everyone," Monokuma said. "A lot can happen within two years. Even a single year is a long time to go through. Can you think about what could've happened within two years? What happened to your friends? Your families? Are they worried sick about you? Are you worried sick about them? And what about the outside world? What could've happened to it?"

"T-This is getting too much!" Kazuichi shouted. "I refuse to believe that I lost my school memories!"

"H-How many projects...did I forget about...?" Ryota asked himself. "There' many things...I have not finished yet... THERE'S TOO MUCH WORK I'M MISSING!"

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it, I don't believe it... Teruteru muttered to himself over and over again.

"T-This has to be a l-lie, right?" Mikan asked. "O-Our school memories being s-stolen from us...that's a lie, right? A-Are you doing a-all of this j-just to make us look like f-fools?"

"No, I think he's right..." Hajime said, causing everyone to turn towards him. "We are missing our school memories and the memory of us arriving on this resort. Does...anyone remembered what happened before we found ourselves on this resort?"

"If I recall correctly, we started outside the main building of Hope's Peak Academy," Mahiru replied. "When we entered through the front door, we suddenly found ourselves in a classroom with no memory of how we got there."

"Is that the point when we lost all of our school memories?" Ibuki asked.

"Puhuhu..." Monokuma laughed. "That's right. Your memories from the moment you stepped into Hope's Peak Academy have been completely removed. Only a few fragments of your memories remain in your mind, and none of them are relevant!"

Ryota wobbled as he stood and clutched his head. "Ugh, my head..." he said. "It light..."

"Is it from your lost memories?" Ibuki asked as she felt herself becoming dizzy. "Yeah, my head is feeling light, too. Maybe if we get our memories back, we could get our heads back to normal."

"Oh, you all want your memories back?" Monokuma asked. "Well, you're in luck! I will give your memories back to you someday! However, in order to regain your memories, I'm going to ask you to do something for me."

"Do what?" Sonia asked. "Do we have to gift you something special? I know that I had received gifts from my subjects."

Chiaki is starting to have a bad feeling about this. "No, that's not it..." she said.

Everyone turned to Chiaki, wondering what she meant by that.

"That's not it?" Chisa asked. "What do you mean by that?"

Chiaki hesitated for a moment before she revealed that Monokuma is really asking everyone to do. "If we want to get our memories back," she said, "then we...have to kill each other."

"That's right!" Monokuma said. "All you have to do to regain your school memories is to kill someone and get away with it! It's that simple!"

Everyone was shocked that Monokuma made another way of getting people into killing each other. They can't believe that they had to kill another person if they wanted to get their memories back. Many of them wondered if this is a good offer to begin with. They formed questions about this offer. Is it worth running the risk of being exposed for one's crimes to try to get their school memories back? Why did Usami remove their school memories? What was she trying to achieve?

Kyosuke gritted his teeth when he realized why Monokuma organized this event in the first place. "So this is all a ploy to get us into learning what our other motive is," he said. "That clever bear..."

"Dammit, what kind of motive is that?!" Akane shouted. "We can only get our memories back if we kill someone?! That's...nonsense!"

"Jeez, why are you so angry?" Monokuma asked as he looked at Akane. "You do want to get your school memories back, right? You want to escape this resort, right?"

"Wait, what?" Hajime asked in confusion. "What did you just say?"

"Oh, that reminds me," Monokuma continued. "I'm restoring your school memories in addition to letting you escape this resort if you managed to murder someone and get away with it! That's right, it's a two for one deal! I'm such a generous bear, aren't I?"

Usami then crawled her way towards the front of the stage. She looked at everyone with panicked looks in her eyes. "E-Everyone!" she cried. "Please! D-Don't listen to Monokuma! What he will give you if you fall for his motive will not be what you think! Restoring your memories would be—!"

Monokuma noticed that Usami is nearby. He turned towards her and started to beat her up again. "Hey! Shut your mouth up, you stupid rabbit!" he said. "Nobody will listen to you because they know that you're the villain! They won't trust your words! They'll only trust mine."

"Ahhh!" Usami screamed as Monokuma continued to attack her.

Chisa decided that she had enough of this. She took a step forward towards Monokuma and pointed at him. "Monokuma, stop!" she ordered. "That's enough!"

Monokuma then stopped beating up Usami and turned towards Chisa. "Hey, what are you trying to do?" he asked. He then kicked Usami away offstage. "Didn't I take away your authority? And how dare you ordered the headmaster to do something? Haven't you remembered who's in charge now?!"

"I don't care if I lack the authority to stop you, Monokuma," Chisa said. "Your ramblings and promises will not convince any of us to commit murder! We will all live until that timer runs out! And by then, we will figure out a way to get out of this resort that doesn't involve murdering people!"

Monokuma then let out a sinister giggle. "Oh, are you sure about that?" he asked. "Are you sure that nobody will try to kill each other to get their memories back and to escape this resort?"

"Of course I do!" Chisa replied. "I'm the teacher of these students! It is my job to take care of them and make sure that they're safe! I'll do anything to prevent a murder from happening. Anything!"

"Oh, you silly teacher," Monokuma said. "Do you really think you can prevent any murder from happening?"

Chisa didn't respond with anything. She remained confident that there won't be any murders on this resort.

"Let me tell you the truth about this situation, miss," Monokuma said. "You can't. You can't prevent a murder from happening. It's impossible."

Chisa wasn't shocked by this. She remained firm in her belief. "And what makes you think that?" she asked.

"Look around you," Monokuma said. "Including you, there are sixteen people participating in this killing game. It's inevitable that someone will develop the urge to kill someone to escape this resort and get their memories back. And when that happens, there's no turning back. Plus did you even think about how impossible of a task trying to prevent a murder would be? There's fifteen other people in this killing game. How are you supposed to look after fifteen people at once?"

"Yukizome isn't alone in this," Kyosuke said. "She's also got me to help her watch over the students. Looking after these students isn't as hard as you thought."

Monokuma ignored what Kyosuke said as he continued to talk. "On top of that, there is one more thing that I must mention to all of you," he said. "There's a traitor hiding among you."

Everyone was left stunned in silence when Monokuma revealed that there's a traitor.

"H-Huh?" Hajime said.

"W-What are you saying?" Mahiru asked. "What do you mean that there's a traitor among us?"

"Pay attention, everyone," Monokuma said. "You guys barely even know each other, right? It's only been a day since you guys met each other. You probably don't even know each other's true nature. Those faces that they're showing to you? They're probably faking it. They're pretending to be your ally, helping you throughout this killing game. And then, when the opportunity comes, they'll betray you and stab you in the back! Can you truly trust anyone now? Are you absolutely sure that the person next to you won't betray you? If you want to survive this killing game, then you'd better watch your back because someone is going to murder you. Who is trying to murder you? Perhaps it's the traitor hunting for you. Or maybe you're the traitor yourself. Or maybe neither of you is the traitor. Who knows. The traitor is irrelevant to the current motive, but you still have to watch out for them. Puhuhu..." After making that speech, Monokuma disappeared from the park.

Monokuma's sinister laughter had already ended, yet everyone felt like he was still laughing. His voice ringed in everyone's head as they stood there, thinking about the current situation and what they should do.

"...Is it true?" Mikan asked. "Is there...really a traitor among us?"

"I-I don't know who this traitor is or w-who they're working for," Ryota said. " thing is clear. It's definitely not me!"

"That's the type of excuse a real traitor would say," Hiyoko said. "Isn't that right, you little twig?"

Ryota yelped as Hiyoko accused him of being the traitor.

"Hey, Saionji!" Mahiru said. "We can't just accuse someone of being the traitor yet. We haven't gotten any evidence!"

"But we have to know who could be the traitor so that we can watch out for them," Nagito said. "I don't like it when I get caught by surprise."

"So...who could be the traitor?" Hajime asked.

"Hey! Traitor!" Nekomaru roared. "Show yourself! You're not helping your case if you remain silent!"

"I don't think finding the traitor would be that easy," Kyosuke said. "Whoever the traitor is, they don't want to reveal their status. They know that if they did, they would become a target."

"Hey, can we please stop talking about who the traitor could be?" Chisa asked. "We do know that we had lost our school memories before we came to this resort. The gaps in our memories are the proof that this is the case. But a traitor hiding among us? That can't be true."

"So, are you thinking that what Monokuma said are just lies?" Chiaki asked. "Did he really say all of that just to trick us into taking certain actions, like murdering each other?"

"If that's the case, then I don't know who to trust!" Kazuichi said as he gripped his head. "Well, there is one person I can trust, and that's Miss Sonia! Hey, Miss Sonia! I can trust you, right?"

Sonia said nothing in response to Kazuichi's question. In fact, she didn't turn her head towards him. It's as if Kazuichi isn't here in her eyes.

"Come on!" Kazuichi shouted. "Just say something to me, Miss Sonia! Look at me!"

"Quit trying to get the attention of someone, Soda!" Mahiru said. "You're going to make yourself annoying in their eyes!"

"Is...there any point in trying to get the attention of someone, though?" Hajime asked. "Whoever we're trying to talk to could be the traitor..."

Mahiru turned around and faced Hajime with a puzzled look on her face. "Excuse me?" she said. "What did you just say?"

"Look, we're in a rough situation right now," Hajime replied. "I'm...not sure if I can talk to anyone anymore. Everyone is thinking about getting their memories back. They're wondering what happened to their loved ones at the moment. They're probably plotting a murder right now. Or worse, they could be the traitor..."

Usami then crawled her way back on the stage. "E-Everyone!" she shouted. "Please, listen to me! I'm begging you. What Monokuma said about me isn't true!"

Everyone turned their heads towards the stage. As Usami is currently talking, everyone is wondering if they should listen to her or not. Monokuma did say that she's the villain for taking away their memories. Then again, he is the one who put them into this mess in the first place, so can they trust his words too?

"I-I'm not the villain here," Usami said, sounding like she's close to breaking into tears. "I was only trying to help you! Please! Don't listen to Monokuma! Don't fall for his promises! And don't worry about the traitor! They're—"

Before Usami could finish, Monokuma appeared right behind her. This time, he showed up without the suit he wore.

"Oh, I almost forgot about you!" Monokuma said. He then grabbed Usami. "You're not leaving this park without me!"

"Wait!" Usami cried. "Let me go! Let me goooooooo!" Usami's voice faded away as she disappeared along with Monokuma.

"Well, that was certainly a lot to take in," Gundham remarked.

"What should we do now?" Chiaki asked. "There' many questions about this that needs answering..." She then yawned from exhaustion. "Oh, it's way past my bedtime... I'm so sleepy..."

"Looks like we have to go to sleep for now," Chisa said. "Everyone, return to your cottages. Remember to go to the restaurant as soon as you can. We'll be holding a meeting tomorrow morning. Everyone got all that?"

Everyone in the park nodded their heads in agreement with Chisa. They soon walked out of the park and returned to their cottages. In the background, the timer on the bomb continued to count down. At the time when everyone left the park, it reads, "19 Days, 13 Hours, and 10 Minutes Remain".

Day 2 - 11:05 PM
Hajime's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

Hajime had many thoughts about what he had learned as he tried to fall asleep. It was a struggle to get those thoughts out of his head. It was at this point when a strange thought crossed his mind that made him worry.

The traitor, Hajime thought. Could they be...someone who isn't like the others? As in...they don't remember their own talent? If that's the case, I the traitor...?

Hajime then shook his head at the idea that he's the traitor. No...that can't be right, he continued to think. I don't remember making an agreement with someone to spy on these people. Wait, did I? No, that's not right either. I would never do something like that, right?

After a long struggle, Hajime finally pushed these thoughts out of his head. He didn't really care about these thoughts. They were only keeping him from falling asleep. After pushing away these intrusive thoughts, Hajime closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Day 3 - 7:05 AM
Outdoor Area, Hotel Mirai

*Ding-dong, ding-dong!*

The monitor turned on, showing footage of Usami crying while on a chair.

"Go ahead, you stupid rabbit," Monokuma said from off-screen. "Say something to wake everyone up."

"I-I can't..." Usami said in between her sobs. "I can't do it..."

"What the matter with you?" Monokuma asked, acting oblivious to the damage he caused to Usami's mental state. "Do I have to do the morning announcements from now on?!"

Usami can't bring herself to respond.

"Fine!" Monokuma declared. "I'll do this morning announcement myself!" He then appeared on screen in front of Usami. "Good morning, everyone! Looks like today is going to be another—"

The monitor turned off before Monokuma could finish making the morning announcement.

A few minutes later, Hajime walked out of his cottage and made his way towards the hotel's restaurant. On the way there, he encountered several of his classmates. The first person he encountered was Nagito, who was standing there in front of the cottage door.

"Ah, good morning Hajime!" Nagito greeted.

Hajime raised an eyebrow when Nagito called him by his first name. "Huh?" he said in confusion. "Did you just called me by my first name? Was that a mistake?"

"What? No," Nagito replied. "I just figured that we're close enough friends to call each other by our first names. You and Mahiru looked like you knew each other for quite a while."

"It's not like that at all," Hajime replied. "Koizumi only used my first name because—"

Nagito ignored what Hajime was trying to say and continued to talk. "You know, it's good that we get to make friends with the others," he said. "Even if we know that they're probably not going to survive this, it's still a good thing that we form connections with others. It's how we can get through anything, even in this terrible situation. Being loners won't get us anywhere, after all."

"Yeah, that might be true..." Hajime replied. "But still, calling each other our first names when we only know each other for a few days kind of feels weird. Maybe we should wait a few more days before we get to that."

"Hey, we're on a time limit, remember?" Nagito said. "We don't have much time to make friends here. We either die at the hands of one of our classmates or along with this entire resort in the explosion. It's best that we try to live our lives to the fullest while we can. Got it?"

"Uh..." Hajime replied, unsure if he should agree with Nagito or not.

"Well, I think that's enough talk for now," Nagito said. "I should be going to the restaurant. See you there, Hajime!" He then walked towards the hotel main building.

"Wait! Komaeda!" Hajime shouted, trying to get Nagito to come back. But Nagito continued to walk towards the main building as if he didn't hear anything. Hajime felt disappointed. He had more things to talk about with Nagito. It looks like breakfast is starting soon. Maybe it's best if they save that conversation for later. Hajime went after Nagito towards the restaurant for breakfast.

In front of the entrance of the hotel's main building, Hajime encountered Mahiru. Mahiru looked like she had a rough time last night, as her hair looked messy.

"Good morning, Hajime," Mahiru greeted.

"Whoa," Hajime said, shocked at Mahiru's current appearance. He then cleared his throat as he remembered what he should say. "Uh, good morning, Koizumi. W-What...happened to you?"

"It's nothing much," Mahiru replied. "I didn't get much sleep last night. I had a lot of questions in my mind about what we learned. I don't know if we'll ever find the answers to these questions."

"Yeah, there are a lot of things to think about..." Hajime replied.

"We should probably clear our minds of these thoughts for now," Mahiru suggested. "All this thinking has taken away the feeling that this is a school trip and that we should be relaxing. You know what, just to clear our minds, I'm going to plan a party."

"A party?" Hajime said, looking puzzled at Mahiru's suggestion. "Are we seriously going to have a party while we're at risk of being murdered?"

"Hey, at least it'll keep everyone's minds occupied," Mahiru replied. "Any potential killers will get distracted by any parties. Let's see...what do we need for this party? Some desserts and tea would be nice. Oh, and by the way, I'm only inviting the girls to the party."

Hajime was shocked to hear that none of the boys are going to be invited to the party. "Wait, what?" he gasped.

"Sorry, but if you want to have a party with just the boys, you'll have to plan for that yourself," Mahiru said. "Are we clear about that?"

"S-Sure..." Hajime replied.

"Good," Mahiru said. "Now, if you would excuse me, I'm going to head to the restaurant. I suggest that you go there too." She then walked away and climbed the stairs that lead directly to the restaurant.

Hajime remained in place for a moment to wonder what Mahiru is going to do with the girls at her party. She did say that she's doing this to clear everyone's minds of the killing game, but is there more to the party than what she said? Maybe this is an excuse to have some girl talk. What do girls even talk about these days? The boys will never know.

Hajime continued to walk towards the restaurant. On the way there, he went past three students who appears to be talking about sleeping habits.

"L-Look, Mitarai..." Mikan said. "Y-You can't continue to sleep like that!"

"I know..." Ryota replied as he wobbled in place. "But...I-I can't sleep... There's...too much for me to think about!"

"Y-You should take a nap after breakfast," Mikan advised. "I-If you don't, y-you're going to get too t-tired to do anything!"

" long did you sleep last night, Mitarai?" Chiaki asked. "I slept for seven hours last night."

"T-That's still one hour short of the recommended daily amount," Mikan replied. "You need to get a little more sleep every night, Nanami."

"L-Like I said, I can't sleep last night," Ryota replied. "I-I don't think I slept at all. Maybe for less than an hour..."

"Less than an hour?!" Mikan gasped in shock.

"H-Hey, cut me some slack!" Ryota cried. "I-I was just s-stressed out last night, okay?"

As Hajime continued to watch the three students talk about sleep, he began to hear voices coming from behind him. He turned around and saw Hiyoko being dragged to the restaurant by Chisa, with Kyosuke walking behind them.

"Let me go!" Hiyoko shouted as she struggled to free herself. "I don't want to go to the restaurant! Let me stay in my room and eat my sweets!"

"You'd better stay off of candy for now, Saionji," Chisa said. "Eating too much sugar can be bad for your health."

"Uh, yeah!" Mikan shouted. "Sensei is right! A-Also, too much sugar can be bad for your teeth!"

"Who are you two?!" Hiyoko shouted. "My doctor? Don't tell me what I should do without my permission! I eat what I want to eat!"

"Ugh, kids these days," Kyosuke said as he rolled his eyes. "Some of them just kept refusing to listen to the advice of adults. When will they learn?"

Everyone in the area watched as Chisa and Kyosuke walked up the stairs to the restaurant, taking Hiyoko with them.

"Hey, that reminds me," Chiaki said. "Shouldn't we be in the restaurant by now?"

"Oh...r-right..." Ryota said.

Everyone in the area then continued their way to the restaurant.

Day 3 - 7:30 AM
Restaurant, Hotel Mirai

"H-Here you go, everyone..." Teruteru said as he revealed what's for breakfast to everyone.

Everyone looked at what Teruteru had made for breakfast. The food...wasn't exactly what they were expecting from someone titled The Ultimate Chef. The food looked edible, but it's not like what he had served earlier.

"Seriously?" Nekomaru asked. "Is that the best you can do, Hanamura?"

"Look, you have to excuse me there," Teruteru said. "I was tired, okay. I had a lot of thoughts going through my head last night. I couldn't get some nice quality rest..."

"Whatever," Akane said, not caring about the food's quality. "It's just food. I'll take it!"

"It...looks like food that common people would eat," Sonia remarked. "How nice! Now I get to have a taste of what common people would eat!"

"I swear, you're the weirdest princess I've ever met..." Mahiru said.

"Alright, is everyone here?" Chisa asked. "Let's see...we have..." She then proceeded to count the amount of people that are currently present. She counted 15 people in the restaurant. Considering that they started out with 16 people, that's concerning. "We're missing one person. It's Soda again."

"This is going to be a trend, isn't it?" Kyosuke asked. "We're always going to be missing one person and it's going to be the same one every time."

Chisa groaned in frustration. "Ugh, that boy," she grumbled. "I swear, he's the most cowardly person I've ever met. Has anyone seen Soda this morning?"

"Maybe somebody killed him in the middle of the night," Hiyoko suggested. "See, I told you that he's going to be the first person to die!"

"Saionji!" Chisa shouted. "Don't say things like that! You're going to send us into a panic if you say that again!"

"Should we go look for Soda?" Mahiru asked.

"Actually, we don't have to look for him," Nagito said as he looked out the window. "I can see Soda coming here right now!"

"Really?" Chisa asked.

Sure enough, Kazuichi ran into the restaurant. He appears to be out of breath from running all the way here.

"Sorry I'm late," Kazuichi said. "I just...overslept."

"Ah, Soda!" Chisa said, sighing in relief. "You're here! Thank goodness. You had us worried for a moment. Anyways, you're not late, Soda. We'll be starting our discussion as soon as everyone is finish with their breakfast. Go ahead and get some food. You're going to need it for our upcoming discussion."

Everyone then proceeded to eat their breakfast for the day. While most of the students finished their meal within a reasonable amount of time, Akane just can't resist getting more food after she had emptied her plate, which just delayed the discussion. Everyone wondered how much food she could eat before declaring that she's full. Instead of waiting for Akane to eat all the remaining food, everyone decided to just start the discussion. It doesn't appear that Akane would provide much to the discussion, so her lack of participation isn't seen as an issue.

"Alright, everyone," Chisa began as she clapped her hands together. "Let's start this discussion right now! Before we begin, I like to review our current situation. We're currently stuck playing a killing game thanks to Monokuma. If we wanted to escape this resort, we'll have to murder someone else and get away with our crime. In addition to allowing us to escape this resort, Monokuma will also restore our lost memories."

"Wasn't Usami trying to warn us not to fall for the motive?" Chiaki asked. "She was panicking over Monokuma restoring our school memories."

"Why would Usami worry about that?" Kazuichi asked. "I mean, Monokuma did say that she's the one who stole our school memories. Getting back our school memories can only be a good thing, right?"

"That might be good for some..." Chiaki said. "But...I feel like there's a reason she doesn't want us to have our memories restored."

"Huh? Why would you think that?" Kazuichi asked.

"The vault of memories contains things that our feeble minds would wish to never tread again," Gundham replied. "Perhaps it's best if those parts of the vaults remained locked to our minds."

Ryota and Mikan expressed some discomfort. Their eyes were drawn to each other, as if they had sensed that they had something in common.

"Yeah, sure," Ibuki said. "Some of are missing our most uncomfortable memories of Hope's Peak Academy, but most of us do have good memories of that school!"

"But remember, we have to get away with murder if we want our school memories restored," Mahiru said. "This isn't a simple question if we should get our school memories back or not. The real question is, are we willing to risk our lives to get our lost memories back?"

"Not only that, but Monokuma also revealed that there's a traitor among us..." Hajime added. "We have them to worry about as well..."

"This is just way too much for us to worry about," Nekomaru said. "Is there any way for us to clear our minds of these worries? I think I'm about to take a shit from all this thinking."

"Just hang in there for a little longer, Nidai," Kyosuke said. "There is a way for us to clear our minds."

"Oh yeah?" Kazuichi asked. "And what's that?"

"We're going to have a party," Kyosuke declared.

The entire restaurant fell into stunned silence when Kyosuke declared that he's going to host a party.

"A what?" Akane asked with her mouth stuffed full of food.

"Whaaaat?" Ibuki gasped. "A party?"

Kyosuke nodded his head. "Of course," he said.

Mahiru stood up from her seat. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," she said. "Hold it right there, Munakata-sensei!"

Kyosuke turned his head towards Mahiru and raised an eyebrow. "What is it, Koizumi?" he asked.

"You're thinking about holding a party?" Mahiru asked. "I'm doing the same thing, too! I'm going to invite all the girls into the party!"

"Whaaaat?" Ibuki gasped again. "There's going to be two parties! That's great! Um...which one do I go to? I can't decide."

"Wait, so you're planning a party too?" Chisa asked. "With just the girls?"

Kyosuke covered his face with his hand and shook his head in disapproval. "Koizumi, did you even think about this?" he asked. "You're going to exclude the boys in the party. Who knows what they could do during the party? They could be murdering each other, and we can't let that happen on this resort. Everyone must be present at the party. It's the only way we can keep track of everyone at once."

"Seriously? You're asking the boys to come to the party too?" Mahiru asked. "No way! My party is for girls only. I won't allow any boys to come in!"

"But if we don't invite the boys, they will be left without any supervision," Kyosuke countered. "We must invite them to the party too."

"No, we don't!" Mahiru countered back,

"Yes, we do!" Kyosuke countered again.





"You two! Enough!" Chisa shouted, causing Mahiru and Kyosuke to stop arguing. "There is a solution to this! We can have the girls have their own party while the boys can have a separate party. That way, everyone can be... Well, I was going to say happy, but perhaps the better word to use now would be 'fine'."

Kyosuke stared at Chisa for a moment. "Yukizome, what kind of a solution is that?" he asked. "It might seem better than what Koizumi was suggesting, but we're still separating the boys and the girls."

"Say no more, Kyosuke," Chisa replied. "We don't have to supervise everyone all at once. We can split which students we're responsible for between the two of us. I'll be attending the girls' party, while you'll be attending the boys' party. Does that sound good?"

Kyosuke was unsure of what to say in response to Chisa.

"Okay, so we're having a party soon," Kazuichi said. "That's cool, but why are we partying? This isn't really the time when we should do things like that..."

"Hey, we're trying to clear our minds of this killing game," Mahiru replied. "This is starting to really stress us out, and we're not on this school trip to be stressed. We have to enjoy our school trip while it lasts. We don't have infinite time, you know."

"Even so, there are a few more questions about this party that needs answering," Hajime said. "Like...where will this party take place? And when?"

Kyosuke walked up to one of the windows and looked outside. Some of the students walked up besides him to see what he's looking at. Their gazes pointed to the old-looking building nearby.

"...There?" Mahiru asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Yes, that building," Kyosuke replied. "That looks like a good place to host a party."

"But...why there?" Hajime asked. "Doesn't that building look a little old? Why can't we just have a party here in the restaurant?"

"Uh, sorry if I didn't tell you guys this earlier," Teruteru said, "but the restaurant and the kitchen are some of the areas that are closed off at night. As the chef, I have access to those areas outside of daytime, but only within one hour before the morning announcement plays."

"Speaking of that, when will the party take place?" Sonia asked. "How long will the party last?"

"The party will last all night long," Kyosuke replied.

"All night long?!" Ibuki gasped. "That's a long time to be in a party! Ibuki might like to be in parties, but even she has her limits!"

"Plus...what about sleep?" Mikan asked. "If we're going to party all night long, we're going to have to go an entire night without sleep!"

"Don't worry, Tsumiki," Chisa assured. "I'm sure everyone will take a nap before the party starts. They'll have enough energy to last them the entire night!"

"Okay, but what about the place where we're going to party?" Mahiru asked. "It's that old looking building, right? Isn't that place closed off to us? If I recall correctly, it's been closed off for renovations."

Suddenly, Usami appeared in the restaurant. "Oh...good morning everyone..." she said.

"Oh! Usami!" Chisa said. "You came here!"

Usami looked around the restaurant with pained looks in her eyes. "I've...heard're all planning a party..." she said in between sobs. "Y-You were the old building, right?"

"Yes, we are," Kyosuke said. "We're planning to use that for an upcoming party. It's currently closed off to us, though. Mind if you help us with that?"

Usami wiped away the tears in her eyes and nodded her eyes. "Yes," she replied. "If this party will help strengthen your bonds, then I'll allow it. I'll...grant you access to the old building. It's...the only thing I can do..." She then went out of the restaurant.

"Okay, so we now have access to the old building," Mahiru said. "But we still need to prepare for the party. Of course, Hanamura will be the one who prepares all the food, but what about cleaning? That old building looks like it's been abandoned for a while. We should get it cleaned before we use it for a party."

"Ah! It's obvious who should be cleaning the old building!" Chisa said as she raised her hand. "As the former Ultimate Housekeeper, I'm going to be the one who—"

"No, Yukizome," Kyosuke said. "You're going with me."

Chisa looked at Kyosuke with a confused look. "What?" she said. "Why?"

"You said that you're not going to allow any murders, correct?" Kyosuke said. "This party will be a good way to make sure that doesn't happen, but we will need to prepare ourselves for a murder attempt just in case. We can't afford to let our guard down, not just yet."

"But...Kyosuke—" Chisa tried to say.

"Don't argue against me," Kyosuke said. "I need you to stay by my side as we're preparing for the party. Understand?"

Chisa thought about it for a moment before letting out a heavy sigh. "Fine," she said. "I'll go with you, Kyosuke. But that means that someone else will have to clean the old building instead of me. Who wants to take that job?"

"I'll do it!" Sonia replied. "I have never done something like 'cleaning' before. Usually I have servants do the dirty work for me. I'm looking forward to do any cleaning. It'll be a fresh experience for me!"

"No way, Miss Sonia!" Kazuichi shouted. "I won't allow a beautiful princess's hands to get dirty! She's too good to handle jobs like that!"

"Why don't you do it, you greasy rat?" Hiyoko suggested.

"Me?!" Kazuichi gasped. "I'll probably make things worse! I'm terrible at cleaning!"

"Oh, just as I expected," Hiyoko said. "You're too nervous to do any cleaning! By the way, I'm not going to do it either. It'll get my kimono dirty."

"Wait, so nobody's willing to clean up the old building?" Chisa asked. "But somebody has to do it or else we won't be able to use the old building. How can we pick someone to clean the old building if no one else wants to do it?"

"Why don't we choose someone using a random drawing?" Nagito suggested.

"A random drawing?" Hajime asked. "That might be a good idea, but how are we supposed to do that?"

"Write down a bunch of names on slips of paper and put them all in a jar?" Hiyoko asked. "Don't make me laugh! And if you're going to do that, then you'd better not put my name on it!"

"Actually, I've already prepared a drawing ahead of time," Nagito said as he reached into his coat pockets. He pulled out a bundle of chopsticks. "I figured that we'll encounter a situation like this someday, so that's why I prepared this drawing. I have marked one of the chopsticks with a red mark. Whoever has the chopstick with the red mark will be in charge of cleaning."

