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Danganronpa Reimagined 2: Trouble in Despair Resort

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Day 2 - 10:12 PM
Outer Road, Central Island

The tired students and chaperones made their way towards the park in the Central Island, feeling anxious as they pass by the Monobeasts that are guarding the bridges. Everyone looked annoyed at how they were rudely awakened by Monokuma just as when nighttime was about to begin. They began to talk as they walked towards the park.

"What is Monokuma up to this time?" Mahiru said in an annoyed tone. "Why does he want us in the park again? Does he not realize how many times we went to that place?"

"I'm starting to get tired of this..." Hajime groaned. "When will we have a normal day in our school trip?"

"Hinata, I don't think Monokuma is going to let us have a single normal day," Nagito replied.

"H-How long...must I go...with little...sleep...?" Ryota said, looking like he could fall asleep at any moment.

"J-Just m-make sure you get p-plenty of sleep tonight..." Mikan advised.

"What could be waiting for us at the park?" Kyosuke asked.

"I sure hope it's nothing too dangerous..." Chisa replied.

Soon, everyone arrived at the entrance of the park and entered through it.

Day 2 - 10:15 PM
Jabberwock Park, Central Island

As soon as everyone entered the park, they saw something new that wasn't there the last time they came here. It looks like Monokuma has added a stage in front of where the statue once was. This doesn't seem remotely promising, considering that there's a bomb that's about to blow the entire resort up in plain view. Everyone became confused when they saw the stage.

" that?" Kyosuke asked.

"Oh, that's a stage," Ibuki replied. "Yeah! I can play my music now! Oh wait, I think I forgot to bring my guitar here..."

"I don't think this stage was set up for anyone to perform in," Mahiru said.

"Really?" Ibuki asked. "Well, if it's not there for me to play music, then what is this stage for?"

"Based on the announcement we got tonight," Chisa said, "my best guess is that the stage was set up for Monokuma to perform in."

"Ugh, that bear..." Kazuichi said as he nervously gripped his head. "Just...what does he have in store for us tonight?"

Suddenly, Monokuma showed up. This time, he's wearing a suit and tie.

"Oh look, you're all here," Monokuma said.

"AHHH!" Kazuichi screamed.

Hajime groaned as he saw Monokuma. "Oh dear, not this again..." he said.

Chiaki took a moment to observe Monokuma. She saw that he's in an outfit now. "Um, what's with the suit?" she asked. "Why are you dressed like that?"

"Oh, this suit?" Monokuma replied as he pointed to himself. "I'm wearing this suit for my upcoming comedy routine!"

"A comedy routine?" Nekomaru said in reaction.

"Hmm, that sounds interesting," Sonia said. "I wonder what a comedy routine looks like. I've never been to one before."

"I don't think we'll find any comedy in his routine..." Ryota said.

"What are you taking about?" Monokuma asked. "Of course my comedy routine is funny! You'll laugh at how funny is it!"

"Yeah, we'll laugh," Nagito said. "...At how much you fail at comedy! Am I right, everyone?"

The park fell into awkward silence as everyone stared at Nagito, wondering what he just said.

"Seriously?" Monokuma said as he stared at Nagito. "You think my comedy routine would fail at its job? Come on! It'll be funny! If you don't find my comedy routine funny, then you need to change your standards because you have no taste in comedy!"

"No, that's wrong!" Mahiru shouted. "We won't find your comedy routine funny not because we have no taste in comedy, but because you've caused nothing but trouble for us ever since you arrived! Knowing what you've done to this school trip, there's no way we'll find anything you do funny!"

"What do you mean I've caused nothing but trouble?" Monokuma asked. "I'm not the one who put you into this resort. It's that stupid rabbit who brought you all here!"

"True, Usami might be the one who brought us all to this resort," Chisa said, "but it was you who turned our school trip into a killing game! Also, that rabbit's name is Usami. You'd better remember that!"

"Listen, bear," Kyosuke said as he took a step towards Monokuma. "You'd better stop what you're doing right now, or else—"

"Or else you'll get punched in the gut again!" Monokuma countered, stunning Kyosuke. "And then, since you're becoming stubborn in trying to defy me, I'll have the Monobeasts come to your location and shred you into pieces!"

Kyosuke gritted his teeth as he looked at Monokuma. He felt that his gears were grinding with every action Monokuma took.

"Ahem," Monokuma said as he cleared his through. "Now, where was I? Oh, right! The comedy routine! Speaking of that stupid rabbit, I'm going to have her be a part of my comedy routine! Now, if she arrives here soon, then we can start this comedy routine! Hey! Stupid rabbit! Where are you? I know you're hiding here somewhere!"

Usami then peeked her head from behind the stage. She appears to be wearing a dress that she's not comfortable wearing. She shook nervously as she walked from behind the stage.

"Ugh, I hate wearing this dress," Usami complained. "Why do you have to do this to me, Monokuma? Why?"

"Hey! Quit complaining, you stupid rabbit!" Monokuma shouted. "Just get on the stage already, or I'll force you on it!"

Usami whimpered as she climbed on top of the stage. Monokuma then joined her on the stage.

Monokuma tapped on the microphone to check if it's working. The sound of him tapping the microphone boomed across the park, making everyone jump in shock. He then put his mouth near the microphone and spoke to it.

"Greetings, everyone!" Monokuma said. "Welcome to my Side-Splitting Comedy Show! I'm Monokuma, and I'm ready to present to you the funniest jokes you'll ever see! Joining me in this show is a very special guest! I won't tell you her name because she's a stupid little girl, but she'll be a part of my comedy show! Say hi, stupid rabbit!"

Usami walked up to the microphone and looked at everyone with a worried expression. She tried to come up with something to say, but her mind ended up blank.

"Uh...what am I supposed to say?" Usami asked. "W-We didn't...practice for this, did we? W-Where's the script? Do you even have a script?"

