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Danganronpa Reimagined 2: Trouble in Despair Resort

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Day 3 - 9:00 AM
Mahiru's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

Mahiru sat around in her cottage, looking at the photos she had taken so far. She didn't take a lot of photos over the past few days, but there are still plenty of memories that she captured. Looking back at these memories is starting to calm her mind a little bit. It made her remember all the good times that everyone had before Monokuma arrived and turned this school trip into a killing game. Perhaps if things had gone differently, then—


"Huh? Who's there?" Mahiru asked as she turned her head towards the door. She got up from her chair and walked up to the door to answer it. Upon answering the door, she was greeted with Hajime.

"Uh...hey, Mahiru..." Hajime greeted. "Um...can we talk for a moment? I just want—"

Mahiru closed the door on Hajime before he could finish his sentence. She walked away for a moment, but then Hajime knocked on the door again. Mahiru was irritated by this, but decided to go back and give Hajime a chance to speak. After all, if she continued to close the door on Hajime, he might get a bit persistent, with would only annoy Mahiru further.

Mahiru answered the door again and let out an annoyed sigh as she stared at Hajime. "What?" she asked. "What do you want?"

"Listen, Mahiru..." Hajime replied. "There's...something that I want to ask you."

"Okay, what is it?" Mahiru asked back.

"Well...uh..." Hajime replied, sounding unsure about what to say next. "I'm...not sure if I'm...comfortable talking about this, but...what's with your dislike of boys?"

Mahiru was surprised to hear a boy ask about what. "Huh? You're asking me that?" she said. "But why? Oh, right. It's about the upcoming party. Or rather, the parties since all the boys are having one party while the girls are having a separate party at the same time. Although, can you really consider those two to be separate parties since they're going to take place very close to each other?"

"That's a topic for another time..." Hajime said. "Can we...can we talk about why you dislike boys so much?"

Mahiru glared at Hajime and let out a heavy sigh. "Look, Hajime," she replied. "I won't tell you much about why I don't like boys. Just to let you know, I usually don't take photos of boys. Most of the photos I have taken so far feature either the girls or the environment."

"Really?" Hajime asked. "Can you show me your collection of photos?"

Mahiru looked at Hajime for a moment and got an idea. "On second thought..." she said as she grabbed her camera and pointed it towards Hajime. "Hold that pose."

Hajime was caught by surprise. "What?" he said.


Hajime was briefly blinded by a flash of light from the camera. He wasn't sure why Mahiru decided to take a photo of him right now. She said that she doesn't like to take photos of boys. Is she leaving him as an exception? If so, then why? Hajime got a little confused just from thinking about these two questions.

After snapping a photo of Hajime, Mahiru took a look at her camera to see the results. She frowned upon seeing the resulting photo of Hajime. "Aw..." she said in disappointment. "That was your only opportunity to get your photo taken by me..."

"Huh? What did I do?" Hajime asked.

"...You blinked," Mahiru replied. "That's all."

"Well, I saw a flash of light from your camera when I didn't expect it," Hajime explained. "Of course I would close my eyes for a brief moment. Why would you even have the flash on in the first place? I'm already in a well lit environment."

"Ah, so you do know some things about photography," Mahiru said.

Hajime became confused even more. "Wait...what?" he said.

Mahiru continued to stare at Hajime for a few more moments. Things are starting to get awkward between them. "...You know what?" she declared. "Never mind. We've talked to each other for long enough. We'll talk later. Bye." She then closed the door on Hajime.

"...Okay then..." Hajime said from outside.

Mahiru watched Hajime walk away from her cottage through the window. He looked disappointed that he didn't get the answer he was looking for. Mahiru felt a little bad for ending her conversation with him like that, but she felt like she wasn't close enough friends with Hajime for her to be comfortable with explaining her dislike of boys. Maybe someday, she will reveal the answer to him, assuming both of them survived, that is. After that conversation, Mahiru went back to lounging around in her cottage, waiting for the party to begin.

Day 3 - 10:00 AM
Ryota's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

Ryota took a nap in his cottage throughout the day, trying to gather enough energy to last him the entire night. The upcoming party is going to last until tomorrow morning, and if there's one thing Ryota is terrible at, it's maintaining a healthy sleeping habit. He tossed and turned on his bed, trying his best to fall asleep. But no matter how hard he tried, Ryota just couldn't take a nap. Whether it was because the sunlight is still bright outside or because he's just not used to napping in general, either way, he's not falling asleep anytime soon.

"Come on, me..." Ryota muttered. "Just...fall asleep...already..."

Ryota then closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep, but then a knock on his cottage's door undid all of his progress.

"Ah!" Ryota shrieked. "W-Who's there?"

Ryota heard a voice coming from outside. It sounded like Mikan is at his door.

"'s Ryota, isn't it?" Mikan asked. "P-Please let me in. I-I just...wanted to check on you..."

Ryota felt like his efforts in trying to fall asleep had been wasted. He had little confidence that he would be able to take a nap. It's probably a good thing that this class has a nurse. Perhaps Mikan can help him with taking a nap, as well as other medical advice. He slowly got off his bed and walked up to the door to answer it.

"T-Thank you for letting me in, Ryota," Mikan greeted with a bow. She then looked at Ryota and immediately knew what his problem is. "Um...are you having trouble falling asleep?"

"Huh...?" Ryota said. "How did you know that?"

"Well, I'm a nurse," Mikan explained. "I-I can tell what kind of problem people are having just from looking at them. I-It's not perfect, but I usually get it right..."

"Oh, okay..." Ryota replied.

Mikan then took a step inside Ryota's cottage and took a seat. Ryota closed the cottage door behind Mikan and walked back to his bed to lay down on it.

"S-So...what can I do to h-help your sleeping problem?" Mikan asked.

"I'm trying to take a nap..." Ryota explained. " you said earlier, I'm having trouble falling asleep. Every time I tried, I end up waking myself up without meaning to..."

"You do?" Mikan asked, looking shocked at how much trouble Ryota had when it comes to falling asleep. "Uh, that can't be good."

"Yeah...I know..." Ryota replied. "I often end up more tired when I wake up than when I started falling asleep..."