"Okay, that's cool and all," Chisa said, "but don't you need to remove a few chopsticks? Not all of us will be available to clean the old building."

Nagito looked at his bundle of chopsticks and saw that there are 16 chopsticks. "Oh, right," he said in realization. "That's okay. I'll just remove three of the chopsticks. The adults won't be available and Teruteru would be too busy preparing food to clean the old building."

Teruteru was surprised to hear Nagito use his first name, even though the two of them had barely interacted with each other. "Huh?" he said. "E-Excuse me?"

"That reminds me," Chisa said. "Since we all had spend some time together in Hope's Peak Academy, we should be close enough to each other to be comfortable calling each other by their first names. Is it okay if we switch to that instead of sticking to last names? Especially you, Kyosuke. When will you stop calling me by my last name? We've spent years together, remember?"

The restaurant fell into silence for a moment as everyone looked at each other. They began to wonder if this is such a good idea since they only knew each other for just a few days at this point. They were classmates during their time in Hope's Peak Academy, so perhaps this isn't a bad idea.

"Enough talk," Gundham declared. "Let us entrust our destinies to the whims of fate!"

"Okay, everyone!" Nagito said. "Go ahead and take a chopstick! Except for you, Teruteru, and the adults. Be sure to only take one!"

Everyone then took turns pulling a chopstick from Nagito. Most of them made sure not to peek at what chopstick they're pulling out as to not cheat. When everyone was done pulling chopsticks, they looked at their chopsticks to see the results. The person who is chosen to clean up the old building is...Nagito.

"What?" Nagito gasped. "I'm left with the red mark?"

"Phew, what a relief," Kazuichi said, letting out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness I wasn't chosen to clean up that old building."

"Aw..." Sonia said in disappointment. "I didn't get the red mark..."

"Well, at least we have a loser doing the dirty work instead of me!" Hiyoko said.

Nagito then let out a sigh. "Well, it can't be helped," he said. "At least I'm pretty good at cleaning, so the old building won't be a mess when the party starts."

"You seem like you'll make a good stay-at-home dad...Nagito..." Mahiru said. Her voice trailed off at the end of that sentence. "That's going to take a while to get used to..."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Nagito replied. "So, where are the cleaning supplies?"

"You can find the cleaning supplies in the janitor's closet downstairs," Chisa replied.

"Ah, thanks," Nagito said. "I'll see you tonight, everyone!" He then walked to the stairs and went down them.

"Okay, that's most of the things needed for the party," Hajime said. "But...there's still one more question that needs answering."

"And what's that, Hajime?" Chisa asked.

"We're going to have two parties, right?" Hajime asked. "One for the boys and one for the girls. In that case, who will be using the old building?"

"Ah, that's easy," Mahiru replied. "The girls will party in the old building. Meanwhile, the boys will have to party outside."

Most of the boys gasped when Mahiru told them to party outside.

"W-What?!" Hajime gasped. "Seriously?"

"It's going to be cold outside!" Kazuichi said. "We're going to freeze out there!"

"Actually, we won't," Kyosuke corrected. "We're in a tropical climate zone, so nights here would be cool at best. We should be fine if we stay outside tonight."

"Still, there's a pool in the area we're about to party in," Nekomaru added. "Our space is going to be limited. Plus, there is the chance that someone will fall into the pool. Trust me. It happened twice before." He then shifted his gaze over to Hajime and Kazuichi, who appear to be embarrassed by their accident at the pool.

"Alright, everyone," Chisa said. "Is that all we have to talk about for now?" She paused for a moment to allow someone to speak if they had any additional questions. She received no more words from anyone. "Really? We're all done here? Then you're all dismissed!"

"Wait, what are we talking about again?" Akane asked.

Everyone turned towards Akane, seeing that she had finished her last serving of breakfast. Everyone felt like they had talked enough for now. They couldn't be bother to summarized what their discussion was about to her.

Chapter Text

Day 3 - 9:00 AM
Mahiru's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

Mahiru sat around in her cottage, looking at the photos she had taken so far. She didn't take a lot of photos over the past few days, but there are still plenty of memories that she captured. Looking back at these memories is starting to calm her mind a little bit. It made her remember all the good times that everyone had before Monokuma arrived and turned this school trip into a killing game. Perhaps if things had gone differently, then—


"Huh? Who's there?" Mahiru asked as she turned her head towards the door. She got up from her chair and walked up to the door to answer it. Upon answering the door, she was greeted with Hajime.

"Uh...hey, Mahiru..." Hajime greeted. "Um...can we talk for a moment? I just want—"

Mahiru closed the door on Hajime before he could finish his sentence. She walked away for a moment, but then Hajime knocked on the door again. Mahiru was irritated by this, but decided to go back and give Hajime a chance to speak. After all, if she continued to close the door on Hajime, he might get a bit persistent, with would only annoy Mahiru further.

Mahiru answered the door again and let out an annoyed sigh as she stared at Hajime. "What?" she asked. "What do you want?"

"Listen, Mahiru..." Hajime replied. "There's...something that I want to ask you."

"Okay, what is it?" Mahiru asked back.

"Well...uh..." Hajime replied, sounding unsure about what to say next. "I'm...not sure if I'm...comfortable talking about this, but...what's with your dislike of boys?"

Mahiru was surprised to hear a boy ask about what. "Huh? You're asking me that?" she said. "But why? Oh, right. It's about the upcoming party. Or rather, the parties since all the boys are having one party while the girls are having a separate party at the same time. Although, can you really consider those two to be separate parties since they're going to take place very close to each other?"

"That's a topic for another time..." Hajime said. "Can we...can we talk about why you dislike boys so much?"

Mahiru glared at Hajime and let out a heavy sigh. "Look, Hajime," she replied. "I won't tell you much about why I don't like boys. Just to let you know, I usually don't take photos of boys. Most of the photos I have taken so far feature either the girls or the environment."

"Really?" Hajime asked. "Can you show me your collection of photos?"

Mahiru looked at Hajime for a moment and got an idea. "On second thought..." she said as she grabbed her camera and pointed it towards Hajime. "Hold that pose."

Hajime was caught by surprise. "What?" he said.


Hajime was briefly blinded by a flash of light from the camera. He wasn't sure why Mahiru decided to take a photo of him right now. She said that she doesn't like to take photos of boys. Is she leaving him as an exception? If so, then why? Hajime got a little confused just from thinking about these two questions.

After snapping a photo of Hajime, Mahiru took a look at her camera to see the results. She frowned upon seeing the resulting photo of Hajime. "Aw..." she said in disappointment. "That was your only opportunity to get your photo taken by me..."

"Huh? What did I do?" Hajime asked.

"...You blinked," Mahiru replied. "That's all."

"Well, I saw a flash of light from your camera when I didn't expect it," Hajime explained. "Of course I would close my eyes for a brief moment. Why would you even have the flash on in the first place? I'm already in a well lit environment."

"Ah, so you do know some things about photography," Mahiru said.

Hajime became confused even more. "Wait...what?" he said.

Mahiru continued to stare at Hajime for a few more moments. Things are starting to get awkward between them. "...You know what?" she declared. "Never mind. We've talked to each other for long enough. We'll talk later. Bye." She then closed the door on Hajime.

"...Okay then..." Hajime said from outside.

Mahiru watched Hajime walk away from her cottage through the window. He looked disappointed that he didn't get the answer he was looking for. Mahiru felt a little bad for ending her conversation with him like that, but she felt like she wasn't close enough friends with Hajime for her to be comfortable with explaining her dislike of boys. Maybe someday, she will reveal the answer to him, assuming both of them survived, that is. After that conversation, Mahiru went back to lounging around in her cottage, waiting for the party to begin.

Day 3 - 10:00 AM
Ryota's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

Ryota took a nap in his cottage throughout the day, trying to gather enough energy to last him the entire night. The upcoming party is going to last until tomorrow morning, and if there's one thing Ryota is terrible at, it's maintaining a healthy sleeping habit. He tossed and turned on his bed, trying his best to fall asleep. But no matter how hard he tried, Ryota just couldn't take a nap. Whether it was because the sunlight is still bright outside or because he's just not used to napping in general, either way, he's not falling asleep anytime soon.

"Come on, me..." Ryota muttered. "Just...fall asleep...already..."

Ryota then closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep, but then a knock on his cottage's door undid all of his progress.

"Ah!" Ryota shrieked. "W-Who's there?"

Ryota heard a voice coming from outside. It sounded like Mikan is at his door.

"'s Ryota, isn't it?" Mikan asked. "P-Please let me in. I-I just...wanted to check on you..."

Ryota felt like his efforts in trying to fall asleep had been wasted. He had little confidence that he would be able to take a nap. It's probably a good thing that this class has a nurse. Perhaps Mikan can help him with taking a nap, as well as other medical advice. He slowly got off his bed and walked up to the door to answer it.

"T-Thank you for letting me in, Ryota," Mikan greeted with a bow. She then looked at Ryota and immediately knew what his problem is. "Um...are you having trouble falling asleep?"

"Huh...?" Ryota said. "How did you know that?"

"Well, I'm a nurse," Mikan explained. "I-I can tell what kind of problem people are having just from looking at them. I-It's not perfect, but I usually get it right..."

"Oh, okay..." Ryota replied.

Mikan then took a step inside Ryota's cottage and took a seat. Ryota closed the cottage door behind Mikan and walked back to his bed to lay down on it.

"S-So...what can I do to h-help your sleeping problem?" Mikan asked.

"I'm trying to take a nap..." Ryota explained. " you said earlier, I'm having trouble falling asleep. Every time I tried, I end up waking myself up without meaning to..."

"You do?" Mikan asked, looking shocked at how much trouble Ryota had when it comes to falling asleep. "Uh, that can't be good."

"Yeah...I know..." Ryota replied. "I often end up more tired when I wake up than when I started falling asleep..."

"Really?" Mikan asked. "M-My goodness. It sounds like you had this problem for quite some time now. I-I'll just give you some advice right now. Just...try to not think about falling asleep too much."

Ryota turned his head towards Mikan, confused about the advice she gave him. "Huh...?" he asked. " does that work?"

"Well, when you think about falling asleep, your brain becomes a little bit more active," Mikan explained. "But thinking about anything can make your brain active, and if it's too active, you won't be able to fall asleep. Well...actually, you would fall asleep. It's just that you'll become asleep much later than if you didn't think about sleep."

"Oh...I see..." Ryota said as he looked back at his sleeping habits. "I guess I was thinking about sleep a little too much..."

Mikan nodded her head as she continued to explain. "L-Look, there are some things that we do...subconsciously," she continued. "We don't consciously think about how we're walking or how we're writing or how we're sleeping. I-If we tried to think about those things, our brains would become exhausted and we would likely make a m-mistake. Our brains are not built to do things like that. Sleeping is just a natural part of living. We all need to sleep eventually."

"I understand..." Ryota replied. "I'll try to not think about falling asleep next time..."

Then something hits Mikan's mind. "O-Oh! One more thing," she said. "P-Please set healthy sleeping schedules. It's hard to fall asleep if you keep on doing it at different times..."

"Okay, I'll make sure to set a sleeping time too..." Ryota said.

Mikan nodded her head before standing up to leave. "I-I'll come by to check on you," she said. "Sleeping routines take a while to set up. I just wanted to make sure that you're going to sleep at around the same time. Y-You understand all of that?"

"I understand..." Ryota replied as he rest his head on his pillow. He began to drift into sleep.

"Good," Mikan said. "Well, see you tonight, Ryota."

"You too...Mikan..." Ryota replied.

Mikan then began to walk out of Ryota's cottage. She opened the door and stepped outside, but then she tripped and fell forward.

"Huh?" Ryota asked, woken up by the sound of Mikan tripping. "What happened-?" He stopped himself when he saw Mikan's...uh...

"Ah!" Mikan shrieked as she got up. "I-I'm sorry! I showed you something unsightly!" She then quickly closed the door and ran away from the cottage.

Ryota then went back to taking a nap. He sighed as he began to close his eyes. "Oh Mikan..." he said. "For someone who said about not thinking too much about walking, she seems to always trip..." He then fell asleep, taking a nap for the next few hours.

Day 3 - 10:00 PM
Mahiru's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

*Ding-dong, ding-dong!*

"Attention, everyone!" Monokuma announced. "This is a resort announcement! The time is now 10:00 PM, which means that it is now nighttime! Please return to your assigned cottages and let the sound of the ocean waves rock you to sleep. Sweet dreams, everyone!"

Mahiru looked out the window of her cottage that's facing the pool area. She can see decorations and tables set up around the pool. Soon, the party will begin, with the boys partying outdoors while the girls are partying in the old building. She felt a little bad about the boys being stuck outside. The pool area isn't the ideal place to be hosting a party.

Oh well, Mahiru thought to herself. At least none of the boys will be bothering the girls during the party.

Mahiru then left her cottage to join the other girls in the old building for the party. There are going to be plenty of memories made during the party, so she made sure to take her camera with her.

Day 3 - 10:02 PM
Outdoor Area, Hotel Mirai

On the way to the old building, Mahiru encountered Ibuki on the path right before the pool area.

"Hey, Mahiru-chan!" Ibuki greeted. "Are you excited for the party?"

"Good evening, Ibuki," Mahiru greeted back. "Sure, I'm excited for the party. I am the one who planned it, after all."

"Yay!" Ibuki cheered. "This party is gonna be great! I wonder what we're going to do during the party? Are we gonna play lots of games?"

"Maybe," Mahiru replied. "If there are board games available, then we might be able to play them. I'm not sure what board games we have in this resort. We'll have to wait and see."

During the conversation, Hajime walked out of his cottage to attend the party around the pool. This caught the attention of the two girls.

"Oh! Hey, Hajime-chan!" Ibuki greeted.

Hajime stopped in place as he approached the the two girls. He looked confused at the way he was called. "What?" he said.

Mahiru glanced at Ibuki, giving her a puzzled look. "Seriously?" she asked. "You're calling him that again?"

Ibuki then remembered that she promised to not attach that honorific to a boy's name. "Whoops!" she said. "Ibuki forgot about that promise. That's okay. Ibuki falls into her habits sometimes. It's a thing!"

"Okay..." Hajime replied. "So, what are you girls doing out here?"

"I'm just on my way to the old building," Mahiru replied. "That's all."

"Ibuki is trying to get her exercise so her stomach has enough room to be stuffed with all the yummy food!" Ibuki replied. "But there's not a lot of places to go at the moment because our sensei is preventing us from leaving the hotel area."

"Really?" Hajime asked. He and Mahiru turned their heads towards the gate behind them.

"Of course," Kyosuke replied as he walked up to the students. The three students then turned their attention to Kyosuke. "Even though this party will lower the odds of a murder happening, there's still a chance that someone will commit a murder. We can't afford to lose track of someone. That's why Yukizome prohibits any of us from leaving this area."

"Oh, good evening, Munakata-sensei," Mahiru greeted.

Kyosuke then looked down at the two girls standing before him. "...Shouldn't you two be in the old building?" he asked. "The other girls are waiting for you two to arrive."

"Aw, but can't you just allow Ibuki to go out there and take a run around the island?" Ibuki begged. "I wanna empty my stomach so that I can stuff it with party food!"

"I'm sorry, Ibuki," Kyosuke replied, "but I can't allow you to leave the hotel area, not by yourself. You're stuck in this area until tomorrow morning. Understand?"

"Aw man..." Ibuki groaned. "Guess Ibuki won't be stuffing herself full of party food tonight..." She then walked away towards the old building.

Mahiru then got an idea. "Wait, I almost forgot," she said. "Wait right here for just a moment, Hajime. I'll be right back." She then ran off towards her cottage to grab something.

While waiting for Mahiru to return, Hajime noticed that Kyosuke is carrying a metal case. "Uh, sensei?" he asked. "What's that case you're holding?"

Kyosuke then held up the metal case for Hajime to get a better look. "You're asking about this?" he replied. "This is a case made out of durable metal. Yukizome and I found a few of these in the supermarket a few hours ago. This one I'm carrying has some equipment in it. Yukizome also has a case like the one I'm holding. We also have another case that we use to store any dangerous items that we found on the students."

"Dangerous items?" Hajime asked. Then he realized what Kyosuke is probably about to do. "Wait, you're not going to do a body check on me, are you?"

"Only on the most suspicious looking people," Kyosuke replied. "Your clothes look too thin to be hiding anything dangerous. But just to be safe, I'm going to do a body check on you. We're clear?"

Hajime nervously and reluctantly agreed to have his body checked for any dangerous items. He lifted his arms up and allowed Kyosuke to pat down on his body. Kyosuke patted down on Hajime's arms, back, and pants pockets. He couldn't find anything other than the E-Handbook.

"Just as I suspected," Kyosuke concluded. "There's nothing dangerous to be found on your body."

"O-Of course I didn't bring anything dangerous!" Hajime said, feeling embarrassed from the body check. "Why would I do that?"

"It seems like you're safe to go," Kyosuke said. "Very well. I will allow you to attend the party."

Kyosuke then stepped out of the way of Hajime, allowing him to enter the pool area along with the rest of the boys. Before he could enter, Mahiru returned from her cottage and walked up to him. She is holding another camera in her hand.

"Hey, Hajime," Mahiru said. "Since I won't be around to take any pictures of the boys partying, I'll let you take the photos for me. Not that I wanted to take photos of the boys anyways. Here, have this camera."

Mahiru then handed the camera over to Hajime. The camera Hajime got appears to be a basic digital camera, nothing like the camera Mahiru usually carries around. Still, why should he care? It's not like he's going to be using any advanced camera techniques, so a camera that's basic is fine with him.

"Uh, thanks..." Hajime said.

"Just to let you know, I don't care what you do to that camera," Mahiru said. "That one's my old camera. I don't use cameras like that anymore. But please, be sure to not get it get destroyed. That's the only other camera I have, and the supermarket doesn't have any cameras in stock."

"Okay..." Hajime replied. "I'll make sure to take care of this camera..."

Mahiru then turned to Kyosuke. Even though he's out of her way, Mahiru is not passing by him. The two stared at each other for a moment.

"You must be the security guard for the party, right sensei?" Mahiru asked. "Let me guess. Your job is to check everyone's bodies to make sure that they're not carrying any weapons. Isn't that right?"

Kyosuke was silent for a moment before giving a response. "...That is my job at the moment," he said. "But, I refuse to do a body check on a girl."

"Wait, what?" Hajime said in surprise.

"If you want to be checked for dangerous items," Kyosuke continued, "go ask Yukizome. She's a better person for this job than me."

"Ah, so you're uncomfortable with touching a woman's parts, even if it's for security reasons," Mahiru said. "It's okay. I'll let Yukizome-sensei That...sounded a lot better in my head..."

"This is getting awkward..." Kyosuke said. "You know what, enough talk. Just...go ahead and join the party. Both of you."

Mahiru then rolled her eyes. "Okay, sure," she said as she walked past Kyosuke. She then went straight for the old building.

Hajime walked forward, entering the pool area. There are decorations placed all around the pool area. Some tables with food have been set up, and there are barriers placed around the pool. Considering that someone had already fallen into the pool once before and he himself nearly did, he understands why the barriers are there. Still, those barriers look a little light. Someone can easily tip them over and fall into the pool anyways if they're not careful. Hopefully, that doesn't happen again.

Hajime looked around the pool area, hearing what the boys have to say.

"Do I really have to attend this party?" Ryota asked. He nearly fell asleep after he finished that sentence. "I sleepy..."

"We don't have a choice, Ryota," Nekomaru replied. "We have to attend this party. It's the only way the chaperones can keep an eye on all of us."

"But...can't they us in our cottages...?" Ryota asked as he wobbled in place. It appears that even after napping for most of the day, Ryota still looked tired.

How sleep deprived is Ryota? Hajime thought. That poor boy could really use some help with sleep.

"We could do that," Kyosuke replied, "but I'll have to look away from the pool in order to look inside a cottage. Anything could happen to someone while we're not looking at them, including a murder. I already promised to Yukizome that I won't allow any murders to happen under my watch. That's why I must keep an eye on everyone here at all times."

"Well, it's not like any one of us will be attempting to pull off any murders," Kazuichi said. "None of us have any dangerous items and there are witnesses, so I'm definitely sure that none of us will get murdered."

"Still, I sense tension in the air," Gundham added. "Even without a weapon, we are still capable of inflicting fatal harm onto others."

Hajime looked around the pool area, seeing that all of the boys are present. Well, most of them. Upon further inspection, Hajime noticed that a boy is absent.

"Um...where's Teruteru?" Hajime asked. "I thought that this is going to be an all boys party."

"Oh, about that," Nagito said as he walked up to Hajime. "Teruteru is currently in the old building preparing more food for us to eat. It's not like we have any other choice, though. Don't worry about the girls. I'm sure our sensei will make sure he won't do anything to them."

"He's in the old building?" Hajime asked. "Wait, are you done cleaning that place?"

"Yep, I'm done cleaning the old building," Nagito replied. "That took me the whole day to clean, though. The old building might be small, but it's filled with dust and there are cobwebs everywhere. It took me a while to get rid of all of them. Still, I managed to finish cleaning the old building in time for the party. I even found the time to decorate the dining hall and prepare this pool area for the party as well."

"Oh, that's nice," Hajime remarked. "So, where did you get the decorations?"

"I found the decorations at the supermarket," Nagito replied. "Seriously, that place always have everything I need to prepare for the party. It's like whoever supplies the supermarket always knows exactly what we need right now!"

"It's a real shame that we don't get to be in the old building, though," Hajime said.

Nagito turned around to face the old building. "Yeah, I wish that everyone is partying in the same room," he said.

"Ugh, this sucks!" Kazuichi complained. "Here we are stuck outside at night while the girls are enjoying what Nagito had done to the old building! We're going to freeze to death out here in the dark!"

Nekomaru then gave Kazuichi a disapproving look. "What are you talking about?" he asked. "We're in a tropical resort in the middle of summer. Nights here don't get that cold. It's actually quite cool."

Day 3 - 10:16 PM
Old Building Hallway, Hotel Mirai

Mahiru entered the old building. The wooden planks that made up the floor bend under her weight, as if there's nothing underneath them. It appears that the old building is suspended above the ground; it isn't built on a foundation. Mahiru was soon greeted by Chisa right after she went through the door.

"Welcome, Mahiru!" Chisa greeted in a cheerful tone. "We were waiting for you to arrive for so long! Oh! But before I can let you pass, I need to do a body check on you, just in case you've brought in any dangerous items. Please, raise your arms."

"Okay, sensei," Mahiru replied as she raised her arms.

Chisa then proceeded to pat all over Mahiru. She patted her in the arms, the legs, and the pocket areas. Chisa then confirmed that Mahiru wasn't carrying around anything dangerous for the party. But instead of being relieved that a murder won't be happening tonight, Chisa looked concerned.

"Huh. Well that's concerning," Chisa said.

Mahiru was bewildered at Chisa's reaction to her not having any dangerous items. "Wait, what?" she said. "Sensei, I thought that you were trying to prevent any potential murders. Why are you concerned?"

"You're the last person to arrive at the party," Chisa explained. "It doesn't look like you're carrying around some missing items..."

Mahiru then became even more confused. "What do you mean 'missing items'?" she asked. "What are we missing?"

"Come with me, Mahiru," Chisa said as she began walking down the hallway. "This building contains a kitchen. The appliances there are probably old as the building itself, but they still work just fine. We'll be going there, but I must warn you that there's something in the kitchen that you might not like to see."

"Who?" Mahiru asked. Then she remembered who the chef is. "Oh. Oh no..."

"Yeah, it's *him* in the kitchen," Chisa replied. She then let out a heavy sigh. "It's not like we have a choice, though. We can't access the kitchen in the new building while the party is going on, as it is currently nighttime. The new building is one of the areas that is closed at night. The kitchen in this old building is the only one we can use right now. But that's enough talk. Let's go to the kitchen and tell our chef that I didn't find the missing items." Chisa then walked down the hallway towards the kitchen in the old building.

After Chisa left, Mahiru looked at a corner of the hallway. She spotted a metal case placed right up against a wall. She looked confused by the sight of it.

"Huh?" Mahiru said. "What's that metal case doing here?"

"Oh!" Chisa said as she realized that she left something behind. "I almost forgot!" She then appeared from behind a corner and picked the metal case up.

Curious about the metal case, Mahiru went after Chisa. "Uh, sensei?" she asked. "What's with that metal case?"

Chisa stopped for a moment and turned around towards Mahiru. "Oh, this thing?" she replied. "This one...well, let's just say it's for emergency purposes only. You know, just in case." After briefly explaining the purpose of the metal case to Mahiru, Chisa continued to walk towards the kitchen.

Mahiru doesn't feel satisfied with the response Chisa gave her. Chisa said that she's carrying it around in case of emergency, but what emergencies is she preparing for? Considering that she wants to prevent a murder from happening, the items in that case could be for that purpose. Is there anything else Chisa could be anticipating?

Mahiru soon shook these thoughts out of her mind. This isn't the time to be thinking about that, she thought. For now, I must follow sensei. Mahiru then followed Chisa into the old kitchen. As she walked through the hallway, Mahiru noticed that there are metal plates that are bolted to the walls, presumably where the windows are supposed to be. Why are these metal plates there? Who knows. It probably has something to do with the fact that this was once an abandoned building.

Day 3 - 10:19 PM
Old Kitchen, Hotel Mirai

"You couldn't find those two things?!" Teruteru cried.

"I'm sorry, Teruteru," Chisa said, "but none of the girls who arrived are carrying those missing items from the kitchen. They could be on one of the boys, but I'll have to ask Kyosuke about that."

During the conversation, Mahiru opened the door and entered the old kitchen. Here, she saw Teruteru in the kitchen. She groaned as she saw the chef.

"Of course..." Mahiru groaned. "It just had to be him."

Chisa turned around to face Mahiru. "Oh, you're here, Mahiru," she greeted.

"Oh no..." Teruteru said, shaking as he looked at Mahiru. "Why does it have to be her?"

Mahiru noticed that Chisa and Teruteru are in the middle of a conversation. "Hey, what were you two talking about?" she asked.

"Oh, we're just talking about the missing items and how I was unable to find them," Chisa replied.

Mahiru felt like that wasn't enough of an answer, so she asked Chisa again. "What missing items?" she asked.

"Um..." Teruteru replied as he began to sweat.

Mahiru then saw a clipboard hovering over the kitchen counter. She walked up to it to grab it. On the clipboard is a sheet of paper that's organized like a list. She then gave the list a read.

"Let's see, what do we have here?" Mahiru asked as she began to read the list. "20 forks, 20 knifes, 20 spoons, 5 skewers, 3 frying pans, 3 cooking pots, some iron plates, and a portable stove..." At first, the items on the list look a little strange, but then she realized what all the items mean. "Wait, this is a kitchen equipment list, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," Chisa replied. "I've used that equipment list to keep track of all the items in this kitchen. I counted everything up, and it appears that most of the items have been accounted for. However, we are still missing a few items. We're still missing an skewer and a knife."

"Okay, those are dangerous things to have missing," Mahiru said. "A skewer is about as long as a sword and I've heard of a few instances where someone was murdered by a kitchen knife. Where would these items be hidden anyways? A skewer would be pretty difficult to hide since it's so long, but a kitchen knife?"

"As I said, I checked the bodies of every girl who arrived at the party," Chisa said. "None of them are carrying around anything dangerous, so they couldn't be the ones carrying a knife." Her gaze then shifted over to Teruteru, who appears to have...something on his mind. "And don't suggest that the girls are hiding them underneath their skirt, Teruteru! I checked those areas too, and they're not hiding anything suspicious!"

"Aw..." Teruteru groaned in disappointment.

Mahiru sighed in frustration. "Oh Teruteru..." she said. "When will you learn to just keep these thoughts to yourself?"

"I'm sorry, I can't help it!" Teruteru replied.

Mahiru then turned to Chisa. "By the way, sensei," she said, "did you do anything to the skewers and the knifes?"

"Of course I did," Chisa replied. "I put all dangerous items Kyosuke and I have found into a metal case! Not the ones containing all the emergency equipment, by the way. We used another case for that purpose. I put that metal case in the old building's office. Don't worry about anyone trying to break into that case. All the cases Kyosuke and I found have durable locks on them, and we have the keys. Try to not steal the keys from us, though. If you do that, there will be consequences."

"Okay, I get that," Mahiru replied. "But that still leaves us with one more question: since when did this kitchen lose a knife and a skewer?"

"Well, as far as I know, those two items have been missing from the start," Teruteru replied. "It's probably to be expected by a place that's been abandoned for a long time. Some items probably went missing and no one knows where they went. Oh well. It's probably best if we don't think about the missing items too much. In the meantime, would you mind feasting your eyes on the dishes I've prepared on the counter?"

Mahiru turned her gaze over to the kitchen counter. She saw several dishes full of food on it. There are several tropical themed dishes prepared on the counter, along with a whole chicken and a giant meat slab attached to a bone. The meat slab looked just a bit too large to be practically held by anyone. Maybe Akane would be able to handle eating a meat slab that large, but Mahiru doubted that even she will be able to finish it. Still, even though Teruteru is a bit of a pervert, Mahiru was impressed by what he had created. She decided to take a photo of the food to commemorate the occasion.

"Do you like what you see?" Teruteru asked. "I know. They look delicious! They're also the last food that I've prepared for the party since somebody took all my knifes away. Still, the food that I've already served should be enough to last us the rest of the night."

