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Danganronpa Reimagined 2: Trouble in Despair Resort

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"What the...shit?"

"! Sensei! No!"

"What happened? What the hell is going on?"

"We just got a notification. One of our patients has died!"

"Who? Oh... Oh no... This can't be good."

"It's just as I feared... Monokuma took over the program and someone is now dead..."

"Dammit! Curse that stupid bear! No matter what we do, we can never escape his influence! Junkoooooo!"

"W-What are we supposed to do now? Who...killed her?"

"I don't know. There are no cameras at the site where she died, and also there was a blackout in the area. We can't tell what happened at the time of the murder."

"I-Is the recorded voices any good? The cameras around the pool must've picked up on something..."

"I tried my best to interpret what was said during the blackout. It doesn't seem like anyone...oh no..."

"What's wrong?"

"The's installing a location into the program!"

"Wait, what? What kind of location is the virus installing?"

"I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it can't be a good thing for the patients."

"If there's one thing that we know about Monokuma, is that when there's a murder, there's always a trial coming up. I'm definitely sure that the virus is installing a trial room."

"...Do you think the patients will be able to figure out who the culprit is?"

"...Let's hope that the patients are able to solve this crime on their own. There's nothing we can do to help them out. The only thing we can do now is watch."

"The Future Foundation needs to be notified of this right now. I'll send a message to them explaining our current situation."

"Ugh...we're going to be in so much trouble..."

Day 3 - 10:54 PM
Kazuichi's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

*Ding-dong, ding-dong!*

"A body has been discovered!" Monokuma announced. "Everyone, please gather at—"

"W-Wait, what?" Usami gasped from off screen. "D-Did something...happen?"

"Hey! Quit interrupting me, you stupid rabbit!" Monokuma shouted. "I'm trying to notify everyone that a body has been discovered!"

"S-So...does that mean...someone died...?" Usami asked, sounding like she's about to break into tears.

"Of course someone died!" Monokuma shouted. "What else did you expect? This is a killing game after all!"

"O-On no!" Usami cried. "W-Why must this happen? This is all your fault!" She then went on screen and attacked Monokuma.

"Hey! Knock it off, you stupid rabbit!" Monokuma said. "Can't you see that we've—"

The monitors turn off before the announcement could continue.

The two boys in the cottage watched the monitor as the announcement plays out. They were shocked at what they heard.

"W-What...was that?" Ryota asked.

"I don't know!" Kazuichi replied as he dried his jumpsuit. "What's going on out there? What happened?"

Ryota got a bad feeling about this. "...We'd better go," he said. "We have to know what happened out there!"

"Wait, seriously?" Kazuichi asked. "We're going now?! But I haven't finished drying off my jumpsuit! It's still wet!"

Day 3 - 10:55 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

The students and Kyosuke stared below the table, shocked and horrified by the sight of Chisa's dead body. Screams of horror began to fill the entire room as everyone reacted to the death of one of the chaperones. Chisa Yukizome was their teacher. She was their Sensei. She's willing to do anything to prevent a murder from happening. But despite her efforts, she became a victim of a murder.

Kyosuke felled to his knees as he stared at the dead Chisa. "Yukizome..." he muttered. "N-No...this...can't be..."

Teruteru is screaming in panic behind the students.

"S-So...this is it..." Gundham said. "The calamity that the stars foretold...has become true. Our guardian...has perished!"

"WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!" Nekomaru roared. As he threw his arms into his head, Nekomaru accidentally hit Gundham and sent him stumbling.

"T-That can't be real blood, right?" Ibuki asked. "That's...gotta be strawberry jam or something. T-There's no way that...that someone died, right?"

Akane took a sniff of Chisa's corpse. "Nope," she said. "That's definitely blood."

Ibuki reacted so horribly to hearing that Chisa's death was real that she foamed in her mouth.

As everyone reacted to Chisa's dead body, the two remaining students arrived at the crime scene. They saw people gathering around at the back table looking at something.

"W-What's going on o-over there?" Ryota asked.

"I-I don't know," Kazuichi replied. "I can't see what they're seeing!"

Mikan then saw the two boys and ran up to them. "O-Oh! You're here!" she said. "W-We've got terrible news! S-Someone...has been...murdered!"

The two boys were shocked to hear that a murder had occurred.

"W-What?!" Kazuichi gasped. "Are you serious?!"

"But...w-who died?" Ryota asked.

Mikan hesitated for a moment before revealing who the victim is. "It's...S-Sensei..." she replied.

"W-Which one?" Ryota asked.

"Hold on!" Kazuichi said as he ran towards the back table. "Lemme take a look! I need to see this myself!"

Kazuichi shoved his way towards the back table, trying to see what everyone else saw. There, he saw Chisa's dead body and was shocked by the sight of it.

"W-What the hell?" Kazuichi gasped. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER?!"

"W-What did you saw?" Ryota asked as he made his way towards the back table. He saw the huge pool of blood underneath the table and let out a huge scream. It took him a moment to realize that the blood likely came from Chisa. Upon realizing this, Ryota screamed even louder, almost to the point of making everyone feel pain in their ears.

