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Between me and you

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valantina carvajal has been struggling in secret for a long time, her boyfriend of 2 years lucho gets very heavy handed with her, he would slap her of hit her where no one else could see, she hates that she allows him to do to her as she pleases. It could be something as simple as her not answering his calls or agreeing to go out somewhere with him, even in the bedroom he is forceful and although she wouldnt call it rape many others would because she does not want him touching her but lets it happen because her family love him, they bought him into the family and accepted him as one of them. Her dad even gave lucho a really good position in the family business. Here she is now standing in the bathroom and pulling her shirt off



'ahh.... she winces when she throws the shirt in the basket and looks in the mirror, she has 2 huge welts on her stomach from last night. lucho turned up after she missed his phone call because she was in the shower, he hit her a couple times telling her to make sure she doesnt miss it again. she felt bad so had sex with him and than he left leaving her with sore ribs, she got into the shower and cleaned herself off from the day at work where she dodged anyone trying to hug her and come near her because fuck she was in pain. after she showered and dried off she put on her robe and undies and went down tot he kitchen seeing chivis there. chivis has been apart of the family for years, she is the house cook, doctor and carer for them all but she is so much more than that. she has been a shoulder to cry on, the person they all turn to for advice, for help, for anything really and the kids valentina, eva and guille have looked to her for guidance and love since they were little, she loves them like her own children but she especially has a soft spot for valentina, the youngest of the 3 siblings who is now 22 years old, they are very close and valentina comes into the kitchen all the time to annoy chivis and sit and chat, today thou she was in need of something else, she is the only one that knows about lucho but to the extent of it



'chivis can i get some aspirin please?



'of course my sweet girl, do you have a head ache?



'something like that



'sit down and i will get them for you and something to eat.... valentina sits ont he stool with a grunt and chivis raises her eyebrow, she takes the tablets and water over to the young girl and makes her take 2



'thanks chivis



'whats wrong? and dont lie to me.... valentina looked sad but she cant lie to chivis



'is anyone home?



'not yet, soon thou



'dont freak out... she lifted her shirt and chivis's eyes went wide



'oh my sweet girl this cannot continue, you should not be taking this kind of abuse, you must tell your dad or someone



'i cant, they all love lucho



'i dont care, he is a disgusting boy and i will drown him is he continues with this... valentina sadly smiled



'i feel so stuck, i dont know what to do.... she shrugged and the older woman gently hugged her sweet girl



'i have an idea but we need to get your dad involved



'what is it?



'let me put you some food i made and we can talk, this will not continue my girl











juliana had just finished work at a cafe not far from home, it was late almost midnight but she preferred that because she hated being at home with him. her father el chino he was known as was violent, so violent that people knew who he was and had a reputation of being a hitman, juliana knew it was true as she had seen him shot someone dead right in front of her 3 years ago, she decided than that she would do her best not to piss him off but sometimes its really hard when he gets violent. she was walking home from work tired and hungry, she wanted to get home shower and eat than fall into bed. she stopped at a burger place to get food and than arrived home ten minutes later, she crept inside the house seeing her father passed out drunk on the couch as usual. she saw some broken plates in the kitchen on the floor, she quickly and quietly cleaned it up than went to her room to grab some clothes, she showered and got dressed than exited the bathroom, unbeknown to her el chino woke up and was walking down the corridor so she bumped right into him



'shit, sorry papa 



'watch out juliana



'i thought you were asleep, sorry... he grunted and walked out



'stupid bitch... he said as he walked into his room he shares with her mum lupe. juliana shook her head at the names he constantly calls her and locked her door. she ate her food and than pulled up her secret laptop she bought herself. she knows if el chino knew she had it he would take it and sell it  off out of spite, she pulled up the job seeker page and looked through hoping to find something better with more money, she had been saving for 3 years and really need to earn more because once she has enough to buy a car and set up somewhere new she would leave with her mum and away from him. she stopped at the 5th one down




Seeking security guard for protection


looking for someone to be a security guard, must be able to protect with everything in them, must have a drivers license, must be over 18 and also be able to be flexible with hours


There was an email address as contact




There wasnt much information but she sent off an email to the person and hoped with all her might that she would at least have a chance to interview, she closed her laptop and put it in her hidden spot than fell into bed and was asleep soon enough




The next day juliana woke up to yelling through out the house, she ignored it and picked up her phone and saw she had an email and smiled when it was a reply to the job she applied for asking her to come in for an interview today, she replied saying she would be able to and received one back with where to meet and who to ask for 'leon'









valentina and chivis went to her dads office in the house, it was night time and after having dinner with the family and speaking to chivis it was time to speak to him, she knocked on the door



'come in.. he yelled out and she walked into the room with chivis, the older lady was there just because valentina felt like she needed support



'hi dad



'vale dinner was great



'thats because of chivis, where would we be without her.... she smiled at her mother figure



'agreed, so what can i do for you sweet heart?



'i need to talk to you about something dad



'please sit vale, you can talk to me about anything....she sat down and smiled at her dad, she had to be convincing 



'i have been working for your company for 3 years now and im happy there



'thats good



'in the last month there has been someone following me around



'what? who vale?



'i dont know who it is but i feeling like someone has been watching me and its creeping me out dad



'this must be stopped, sweet heart what can i do to help?... he said reaching out holding his daughters hand



'i think maybe some security would be good, but not one of the guys you have now, someone new so if this person does get close they can be caught



'thats a good idea vale, i will find someone for you asap, please my darling girl dont go anywhere on your own



'i wont dad, i want to interview people with you because i need to see if i can trust them



'okay vale, i will put out an add and we can do this together, i just want you to be safe vale



'i know dad. thank you... she hugged him and left the office with chivis



'i cant believe it worked chivis, thank you



'of course my sweet girl, the security will be with you all the time so lucho wont be able to hurt you anymore unless he wants to get busted



'he wont want to be outed by anyone



'good, now my girl you go up to bed and i will bring you up and ice pack for your ribs



'thanks chivis... valentina changed into pj's and laid in bed, chivis bought her a ice pack and left her for the night to rest, chivis made a point to make sure when lucho was around they would not be left alone until the security starts