Chisa sighed as she shook her head. "Well, I think we talked for long enough," she said. "Mahiru, we're going to the dining hall to meet with the other girls. Teruteru, you stay here and make sure the rest of the food gets served."

"Okay!" Teruteru replied.

"Wait, sensei," Mahiru said. "What about the missing items? Don't we need to worry about them too?"

"Oh, we'll be fine," Chisa assured. "Since we don't know where they are, it's safe to say that no one will have access to them anytime soon. Now come on, Mahiru. We've left the others waiting for long enough!" She then walked out of the kitchen, making sure to pick up her metal case along the way.

Before leaving the kitchen, Mahiru gave Teruteru a threatening look. "You'd better not do anything funny with the girls," she said.

"Hey, hey!" Teruteru replied. "I get it already! No touching anyone's body parts without their consent. There's no need to repeat it to me!"

Mahiru rolled her eyes as she walked out of the kitchen to join the other girls in the dining hall.

Day 3 - 10:28 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

Mahiru entered the dining hall of the old building. Immediately, she's blown away by how well decorated it is. There are decorations placed all around the walls and ceiling, tables set up full of food, and even a carpet laid across the entire floor. Well, most of the floor. The carpet doesn't cover the areas near the walls of the dining hall, but who wants to hang around near the walls anyway? There's also some more metal plates covering the windows, so they can't see outside the old building. Not that everyone minds, though.

I must say, Nagito did a lot of working preparing this place for a party, Mahiru thought. This building now looks like it was just built. I'm impressed by his efforts. Maybe some boys aren't so bad after all.

Mahiru then looked forward and saw...Akane chowing down on the food, making a mess around her. Mikan and Ibuki are surrounding Akane. Both of them are looking concerned at how much food their classmate is eating.

"Um...Akane?" Mikan asked. "C-Could you please slow down? You're eating too much food!"

"What are you doing, Akane-chan?!" Ibuki gasped. "You're going to eat all the food Teruteru-chan cooked up for us! Save some for Ibuki!"

Akane said something with her mouth full of food. Mahiru couldn't decipher what she said, but it sounds like Akane is saying, "Who are you? My diet...whatever?"

Mahiru let out a sigh as she watched Akane eat. Well, if some boys aren't as bad as I thought, then maybe some girls aren't so great, she thought.

"Ah! You're here!" Sonia greeted. "Welcome, Mahiru!"

"What took you so long?" Chiaki asked.

"Ah, it's not much, girls," Mahiru replied as she began to walk forward. "I just explored this old building and—" Her foot then got caught in-between the gaps in the floorboard, causing Mahiru to trip. "Whoa!" Mahiru nearly fell forward, but she managed to regain her balance before she could land on her face.

"Oh, watch out for those gaps in the floorboards," Chisa warned. "They may be small, but we might get our feet in them if we're not careful."

"Yeah, we should," Mahiru replied, "especially since that perverted chef is in the same building as us. Hopefully, he doesn't walk in after one of us accidentally trips."

Chisa then turned her gaze on Mikan. "We're watching you, Mikan..." she said.

Mahiru continued to look around the dining hall, looking for girls to talk to. She found Hiyoko standing near a corner neat to a nearly empty table that only has a lamp on it. For some reason, Hiyoko appears to be acting differently than usual. Mahiru began to wonder why Hiyoko is acting this way, so she walked up to her to try to start a conversation.

"Hey, Hiyoko—" Mahiru attempted to greeted.

"Go away," Hiyoko replied, turning her head away from Mahiru.

Mahiru stopped in front of Hiyoko. It doesn't look like she wants to talk to her...or anyone else for that matter.There she goes again, she thought. Pushing back everyone as usual. But Mahiru felt like there's something bothering Hiyoko that wasn't there the last time she interacted with her. It's almost as if...never mind. Mahiru shook that thought out of her head. This isn't the time to be having thoughts like that, me. For now, let's just focus on the party.

"Okay, if you want to be left alone, Hiyoko, then so be it," Mahiru said before walking away from Hiyoko.

The party continues on, with the girls having a great time being in it. Everyone is enjoying the party and the food Teruteru had prepared. Well, it's mostly Akane who's eating the food, but the others are taking a bite out of each dish. Except for Hiyoko, though. For some reason, she refuses to step away from the corner she's standing in, and she won't say why. That doesn't change the fact that the mood in general is upbeat. As the party goes on, a thought crosses everyone's minds.

"Hey, don't we need to make sure that the boys aren't trying to sneak their way into this party?" Mahiru asked.

The girls, with the exception of Hiyoko, turn towards Mahiru.

"Huh? What are you talking about, Mahiru-chan?" Ibuki asked. "If any of the boys managed to get in here, we would probably know about it. There's only one way for them to enter this room."

"Yeah, maybe you're right..." Mahiru replied.

Chisa then gave it a little more thought. " that you mention it," she said, "there's someone else we need to watch out for: Monokuma. He could come in at any moment and disrupt this party."

"How would he be aware that there's a party going on here?" Ibuki asked again. "I don't see any cameras in this old building." She then shifted her gaze over to Mahiru, who is reminding her that she has a camera. "Surveillance cameras, I mean."

"Not only that, but there's also that case full of dangerous items that we should be concerned about..." Sonia added. "Do you think...we should send someone go guard it?"

"Hey, why don't I do the guarding?" Akane suggested as she takes another bite out of her food. "If anyone dares to get past me, then I'll beat the crap outta them!"

"I'm not sure that you would make a great guard, Akane," Chisa said. "Considering your...violent tendencies, I would imagine that you would seriously hurt whoever tried to get past you."

"So what?" Akane asked. "Isn't that a good thing?"

Chisa shook her head. "Look, it's not just the boys that we have to watch out for," she said. "Monokuma is the bigger issue here. If he shows up, then he would ruin this party. He's not the type of opponent that we can fight directly. If we tried to pick a fight with him, we will definitely lose and face serious punishment."

"So...who can we send out?" Ibuki asked.

It was at this moment when Chiaki stepped forward. "I'll do it," she said.

The girls, with the exception of Hiyoko again, turn their heads towards Chiaki.

"What? You?" Akane gasped. "Why? You're just a little girl who falls asleep sometimes. How could you stand a chance against Monokuma?"

"Don't worry, Akane," Chiaki assured. "I'll be fine out there. If Monokuma shows up to sabotage the party, the boys will be the first to know about his presence. Plus, if Usami shows up, I can get her to help deal with Monokuma."

"Hmm, that seems like a good idea..." Mahiru said as she pondered. "She seems to be trying her best to support us, so it seems reasonable to be that she'll help us out here..."

"Plus, Usami and Monokuma have some sort of rivalry going on right now!" Ibuki added. "Well, it's a one-sided rivalry, but still!"

"Okay, so it's been settled," Chisa concluded. "We're sending Chiaki out to guard this old building. We're all clear?"

The girls, with the exception of Hiyoko once again, nodded in agreement with Chisa.

"Good," Chisa continued. Then she turned towards Chiaki. "Now Chiaki, are you sure that you're going to be alright out there?"

"Don't worry about me, sensei," Chiaki replied. "I'll be fine. If things get dangerous, I'll just run to a safe spot as fast as I can. I should be going now. I think I've spent enough time talking about this. See you soon, everyone."

Chiaki then walked out of the dining hall.

"So, that's it, right?" Akane asked. "Can we continue partying? I wanna stuff even more food into my face!"

"Uh, I-I'm not sure your body can handle eating all that food, Akane..." Mikan said.

"It's like you're a gluttonous king who only cares about having the largest banquets," Sonia commented. "I'm not sure that's the opinion I want to have of you, Akane..."

"Speaking of food, I saw a big meat slab in the kitchen," Mahiru said.

Akane's mouth started to water. "Really?" she asked. "Can I have it?"

"Of course you can," Chisa replied. "You'll have it as soon as Teruteru brings it out to us."

Some of the girls stared at the doors to the dining hall, waiting for Teruteru to arrive.

"Huh," Ibuki said. "I wonder what's taking that chef so long to roll out the new food."

"They were sitting on the kitchen counter for a while," Mahiru said. "Maybe he's just reheating them. In the meantime, would you girls mind if I took pictures of this party? I want this to be something we can all look back on."

"Sure thing!" Ibuki replied. "Cheese!"

Mahiru then proceeded to snap pictures of the girls having a great time at the party.

Day 3 - 10:38 PM
Outdoor Area, Hotel Mirai

Outside the old building, the boys are trying their best to enjoy their party. Some of them are bummed out that they're not partying indoors along with the girls, but at least the cool sea breeze feels nice. Hajime walked around the area to snap a few photos of the boys having some fun. Sure, the camera he got is nothing compared to one Mahiru has, but Hajime doesn't seem to mind.

"I-I don't know why this is happening," Ryota said, "but...I think...I feel a little calmer right now."

"Really?" Hajime asked. Then he thought about how everyone's doing for a moment and came to a realization. "Huh. I guess that's true. I didn't think that we'll be able to have this much fun even in a stressful situation. But now that we have this party, I'm feeling a lot safer."

"The more the people's spirits are uplifted, the less willing they are to cause trouble for us," Gundham remarked. "That is what I'm sensing in the air."

Hearing these words made Kyosuke smile a little. "Looks like we won't be seeing any murders anytime soon," he said. "Everyone is enjoying this school trip so much, they're forgetting that they're in a killing game."

"Still, our time is not unlimited," Gundham added. "We cannot forget this death game for long. Soon, we'll have to face the reality that death is around every corner, that one step in the wrong direction will cut our thread of life short."

"Yeah, we can't forget that we're playing a killing game..." Ryota replied. "But that doesn't mean that we'll find time to wind down and relax."

"You're right, Ryota," Kyosuke said. "We have to find time to escape this stressful situation. It's the only way we can make it through this."

During the conversation, Chiaki walked out of the old building. She stopped in front of the stairs.

"Ah! Chiaki!" Nagito said.

Hajime turned his head towards the old building, where he saw Chiaki standing in front of it. He looked confused at her presence here in the pool area. "Huh?" he said before walking up to Chiaki.

Nagito walked up to Chiaki. "So, how's the old building?" he asked. "Do you like it?"

"Oh, good evening Nagito," Chiaki greeted. "The old building was good. It has a rustic feel to it. It makes me wonder why that place was abandoned or why it's still standing." She then saw Hajime standing nearby. "Oh, good evening to you too, Hajime."

"Uh...good evening, Chiaki..." Hajime greeted back. "So...what are you doing here?"

"I'm just standing guard to make sure none of you or Monokuma enter the old building," Chiaki replied. "I'm mostly looking out for Monokuma. He's the bigger issue that we have to watch out for."

Suddenly, everyone heard a loud groan nearby. The boys turn towards the source of the groan and saw Nekomaru clutching his butt in pain.

"Aw shit..." Nekomaru said. "This...can't be good..."

"Uh, what's wrong, Nekomaru?" Hajime asked.

"I-I won't...tell you..." Nekomaru replied as he struggled to hold it in. "But...I must...return to my...cottage..."

"For what?" Kyosuke asked. "If you're going to return to your cottage, then at least have a good excuse to do so. Also, I expect you to return to this area quickly."

Nekomaru is starting to feel like he can't hold it on anymore. "A-Alright, I'll admit!" he roared. "I'm about bring shame to myself by shitting my pants!"

The boys cringed upon hearing that response.

"Wait, you're saying that you need to go to a bathroom?" Kazuichi asked.

"In that case, why don't you use the bathroom that's in the old building?" Nagito suggested.

"That building has a bathroom?!" Nekomaru gasped. "Aw shit, I think it's starting to peek! I can't hold it anymore!"

"But we're not supposed to bother the girls during the party," Kyosuke said. "Is there any other way we can—?"

"No time to argue" Chiaki said as she stepped out of the way. "You can enter the old building, Nekomaru. Just make sure to not enter the dining hall, okay?"

Without saying another word, Nekomaru ran inside the old building.

Kazuichi let out a sigh of relief. "Phew, that was close," he said. "One more minute and we'll have an embarrassing disaster on our hands..."

"...What's with that man?" Kyosuke asked. "He was acting just fine a moment ago."

"Maybe Nekomaru has some digestion issues?" Nagito suggested. "That could explain why he finds himself going to the bathroom so often."

"If that's the case, then he shouldn't have joined us on this school trip," Kyosuke replied. "He clearly isn't in a stable medical condition. He should've been in a hospital to get his digestion problems checked."

"W-Well, we do have a nurse on this school trip..." Ryota added.

"But so far, we lack the equipment needed to monitor medical conditions," Kyosuke replied. "There might be a medical facility somewhere on this resort. If we found a way to unlock those bridges without letting someone die, then we can—"

Before Kyosuke could finish his sentence, the entire pool area goes dark. Actually, it's not just the pool area that went dark. The entire hotel area went dark. It took everyone a few moments to register that a blackout had just happened.

"H-Huh? W-What just...h-happened?"

"Oh no...I think a blackout just happened!"

The boys began to panic in the dark. The darkness made it impossible to see what's going on and also to tell who's saying what. The sounds of frantic footsteps ripple throughout the entire pool area.

"The dark void! It's all encompassing! Our eyes have been blinded by total darkness!"

"Where's the lock on this thing again?"

"Ah! I hate being in the dark! I'm scared of it!"


"Hey! Everyone! Stand still! We're near a pool, remember?"



"I said stand still, everyone!"

Clearly, something has happened in the dark. Someone has fallen into the pool amidst the panic. Who could've fallen into the pool? If only their eyes would adjust to the darkness. Hajime looked up (at least, where he thinks is up) to try to find the moon, thinking that it'll shine some light down on them. But as it turns out, the moon is covered by clouds.

"Oh, this has got to be the worst possible time for a blackout..."

"Girls, are you okay in there? The blackout affected the entire hotel area, right? Please! Answer me!"

"H-How did this even happen? H-How did a blackout happen?"

"Perhaps someone decided to cut power to the hotel area?"

"That sneaky little bear! He somehow managed to figure out that we're having a party here, so he decided to ruin this for us!"

"That bear must be attracted to positivity. I should've known that this party was a terrible idea..."

"It's no use. I can't find the girls in the old building."

"Ugh, this is getting frustrating! Can somebody please turn the lights on already?!"

And then, suddenly, the lights turn back on. Everyone was briefly blinded by the lights, as their eyes had adjusted to the darkness during the blackout. When the lights turned on, everyone saw a...rather shocking scene.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me..." Kyosuke groaned.

It appears that despite the barrier's attempts to prevent people from falling into the pool, Kazuichi managed to tilt a barrier over and fell into the pool anyways.

"Aw man..." Kazuichi groaned. "Not this again..."

"Uh, Kazuichi?" Chiaki asked. "How did you manage to fall into the pool?"

"There were barriers around that pool, right?" Nagito asked. "Sensei put these barriers up to prevent that from happening."

"I guess they weren't enough..." Hajime said.

"Well, we'd better get that guy out of that pool," Kyosuke said. "We can't leave him lying there."

The boys then began to help Kazuichi in getting out of the pool. As they pulled Kazuichi back on the pool deck, Hajime noticed that Kyosuke is wearing something on his head. It looks like he's wearing goggles with tinted lenses.

"Uh, sensei?" Hajime asked. "What's that on your head?"

Kyosuke realized that he still has the goggles on. "Oh, right," he said. "I forgot that I don't need to wear these now that the lights are turned on. I'll just put it back where I found it." He then took off his goggles and returned it to the metal case, which is now opened. After putting the goggles back in the case, Kyosuke closed it and locked it.

The boys soon got Kazuichi out of the pool. As soon as he got out, Kazuichi began complaining about the pool's rather poor placement.

"Seriously, what the hell were the architects thinking when they designed this area?" Kazuichi shouted. "This is the second time I've fallen into that pool! Who thought placing a pool right here would be a good idea?"

"Relax, Kazuichi," Chiaki said. "We'll get you dried off as soon as possible. You'd just have to return to your cottage and get a change of clothes."

"But this jumpsuit is the only one I have!" Kazuichi said. "And it's soaking wet!"

"Don't worry," Nagito said. "You'll just have to go without your jumpsuit while it dries."

"In that case, I'll have to let you go to your cottage, young man," Kyosuke said. "But just to make sure you didn't fall into the pool as part of your murder plan, I'm going to need someone to accompany you."

"Y-You know what," Ryota said, "this is freaking me out too much. I think...I want get get out of this area..."

"That settles it," Kyosuke declared. "You're going with him."

"Aw man..." Kazuichi groaned.

Kazuichi and Ryota then left the pool area for the cottages. Shortly after they left, Mahiru walked out of the old building. She seems to be calling out for someone.

"Sensei?" Mahiru called. "Sensei, where are you?"

Hajime turned towards the old building to see Mahiru standing in the door. "Mahiru?" he gasped. "What are you doing out here?"

"I'm looking for sensei," Mahiru replied, looking a little worried. "She disappeared during the blackout. I'm not sure where she went. Have any of you seen sensei?"

"Yukizome?" Kyosuke said. He then shook his head. "No, we didn't see her."

"Me neither," Chiaki replied. "I don't remember letting anyone out of the old building before and during the blackout. In fact, the only person I allowed in was Nekomaru."

"You allowed a boy to come in?!" Mahiru gasped.

"...He said that he needed to go to the bathroom," Nagito explained. "He might've had some digestion issues..."

"Nekomaru has what?!" Mahiru gasped again. Then she shook that thought out of her head. "You know what, that's irrelevant to me. We need to find sensei quick! I think something might've happened to her!" She then ran back inside the old building.

Some of the boys and Chiaki looked at each other, wondering if they should enter the old building. Kyosuke is feeling concerned for Chisa. He felt like he should join the search for her. Some of the boys agreed to join the search as well. And so, everyone currently present in the pool area entered the old building after Mahiru.

Day 3 - 10:49 PM
Old Building Hallway, Hotel Mirai

The search party stopped in front of the doors to the dining hall. They were joined by Nekomaru and Teruteru, who seemed to be wondering what just happened.

"What the hell just happened?" Nekomaru asked. "I was in the bathroom taking a shit when all of a sudden the lights went out. I CAN'T TAKE A SHIT IN THE DARK!"

"I-I agree with that!" Teruteru replied. "I can't cook when I'm in the dark. I'll probably touch something hot and scorch my own hands!"

"Look, boys," Mahiru said as she shook her head. "We don't have time to talk about what happened in during the blackout. All you need to do is tell us if you've seen sensei or not."

"Sensei?" Nekomaru replied. "Well, I was locked up in the bathroom taking a shit. There's no way anyone could've entered that room!"

"Same with me!" Teruteru replied. "I didn't see anyone enter the kitchen."

Sonia then ran around the corner and approached the search party. "Sensei isn't in the storage room," she reported. "All I've found was dust and cobwebs!"

"Oh, you've found the storage room?" Nagito asked. "Yeah, sorry about the state of the storage room. It was really tough to get it cleaned. It's not like anyone is going to use that place though, so I decided to—"

"Quit it, Nagito," Mahiru ordered. "This isn't the time to talk about that!"

Gundham then got out of the office and approached the search party. "The woman we seek isn't in the office either," he reported.

"Really?" Mahiru asked. "If sensei couldn't be in those places, then where could she be?"

Everyone's heads then turned towards the doors of the dining hall. A terrible feeling began to surround everyone.

"Oh no..." Kyosuke said upon realizing where Chisa could be.

The search party then entered the dining hall next.

Day 3 - 10:53 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

"Where's Yukizome?!" Kyosuke shouted as he and the search party entered the dining hall.

The girls in the dining hall turn their heads towards the search party.

"Ah, you're back, girls!" Ibuki greeted as she waved at the search party. "And you've brought some of the boys as well!"

"No time to talk, Ibuki," Mahiru said. "We need to find sensei as soon as possible. So far, we checked every possible place she could've gone to, and we couldn't find her. This is the last place we'll check. Do you think she could be here?"

Most of the girls gave a shrug, having nothing to say about Chisa's possible whereabouts. Akane seems to be sensing that something's wrong, though. She sniffed out something terrible in the air.

"Did...any of you smell that?" Akane asked.

"Smell what?" Sonia asked.

"I smell...something in the air," Akane replied.

"What is it?" Hajime asked.

"Well," Mikan attempted to explain, "w-when partially digested food passes by the small intestines—"

"Who are you?!" Hiyoko shouted. "My biology teacher? Gross!"

"We...really don't need to hear that, Mikan..." Mahiru said.

"A-Ah!" Mikan yelped. "I-I'm sorry... I was explaining how farts work..."

"Oh, that stinky smell in the air?" Nekomaru asked. "Sorry about that. It's my fault. You see, I just took a huge shit in the bathroom and—"

"No, it doesn't smell like that," Akane said as she continued to sniff out the air. "It smells like...blood."

A shiver went down everyone's spines. The implications are clear.

"N-No..." Kyosuke said. "I-It can't be..."

"Where's the smell coming from?" Hajime asked.

Akane's nose twitched like a beast that's smelling a fresh kill. She eventually located the source of the smell and pointed towards it.

"There," Akane said, pointing towards the table near the back corner of the dining hall. She then walked towards that table.

Everyone is having a very bad feeling about this. They could tell that something is seriously wrong right now. They don't want to approach that table out of fear that it'll reveal what they had feared the most. But, they felt like that if they didn't, they wouldn't know the truth. They can't just stand around and do nothing. They must find the truth. The search party followed Akane towards the back table.

"S-So...what...could've happened...there?" Mahiru asked, nervously shaking along with everyone in the search party.

Akane continued to look around the back table, trying to pinpoint the source of the smell. "It's...coming from under the table!" she concluded.

"Under what?" Kyosuke gasped.

Akane grabbed the tablecloth and lifted it up, revealing what's underneath the table. The search party saw what's under the table. They were horrified at what they saw.

"Y-Yukizome?" Kyosuke asked.

"Sensei?" Hajime asked. "W-What...happened to you?"

"O-Oh no..." Mahiru said, nearly on the verge of tears. "!"

Underneath the table...was a corpse. It's not just anyone's corpse. They identified the body as Chisa Yukizome. Chisa was found lying lifelessly on the floor. Her blood was splattered on the surrounding floor and tablecloth. She tried so hard to prevent a murder from happening, only to become a murder victim herself. It was at this point when everyone's lives changed for the worst. They had crossed the point of no return. Nothing is going to be the same after this.

Chapter 1: From Vacation to Nightmare

Deadly Life

Chapter Text

"What the...shit?"

"! Sensei! No!"

"What happened? What the hell is going on?"

"We just got a notification. One of our patients has died!"

"Who? Oh... Oh no... This can't be good."

"It's just as I feared... Monokuma took over the program and someone is now dead..."

"Dammit! Curse that stupid bear! No matter what we do, we can never escape his influence! Junkoooooo!"

"W-What are we supposed to do now? Who...killed her?"

"I don't know. There are no cameras at the site where she died, and also there was a blackout in the area. We can't tell what happened at the time of the murder."

"I-Is the recorded voices any good? The cameras around the pool must've picked up on something..."

"I tried my best to interpret what was said during the blackout. It doesn't seem like anyone...oh no..."

"What's wrong?"

"The's installing a location into the program!"

"Wait, what? What kind of location is the virus installing?"

"I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it can't be a good thing for the patients."

"If there's one thing that we know about Monokuma, is that when there's a murder, there's always a trial coming up. I'm definitely sure that the virus is installing a trial room."

"...Do you think the patients will be able to figure out who the culprit is?"

"...Let's hope that the patients are able to solve this crime on their own. There's nothing we can do to help them out. The only thing we can do now is watch."

"The Future Foundation needs to be notified of this right now. I'll send a message to them explaining our current situation."

"Ugh...we're going to be in so much trouble..."

Day 3 - 10:54 PM
Kazuichi's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

*Ding-dong, ding-dong!*

"A body has been discovered!" Monokuma announced. "Everyone, please gather at—"

"W-Wait, what?" Usami gasped from off screen. "D-Did something...happen?"

"Hey! Quit interrupting me, you stupid rabbit!" Monokuma shouted. "I'm trying to notify everyone that a body has been discovered!"

"S-So...does that mean...someone died...?" Usami asked, sounding like she's about to break into tears.

"Of course someone died!" Monokuma shouted. "What else did you expect? This is a killing game after all!"

"O-On no!" Usami cried. "W-Why must this happen? This is all your fault!" She then went on screen and attacked Monokuma.

"Hey! Knock it off, you stupid rabbit!" Monokuma said. "Can't you see that we've—"

The monitors turn off before the announcement could continue.

The two boys in the cottage watched the monitor as the announcement plays out. They were shocked at what they heard.

"W-What...was that?" Ryota asked.

"I don't know!" Kazuichi replied as he dried his jumpsuit. "What's going on out there? What happened?"

Ryota got a bad feeling about this. "...We'd better go," he said. "We have to know what happened out there!"

"Wait, seriously?" Kazuichi asked. "We're going now?! But I haven't finished drying off my jumpsuit! It's still wet!"

Day 3 - 10:55 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

The students and Kyosuke stared below the table, shocked and horrified by the sight of Chisa's dead body. Screams of horror began to fill the entire room as everyone reacted to the death of one of the chaperones. Chisa Yukizome was their teacher. She was their Sensei. She's willing to do anything to prevent a murder from happening. But despite her efforts, she became a victim of a murder.

Kyosuke felled to his knees as he stared at the dead Chisa. "Yukizome..." he muttered. "N-No...this...can't be..."

Teruteru is screaming in panic behind the students.

"S-So...this is it..." Gundham said. "The calamity that the stars foretold...has become true. Our guardian...has perished!"

"WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!" Nekomaru roared. As he threw his arms into his head, Nekomaru accidentally hit Gundham and sent him stumbling.

"T-That can't be real blood, right?" Ibuki asked. "That's...gotta be strawberry jam or something. T-There's no way that...that someone died, right?"

Akane took a sniff of Chisa's corpse. "Nope," she said. "That's definitely blood."

Ibuki reacted so horribly to hearing that Chisa's death was real that she foamed in her mouth.

As everyone reacted to Chisa's dead body, the two remaining students arrived at the crime scene. They saw people gathering around at the back table looking at something.

"W-What's going on o-over there?" Ryota asked.

"I-I don't know," Kazuichi replied. "I can't see what they're seeing!"

Mikan then saw the two boys and ran up to them. "O-Oh! You're here!" she said. "W-We've got terrible news! S-Someone...has been...murdered!"

The two boys were shocked to hear that a murder had occurred.

"W-What?!" Kazuichi gasped. "Are you serious?!"

"But...w-who died?" Ryota asked.

Mikan hesitated for a moment before revealing who the victim is. "It's...S-Sensei..." she replied.

"W-Which one?" Ryota asked.

"Hold on!" Kazuichi said as he ran towards the back table. "Lemme take a look! I need to see this myself!"

Kazuichi shoved his way towards the back table, trying to see what everyone else saw. There, he saw Chisa's dead body and was shocked by the sight of it.

"W-What the hell?" Kazuichi gasped. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER?!"

"W-What did you saw?" Ryota asked as he made his way towards the back table. He saw the huge pool of blood underneath the table and let out a huge scream. It took him a moment to realize that the blood likely came from Chisa. Upon realizing this, Ryota screamed even louder, almost to the point of making everyone feel pain in their ears.

Once everyone had seen the corpse with their own eyes, Monokuma showed up in the dining hall. "Goodness gracious," he remarked as he appeared. "This party went south really fast. Who could've seen that coming?"

Everyone was alerted to Monokuma's presence. They were shocked to see him here.

"Monokuma?" Mahiru gasped.

Kyosuke then stood up. With his back turned to Monokuma, he spoke to the bear. "You..." he said in an angry. "What...did you do?"

"Ah, look at you, mister," Monokuma replied. "Mourning over the death of a loved one, aren't you? You thought that someone close to you will survive this killing game, when in actuality, she became the first victim!"

Kyosuke turned around and glared at Monokuma with a menacing look on his face. It was clear that he was furious over the death of Chisa. "Monokuma..." he growled. "How could you do this to Yukizome?"

"Huh? What did I do to your loved one?" Monokuma asked.

Kyosuke slowly walked towards Monokuma. "This is all your fault, Monokuma," he said. "If you haven't turned this school trip into a killing game, then none of this would've happened. We all could've survived this. But just had to show up. You made us participate in this killing game. And thanks to you, Yukizome is dead!"

"Hey, hey!" Monokuma said. "What do you mean this is all my fault? I didn't kill anyone! One of you did!"

"S-So...the culprit of this one of us?" Nagito asked.

"Of course!" Monokuma replied. "Chisa Yukizome was murdered by one of you! Someone among you must be desperate to leave this tropical paradise, and so that person sacrificed Yukizome in an attempt to do just that!"

"Y-You're lying!" Hajime shouted. "T-This can't be true! There's no way that someone would murder Sensei!"

Monokuma stared at Hajime for a moment. "Oh? You think so?" he asked. "Do you really think that none of you is willing to commit murder? Come on, everyone will get tired of being in paradise one day and you really want to get your school memories back. Of course someone will try to murder someone else! This is a killing game, after all. Do you really expect there to be no deaths in a killing game?"

" has to be true..." Mahiru said. "Someone...really did murder Yukizome-sensei..."

Kyosuke growled furiously. "I will never forgive the person who killed Yukizome..." he grumbled. "I will hunt them down and make them pay."

