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Milkchoco Headcanons.

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Milk: Dark Choco, come back!

Dark crashed: I can't, I'm evil and it's all my fault.

milk: if you are evil ... we can arrest you, so we can take you back to the kingdom!

Purple yam: MILK NO-

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purple yam and Milk on their journey.

Milk: This reminds me of Dark Choco.

* walk more *

milk: this also reminds me of dark choco.

milk: this also reminds me to give choco.

purple yam: is there anything that has nothing to do with him?

milk: ...

Purple yam: Milk?

milk: NO.

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milk: hello do you want to talk about the magnificent and beautiful dark choco cookie?

x: you can shut up.

milk: ok, if you don't want to talk to me that's fine.

x: you're weird and dark choco sucks.

milk: What did you say? You piece of shit, son of a bitch, die.

milk: that's the first time I defended dark choco, for some reason they stopped talking bad about dark choco.

purple yam: Milk, are you okay?