"Really?" Mikan asked. "M-My goodness. It sounds like you had this problem for quite some time now. I-I'll just give you some advice right now. Just...try to not think about falling asleep too much."

Ryota turned his head towards Mikan, confused about the advice she gave him. "Huh...?" he asked. " does that work?"

"Well, when you think about falling asleep, your brain becomes a little bit more active," Mikan explained. "But thinking about anything can make your brain active, and if it's too active, you won't be able to fall asleep. Well...actually, you would fall asleep. It's just that you'll become asleep much later than if you didn't think about sleep."

"Oh...I see..." Ryota said as he looked back at his sleeping habits. "I guess I was thinking about sleep a little too much..."

Mikan nodded her head as she continued to explain. "L-Look, there are some things that we do...subconsciously," she continued. "We don't consciously think about how we're walking or how we're writing or how we're sleeping. I-If we tried to think about those things, our brains would become exhausted and we would likely make a m-mistake. Our brains are not built to do things like that. Sleeping is just a natural part of living. We all need to sleep eventually."

"I understand..." Ryota replied. "I'll try to not think about falling asleep next time..."

Then something hits Mikan's mind. "O-Oh! One more thing," she said. "P-Please set healthy sleeping schedules. It's hard to fall asleep if you keep on doing it at different times..."

"Okay, I'll make sure to set a sleeping time too..." Ryota said.

Mikan nodded her head before standing up to leave. "I-I'll come by to check on you," she said. "Sleeping routines take a while to set up. I just wanted to make sure that you're going to sleep at around the same time. Y-You understand all of that?"

"I understand..." Ryota replied as he rest his head on his pillow. He began to drift into sleep.

"Good," Mikan said. "Well, see you tonight, Ryota."

"You too...Mikan..." Ryota replied.

Mikan then began to walk out of Ryota's cottage. She opened the door and stepped outside, but then she tripped and fell forward.

"Huh?" Ryota asked, woken up by the sound of Mikan tripping. "What happened-?" He stopped himself when he saw Mikan's...uh...

"Ah!" Mikan shrieked as she got up. "I-I'm sorry! I showed you something unsightly!" She then quickly closed the door and ran away from the cottage.

Ryota then went back to taking a nap. He sighed as he began to close his eyes. "Oh Mikan..." he said. "For someone who said about not thinking too much about walking, she seems to always trip..." He then fell asleep, taking a nap for the next few hours.

Day 3 - 10:00 PM
Mahiru's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

*Ding-dong, ding-dong!*

"Attention, everyone!" Monokuma announced. "This is a resort announcement! The time is now 10:00 PM, which means that it is now nighttime! Please return to your assigned cottages and let the sound of the ocean waves rock you to sleep. Sweet dreams, everyone!"

Mahiru looked out the window of her cottage that's facing the pool area. She can see decorations and tables set up around the pool. Soon, the party will begin, with the boys partying outdoors while the girls are partying in the old building. She felt a little bad about the boys being stuck outside. The pool area isn't the ideal place to be hosting a party.

Oh well, Mahiru thought to herself. At least none of the boys will be bothering the girls during the party.

Mahiru then left her cottage to join the other girls in the old building for the party. There are going to be plenty of memories made during the party, so she made sure to take her camera with her.

Day 3 - 10:02 PM
Outdoor Area, Hotel Mirai

On the way to the old building, Mahiru encountered Ibuki on the path right before the pool area.

"Hey, Mahiru-chan!" Ibuki greeted. "Are you excited for the party?"

"Good evening, Ibuki," Mahiru greeted back. "Sure, I'm excited for the party. I am the one who planned it, after all."

"Yay!" Ibuki cheered. "This party is gonna be great! I wonder what we're going to do during the party? Are we gonna play lots of games?"

"Maybe," Mahiru replied. "If there are board games available, then we might be able to play them. I'm not sure what board games we have in this resort. We'll have to wait and see."

During the conversation, Hajime walked out of his cottage to attend the party around the pool. This caught the attention of the two girls.

"Oh! Hey, Hajime-chan!" Ibuki greeted.

Hajime stopped in place as he approached the the two girls. He looked confused at the way he was called. "What?" he said.

Mahiru glanced at Ibuki, giving her a puzzled look. "Seriously?" she asked. "You're calling him that again?"

Ibuki then remembered that she promised to not attach that honorific to a boy's name. "Whoops!" she said. "Ibuki forgot about that promise. That's okay. Ibuki falls into her habits sometimes. It's a thing!"

"Okay..." Hajime replied. "So, what are you girls doing out here?"

"I'm just on my way to the old building," Mahiru replied. "That's all."

"Ibuki is trying to get her exercise so her stomach has enough room to be stuffed with all the yummy food!" Ibuki replied. "But there's not a lot of places to go at the moment because our sensei is preventing us from leaving the hotel area."

"Really?" Hajime asked. He and Mahiru turned their heads towards the gate behind them.

"Of course," Kyosuke replied as he walked up to the students. The three students then turned their attention to Kyosuke. "Even though this party will lower the odds of a murder happening, there's still a chance that someone will commit a murder. We can't afford to lose track of someone. That's why Yukizome prohibits any of us from leaving this area."

"Oh, good evening, Munakata-sensei," Mahiru greeted.

Kyosuke then looked down at the two girls standing before him. "...Shouldn't you two be in the old building?" he asked. "The other girls are waiting for you two to arrive."

"Aw, but can't you just allow Ibuki to go out there and take a run around the island?" Ibuki begged. "I wanna empty my stomach so that I can stuff it with party food!"

"I'm sorry, Ibuki," Kyosuke replied, "but I can't allow you to leave the hotel area, not by yourself. You're stuck in this area until tomorrow morning. Understand?"

"Aw man..." Ibuki groaned. "Guess Ibuki won't be stuffing herself full of party food tonight..." She then walked away towards the old building.

Mahiru then got an idea. "Wait, I almost forgot," she said. "Wait right here for just a moment, Hajime. I'll be right back." She then ran off towards her cottage to grab something.

While waiting for Mahiru to return, Hajime noticed that Kyosuke is carrying a metal case. "Uh, sensei?" he asked. "What's that case you're holding?"