"Speaking of hunting down the culprit," Monokuma said, "I didn't get to mention this during the body discovery announcement thanks to that stupid rabbit, but there will be a Class Trial coming up soon. I already explained to you guys what that is, right? In case you don't remember, basically you all debate on who the blackened is. Once the debate is finished, you will all vote on who you think is the blackened. If the majority votes correctly, then only the blackened will receive punishment. But if you pick the wrong person, then everyone will receive punishment. The true blackened will get to leave this resort, leaving everyone's dead bodies behind! Are we clear on that yet?"

Everyone said nothing as they tried to make sure they remember how the Class Trials work once it begins. The tension in the air is making it hard for everyone to keep this in mind, however. Everyone is looking at each other, wondering if the person they're looking at is the person who murdered Chisa Yukizome.

"Oh, look at all of you," Monokuma remarked. "We haven't even started the Class Trial and already you guys are suspecting each other. How exciting! However, baseless accusations are both boring and frustrating to sit through. After all, it's way more interesting if people have a good reason of being suspicious. I'll leave you guys until 12:30 AM tomorrow morning to gather all the evidence needed to present your arguments. But before we begin, allow me to give you something to start things off!"

Monokuma then clapped his hands and suddenly everyone felt a rumble in their pockets. They reached into their pockets and pulled out their E-Handbooks. In the E-Handbooks, there appears to be a new file installed into the device. Everyone opened the file...and was shocked at what they saw.

"What the—?!" Kyosuke gasped. "Yukizome?"

"Ah! AH!" Kazuichi screamed as he dropped his E-Handbook. "What the hell?!"

"Eek!" Mikan shrieked as she saw what's on the file.

"See that in your E-Handbooks?" Monokuma said. "That's the Monokuma File! It contains detailed information about the victim of the case! Every investigation has to start somewhere, after all."

The first Monokuma File contains a rather graphic visualization of Chisa's stab wounds and where they are located. Everyone saw that Chisa had been stabbed multiple times. Right next to the visualization is a description of the body.

Monokuma File 1: The victim is Chisa Yukizome. The time of death is approximately 10:45 PM. The victim was discovered underneath a table in the dining hall of the old hotel building. The victim was stabbed multiple times between the neck and abdomen, leading to death by bleeding. Some injuries were detected, but they were too minor to contribute to the death.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Monokuma File 1

Everyone shivered as they read the Monokuma File. This is just another confirmation that Chisa was murdered by someone. Not even Kyosuke maintained his composure.

"Now, with that Monokuma File," Monokuma continued, "let the investigation begin! Just as a reminder, this investigation will end at 12:30 AM tomorrow regardless of your current progress, so gather as many clues as you can! I'll be seeing you soon. And remember, the killer is among you." He then vanished from the room.

After Monokuma vanished, everyone was left standing still as they wondered what to do next. It's getting late and they're really tired. They want to go to sleep, but Monokuma has put a time limit before the Class Trial begins. Whatever happens next, none of them will have a good sleep.

"I-I'm at a loss for words..." Mahiru said. "W-What do we do now?"

"We have to figure out who killed Yukizome and why," Nagito replied. "That's the task that Monokuma has put onto us..."

"This really sucks..." Kazuichi said. "Why must we be put in such a terrible situation...?"

As everyone continued to sulk around, Usami showed up to try to give everyone some encouragement.

"Everyone, please!" Usami cried to get everyone's attention. "I-I know something terrible has happened to one of you, but please...don't give up! Live for your dead friends!"

"Hey, shut up you piece of trash!" Kazuichi shouted. "This isn't time to be making inspirational speeches!"

"W-What did you just call me?!" Usami cried. "Please...I'm only trying to help!"

"He's right, you stupid rabbit," Monokuma said as he showed up behind Usami. "Your inspirational speeches are useless at a time like this. Now get outta here before you disturb the crime scene!" He grabbed Usami and began to drag her away.

"Hwah?!" Usami gasped. "Hey! Let go of meeeeeee!" She and Monokuma then disappeared.

Chiaki let out a sigh. "Usami didn't say her full speech," she said. "But...she's right. Even after one of us has been murdered, we can't give up. We have to figure out who killed Yukizome-sensei. We have to solve the crime that had been committed."

"But...who will solve this crime?" Hajime asked.

"Everyone," Chiaki replied. "Crimes usually aren't solved by a single person. It takes a whole team of investigations to figure out what happened. We currently have plenty of time before the Class Trial begins, but I suggest that we split up and try to cover as much ground as possible. Does everyone understand what I'm saying?"

"I do..." Hajime replied.

"I-I think yes..." Mikan replied.

"Poor Sensei..." Mahiru said. "I can't believe someone murdered you. But...we will figure out who killed you. I promise..."

Chiaki's speech lifted everyone's spirits up. It's not enough to get them back to where they were before Chisa's dead body was discovered, but at least it's enough to get some of them to start investigating her murder.

"Okay, I see that some of you are ready to start investigating," Chiaki said. "Good. Now, before we begin, we need to delegate roles. First off, we have to decide who should guard the crime scene. There's plenty of evidence in the crime scene. It'll be a shame if someone were to destroy some of them before we could find them..."

"What about Neko-chan over there?" Ibuki suggested. "He looks perfect for the guard job!"

Everyone turned towards Nekomaru. They saw that he's clutching his stomach again.

"Ugh...I don't know..." Nekomaru groaned. "Seeing that dead body and all that blood...makes me wanna SHIT AGAIN!" He ran out of the dining room and toward the restroom.

"...That Nekomaru really has a weak stomach, doesn't he?" Kazuichi remarked.

Mahiru then walked up to Kyosuke. He's currently on his knees in front of Chisa's dead body.

"What about you, Munakata-sensei?" Mahiru asked. "Why don't you guard the crime scene?"

Kyosuke slapped Mahiru's arm away as he stood up on his feet. "Leave me alone," he ordered.

"What? Why?" Mahiru asked.

"I just need...some alone time..." Kyosuke replied. He then walked out of the dining room without saying another word.

Mahiru clutched her chest as she watched Kyosuke walk away. "I guess I'm guarding the crime scene..." she said.

"D-Does that mean that I get to c-check on Sensei's body?" Mikan asked. "I-I have medical t-training, so c-can I be the coroner please?"

"Yeah sure, go on ahead Mikan..." Mahiru replied. "As long as it helps, I don't mind..."

"Okay, that's two roles that have been fulfilled," Chiaki said. "But the main thing that an investigation needs are, well, investigators."

"Well, we can go around this area and..." Ibuki began before her voice trailed off. "Actually, never mind. I have no idea what to do." She shifted her gaze over to Sonia. "No, I'm not talking to you, Sonia-chan!"

Sonia let out a sigh. "You don't have to clarify that every time..." she said.

"It's clear that all of us are amateur at this," Nagito remarked. "None of us are the Ultimate Detective, after all. Regardless, at least one of us must fulfill this role. And by 'at least one of us', I mean the rest of us."

The remaining students could feel a drop of sweat going down their heads. It looks like all of them will be contributing to the investigation one way or another.

"So, let's start by asking a few questions," Nagito began. "When was the last time Yukizome was seen alive?"

"Hmm...if I recall correctly," Mahiru replied, "we last saw Yukizome-sensei...before the blackout began. After the lights turned back on, we didn't see least until we discovered her dead body..."

"So that means that Yukizome was murdered during the blackout," Nagito concluded.

"Hold on, I think we're missing something here," Kazuichi said. "When did the blackout happened? I mean, there weren't any clocks in the pool area, so we can't tell what time it is."

"Well, the Monokuma File did say that Yukizome died at 10:45 PM," Chiaki replied. "If she was murdered during the blackout, then the blackout must've began a few minutes before her death and ended just after her death."

"That sounds about right," Hajime said. "Shortly after the blackout ended, we saw Mahiru exit the old building to look for Yukizome. A few minutes after we started the search...we found her dead body..."

"Okay, that sounds reasonable," Kazuichi remarked. "But we still don't have a clue about the exact times when each event occurred."

"We don't need to know when exactly each event happened," Nagito replied. "The time of death listed on the Monokuma File is a good reference point. As long as we know that the murder occurred during the blackout, we should be able to start the puzzle on what happened during the blackout."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Timeline of Events

"Now that we know the time range when the events of the murder could've happened," Nagito continued, "let's start looking at the crime scene and see what we could find."

Before anyone could take a look at the area where Chisa's body was discovered, Ibuki said something.

"Wait, wait, wait," Ibuki said. "Hold on. Is it just me? Or are we missing a few people?"

The remaining students in the dining hall looking around to see who is still present. They already know that Chisa is dead and Nekomaru and Kyosuke had already left. But it appears that Ryota too had left the room, along with Hiyoko and Teruteru. Teruteru is probably in the old kitchen, so they know where he is. But as for Hiyoko and Ryota? Their absence felt a As for Gundham, they found him on the floor looking for something. How everyone managed to miss him is anyone's guess.

"Uh...Gundham?" Hajime asked. "What are you doing?"

Gundham lifted his head up from the floor. "What?" he said.

"Oh, there you are," Sonia said. "I was wondering where you went."

"Hajime asked you a question, Gundham," Nagito said. "What are you doing crawling around on the floor?"

"What am I doing?" Gundham asked. "Why, I'm searching for my Hell Hound Earring! It had vanished into the void below our feet!"

"How did you manage to lose your earring?" Kazuichi asked.

"My Hell Hound Earring was hanging from one of my auditory sensors," Gundham explained. "I was staring at the corpse of our fallen guardian when suddenly someone forced me out of my position! I lost my Hell Hound Earring to the void in that moment, and ever since then, I've been trying to take it back."

Kazuichi stared at Gundham for a moment. "I understood half of what you said..." he said.

"I can translate what Gundham said into something easier to understand," Chiaki said. "Basically, Gundham lost his earring when someone knocked him out of the way. His earring must've dropped from his ear in that moment. It probably fell in between the floorboards."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Gundham's Missing Earring

Hearing Chiaki mention the floorboards made everyone look down at the floor. They can see that it's full of gaps.

"Whoa," Hajime said. "That's a lot of gaps in the floor. No wonder Gundham lost his earring."

"I am questioning the architects who built this building..." Mahiru sighed. "Seriously, who designed this resort? I demand to know!"

Nagito let out a sigh. "Yeah, I knew about those gaps in the floorboard," he said. "I was worried that something might fall in between them. I tried to remedy this by covering the floor with this carpet. Be as you can see...I didn't get the carpet to cover the entire floor."

Looking around the dining hall, everyone can see that the carpet doesn't go all the way up to the walls. There are still areas where the floorboard gaps are exposed. Gundham was probably standing on or near the exposed floorboards when he lost his earring. And among the areas that have exposed floorboards is the area underneath the table where Chisa's body was found.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Floorboard Gaps

The floorboards segues nicely into the crime scene. Hajime, Mahiru, Nagito, and several others began to approach the crime scene to look for clues. Before they could start gathering clues from the crime scene, Ibuki noticed a subtle sound.

"Hold on," Ibuki said. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Sonia asked.

"I think I hear some dripping," Ibuki said. "Can everyone be quiet for a moment?"

Everyone became silent for a moment as they tried to hear the faint sound of dripping.

*Drip, drip, drip*

"Ah," Gundham said. "Could it be the fluid of life that's hitting what's beyond the void?"

"So there is a room that's below the dining hall," Hajime said. "Gundham's earring must be down there somewhere. The question do we get down there?"

Truth Bullet Updated: Floorboard Gaps

Mahiru hits Hajime with her elbow. "Focus, Hajime," she said in a scolding tone.

"Ah, right," Hajime replied.

Hajime returned his attention to the crime scene and began to gather clues along with everyone else. The first thing that his eyes saw was a knife. Chisa was holding on to this knife when she died. It looks like this knife came from the kitchen. On top of that, the knife was covered with a glowing paint. Why was the knife coated with paint? And where did this knife come from? Could it have been one of the missing items from the old kitchen? Hajime might want to confirm that with Teruteru later.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Knife

Above Chisa, there is a piece of tape that's hanging below the table. Only one part of the tape is stuck to the table, leaving the rest of it to hang freely. The middle of the tape was crinkled and coated with the same glowing paint that coated the knife. Looking at the area where the tape was, the team can see two blobs of glowing paint that is separated by an unpainted area with sharp edges.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Painted Tape

"This is so strange..." Mahiru muttered. "What is a knife doing here? Why is it coated with a glowing paint? And why is there a piece of tape stuck to the bottom of the table?"

"I'm not sure," Nagito said, "but they must be placed there deliberately."

"By who?" Kazuichi asked.

Mahiru turned her head towards Nagito. "Hey, Nagito," she said. "You were cleaning the old building prior to the start of the party, correct? Do you know anything about the knife that's hidden underneath that table?"

"What? No," Nagito replied. "I didn't do anything with the bottom of the tables. I didn't even took a peek underneath the tables as well."

"Are you sure about that?" Mahiru asked as she grew suspicious of Nagito.

"I didn't do anything outside of preparing the old building for the party," Nagito replied. "I swear!"

Mahiru gave Nagito a doubtful look. "Okay..." she said. She turned her eyes back on Chisa and saw that there's something on Chisa's face. "Huh? What's that thing on Yukizome-sensei's head?"

"I think I recognize that," Hajime said. "They look like...goggles."

"Goggles?" Mahiru replied. "Hold on. Let me take a look." She reached her hand out towards Chisa's face, only to be stopped by Mikan.

"W-Wait!" Mikan cried. "I-I don't think you should disturb the body..."

"Huh? Why not?" Mahiru asked.

"Well...y-you may tamper with the c-crime scene..." Mikan explained.

"Don't worry so much, Mikan," Nagito said. "They're just taking a look at Yukizome's face. They're not going to disturb the body."

"But-" Mikan tried to say before she stopped herself. After thinking about it for a moment, Mikan decided to let the corpse be adjusted slightly. "F-Fine...if you want to look at her face, t-then I'll d-do it..."

Mikan grabbed Chisa's head and moved it so that everyone can get a better look at it. What they found was...Chisa's disturbing looking face with goggles covering the eyes along with a hole on her neck that's leaking blood. The view was disturbing to everyone who saw it.

"Ah!" Hajime gasped.

"Oh...jeez!" Mahiru exclaimed.

"That...looked like it really hurt..." Nagito remarked. "And that's just one of the wounds that killed Yukizome!"

"That wound l-looks pretty deep..." Mikan said. "It looks like her e-entire neck was punctured..."

"What a painful way to die..." Mahiru said. She then turned her attention to the goggles on Chisa's head. "So...what's that on her head?"

Hajime took a closer look at the goggles. He felt discomfort in being so close to a head of a body and the wounds they suffered. Looking at the goggles, Hajime felt like he has seen these goggles before. "It looks like...these goggles are the same ones that Munakata wore..." he said.

Mahiru turned her head towards Hajime. "Really?" she asked.

"I think so," Nagito replied. "I remember seeing these on Munakata when the lights turned back on. He said he doesn't need to wear them anymore now that the lights are on."

This made Mahiru realize something. "Wait, so are these...night vision goggles?" she asked.

"Night vision goggles?" Hajime gasped. "What are you talking about?"

"I remember seeing those night vision goggles in the supermarket," Mahiru explained. "I'm not sure why Yukizome-sensei is wearing them. When did she get these goggles?"

Hajime recalled what he heard from Kyosuke at the beginning of the party. "I've heard that Munakata went to the supermarket before the party began," he said. "Perhaps he got these goggles from there."

"You think so?" Nagito asked.

"I don't know," Hajime replied. "I might have to check with Munakata to verify this..."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Night Vision Goggles

Looking at the crime scene further, the students can see that there's blood all over the floor underneath the table where Chisa was killed. Some blood was splattered on the inside of the tablecloth. It looks like the tablecloth prevented the blood from spilling over into other areas. Checking the area further, it doesn't appear that Chisa's body was dragged from anywhere. There's no drag marks trailing away from the pool of blood, so it can be assumed that Chisa's body was undisturbed after she was killed.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Bloodstain Under the Table

Once it appears that no more clues can be collected from the crime scene, the students pulled away from the table where Chisa's body was found. Only Mikan remained behind, as her job is to determine the severity of Chisa's wounds.

"I-I'll have my autopsy report w-when I'm done..." Mikan said as she began to inspect Chisa's dead body. "I-I'll be stained with blood, though. C-Can someone go to my c-cottage and get me a s-spare change of clothes?"

Almost immediately, someone agreed to get Mikan her spare clothes.

"I'll do it," Chiaki said with a sigh. She then exited the dining hall.

"Alright, it looks like we're done with the crime scene for now," Nagito said. "But this investigation isn't over yet. There might be other areas which are involved in this crime. We'll have to keep looking around."

"Wait, before we go, I have a question," Hajime said. "So, the boys knows what happened during the blackout, right?"

Mahiru pondered for a moment. " that you mention it, that could be important," she said. "Alright, let's talk about what happened on either side of the party. And since you're the one who brought it up, how about you go first, Hajime?"

Hajime pointed to himself. "Me?" he asked.

"Clearly, something has happened to you boys during the blackout," Mahiru replied. "Care to explain what happened?"

Hajime began to recall the events of the blackout from his perspective. "Let's see..." he began. "Me and the boys were partying around the pool. Even though it sucked to be stuck outside, we still made the most of the party. Then, Chiaki walked out of the old building to stand guard at the front door."

"That's shortly after we send Chiaki out to make sure none of the boys tried to get to our side of the party, right?" Mahiru said. "I'm getting it now. So what happened after that?"

"After Chiaki started to guard the building, Nekomaru began to complain that he needs to use a restroom," Hajime continued. "He was...desperate to take a dump. We couldn't let him go to his cottage, so...we let him in the old building to use the restroom."

Mahiru was shocked to hear that. "Wait...what?!" she gasped. "You let a boy into the old building? I thought Teruteru was the only boy allowed in the old building because he's our chef!"

"Look, Nekomaru really needs to use the restroom, okay?" Hajime said. "Anyways, after he left, we talked about how Nekomaru might have digestion issues, when suddenly the lights turned off! Everyone began to panic when the lights went out...I think."

"Can you tell who said what?" Mahiru asked.

Hajime shook his head. "Not really..." he replied. "Although, we did hear a crashing sound followed up with a splash..."

"Please don't remind me of that..." Kazuichi muttered as he pulled his beanie over his eyes. "I can't see a thing, I swear!"

Mahiru turned her head towards Kazuichi. "What happened to you during the blackout, Kazuichi?" she asked.

"Whatever it is, I'm not gonna talk about it," Kazuichi replied.

"Come on, you'd better tell me something," Mahiru said. "Whatever happened to you may be important for this investigation."

"I don't think falling into a pool is relevant to this case..." Nagito said.

"Nagito! Why?" Kazuichi cried.

"Wait, so Kazuichi fell into the pool?" Mahiru asked. "How did that happen? I thought that there were barriers surrounding the pool."

"I'm not sure how Kazuichi managed to fall into the pool," Hajime replied. "Regardless, I don't think that has anything to do with the murder of Yukizome..."

"Good," Kazuichi said. "The next time you bring it up, I will try to put a stop to it!"

Hajime let out a sigh before returning his attention to Mahiru. "So what about you, Mahiru?" he began to ask. "What happened inside the old building?"

"You want to talk about what happened on my side?" Mahiru asked. "Well, after we sent Chiaki outside..."

Day 3 - 10:40 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

After Chiaki went out of the dining hall, the girls continued their party, enjoying every moment of it. Akane is stuffing her mouth full of food, much to the concern of Mikan. Chisa is standing near one of the walls, watching over the rest of the girls. Mahiru, Sonia, and Ibuki are gathered around the table closest to the doors, having a conversation with each other. Meanwhile, Hiyoko doesn't seem to be enjoying the party, choosing instead to remain near the back table with a lamp on it.

Ibuki turned around and saw Hiyoko standing away from the rest of the girls. She gave Hiyoko a wave. "Hey, Hiyoko-chan!" she shouted. "Come over here! You're missing out on all the fun!"

Hiyoko didn't say anything and turned her head away.

Sonia then turned around to see Hiyoko. She grew concerned about Hiyoko. " there something wrong with Hiyoko?" she asked.

"I...don't know," Mahiru replied. "I tried to talk to her earlier, but she wouldn't budge..."

"Maybe Hiyoko just doesn't like parties?" Sonia suggested.

"But why?" Ibuki asked. "Who doesn't like parties? They're fun!"

Mahiru let out a heavy sigh. "I'll just take a photo of her," she said as she grabbed her camera. "It's not a happy memory to capture, but it's a memory nonetheless." She then snapped a photo of Hiyoko standing near the corner table.

Meanwhile, Chisa is...displeased at the sight of Akane eating food with her bare hands.

"Hey, Akane?" Chisa said. "There are utensils on the table that you could use. Why don't you use them?"

Akane said something in response. But as her mouth is currently stuffed with food, nobody could tell what she's saying.

"Um...Akane?" Mikan asked. "That's...a lot of food you're eating. A-Are you sure that's enough?"

Akane tried to speak again, but her mouth is still stuffed with food.

Chisa let out a heavy sigh. "Can't these students act a little more mature?" she asked.


Mikan was startled by the sound of the beep. "H-Huh?" she said. "W-What's that sound?"

And then, all of a sudden, the lights in the dining hall went out. The entire room went completely dark.

"Wha...what happened?"

"O-Oh's...a blackout!"

"A blackout? AH! It's a blackout!"

Due to the metal plates covering the windows, there wasn't any light to be found in the dining hall. It probably wouldn't help if there weren't any metal plates in this situation. Mahiru recalled that there were clouds covering the moon when she went in the old building, so there wasn't any moonlight reaching the hotel area. The girls tried to wait for a moment to let their eyes adjust to the darkness, but everyone was too panicked to be patient.

"I-It's pitch black! My future is pitch black!"

"Everyone, calm down! We must stay calm around here!"

"What the...? What's going on back there?"



The sounds of footsteps filled the air, but nobody could tell where they were coming from.

"W-What's going on? Where is everyone? I can't see a thing!"

"Hey, can someone turn the damn lights on? I can't eat in the dark!"

"Get out! Get out! GET OUT!"


"Can everyone please calm down?!"

"It's no use! I can't tell where everyone is! AHHHH!

"Girls? A-Are you all okay in there? The blackout...wasn't just in the kitchen, right?"

"Ugh, can someone please do something about this blackout? How did this even happen?"

"Perhaps the breaker was overloaded?"

"L-Let's see...we all heard a beeping sound and then the lights went out. Maybe—"

And then, just as suddenly as the blackout happened, the lights turned back on again, briefly blinding everyone inside the dining hall.

" eyes..." Mahiru complained.

"Oh look, the lights are back on!" Akane said. "Now I can see what I'm eating again!" She then continued to chow down on the food."

Ibuki then realized that the lights are on again. "'s over already?" she asked. "Hurray! It's finally over! Now we can continue our—"

"Ah! Mikan!" Sonia cried. "What happened to you?"

The girls then looked over to where Mikan is standing. Or rather, where she used to stand. Looking down, the girls discovered that Mikan had tripped and fallen into a...compromising position.

"Oh no..." Mahiru groaned. "Not this again..."

"I-I'm so sorry!" Mikan apologized. "I-I tripped and s-showed you all something u-unsightly again!"

"Wait, that pig barf tripped?" Hiyoko asked. "How did that happen?"

"Just...stop asking and help Mikan get back up..." Mahiru said with a sigh. Her eyes glanced over to Ibuki, who excited look on her face. "And you'd better not give me any requests to snap a photo, understand?"

"Aw..." Ibuki groaned in disappointment.

The girls then helped Mikan get back up on her feet. Even after she's back on her feet, Mikan continued to cry and apologize.

"I-I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you," Mikan cried. "I didn't mean to do it!"

"Let me guess," Mahiru said. "You got your foot stuck in between the floorboard and that's why you tripped. Is that right?"

"I-I think m-my foot slipped..." Mikan said.

"Well, you'd better watch your footing next time," Mahiru said. "I swear, if that happens again...actually, I don't know what else we can do to help Mikan if she trips again..."

"Snap a photo?" Ibuki suggested.

"No," Mahiru bluntly replied. Her eyes then shifted over to the lights in the dining hall. "By the way, how did that blackout happened?"

The rest of the girls then looked up at the lights.

"Oh yeah, that's right," Ibuki said. "What caused the blackout to happen? And how did it end?"

As the girls wondered about the blackout, Sonia looked around and noticed that someone is missing. "Um...pardon me," she said, "but...aren't we missing someone?"

The girls then looked around and saw that Chisa is absent from the dining hall.

"Huh? Yukizome-sensei?" Mahiru asked. "Where did you go?"

"I don't know," Sonia replied. "I think I saw her standing there a moment ago, before the blackout began."

The girls turn towards the area where Chisa was standing. There, they saw only an open metal case.

"That's strange..." Ibuki said. "What happened to her? Did she leave the building or something?"

The girls began to wonder where Chisa went during the blackout. As they thought about the whereabouts of Chisa, Teruteru peeked his head into the dining hall to check on the girls.

"Hey, girls!" Teruteru greeted. "I see that all of you are—" He stopped himself when he saw that someone is missing. "Hold on. I swear that there were more of you girls before. What happened?"

Mahiru turned her head towards Teruteru. "Teruteru!" she shouted. "Have you've seen Yukizome-sensei?"

"What?" Teruteru replied. Then he remember who Chisa is. "Oh, I see., I don't know where she went. I didn't see her on my way to here."

"Then where could she be?" Mahiru asked.

"Maybe Yukizome went outside?" Ibuki asked. "Perhaps the boys saw her after the lights turned on."

Mahiru began to develop a bad feeling about this. "Wait right here, girls," she said. "I'll be back." She then exited the dining hall and began searching for Chisa.

Day 3 - 11:10 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

"And that brings us to when we discovered that Yukizome-sensei has been murdered," Mahiru said, finishing explaining what happened inside the old building during the blackout. "Got any more questions?"

"I do," Nagito replied. "Did anyone change their positions after the blackout ended?"

"As far as I know, no," Mahiru replied. "Everyone pretty much remained where they were after the blackout ended. Well, all except for Yukizome-sensei, of course."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Dining Hall Alibis

Hajime began to recall what he saw before and after the blackout began. " that you mention it," he said, "everyone in the pool pretty much remained in the same place before and after the blackout happened. Except for Kazuichi. We all know what happened to him."

Kazuichi is glaring at Hajime, making sure that he doesn't get reminded that he fell into the pool.

"That sounds about right," Nagito added. "Also, I did recall someone calling into the old building during the blackout?"

"Who did it belong to?" Mahiru asked. "I swear I also heard someone calling out to us during the blackout."

As the three students thought about who shouted out into the old building, Chiaki returned to the dining hall carrying Mikan's spare change of clothes.

"I'm back," Chiaki announced. "I've brought you your change of clothes, Mikan." She carried the clothes over to the empty table.

"T-Thank you..." Mikan said. "I-I'm starting to get blood a-all over my clothes."

Chiaki's voice sounded familiar to Hajime and Nagito. She sounded just like the voice that called out to the girls inside the old building. Considering that she was standing near the entrance of the old building at the time the blackout began...

"Wait a second..." Hajime said. "You're the one that called out to the girls in the old building. Isn't that right, Chiaki?"

Chiaki turned her head as soon as she heard her name. "Huh?" she said. "What are you talking about?" She set Mikan's spare clothes down on the table.

"I remember now," Hajime said. "I heard someone say 'Girls, are you okay in there' during the blackout. Did you say that, Chiaki?"

Chiaki paused for a moment to remember what she said during the blackout. "Um...yeah," she replied. "I think I said that."

"What else did you say?" Mahiru asked. "I remember hearing someone say 'the blackout wasn't just in the kitchen'. Was it you, Chiaki?"

"," Chiaki replied. "I followed it up with 'the blackout affected the entire pool area'."

"So it wasn't you then..." Mahiru said.

"That settles it," Nagito said. "During the blackout, Chiaki called out to the girls in the old building from outside. None of the boys change their positions during the blackout except for Kazuichi."

"Don't bring that up ever again..." Kazuichi muttered.

"So pretty much everyone stayed where they are during the blackout," Mahiru concluded. "Aside from Kazuichi, the only one who changed their position during the blackout was Yukizome-sensei. She went from standing near a wall to underneath one of the back tables, where she was murdered."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Pool Area Alibis

"But why would she do that?" Hajime asked.

"I'm not sure," Chiaki replied. "I wasn't in the old building during the blackout, so I couldn't hear who said what."

"But even for the girls inside the old building," Mahiru added, "it was impossible for us to tell who said what. We heard voices, sure, but it was so chaotic in the dining hall. Everyone's voices was overlapping each other and we couldn't see anyone. Is there any way to tell who said what?"

"There is a way!" Ibuki shouted, catching everyone off guard.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Mahiru asked.

"Ibuki has excellent hearing," Ibuki said. "She's the Ultimate Musician, after all. She knows what everyone sounds like. She can tell who said what in what order!"

"Really?" Nagito asked. "That sounds like a great ability to have for an investigation!"

"Just give Ibuki a moment," Ibuki said. "She needs time to figure out who said what during the blackout. Now, don't bother Ibuki until she is done!" She then went into her thinking pose. "Let's see...when the blackout began, the first thing we heard was..." Her voice trailed off into silence after that point.

"Okay, so we'll know exactly what happened during the blackout eventually," Mahiru said. "Is there anything else that we need to do?"

Nagito checked the list of evidence on his E-Handbook. "Hmm, this looks pretty good," he said. "But it looks like we'll need to gather more evidence. I don't think this is enough for us to pin down the culprit."