Once everyone had seen the corpse with their own eyes, Monokuma showed up in the dining hall. "Goodness gracious," he remarked as he appeared. "This party went south really fast. Who could've seen that coming?"

Everyone was alerted to Monokuma's presence. They were shocked to see him here.

"Monokuma?" Mahiru gasped.

Kyosuke then stood up. With his back turned to Monokuma, he spoke to the bear. "You..." he said in an angry. "What...did you do?"

"Ah, look at you, mister," Monokuma replied. "Mourning over the death of a loved one, aren't you? You thought that someone close to you will survive this killing game, when in actuality, she became the first victim!"

Kyosuke turned around and glared at Monokuma with a menacing look on his face. It was clear that he was furious over the death of Chisa. "Monokuma..." he growled. "How could you do this to Yukizome?"

"Huh? What did I do to your loved one?" Monokuma asked.

Kyosuke slowly walked towards Monokuma. "This is all your fault, Monokuma," he said. "If you haven't turned this school trip into a killing game, then none of this would've happened. We all could've survived this. But just had to show up. You made us participate in this killing game. And thanks to you, Yukizome is dead!"

"Hey, hey!" Monokuma said. "What do you mean this is all my fault? I didn't kill anyone! One of you did!"

"S-So...the culprit of this one of us?" Nagito asked.

"Of course!" Monokuma replied. "Chisa Yukizome was murdered by one of you! Someone among you must be desperate to leave this tropical paradise, and so that person sacrificed Yukizome in an attempt to do just that!"

"Y-You're lying!" Hajime shouted. "T-This can't be true! There's no way that someone would murder Sensei!"

Monokuma stared at Hajime for a moment. "Oh? You think so?" he asked. "Do you really think that none of you is willing to commit murder? Come on, everyone will get tired of being in paradise one day and you really want to get your school memories back. Of course someone will try to murder someone else! This is a killing game, after all. Do you really expect there to be no deaths in a killing game?"

" has to be true..." Mahiru said. "Someone...really did murder Yukizome-sensei..."

Kyosuke growled furiously. "I will never forgive the person who killed Yukizome..." he grumbled. "I will hunt them down and make them pay."

"Speaking of hunting down the culprit," Monokuma said, "I didn't get to mention this during the body discovery announcement thanks to that stupid rabbit, but there will be a Class Trial coming up soon. I already explained to you guys what that is, right? In case you don't remember, basically you all debate on who the blackened is. Once the debate is finished, you will all vote on who you think is the blackened. If the majority votes correctly, then only the blackened will receive punishment. But if you pick the wrong person, then everyone will receive punishment. The true blackened will get to leave this resort, leaving everyone's dead bodies behind! Are we clear on that yet?"

Everyone said nothing as they tried to make sure they remember how the Class Trials work once it begins. The tension in the air is making it hard for everyone to keep this in mind, however. Everyone is looking at each other, wondering if the person they're looking at is the person who murdered Chisa Yukizome.

"Oh, look at all of you," Monokuma remarked. "We haven't even started the Class Trial and already you guys are suspecting each other. How exciting! However, baseless accusations are both boring and frustrating to sit through. After all, it's way more interesting if people have a good reason of being suspicious. I'll leave you guys until 12:30 AM tomorrow morning to gather all the evidence needed to present your arguments. But before we begin, allow me to give you something to start things off!"

Monokuma then clapped his hands and suddenly everyone felt a rumble in their pockets. They reached into their pockets and pulled out their E-Handbooks. In the E-Handbooks, there appears to be a new file installed into the device. Everyone opened the file...and was shocked at what they saw.

"What the—?!" Kyosuke gasped. "Yukizome?"

"Ah! AH!" Kazuichi screamed as he dropped his E-Handbook. "What the hell?!"

"Eek!" Mikan shrieked as she saw what's on the file.

"See that in your E-Handbooks?" Monokuma said. "That's the Monokuma File! It contains detailed information about the victim of the case! Every investigation has to start somewhere, after all."

The first Monokuma File contains a rather graphic visualization of Chisa's stab wounds and where they are located. Everyone saw that Chisa had been stabbed multiple times. Right next to the visualization is a description of the body.

Monokuma File 1: The victim is Chisa Yukizome. The time of death is approximately 10:45 PM. The victim was discovered underneath a table in the dining hall of the old hotel building. The victim was stabbed multiple times between the neck and abdomen, leading to death by bleeding. Some injuries were detected, but they were too minor to contribute to the death.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Monokuma File 1

Everyone shivered as they read the Monokuma File. This is just another confirmation that Chisa was murdered by someone. Not even Kyosuke maintained his composure.

"Now, with that Monokuma File," Monokuma continued, "let the investigation begin! Just as a reminder, this investigation will end at 12:30 AM tomorrow regardless of your current progress, so gather as many clues as you can! I'll be seeing you soon. And remember, the killer is among you." He then vanished from the room.

After Monokuma vanished, everyone was left standing still as they wondered what to do next. It's getting late and they're really tired. They want to go to sleep, but Monokuma has put a time limit before the Class Trial begins. Whatever happens next, none of them will have a good sleep.