"Scripts?" Monokuma asked. "What scripts? Do we even need a script for this comedy routine! We don't! We'll just have to improvise a comedy routine!"

"I-Improvise?!" Usami gasped.

"Yep!" Monokuma replied. "We're improvising! You know, some of the most famous lines were improvised by actors. Those lines weren't in the script at all, and yet the producers decided to throw the line in because it's funnier than what the writers originally came up with. Why male models? Didn't I explain that just a moment ago?"

Everyone stared blankly at Monokuma, wondering what the hell he just said. No one laughed at what they had just witnessed at all, as they have no idea what the joke actually is.

"...I have a feeling that this is going to hit rock bottom," Gundham muttered, sensing that this comedy routine will not end well.

"Now, allow me to demonstrate my amazing mind-reading abilities!" Monokuma said.

"You can read minds?" Usami gasped. "What are you? A psychic?"

"Watch, as I guess my partner's favorite food!" Monokuma continued. "Hmm...let's see. Is your favorite food..."

"Hey! I'm a rabbit!" Usami said. "You know what rabbits like to eat, right?"

"Is" Monokuma began.

"Oh, you're getting there!" Usami said, expecting Monokuma to say a certain thing.

"...viar?" Monokuma finished.

Everyone cringed upon hearing that twist. Most of them were...disgusted to put it lightly.

"Wow, what a lame joke," Hiyoko commented. "That's not even funny."

"Hwah?!" Usami gasped. "You eggs?! Gross! I'd never eat any fish eggs!"

"Wait, no," Monokuma said. "That's not right. Caviar is way too high class and expensive for someone like you."

"Come on, you can do it!" Usami said. "It's not that hard to figure out what my favorite food is!"

Monokuma then gave a shrug. "Oh well," he said. "Guess my mind-reading abilities aren't as reliable as I thought. Maybe I don't have the ability to read a person's mind. Anyways, moving on!"

"Wait, don't move on!" Usami begged. "We're not done with-"

"Now it's your turn to come up with a comedy skit!" Monokuma said as he pounded Usami in the back. "Come on. Say a joke or something."

"What? I can't do that!" Usami protested. "I mean, I would do that if you didn't come in and ruin this school trip!"

"I ruined this school trip?" Monokuma asked. "What are you talking about? This school trip was already ruined when I got here. It's boring and lame! I just added some spice to this school trip! Isn't this much more exciting now?"

"What's so funny and exciting about making people kill each other?!" Usami cried. "There's no way that it can be funny!"

"Hey, did you know that laughter can be a good self therapy method when you're in harsh situations?" Monokuma asked. "It's proven that lightening things up can really improve your mood!"

"You'll look like you're going insane if you're doing that!" Usami countered. "How is that a healthy coping mechanism?! Ow!"

"Ugh, you stupid rabbit," Monokuma said, groaning in annoyance after he slapped Usami. "Quit complaining! You're ruining this comedy show by constantly complaining about it!"

"This comedy show isn't even good in the first place!" Usami shouted. "Look, nobody is laughing! If your intent is to make everyone laugh, then you've failed at your job!"

Monokuma decided that he had enough of Usami complaining and punched her in the face. Everyone gasped as they saw Usami fly across the stage.

"Oh no!" Ibuki cried. "Usami!"

"That's it!" Akane declared. "I had enough of this!"

Nekomaru put his hand in front of Akane, stopping her before she could get close to the stage. "Owari, stop it right there!" he ordered. "You remembered what will happen to you if you dare try to attack Monokuma, right?"

Akane stopped trying to resist Nekomaru when she remembered the consequences of defying Monokuma. "Oh...right..." she said.

"You could've gotten yourself killed right there," Kyosuke said.

"Well, that was a close one," Chisa said as she sighed in relief. "But do you really have to do that to Usami, Monokuma? Give her a break! She's been suffering ever since you showed up and turned this school trip into a killing game!"

Monokuma turned around and faced the audience. "Oh, I'm only doing you a service," he said. "Because, I'm not the real bad guy in this story. That stupid rabbit is."

Everyone gasped when they realized that Usami might not be what she really is.

"Wait...what?" Hajime said.

"That...doesn't make any sense!" Mahiru said. "How could you say that Usami is the villain here? All she's trying to do is give us a fun time, and you ruined it!"

"Oh, you think that the stupid rabbit is the good guy here?" Monokuma replied. "Don't be fooled. She might look like a cute little bunny on the outside, but on the inside, she's secretly your biggest enemy."

"Usami is our biggest enemy?" Hajime asked. "But...why?"

"Well," Monokuma began, "it's because she's the one who took away your memories."

Everyone was left shocked when this is revealed. They don't want to admit it, but it's true. They had lost their memories before coming to this resort. Hajime then realized that this might explain why he doesn't remember his talent. Unlike everyone else, Hajime's talent was probably accidentally removed from him prior to his arrival at this resort. Meanwhile, Kyosuke and Chisa looked at each other, realizing that this might be the reason why they can't remember their time in Hope's Peak Academy.

"W-What...did you say...?" Usami said from offstage.

"But wait!" Monokuma continued. "There's more! She didn't just stole your memories of how you got to this resort, she also stole your memories of the time you've spent in Hope's Peak Academy!"

"Say what?!" Usami gasped.

"Phew, thank goodness I decided to reveal this early," Monokuma said. "I'm sure that you'll all realize this someday. Revealing this twist is inevitable once you guys think about it. That's why I decided to spare you the trouble and just reveal this as soon as possible. Seriously, memory loss plots are to be expected these days. Only a total fool would put that twist at the very end of their story! Seriously, I need to get a list of all the cliches that we've used so far so that I can know what not to use ever again!"

"Wait, wait, wait!" Ibuki said. "Something's not right here! How could you say that we've lost our school memories? I remember entering Hope's Peak Academy, then I found myself inside a classroom, and then I...find myself in this...resort..." Her voice trailed off as she realized that there's something off about her train of thought. "Oh..."