"Should we bring this investigation out of the old dining hall?" Hajime asked.

Nagito put his E-Handbook back into his pocket. "I think we should," he said.

"Alright, so you two will be going out to gather more evidence," Mahiru said. "Meanwhile, I'll stay here and guard the crime scene."

"That sounds good," Nagito said. "After all, you're the one who decided to guard the crime scene before the investigation began. Come on, Hajime. Let's gather more evidence." He then walked out of the dining hall.

Hajime watched as Nagito left the dining hall. "Sure..." he said as he walked after Nagito.

After Hajime and Nagito left, Mahiru looked around the dining hall to make sure no one but Mikan gets close to the table where Chisa's dead body was found. Aside from Mikan, everyone in the dining hall was just standing around doing pretty much nothing. Well, all except for Gundham. He's still trying to figure out how he can retrieve his lost earring. Feeling a little bored, Mahiru looked back at the photos she took with her camera. She felt sad when she saw Chisa in those photos. It reminded her how quickly Chisa went from being alive to being dead. As she scrolled through her photos, an idea popped up in Mahiru's head.

"Wait a second..." Mahiru said. "I photos could be useful for something. If I could draw a diagram that shows the positions of everyone before the blackout..." Then it clicked in her head. "Wait, that's it! Hey, Chiaki. Do you have any spare paper and pencils? I need to use them for a moment."

Truth Bullets

  • Monokuma File 1: The victim is Chisa Yukizome. The time of death is approximately 10:45 PM. The victim was discovered underneath a table in the dining hall of the old hotel building. The victim was stabbed multiple times between the neck and abdomen, leading to death by bleeding. Some injuries were detected, but they were too minor to contribute to the death.
  • Timeline of Events: The party began at 10:00 PM. The blackout began at 10:43 PM, lasting until around 10:46 PM. The search for Chisa began shortly after the blackout ended, with her dead body being discovered at 10:54 PM.
  • Gundham's Earring: During the rush to see Chisa's dead body, Gundham was knocked over and lost his earring. It apparently fell through the floorboard gaps.
  • Floorboard Gaps: The floor of the dining hall is full of gaps. Nagito tried to cover the gaps with carpet, but the carpet didn't cover the entire floor, leaving the areas near the walls exposed. It seems like there's a room underneath the dining hall.
  • Knife: Found underneath the table where Chisa's body was found. It is one of the two items that went missing from the old building's kitchen. It is coated with a glowing paint.
  • Painted Tape: A strip of tape was found underneath the table where Chisa's body was found. It is coated with a glowing paint.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Chisa wore these goggles at the time of her death. According to Kyosuke, he and Chisa found these in the supermarket while looking for self-defense tools.
  • Bloodstain Under the Table: A pool of blood formed around the area where Chisa died. Blood was splattered on the inside of the tablecloth, but none were found on the outside.
  • Dining Hall Alibis: During the blackout, the girls began to panic. None of them changed their positions before and after the blackout aside from Chisa, who went missing after the lights turned on.
  • Pool Area Alibis: During the blackout, the boys began to panic while Chiaki looked inside the old building and called out to everyone inside. No one entered or exited the old building during the blackout.

Chapter Text

Truth Bullets

  • Monokuma File 1: The victim is Chisa Yukizome. The time of death is approximately 10:45 PM. The victim was discovered underneath a table in the dining hall of the old hotel building. The victim was stabbed multiple times between the neck and abdomen, leading to death by bleeding. Some injuries were detected, but they were too minor to contribute to the death.
  • Timeline of Events: The party began at 10:00 PM. The blackout began at 10:43 PM, lasting until around 10:46 PM. The search for Chisa began shortly after the blackout ended, with her dead body being discovered at 10:54 PM.
  • Gundham's Earring: During the rush to see Chisa's dead body, Gundham was knocked over and lost his earring. It apparently fell through the floorboard gaps.
  • Floorboard Gaps: The floor of the dining hall is full of gaps. Nagito tried to cover the gaps with carpet, but the carpet didn't cover the entire floor, leaving the areas near the walls exposed. It seems like there's a room underneath the dining hall.
  • Knife: Found underneath the table where Chisa's body was found. It is one of the two items that went missing from the old building's kitchen. It is coated with a glowing paint.
  • Painted Tape: A strip of tape was found underneath the table where Chisa's body was found. It is coated with a glowing paint.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Chisa wore these goggles at the time of her death. Mahiru recognized these as originating from the supermarket.
  • Bloodstain Under the Table: A pool of blood formed around the area where Chisa died. Blood was splattered on the inside of the tablecloth, but none were found on the outside.
  • Dining Hall Alibis: During the blackout, the girls began to panic. None of them changed their positions before and after the blackout aside from Chisa, who went missing after the lights turned on.
  • Pool Area Alibis: During the blackout, the boys began to panic while Chiaki looked inside the old building and called out to everyone inside. No one entered or exited the old building during the blackout.

Day 3 - 11:16 PM
Old Building, Hotel Mirai

Hajime and Nagito exited the dining hall and immediately heard a voice coming from their side. Look to their right, they can see Nekomaru leaning against a wall clutching his stomach in pain.

"Ugh, it feels like my stomach is empty..." Nekomaru groaned. "I don't think that’s just shit going down the toilet. It's probably something I just ate..."

"Oh, hey Nekomaru," Hajime greeted. "Are you still feeling alright?"

Nekomaru turned his head towards Hajime and Nagito. "Oh...hey guys..." he greeted back. He then grunted in pain. "Ugh...I feel like I'm gonna be sick..."

"Just hang in there just a little longer," Nagito said. "I'm sure you can hold it in for a few more hours."

"I don't think I can last that long..." Nekomaru said.

"You were inside the old building when the blackout began, right?" Hajime began to ask. "We saw you enter it to use the restroom inside. Tell us, did you do anything during the blackout?"

Nekomaru grunted in pain again. "Look, I'm gonna keep this brief, okay?" he began. "You two are not prepared to hear how much I shitted in that restroom..."

"Hajime's not asking what you did in the restroom," Nagito said. "He's just asking if you did anything other than sit on the toilet during the blackout."

Nekomaru let out a sigh. "Fine, I'll tell you what I did," he said. "When the lights went out, I panicked. A huge shit came out of me in that moment. But it was too dark for me to see anything. I didn't stand up until the lights went back on. That's when I decided to finish my business in the restroom. you have any other questions?"

Hajime cringed upon hearing how much Nekomaru...expelled from his body. He doesn't want to hear any more of that. "Yeah...we have no other questions..." he said

"Whatever happened in that restroom," Nagito said with a sigh, "just keep it to yourself. I don't think anyone wants to hear about that."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Nekomaru's Account

"I understand," Nekomaru replied. He then grunted in pain once again. "Now, if you would excuse me, I'd better head back to my cottage to take a rest. I don't think my stomach can take it anymore..." He then walked out of the old building.

"Okay, so that's one more piece of evidence that we got," Hajime said. "Is there anywhere else we can go?"

Nagito thought about what to do next. "Hmm, based on what we've heard, it looks like the entire hotel area experienced a blackout," he said. "That includes the old building. Since we're here, I suggest that we look around the old building before going outside. I'm sure that there's plenty of evidence that's left to find."

Hajime nodded his head. "Yeah, I agree..." he replied.

The two boys decided to head towards the back area of the old building. Along the way, they encountered Sonia who is staring at a wall for some reason.

Sonia turned her head towards Hajime and Nagito. "Oh, hi boys," she greeted.

"Hi Sonia," Nagito greeted back. "You must be looking around the old building while we're investigating the crime scene. Did you find anything interesting?"

"I did," Sonia replied. "But first, there's something that I wanted to ask you two. Look at that wall over there. Doesn't it look strange to you?"

Hajime and Nagito turned their heads towards the wall Sonia is pointing at.

"That wall looks quite different than the surrounding walls," Sonia continued. "Would you mind explaining to me why that's the case?"

Nagito noticed that the "wall" has a handle on it. Immediately, Nagito knew what it is. "Oh, it's probably a fire door," he said.

"Huh? A fire door...?" Sonia asked.

"You've never seen a fire door before?" Hajime asked.

"I have not," Sonia replied. "Could you explain to me what a fire door is?"

"Fire doors are used to keep fires from spreading beyond it," Nagito explained. "If a fire ever breaks out, we can close the doors and contain a fire, keeping us safe for a little while."

"Ah, so it's like a barrier!" Sonia exclaimed. "Can I see the doors closed?"

"Sure," Nagito replied. "Hey Hajime, would you please close that other door. I'll close this door while you're at it."

Hajime nodded in response. Together, he and Nagito closed the fire doors with Sonia standing on the other side. Once the doors are closed, they resumed their conversation about the fire doors.

"Um...can you see me now?" Sonia asked, her voice muffled as it passes through the fire doors.

"Uh, we can't, Sonia," Hajime replied. "It's like there's a wall in between the two of us."

"I can't see you two either," Sonia said.

"I guess that means that the fire doors still work," Nagito said. "I'm not sure how those doors relate to the murder case, but we'll keep that in mind just in case."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Fire Doors

"Alright, I think that's enough for now," Nagito said. "Time to open the fire doors."

Hajime and Nagito then opened the fire doors. The boys then continued what they were talking about with Sonia before the fire doors are brought up.

"So, did you find anything Sonia?" Hajime asked.

"Why yes, I did find something of interest," Sonia replied. "I went down the hallway towards the storage room in the back. I found a few interesting things in there. It was a little too dusty for my liking, though. I didn't stay in the storage room for long."

"My bad..." Nagito sighed. "I didn't clean up the storage room. There was too much dust and cobwebs in there. It's not like anyone is going to use that storage room, though. So I just left it as it is."

"Do you think we should go there next?" Hajime asked.

"We should save the storage room for later," Nagito replied. "For now, let's head inside the kitchen and ask Teruteru. He was in the old kitchen during the blackout, so getting his account of events might be valuable."

"Oh, so you're going to the old kitchen instead?" Sonia asked. "I understand. After all, no one wants to spend a lot of time stuck in a room full of dust and cobwebs. Well, I hope you two can find enough evidence to pin down who the culprit is. In the meantime, I'll be looking around for more clues. See you soon!"

Hajime, Nagito, and Sonia parted ways for the moment, with Hajime and Nagito heading towards the old kitchen. Sonia, meanwhile, exited the old building to look for more evidence.

Day 3 - 11:25 PM
Old Kitchen, Hotel Mirai

Hajime and Nagito entered the kitchen and was greeted with a sight of Teruteru stuffing some food into the fridge.

"Well, these beautiful dishes won't be eaten anytime soon," Teruteru said. "I must as well save these food for later..."

"Hey Teruteru—" Nagito greeted.

"Nobu Matsuhisa!" Teruteru screamed.

Hajime and Nagito stopped in place upon hearing the...bizarre way that Teruteru screamed.

"Uh...what?" Hajime said.

"Did you just blurt out the name of a famous chef?" Nagito asked.

Teruteru turned around and saw Hajime and Nagito there. "'s you two," he said nervously. "I-I was wondering w-who entered the kitchen..."

Hajime noticed that Teruteru was standing near an open fridge. He also remembered seeing Teruteru stuffing something into the fridge when he entered the kitchen. Something seems a little fishy here, so he decided to ask Teruteru a question.

"Hey, Teruteru?" Hajime began. "I saw you stuff something into that fridge over there. What did you put inside the fridge?"

"H-Huh?!" Teruteru gasped as he shuttered. "W-Why did you ask me? A-Are you accusing me of something?"

"We're not accusing you, Teruteru...yet," Nagito replied. "We're just wondering what you're putting inside the fridge."

"The fridge?" Teruteru said. "Well, there's just leftover food inside the fridge. That's all. I poured my heart and soul into these wonderful dishes. It's a shame that not all of them are going to be eaten tonight. That giant slab of meat was the toughest to stuff in the fridge, though. Perhaps I made a little too big..."

"That slab of meat does sound interesting," Nagito said. "Where did you get it?"

"Ooh, that slab of meat came straight from one of the cows in the ranch!" Teruteru explained. "I'd never imagined that I would get something like this back in my hometown, much less Aoyama or Azabu!"

Hajime reminded himself that the cows in the ranch came out of nowhere thanks to Usami. He made sure to not reveal this fact to Teruteru. Then again, would Teruteru even care?

Hajime snapped himself out of his thoughts. "Focus..." he said to himself. He then resumed to focus on the slab of meat. "So, how did you manage to kill a cow, Teruteru?"

"It's simple, really," Teruteru replied. "I asked Nekomaru to kill one of the cows and bring its remains over to me!"

"...With his bare hands, right?" Hajime asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course!" Teruteru replied. "What else could he have used?"

Nagito sighed in frustration. "Look, we're getting off track here," he said. "We've got no time to talk about food."

"Aw..." Teruteru groaned in disappointment. "I just want to tell you guys how much effort I put into the party dishes..."

"We can talk about this later, assuming both of us make it out of the Class Trial alive," Nagito said. "Anyways, since you're in the old building when the blackout started, why don't you tell us what you did?"

Teruteru gasped in shock upon hearing about the blackout. "Huh? The blackout?" he said. "O-Okay, I'll talk about it. When the blackout began, I was startled. I tried to turn on the stove for some light, but apparently the stove runs off of electricity instead of gas. So I was unable to get some light out of them. At first, I thought that the blackout only affected the kitchen, but when I finally got out of the kitchen, I discovered that the entire hallway was dark! Then, I heard all the girls' voices coming from the dining hall, so I tried going there and called out to the girls."

Hajime and Nagito recalled what they heard from Mahiru about what happened inside the old dining hall during the blackout. She told them that she heard someone say something about the blackout not affecting just the kitchen. Which means...

"...You're the one who called out to the girls?" Hajime asked.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Teruteru asked.

"Mahiru told me and Nagito that she heard someone said, 'the blackout wasn't just in the kitchen'," Hajime said. "Was that you, Teruteru?"

"Oh...yes," Teruteru replied. "I remember saying that to the girls."

"That sounds pretty good," Nagito said, "but if you did say that to the girls from the hallway, then why didn't the girls mentioned seeing you once the lights turned back on?"

"Oh, I just went back to the kitchen before the lights turned back on," Teruteru replied. "That's all I have to say..."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Teruteru's Account

"Okay, so we now know what happened from your perspective, Teruteru," Nagito said. "At least, according to you."

"What? Are you doubting my account of events?" Teruteru asked.

"Look, there's a murderer among us," Nagito said. "We can't fully trust anyone right now. We have to take everyone's words with a grain of salt."

"Hmm...a grain of salt does add some nice flavor," Teruteru muttered. "But too much salt can cause some problems..."

"It's an expression!" Nagito shouted. "I do not mean it literally!"

Hajime sighed at how literal minded Teruteru is. His eyes then shifted over to a clipboard with a list on it. "What's this?" he asked as he picked the clipboard up.

"Oh, that's the equipment list for the kitchen," Teruteru explained. "It's for keeping track of the items in the kitchen. Miss Yukizome used that list to make sure no items from the kitchen are unaccounted for. Unfortunately, as we all now, that didn't work out so well for her..."

Hajime looked at the list closely and noticed that something's a little off. "Hey, wait a second..." he said. "Why does the list say that there's an iron skewer and a knife missing?"

"L-Look, I already explained this to two girls earlier," Teruteru said. "Those two items were missing from the kitchen when I first got here! I have no idea where those two items went!"

"Oh yeah?" Nagito asked. "Then what about the knife we found at the crime scene? Did that knife came from the kitchen?"

"Um..." Teruteru replied as he nervously tapped his fingers together. "I...don't really know how that knife got there..."

"What about the iron skewer?" Hajime asked. "Where did that go?"

"I-I don't know," Teruteru replied. "As far as I know, this kitchen was missing an iron skewer when I first got here. I'm not sure where that last iron skewer went. It's probably lost forever."

"Well, we could probably forget about the iron skewer for now," Nagito said. "It doesn't seem like the other items on this list are relevant to the murder at all."

"Some iron plates, a portable stove, a few pots..." Hajime said as he went down the list. "Wow, this kitchen is really well equipped. But I don't see a lot of knives or other utensils around here..."

"Oh, that's because those were confiscated before the party began," Teruteru explained.

"Of course..." Nagito said. "Munakata really doesn't want to see a murder happen. Neither does Yukizome. I can see why they would want to keep us from accessing dangerous weapons. It's a shame that they missed a few..."

It's starting to look like continuing to talk about the items in the kitchen would be a waste of time. Hajime decided to set the list down and move on to other things. He still kept the equipment list in mind, just in case it would become relevant.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Kitchen Equipment List

"Alright, I think we're done with this kitchen for now," Hajime said. "We should start looking for more clues elsewhere. Nagito, let's go."

"Yeah, sure thing," Nagito replied. "We'll see you later, Teruteru."

Hajime and Nagito then left the kitchen.

Teruteru then let out a sigh of relief. "Phew, at least that guy is out of my sights for now," he said. "Now...what should I do next...?"

Day 3 - 11:31 PM
Old Storage Room, Hotel Mirai

Hajime opened the door to the storage room and was immediately greeted with dust in his mouth. He coughed out the dust for several moments.

"See? I told you the storage room was full of dust," Nagito said. "There's a reason why Sonia didn't spent much time in that room."

"Yeah...I can see that..." Hajime replied weakly. "Still, there could be some evidence in the storage room. We don't have a choice. We have to endure this dust if we want to find evidence..."

Hajime and Nagito stepped inside the storage room and looked around for clues. Aside from the dust and cobwebs, there's stacks of boxes everywhere. There's hardly any space in the storage room to stand around. It looks like the storage room was also a place to do laundry, as there is an ironing board with some irons on it and a laundry hamper with something stuffed in it.

The boys started with the irons on the ironing board. They felt a little warm as they approached the irons. At first, they don't understand why the irons are warm. Upon closer inspection, they discovered that the irons are turned on for some reason.

"What are these irons doing here?" Hajime asked. "Why are they turned on?"

"I'm not sure," Nagito replied. "Perhaps someone forget to turn them off while abandoning this building? Look, I didn't spend much time in the storage room because of all the dust. I think those irons were turned on the entire time."

"What a waste of electricity," Hajime said. "I think we should turn these off before we leave."

"Yeah, I agree," Nagito replied.

Hajime then turned off the irons, making sure he doesn't touch the bottom side by accident. After the irons were turned off, Nagito began to ponder for a moment.

"Hmm, I feel like these irons were turned on for a reason," Nagito said. "I wonder why..."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Storage Room Irons

Hajime and Nagito then moved on to the cloth in the laundry hamper. It looks pretty large.

"What is this thing?" Hajime asked as he picked up the large sheet of cloth.

"It looks the same as the cloth covering the tables," Nagito said. "Perhaps that's a tablecloth?"

Hajime took a closer look at the large sheet of cloth. "Yeah, it sure looks like—" He said before he saw something suspicious. "Wait, what the heck?!"

The tablecloth had some bloodstains on it. The bloodstains are arranged in straight lines that are scattered all over the tablecloth.

"What did you find, Hajime?" Nagito asked. "It's dark in here. It's heard to see anything."

"I think...I found blood on this tablecloth," Hajime replied.

Nagito crouched down to get a better look at the tablecloth. "Hmm...I see," he said. "It's not as stained as the tablecloth where Yukizome's body was found."

"Still, this has to be connected to her murder," Hajime said. "That must her blood on this tablecloth, right?"

"That could be a possibility..." Nagito replied.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Blood Stained Tablecloth

Hajime shuddered as he continued to hold the blood stained tablecloth. "Ugh, I don't feel like holding on to this anymore..." he said. "Let's...just move on..." He then dropped the tablecloth back into the laundry hamper.

"Yeah, I agree," Nagito replied. "I don't want to stay in this dusty room any longer than I have to. Let's head outside and get some fresh air. We've spent enough time in the old building already."

Hajime and Nagito then exited the storage room.

Day 3 - 11:36 PM
Outdoor Area, Hotel Mirai

Hajime and Nagito exited the old building to search for more clues. Upon exiting the old building, they were met with a strange sight. Besides the stairs, they saw Chiaki and Gundham looking underneath the old building's foundation.

"Let's see..." Chiaki said. "These foundations look pretty solid, but there has to be a basement inside that foundation..."

"Hey, Chiaki..." Hajime began.

Chiaki heard Hajime and turned her head towards Hajime. "Oh, hey Hajime," she greeted back. "Hey, Nagito. What are you two doing out here?"

"'What am I doing?', you say?" Gundham asked. "Ha! What a truly foolish question to ask!"

Hajime and Nagito stared at Gundham for a moment, wondering what he meant by that.

"Um...I can explain," Chiaki said. "You know how it looks like there's space underneath the floor of the dining hall? Well, that must mean that the old building has a basement. We're just trying to find a way to get to the basement so that Gundham can recover his lost earring."

"Get to the basement?" Hajime replied. "You're telling me that the old building has a basement? But, I don't see any stairs that lead into the basement."

"Who said that getting into the darkness below our feet is impossible?" Gundham asked. "Who said that such efforts were futile? I can feel it...there exists a path that leads into the darkness. And in that darkness, I can recover my Hell Hound Earring!"

"'s not just that," Chiaki added. "If we can get to the basement, then it'll change our understanding of how the murder occurred....I think."

Nagito began to ponder for a moment. "So are you saying that Yukizome was murdered from underneath the floor?" he asked. "Because remember, the carpet I laid out earlier didn't reach the table where we found her body. In addition, the floor was full of gaps that are wide enough for an earring to fall through."

"That could be it," Chiaki replied. "That's why I'm helping Gundham with finding a way to get to the basement."

"Okay..." Hajime said. "So what's your progress?"

"So far, we haven't gotten anywhere yet," Chiaki replied. "The ground in this area looks pretty solid, and there are high fences surrounding the entire pool area. I doubt that there's a way to reach the basement from outside."

"So that means that the basement has to be accessed from inside," Nagito said. "But as Hajime said earlier, there aren't any stairs to be found in the old building."

"You may say that, you blessed and cursed man," Gundham said. "But I have a feeling that the path to the darkness does exist. It is a path so hidden, it is beyond the vision range of your puny human eyes. Rest assured, I will get my Hell Hound Earring back. There's nothing this universe can do to prevent me from getting it!"

Hajime let out a sigh. "Well, I think we've talked for long enough," he said. "We should be going now. There might be more clues for us to find around here."

"I understand," Chiaki replied. "This murder case is pretty confusing. We're going to need a lot of clues if we want to figure out who the murderer is. I should be going back inside for now. I need to help Mahiru guard the crime scene."

"Speaking of Mahiru, is she doing anything else?" Hajime asked.

"She's working on something," Chiaki replied. "We can talk about this later. For now, let's continue investigating. I'll see you soon, Hajime."

"You too, Chiaki," Hajime replied.

Chiaki then went back inside the old building. After she left, the two boys turn their heads towards Gundham.

"Uh, Gundham?" Hajime said. "Would you mind if you join us in investigating?"

"I refuse to accept any help in finding my Hell Hound Earring!" Gundham replied. "The probability of me reclaiming my Hell Hound Earring is infinitesimally small, but as long as it's above zero, I will find a way to get it back!" He then walked back inside the old building.

"That's not what I meant, Gundham," Hajime said. "I mean—"

Gundham closed the door to the old building before Hajime could finish his sentence.

"...I don't think he's interested in the investigation," Nagito said. "Let's go around and find some clues. There might be some around here."

"Okay..." Hajime replied. "So...where should we go next?"

"If I recall correctly, there are several people who left the dining hall before we began the investigation," Nagito said. "They might be back to their cottages to try to avoid the investigation. I say that we should bring the investigation to them instead. How about we give them a visit in their cottages?"

"I think that's a good idea," Hajime replied. "But...who should we visit?"

Nagito checked who they haven't talked to yet during the investigation. "Let's see..." he said. "So far, we have yet to talk to three people during the investigation: Hiyoko, Ryota, and our other teacher Munakata. Those three might be in their cottages right now. We should give them a visit."

Hajime looked off towards the cottages and saw one of the three people that Nagito mentioned. Out of the three mentioned people, Hajime saw Ryota standing around near the pool. It looks like this is a good opportunity to go talk to him.

"Speaking of Ryota," Hajime said, "I think I saw him over there."

"Really?" Nagito asked. Then he looked at where Hajime is looking. "Oh yeah, you're right. That is Ryota over there. How convenient. Let's go talk to him and see what he has to say."

The boys then walked up to Ryota.

"Hey, Ryota," Hajime greeted.

"Ah!" Ryota yelped as he heard his name. "W-Who's there?"

"It's just your classmates, Ryota," Nagito replied. "There's no need to freak out."

Ryota turned his head towards Hajime and Nagito. "W-What are you two here for?" he asked as he shook in place.

"We're here to ask you something," Nagito replied. "Do you have anything to bring to this investigation?"

"Uh...what do you mean?" Ryota asked.

"I'm just asking if you found anything that's related to the murder case," Nagito replied.

Ryota glanced off to the side for a moment. "Um..." he began. "I-I'm not sure if I found something t-that's related to the murder case. But...I did found something i-interesting about the hotel area..."

"Oh yeah?" Nagito said. "What did you find?"

"Apparently, t-the entire hotel area has its own e-electrical network," Ryota said. "The old building, the new building, and all the cottages...they all share what s-seems to be a cap on how much electricity they could use."

"That sounds interesting," Hajime remarked. "But how does that have anything to do with the murder case? I mean, Yukizome was murdered during a blackout, so knowing about that could be important."

"I-I'm not sure..." Ryota replied. "Although...I will note that the hotel area is nearing its electricity cap. It's only a small amount away from being overloaded..."

"Overloaded?" Hajime said. "Wait, so are you saying that the blackout was caused by the hotel area using too much electricity?"

Ryota silently nodded in confirmation.

"...Maybe I should've known about that before setting up the lights," Nagito said with a sigh. "I think I might've put up too many lights..."

"Should we be worried about another blackout occurring?" Hajime asked.

"I-I hope so..." Ryota replied. "As long as we don't turn on t-too many lights, we should be fine. The last thing I want is to be stuck in the dark again..."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Hotel's Electrical Network

"Well, thanks for telling us that, Ryota," Nagito said. "I think knowing about the electrical network will be a key factor in figuring out this murder. In the meantime, Hajime and I are about to go somewhere. You're just standing around doing nothing, Ryota. Would you mind if you join us?"

" thanks," Ryota replied. "I think...I'm going back to my cottage to take a rest. This murder...has left me drained..."

"The Class Trial is about to start pretty soon," Nagito said. "I doubt that you would get much rest."

"I-It's okay," Ryota said. "I'm going to be fine...I guess. I'll see you soon..."

Ryota then walked back to his cottage.

"Okay..." Hajime said. "That's one more student that we've talked to. Who's next?"

Nagito pondered about who he and Hajime have left to talk to. "Let's see..." he began. "So far, we have yet to talk to Hiyoko and Munakata. Who do you think we should talk to first?"

"What about Hiyoko?" Hajime asked. "She was in the dining hall at the time of the murder. Why don't we ask her what happened from her perspective?"

"That sounds like a good idea to me," Nagito replied.

Hajime and Nagito then walked up to Hiyoko's cottage and knocked on the door. They expected her to answer the door so that they can ask her about what she did at the time of the murder. Instead of that, they got...nothing. Hajime tried to knock on the door again to get a response from her. But no matter how many times Hajime knocked on that door, Hiyoko wouldn't budge.

Hajime grew worried as Hiyoko refused to answer the door. "Um...are you sure that we're at the right cottage?" he asked.

Nagito glanced at the mailbox in front of the cottage. It has Hiyoko's pixelated face on it. "Yep, this is her cottage alright," he said.

"That's good to know," Hajime said. "But why is she refusing to respond to me knocking on the door?"

"Perhaps Mahiru can bring her out of her cottage?" Nagito suggested.

"Didn't she volunteer to guard the crime scene?" Hajime said. "If we want to take her out here, then she needs to pass that role over to another student first."

"Oh...right," Nagito replied. "Well, since we're out there, we might as well go to Munakata next. He might have something to say about the murder case."

"Yeah...let's go to his cottage next," Hajime replied.

The two boys then walked to Kyosuke's cottage next. Along the way, they pass by an unclaimed cottage. Inside the unclaimed cottage, Hiyoko watches from inside as Hajime and Nagito walked past her. She has a nervous look on her face as she saw Hajime and Nagito. Which one she's more afraid of is difficult to tell.

Day 3 - 11:40 PM
Kyosuke's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

Kyosuke is walking around his cottage muttering to himself about how the murder could've happened. He wondered how, despite being fully prepared for whatever is going to happen, Chisa was murdered by someone. Were they as prepared as they thought? Was there something that they didn't account for?

As Kyosuke continued to ponder about the murder, he hears someone knock on his door. He turned his head towards the cottage door. "Who is it?" he asked.

Kyosuke walked up to the door to see who's knocking on it. Behind the door, he saw Hajime and Nagito waiting for him there.

"Hello, Munakata," Nagito greeted.

Kyosuke glared at the two boys. "What are you two here for?" he asked.

Hajime and Nagito then walked into the cottage.

"We just wanted to know about...something," Hajime replied.

"What do you want from me?" Kyosuke asked again.

Hajime opened his mouth to try to answer, but then his mind ended up blank. "Uh...give me a moment," he said. "I need to think about this..." He then began to recall what he heard earlier.

As Hajime thought about what to say next, Nagito took a glance at the table. He saw a sheet of paper on it that appears to have been folded up. "What's that?" he asked as he walked up to the table to pick up the paper.