"I-I'm at a loss for words..." Mahiru said. "W-What do we do now?"

"We have to figure out who killed Yukizome and why," Nagito replied. "That's the task that Monokuma has put onto us..."

"This really sucks..." Kazuichi said. "Why must we be put in such a terrible situation...?"

As everyone continued to sulk around, Usami showed up to try to give everyone some encouragement.

"Everyone, please!" Usami cried to get everyone's attention. "I-I know something terrible has happened to one of you, but please...don't give up! Live for your dead friends!"

"Hey, shut up you piece of trash!" Kazuichi shouted. "This isn't time to be making inspirational speeches!"

"W-What did you just call me?!" Usami cried. "Please...I'm only trying to help!"

"He's right, you stupid rabbit," Monokuma said as he showed up behind Usami. "Your inspirational speeches are useless at a time like this. Now get outta here before you disturb the crime scene!" He grabbed Usami and began to drag her away.

"Hwah?!" Usami gasped. "Hey! Let go of meeeeeee!" She and Monokuma then disappeared.

Chiaki let out a sigh. "Usami didn't say her full speech," she said. "But...she's right. Even after one of us has been murdered, we can't give up. We have to figure out who killed Yukizome-sensei. We have to solve the crime that had been committed."

"But...who will solve this crime?" Hajime asked.

"Everyone," Chiaki replied. "Crimes usually aren't solved by a single person. It takes a whole team of investigations to figure out what happened. We currently have plenty of time before the Class Trial begins, but I suggest that we split up and try to cover as much ground as possible. Does everyone understand what I'm saying?"

"I do..." Hajime replied.

"I-I think yes..." Mikan replied.

"Poor Sensei..." Mahiru said. "I can't believe someone murdered you. But...we will figure out who killed you. I promise..."

Chiaki's speech lifted everyone's spirits up. It's not enough to get them back to where they were before Chisa's dead body was discovered, but at least it's enough to get some of them to start investigating her murder.

"Okay, I see that some of you are ready to start investigating," Chiaki said. "Good. Now, before we begin, we need to delegate roles. First off, we have to decide who should guard the crime scene. There's plenty of evidence in the crime scene. It'll be a shame if someone were to destroy some of them before we could find them..."

"What about Neko-chan over there?" Ibuki suggested. "He looks perfect for the guard job!"

Everyone turned towards Nekomaru. They saw that he's clutching his stomach again.

"Ugh...I don't know..." Nekomaru groaned. "Seeing that dead body and all that blood...makes me wanna SHIT AGAIN!" He ran out of the dining room and toward the restroom.

"...That Nekomaru really has a weak stomach, doesn't he?" Kazuichi remarked.

Mahiru then walked up to Kyosuke. He's currently on his knees in front of Chisa's dead body.

"What about you, Munakata-sensei?" Mahiru asked. "Why don't you guard the crime scene?"

Kyosuke slapped Mahiru's arm away as he stood up on his feet. "Leave me alone," he ordered.

"What? Why?" Mahiru asked.

"I just need...some alone time..." Kyosuke replied. He then walked out of the dining room without saying another word.

Mahiru clutched her chest as she watched Kyosuke walk away. "I guess I'm guarding the crime scene..." she said.

"D-Does that mean that I get to c-check on Sensei's body?" Mikan asked. "I-I have medical t-training, so c-can I be the coroner please?"

"Yeah sure, go on ahead Mikan..." Mahiru replied. "As long as it helps, I don't mind..."

"Okay, that's two roles that have been fulfilled," Chiaki said. "But the main thing that an investigation needs are, well, investigators."

"Well, we can go around this area and..." Ibuki began before her voice trailed off. "Actually, never mind. I have no idea what to do." She shifted her gaze over to Sonia. "No, I'm not talking to you, Sonia-chan!"

Sonia let out a sigh. "You don't have to clarify that every time..." she said.

"It's clear that all of us are amateur at this," Nagito remarked. "None of us are the Ultimate Detective, after all. Regardless, at least one of us must fulfill this role. And by 'at least one of us', I mean the rest of us."

The remaining students could feel a drop of sweat going down their heads. It looks like all of them will be contributing to the investigation one way or another.

"So, let's start by asking a few questions," Nagito began. "When was the last time Yukizome was seen alive?"

"Hmm...if I recall correctly," Mahiru replied, "we last saw Yukizome-sensei...before the blackout began. After the lights turned back on, we didn't see least until we discovered her dead body..."

"So that means that Yukizome was murdered during the blackout," Nagito concluded.

"Hold on, I think we're missing something here," Kazuichi said. "When did the blackout happened? I mean, there weren't any clocks in the pool area, so we can't tell what time it is."

"Well, the Monokuma File did say that Yukizome died at 10:45 PM," Chiaki replied. "If she was murdered during the blackout, then the blackout must've began a few minutes before her death and ended just after her death."

"That sounds about right," Hajime said. "Shortly after the blackout ended, we saw Mahiru exit the old building to look for Yukizome. A few minutes after we started the search...we found her dead body..."

"Okay, that sounds reasonable," Kazuichi remarked. "But we still don't have a clue about the exact times when each event occurred."