"See that?" Monokuma asked. "You can't remember what happened between you being outside Hope's Peak Academy, you being inside a classroom, and you going on this school trip. Those gaps in your memories are all thanks to that rabbit. Think about this for a moment. How long has it been since you guys first entered Hope's Peak Academy? And for the adults in the group, since when were you hired to become staff members of Hope's Peak Academy?"

"Well, it clearly has to be around two years since Kyosuke and I graduated from Hope's Peak Academy," Chisa replied. "Otherwise, I wouldn't be the teacher of this class."

"And what could've happened within those two years?" Monokuma asked.

Chisa was left stunned in silence as she found herself unable to respond to that question.

"Face it, everyone," Monokuma said. "A lot can happen within two years. Even a single year is a long time to go through. Can you think about what could've happened within two years? What happened to your friends? Your families? Are they worried sick about you? Are you worried sick about them? And what about the outside world? What could've happened to it?"

"T-This is getting too much!" Kazuichi shouted. "I refuse to believe that I lost my school memories!"

"H-How many projects...did I forget about...?" Ryota asked himself. "There' many things...I have not finished yet... THERE'S TOO MUCH WORK I'M MISSING!"

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it, I don't believe it... Teruteru muttered to himself over and over again.

"T-This has to be a l-lie, right?" Mikan asked. "O-Our school memories being s-stolen from us...that's a lie, right? A-Are you doing a-all of this j-just to make us look like f-fools?"

"No, I think he's right..." Hajime said, causing everyone to turn towards him. "We are missing our school memories and the memory of us arriving on this resort. Does...anyone remembered what happened before we found ourselves on this resort?"

"If I recall correctly, we started outside the main building of Hope's Peak Academy," Mahiru replied. "When we entered through the front door, we suddenly found ourselves in a classroom with no memory of how we got there."

"Is that the point when we lost all of our school memories?" Ibuki asked.

"Puhuhu..." Monokuma laughed. "That's right. Your memories from the moment you stepped into Hope's Peak Academy have been completely removed. Only a few fragments of your memories remain in your mind, and none of them are relevant!"

Ryota wobbled as he stood and clutched his head. "Ugh, my head..." he said. "It light..."

"Is it from your lost memories?" Ibuki asked as she felt herself becoming dizzy. "Yeah, my head is feeling light, too. Maybe if we get our memories back, we could get our heads back to normal."

"Oh, you all want your memories back?" Monokuma asked. "Well, you're in luck! I will give your memories back to you someday! However, in order to regain your memories, I'm going to ask you to do something for me."

"Do what?" Sonia asked. "Do we have to gift you something special? I know that I had received gifts from my subjects."

Chiaki is starting to have a bad feeling about this. "No, that's not it..." she said.

Everyone turned to Chiaki, wondering what she meant by that.

"That's not it?" Chisa asked. "What do you mean by that?"

Chiaki hesitated for a moment before she revealed that Monokuma is really asking everyone to do. "If we want to get our memories back," she said, "then we...have to kill each other."

"That's right!" Monokuma said. "All you have to do to regain your school memories is to kill someone and get away with it! It's that simple!"

Everyone was shocked that Monokuma made another way of getting people into killing each other. They can't believe that they had to kill another person if they wanted to get their memories back. Many of them wondered if this is a good offer to begin with. They formed questions about this offer. Is it worth running the risk of being exposed for one's crimes to try to get their school memories back? Why did Usami remove their school memories? What was she trying to achieve?

Kyosuke gritted his teeth when he realized why Monokuma organized this event in the first place. "So this is all a ploy to get us into learning what our other motive is," he said. "That clever bear..."

"Dammit, what kind of motive is that?!" Akane shouted. "We can only get our memories back if we kill someone?! That's...nonsense!"

"Jeez, why are you so angry?" Monokuma asked as he looked at Akane. "You do want to get your school memories back, right? You want to escape this resort, right?"

"Wait, what?" Hajime asked in confusion. "What did you just say?"

"Oh, that reminds me," Monokuma continued. "I'm restoring your school memories in addition to letting you escape this resort if you managed to murder someone and get away with it! That's right, it's a two for one deal! I'm such a generous bear, aren't I?"

Usami then crawled her way towards the front of the stage. She looked at everyone with panicked looks in her eyes. "E-Everyone!" she cried. "Please! D-Don't listen to Monokuma! What he will give you if you fall for his motive will not be what you think! Restoring your memories would be—!"

Monokuma noticed that Usami is nearby. He turned towards her and started to beat her up again. "Hey! Shut your mouth up, you stupid rabbit!" he said. "Nobody will listen to you because they know that you're the villain! They won't trust your words! They'll only trust mine."

"Ahhh!" Usami screamed as Monokuma continued to attack her.

Chisa decided that she had enough of this. She took a step forward towards Monokuma and pointed at him. "Monokuma, stop!" she ordered. "That's enough!"

Monokuma then stopped beating up Usami and turned towards Chisa. "Hey, what are you trying to do?" he asked. He then kicked Usami away offstage. "Didn't I take away your authority? And how dare you ordered the headmaster to do something? Haven't you remembered who's in charge now?!"

"I don't care if I lack the authority to stop you, Monokuma," Chisa said. "Your ramblings and promises will not convince any of us to commit murder! We will all live until that timer runs out! And by then, we will figure out a way to get out of this resort that doesn't involve murdering people!"

Monokuma then let out a sinister giggle. "Oh, are you sure about that?" he asked. "Are you sure that nobody will try to kill each other to get their memories back and to escape this resort?"

"Of course I do!" Chisa replied. "I'm the teacher of these students! It is my job to take care of them and make sure that they're safe! I'll do anything to prevent a murder from happening. Anything!"