"Hey! Don't touch that!" Kyosuke ordered. "What are you planning to do with it?"

"We're in the middle of an investigation, Munakata," Nagito replied. "We have to see every piece of evidence we could find. This sheet of paper could be relevant to the murder. I just need to see it."

Kyosuke watched as Nagito opened up the sheet of paper and read the message on it. Unsurprisingly to Kyosuke, Nagito was shocked to read what was written on the paper.

"Oh my..." Nagito gasped. "This message... Hajime!"

Hajime was knocked out of his train of thought. "What is it?" he asked.

"Take a look at this!" Nagito said as he handed over the paper to Hajime.

Hajime took the paper and read the message on it. He was shocked to see the message.

"H-Huh?" Hajime gasped.

The message was written in a rather messy handwriting, as if it was made in a hurry by someone with poor handwriting. Despite this, the message was mostly legible. It reads, "Beware! The first kill will happen tonight! When the lights go out, someone will definitely die." There was no name written on the paper, so it is unknown who wrote the message.

"W-What is this?" Hajime asked.

"Based on the wording of the message, I'm guessing that this is a crime warning," Nagito replied.

"It's just as I suspected..." Kyosuke said. "Someone sent me that message and now...Yukizome has been murdered by someone. I don't know who pulled this off, but whoever did this, I will make them regret taking Yukizome's life."

"Munakata..." Hajime said.

Kyosuke gritted his teeth as he thought about the pain of losing Chisa. He can't believe that she died so soon into this deadly vacation.

Nagito has a question about the message. "When did you get this message, Munakata?" he asked.

"I found that paper in my mailbox before the morning announcement," Kyosuke explained. "It was probably put in there last night while everyone else is asleep. When I saw that message, I became concerned about the safety of everyone. As a chaperone, it is my job to look after the students during a vacation. I do not want to see any murders happen. I shared my concerns with Yukizome this morning. We concluded that the only way to prevent a murder from occurring is to put all of us in a place where everyone can watch each other. That way, should a murder occur, we would be able to tell who did it. But as you can see, that didn't work."

"Yeah, whoever set up the murder must've accounted for this," Nagito said. "They must be so clever to outsmart you."

"Maybe you shouldn't have told us your intentions for hosting a party..." Hajime said.

"I probably should've covered my intentions up during that announcement..." Kyosuke said, lamenting his past actions.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Threatening Letter

Hajime analyzed the message further. " says here that a murder will happen when the lights go out," he said. "Does that have something to do with the goggles you were wearing after the lights came back on?"

"The goggles?" Kyosuke asked. "Why did you ask?"

"Well, we saw the exact same goggles on Yukizome when we discovered her body," Hajime said. "I also remember said that you went to the supermarket prior to the party. I just wanted to confirm: did you get these goggles from the supermarket?"

Kyosuke let out a sigh. "Yes, I did," he said. "Since that message warned me that someone will die when the lights go out, I decided to prepare myself for that. I got two pairs of night vision goggles: one for me and one for Yukizome. We kept our goggles in our cases."

"I see..." Nagito said.

"Wait, how did you open that case?" Hajime asked. "Does it have a lock?"

"Of course it does," Kyosuke replied. "Why would Yukizome and I keep dangerous items in a place that can be easily accessed? Why would we let our emergency equipment be at risk of being stolen? The only way to open the metal cases is to use a key." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a key.

"Ah, so that's how you open your case," Nagito said. "Let me guess: you got that from the supermarket along with the other emergency equipment, right?"

Kyosuke let out another sigh. "Do I really need to say it again?" he asked. "Of course these came from the supermarket."

Truth Bullet Updated: Night Vision Goggles

"Well, that's good to know," Nagito said. "Anyways, I think we've spent enough time outside the old dining hall. Hajime and I are about to there. You got that?"

"I understand," Kyosuke said.

"Um...Munakata?" Hajime said. "You and Yukizome were pretty close. The Class Trial is about to start soon. Would you mind going back to the old dining hall with us? You know...just to see her one last time."

Kyosuke turned his back against the boys.

"...I'll take that as a no," Hajime said.

Hajime and Nagito then exited Kyosuke's cottage and went back to the old dining hall.

Day 3 - 11:50 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

After exploring the rest of the hotel area for evidence, Hajime and Nagito returned to the dining hall to meet up with everyone there.

Mahiru turned her head towards Hajime and Nagito. "Oh good," she said. "You two are back. Did you two find anything?"

"Um...yeah," Hajime replied. "We found plenty of evidence out there. There's...a lot to unpack in this murder case. I think we might want to talk about what we've found later."

"I see..." Mahiru said. "You two have been quite busy during this investigation. Meanwhile, I've been standing here making sure nobody disturbs the crime scene." She then let out a heavy sigh. "Why did I agree to guard the crime scene? I probably would've been more helpful if I took pictures of evidence. By the way, did you use the camera I gave you?"

Hajime remembers that he still has that camera that Mahiru gave him earlier. "Oh..." he said in realization. "Uh...I didn't use that camera much..."

"You didn't use your camera?" Mahiru asked.

"Look, I just forgot about it, okay?" Hajime explained. "Can we please move on?"

"Fine..." Mahiru sighed. "Well, while you two were gone, I got an idea. I looked at the photos I took during the party and realized that they might contain important information."

"Like...what?" Hajime asked. "Did you catch the culprit with your camera?"

"It'll be really convenient if you did," Nagito remarked.

Mahiru shook her head. "No, I didn't," she said. "The murder happened during the blackout, so my camera couldn't capture anything. I could turn on the flash, but that would cause even more panic during the blackout."

"Then what did you get from looking at your photos?" Hajime asked.

"I took these photos shortly before the blackout began," Mahiru explained. "As far as I know, everyone pretty much remained where they were up until the blackout began. That means that I could use the photos to pinpoint where everyone was standing prior to the blackout. On top of that, I used information from what you told me earlier as well as what we already know prior to the investigation. This is the result I got."

Mahiru then walked up to a table and grabbed a sheet of paper. She presented the paper to Hajime and Nagito. It looks like a map of the old building with names and notes written on them.

"So this is everyone's positions prior to the blackout," Hajime said. "The girls are in the old dining hall while the boys are outside. Chiaki is guarding the entrance, Nekomaru is in the restroom, and Teruteru is in the kitchen. That seems about right."

Nagito pointed to where Chisa's name was written. "And look at that," he said. "Yukizome was standing there before the blackout, but after the lights went back on, she was found underneath that back table. That's so strange..."

Hajime noticed that there was a lot of other things written on the diagram. "Huh?" he said. "What's with these other things on the diagram?"

"Oh...those are just other things that I decided to add to the diagram," Mahiru said. "You know, just in case they might become relevant."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Old Building Diagram

"Okay..." Hajime said. "Well, thanks for making that diagram, Mahiru. I'm sure it will be useful for the Class Trial."

"Or it could not be brought up at all," Mahiru added. "This could be a waste of my labor..."

"Don't be too hard on yourself, Mahiru," Nagito said. "This diagram will definitely be useful."

"I hope so..." Mahiru replied. "Now, with that done, I guess it's time for me to move on to the other thing that I discovered while you two were gone."

Before Mahiru could say anything else, Ibuki enters the conversation.

"Hey, Ibuki here has something to say!" Ibuki said.

Hajime, Mahiru, and Nagito turn their heads towards Ibuki.

"Um...Ibuki?" Mahiru began to ask. "Can't you see that I'm in the middle of something?"

"Yeah, Ibuki can see that," Ibuki replied. "But what about me? Ibuki here has made a discovery!"

"Could you save that for a moment?" Mahiru asked. "There's something that I want to—"

"Listen up!" Ibuki said, interrupting Mahiru. "Ibuki knows exactly what happened during the blackout...kind of. She paid close attention to the voices she heard during the blackout."

Mahiru is starting to get annoyed. "Ibuki, we have plenty of time to discuss our findings before the Class Trial," she said. "Now would you please stop for a moment and let me—?"

"Now, right after the blackout, the first person to raise their voice was Sonia!" Ibuki began as Mahiru groaned besides her. "After that, Mahiru spoke next. Mikan was the next to scream, followed up by Ibuki! I must say, Ibuki made a great remark! It has that charm to it!"

Hajime and Mahiru stared at Ibuki for a moment, wondering why she said that.

"...Just continue," Hajime said.

"Alright, alright," Ibuki said. "After Ibuki screamed about how she couldn't see her future, she heard many more voices. Well, it was more like the same people shouting into the darkness. Ibuki heard Mahiru's voice again, and then Yukizome said something. Then Mikan screamed again, followed up with a crashing sound."

"That must be when she accidentally tripped," Mahiru said.

"Yeah, that sounds about right," Ibuki replied. "Now, let me continue, Mahiru. After the crashing sound, there were sounds of footsteps filling the air for a moment. Mahiru said something again, and then Akane complained about having to eat food in the dark. Then Yukizome shouted something, which was followed up with Hiyoko yelping or something."

"Speaking of Hiyoko," Mahiru said as she turned to the boys, "did you ask her about what she did during the blackout?"

"No, we didn't," Nagito replied with a sigh. "Hajime and I tried to give her a visit, but she didn't respond to us knocking on her door."

"You think we should ask her during the Class Trial?" Mahiru asked.

"I guess we don't have any other options..." Hajime replied. "Anyways, could you please continue, Ibuki?"

"Wait, hold on!" Mahiru said. "Can we pause for a moment? There's something that—!"

"On it, Hajime!" Ibuki said, much to Mahiru's frustration. "Now, after Hiyoko screamed, Mahiru tried to get everyone to calm down again, then Ibuki began to panic, and then we heard Teruteru's voice. We then began to ask about how the blackout happened. Mahiru asked a question, Sonia gave a suggestion, and Mahiru replied back. After that, the lights came back on."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Ibuki's Account

" much as I'm annoyed at you for interrupting me," Mahiru said, "that sounds about right. I think I remember saying things several times during the blackout."

"Yahoo!" Ibuki cheered. "Thanks for the praise, Mahiru! You make Ibuki feel so awesome!"

Mahiru rolled her eyes and groaned.

Hajime felt like there's something missing from what Ibuki had said. "Um, you just gave us the order at which everyone spoke," he said. "You didn't tell us exactly what everyone said."

"That's okay," Ibuki replied. "Ibuki can write down a script of what everyone said during the blackout. Hey Mahiru? Can I borrow that diagram for a moment? Ibuki can write on the back side!"

"Fine, Ibuki..." Mahiru said as she rolled her eyes and handed her paper over to Ibuki. "But I must remind you to not interrupt others during a discussion. We have a Class Trial coming up soon. We need to hear what everyone has to say about the murder."

Ibuki then took the paper and brought it to the empty table where she wrote down a script on what was said during the blackout.

"Okay," Mahiru said. "Now with that done, let me please move on to what I found in the old dining hall that we all missed earlier?"

"Uh...excuse me?" Mikan said, jumping into the conversation. "W-What about me?"

Mahiru let out another groan as she got interrupted yet again. "When will we be done with everything else...?" she asked.

Seeing Mikan reminds Hajime of something. "Oh, right," he said. "You checked Yukizome's body while we were done, right? Would you mind sharing what you found?"

"O-Of course," Mikan replied. " the Monokuma File stated, Yukizome's b-body had several stab w-wounds between her neck and abdomen. B-But the stab wounds d-didn't just puncture through her s-skin. They w-were so deep, her internal organs were p-punctured as well!"

Hajime was shocked to hear that. "Really?!" he gasped.

"That's...going to cause a lot of internal bleeding..." Nagito remarked.

"Yukizome lost a lot of b-blood after she was s-stabbed," Mikan continued. "She b-bled out so fast that she died nearly instantly..."

"Now I feel even more bad for Yukizome..." Hajime said, trying his best to not feel disgusted.

"Is that all there is to the stab wounds?" Nagito asked.

"Well..." Mikan began to reply. "It...looks like the wounds...were c-created by a thin, sharp o-object that's around 5 millimeters in d-diameter..." Her voice trailed off after that point.

"Are you alright, Mikan?" Mahiru asked. "Are you done talking now?"

"Ugh..." Mikan cried. "Just t-talking about this makes me feel so s-sad..."

"I think that's all we need to hear about the autopsy report," Hajime said. "So the weapon that was used to murder Yukizome was 5 millimeters wide. That sounds really thin. I wonder what kind of weapon would create a wound that small..."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Autopsy Results

"We can talk about that later at the Class Trial," Mahiru said. "Now, can we please get to what I want to talk about?!" She raised her voice as she finished that sentence.

"Whoa!" Hajime gasped. "Mahiru, why did you raise your voice like that?"

"I'm just frustrated, understand?" Mahiru replied. "Jeez, can't my classmates show some respect to each other?"

"I-I'm sorry, okay?" Mikan replied. "I just...I just..." She couldn't bring herself to continue.

Mahiru let out a frustrated sigh. "Look, everyone," she began. "There's something that I want to say about the old building."

"Okay..." Hajime replied as he nodded. "So...did you find anything while Nagito and I were gone?"

"Yes, I did," Mahiru replied. "After I finished my diagram, I decided to walk around the old dining hall. I didn't have anything else to do, after all. While I was walking around, I found something in the old dining hall that caught my attention."

"What is it?" Hajime asked. "What did you find?"

Mahiru pointed to the A/C control panel at the side of one of the walls. "Over there is the A/C control panel," she said. "It controls the air conditioning units across the old building. Set a time on the control panel and the A/C units will automatically turn on once the set time has passed."

"That's interesting to know," Hajime remarked, "but why is that important?"

"I checked the time when the A/C units are set to turn on," Mahiru replied. "For some strange reason, they were set to turn on at an arbitrary time: 10:43 PM."

"10:43 PM?" Hajime said. Then it hits him. "That's...right around the time when the blackout began."

"S-So...does that mean...the A/C units are the cause of the blackout?" Mikan asked.

"That could be the case," Nagito replied. "After all, pumping heat out of a building takes a lot of electricity. And based on what we've heard from Ryota, the hotel area is nearing its electricity capacity. I'm pretty sure that turning on all of these A/C units would overload the breaker, causing the blackout to occur."

"Ah, so that's why the l-lights went out right after we heard a beeping sound," Mikan said. "The beeps must indicate that the A/C units have turned on..."

"Munakata's message told them that a murder will happen when the lights went out," Hajime said. "Something tells me that the culprit must've set the blackout up intentionally."

"Yeah, that could be the case..." Mahiru said.

There was one more question that Hajime has before he could move on. "By the way," he began to ask. "Has anyone adjusted the A/C timers ever since the investigation began?"

Mahiru shook her head. "Not at all," she replied. "I didn't see anyone touch the A/C control panel the entire night. As far as I know, the A/C units were set to turn on at 10:43 PM the entire time."

"Is that all there is to know about the A/C timer?" Hajime asked.

"I think that's about it," Mahiru replied.

Truth Bullet Acquired: A/C Timer

After the students have finished their discussion about the evidence they had gathered, a bell sound rings throughout the entire hotel area.

*Ding-dong, ding-dong!*

The monitor in the old dining hall then turned on.

"Wow, everyone," Monokuma began. "I didn't expect you to finish investigating that fast. I'm looking at the clock and you all still have a few more minutes left to investigate. It looks like you all had gathered all the evidence related to this murder case. That means that we're going to start the long-awaited Class Trial a little early! Everyone, please gather at the mountain in the Central Island. It's the one with my adorable face on it! That mountain will be our meeting place after the investigation is finished. Once you've arrived, please proceed to the underground chamber by taking the secret elevator. I will show you where that secret elevator is once I arrive. I'll see all of you soon! Puhuhu..."

The monitor then turns off once the announcement is finished.

"Well, it looks like we're done investigating for now," Nagito remarked. "It's time to move on to the Class Trial."

"It feels so late right now," Mahiru said. "What time is it?"

"Whatever time it is, we're going to lost a lot of sleep," Hajime said.

"I don't like the sound of that..." Mikan said. "H-How long will the C-Class Trial last?"

"I'm not sure," Nagito replied. "I guess there's only one way to find out..."

The students then exited the old dining hall and made their way towards the meeting spot near the mountain in the Central Island. Behind them, Ibuki is running to catch up to them, holding a sheet of paper in her hand.

"Hey!" Ibuki shouted as she ran out of the old dining hall. "Wait for Ibuki!"

Day 4 - 12:20 PM
Monokuma Rock, Central Island

The students and Kyosuke gathered up at the mountain in the Central Island. It looks huge, though not large enough to qualify as a mountain. At the top, several faces of Monokuma are carved from it. Everyone looked up at the mountain as they waited for Monokuma to arrive. As they waited, they began to form questions about the mountain and the upcoming Class Trial.

"So...uh...quick question," Kazuichi said. "How the hell did this...rock became carved like that?"

"I swear, that rock wasn't like that when we first arrived on this resort," Mahiru replied. "The day after Monokuma showed up, that rock had changed into that."

"Carving a large face out of a huge piece of rock..." Sonia said. "Could this be the work of an organization?"

"I'm...not sure," Hajime replied. "Munakata, do you have any information on the organization that put us here?"

Instead of listening, Kyosuke is muttering to himself over Chisa's death. "Curse you, whoever you are," he muttered. "You put us into this death game. You pushed one of us into killing Yukizome. I won't forgive the one who took her life, but I won't forgive the one who made us play this cruel game even more."

"...I guess not," Hajime said.

Chiaki looked around the area and noticed that someone is missing. "Hey, has anyone seen Gundham?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, that's right," Sonia said. "Where is Gundham?"

"He's probably still looking for his earring," Nagito replied. "Based on his absence, he's still hasn't found it yet."

"It's not just Gundham who's missing," Mahiru said. "Hiyoko's missing too!"

The students and Kyosuke looked around and also noticed that Hiyoko is absent.

"You're right," Hajime said. "Where did these two go?"

"I don't know about these two," Teruteru said, "but our missing classmates are probably 'doing the deed' before they meet up with us, if you know what I mean."

Everyone then proceeded to give Teruteru a disapproving look.

"...What?" Teruteru asked.

"Not cool, Teruteru," Nagito said as he shook his head. "Not cool."

Ryota looked off towards the road and saw Monokuma dragging Gundham and Hiyoko in. "Hey, look everyone!" he said. "Monokuma is coming along with our missing friends!"

"Phew," Monokuma said as he came in along with Gundham and Hiyoko. "It took me long enough to find these two. There's no way that I'll let anyone escape participation in the Class Trial!"

"Let me go!" Hiyoko shouted as she thrashed around in Monokuma's grip. "Get your dirty paws off my kimono!"

"Hey, little girl," Monokuma said. "Quit acting violent towards me! Do you want to receive punishment for attacking me?"

This made Hiyoko stop thrashing around.

"Hiyoko!" Mahiru shouted. "Where have you've been this entire time?! We've spent this entire time investigating this murder case, and you decided to go off and do whatever you want?! We're trying to survive, for crying out loud! Why did you decided to ignore the investigation?"

Hiyoko refused to give an answer.

"Mahiru, that's enough," Nagito said. "Just...calm down for now, okay?"

Mahiru stopped shouting, but she still remained angry at Hiyoko's refusal to give an answer.

Monokuma then proceeded to drop Gundham and Hiyoko. "Now, if you would excuse me for a moment," he said, "I need to open the secret elevator. Give me a second." He then walked towards the giant rock.

As Monokuma was busy opening the secret elevator, Sonia rushes to Gundham's aid.

"Gundham!" Sonia cried. "Are you okay? Where have you been?"

"Relax, golden goddess," Gundham replied. "A main character only dies when the story they're in says so. And so far, my tells me that my story has yet to come to an end!"

In the background, Kazuichi raised an eyebrow over what Gundham decided to call Sonia. "...Golden goddess?" he asked. "What?"

"As for my whereabouts," Gundham continued, "I was wandering around in the dimension of darkness when that bear appeared out of a wormhole! He then dragged me through that wormhole and into this place!"

"Oh my goodness," Sonia gasped. "Well, I'm glad that you're okay, Gundham. You had me worried for a moment."

As Sonia and Gundham continued to talk to each other, Hajime noticed something different about Gundham right now. He saw that Gundham has gotten his Hell Hound Earring back.

"...What?" Hajime muttered.

Truth Bullet Updated: Gundham's Earring

Hajime began to wonder how Gundham managed to retrieve his Hell Hound Earring. He tried to approach Gundham to ask him about it, but then Monokuma interrupted him.

"Alright, everyone!" Monokuma announced. "The secret elevator is about to open soon! The Class Trial will begin shortly. I will be expecting to see all of you here, so make sure that none of you guys gets left behind."

"Wait, what about Usami?" Mahiru asked. "Is she going to join us?"

Sounds of metal being hit began to fill the air. Everyone turned their heads towards the source of the sounds. In front of the gate in front of the bridge to the second island, Usami can be seen fighting against the Tiger Monobeast.

"Uh...what?" Mahiru said.

"Is...Usami fighting" Kazuichi asked.

"No fair!" Akane complained. "Forget the trial! I wanna fight that thing!"

"No way, Akane," Nekomaru said as he grabbed Akane. "You won't stand a chance against that thing. It will not end well for you. Besides, I don't think Monokuma will like it if you skip the Class Trial for that."

"Ugh, look at that foolish girl," Monokuma said. "I took away all of her powers, and yet she still thinks she could stand a chance against my Monobeasts? Forget about that stupid rabbit. I'm sure we all know the outcome of the battle. Now hurry up and get to the secret elevator! I'll be waiting for all of you down at the trial room."

Monokuma then vanished out of everyone's view. As soon as he disappeared, the ground began to shake as if an earthquake was happening.

"W-What's going on?!" Ryota asked. "Why is the ground shaking?"

"Ah!" Mikan screamed. "It's an earthquake!"

"Aw crap!" Kazuichi shouted. "We don't have any to cover ourselves! What are we supposed to do?"

Hajime looked up at the rock. He saw the middle-left Monokuma head opening its mouth. It looks like something is about to come out of that mouth. He pointed his finger at the top of the rock. "Everyone!" he shouted. "Look! Up there!"

The middle-left Monokuma head fired off a set of stairs towards the ground in front of everyone, creating a path up to its mouth. The shaking stopped once the set of stairs hit the ground.

"Stairs?" Mahiru said. "Wait, so is that head...the elevator to the trial room?"

"That's the strangest elevator I've ever seen..." Kyosuke remarked.

"I-I don't understand how that even works," Kazuichi said. "I the hell did someone managed to stuff that huge set of stairs into that head?"

"Such unnatural logic," Gundham said. "It's incomprehensible even to me!"

"I-I'm feeling so nervous right now," Teruteru said. "Hey...can we just...stop right here? T-This can't be real... None of this could be real..."

"True, all of the things that we just witnessed don't make any sense," Hajime replied. "But I guess this how our reality works. We just have to accept it..."

"Hey, what are you all standing around for?" Monokuma shouted. "Just climb the stairs and get into the elevator! Stop wasting my time!"

Everyone then climbed the stairs up to the elevator inside the Monokuma head. As they got closer to the head, they began to wonder about the murder of Chisa Yukizome. Who murdered her and why? Who sent Kyosuke that threatening message? Why did the blackout happen? These questions filled everyone's head as they entered the elevator. When everyone has gathered up in the elevator, the mouth of the Monokuma head closes and began to descend down.

Day 4 - Unknown Time
Trial Room, Central Island

"Ah, I see," Nekomaru began to remark as the elevator descended downward. "The elevator isn't hidden inside the rock. The rock is the elevator!"

"This is the type of stuff you would see in dungeon crawlers," Chiaki remarked. "There are many clever contraptions to be found in a dungeon. Some of them are so well hidden we might not be able to see them."

"Hey, was that rock always like this?" Kazuichi asked. "Was there a hidden elevator inside that rock the entire time?"

"I doubt that someone would be crazy enough to carve an elevator shaft inside a rock," Kyosuke replied. "This could be a mine, but I also doubt that an island this small would house a mine."

The elevator continues to descend for a while longer. Everyone began to wonder how deep they are right now.

"This elevator is going pretty deep," Akane remarked. "How far down are we?"

"I...don't know," Mahiru replied. "I'm starting to get worried about getting cooked alive before we reached the trail room..."

"We're not going down that fast," Hajime replied. "But this elevator ride is taking us a while. We might be very deep right now..."

After what seems like forever, the elevator finally reached its destination. It comes to a stop at the bottom. The elevator doors then open up to a circular room that's designed to resemble a courtroom. At the center of the room is a circle of podiums. One of them appears to be occupied by a memorial with a crossed out picture of Chisa's face on it. Surrounding the circle of podiums are circles of seats. Monokuma sits at the large seat overlooking the circle of podiums. Hanging from the ceiling is a large monitor.

"Welcome, everyone!" Monokuma greeted. "This is the Class Trial room, where the fates of all the remaining survivors will be decided. It's also where the fate of the blackened will be decided. Here, we perform the Class Trial to determine which one of you is the blackened of this case! So, how do you all like it?"

Everyone looked around the trial room with confused looks on their faces. Many of them can't believe that there would be such a room this far deep into the earth.

"Uh...are there any bathrooms in this place?" Nekomaru asked. "You know...just in case one of us needs to go..."

"Sorry, no bathroom breaks for any of you!" Monokuma said. "You just have to hold on to it for the entire Class Trial!"

"Ugh..." Nekomaru groaned. "I do not like the sound of that...?"

Kyosuke stood in front of Chisa's memorial. "Yukizome...?" he asked.

"Oh, you're looking at that, young man?" Monokuma said. "That's the memorial for all the deceased participants of this killing game. They may be dead, but that doesn't mean that they don't get to attend the Class Trials. So I put memorials at the places they would've stood at if they were still alive."

Kyosuke puts his hand on Chisa's memorial. "Yukizome..." he said. "I promise... I promise that I will find your killer. I won't let whoever murdered you to get away with their crime. The person who murdered you...the person who set up this crime...I will make them pay for what they did. I promise, Yukizome. I will avenge you."

"Alright, enough waiting around!" Monokuma said. "Let's get this Class Trial started! Everyone, please proceed to the podiums that has your names written on them. The Class Trial will begin shortly."

Everyone then walked up the podiums that have their names written on them. Starting from the podium in front and to Monokuma's right and going clockwise, the order of everyone are the late Chisa Yukizome, Chiaki Nanami, Nekomaru Nidai, Sonia Nevermind, Teruteru Hanamura, Kyosuke Munakata, Kazuichi Soda, Mahiru Koizumi, Hajime Hinata, Hiyoko Saionji, Gundham Tanaka, Akane Owari, Ryota Mitarai, Ibuki Mioda, Nagito Komaeda, and finally Mikan Tsumiki. Together, everyone will have to figure out who murdered Chisa Yukizome.

Chisa Yukizome, the former Ultimate Housekeeper. She, along with Kyosuke, are the students' chaperones for the vacation in the Jabberwock Islands. She acted like a mother figure to everyone. Not only that, but she has a sense of authority and responsibility. When everyone became fearful of the killing game, she's the one who tried her best to keep everyone together. Under her rule, it looks like this killing game won't be as bad as they thought. But just as when everything seems to be going well, she was murdered.

Who could've done something as horrible as this? The culprit has to be one of them. There's no doubt about it. Someone snapped under Monokuma's motive and took Chisa's life away. Kyosuke entered the Class Trial with a furious look in his eyes. He is determined to figure out the culprit as soon as possible.

But little did Kyosuke know that in order to find the culprit, everyone will need to work together. Everyone's life is one the life. If they made the made the wrong choice...

...Everyone but the true culprit will die.