Kyosuke then held up the metal case for Hajime to get a better look. "You're asking about this?" he replied. "This is a case made out of durable metal. Yukizome and I found a few of these in the supermarket a few hours ago. This one I'm carrying has some equipment in it. Yukizome also has a case like the one I'm holding. We also have another case that we use to store any dangerous items that we found on the students."

"Dangerous items?" Hajime asked. Then he realized what Kyosuke is probably about to do. "Wait, you're not going to do a body check on me, are you?"

"Only on the most suspicious looking people," Kyosuke replied. "Your clothes look too thin to be hiding anything dangerous. But just to be safe, I'm going to do a body check on you. We're clear?"

Hajime nervously and reluctantly agreed to have his body checked for any dangerous items. He lifted his arms up and allowed Kyosuke to pat down on his body. Kyosuke patted down on Hajime's arms, back, and pants pockets. He couldn't find anything other than the E-Handbook.

"Just as I suspected," Kyosuke concluded. "There's nothing dangerous to be found on your body."

"O-Of course I didn't bring anything dangerous!" Hajime said, feeling embarrassed from the body check. "Why would I do that?"

"It seems like you're safe to go," Kyosuke said. "Very well. I will allow you to attend the party."

Kyosuke then stepped out of the way of Hajime, allowing him to enter the pool area along with the rest of the boys. Before he could enter, Mahiru returned from her cottage and walked up to him. She is holding another camera in her hand.

"Hey, Hajime," Mahiru said. "Since I won't be around to take any pictures of the boys partying, I'll let you take the photos for me. Not that I wanted to take photos of the boys anyways. Here, have this camera."

Mahiru then handed the camera over to Hajime. The camera Hajime got appears to be a basic digital camera, nothing like the camera Mahiru usually carries around. Still, why should he care? It's not like he's going to be using any advanced camera techniques, so a camera that's basic is fine with him.

"Uh, thanks..." Hajime said.

"Just to let you know, I don't care what you do to that camera," Mahiru said. "That one's my old camera. I don't use cameras like that anymore. But please, be sure to not get it get destroyed. That's the only other camera I have, and the supermarket doesn't have any cameras in stock."

"Okay..." Hajime replied. "I'll make sure to take care of this camera..."

Mahiru then turned to Kyosuke. Even though he's out of her way, Mahiru is not passing by him. The two stared at each other for a moment.

"You must be the security guard for the party, right sensei?" Mahiru asked. "Let me guess. Your job is to check everyone's bodies to make sure that they're not carrying any weapons. Isn't that right?"

Kyosuke was silent for a moment before giving a response. "...That is my job at the moment," he said. "But, I refuse to do a body check on a girl."

"Wait, what?" Hajime said in surprise.

"If you want to be checked for dangerous items," Kyosuke continued, "go ask Yukizome. She's a better person for this job than me."

"Ah, so you're uncomfortable with touching a woman's parts, even if it's for security reasons," Mahiru said. "It's okay. I'll let Yukizome-sensei That...sounded a lot better in my head..."

"This is getting awkward..." Kyosuke said. "You know what, enough talk. Just...go ahead and join the party. Both of you."

Mahiru then rolled her eyes. "Okay, sure," she said as she walked past Kyosuke. She then went straight for the old building.

Hajime walked forward, entering the pool area. There are decorations placed all around the pool area. Some tables with food have been set up, and there are barriers placed around the pool. Considering that someone had already fallen into the pool once before and he himself nearly did, he understands why the barriers are there. Still, those barriers look a little light. Someone can easily tip them over and fall into the pool anyways if they're not careful. Hopefully, that doesn't happen again.

Hajime looked around the pool area, hearing what the boys have to say.

"Do I really have to attend this party?" Ryota asked. He nearly fell asleep after he finished that sentence. "I sleepy..."

"We don't have a choice, Ryota," Nekomaru replied. "We have to attend this party. It's the only way the chaperones can keep an eye on all of us."

"But...can't they us in our cottages...?" Ryota asked as he wobbled in place. It appears that even after napping for most of the day, Ryota still looked tired.

How sleep deprived is Ryota? Hajime thought. That poor boy could really use some help with sleep.

"We could do that," Kyosuke replied, "but I'll have to look away from the pool in order to look inside a cottage. Anything could happen to someone while we're not looking at them, including a murder. I already promised to Yukizome that I won't allow any murders to happen under my watch. That's why I must keep an eye on everyone here at all times."

"Well, it's not like any one of us will be attempting to pull off any murders," Kazuichi said. "None of us have any dangerous items and there are witnesses, so I'm definitely sure that none of us will get murdered."

"Still, I sense tension in the air," Gundham added. "Even without a weapon, we are still capable of inflicting fatal harm onto others."

Hajime looked around the pool area, seeing that all of the boys are present. Well, most of them. Upon further inspection, Hajime noticed that a boy is absent.

"Um...where's Teruteru?" Hajime asked. "I thought that this is going to be an all boys party."

"Oh, about that," Nagito said as he walked up to Hajime. "Teruteru is currently in the old building preparing more food for us to eat. It's not like we have any other choice, though. Don't worry about the girls. I'm sure our sensei will make sure he won't do anything to them."

"He's in the old building?" Hajime asked. "Wait, are you done cleaning that place?"

"Yep, I'm done cleaning the old building," Nagito replied. "That took me the whole day to clean, though. The old building might be small, but it's filled with dust and there are cobwebs everywhere. It took me a while to get rid of all of them. Still, I managed to finish cleaning the old building in time for the party. I even found the time to decorate the dining hall and prepare this pool area for the party as well."

"Oh, that's nice," Hajime remarked. "So, where did you get the decorations?"

"I found the decorations at the supermarket," Nagito replied. "Seriously, that place always have everything I need to prepare for the party. It's like whoever supplies the supermarket always knows exactly what we need right now!"

"It's a real shame that we don't get to be in the old building, though," Hajime said.

Nagito turned around to face the old building. "Yeah, I wish that everyone is partying in the same room," he said.

"Ugh, this sucks!" Kazuichi complained. "Here we are stuck outside at night while the girls are enjoying what Nagito had done to the old building! We're going to freeze to death out here in the dark!"