"Oh, you silly teacher," Monokuma said. "Do you really think you can prevent any murder from happening?"

Chisa didn't respond with anything. She remained confident that there won't be any murders on this resort.

"Let me tell you the truth about this situation, miss," Monokuma said. "You can't. You can't prevent a murder from happening. It's impossible."

Chisa wasn't shocked by this. She remained firm in her belief. "And what makes you think that?" she asked.

"Look around you," Monokuma said. "Including you, there are sixteen people participating in this killing game. It's inevitable that someone will develop the urge to kill someone to escape this resort and get their memories back. And when that happens, there's no turning back. Plus did you even think about how impossible of a task trying to prevent a murder would be? There's fifteen other people in this killing game. How are you supposed to look after fifteen people at once?"

"Yukizome isn't alone in this," Kyosuke said. "She's also got me to help her watch over the students. Looking after these students isn't as hard as you thought."

Monokuma ignored what Kyosuke said as he continued to talk. "On top of that, there is one more thing that I must mention to all of you," he said. "There's a traitor hiding among you."

Everyone was left stunned in silence when Monokuma revealed that there's a traitor.

"H-Huh?" Hajime said.

"W-What are you saying?" Mahiru asked. "What do you mean that there's a traitor among us?"

"Pay attention, everyone," Monokuma said. "You guys barely even know each other, right? It's only been a day since you guys met each other. You probably don't even know each other's true nature. Those faces that they're showing to you? They're probably faking it. They're pretending to be your ally, helping you throughout this killing game. And then, when the opportunity comes, they'll betray you and stab you in the back! Can you truly trust anyone now? Are you absolutely sure that the person next to you won't betray you? If you want to survive this killing game, then you'd better watch your back because someone is going to murder you. Who is trying to murder you? Perhaps it's the traitor hunting for you. Or maybe you're the traitor yourself. Or maybe neither of you is the traitor. Who knows. The traitor is irrelevant to the current motive, but you still have to watch out for them. Puhuhu..." After making that speech, Monokuma disappeared from the park.

Monokuma's sinister laughter had already ended, yet everyone felt like he was still laughing. His voice ringed in everyone's head as they stood there, thinking about the current situation and what they should do.

"...Is it true?" Mikan asked. "Is there...really a traitor among us?"

"I-I don't know who this traitor is or w-who they're working for," Ryota said. " thing is clear. It's definitely not me!"

"That's the type of excuse a real traitor would say," Hiyoko said. "Isn't that right, you little twig?"

Ryota yelped as Hiyoko accused him of being the traitor.

"Hey, Saionji!" Mahiru said. "We can't just accuse someone of being the traitor yet. We haven't gotten any evidence!"

"But we have to know who could be the traitor so that we can watch out for them," Nagito said. "I don't like it when I get caught by surprise."

"So...who could be the traitor?" Hajime asked.

"Hey! Traitor!" Nekomaru roared. "Show yourself! You're not helping your case if you remain silent!"

"I don't think finding the traitor would be that easy," Kyosuke said. "Whoever the traitor is, they don't want to reveal their status. They know that if they did, they would become a target."

"Hey, can we please stop talking about who the traitor could be?" Chisa asked. "We do know that we had lost our school memories before we came to this resort. The gaps in our memories are the proof that this is the case. But a traitor hiding among us? That can't be true."

"So, are you thinking that what Monokuma said are just lies?" Chiaki asked. "Did he really say all of that just to trick us into taking certain actions, like murdering each other?"

"If that's the case, then I don't know who to trust!" Kazuichi said as he gripped his head. "Well, there is one person I can trust, and that's Miss Sonia! Hey, Miss Sonia! I can trust you, right?"

Sonia said nothing in response to Kazuichi's question. In fact, she didn't turn her head towards him. It's as if Kazuichi isn't here in her eyes.

"Come on!" Kazuichi shouted. "Just say something to me, Miss Sonia! Look at me!"

"Quit trying to get the attention of someone, Soda!" Mahiru said. "You're going to make yourself annoying in their eyes!"

"Is...there any point in trying to get the attention of someone, though?" Hajime asked. "Whoever we're trying to talk to could be the traitor..."

Mahiru turned around and faced Hajime with a puzzled look on her face. "Excuse me?" she said. "What did you just say?"

"Look, we're in a rough situation right now," Hajime replied. "I'm...not sure if I can talk to anyone anymore. Everyone is thinking about getting their memories back. They're wondering what happened to their loved ones at the moment. They're probably plotting a murder right now. Or worse, they could be the traitor..."

Usami then crawled her way back on the stage. "E-Everyone!" she shouted. "Please, listen to me! I'm begging you. What Monokuma said about me isn't true!"

Everyone turned their heads towards the stage. As Usami is currently talking, everyone is wondering if they should listen to her or not. Monokuma did say that she's the villain for taking away their memories. Then again, he is the one who put them into this mess in the first place, so can they trust his words too?

"I-I'm not the villain here," Usami said, sounding like she's close to breaking into tears. "I was only trying to help you! Please! Don't listen to Monokuma! Don't fall for his promises! And don't worry about the traitor! They're—"

Before Usami could finish, Monokuma appeared right behind her. This time, he showed up without the suit he wore.

"Oh, I almost forgot about you!" Monokuma said. He then grabbed Usami. "You're not leaving this park without me!"

"Wait!" Usami cried. "Let me go! Let me goooooooo!" Usami's voice faded away as she disappeared along with Monokuma.

"Well, that was certainly a lot to take in," Gundham remarked.

"What should we do now?" Chiaki asked. "There' many questions about this that needs answering..." She then yawned from exhaustion. "Oh, it's way past my bedtime... I'm so sleepy..."

"Looks like we have to go to sleep for now," Chisa said. "Everyone, return to your cottages. Remember to go to the restaurant as soon as you can. We'll be holding a meeting tomorrow morning. Everyone got all that?"