Truth Bullets

  • Monokuma File 1: The victim is Chisa Yukizome. The time of death is approximately 10:45 PM. The victim was discovered underneath a table in the dining hall of the old hotel building. The victim was stabbed multiple times between the neck and abdomen, leading to death by bleeding. Some injuries were detected, but they were too minor to contribute to the death.
  • Timeline of Events: The party began at 10:00 PM. The blackout began at 10:43 PM, lasting until around 10:46 PM. The search for Chisa began shortly after the blackout ended, with her dead body being discovered at 10:54 PM.
  • Gundham's Earring: During the rush to see Chisa's dead body, Gundham was knocked over and lost his earring. It apparently fell through the floorboard gaps. Once the investigation has finished, he has apparently got his earring back.
  • Floorboard Gaps: The floor of the dining hall is full of gaps. Nagito tried to cover the gaps with carpet, but the carpet didn't cover the entire floor, leaving the areas near the walls exposed. It seems like there's a room underneath the dining hall.
  • Knife: Found underneath the table where Chisa's body was found. It is one of the two items that went missing from the old building's kitchen. It is coated with a glowing paint.
  • Painted Tape: A strip of tape was found underneath the table where Chisa's body was found. It is coated with a glowing paint.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Chisa wore these goggles at the time of her death. Mahiru recognized these as originating from the supermarket. According to Kyosuke, he and Chisa found these in the supermarket while looking for self-defense tools.
  • Bloodstain Under the Table: A pool of blood formed around the area where Chisa died. Blood was splattered on the inside of the tablecloth, but none were found on the outside.
  • Dining Hall Alibis: During the blackout, the girls began to panic. None of them changed their positions before and after the blackout aside from Chisa, who went missing after the lights turned on.
  • Pool Area Alibis: During the blackout, the boys began to panic while Chiaki looked inside the old building and called out to everyone inside. No one entered or exited the old building during the blackout.
  • Nekomaru's Account: Nekomaru spent the entire blackout stuck in the old building's restroom. He didn't leave until the lights were turned back on.
  • Fire Door: An emergency feature of the old building. Should a fire ever break out, these doors can be closed to form a wall, preventing the fire from advancing.
  • Teruteru's Account: When the blackout happened, Teruteru tried to turn on the stove to get some light. As the stove was powered by electricity, no light was produced.
  • Kitchen Equipment: Before the party started, Chisa noticed that two of the items went missing: a kitchen knife and a skewer. According to Teruteru, those two items were missing from the start. In addition, the kitchen was equipped with a portable stove.
  • Storage Room Irons: Three clothing irons were found inside the storage room. They were all turned on.
  • Blood Stained Tablecloth: A tablecloth that was found in the storage room's laundry hamper. Some blood has been splattered on it.
  • Hotel Electrical Network: The entire hotel area runs off of a single electrical grid. If one area's electrical usage exceeds the maximum capacity, the hotel area will experience a blackout. According to the electrical meter, the hotel's electricity usage is near full capacity.
  • Threatening Letter: A letter that Kyosuke got the morning of the party and the murder. The handwriting is rather messy but readable. It reads, "Beware! The first murder will happen tonight. When the lights go out, someone will definitely die." It is unknown who wrote and sent Kyosuke this message.
  • Old Building Diagram: A diagram that Mahiru made based off her photos that show the positions of everyone prior to the blackout.
  • Ibuki's Account: During the blackout in the dining hall, Ibuki was able to tell who said what.
    Sonia: Wha...what happened?
    Mahiru: O-Oh's...a blackout!
    Mikan: A blackout? AH! It's a blackout!
    Ibuki: I-It's pitch black! My future is pitch black!
    Mahiru: Everyone, calm down! We must stay calm around here!
    Chisa: What the...? What's going on back there?
    Mikan: Eek!
    Mahiru: W-What's going on? Where is everyone? I can't see a thing!
    Akane: Hey, can someone turn the damn lights on? I can't eat in the dark!
    Chisa: Get out! Get out! GET OUT!
    Hiyoko: Ah!
    Mahiru: Can everyone please calm down?!
    Ibuki: It's no use! I can't tell where everyone is! AHHHH!
    Teruteru: Girls? A-Are you okay in there? The blackout...wasn't just in the kitchen, right?
    Mahiru: Ugh, can someone please do something about this blackout? How did this even happen?
    Sonia: Perhaps the breaker was overloaded?
    Mahiru: L-Let's see...we all heard a beeping sound and then the lights went out. Maybe—
  • Autopsy Results: The stab wounds that Chisa sustained were so deep that her internal organs were damaged. The wounds were created by a thin blade that is roughly 5 mm in diameter.
  • A/C Timers: The A/C units in the old building can be set to turn on at a certain time. The A/C units in the dining room are set to turn on at 10:43 PM, exactly the time when the blackout began. The timer was not adjusted the entire night.

Chapter Text

Chapter 1: From Vacation to Nightmare

Trial Part 1

The once blue hue of the vacation is now stained in crimson red. Chisa Yukizome was murdered and Kyosuke Munakata is furious. They tried so hard to prevent a murder, and yet it happened anyways. Who could've done this? The first trial

Truth Bullets

  • Monokuma File 1: The victim is Chisa Yukizome. The time of death is approximately 10:45 PM. The victim was discovered underneath a table in the dining hall of the old hotel building. The victim was stabbed multiple times between the neck and abdomen, leading to death by bleeding. Some injuries were detected, but they were too minor to contribute to the death.
  • Timeline of Events: The party began at 10:00 PM. The blackout began at 10:43 PM, lasting until around 10:46 PM. The search for Chisa began shortly after the blackout ended, with her dead body being discovered at 10:54 PM.
  • Gundham's Earring: During the rush to see Chisa's dead body, Gundham was knocked over and lost his earring. It apparently fell through the floorboard gaps. Once the investigation has finished, he has apparently got his earring back.
  • Floorboard Gaps: The floor of the dining hall is full of gaps. Nagito tried to cover the gaps with carpet, but the carpet didn't cover the entire floor, leaving the areas near the walls exposed. It seems like there's a room underneath the dining hall.
  • Knife: Found underneath the table where Chisa's body was found. It is one of the two items that went missing from the old building's kitchen. It is coated with a glowing paint.
  • Painted Tape: A strip of tape was found underneath the table where Chisa's body was found. It is coated with a glowing paint.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Chisa wore these goggles at the time of her death. Mahiru recognized these as originating from the supermarket. According to Kyosuke, he and Chisa found these in the supermarket while looking for self-defense tools.
  • Bloodstain Under the Table: A pool of blood formed around the area where Chisa died. Blood was splattered on the inside of the tablecloth, but none were found on the outside.
  • Dining Hall Alibis: During the blackout, the girls began to panic. None of them changed their positions before and after the blackout aside from Chisa, who went missing after the lights turned on.
  • Pool Area Alibis: During the blackout, the boys began to panic while Chiaki looked inside the old building and called out to everyone inside. No one entered or exited the old building during the blackout.
  • Nekomaru's Account: Nekomaru spent the entire blackout stuck in the old building's restroom. He didn't leave until the lights were turned back on.
  • Fire Door: An emergency feature of the old building. Should a fire ever break out, these doors can be closed to form a wall, preventing the fire from advancing.
  • Teruteru's Account: When the blackout happened, Teruteru tried to turn on the stove to get some light. As the stove was powered by electricity, no light was produced.
  • Kitchen Equipment: Before the party started, Chisa noticed that two of the items went missing: a kitchen knife and a skewer. According to Teruteru, those two items were missing from the start. In addition, the kitchen was equipped with a portable stove.
  • Storage Room Irons: Three clothing irons were found inside the storage room. They were all turned on.
  • Blood Stained Tablecloth: A tablecloth that was found in the storage room's laundry hamper. Some blood has been splattered on it.
  • Hotel Electrical Network: The entire hotel area runs off of a single electrical grid. If one area's electrical usage exceeds the maximum capacity, the hotel area will experience a blackout. According to the electrical meter, the hotel's electricity usage is near full capacity.
  • Threatening Letter: A letter that Kyosuke got the morning of the party and the murder. The handwriting is rather messy but readable. It reads, "Beware! The first murder will happen tonight. When the lights go out, someone will definitely die." It is unknown who wrote and sent Kyosuke this message.
  • Old Building Diagram: A diagram that Mahiru made based off her photos that show the positions of everyone prior to the blackout.
  • Ibuki's Account: During the blackout in the dining hall, Ibuki was able to tell who said what.
    Sonia: Wha...what happened?
    Mahiru: O-Oh's...a blackout!
    Mikan: A blackout? AH! It's a blackout!
    Ibuki: I-It's pitch black! My future is pitch black!
    Mahiru: Everyone, calm down! We must stay calm around here!
    Chisa: What the...? What's going on back there?
    Mikan: Eek!
    Mahiru: W-What's going on? Where is everyone? I can't see a thing!
    Akane: Hey, can someone turn the damn lights on? I can't eat in the dark!
    Chisa: Get out! Get out! GET OUT!
    Hiyoko: Ah!
    Mahiru: Can everyone please calm down?!
    Ibuki: It's no use! I can't tell where everyone is! AHHHH!
    Teruteru: Girls? A-Are you okay in there? The blackout...wasn't just in the kitchen, right?
    Mahiru: Ugh, can someone please do something about this blackout? How did this even happen?
    Sonia: Perhaps the breaker was overloaded?
    Mahiru: L-Let's see...we all heard a beeping sound and then the lights went out. Maybe—
  • Autopsy Results: The stab wounds that Chisa sustained were so deep that her internal organs were damaged. The wounds were created by a thin blade that is roughly 5 mm in diameter.
  • A/C Timers: The A/C units in the old building can be set to turn on at a certain time. The A/C units in the dining room are set to turn on at 10:43 PM, exactly the time when the blackout began. The timer was not adjusted the entire night.

Class Trial 1


"Now then, let's begin with a reminder of how the Class Trial works," Monokuma began.

"A reminder?" Kyosuke asked. "We already know how the Class Trial works. You just told us at the beginning of the investigation."

"Hey, this is just in case at least one of you manages to forget about the Class Trial," Monokuma replied. "Sometimes, when you're in a panic, some things manages to slip off your mind. It all happens to us sometimes. Anyways, let me continue to explain the Class Trial, okay?"

Kyosuke made a growling noise as he felt annoyed about Monokuma repeating explanations.

"During the Class Trial," Monokuma began to explain, "all of you will present your arguments about who the killer is. Once the discussion is over, everyone will cast their vote on who they think the killer is. If the majority of you votes correctly, then only the blackened will receive punishment. However, if the majority votes for the wrong person or when there's no consensus, then everyone but the true blackened will be punished. The blackened will then earn the right to leave this tropical resort. Does everyone get that? Good. Now, let's move on!"

"Before we begin, there's one thing that I want to confirm," Nagito said. "Is there really a killer among us?"

"T-There's no way that there's a killer among us," Teruteru replied as he shook nervously. "I-I mean...why would any one of us kill our Sensei...?"

"Teruteru is right," Kyosuke said. "Yukizome and I are responsible for your safety. We're trying to prevent a murder from happening. We're trying to keep all of you alive. So why the hell did one of you murder Yukizome? Why would you kill someone who's trying to protect you?!"

"Hey, there's no need to get riled up over someone close to you," Monokuma said. "But as I was about to say, of course one of you is the killer. There's no doubt that the blackened is one of you! After all, this is the purpose of the Class Trial: to weed out the blackened or die trying. Anyways, enough chatter. Let's start the discussion!"

"Um...where do we start?" Mikan asked. "Y-You're telling us to begin...but we don't know where to start..."

"Who needs a place to start?" Akane asked as she cracked her knuckles. "Let's just settle this with our fists!"

This briefly made everyone panic.

"Akane, don't think about it!" Nekomaru shouted.

"Don't you dare hurt anyone, Owari!" Kyosuke shouted. "We've already lost Yukizome. I don't want to see anyone die again!"

"Hey, no fighting during the Class Trial!" Monokuma said. "It's against the rules! And besides, at least one of us is going to die, so don't even bother trying to save anyone's life!"

"About that rule against fighting during the Class Trial," Mahiru said. "I don't recall seeing that rule in the list of rules. Is that an unspoken rule or something?"

"Enough of this irrelevant talk!" Monokuma shouted. "You guys have a murder to solve! Start talking on who you think the blackened is already! We've wasted enough time talking about useless things!"

Mahiru rolled her eyes and groaned. "So...let's review what we already know about the murder," she said. "It happened inside the old dining hall, right? I'm just saying this to make sure everyone remembers that detail."

"Yeah...we all know," Hajime replied.

"And who was in the old dining hall at the time of the murder?" Nagito asked.

"If I recall correctly," Mahiru began to reply, "aside from the victim, Yukizome-sensei, the people in the old dining hall were me, Ibuki, Sonia, Akane, Mikan, and Hiyoko. Chiaki was in the old dining hall too, but she left to guard the entrance of the old building."

"So one of the girls in the old dining hall must be the culprit..." Kyosuke said.

"Still, that's a lot of suspects that could've committed the murder," Nagito said. "We'll have to narrow that list down before we can decide who the culprit is. It's going to take a while before we reach that point, so we'll have to start somewhere."

"Finding a starting point is what we're trying to do this entire time," Mahiru said. "So far, we haven't found a place to start discussing this murder."

"Then why don't we start by asking the most pressing issue on our minds?" Nagito suggested.

Mahiru glared at Nagito with a disapproving look. "...That doesn't help," she said.

"P-Pressing issue...on our minds?" Ryota asked. "W-What does that mean?"

"I'm talking about the location of the body," Nagito replied. "Isn't it weird that we found the body underneath the table?"

Nonstop Debate 1


Kyosuke: Yukizome's body was underneath the back table. I wonder how she got there.

Mahiru: I remember seeing her near a wall when the lights were on. How did she get all the way there in the dark?

Kazuichi: Maybe...after the killer murdered Sensei, they moved her body there.

Ryota: W-Why would they do that...?

Ibuki: Obviously, by hiding the body, they tried to delay its discovery! It's like a person hiding a skeleton in their closet!

It looks like we're starting off by talking about the location of the body. It does sound strange to find a body underneath a table. But...wait a second. I think I heard someone saying something that contradicts the information we know. I'd better correct him before it's too late.

Truth Bullet Used: Bloodstain Under the Table

Weak Point Refute: "moved her body"

No, that's wrong!


"No, I don't think Yukizome's body was moved underneath the table," Hajime said.

"Huh?" Kazuichi said with a confused look on his face. "Why aren't you agreeing with me?"

"Try to remember what the crime scene looked like, Kazuichi," Nagito said. "There was a lot of blood everywhere, yes. But it was all contained underneath the table. There wasn't any blood to be found in the surrounding areas."

"P-Plus...moving a body that's b-bleeding that much..." Mikan added. "Y-You would get blood all over you!"

"The murder must've happened during the blackout," Mahiru further added. "Yukizome-sensei was murdered in the old dining hall. But when the lights turned back on, no one there was covered with any blood. Which means that's impossible for the body to have been dragged underneath the table."

"Aw..." Kazuichi groaned in disappointment. "I thought I had a genius idea!"

"Wow, you're so stupid that you overlooked an obvious observation," Hiyoko said to Kazuichi. "I'll be so amazed if you managed to survive longer than a few days."

"I respond better to praise, you know!" Kazuichi shouted. He then pulled his beanie over his eyes. "Gah, why can't my gut feelings be right from the very beginning?"

Kyosuke then noticed that something's wrong with what Mahiru had said. "Wait a second, Koizumi," he said. "You said that no one in the old dining hall was covered in blood. Therefore, none of them must be the culprit. However, that contradicts the fact that all of the girls in the old dining hall is a suspect. Even if none of you are covered in blood, that still doesn't save you from being a suspect!"

"Hey, I'm just saying that Yukizome-sensei couldn't had her body dragged underneath the table," Mahiru replied. "I never said that all the girls in the old dining hall are cleared of suspicion. But just to be clear, no I did not kill Yukizome-sensei. I stood still during the entire blackout and didn't went to the back tables. You got that, Munakata-sensei?"

Kyosuke continues to leer at Mahiru with suspicion.

"Okay, so we've concluded that Sensei's body wasn't moved to underneath the table," Ibuki said. "That still leaves us with a question: why was her body under the table in the first place?"

Hajime thought about it for a moment and came to a conclusion. "Yukizome...was likely murdered underneath the table..." he said.

"What?" Nekomaru gasped. "You're saying that she was killed underneath the table?"

"I see..." Nagito replied. "So Yukizome got underneath the table for an unknown reason. There, she was killed. Then, shortly afterwards, the lights came back on and the girls began their search for her. After a short time of searching, everyone found her body exactly where she was killed."

"That does make sense," Nekomaru replied. "But why would Sensei go underneath the table? You said that she went there for unknown reasons. Do you have any suggestions, Nagito?"

Nagito was about to say what he thinks is the reason why Chisa got underneath the table. But before he could say anything, Akane chimes in with her own suggestion.

"Maybe Sensei was hiding underneath the table so that she could surprise us when the lights went back on!" Akane suggested.

"Yukizome was the motherly type, not the joking type," Kyosuke said as he was fuming with anger. "I've known her for years and yet I've never seen her pull off a stunt like that!"

"...Rude," Nagito said as he glared at Akane. "Anyways, as I was about to say—"

"Maybe she panicked during the blackout and dove underneath the table," Teruteru suggested.

"It's a blackout, not an earthquake," Nekomaru replied. "Just 'cause the power went out doesn't mean that anyone would want to dive under a table. Besides, if an earthquake were to happen, we would all felt it."

"The Jabberwock Islands are not in a seismically active area," Kyosuke added. "I don't think an earthquake will happen here anytime soon..."

"Hey, I don't mean to interrupt," Mahiru said, "but aren't we getting a little sidetracked here? We're supposed to be talking about the murder of Yukizome-sensei. You know...the reason why we're here in the first place?!"

Now that the topic of the discussion has returned to the murder, Nagito can finally say what he had on his mind. There's only one problem, though.

Nagito tried to recall what he was about to say, but his mind ended up blank. "Great," he said in an annoyed tone. "All this talk about other things has made me forget what I was about to say. I think we were talking about why Yukizome dove under the table during the blackout. We're trying to find an answer to that question. I had the answer for a moment, but it slipped off my mind. Does anyone have any ideas?"

Everyone began to think about a reason why Chisa went under the table. Looking back at what he saw at the crime scene, Hajime has a feeling he has the answer.

"I think...Yukizome's reason for diving under the table has something to do with that knife," Hajime suggested. "She was holding on to it when she died. Perhaps that could be the reason?"

This made Mahiru realize something. "Oh yeah, that reminds me," she said. "Before the party began, Yukizome-sensei was trying to confiscate all the dangerous items so that we wouldn't have access to them. While looking for dangerous items, she noticed that two things went missing: a kitchen knife and an iron skewer. There is an equipment list in the old building's kitchen that is used to keep track of all the items found there. According to that list, the kitchen is missing the two items I mentioned earlier."

"Okay..." Nekomaru said as he nodded in understanding. "So how does the knife under the table play into this?"

"Yukizome likely found that knife under the table," Hajime said. "She recognized it as one of the missing items she was looking for earlier. And so, in order to retrieve the knife, she dove under the table."

"Our guardian was sensitive to the presence of dangerous items," Gundham said. "We should know. It's their job to protect us and ensure our safety. However, how did our guardian manage to find that knife?"

"Well, there was glowing paint on that knife," Ibuki said. "Perhaps Sensei noticed a glowing spot and went there to investigate!"

"But the table the knife was hidden underneath was covered with a tablecloth," Mahiru said. "How would Yukizome-sensei know that there's something glowing under the table?"

"Also, everyone was surrounded by the all consuming darkness at the time our guardian was slain," Gundham added. "It's dangerous to wander around in complete darkness. You are certain to collide with something if you do that. The shark teethed man demonstrated that."

Kazuichi cringed and pulled his beanie down again. "Please don't remind me of that ever again," he said. "It was an accident, I swear!"

"So that's definitely not it, huh?" Ibuki said. "Then what if Sensei already knew that there was a knife underneath the table?"

"If she knew it beforehand, then she would've done something about it before the blackout," Mahiru replied. "We would've seen her search underneath the tables. However, since she didn't, she couldn't have known about the knife beforehand."

"Then, instead of knowing about the knife beforehand," Chiaki suggested, "what if she saw someone going underneath the table and decided to intercept it?"

Hiyoko began to shake nervously for some reason. No one seemed to notice, though.

"Are you sure about that?" Kazuichi asked.

"Hmm?" Nekomaru said. "You seem rather doubtful, Kazuichi. Why are you so doubtful?"

"Well..." Kazuichi began. "It's totally dark in the old dining hall, you know. How could Yukizome possibly see someone get underneath the table?"

Kyosuke groaned in frustration. To him, it's obvious that Chisa used something to see in complete darkness. Everyone had a chance to see that thing. But it appears that someone had forgotten about them.

Nonstop Debate 2


Mahiru: So you're saying that Yukizome-sensei saw someone get underneath the table with the knife?

Chiaki: Yep. And she decided to put a stop to their action.

Sonia: That sounds...reasonable.

Mikan: And s-since the knife had g-glowing paint, she must've seen the knife as well...

Ibuki: But it was super pitch black! And we didn't see any strange glowing spots!

Akane: It was so dark I couldn't see my food!

Nekomaru: I was so dark that I couldn't do anything...

Kazuichi: If no one can see anything during the blackout, how could Sensei see someone try to take the knife? Other than the glowing paint, it's impossible to see in the dark!

It's true that it would be impossible to do anything if you can't see what you're doing. But that's why Yukizome and Munakata became prepared for this. They knew that a blackout was about to happen, so they brought with them *that*.

Truth Bullet Used: Night Vision Goggles

Weak Point Refute: "impossible to see in the dark"

No, that's wrong!


"Actually, there is a way to see in the dark," Hajime countered.

"Huh?" Kazuichi said. "What do you mean?"

"Do you remember those goggles that we saw on Yukizome's face?" Hajime asked. "Those were similar to the goggles that Munakata wore during the blackout."

"So?" Kazuichi asked. "Why is that important?"

"Because...those goggles that Yukizome and I wore..." Kyosuke replied, "are night vision goggles."

"What?!" Kazuichi gasped in disbelief. But then he gave it a little more thought and realize that it makes sense. "Wait...I get it now. It's impossible to see in the dark normally, but with those goggles, you are able to see even in complete darkness!"

"Ah, the wonders of technology!" Sonia remarked.

"Hell ya, Princess!" Kazuichi replied. "Technology is awesome!"

"So, our guardian has acquired the ability to see into the all consuming darkness," Gundham said. "Does that mean that our guardian used that abilty to spot someone who is trying to get under the table?"

"I'm pretty sure Yukizome-sensei did," Mahiru replied. "With those night vision goggles on, she would've saw someone get underneath that table. That must've made her suspect that a dangerous item located there. Sure enough, there was a knife hidden there all along. Now, even though the knife was coated in glowing paint, its location underneath the table, combined with the tablecloth and our high viewing angle, made it impossible for us to see. Does that make any sense to you all?"

"Yeah, that seems about right," Hajime replied.

"H-Hold on a second!"

Everyone jumped when Ryota suddenly shouted. He hasn't been active so far during the Class Trial, so it was surprise to everyone to hear him shout.

"H-Hold on..." Ryota began to say. "S-Something's off here!"

"Huh?" Hajime said as he looked at Ryota with a confused look. "What do you mean something's off? Wasn't Mahiru's explanation clear enough?"

"I-It might seem clear to you," Ryota countered, "but...i-it doesn't make sense to me!"

"Why not?" Mahiru asked. "Was there something that I missed? You'd better have a good reason why you don't agree with me!"

"Well...w-what about the killer?" Ryota asked. "You s-said that i-it's impossible for e-everyone to know about the knife under the table, and t-that includes the killer! H-How would the k-killer know to look underneath the table for the knife?"

Mahiru gave that question some thought. "'re right," she said. "We've still haven't figured out how anyone knew about that knife..."

Ryota then came up with a...rather crazy theory. "T-The killer...had to be w-wearing those night vision goggles," he said. "That had to be it!"

Kyosuke was...displeased at Ryota's theory. "What?!" he growled. "That doesn't make any sense!"

"O-Of course it makes s-sense!" Ryota shouted. "Just h-hear me out, okay?"

Rebuttal Showdown 1

Ryota vs. Hajime


Ryota: L-Like what you discussed earlier, there's n-no way to see in the dark! I-It's also impossible to know that there's a knife under the table! W-With those night vision g-goggles, you are a-able to get under the table to get the knife!


Hajime: Are you sure that the killer was the one who used those night vision goggles?

Ryota: O-Of course I'm sure! The k-killer was able to see what t-they're doing with those goggles on. They use their e-enhanced vision to kill Yukizome in the dark. A-After they killed her, they put those goggles onto her head! S-So as you can see, the killer had them all along!

When we found Yukizome's dead body, her face was on the floor. If the killer had those night vision goggles, it would've been difficult to put them on Yukizome before the lights came back on. Therefore, there's only one logical explanation about why Yukizome had those goggles on when she died.

Truth Blade Used: Old Building Diagram

Weak Point Cut: "had them all along"

Allow me to cut through those words!


"No, I don't think the killer had those night vision goggles," Hajime countered. "I'm definitely sure the killer didn't put those goggles on Yukizome after they killed her!"

"H-Huh?" Ryota asked. "Why?"

"Yukizome and I had stored our night vision goggles into cases," Kyosuke explained. "We made sure to keep our cases close to us at all times, so that when an emergency occurs, we're ready to respond to them."

"O-Okay..." Ryota said. "But...h-how does this disprove my theory?"

"During the investigation," Hajime began to explain, "Mahiru made a diagram showing the positions of everyone prior to the blackout. Would you mind showing us that diagram again, Mahiru?"

"What diagram?" Mahiru asked. "I know I drew that diagram, but I don't have it with me..."

Ibuki then realized somethings. "Whoops!" she said. "Ibuki forgot about this!" She then pulled out a sheet of paper that has a diagram on it. "Ibuki forgot to give this paper back to Mahiru-chan before the Class Trial!"

"Oh..." Mahiru said. "I should've asked about that paper earlier. Whatever. Just give it to me, Ibuki."

"No problem!" Ibuki said as she handed the paper over to Mahiru.

Mahiru then showed everyone the diagram, making sure everyone gets a good long look at it.

"Well?" Mahiru began to ask. "Do you see the problem with your theory, Ryota?"

Ryota studied the diagram for a moment. "" he replied, feeling unsure about his response.

"I'll tell you what's wrong," Mahiru said. "The case containing the night vision goggles was near Yukizome when the blackout started. That means she's the only person who had access to them!"

Ryota still looked confused. " is that possible?" he asked. "It's t-totally dark in the old building. H-How do you retrieve t-those goggles in the dark?"

"Though us puny humans lack the ability to see through the all consuming void," Gundham explained, "sight is not a necessity for us to do anything."

Ryota was puzzled at how Gundham explained things. "Uh...w-what does that mean?" he asked.

" means that we don't need to see things in order to do things," Mikan explained. "Our s-sight might be gone in the blackout, but we c-can still use our other senses, like touch."

"Also, you need to be aware of where things are before the blackout happened," Nagito added. "As long as you memorized the location of things, you don't need sight to navigate to them. Since Yukizome was close to the case, she was easily able to access its contents even in the dark."

"O-Okay..." Ryota said as he nodded in understanding why his theory falls apart. "But...aren't there more g-goggles available? Shouldn't we know...have them on us the entire time?"

"Those goggles are big and bulky," Kyosuke replied. "There's no way you can hide them under your clothes or inside your pockets. Besides, Yukizome and I checked everyone before the party began. We didn't find another set of goggles on anyone."

"But...what if someone stole those goggles from Yukizome?" Ryota suggested.

This made Mahiru groan in frustration. "Jeez, when will you let go of that theory, Ryota?" she asked. "Every time you tried to sidestep a problem with your theory, you encounter another problem! Ugh, I can't believe that people still believe in false, illogical theories when the truth makes much more sense. Just accept the fact that Yukizome-sensei had the night vision goggles the whole time. Understand?"

"I...understand now..." Ryota replied nervously. "I will...let go of my theory. I'm sorry for wasting your time, everyone..."

Hiyoko glared at Ryota with a displeased look on her face. She growled quietly in anger at him.

"Okay, now with that tangent is over, we can move on to more important things," Kyosuke said.

"Like what?" Hajime asked.

"Um...I don't mean to bring us on another tangent..." Sonia said. "But...about those cases you and Yukizome had..."

Kyosuke stared at Sonia with a disapproving look. "Can't you see that we're about to move on?" he asked.

"I know," Sonia replied. "But...what was inside those cases aside from the night vision goggles?"

Kyosuke raised an eyebrow. "Why did you ask me that, Sonia?" he asked.

"I'll just convey what Munakata told me during the investigation," Hajime said. "I'll make this brief so that we can move on quick. There was emergency equipment inside those cases, one set for each of our chaperone."

"Okay..." Sonia said. "But...what kinds of emergency equipment did you have, sensei?"

"The exact types of emergency equipment aren't important," Kyosuke replied. "What is important to know is that Yukizome and I came prepared. That's all you need to know. Understand?"

"I get it now," Sonia replied. "But...why? Why did you prepare emergency equipment...for a party? Doesn't that seem strange?"

Kyosuke froze in place when he was asked that question. He felt unsure if it was right to share his reason with everyone else.

Mahiru pondered about the current question for a moment. " that you mention it..." she said, "it does seem strange for our chaperones to be paranoid about our safety. I mean, I get it. It's their job to look after us in this least until Monokuma turned it into a killing game. But doing a body check on everyone and confiscating every dangerous item they could find? Being cautious is one thing, but this does seem a bit much."

Nagito knew what Kyosuke is thinking, yet decided to convey what he told him in the vaguest possible way. "Perhaps...Sensei knew someone was planning to commit a murder in advance..." he said.

Kyosuke felt like he couldn't speak anymore. The urge to spill the beans is growing inside him, and he's finding it harder and harder to resist.

Gundham gasped upon realizing the possible implication. "Are you saying that our guardian predicted the murder?" he asked. "Was he...also in possession of the All-Seeing Eye?"

Hajime decided that if Kyosuke isn't willing to say anything, then he should speak for him. He began by turning towards Gundham. "I don't think Munakata has an All-Seeing Eye," he said. "But...what he does have is a message. Munakata, if you have that message, would you mind showing that to us?"

Kyosuke felt like the pressure is being relieved as he sighed. "Fine..." he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper. He folded out the paper and showed the message to everyone.

The message reads, "Beware! The first murder will happen tonight. When the lights go out, someone will definitely die."

"What the...?" Akane gasped. "What is that thing?"

"It looks like a message of some sorts..." Nekomaru said.

"Munakata received this message last morning," Hajime explained. "We don't know who wrote this letter, but it made him take the threat of a murder seriously."

"Ah, so that's why Munakata-sensei checked the boys' bodies before letting them into the party," Mahiru said in realization. "I'm assuming that he conveyed this to Yukizome-sensei because she was acting in pretty much the same way..."

"That's right," Nagito said. "Munakata said something like that to me and Hajime."

"So...who wrote that letter?" Akane asked.

