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Our Life After Kiev

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Serena and Jason made their way back onto the ward and got him back into bed while he waited for his discharge papers. Serena explained to him the whole way back that he couldn't possibly go back to work until his arm healed. He finally agreed once they got back, but only because Serena promised extra fish and chips later for supper, with an extra large gurkin of course. Once Jason was back in bed she made her way to her office, mountains of paperwork were screaming out to her. She rubbed her temples to ease some of the tensions of the day away. What she wouldn't do for a nice glass of Shiraz and a back rub right now. Almost immediately her mind went to Bernie and the countless nights she spent awake thinking about her hands on her back when they last kissed. How soft her hands felt against the silk blouse she had on, the warmth they created, sending small shivers up and down her spine wherever Bernie's hands went. How amazing it was to be back in her arms after agreeing to keep it “Confined to theatre.”
If Raf hadn't interrupted God only knows what would have happened, even when Serena pulled back to apologize, they didn’t let go of each other. They had both wanted it to happen again for weeks, but instead they skated around each other and acted like nothing had happened after their first kiss.
All these thoughts about what could have been floated around Serena's brain as she tried to get herself to concentrate on the tasks in front of her, seemingly endless amounts of paperwork to sign off on.

Jason had finally been released, he was eager to change back into his clothes and find Fletch. He just had to tell him his “English Owl” joke.
While walking down the corridor he noticed something in the bin where he and Bernie had been standing earlier that morning, before he could pick it up he saw Fletcher in the corner of his eye. So excited to tell his joke he yelled out for him.
“Fletch!” Jason's arms were waving above his head.
“No need to yell mate. I'm right here. What can I do for ya?” Fletch enjoyed talking to Jason, he always ended up learning something new.
“Well I was coming to find you because I have this really funny joke I wanted to tell you, it even made Auntie Serena laugh, but then I noticed this in the bin.” Jason reaches in and pulls out the bottle of wine wrapped in gold foil with silver ribbon.
“What is it?” Fletch was confused as to why Jason was so drawn to a seemingly random piece of garbage.
“I saw Bernie with it this morning before you and Auntie Serena showed up, she must have forgotten it, but why was it in the bin?” Fletch could tell Jason was trying to piece the clues together, until his face lit all the way up.
“I UNDERSTAND! I know why Auntie Serena bought all those hideous blouses and is wearing all that makeup. Auntie Serena still loves Bernie...and Bernie must have brought her this as a gift because she loves her back! But when I told Bernie that Auntie Serena had forgotten all about her she must have tossed it. OH STUPID ME!”
Jason finally figured out why Serena looked upset most of the day, because she was around Bernie, but couldn't be with Bernie.
“OK. Calm down mate, don't get yourself too worked up about it.” Fletch placed his hands on his shoulder, gently, he just needed him to calm down.
“I’ve got an idea... Follow me, Jason.” Fletch knew exactly what they had to do.