Everyone in the park nodded their heads in agreement with Chisa. They soon walked out of the park and returned to their cottages. In the background, the timer on the bomb continued to count down. At the time when everyone left the park, it reads, "19 Days, 13 Hours, and 10 Minutes Remain".

Day 2 - 11:05 PM
Hajime's Cottage, Hotel Mirai

Hajime had many thoughts about what he had learned as he tried to fall asleep. It was a struggle to get those thoughts out of his head. It was at this point when a strange thought crossed his mind that made him worry.

The traitor, Hajime thought. Could they be...someone who isn't like the others? As in...they don't remember their own talent? If that's the case, I the traitor...?

Hajime then shook his head at the idea that he's the traitor. No...that can't be right, he continued to think. I don't remember making an agreement with someone to spy on these people. Wait, did I? No, that's not right either. I would never do something like that, right?

After a long struggle, Hajime finally pushed these thoughts out of his head. He didn't really care about these thoughts. They were only keeping him from falling asleep. After pushing away these intrusive thoughts, Hajime closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Day 3 - 7:05 AM
Outdoor Area, Hotel Mirai

*Ding-dong, ding-dong!*

The monitor turned on, showing footage of Usami crying while on a chair.

"Go ahead, you stupid rabbit," Monokuma said from off-screen. "Say something to wake everyone up."

"I-I can't..." Usami said in between her sobs. "I can't do it..."

"What the matter with you?" Monokuma asked, acting oblivious to the damage he caused to Usami's mental state. "Do I have to do the morning announcements from now on?!"

Usami can't bring herself to respond.

"Fine!" Monokuma declared. "I'll do this morning announcement myself!" He then appeared on screen in front of Usami. "Good morning, everyone! Looks like today is going to be another—"

The monitor turned off before Monokuma could finish making the morning announcement.

A few minutes later, Hajime walked out of his cottage and made his way towards the hotel's restaurant. On the way there, he encountered several of his classmates. The first person he encountered was Nagito, who was standing there in front of the cottage door.

"Ah, good morning Hajime!" Nagito greeted.

Hajime raised an eyebrow when Nagito called him by his first name. "Huh?" he said in confusion. "Did you just called me by my first name? Was that a mistake?"

"What? No," Nagito replied. "I just figured that we're close enough friends to call each other by our first names. You and Mahiru looked like you knew each other for quite a while."

"It's not like that at all," Hajime replied. "Koizumi only used my first name because—"

Nagito ignored what Hajime was trying to say and continued to talk. "You know, it's good that we get to make friends with the others," he said. "Even if we know that they're probably not going to survive this, it's still a good thing that we form connections with others. It's how we can get through anything, even in this terrible situation. Being loners won't get us anywhere, after all."

"Yeah, that might be true..." Hajime replied. "But still, calling each other our first names when we only know each other for a few days kind of feels weird. Maybe we should wait a few more days before we get to that."

"Hey, we're on a time limit, remember?" Nagito said. "We don't have much time to make friends here. We either die at the hands of one of our classmates or along with this entire resort in the explosion. It's best that we try to live our lives to the fullest while we can. Got it?"

"Uh..." Hajime replied, unsure if he should agree with Nagito or not.

"Well, I think that's enough talk for now," Nagito said. "I should be going to the restaurant. See you there, Hajime!" He then walked towards the hotel main building.

"Wait! Komaeda!" Hajime shouted, trying to get Nagito to come back. But Nagito continued to walk towards the main building as if he didn't hear anything. Hajime felt disappointed. He had more things to talk about with Nagito. It looks like breakfast is starting soon. Maybe it's best if they save that conversation for later. Hajime went after Nagito towards the restaurant for breakfast.

In front of the entrance of the hotel's main building, Hajime encountered Mahiru. Mahiru looked like she had a rough time last night, as her hair looked messy.

"Good morning, Hajime," Mahiru greeted.

"Whoa," Hajime said, shocked at Mahiru's current appearance. He then cleared his throat as he remembered what he should say. "Uh, good morning, Koizumi. W-What...happened to you?"

"It's nothing much," Mahiru replied. "I didn't get much sleep last night. I had a lot of questions in my mind about what we learned. I don't know if we'll ever find the answers to these questions."

"Yeah, there are a lot of things to think about..." Hajime replied.

"We should probably clear our minds of these thoughts for now," Mahiru suggested. "All this thinking has taken away the feeling that this is a school trip and that we should be relaxing. You know what, just to clear our minds, I'm going to plan a party."

"A party?" Hajime said, looking puzzled at Mahiru's suggestion. "Are we seriously going to have a party while we're at risk of being murdered?"

"Hey, at least it'll keep everyone's minds occupied," Mahiru replied. "Any potential killers will get distracted by any parties. Let's see...what do we need for this party? Some desserts and tea would be nice. Oh, and by the way, I'm only inviting the girls to the party."

Hajime was shocked to hear that none of the boys are going to be invited to the party. "Wait, what?" he gasped.

"Sorry, but if you want to have a party with just the boys, you'll have to plan for that yourself," Mahiru said. "Are we clear about that?"

"S-Sure..." Hajime replied.

"Good," Mahiru said. "Now, if you would excuse me, I'm going to head to the restaurant. I suggest that you go there too." She then walked away and climbed the stairs that lead directly to the restaurant.

Hajime remained in place for a moment to wonder what Mahiru is going to do with the girls at her party. She did say that she's doing this to clear everyone's minds of the killing game, but is there more to the party than what she said? Maybe this is an excuse to have some girl talk. What do girls even talk about these days? The boys will never know.

Hajime continued to walk towards the restaurant. On the way there, he went past three students who appears to be talking about sleeping habits.

"L-Look, Mitarai..." Mikan said. "Y-You can't continue to sleep like that!"