Chiaki studied the handwriting on the letter. " looks like whoever wrote this letter has poor penmanship," she said. "However, we don't have many samples of handwriting so far, so the writer of this letter cannot be determined."

"I don't think the writer of the letter matters," Hajime said. "What matters now is that the threatening letter is what made Munakata paranoid."

"Ah, I now understand the reasoning behind him and Yukizome-sensei checking our bodies before the party," Mahiru said. "But speaking of parties...why did they decided to host one? Was that also because of that letter?"

"It probably is," Nagito replied. "The threat of a murder happening made them want to have everyone gathered in one place. By doing that, they created a situation where everyone can keep tabs on each other. In doing so, any potential killer would be unable to act since any murder attempt would be done with witnesses nearby."

"Couldn't this be some cruel joke set up by someone?" Teruteru suggested.

"Uh, hello?" Mahiru said. "We are in a killing game along with our chaperones. Like I said earlier, it's their job to look after us. Our safety is their highest priority. Do you really think that they'll take any murder threat lightly? Do you?!"

Teruteru tried to say something in response, but his mind came up empty.

"Hold on," Nekomaru said. "If our safety was the chaperones' highest priority, then why didn't Munakata tell us that he had received a threatening letter?"

It was at this point where Kyosuke regained the resolve to speak again. "If I did, I would've made you all panic," he said quietly. "I would've created more harm than good by doing that. That's why...Yukizome and I had to keep our true intentions a secret from everyone..."

Akane then rolled her eyes. "Ugh, all this talk about us being the...adults' responsibility is making me bored," she said. "Can't you see that we're missing something? I get it that the purpose of the party was for us to look out for each other, but that doesn't matter when everyone's blind!"

This made everyone realize something: they had forgotten about the blackout during this discussion! Or at least, they pushed it aside thinking that it's no longer relevant to talk about.

"Ah, that's right," Chiaki said. "The blackout! The murder occurred during the blackout, so we should focus on that."

"Didn't we already talk about the blackout?" Kazuichi asked.

"We did, but we focused on how Yukizome got under the table in the first place," Hajime replied. "There's still more questions about the blackout that haven't been answered yet."

"Oh yeah?" Kazuichi said. "Like what?"

"The knife we found under the table had glowing paint on it," Mahiru said. "It's like the killer already knew that a blackout was going to happen."

"S-So...the person who wrote that threatening letter was the s-same one who set up the b-blackout?" Ryota asked.

"We can't say if they're the same person," Chiaki replied. "However, what we can determine is the cause of the blackout."

Nonstop Debate 3


Chiaki: It's clear to me that the killer used the blackout as part of their murder plan. The question is what caused the blackout?

Nekomaru: Did someone spill water into an electronic?

Mikan: M-Maybe someone cut off a cord somewhere?

Kazuichi: If I know anything about electricity, is that there has to be a breaker somewhere. So maybe something happened to it?

Ibuki: Maybe someone threw a stone at it?

Sonia: It does not have to be the breaker. They may have tampered with the power supply.

Mahiru: What about overloading it?

Akane: Whatever, I'm blaming this on Monokuma.

Monokuma: Hey! Don't drag me into this! I'm telling you! I haven't played any part in the murder! Got it?

How did the killer cause the blackout? Based on that evidence, I think I know how.

Truth Bullet Used: Hotel Electrical Network

Weak Point Agree: "overloading"

I agree with that!


"I think Mahiru is getting somewhere," Hajime said. "The cause of the blackout was the breaker becoming overloaded from too much electricity flowing through it."

"Hmm?" Mahiru said. "I was right?"

"You checked the breaker during the investigation, right, Ryota?" Hajime asked. "You told us that this hotel is nearing its electricity cap, right?"

"Uh...yes," Ryota replied. Then he realized something. "Oh, I just remembered I-I forgot to tell you this earlier, but the breaker keeps t-track of the electricity use over time."

"Why didn't you tell us this earlier?" Nagito asked.

Ryota opened his mouth to explain, but then he shook that thought off his head. "Forget about that," he said. "T-The point is, I checked the history of the hotel's electricity usage over the course of the day."

"And what did you find?" Mahiru asked.

"Well, t-there was a point where the line goes past the top of the chart," Ryota replied. "T-That must be when the blackout happened. But in addition to that, there were also points on the graph where electricity usage nearly reached its cap."

"So that must mean someone was trying to see how much electricity this hotel could use before a blackout happened," Hajime said.

"Hold on," Kazuichi said. "Aren't we all turning the lights on and off throughout the day? Wouldn't that affect how much electricity this hotel is using?"

"What do you mean by that?" Mahiru asked.

"What I'm trying to say is how do you distinguish between someone experimenting with electricity usage from just normal fluctuations?" Kazuichi asked. "I mean, how can you tell when someone is trying to see how much electricity this hotel can use before the breaker is overloaded? Does that make sense?"

"Well, I did see a f-few spikes on that graph..." Ryota replied. "The times where the spikes occurred must be when someone is trying to experiment..."

"But who was experimenting with the electricity usage?" Mahiru asked. "We've already established that the killer used the blackout as part of their plan. Could we use that to pin down who the killer is?"

"It's too early to discuss this, as there's not enough information to place anyone as the culprit," Chiaki replied.

"Chiaki is right," Hajime said. "We can't just accuse anyone of being the killer just yet. We still have the details of the murder to figure out."

"Okay, so we know that the blackout was caused by the breaker being overloaded," Kazuichi said. "But that brings up another question: what overloaded the breaker?"

Hajime thought about the question for a moment and came up with a possible answer. "What about the irons in the storage room?" he suggested. "Aren't they a possible cause of the blackout?"

"Ah yes, the irons in the storage room," Nagito said. "We found them turned on during the investigation, right, Hajime?"

"Of course we did!" Hajime replied. "I remembered going there during the investigation!"

"I see your memory is serving you well," Nagito said. "Now, didn't we find it weird that there are irons that are turned on, even though they weren't being used? It's like someone deliberately placed those irons there and left them turned on."

"So by leaving those irons on in the storage room," Mahiru began to conclude, "they made the hotel's electricity usage just high enough to overload the breaker and cause the blackout."

"By making the blackout happen," Hajime added, "the killer was able to go under the table, which lured Yukizome in so that they can kill her."

"That damn killer..." Kyosuke muttered. "I can't believe this entire plan was all a trap to kill Yukizome..."

"So, does anyone have anything to say about the conclusion we made?" Hajime asked.

"Stupid fool!"

Hajime jumped when Nekomaru roared. Maybe he shouldn't have given anyone the opportunity to object to his conclusion.

"Hold on!" Nekomaru shouted. "I have something to say about that conclusion!"

"Huh?" Hajime said. "What do you have to say?"

"You're saying that the irons in the storage room are the cause of the blackout?" Nekomaru asked. "THAT'S INEXCUSABLE! I have a rebuttal against that claim, and you're gonna hear it!"

Rebuttal Showdown 2

Nekomaru vs. Hajime


Nekomaru: If the irons are the cause of the blackout, then for the killer to cause the blackout, they'll have to go all the way to the storage room. Which means that the girls in the dining hall along with Teruteru must be a suspect!


Hajime: According to Nagito, the irons were on the entire time. And according to Mahiru, the girls didn't leave the dining hall during the blackout. Besides, no one knew about the irons until it was too late.

Nekomaru: So you're saying that the irons were on the entire time? If that's the case and your claim is true, then that means that the blackout must've already started when the party began! But since it didn't, that means that the irons didn't cause the blackout! Which means, the claim that the irons caused the blackout is wrong! Now take back what you said and ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE!

Nekomaru has a point. Everything was fine even with those irons turned on. However, that's not the only thing the person who set up the blackout did.

Truth Blade Used: A/C Timers

Weak Point Cut: "the irons caused the blackout"

Allow me to cut through those words!


"The irons are just one reason that the blackout occurred," Hajime said, "but they weren't the only reason. There was something else that directly triggered the blackout, which were the air conditioners!"

"AIR CONDITIONERS?!" Nekomaru screamed.

"Me and the girls heard a beeping sound during the party," Mahiru added. "Right after that, the lights suddenly turned off. That must be when the air conditioners were turned on."

"And when were the air conditioners set to turn on?" Nagito asked.

"According to the timers, they were set to turn on at 10:43 PM," Hajime said.

"10:43 PM," Kyosuke repeated. "That's an unusual time to set something to turn on. Usually, the timers are set to be multiples of five. Also, that's around the time when Yukizome died. It wasn't long before we discovered her body..."

This made Nekomaru realize something. "Oh, I get it now," he said. "When the timers activated the air conditioners, the breaker was overloaded and started the blackout. That makes sense!"

"Wait a second..." Kazuichi said. "Air conditioners use up a lot of electricity to operate, and I saw several of them in the dining hall. Wouldn't them alone cause the breaker to overload, triggering the blackout?"

"I-I think whoever set up the blackout t-thought that," Ryota replied. "That must explain the s-spike in electricity usage. B-But the electricity usage w-with those air conditioners on weren't enough to overload the breaker..."

"That must be why those irons were set up in the storage room," Nagito said. "It was to raise the electricity usage just enough so that when the air conditioners turned on, a blackout would occur."

"So we now know how the blackout started," Kyosuke said. "The killer must be clever; using the blackout to their advantage so that we can't tell who committed the murder which begs the question: who set up the blackout in the first place?"

The entire room spent a few moments in silence as everyone wondered who the culprit is.

"Hmm...figuring out who set up the blackout is..." Chiaki said. "That sounds like a tricky question."

"How so?" Hajime asked.

"Until now, we've been talking about the culprit and the person who set up the blackout as separate people, as if they're working together," Chiaki explained.

"Working together?" Kyosuke said. "Are you saying that two people worked together to murder Yukizome? Who would do such a thing?"

"It's possible that the two people were working together," Chiaki replied, "because in reality...they might be the same person all along."

Everyone gasped upon hearing this discovery.

"What?" Mahiru gasped. "Are you saying that the person who murdered Yukizome-sensei is the same person who set up the blackout?"

Chiaki nodded her head. "Yep," she replied. "It makes sense when you think about it. Only the culprit themselves would trust their own plan."

"So we can just figure out who the culprit is by figuring out who set up the blackout," Ibuki said. "This sounds much easier than Ibuki thought!"

"Or it could be harder..." Hiyoko muttered.

" do we figure out who set up the blackout?" Ryota asked.

"Don't worry, everyone," Nagito assured. "I'm sure answering this question would be easy, as Ibuki said. Because...the killer is petty, killing off one of the chaperones for some reason. There's no way they can escape the radars of the symbols of hope."

Hajime noticed that there's about what Nagito is talking about. He began to suspect that there's something going on with Nagito that everyone doesn't know about.

"Nagito..." Mahiru said. "What are you saying?"

"There's no way everyone can lose now," Nagito continued. "This incident will become a stepping stone for you all. No matter what happens, hope will always win. Hope will always come out on top. That's what I believe."

"Hold it, Nagito," Hajime said. "What you're saying is...kind of confusing. Why are you saying stuff like that?"

"Oh, that's just stuff that I believe in," Nagito replied. "There's no need to worry about it. Anyways, about the person who set up the blackout. I have to say, that person could be any one of us. Anyone could've set those timers for the air conditioners, and anyone could've hid those irons in the storage room. So the person who set up the blackout could've been anyone! Well, except for Kyosuke, because why would he do such a thing? And of course, the victim Chisa Yukizome couldn't have done it either. But aside from those two, it could've been anyone!"

That's when Hajime realized something. He looked back to when the party was being set up. During that time, the only person who was in the old building was...Nagito Komaeda. Therefore...

"Wait a second," Hajime said. "That's wrong! The person who set up the blackout couldn't have been anyone! Except for you! Isn't that right, Nagito?"

Nagito was stunned to see that he was found out. Not only that, but everyone else was stunned as well. They turned their heads towards Nagito as they realized that Nagito was behind the blackout all along.

"Nagito?" Mahiru gasped.

"I-It can't be!" Kazuichi said.

"'re the one behind all of this..." Kyosuke said.

Mahiru then gave it some thought and came to the same realization as Hajime. "Hold on, it's making sense now!" she said. "Nagito, you were the one inside the old building setting up the party, right? That means you had the opportunity to set the air conditioners to a specific time! Not only that, but you also had the opportunity to set up the irons as well!"

"H-Hold on!" Nagito shouted as he tried to defend himself. "Seriously! It's just a coincidence! The air conditioner timers happened to be set that way! The irons happened to be in the storage room! It wasn't me, I swear!"

"You think so?" Kyosuke asked. "Then why was the air conditioners in the old building set to turn on at night? Disregarding the time not being set to a multiple of five, the temperature here becomes cool at night, so there's no reason to turn on the air conditioners!"

"Please!" Nagito begged. "I just—!"

"And the drawing for the cleaning duty..." Nekomaru added. "You were the one who prepared that, right? Considering your intentions, I wouldn't be surprised if you rigged that drawing so that you're the one who gets the cleaning duty!"

"It was a random drawing, I swear!" Nagito continued to beg. "I just so happened to pick myself in that drawing! I'm the Ultimate Lucky Student, so I'm bound to be picked!"

"Continuing to defend yourself like that will only make you more suspicious!" Mahiru shouted.

Nagito was stunned into silence for a moment.

"And that preachy speech you made earlier," Gundham added. "Were you intending to make us lower our barriers to make us not believe that you took someone's life?"

"You monster!" Kyosuke shouted. "You set this entire thing up...just to kill off Yukizome. I'll never forgive you for this!"

"And that knife that was hidden under the table," Chiaki added. "If you had the opportunity to set the air conditioner timers, then you also had the opportunity to hid the knife. Isn't that right, Nagito?"

"Ngh..." Nagito grunted as he began to shake.

"Nagito...I don't want to believe it either..." Hajime said as he clutched his fists. "But it's true. We investigated the crime together. You were so helpful to me during the investigation. So to hear that you're the culprit all's just heartbreaking..."

"Ngh...nghhh!" Nagito grunted again.

"Nagito, what do you have to say about that?" Hajime asked as his stress levels rose. "Answer me, please!"

"Ngh..." Nagito grunted as he clutched his head. "Ngh...nghhhh...!"

And then...full insanity broke out of Nagito.

"Aha...ahahahahaha!" Nagito laughed loudly. "AHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's finally happened! The symbols of hope are working together to combat the despair of death! Oh, it's wonderful! It's so wonderful!"

It looks like Nagito's eyes began to swirl. The bright spots and dark spots are mixing together into a disturbing combination. It's not entirely clear if he's feeling hope or if he's feeling despair. He could be feeling a crude mix of both.

"You're correct!" Nagito shouted. "You've got it right! It was me! The blackout was my doing all along! And I was also the one who hid that knife under the table! And that threatening letter I sent to Munakata? That was me too!"

"What?" Kyosuke gasped as he searched his pockets. He pulled out the letter got this morning and studied the handwriting. He can't believe that handwriting belonged to Nagito. He gritted his teeth as he came to this conclusion. " was you who sent this letter to me. Was this...was this a part of your plan too?"

"Yep! That's right!" Nagito replied. "The blackout, the knife, and the letter, they were all done by me. They were all a part of my brilliant plan to bring you all into despair! They were all a part of my plan to make hope win in the end!"

Ibuki glanced at Nagito with a nervous look. " it just me?" she asked. "Or is Nagito getting crazier by the minute?"

"Don't tell me..." Mahiru said. "Is this the true Nagito? Was he hiding his true nature all along?"

Hajime began to shook his head. "No..." he said. "It can't be. He was acting chill for the past few days. There's no way he could be that crazy, right?"

"That's the danger of putting trust into someone too early," Chiaki said. "There's always the chance that the face someone is putting up is a ruse."

"S-Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you, Nagito?" Kazuichi asked as he sweated.

"T-This insanity..." Ryota said. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"

"I' confused right now," Akane said. "What do we do now?"

Kyosuke glared at Nagito with a furious look. "Nagito has made it clear to us," he said. "He's the one who set up this entire murder. He wrote the letter to me to force me to host a party to make sure everyone is safe. He's the one who hid the murder weapon, the knife, underneath the table where we found Yukizome's dead body. He's the one who set up the blackout, where we'll be unable to see the murder happen. That does it. He's the one who murdered Yukizome!"

"So Nagito is the culprit then?" Nekomaru asked. "That sounds reasonable to me! Let's vote for him now!"

"Wait, hold on!" Mahiru shouted. "There's something wrong here!"

The participants turned their attention towards Mahiru as they wondered what's wrong with accusing Nagito of the murder.

"What are you talking about, Mahiru?" Kyosuke asked. "Are you trying to stop me from enacting vengeance on Yukizome? We've already figured out who the murderer is."

Chiaki shook her head. "Not quite," she said.

"Why?" Kyosuke asked. "What do you mean 'not quite'?!"

"Look at the diagram Mahiru made again," Chiaki said. "Do you see the problem with accusing Nagito?"

Mahiru pulled out her diagram again and showed it to everyone.

"Well?" Chiaki said. "Do you see it now?"

The trial room was silent for a moment as everyone continued to study the diagram. It wasn't long before someone figured out who Nagito couldn't be the culprit.

" too far away from where the murder happened," Hajime answered.

"That's...correct," Nagito said. "You guys were so laser focused on who set up the murder that you didn't think about the positions of everyone when the murder happened. You see, I was outside the old building, while the murder occurred underneath a table in the old building. In order to me to murder Yukizome, I would've need to get all the way indoors, so under the table, perform the murder, and head all the way outside back to my previous position. And just to remind you: there was a blackout at the time, so I couldn't see anything."

"Plus, I was guarding the entrance of the old building," Chiaki added. "If Nagito were to me the murderer, he would've need to get past me."

"Is there any other entrance that he could've used?" Kazuichi asked.

"No, there is only one gateway that leads into the aging structure," Gundham replied. "I checked all around that building and found no additional gateways."

"You mean doorway, right?" Mahiru asked.

"Anyways," Nagito continued, "we've all made it clear that even though I set up the murder, I did not attempt to do it. Do you guys know what that means?"

"It means...that the true culprit lies within the old building itself," Hajime said. "There must be someone inside the old building who committed the murder. So...who did it?"

"Well, it was obviously not me, of course!" Nekomaru said. "I was in the bathroom taking a shit! There's no way I can be the culprit!"

"M-Me too," Teruteru added. "I was in the kitchen, too far away to have done it..."

"And the victim herself couldn't have done it either," Kyosuke added. "I know Yukizome very well, and I'm definitely sure she's not the type to kill herself."

"Which leaves us with the six people in the dining hall," Mahiru said. "Me, Sonia, Ibuki, Akane, Mikan, and Hiyoko. One of us could've done it...and I'm not liking that list of suspects..."

"It's because it's way too big, isn't it?" Hajime replied. "And also, you're included on that list, Mahiru."

"Yeah, it's those two things," Mahiru replied back. "But I have a feeling that there's something else on that list that I won't like..."

"It looks like we need to narrow down our list of suspects," Chiaki said. "To do that, we need to ask ourselves: how did the culprit get under the table?"

"Well, obviously, they would duck down and crawl their way towards a table!" Sonia replied.

"But it was super pitch black!" Ibuki commented. "There's no way we can tell where we're going!"

"Actually, you can tell where you're going even in the dark," Chiaki said. "Remember how Yukizome managed to find her case of emergency supplies? The culprit likely used the same tactic as her: using their hands to navigate in darkness.

"Okay, so the culprit used something to touch their way to under the table," Ibuki asked. "But what did they use?"

Looking at the diagram again Hajime quickly figured out what the culprit used to get under the table. On the table where Yukizome died, there is a lamp. Perhaps the culprit used that.

"The killer must've used the desk lamp to get to the table in the dark," Hajime suggested.

"The desk lamp?" Kazuichi asked. "Uh, hello? Aren't you forgetting something? There was a blackout in the hotel area, so anything that uses electricity wouldn't work. Even if the lamp was able to turn on, it would provide light for all the girls to see."

Hajime shook his head. "No, I'm not saying that the killer used the lamp's light," he said. "What I'm really saying is that the killer used the desk's power cord!"

"P-Power...cord?" Mikan asked.

Kazuichi realized his mistake. "Oh, right," he said. "The desk lamp needs to be plugged into an outlet in order to function. And in order to do that, it needs a power cord. My bad!"

"So are you saying that the culprit felt their way towards the table?" Sonia asked.

"Yes, that's right," Hajime replied. "By doing that, the killer was able to get under the table to retrieve the knife."

"And looking at this diagram I made..." Mahiru said. "The only person who could've used the power cord was..." She then gasped upon discovering who the killer is. "Hiyoko?!"

"What?!" Hiyoko gasped as well.

"Wait a second!" Mahiru shouted as she studied her diagram again. She paused for a moment as she realized that Hiyoko is the only one close enough to the table with the lamp to get underneath it. "Oh no... Are you...kidding me...?"

"Ah, Mahiru," Nagito said. "Are you shocked to see that your friend is the killer? You must feel the same as Hajime when he learned that I was the mastermind of the murder."

"S-Shut up!" Mahiru shouted. "I know Hiyoko might be a cruel girl, but she's not cruel enough to be willing to take someone's life!"

"But...but...!" Hiyoko said as she began to shed tears. She was interrupted by the others' shocked comments.

"Wait, am I hearing this right?" Kazuichi asked. "Are you saying that Nagito...tricked someone into committing murder?"

"Oh my gosh!" Ibuki screamed. "Nagito is totally a crazy person!"

"Nagito..." Hajime said as he clutched his fist. "I...I can't believe you've done this. Not only did you set up a murder...but you tricked someone into committing murder on top of it! You could've stopped at just setting up the murder for you to perform. So why? Why did you trick someone into commuting murder?"

"Don't you remember, Hajime?" Nagito replied. "It was decided that the girls and the boys would be having parties in separate locations, with the girls having a party in the old building. There was no way that I could get in the old dining hall without becoming suspicious. That's why I decided to...nudge one of the girls into committing murder. I just happened to nudge the most vulnerable one."

Mahiru turned towards Hiyoko, whose eyes are pouring out tears. "Hiyoko..." she said. "What's going on? Why...did you agree to Nagito's plan?"

"S-Shut up!" Hiyoko cried. "If you want to blame someone, blame the one who pushed me into committing murder!"

"But...there has to be a reason why Nagito chose you," Mahiru said. "Please...tell us. What made you agree to commit murder?"

Hiyoko was crying too much to be able to answer.

As it became apparent that Hiyoko committed the murder, Mikan began to sense something wrong with the theory that Hiyoko did it. "Um..." she tried to say.

"We can figure out her motive later, after we've voted for Hiyoko," Kyosuke said. "For now, it looks like we've figured out the culprit. The one who killed Yukizome. Hiyoko, you little gremlin. You will pay for your crimes!"

"W-Wait! H-Hold on!" Mikan shouted. " should I put it...? A-Are we sure that Hiyoko...did it?"

"Can't you see, Mikan?" Kyosuke asked. "We've figured out who the culprit is."

"Y-Yes, but—" Mikan tried to say.

"Stop wasting our time!" Kyosuke said. "We're so close to solving this crime and avenging Yukizome!"

"Hold on! I think Mikan is onto something!" Mahiru shouted. "If Hiyoko really is the culprit, then..."

"Would you all just shut up now?!" Kyosuke shouted. "We need to end this trial right now!"

Nonstop Debate 4

Kyosuke: Face it, Hiyoko. You're the one who murdered Yukizome!

Hiyoko: I didn't do it!

Kyosuke: Don't try to deny it! The killer is obviously you!


Kazuichi: Wait, how the hell did a young looking girl managed to murder an adult woman?

Mahiru: Hiyoko is so small. I doubt that she would be able to kill anyone...

Mikan: E-Even so...uh...

Kyosuke: Hiyoko might be small, but with a weapon, she could kill anyone. Therefore, she killed Yukizome with the knife Nagito hid!

Mikan: B-But...the knife... Ugh, never mind...

Sonia: What were you trying to say, Mikan?

Mikan: F-Forget about it...

It looks like Mikan is trying to say something, because she knows something that would clear Hiyoko of the crime. I'd better bring this up before it's too late!

Truth Bullet Used: Autopsy Results

Weak Point Refute: "the knife Nagito hid"

No, that's wrong!


"Hold it, everyone!" Hajime shouted. "Are you really sure that the killer is Hiyoko?"

"Can't you see the evidence, Hajime?" Kyosuke said with a growl. "She was standing right next to the table where the murder happened. She's the only one who could've gotten under that table to get the knife. When Yukizome caught her, Hiyoko used that knife and stabbed her to death!"

"That could be how the murder played out," Hajime replied. "But based on what Mikan found, that couldn't be the case. The knife Nagito hid wasn't the murder weapon!"

"What are you even saying?!" Kyosuke said, sounding increasingly frustrated. "The knife was right there! It had to be the murder weapon!"

"B-But...based on the entry wounds on Yukizome's body," Mikan replied, "the actual w-weapon would be roughly 5 millimeters in diameter."

"5 millimeters?!" Ibuki gasped. "That's, like, skinny for a knife!"

"A knife wouldn't be able to create a wound like that," Hajime said. "It would instead create long slashes, which weren't present on Yukizome's body."

"But can't Hiyoko just poke Yukizome with the knife to create those wounds?" Kazuichi asked.

"A k-knife would be able to c-create a small wound," Mikan replied, " looks like Yukizome's internal organs were punctured as well..."

"Ugh! That's gross!" Ryota screamed. "Now I have a disturbing mental image in my head! Someone! Please! Wipe that image out of my mind!"

"So...what does this mean?" Sonia asked.

Hiyoko blew a raspberry. "Obviously!" she said. "It means that there's no way that I could've committed the murder! Yeah, with this piece of evidence, my innocence has been proven!"

"Not so fast, you little gremlin!" Kyosuke shouted. "We've still haven't cleared you of the murder just yet! Just because the murder weapon was proven to not be the knife, that doesn't mean that you're no longer a suspect!"

"Come on, already!" Hiyoko shouted. "Please! Can anyone listen to me? I didn't do it! I DIDN'T KILL ANYONE!"

"Would you quit denying your crime already?" Kyosuke growled. "I'm getting sick of you trying to denying what you did to Yukizome. Just admit it already!"

"Wait, slow down, Munakata-sensei," Mahiru said. "Maybe...Hiyoko is right."

"What are you trying to pull off, Mahiru?" Kyosuke asked. "Defending the culprit when it is clear that she did it?"

Mahiru shook her head. "No, that's not what I'm doing," she replied. "What I'm saying is, Hiyoko definitely isn't the killer."

"R-Really?" Hiyoko asked.

"Yes, really!" Mahiru said. "Now, tell us, Hiyoko. What did you do during the blackout?"

Everyone laid their eyes on Hiyoko as they waited for her perspective on the events that happened during the blackout.

"Well...I..." Hiyoko began before pausing for a moment. " not going to reveal it to you all!"

Mahiru gasped in shock. "What? Why not?" she asked.

"Look at you all!" Hiyoko shouted. "You're all thinking that I did it, that I killed Yukizome! There's no way that any of you would believe me!"

"But...I'm willing to believe what you said is true," Mahiru replied.

"Shut up, Mahiru!" Hiyoko shouted. "I'm not trusting you too!"

Mahiru groaned both in disappointment and frustration.

"Well, if we can't hear from Hiyoko, then what else can we do?" Sonia asked.

"We'll just have to ask someone else," Hajime said. "Someone who can tell what's going on between Hiyoko and Yukizome, even in the dark. Someone...with excellent hearing. Isn't that right, Ibuki?"

"Hmm?" Ibuki said as she pointed to herself. "Me?"

"You're able to tell who said what during the blackout, right?" Hajime asked. "Tell us: what did you hear from Hiyoko and Yukizome?"

Ibuki began to think for a moment. "Hmm...let's see here..." she said. "What did Ibuki heard from those two?" She continued to ponder for a moment before reaching an answer. "Ah! Ibuki's got it! Yukizome saw that something was going on at the back table, so she ran up to it. There, she must've saw Hiyoko trying to take the hidden knife. Then, shouted at her to 'get out' or something. Right after that, I heard her scream."

Kyosuke gasped upon realizing it. "So...does that mean...?" he asked.

"Yep, that's right," Nagito said. "Yukizome shoved Hiyoko away from the table."

The entire trial room went into silence for a moment as they let the facts sink in.

Kyosuke clutched his chest upon realizing that he was pursuing the wrong person. "So...we were wrong..." he said. "We were wrong to believe that...Hiyoko was the culprit... I...can't believe I allowed this to happen to me..."

"Hiyoko..." Mahiru said. "Could you please tell us already? I know you're not willing to share what you did during the blackout, but could you at least share what you did after the lights turned back on?"

Hiyoko was silent as she felt uncomfortable about telling everyone what she did.

"So, we've reached a conclusion," Nagito declared. "It looks like my plan to nudge someone into committing murder...has failed."

"Aw man..." Kazuichi said. "Are we back to square one?"

"We've spent all this time talking back and forth for this?!" Nekomaru shouted.

"Dammit, this trial is making my head hurt!" Akane shouted.

"In the end, we're nowhere near solving this case," Nagito said. "We've spent an hour talking about this case, only to reach a conclusion that doesn't take us anywhere. It doesn't matter what we do. The world will bring us all the way back to the beginning. But you can't give up now! You're symbols of hope! The world of despair might be pressing down on you, but you've still got hope in you! Go ahead, everyone: show this world why you're symbols of hope! No setbacks shall ever slow you down!"

Class Trial 1