"We don't need to know when exactly each event happened," Nagito replied. "The time of death listed on the Monokuma File is a good reference point. As long as we know that the murder occurred during the blackout, we should be able to start the puzzle on what happened during the blackout."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Timeline of Events

"Now that we know the time range when the events of the murder could've happened," Nagito continued, "let's start looking at the crime scene and see what we could find."

Before anyone could take a look at the area where Chisa's body was discovered, Ibuki said something.

"Wait, wait, wait," Ibuki said. "Hold on. Is it just me? Or are we missing a few people?"

The remaining students in the dining hall looking around to see who is still present. They already know that Chisa is dead and Nekomaru and Kyosuke had already left. But it appears that Ryota too had left the room, along with Hiyoko and Teruteru. Teruteru is probably in the old kitchen, so they know where he is. But as for Hiyoko and Ryota? Their absence felt a As for Gundham, they found him on the floor looking for something. How everyone managed to miss him is anyone's guess.

"Uh...Gundham?" Hajime asked. "What are you doing?"

Gundham lifted his head up from the floor. "What?" he said.

"Oh, there you are," Sonia said. "I was wondering where you went."

"Hajime asked you a question, Gundham," Nagito said. "What are you doing crawling around on the floor?"

"What am I doing?" Gundham asked. "Why, I'm searching for my Hell Hound Earring! It had vanished into the void below our feet!"

"How did you manage to lose your earring?" Kazuichi asked.

"My Hell Hound Earring was hanging from one of my auditory sensors," Gundham explained. "I was staring at the corpse of our fallen guardian when suddenly someone forced me out of my position! I lost my Hell Hound Earring to the void in that moment, and ever since then, I've been trying to take it back."

Kazuichi stared at Gundham for a moment. "I understood half of what you said..." he said.

"I can translate what Gundham said into something easier to understand," Chiaki said. "Basically, Gundham lost his earring when someone knocked him out of the way. His earring must've dropped from his ear in that moment. It probably fell in between the floorboards."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Gundham's Missing Earring

Hearing Chiaki mention the floorboards made everyone look down at the floor. They can see that it's full of gaps.

"Whoa," Hajime said. "That's a lot of gaps in the floor. No wonder Gundham lost his earring."

"I am questioning the architects who built this building..." Mahiru sighed. "Seriously, who designed this resort? I demand to know!"

Nagito let out a sigh. "Yeah, I knew about those gaps in the floorboard," he said. "I was worried that something might fall in between them. I tried to remedy this by covering the floor with this carpet. Be as you can see...I didn't get the carpet to cover the entire floor."

Looking around the dining hall, everyone can see that the carpet doesn't go all the way up to the walls. There are still areas where the floorboard gaps are exposed. Gundham was probably standing on or near the exposed floorboards when he lost his earring. And among the areas that have exposed floorboards is the area underneath the table where Chisa's body was found.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Floorboard Gaps

The floorboards segues nicely into the crime scene. Hajime, Mahiru, Nagito, and several others began to approach the crime scene to look for clues. Before they could start gathering clues from the crime scene, Ibuki noticed a subtle sound.

"Hold on," Ibuki said. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Sonia asked.

"I think I hear some dripping," Ibuki said. "Can everyone be quiet for a moment?"

Everyone became silent for a moment as they tried to hear the faint sound of dripping.

*Drip, drip, drip*

"Ah," Gundham said. "Could it be the fluid of life that's hitting what's beyond the void?"

"So there is a room that's below the dining hall," Hajime said. "Gundham's earring must be down there somewhere. The question do we get down there?"

Truth Bullet Updated: Floorboard Gaps

Mahiru hits Hajime with her elbow. "Focus, Hajime," she said in a scolding tone.

"Ah, right," Hajime replied.

Hajime returned his attention to the crime scene and began to gather clues along with everyone else. The first thing that his eyes saw was a knife. Chisa was holding on to this knife when she died. It looks like this knife came from the kitchen. On top of that, the knife was covered with a glowing paint. Why was the knife coated with paint? And where did this knife come from? Could it have been one of the missing items from the old kitchen? Hajime might want to confirm that with Teruteru later.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Knife

Above Chisa, there is a piece of tape that's hanging below the table. Only one part of the tape is stuck to the table, leaving the rest of it to hang freely. The middle of the tape was crinkled and coated with the same glowing paint that coated the knife. Looking at the area where the tape was, the team can see two blobs of glowing paint that is separated by an unpainted area with sharp edges.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Painted Tape

"This is so strange..." Mahiru muttered. "What is a knife doing here? Why is it coated with a glowing paint? And why is there a piece of tape stuck to the bottom of the table?"

"I'm not sure," Nagito said, "but they must be placed there deliberately."

"By who?" Kazuichi asked.

Mahiru turned her head towards Nagito. "Hey, Nagito," she said. "You were cleaning the old building prior to the start of the party, correct? Do you know anything about the knife that's hidden underneath that table?"

"What? No," Nagito replied. "I didn't do anything with the bottom of the tables. I didn't even took a peek underneath the tables as well."

"Are you sure about that?" Mahiru asked as she grew suspicious of Nagito.