"I know..." Ryota replied as he wobbled in place. "But...I-I can't sleep... There's...too much for me to think about!"

"Y-You should take a nap after breakfast," Mikan advised. "I-If you don't, y-you're going to get too t-tired to do anything!"

" long did you sleep last night, Mitarai?" Chiaki asked. "I slept for seven hours last night."

"T-That's still one hour short of the recommended daily amount," Mikan replied. "You need to get a little more sleep every night, Nanami."

"L-Like I said, I can't sleep last night," Ryota replied. "I-I don't think I slept at all. Maybe for less than an hour..."

"Less than an hour?!" Mikan gasped in shock.

"H-Hey, cut me some slack!" Ryota cried. "I-I was just s-stressed out last night, okay?"

As Hajime continued to watch the three students talk about sleep, he began to hear voices coming from behind him. He turned around and saw Hiyoko being dragged to the restaurant by Chisa, with Kyosuke walking behind them.

"Let me go!" Hiyoko shouted as she struggled to free herself. "I don't want to go to the restaurant! Let me stay in my room and eat my sweets!"

"You'd better stay off of candy for now, Saionji," Chisa said. "Eating too much sugar can be bad for your health."

"Uh, yeah!" Mikan shouted. "Sensei is right! A-Also, too much sugar can be bad for your teeth!"

"Who are you two?!" Hiyoko shouted. "My doctor? Don't tell me what I should do without my permission! I eat what I want to eat!"

"Ugh, kids these days," Kyosuke said as he rolled his eyes. "Some of them just kept refusing to listen to the advice of adults. When will they learn?"

Everyone in the area watched as Chisa and Kyosuke walked up the stairs to the restaurant, taking Hiyoko with them.

"Hey, that reminds me," Chiaki said. "Shouldn't we be in the restaurant by now?"

"Oh...r-right..." Ryota said.

Everyone in the area then continued their way to the restaurant.

Day 3 - 7:30 AM
Restaurant, Hotel Mirai

"H-Here you go, everyone..." Teruteru said as he revealed what's for breakfast to everyone.

Everyone looked at what Teruteru had made for breakfast. The food...wasn't exactly what they were expecting from someone titled The Ultimate Chef. The food looked edible, but it's not like what he had served earlier.

"Seriously?" Nekomaru asked. "Is that the best you can do, Hanamura?"

"Look, you have to excuse me there," Teruteru said. "I was tired, okay. I had a lot of thoughts going through my head last night. I couldn't get some nice quality rest..."

"Whatever," Akane said, not caring about the food's quality. "It's just food. I'll take it!"

"It...looks like food that common people would eat," Sonia remarked. "How nice! Now I get to have a taste of what common people would eat!"

"I swear, you're the weirdest princess I've ever met..." Mahiru said.

"Alright, is everyone here?" Chisa asked. "Let's see...we have..." She then proceeded to count the amount of people that are currently present. She counted 15 people in the restaurant. Considering that they started out with 16 people, that's concerning. "We're missing one person. It's Soda again."

"This is going to be a trend, isn't it?" Kyosuke asked. "We're always going to be missing one person and it's going to be the same one every time."

Chisa groaned in frustration. "Ugh, that boy," she grumbled. "I swear, he's the most cowardly person I've ever met. Has anyone seen Soda this morning?"

"Maybe somebody killed him in the middle of the night," Hiyoko suggested. "See, I told you that he's going to be the first person to die!"

"Saionji!" Chisa shouted. "Don't say things like that! You're going to send us into a panic if you say that again!"

"Should we go look for Soda?" Mahiru asked.

"Actually, we don't have to look for him," Nagito said as he looked out the window. "I can see Soda coming here right now!"

"Really?" Chisa asked.

Sure enough, Kazuichi ran into the restaurant. He appears to be out of breath from running all the way here.

"Sorry I'm late," Kazuichi said. "I just...overslept."

"Ah, Soda!" Chisa said, sighing in relief. "You're here! Thank goodness. You had us worried for a moment. Anyways, you're not late, Soda. We'll be starting our discussion as soon as everyone is finish with their breakfast. Go ahead and get some food. You're going to need it for our upcoming discussion."

Everyone then proceeded to eat their breakfast for the day. While most of the students finished their meal within a reasonable amount of time, Akane just can't resist getting more food after she had emptied her plate, which just delayed the discussion. Everyone wondered how much food she could eat before declaring that she's full. Instead of waiting for Akane to eat all the remaining food, everyone decided to just start the discussion. It doesn't appear that Akane would provide much to the discussion, so her lack of participation isn't seen as an issue.

"Alright, everyone," Chisa began as she clapped her hands together. "Let's start this discussion right now! Before we begin, I like to review our current situation. We're currently stuck playing a killing game thanks to Monokuma. If we wanted to escape this resort, we'll have to murder someone else and get away with our crime. In addition to allowing us to escape this resort, Monokuma will also restore our lost memories."

"Wasn't Usami trying to warn us not to fall for the motive?" Chiaki asked. "She was panicking over Monokuma restoring our school memories."

"Why would Usami worry about that?" Kazuichi asked. "I mean, Monokuma did say that she's the one who stole our school memories. Getting back our school memories can only be a good thing, right?"

"That might be good for some..." Chiaki said. "But...I feel like there's a reason she doesn't want us to have our memories restored."

"Huh? Why would you think that?" Kazuichi asked.

"The vault of memories contains things that our feeble minds would wish to never tread again," Gundham replied. "Perhaps it's best if those parts of the vaults remained locked to our minds."

Ryota and Mikan expressed some discomfort. Their eyes were drawn to each other, as if they had sensed that they had something in common.

"Yeah, sure," Ibuki said. "Some of are missing our most uncomfortable memories of Hope's Peak Academy, but most of us do have good memories of that school!"