Nekomaru then gave Kazuichi a disapproving look. "What are you talking about?" he asked. "We're in a tropical resort in the middle of summer. Nights here don't get that cold. It's actually quite cool."

Day 3 - 10:16 PM
Old Building Hallway, Hotel Mirai

Mahiru entered the old building. The wooden planks that made up the floor bend under her weight, as if there's nothing underneath them. It appears that the old building is suspended above the ground; it isn't built on a foundation. Mahiru was soon greeted by Chisa right after she went through the door.

"Welcome, Mahiru!" Chisa greeted in a cheerful tone. "We were waiting for you to arrive for so long! Oh! But before I can let you pass, I need to do a body check on you, just in case you've brought in any dangerous items. Please, raise your arms."

"Okay, sensei," Mahiru replied as she raised her arms.

Chisa then proceeded to pat all over Mahiru. She patted her in the arms, the legs, and the pocket areas. Chisa then confirmed that Mahiru wasn't carrying around anything dangerous for the party. But instead of being relieved that a murder won't be happening tonight, Chisa looked concerned.

"Huh. Well that's concerning," Chisa said.

Mahiru was bewildered at Chisa's reaction to her not having any dangerous items. "Wait, what?" she said. "Sensei, I thought that you were trying to prevent any potential murders. Why are you concerned?"

"You're the last person to arrive at the party," Chisa explained. "It doesn't look like you're carrying around some missing items..."

Mahiru then became even more confused. "What do you mean 'missing items'?" she asked. "What are we missing?"

"Come with me, Mahiru," Chisa said as she began walking down the hallway. "This building contains a kitchen. The appliances there are probably old as the building itself, but they still work just fine. We'll be going there, but I must warn you that there's something in the kitchen that you might not like to see."

"Who?" Mahiru asked. Then she remembered who the chef is. "Oh. Oh no..."

"Yeah, it's *him* in the kitchen," Chisa replied. She then let out a heavy sigh. "It's not like we have a choice, though. We can't access the kitchen in the new building while the party is going on, as it is currently nighttime. The new building is one of the areas that is closed at night. The kitchen in this old building is the only one we can use right now. But that's enough talk. Let's go to the kitchen and tell our chef that I didn't find the missing items." Chisa then walked down the hallway towards the kitchen in the old building.

After Chisa left, Mahiru looked at a corner of the hallway. She spotted a metal case placed right up against a wall. She looked confused by the sight of it.

"Huh?" Mahiru said. "What's that metal case doing here?"

"Oh!" Chisa said as she realized that she left something behind. "I almost forgot!" She then appeared from behind a corner and picked the metal case up.

Curious about the metal case, Mahiru went after Chisa. "Uh, sensei?" she asked. "What's with that metal case?"

Chisa stopped for a moment and turned around towards Mahiru. "Oh, this thing?" she replied. "This one...well, let's just say it's for emergency purposes only. You know, just in case." After briefly explaining the purpose of the metal case to Mahiru, Chisa continued to walk towards the kitchen.

Mahiru doesn't feel satisfied with the response Chisa gave her. Chisa said that she's carrying it around in case of emergency, but what emergencies is she preparing for? Considering that she wants to prevent a murder from happening, the items in that case could be for that purpose. Is there anything else Chisa could be anticipating?

Mahiru soon shook these thoughts out of her mind. This isn't the time to be thinking about that, she thought. For now, I must follow sensei. Mahiru then followed Chisa into the old kitchen. As she walked through the hallway, Mahiru noticed that there are metal plates that are bolted to the walls, presumably where the windows are supposed to be. Why are these metal plates there? Who knows. It probably has something to do with the fact that this was once an abandoned building.

Day 3 - 10:19 PM
Old Kitchen, Hotel Mirai

"You couldn't find those two things?!" Teruteru cried.

"I'm sorry, Teruteru," Chisa said, "but none of the girls who arrived are carrying those missing items from the kitchen. They could be on one of the boys, but I'll have to ask Kyosuke about that."

During the conversation, Mahiru opened the door and entered the old kitchen. Here, she saw Teruteru in the kitchen. She groaned as she saw the chef.

"Of course..." Mahiru groaned. "It just had to be him."

Chisa turned around to face Mahiru. "Oh, you're here, Mahiru," she greeted.

"Oh no..." Teruteru said, shaking as he looked at Mahiru. "Why does it have to be her?"

Mahiru noticed that Chisa and Teruteru are in the middle of a conversation. "Hey, what were you two talking about?" she asked.

"Oh, we're just talking about the missing items and how I was unable to find them," Chisa replied.

Mahiru felt like that wasn't enough of an answer, so she asked Chisa again. "What missing items?" she asked.

"Um..." Teruteru replied as he began to sweat.

Mahiru then saw a clipboard hovering over the kitchen counter. She walked up to it to grab it. On the clipboard is a sheet of paper that's organized like a list. She then gave the list a read.

"Let's see, what do we have here?" Mahiru asked as she began to read the list. "20 forks, 20 knifes, 20 spoons, 5 skewers, 3 frying pans, 3 cooking pots, some iron plates, and a portable stove..." At first, the items on the list look a little strange, but then she realized what all the items mean. "Wait, this is a kitchen equipment list, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," Chisa replied. "I've used that equipment list to keep track of all the items in this kitchen. I counted everything up, and it appears that most of the items have been accounted for. However, we are still missing a few items. We're still missing an skewer and a knife."

"Okay, those are dangerous things to have missing," Mahiru said. "A skewer is about as long as a sword and I've heard of a few instances where someone was murdered by a kitchen knife. Where would these items be hidden anyways? A skewer would be pretty difficult to hide since it's so long, but a kitchen knife?"

"As I said, I checked the bodies of every girl who arrived at the party," Chisa said. "None of them are carrying around anything dangerous, so they couldn't be the ones carrying a knife." Her gaze then shifted over to Teruteru, who appears to have...something on his mind. "And don't suggest that the girls are hiding them underneath their skirt, Teruteru! I checked those areas too, and they're not hiding anything suspicious!"

"Aw..." Teruteru groaned in disappointment.

Mahiru sighed in frustration. "Oh Teruteru..." she said. "When will you learn to just keep these thoughts to yourself?"