"I didn't do anything outside of preparing the old building for the party," Nagito replied. "I swear!"

Mahiru gave Nagito a doubtful look. "Okay..." she said. She turned her eyes back on Chisa and saw that there's something on Chisa's face. "Huh? What's that thing on Yukizome-sensei's head?"

"I think I recognize that," Hajime said. "They look like...goggles."

"Goggles?" Mahiru replied. "Hold on. Let me take a look." She reached her hand out towards Chisa's face, only to be stopped by Mikan.

"W-Wait!" Mikan cried. "I-I don't think you should disturb the body..."

"Huh? Why not?" Mahiru asked.

"Well...y-you may tamper with the c-crime scene..." Mikan explained.

"Don't worry so much, Mikan," Nagito said. "They're just taking a look at Yukizome's face. They're not going to disturb the body."

"But-" Mikan tried to say before she stopped herself. After thinking about it for a moment, Mikan decided to let the corpse be adjusted slightly. "F-Fine...if you want to look at her face, t-then I'll d-do it..."

Mikan grabbed Chisa's head and moved it so that everyone can get a better look at it. What they found was...Chisa's disturbing looking face with goggles covering the eyes along with a hole on her neck that's leaking blood. The view was disturbing to everyone who saw it.

"Ah!" Hajime gasped.

"Oh...jeez!" Mahiru exclaimed.

"That...looked like it really hurt..." Nagito remarked. "And that's just one of the wounds that killed Yukizome!"

"That wound l-looks pretty deep..." Mikan said. "It looks like her e-entire neck was punctured..."

"What a painful way to die..." Mahiru said. She then turned her attention to the goggles on Chisa's head. "So...what's that on her head?"

Hajime took a closer look at the goggles. He felt discomfort in being so close to a head of a body and the wounds they suffered. Looking at the goggles, Hajime felt like he has seen these goggles before. "It looks like...these goggles are the same ones that Munakata wore..." he said.

Mahiru turned her head towards Hajime. "Really?" she asked.

"I think so," Nagito replied. "I remember seeing these on Munakata when the lights turned back on. He said he doesn't need to wear them anymore now that the lights are on."

This made Mahiru realize something. "Wait, so are these...night vision goggles?" she asked.

"Night vision goggles?" Hajime gasped. "What are you talking about?"

"I remember seeing those night vision goggles in the supermarket," Mahiru explained. "I'm not sure why Yukizome-sensei is wearing them. When did she get these goggles?"

Hajime recalled what he heard from Kyosuke at the beginning of the party. "I've heard that Munakata went to the supermarket before the party began," he said. "Perhaps he got these goggles from there."

"You think so?" Nagito asked.

"I don't know," Hajime replied. "I might have to check with Munakata to verify this..."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Night Vision Goggles

Looking at the crime scene further, the students can see that there's blood all over the floor underneath the table where Chisa was killed. Some blood was splattered on the inside of the tablecloth. It looks like the tablecloth prevented the blood from spilling over into other areas. Checking the area further, it doesn't appear that Chisa's body was dragged from anywhere. There's no drag marks trailing away from the pool of blood, so it can be assumed that Chisa's body was undisturbed after she was killed.

Truth Bullet Acquired: Bloodstain Under the Table

Once it appears that no more clues can be collected from the crime scene, the students pulled away from the table where Chisa's body was found. Only Mikan remained behind, as her job is to determine the severity of Chisa's wounds.

"I-I'll have my autopsy report w-when I'm done..." Mikan said as she began to inspect Chisa's dead body. "I-I'll be stained with blood, though. C-Can someone go to my c-cottage and get me a s-spare change of clothes?"

Almost immediately, someone agreed to get Mikan her spare clothes.

"I'll do it," Chiaki said with a sigh. She then exited the dining hall.

"Alright, it looks like we're done with the crime scene for now," Nagito said. "But this investigation isn't over yet. There might be other areas which are involved in this crime. We'll have to keep looking around."

"Wait, before we go, I have a question," Hajime said. "So, the boys knows what happened during the blackout, right?"

Mahiru pondered for a moment. " that you mention it, that could be important," she said. "Alright, let's talk about what happened on either side of the party. And since you're the one who brought it up, how about you go first, Hajime?"

Hajime pointed to himself. "Me?" he asked.

"Clearly, something has happened to you boys during the blackout," Mahiru replied. "Care to explain what happened?"

Hajime began to recall the events of the blackout from his perspective. "Let's see..." he began. "Me and the boys were partying around the pool. Even though it sucked to be stuck outside, we still made the most of the party. Then, Chiaki walked out of the old building to stand guard at the front door."

"That's shortly after we send Chiaki out to make sure none of the boys tried to get to our side of the party, right?" Mahiru said. "I'm getting it now. So what happened after that?"

"After Chiaki started to guard the building, Nekomaru began to complain that he needs to use a restroom," Hajime continued. "He was...desperate to take a dump. We couldn't let him go to his cottage, so...we let him in the old building to use the restroom."

Mahiru was shocked to hear that. "Wait...what?!" she gasped. "You let a boy into the old building? I thought Teruteru was the only boy allowed in the old building because he's our chef!"