"But remember, we have to get away with murder if we want our school memories restored," Mahiru said. "This isn't a simple question if we should get our school memories back or not. The real question is, are we willing to risk our lives to get our lost memories back?"

"Not only that, but Monokuma also revealed that there's a traitor among us..." Hajime added. "We have them to worry about as well..."

"This is just way too much for us to worry about," Nekomaru said. "Is there any way for us to clear our minds of these worries? I think I'm about to take a shit from all this thinking."

"Just hang in there for a little longer, Nidai," Kyosuke said. "There is a way for us to clear our minds."

"Oh yeah?" Kazuichi asked. "And what's that?"

"We're going to have a party," Kyosuke declared.

The entire restaurant fell into stunned silence when Kyosuke declared that he's going to host a party.

"A what?" Akane asked with her mouth stuffed full of food.

"Whaaaat?" Ibuki gasped. "A party?"

Kyosuke nodded his head. "Of course," he said.

Mahiru stood up from her seat. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," she said. "Hold it right there, Munakata-sensei!"

Kyosuke turned his head towards Mahiru and raised an eyebrow. "What is it, Koizumi?" he asked.

"You're thinking about holding a party?" Mahiru asked. "I'm doing the same thing, too! I'm going to invite all the girls into the party!"

"Whaaaat?" Ibuki gasped again. "There's going to be two parties! That's great! Um...which one do I go to? I can't decide."

"Wait, so you're planning a party too?" Chisa asked. "With just the girls?"

Kyosuke covered his face with his hand and shook his head in disapproval. "Koizumi, did you even think about this?" he asked. "You're going to exclude the boys in the party. Who knows what they could do during the party? They could be murdering each other, and we can't let that happen on this resort. Everyone must be present at the party. It's the only way we can keep track of everyone at once."

"Seriously? You're asking the boys to come to the party too?" Mahiru asked. "No way! My party is for girls only. I won't allow any boys to come in!"

"But if we don't invite the boys, they will be left without any supervision," Kyosuke countered. "We must invite them to the party too."

"No, we don't!" Mahiru countered back,

"Yes, we do!" Kyosuke countered again.





"You two! Enough!" Chisa shouted, causing Mahiru and Kyosuke to stop arguing. "There is a solution to this! We can have the girls have their own party while the boys can have a separate party. That way, everyone can be... Well, I was going to say happy, but perhaps the better word to use now would be 'fine'."

Kyosuke stared at Chisa for a moment. "Yukizome, what kind of a solution is that?" he asked. "It might seem better than what Koizumi was suggesting, but we're still separating the boys and the girls."

"Say no more, Kyosuke," Chisa replied. "We don't have to supervise everyone all at once. We can split which students we're responsible for between the two of us. I'll be attending the girls' party, while you'll be attending the boys' party. Does that sound good?"

Kyosuke was unsure of what to say in response to Chisa.

"Okay, so we're having a party soon," Kazuichi said. "That's cool, but why are we partying? This isn't really the time when we should do things like that..."

"Hey, we're trying to clear our minds of this killing game," Mahiru replied. "This is starting to really stress us out, and we're not on this school trip to be stressed. We have to enjoy our school trip while it lasts. We don't have infinite time, you know."

"Even so, there are a few more questions about this party that needs answering," Hajime said. "Like...where will this party take place? And when?"

Kyosuke walked up to one of the windows and looked outside. Some of the students walked up besides him to see what he's looking at. Their gazes pointed to the old-looking building nearby.

"...There?" Mahiru asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Yes, that building," Kyosuke replied. "That looks like a good place to host a party."

"But...why there?" Hajime asked. "Doesn't that building look a little old? Why can't we just have a party here in the restaurant?"

"Uh, sorry if I didn't tell you guys this earlier," Teruteru said, "but the restaurant and the kitchen are some of the areas that are closed off at night. As the chef, I have access to those areas outside of daytime, but only within one hour before the morning announcement plays."

"Speaking of that, when will the party take place?" Sonia asked. "How long will the party last?"

"The party will last all night long," Kyosuke replied.

"All night long?!" Ibuki gasped. "That's a long time to be in a party! Ibuki might like to be in parties, but even she has her limits!"

"Plus...what about sleep?" Mikan asked. "If we're going to party all night long, we're going to have to go an entire night without sleep!"

"Don't worry, Tsumiki," Chisa assured. "I'm sure everyone will take a nap before the party starts. They'll have enough energy to last them the entire night!"

"Okay, but what about the place where we're going to party?" Mahiru asked. "It's that old looking building, right? Isn't that place closed off to us? If I recall correctly, it's been closed off for renovations."

Suddenly, Usami appeared in the restaurant. "Oh...good morning everyone..." she said.

"Oh! Usami!" Chisa said. "You came here!"

Usami looked around the restaurant with pained looks in her eyes. "I've...heard're all planning a party..." she said in between sobs. "Y-You were the old building, right?"

"Yes, we are," Kyosuke said. "We're planning to use that for an upcoming party. It's currently closed off to us, though. Mind if you help us with that?"

Usami wiped away the tears in her eyes and nodded her eyes. "Yes," she replied. "If this party will help strengthen your bonds, then I'll allow it. I'll...grant you access to the old building. It's...the only thing I can do..." She then went out of the restaurant.

"Okay, so we now have access to the old building," Mahiru said. "But we still need to prepare for the party. Of course, Hanamura will be the one who prepares all the food, but what about cleaning? That old building looks like it's been abandoned for a while. We should get it cleaned before we use it for a party."

"Ah! It's obvious who should be cleaning the old building!" Chisa said as she raised her hand. "As the former Ultimate Housekeeper, I'm going to be the one who—"

"No, Yukizome," Kyosuke said. "You're going with me."

Chisa looked at Kyosuke with a confused look. "What?" she said. "Why?"