"I'm sorry, I can't help it!" Teruteru replied.

Mahiru then turned to Chisa. "By the way, sensei," she said, "did you do anything to the skewers and the knifes?"

"Of course I did," Chisa replied. "I put all dangerous items Kyosuke and I have found into a metal case! Not the ones containing all the emergency equipment, by the way. We used another case for that purpose. I put that metal case in the old building's office. Don't worry about anyone trying to break into that case. All the cases Kyosuke and I found have durable locks on them, and we have the keys. Try to not steal the keys from us, though. If you do that, there will be consequences."

"Okay, I get that," Mahiru replied. "But that still leaves us with one more question: since when did this kitchen lose a knife and a skewer?"

"Well, as far as I know, those two items have been missing from the start," Teruteru replied. "It's probably to be expected by a place that's been abandoned for a long time. Some items probably went missing and no one knows where they went. Oh well. It's probably best if we don't think about the missing items too much. In the meantime, would you mind feasting your eyes on the dishes I've prepared on the counter?"

Mahiru turned her gaze over to the kitchen counter. She saw several dishes full of food on it. There are several tropical themed dishes prepared on the counter, along with a whole chicken and a giant meat slab attached to a bone. The meat slab looked just a bit too large to be practically held by anyone. Maybe Akane would be able to handle eating a meat slab that large, but Mahiru doubted that even she will be able to finish it. Still, even though Teruteru is a bit of a pervert, Mahiru was impressed by what he had created. She decided to take a photo of the food to commemorate the occasion.

"Do you like what you see?" Teruteru asked. "I know. They look delicious! They're also the last food that I've prepared for the party since somebody took all my knifes away. Still, the food that I've already served should be enough to last us the rest of the night."

Chisa sighed as she shook her head. "Well, I think we talked for long enough," she said. "Mahiru, we're going to the dining hall to meet with the other girls. Teruteru, you stay here and make sure the rest of the food gets served."

"Okay!" Teruteru replied.

"Wait, sensei," Mahiru said. "What about the missing items? Don't we need to worry about them too?"

"Oh, we'll be fine," Chisa assured. "Since we don't know where they are, it's safe to say that no one will have access to them anytime soon. Now come on, Mahiru. We've left the others waiting for long enough!" She then walked out of the kitchen, making sure to pick up her metal case along the way.

Before leaving the kitchen, Mahiru gave Teruteru a threatening look. "You'd better not do anything funny with the girls," she said.

"Hey, hey!" Teruteru replied. "I get it already! No touching anyone's body parts without their consent. There's no need to repeat it to me!"

Mahiru rolled her eyes as she walked out of the kitchen to join the other girls in the dining hall.

Day 3 - 10:28 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

Mahiru entered the dining hall of the old building. Immediately, she's blown away by how well decorated it is. There are decorations placed all around the walls and ceiling, tables set up full of food, and even a carpet laid across the entire floor. Well, most of the floor. The carpet doesn't cover the areas near the walls of the dining hall, but who wants to hang around near the walls anyway? There's also some more metal plates covering the windows, so they can't see outside the old building. Not that everyone minds, though.

I must say, Nagito did a lot of working preparing this place for a party, Mahiru thought. This building now looks like it was just built. I'm impressed by his efforts. Maybe some boys aren't so bad after all.

Mahiru then looked forward and saw...Akane chowing down on the food, making a mess around her. Mikan and Ibuki are surrounding Akane. Both of them are looking concerned at how much food their classmate is eating.

"Um...Akane?" Mikan asked. "C-Could you please slow down? You're eating too much food!"

"What are you doing, Akane-chan?!" Ibuki gasped. "You're going to eat all the food Teruteru-chan cooked up for us! Save some for Ibuki!"

Akane said something with her mouth full of food. Mahiru couldn't decipher what she said, but it sounds like Akane is saying, "Who are you? My diet...whatever?"

Mahiru let out a sigh as she watched Akane eat. Well, if some boys aren't as bad as I thought, then maybe some girls aren't so great, she thought.

"Ah! You're here!" Sonia greeted. "Welcome, Mahiru!"

"What took you so long?" Chiaki asked.

"Ah, it's not much, girls," Mahiru replied as she began to walk forward. "I just explored this old building and—" Her foot then got caught in-between the gaps in the floorboard, causing Mahiru to trip. "Whoa!" Mahiru nearly fell forward, but she managed to regain her balance before she could land on her face.

"Oh, watch out for those gaps in the floorboards," Chisa warned. "They may be small, but we might get our feet in them if we're not careful."

"Yeah, we should," Mahiru replied, "especially since that perverted chef is in the same building as us. Hopefully, he doesn't walk in after one of us accidentally trips."

Chisa then turned her gaze on Mikan. "We're watching you, Mikan..." she said.

Mahiru continued to look around the dining hall, looking for girls to talk to. She found Hiyoko standing near a corner neat to a nearly empty table that only has a lamp on it. For some reason, Hiyoko appears to be acting differently than usual. Mahiru began to wonder why Hiyoko is acting this way, so she walked up to her to try to start a conversation.

"Hey, Hiyoko—" Mahiru attempted to greeted.

"Go away," Hiyoko replied, turning her head away from Mahiru.

Mahiru stopped in front of Hiyoko. It doesn't look like she wants to talk to her...or anyone else for that matter.There she goes again, she thought. Pushing back everyone as usual. But Mahiru felt like there's something bothering Hiyoko that wasn't there the last time she interacted with her. It's almost as if...never mind. Mahiru shook that thought out of her head. This isn't the time to be having thoughts like that, me. For now, let's just focus on the party.

"Okay, if you want to be left alone, Hiyoko, then so be it," Mahiru said before walking away from Hiyoko.

The party continues on, with the girls having a great time being in it. Everyone is enjoying the party and the food Teruteru had prepared. Well, it's mostly Akane who's eating the food, but the others are taking a bite out of each dish. Except for Hiyoko, though. For some reason, she refuses to step away from the corner she's standing in, and she won't say why. That doesn't change the fact that the mood in general is upbeat. As the party goes on, a thought crosses everyone's minds.

"Hey, don't we need to make sure that the boys aren't trying to sneak their way into this party?" Mahiru asked.