"Look, Nekomaru really needs to use the restroom, okay?" Hajime said. "Anyways, after he left, we talked about how Nekomaru might have digestion issues, when suddenly the lights turned off! Everyone began to panic when the lights went out...I think."

"Can you tell who said what?" Mahiru asked.

Hajime shook his head. "Not really..." he replied. "Although, we did hear a crashing sound followed up with a splash..."

"Please don't remind me of that..." Kazuichi muttered as he pulled his beanie over his eyes. "I can't see a thing, I swear!"

Mahiru turned her head towards Kazuichi. "What happened to you during the blackout, Kazuichi?" she asked.

"Whatever it is, I'm not gonna talk about it," Kazuichi replied.

"Come on, you'd better tell me something," Mahiru said. "Whatever happened to you may be important for this investigation."

"I don't think falling into a pool is relevant to this case..." Nagito said.

"Nagito! Why?" Kazuichi cried.

"Wait, so Kazuichi fell into the pool?" Mahiru asked. "How did that happen? I thought that there were barriers surrounding the pool."

"I'm not sure how Kazuichi managed to fall into the pool," Hajime replied. "Regardless, I don't think that has anything to do with the murder of Yukizome..."

"Good," Kazuichi said. "The next time you bring it up, I will try to put a stop to it!"

Hajime let out a sigh before returning his attention to Mahiru. "So what about you, Mahiru?" he began to ask. "What happened inside the old building?"

"You want to talk about what happened on my side?" Mahiru asked. "Well, after we sent Chiaki outside..."

Day 3 - 10:40 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

After Chiaki went out of the dining hall, the girls continued their party, enjoying every moment of it. Akane is stuffing her mouth full of food, much to the concern of Mikan. Chisa is standing near one of the walls, watching over the rest of the girls. Mahiru, Sonia, and Ibuki are gathered around the table closest to the doors, having a conversation with each other. Meanwhile, Hiyoko doesn't seem to be enjoying the party, choosing instead to remain near the back table with a lamp on it.

Ibuki turned around and saw Hiyoko standing away from the rest of the girls. She gave Hiyoko a wave. "Hey, Hiyoko-chan!" she shouted. "Come over here! You're missing out on all the fun!"

Hiyoko didn't say anything and turned her head away.

Sonia then turned around to see Hiyoko. She grew concerned about Hiyoko. " there something wrong with Hiyoko?" she asked.

"I...don't know," Mahiru replied. "I tried to talk to her earlier, but she wouldn't budge..."

"Maybe Hiyoko just doesn't like parties?" Sonia suggested.

"But why?" Ibuki asked. "Who doesn't like parties? They're fun!"

Mahiru let out a heavy sigh. "I'll just take a photo of her," she said as she grabbed her camera. "It's not a happy memory to capture, but it's a memory nonetheless." She then snapped a photo of Hiyoko standing near the corner table.

Meanwhile, Chisa is...displeased at the sight of Akane eating food with her bare hands.

"Hey, Akane?" Chisa said. "There are utensils on the table that you could use. Why don't you use them?"

Akane said something in response. But as her mouth is currently stuffed with food, nobody could tell what she's saying.

"Um...Akane?" Mikan asked. "That's...a lot of food you're eating. A-Are you sure that's enough?"

Akane tried to speak again, but her mouth is still stuffed with food.

Chisa let out a heavy sigh. "Can't these students act a little more mature?" she asked.


Mikan was startled by the sound of the beep. "H-Huh?" she said. "W-What's that sound?"

And then, all of a sudden, the lights in the dining hall went out. The entire room went completely dark.

"Wha...what happened?"

"O-Oh's...a blackout!"

"A blackout? AH! It's a blackout!"

Due to the metal plates covering the windows, there wasn't any light to be found in the dining hall. It probably wouldn't help if there weren't any metal plates in this situation. Mahiru recalled that there were clouds covering the moon when she went in the old building, so there wasn't any moonlight reaching the hotel area. The girls tried to wait for a moment to let their eyes adjust to the darkness, but everyone was too panicked to be patient.

"I-It's pitch black! My future is pitch black!"

"Everyone, calm down! We must stay calm around here!"

"What the...? What's going on back there?"



The sounds of footsteps filled the air, but nobody could tell where they were coming from.

"W-What's going on? Where is everyone? I can't see a thing!"

"Hey, can someone turn the damn lights on? I can't eat in the dark!"

"Get out! Get out! GET OUT!"


"Can everyone please calm down?!"

"It's no use! I can't tell where everyone is! AHHHH!

"Girls? A-Are you all okay in there? The blackout...wasn't just in the kitchen, right?"

"Ugh, can someone please do something about this blackout? How did this even happen?"

"Perhaps the breaker was overloaded?"

"L-Let's see...we all heard a beeping sound and then the lights went out. Maybe—"

And then, just as suddenly as the blackout happened, the lights turned back on again, briefly blinding everyone inside the dining hall.

" eyes..." Mahiru complained.

"Oh look, the lights are back on!" Akane said. "Now I can see what I'm eating again!" She then continued to chow down on the food."