"You said that you're not going to allow any murders, correct?" Kyosuke said. "This party will be a good way to make sure that doesn't happen, but we will need to prepare ourselves for a murder attempt just in case. We can't afford to let our guard down, not just yet."

"But...Kyosuke—" Chisa tried to say.

"Don't argue against me," Kyosuke said. "I need you to stay by my side as we're preparing for the party. Understand?"

Chisa thought about it for a moment before letting out a heavy sigh. "Fine," she said. "I'll go with you, Kyosuke. But that means that someone else will have to clean the old building instead of me. Who wants to take that job?"

"I'll do it!" Sonia replied. "I have never done something like 'cleaning' before. Usually I have servants do the dirty work for me. I'm looking forward to do any cleaning. It'll be a fresh experience for me!"

"No way, Miss Sonia!" Kazuichi shouted. "I won't allow a beautiful princess's hands to get dirty! She's too good to handle jobs like that!"

"Why don't you do it, you greasy rat?" Hiyoko suggested.

"Me?!" Kazuichi gasped. "I'll probably make things worse! I'm terrible at cleaning!"

"Oh, just as I expected," Hiyoko said. "You're too nervous to do any cleaning! By the way, I'm not going to do it either. It'll get my kimono dirty."

"Wait, so nobody's willing to clean up the old building?" Chisa asked. "But somebody has to do it or else we won't be able to use the old building. How can we pick someone to clean the old building if no one else wants to do it?"

"Why don't we choose someone using a random drawing?" Nagito suggested.

"A random drawing?" Hajime asked. "That might be a good idea, but how are we supposed to do that?"

"Write down a bunch of names on slips of paper and put them all in a jar?" Hiyoko asked. "Don't make me laugh! And if you're going to do that, then you'd better not put my name on it!"

"Actually, I've already prepared a drawing ahead of time," Nagito said as he reached into his coat pockets. He pulled out a bundle of chopsticks. "I figured that we'll encounter a situation like this someday, so that's why I prepared this drawing. I have marked one of the chopsticks with a red mark. Whoever has the chopstick with the red mark will be in charge of cleaning."

"Okay, that's cool and all," Chisa said, "but don't you need to remove a few chopsticks? Not all of us will be available to clean the old building."

Nagito looked at his bundle of chopsticks and saw that there are 16 chopsticks. "Oh, right," he said in realization. "That's okay. I'll just remove three of the chopsticks. The adults won't be available and Teruteru would be too busy preparing food to clean the old building."

Teruteru was surprised to hear Nagito use his first name, even though the two of them had barely interacted with each other. "Huh?" he said. "E-Excuse me?"

"That reminds me," Chisa said. "Since we all had spend some time together in Hope's Peak Academy, we should be close enough to each other to be comfortable calling each other by their first names. Is it okay if we switch to that instead of sticking to last names? Especially you, Kyosuke. When will you stop calling me by my last name? We've spent years together, remember?"

The restaurant fell into silence for a moment as everyone looked at each other. They began to wonder if this is such a good idea since they only knew each other for just a few days at this point. They were classmates during their time in Hope's Peak Academy, so perhaps this isn't a bad idea.

"Enough talk," Gundham declared. "Let us entrust our destinies to the whims of fate!"

"Okay, everyone!" Nagito said. "Go ahead and take a chopstick! Except for you, Teruteru, and the adults. Be sure to only take one!"

Everyone then took turns pulling a chopstick from Nagito. Most of them made sure not to peek at what chopstick they're pulling out as to not cheat. When everyone was done pulling chopsticks, they looked at their chopsticks to see the results. The person who is chosen to clean up the old building is...Nagito.

"What?" Nagito gasped. "I'm left with the red mark?"

"Phew, what a relief," Kazuichi said, letting out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness I wasn't chosen to clean up that old building."

"Aw..." Sonia said in disappointment. "I didn't get the red mark..."

"Well, at least we have a loser doing the dirty work instead of me!" Hiyoko said.

Nagito then let out a sigh. "Well, it can't be helped," he said. "At least I'm pretty good at cleaning, so the old building won't be a mess when the party starts."

"You seem like you'll make a good stay-at-home dad...Nagito..." Mahiru said. Her voice trailed off at the end of that sentence. "That's going to take a while to get used to..."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Nagito replied. "So, where are the cleaning supplies?"

"You can find the cleaning supplies in the janitor's closet downstairs," Chisa replied.

"Ah, thanks," Nagito said. "I'll see you tonight, everyone!" He then walked to the stairs and went down them.

"Okay, that's most of the things needed for the party," Hajime said. "But...there's still one more question that needs answering."

"And what's that, Hajime?" Chisa asked.

"We're going to have two parties, right?" Hajime asked. "One for the boys and one for the girls. In that case, who will be using the old building?"

"Ah, that's easy," Mahiru replied. "The girls will party in the old building. Meanwhile, the boys will have to party outside."

Most of the boys gasped when Mahiru told them to party outside.

"W-What?!" Hajime gasped. "Seriously?"

"It's going to be cold outside!" Kazuichi said. "We're going to freeze out there!"

"Actually, we won't," Kyosuke corrected. "We're in a tropical climate zone, so nights here would be cool at best. We should be fine if we stay outside tonight."

"Still, there's a pool in the area we're about to party in," Nekomaru added. "Our space is going to be limited. Plus, there is the chance that someone will fall into the pool. Trust me. It happened twice before." He then shifted his gaze over to Hajime and Kazuichi, who appear to be embarrassed by their accident at the pool.

"Alright, everyone," Chisa said. "Is that all we have to talk about for now?" She paused for a moment to allow someone to speak if they had any additional questions. She received no more words from anyone. "Really? We're all done here? Then you're all dismissed!"

"Wait, what are we talking about again?" Akane asked.

Everyone turned towards Akane, seeing that she had finished her last serving of breakfast. Everyone felt like they had talked enough for now. They couldn't be bother to summarized what their discussion was about to her.