Serena was still sitting in the office when Bernie came through the door. She had just started to get some work done too. “So much for that.” Serena thought to herself.
“Just to let you know, I might be moving on.” Bernie says as she closes the door behind her.
“Again? You’ve only just got back.” Serena could feel a sting in her eyes and her chest.
“Ric’s promised to look into getting me transferred.” Before Serena could respond she noticed someone at the door, locking them in.
“Jason?” Serena calls out.
“For Pete's sake. What is he doing?” Bernie jiggled the door handle, it didn’t budge an inch.
From the other side of the window Jason held up the gift.
“Look what we found. I understand now, Auntie Serena. I TOTALLY understand.” and with that he walked away, high fiving Fletch out of the eye view of the two women.
“What was he holding?” Serena asked Bernie with a look in her eye, a “you better tell me the truth” look. Bernie couldn't lie to Serena.
“Oh um. It was- um- a gift…” Bernie licks her lips before finishing her sentence. “From me to you.” She could hardly keep her eyes on Serena, she felt oddly more embarrassed then she did that morning. Serena didn't know what to say next. They stood there in silence for a minute or so.
“I’ll call security. They’ll have a spare…” Serena said while picking up the phone.
“No, wait.” Serena stops immediately, looking to Bernie for answers.
“I haven’t been entirely honest with you.” Serena puts the phone down.
At that time she saw Fletch and Jason emerge in the window just behind Bernie. They were holding signs. Fletch held up “You love her!” and Jason had “Tell her”
“Are you even listening?” Bernie's voice sounded hurt. She was about to pour her heart out and Serena was distracted. Drawing her attention back to her she answered.
“Absolutely.” Only to see Fletch and Jason switch sides correcting their signs.
“Tell her” “you love her!”
“I should have just told you... Oh, forget it. Um- you can't even bring yourself to look at me.” Bernie was being vulnerable, trying to lay everything out on the table.
“No, no. I am. I’m looking.”
To stop herself from further distractions she moved to be beside Bernie. The closest they’ve been to each other since she's been back.
Bernie took a moment to regain her thoughts as she stumbled over the words she wanted -no- needed to tell Serena.
“I like. No, God. Uhm- I mo- more than like you.” Bernie took the chance to look Serena in the eyes when she said the next bit.
“I know I’ve messed things up, I’ve done the wrong things. I’ve said the wrong things.” She took a second to breathe.
“But- When I was in Ukraine, there was only one thing I could think about. That was you, Serena. It still is.” Serena couldn't help but look at Bernies lips as she spoke, almost in a trance as the words spilled from them. “How I’ve missed those lips.” Serena thought to herself, but she couldn't give in yet. She turned, faced back towards the desks instead of towards Bernie.
“Right.” She sighed. “So we pick up where we left off? I was all but begging you not to leave, in front of the entire ward, but you went off regardless.” Serena’s voice slightly gave away the pain she'd been holding inside.
Bernie’s body inched closer to Serena, hips almost touching. So close, yet so far away.
“I wanted to commit to you, I did.”
“And yet you still left?” Serena was no longer holding back.
“We’ve become such...close friends.” She looked Serena right in the eyes.
“ And I’ve - phew- destroyed too many friendships in my life, scared. I- I didn't want to destroy ours.” Bernie was all but pleading for Serena to understand.
“So all the texts and emails I sent. You responded to with radio silence?” Bernie had to look away from Serena's gaze. She knew she was hurt.
“I was um- I was rubbish, I know.” Getting the courage to look back up, she finally said the words she's been wanting to tell Serena since the moment she got on the plane to Ukraine. “I’m sorry.”
“Well I um- I’m hoping something has changed.” Serena searched Bernie's eyes.
“Me, me. I’ve- I’ve changed. I- I don't want that horrible, empty, lonely feeling ever again.” Bernie meant every word. Serena knew she meant it. Slowly they leaned into each other. “Almost home.” Bernie thought to herself. They inched ever so slowly towards each other, until Bernie caught Jason peeking through the window.
“What's he doing?” Serena turned her head and couldn't help but giggle at the smile Jason had on his face.
“I believe he's playing cupid.”
“How uh- How's that...” Bernie poked her tongue out and wet her lips. “, working for him?”
“Not very well, given that you're leaving again” Right then and there Bernie had made her decision.
“I won't.” Bernie’s eyes softened, wandering back down to Serena’s lips, then down to her rising and falling chest. Her own breath and heart rate sped up as she finished her sentence. Giving another small lick to her lips to relay the message she was trying to send. “If you give me a reason to stay.”
Without hesitation Serena responded.
“Will this do?” and almost immediately Serena's lips crashed into Bernie’s. Her hands rose to Bernie’s neck to pull her closer. Message received.
“Auntie Serena?” Jason called through the window.
“Ignore him.” Serena was serious. Her lips still attacking Bernie’s, who was more than happy to oblige. Bernie parted her lips just enough for Serena’s tongue to invade her mouth.
“I've lost the key.” Bernie reached for the shades and pulled them closed, not wanting anymore distractions. Her hand returned to Serena’s waist. Bernie reveled in the feeling of Serena’s smooth curvaceous body under her palms again. She couldn't stop her hands from roaming all over, discovering new places that seemed to make Serena squirm when she touched them. For instance, the swell of her ass and just under it, right above the back of her thighs. Bernie grabbed ahold of Serena’s bottom and lifted her up onto the cabinets they were just leaning against not even five minutes ago. Serena gasped at the coolness of the metal cabinet under her now heated up body. She had one hand wrapped around Bernie's neck and one tugging at the elastic holding Bernie’s hair up, letting it fall just above her shoulders before she wrapped her hand in the blonde mess. She pulled at it slightly causing a small, but audible, moan to escape Bernie’s mouth. Serena would have to take a mental note for future reference. Bernie’s hand travelled up until she reached just below Serena’s breasts, her fingers tightened around her ribcage. She pulled away a bit to make sure that whatever they were about to do was okay. Serena whimpered at the loss of contact. Her body involuntarily lunged towards Bernie to regain contact. Her hands moved to hold both sides of Bernie's cheeks and looked deeply into her eyes. She wanted this.
“Please, Bernie. Touch me.”