Ibuki then realized that the lights are on again. "'s over already?" she asked. "Hurray! It's finally over! Now we can continue our—"

"Ah! Mikan!" Sonia cried. "What happened to you?"

The girls then looked over to where Mikan is standing. Or rather, where she used to stand. Looking down, the girls discovered that Mikan had tripped and fallen into a...compromising position.

"Oh no..." Mahiru groaned. "Not this again..."

"I-I'm so sorry!" Mikan apologized. "I-I tripped and s-showed you all something u-unsightly again!"

"Wait, that pig barf tripped?" Hiyoko asked. "How did that happen?"

"Just...stop asking and help Mikan get back up..." Mahiru said with a sigh. Her eyes glanced over to Ibuki, who excited look on her face. "And you'd better not give me any requests to snap a photo, understand?"

"Aw..." Ibuki groaned in disappointment.

The girls then helped Mikan get back up on her feet. Even after she's back on her feet, Mikan continued to cry and apologize.

"I-I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you," Mikan cried. "I didn't mean to do it!"

"Let me guess," Mahiru said. "You got your foot stuck in between the floorboard and that's why you tripped. Is that right?"

"I-I think m-my foot slipped..." Mikan said.

"Well, you'd better watch your footing next time," Mahiru said. "I swear, if that happens again...actually, I don't know what else we can do to help Mikan if she trips again..."

"Snap a photo?" Ibuki suggested.

"No," Mahiru bluntly replied. Her eyes then shifted over to the lights in the dining hall. "By the way, how did that blackout happened?"

The rest of the girls then looked up at the lights.

"Oh yeah, that's right," Ibuki said. "What caused the blackout to happen? And how did it end?"

As the girls wondered about the blackout, Sonia looked around and noticed that someone is missing. "Um...pardon me," she said, "but...aren't we missing someone?"

The girls then looked around and saw that Chisa is absent from the dining hall.

"Huh? Yukizome-sensei?" Mahiru asked. "Where did you go?"

"I don't know," Sonia replied. "I think I saw her standing there a moment ago, before the blackout began."

The girls turn towards the area where Chisa was standing. There, they saw only an open metal case.

"That's strange..." Ibuki said. "What happened to her? Did she leave the building or something?"

The girls began to wonder where Chisa went during the blackout. As they thought about the whereabouts of Chisa, Teruteru peeked his head into the dining hall to check on the girls.

"Hey, girls!" Teruteru greeted. "I see that all of you are—" He stopped himself when he saw that someone is missing. "Hold on. I swear that there were more of you girls before. What happened?"

Mahiru turned her head towards Teruteru. "Teruteru!" she shouted. "Have you've seen Yukizome-sensei?"

"What?" Teruteru replied. Then he remember who Chisa is. "Oh, I see., I don't know where she went. I didn't see her on my way to here."

"Then where could she be?" Mahiru asked.

"Maybe Yukizome went outside?" Ibuki asked. "Perhaps the boys saw her after the lights turned on."

Mahiru began to develop a bad feeling about this. "Wait right here, girls," she said. "I'll be back." She then exited the dining hall and began searching for Chisa.

Day 3 - 11:10 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

"And that brings us to when we discovered that Yukizome-sensei has been murdered," Mahiru said, finishing explaining what happened inside the old building during the blackout. "Got any more questions?"

"I do," Nagito replied. "Did anyone change their positions after the blackout ended?"

"As far as I know, no," Mahiru replied. "Everyone pretty much remained where they were after the blackout ended. Well, all except for Yukizome-sensei, of course."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Dining Hall Alibis

Hajime began to recall what he saw before and after the blackout began. " that you mention it," he said, "everyone in the pool pretty much remained in the same place before and after the blackout happened. Except for Kazuichi. We all know what happened to him."

Kazuichi is glaring at Hajime, making sure that he doesn't get reminded that he fell into the pool.

"That sounds about right," Nagito added. "Also, I did recall someone calling into the old building during the blackout?"

"Who did it belong to?" Mahiru asked. "I swear I also heard someone calling out to us during the blackout."

As the three students thought about who shouted out into the old building, Chiaki returned to the dining hall carrying Mikan's spare change of clothes.

"I'm back," Chiaki announced. "I've brought you your change of clothes, Mikan." She carried the clothes over to the empty table.

"T-Thank you..." Mikan said. "I-I'm starting to get blood a-all over my clothes."

Chiaki's voice sounded familiar to Hajime and Nagito. She sounded just like the voice that called out to the girls inside the old building. Considering that she was standing near the entrance of the old building at the time the blackout began...

"Wait a second..." Hajime said. "You're the one that called out to the girls in the old building. Isn't that right, Chiaki?"

Chiaki turned her head as soon as she heard her name. "Huh?" she said. "What are you talking about?" She set Mikan's spare clothes down on the table.

"I remember now," Hajime said. "I heard someone say 'Girls, are you okay in there' during the blackout. Did you say that, Chiaki?"

Chiaki paused for a moment to remember what she said during the blackout. "Um...yeah," she replied. "I think I said that."

"What else did you say?" Mahiru asked. "I remember hearing someone say 'the blackout wasn't just in the kitchen'. Was it you, Chiaki?"