The girls, with the exception of Hiyoko, turn towards Mahiru.

"Huh? What are you talking about, Mahiru-chan?" Ibuki asked. "If any of the boys managed to get in here, we would probably know about it. There's only one way for them to enter this room."

"Yeah, maybe you're right..." Mahiru replied.

Chisa then gave it a little more thought. " that you mention it," she said, "there's someone else we need to watch out for: Monokuma. He could come in at any moment and disrupt this party."

"How would he be aware that there's a party going on here?" Ibuki asked again. "I don't see any cameras in this old building." She then shifted her gaze over to Mahiru, who is reminding her that she has a camera. "Surveillance cameras, I mean."

"Not only that, but there's also that case full of dangerous items that we should be concerned about..." Sonia added. "Do you think...we should send someone go guard it?"

"Hey, why don't I do the guarding?" Akane suggested as she takes another bite out of her food. "If anyone dares to get past me, then I'll beat the crap outta them!"

"I'm not sure that you would make a great guard, Akane," Chisa said. "Considering your...violent tendencies, I would imagine that you would seriously hurt whoever tried to get past you."

"So what?" Akane asked. "Isn't that a good thing?"

Chisa shook her head. "Look, it's not just the boys that we have to watch out for," she said. "Monokuma is the bigger issue here. If he shows up, then he would ruin this party. He's not the type of opponent that we can fight directly. If we tried to pick a fight with him, we will definitely lose and face serious punishment."

"So...who can we send out?" Ibuki asked.

It was at this moment when Chiaki stepped forward. "I'll do it," she said.

The girls, with the exception of Hiyoko again, turn their heads towards Chiaki.

"What? You?" Akane gasped. "Why? You're just a little girl who falls asleep sometimes. How could you stand a chance against Monokuma?"

"Don't worry, Akane," Chiaki assured. "I'll be fine out there. If Monokuma shows up to sabotage the party, the boys will be the first to know about his presence. Plus, if Usami shows up, I can get her to help deal with Monokuma."

"Hmm, that seems like a good idea..." Mahiru said as she pondered. "She seems to be trying her best to support us, so it seems reasonable to be that she'll help us out here..."

"Plus, Usami and Monokuma have some sort of rivalry going on right now!" Ibuki added. "Well, it's a one-sided rivalry, but still!"

"Okay, so it's been settled," Chisa concluded. "We're sending Chiaki out to guard this old building. We're all clear?"

The girls, with the exception of Hiyoko once again, nodded in agreement with Chisa.

"Good," Chisa continued. Then she turned towards Chiaki. "Now Chiaki, are you sure that you're going to be alright out there?"

"Don't worry about me, sensei," Chiaki replied. "I'll be fine. If things get dangerous, I'll just run to a safe spot as fast as I can. I should be going now. I think I've spent enough time talking about this. See you soon, everyone."

Chiaki then walked out of the dining hall.

"So, that's it, right?" Akane asked. "Can we continue partying? I wanna stuff even more food into my face!"

"Uh, I-I'm not sure your body can handle eating all that food, Akane..." Mikan said.

"It's like you're a gluttonous king who only cares about having the largest banquets," Sonia commented. "I'm not sure that's the opinion I want to have of you, Akane..."

"Speaking of food, I saw a big meat slab in the kitchen," Mahiru said.

Akane's mouth started to water. "Really?" she asked. "Can I have it?"

"Of course you can," Chisa replied. "You'll have it as soon as Teruteru brings it out to us."

Some of the girls stared at the doors to the dining hall, waiting for Teruteru to arrive.

"Huh," Ibuki said. "I wonder what's taking that chef so long to roll out the new food."

"They were sitting on the kitchen counter for a while," Mahiru said. "Maybe he's just reheating them. In the meantime, would you girls mind if I took pictures of this party? I want this to be something we can all look back on."

"Sure thing!" Ibuki replied. "Cheese!"

Mahiru then proceeded to snap pictures of the girls having a great time at the party.

Day 3 - 10:38 PM
Outdoor Area, Hotel Mirai

Outside the old building, the boys are trying their best to enjoy their party. Some of them are bummed out that they're not partying indoors along with the girls, but at least the cool sea breeze feels nice. Hajime walked around the area to snap a few photos of the boys having some fun. Sure, the camera he got is nothing compared to one Mahiru has, but Hajime doesn't seem to mind.

"I-I don't know why this is happening," Ryota said, "but...I think...I feel a little calmer right now."

"Really?" Hajime asked. Then he thought about how everyone's doing for a moment and came to a realization. "Huh. I guess that's true. I didn't think that we'll be able to have this much fun even in a stressful situation. But now that we have this party, I'm feeling a lot safer."

"The more the people's spirits are uplifted, the less willing they are to cause trouble for us," Gundham remarked. "That is what I'm sensing in the air."

Hearing these words made Kyosuke smile a little. "Looks like we won't be seeing any murders anytime soon," he said. "Everyone is enjoying this school trip so much, they're forgetting that they're in a killing game."

"Still, our time is not unlimited," Gundham added. "We cannot forget this death game for long. Soon, we'll have to face the reality that death is around every corner, that one step in the wrong direction will cut our thread of life short."

"Yeah, we can't forget that we're playing a killing game..." Ryota replied. "But that doesn't mean that we'll find time to wind down and relax."

"You're right, Ryota," Kyosuke said. "We have to find time to escape this stressful situation. It's the only way we can make it through this."

During the conversation, Chiaki walked out of the old building. She stopped in front of the stairs.

"Ah! Chiaki!" Nagito said.

Hajime turned his head towards the old building, where he saw Chiaki standing in front of it. He looked confused at her presence here in the pool area. "Huh?" he said before walking up to Chiaki.

Nagito walked up to Chiaki. "So, how's the old building?" he asked. "Do you like it?"

"Oh, good evening Nagito," Chiaki greeted. "The old building was good. It has a rustic feel to it. It makes me wonder why that place was abandoned or why it's still standing." She then saw Hajime standing nearby. "Oh, good evening to you too, Hajime."

"Uh...good evening, Chiaki..." Hajime greeted back. "So...what are you doing here?"

"I'm just standing guard to make sure none of you or Monokuma enter the old building," Chiaki replied. "I'm mostly looking out for Monokuma. He's the bigger issue that we have to watch out for."

Suddenly, everyone heard a loud groan nearby. The boys turn towards the source of the groan and saw Nekomaru clutching his butt in pain.

"Aw shit..." Nekomaru said. "This...can't be good..."

"Uh, what's wrong, Nekomaru?" Hajime asked.

"I-I won't...tell you..." Nekomaru replied as he struggled to hold it in. "But...I must...return to my...cottage..."

"For what?" Kyosuke asked. "If you're going to return to your cottage, then at least have a good excuse to do so. Also, I expect you to return to this area quickly."

Nekomaru is starting to feel like he can't hold it on anymore. "A-Alright, I'll admit!" he roared. "I'm about bring shame to myself by shitting my pants!"

The boys cringed upon hearing that response.

"Wait, you're saying that you need to go to a bathroom?" Kazuichi asked.

"In that case, why don't you use the bathroom that's in the old building?" Nagito suggested.

"That building has a bathroom?!" Nekomaru gasped. "Aw shit, I think it's starting to peek! I can't hold it anymore!"

"But we're not supposed to bother the girls during the party," Kyosuke said. "Is there any other way we can—?"

"No time to argue" Chiaki said as she stepped out of the way. "You can enter the old building, Nekomaru. Just make sure to not enter the dining hall, okay?"

Without saying another word, Nekomaru ran inside the old building.

Kazuichi let out a sigh of relief. "Phew, that was close," he said. "One more minute and we'll have an embarrassing disaster on our hands..."

"...What's with that man?" Kyosuke asked. "He was acting just fine a moment ago."

"Maybe Nekomaru has some digestion issues?" Nagito suggested. "That could explain why he finds himself going to the bathroom so often."

"If that's the case, then he shouldn't have joined us on this school trip," Kyosuke replied. "He clearly isn't in a stable medical condition. He should've been in a hospital to get his digestion problems checked."

"W-Well, we do have a nurse on this school trip..." Ryota added.

"But so far, we lack the equipment needed to monitor medical conditions," Kyosuke replied. "There might be a medical facility somewhere on this resort. If we found a way to unlock those bridges without letting someone die, then we can—"

Before Kyosuke could finish his sentence, the entire pool area goes dark. Actually, it's not just the pool area that went dark. The entire hotel area went dark. It took everyone a few moments to register that a blackout had just happened.

"H-Huh? W-What just...h-happened?"

"Oh no...I think a blackout just happened!"

The boys began to panic in the dark. The darkness made it impossible to see what's going on and also to tell who's saying what. The sounds of frantic footsteps ripple throughout the entire pool area.

"The dark void! It's all encompassing! Our eyes have been blinded by total darkness!"

"Where's the lock on this thing again?"

"Ah! I hate being in the dark! I'm scared of it!"


"Hey! Everyone! Stand still! We're near a pool, remember?"



"I said stand still, everyone!"

Clearly, something has happened in the dark. Someone has fallen into the pool amidst the panic. Who could've fallen into the pool? If only their eyes would adjust to the darkness. Hajime looked up (at least, where he thinks is up) to try to find the moon, thinking that it'll shine some light down on them. But as it turns out, the moon is covered by clouds.

"Oh, this has got to be the worst possible time for a blackout..."

"Girls, are you okay in there? The blackout affected the entire hotel area, right? Please! Answer me!"

"H-How did this even happen? H-How did a blackout happen?"

"Perhaps someone decided to cut power to the hotel area?"

"That sneaky little bear! He somehow managed to figure out that we're having a party here, so he decided to ruin this for us!"

"That bear must be attracted to positivity. I should've known that this party was a terrible idea..."

"It's no use. I can't find the girls in the old building."

"Ugh, this is getting frustrating! Can somebody please turn the lights on already?!"

And then, suddenly, the lights turn back on. Everyone was briefly blinded by the lights, as their eyes had adjusted to the darkness during the blackout. When the lights turned on, everyone saw a...rather shocking scene.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me..." Kyosuke groaned.

It appears that despite the barrier's attempts to prevent people from falling into the pool, Kazuichi managed to tilt a barrier over and fell into the pool anyways.

"Aw man..." Kazuichi groaned. "Not this again..."

"Uh, Kazuichi?" Chiaki asked. "How did you manage to fall into the pool?"

"There were barriers around that pool, right?" Nagito asked. "Sensei put these barriers up to prevent that from happening."

"I guess they weren't enough..." Hajime said.

"Well, we'd better get that guy out of that pool," Kyosuke said. "We can't leave him lying there."

The boys then began to help Kazuichi in getting out of the pool. As they pulled Kazuichi back on the pool deck, Hajime noticed that Kyosuke is wearing something on his head. It looks like he's wearing goggles with tinted lenses.

"Uh, sensei?" Hajime asked. "What's that on your head?"

Kyosuke realized that he still has the goggles on. "Oh, right," he said. "I forgot that I don't need to wear these now that the lights are turned on. I'll just put it back where I found it." He then took off his goggles and returned it to the metal case, which is now opened. After putting the goggles back in the case, Kyosuke closed it and locked it.

The boys soon got Kazuichi out of the pool. As soon as he got out, Kazuichi began complaining about the pool's rather poor placement.

"Seriously, what the hell were the architects thinking when they designed this area?" Kazuichi shouted. "This is the second time I've fallen into that pool! Who thought placing a pool right here would be a good idea?"

"Relax, Kazuichi," Chiaki said. "We'll get you dried off as soon as possible. You'd just have to return to your cottage and get a change of clothes."

"But this jumpsuit is the only one I have!" Kazuichi said. "And it's soaking wet!"

"Don't worry," Nagito said. "You'll just have to go without your jumpsuit while it dries."

"In that case, I'll have to let you go to your cottage, young man," Kyosuke said. "But just to make sure you didn't fall into the pool as part of your murder plan, I'm going to need someone to accompany you."

"Y-You know what," Ryota said, "this is freaking me out too much. I think...I want get get out of this area..."

"That settles it," Kyosuke declared. "You're going with him."

"Aw man..." Kazuichi groaned.