"," Chiaki replied. "I followed it up with 'the blackout affected the entire pool area'."

"So it wasn't you then..." Mahiru said.

"That settles it," Nagito said. "During the blackout, Chiaki called out to the girls in the old building from outside. None of the boys change their positions during the blackout except for Kazuichi."

"Don't bring that up ever again..." Kazuichi muttered.

"So pretty much everyone stayed where they are during the blackout," Mahiru concluded. "Aside from Kazuichi, the only one who changed their position during the blackout was Yukizome-sensei. She went from standing near a wall to underneath one of the back tables, where she was murdered."

Truth Bullet Acquired: Pool Area Alibis

"But why would she do that?" Hajime asked.

"I'm not sure," Chiaki replied. "I wasn't in the old building during the blackout, so I couldn't hear who said what."

"But even for the girls inside the old building," Mahiru added, "it was impossible for us to tell who said what. We heard voices, sure, but it was so chaotic in the dining hall. Everyone's voices was overlapping each other and we couldn't see anyone. Is there any way to tell who said what?"

"There is a way!" Ibuki shouted, catching everyone off guard.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Mahiru asked.

"Ibuki has excellent hearing," Ibuki said. "She's the Ultimate Musician, after all. She knows what everyone sounds like. She can tell who said what in what order!"

"Really?" Nagito asked. "That sounds like a great ability to have for an investigation!"

"Just give Ibuki a moment," Ibuki said. "She needs time to figure out who said what during the blackout. Now, don't bother Ibuki until she is done!" She then went into her thinking pose. "Let's see...when the blackout began, the first thing we heard was..." Her voice trailed off into silence after that point.

"Okay, so we'll know exactly what happened during the blackout eventually," Mahiru said. "Is there anything else that we need to do?"

Nagito checked the list of evidence on his E-Handbook. "Hmm, this looks pretty good," he said. "But it looks like we'll need to gather more evidence. I don't think this is enough for us to pin down the culprit."

"Should we bring this investigation out of the old dining hall?" Hajime asked.

Nagito put his E-Handbook back into his pocket. "I think we should," he said.

"Alright, so you two will be going out to gather more evidence," Mahiru said. "Meanwhile, I'll stay here and guard the crime scene."

"That sounds good," Nagito said. "After all, you're the one who decided to guard the crime scene before the investigation began. Come on, Hajime. Let's gather more evidence." He then walked out of the dining hall.

Hajime watched as Nagito left the dining hall. "Sure..." he said as he walked after Nagito.

After Hajime and Nagito left, Mahiru looked around the dining hall to make sure no one but Mikan gets close to the table where Chisa's dead body was found. Aside from Mikan, everyone in the dining hall was just standing around doing pretty much nothing. Well, all except for Gundham. He's still trying to figure out how he can retrieve his lost earring. Feeling a little bored, Mahiru looked back at the photos she took with her camera. She felt sad when she saw Chisa in those photos. It reminded her how quickly Chisa went from being alive to being dead. As she scrolled through her photos, an idea popped up in Mahiru's head.

"Wait a second..." Mahiru said. "I photos could be useful for something. If I could draw a diagram that shows the positions of everyone before the blackout..." Then it clicked in her head. "Wait, that's it! Hey, Chiaki. Do you have any spare paper and pencils? I need to use them for a moment."

Truth Bullets

  • Monokuma File 1: The victim is Chisa Yukizome. The time of death is approximately 10:45 PM. The victim was discovered underneath a table in the dining hall of the old hotel building. The victim was stabbed multiple times between the neck and abdomen, leading to death by bleeding. Some injuries were detected, but they were too minor to contribute to the death.
  • Timeline of Events: The party began at 10:00 PM. The blackout began at 10:43 PM, lasting until around 10:46 PM. The search for Chisa began shortly after the blackout ended, with her dead body being discovered at 10:54 PM.
  • Gundham's Earring: During the rush to see Chisa's dead body, Gundham was knocked over and lost his earring. It apparently fell through the floorboard gaps.
  • Floorboard Gaps: The floor of the dining hall is full of gaps. Nagito tried to cover the gaps with carpet, but the carpet didn't cover the entire floor, leaving the areas near the walls exposed. It seems like there's a room underneath the dining hall.
  • Knife: Found underneath the table where Chisa's body was found. It is one of the two items that went missing from the old building's kitchen. It is coated with a glowing paint.
  • Painted Tape: A strip of tape was found underneath the table where Chisa's body was found. It is coated with a glowing paint.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Chisa wore these goggles at the time of her death. According to Kyosuke, he and Chisa found these in the supermarket while looking for self-defense tools.
  • Bloodstain Under the Table: A pool of blood formed around the area where Chisa died. Blood was splattered on the inside of the tablecloth, but none were found on the outside.
  • Dining Hall Alibis: During the blackout, the girls began to panic. None of them changed their positions before and after the blackout aside from Chisa, who went missing after the lights turned on.
  • Pool Area Alibis: During the blackout, the boys began to panic while Chiaki looked inside the old building and called out to everyone inside. No one entered or exited the old building during the blackout.