Kazuichi and Ryota then left the pool area for the cottages. Shortly after they left, Mahiru walked out of the old building. She seems to be calling out for someone.

"Sensei?" Mahiru called. "Sensei, where are you?"

Hajime turned towards the old building to see Mahiru standing in the door. "Mahiru?" he gasped. "What are you doing out here?"

"I'm looking for sensei," Mahiru replied, looking a little worried. "She disappeared during the blackout. I'm not sure where she went. Have any of you seen sensei?"

"Yukizome?" Kyosuke said. He then shook his head. "No, we didn't see her."

"Me neither," Chiaki replied. "I don't remember letting anyone out of the old building before and during the blackout. In fact, the only person I allowed in was Nekomaru."

"You allowed a boy to come in?!" Mahiru gasped.

"...He said that he needed to go to the bathroom," Nagito explained. "He might've had some digestion issues..."

"Nekomaru has what?!" Mahiru gasped again. Then she shook that thought out of her head. "You know what, that's irrelevant to me. We need to find sensei quick! I think something might've happened to her!" She then ran back inside the old building.

Some of the boys and Chiaki looked at each other, wondering if they should enter the old building. Kyosuke is feeling concerned for Chisa. He felt like he should join the search for her. Some of the boys agreed to join the search as well. And so, everyone currently present in the pool area entered the old building after Mahiru.

Day 3 - 10:49 PM
Old Building Hallway, Hotel Mirai

The search party stopped in front of the doors to the dining hall. They were joined by Nekomaru and Teruteru, who seemed to be wondering what just happened.

"What the hell just happened?" Nekomaru asked. "I was in the bathroom taking a shit when all of a sudden the lights went out. I CAN'T TAKE A SHIT IN THE DARK!"

"I-I agree with that!" Teruteru replied. "I can't cook when I'm in the dark. I'll probably touch something hot and scorch my own hands!"

"Look, boys," Mahiru said as she shook her head. "We don't have time to talk about what happened in during the blackout. All you need to do is tell us if you've seen sensei or not."

"Sensei?" Nekomaru replied. "Well, I was locked up in the bathroom taking a shit. There's no way anyone could've entered that room!"

"Same with me!" Teruteru replied. "I didn't see anyone enter the kitchen."

Sonia then ran around the corner and approached the search party. "Sensei isn't in the storage room," she reported. "All I've found was dust and cobwebs!"

"Oh, you've found the storage room?" Nagito asked. "Yeah, sorry about the state of the storage room. It was really tough to get it cleaned. It's not like anyone is going to use that place though, so I decided to—"

"Quit it, Nagito," Mahiru ordered. "This isn't the time to talk about that!"

Gundham then got out of the office and approached the search party. "The woman we seek isn't in the office either," he reported.

"Really?" Mahiru asked. "If sensei couldn't be in those places, then where could she be?"

Everyone's heads then turned towards the doors of the dining hall. A terrible feeling began to surround everyone.

"Oh no..." Kyosuke said upon realizing where Chisa could be.

The search party then entered the dining hall next.

Day 3 - 10:53 PM
Old Dining Hall, Hotel Mirai

"Where's Yukizome?!" Kyosuke shouted as he and the search party entered the dining hall.

The girls in the dining hall turn their heads towards the search party.

"Ah, you're back, girls!" Ibuki greeted as she waved at the search party. "And you've brought some of the boys as well!"

"No time to talk, Ibuki," Mahiru said. "We need to find sensei as soon as possible. So far, we checked every possible place she could've gone to, and we couldn't find her. This is the last place we'll check. Do you think she could be here?"

Most of the girls gave a shrug, having nothing to say about Chisa's possible whereabouts. Akane seems to be sensing that something's wrong, though. She sniffed out something terrible in the air.

"Did...any of you smell that?" Akane asked.

"Smell what?" Sonia asked.

"I smell...something in the air," Akane replied.

"What is it?" Hajime asked.

"Well," Mikan attempted to explain, "w-when partially digested food passes by the small intestines—"

"Who are you?!" Hiyoko shouted. "My biology teacher? Gross!"

"We...really don't need to hear that, Mikan..." Mahiru said.

"A-Ah!" Mikan yelped. "I-I'm sorry... I was explaining how farts work..."

"Oh, that stinky smell in the air?" Nekomaru asked. "Sorry about that. It's my fault. You see, I just took a huge shit in the bathroom and—"

"No, it doesn't smell like that," Akane said as she continued to sniff out the air. "It smells like...blood."

A shiver went down everyone's spines. The implications are clear.

"N-No..." Kyosuke said. "I-It can't be..."

"Where's the smell coming from?" Hajime asked.

Akane's nose twitched like a beast that's smelling a fresh kill. She eventually located the source of the smell and pointed towards it.

"There," Akane said, pointing towards the table near the back corner of the dining hall. She then walked towards that table.

Everyone is having a very bad feeling about this. They could tell that something is seriously wrong right now. They don't want to approach that table out of fear that it'll reveal what they had feared the most. But, they felt like that if they didn't, they wouldn't know the truth. They can't just stand around and do nothing. They must find the truth. The search party followed Akane towards the back table.

"S-So...what...could've happened...there?" Mahiru asked, nervously shaking along with everyone in the search party.

Akane continued to look around the back table, trying to pinpoint the source of the smell. "It's...coming from under the table!" she concluded.

"Under what?" Kyosuke gasped.

Akane grabbed the tablecloth and lifted it up, revealing what's underneath the table. The search party saw what's under the table. They were horrified at what they saw.

"Y-Yukizome?" Kyosuke asked.

"Sensei?" Hajime asked. "W-What...happened to you?"

"O-Oh no..." Mahiru said, nearly on the verge of tears. "!"

Underneath the table...was a corpse. It's not just anyone's corpse. They identified the body as Chisa Yukizome. Chisa was found lying lifelessly on the floor. Her blood was splattered on the surrounding floor and tablecloth. She tried so hard to prevent a murder from happening, only to become a murder victim herself. It was at this point when everyone's lives changed for the worst. They had crossed the point of no return. Nothing is going to be the same after this.

Chapter 1: From Vacation to Nightmare

Deadly Life