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Krew's Approval

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Disclaimer: The series, Jak and Daxter, was created by Naughty Dog, not me.


Krew's Approval


Keeping to herself in Kras City, Rayn, the daughter and heir of the late crime lord, Krew, looked over her father's audiovisual diary on the excuse of looking for clues to her "distant" father's dealings with Mizo, when in fact, she was looking up journal entries to see what he felt about his associates who had become Rayn's teammates in the ongoing combat races spanning Haven, Kras, and everywhere in between. While she did have to regretfully poison them all to get their cooperation for the plan she and her father worked on, Rayn could not help but like the others, even Jak and Daxter, who were responsible for Krew's death, as genuine friends.

Finding one such entry for Jak, in fact, Rayn, upon seeing that she was still alone at the moment, looked up what Krew thought of him. In an instant, a holographic recording of her obese father in his hoverchair appeared in the same room as Rayn.

"The obvious Underground member and escaped Dark Warrior, Jak, my dear, is a rather peculiar youth in my eyes." The holographic Krew began to tell Rayn, who listened intently. "When our paths first crossed, I couldn't quite tell why he would bother to still care about the misfortunes of others, considering what Baron Praxis did to him in just two years. I figured that whatever he was before, had been replaced with a permanent rogue." Krew then chuckled in reminisce as he added. "Then again, I suppose he just reminds me of a cruder, male version of you, Rayn."

Rayn looked intrigued at her dead father's words, wondering where he was going with this.

Clearing his throat, Krew then said. "Regardless of whether anyone would call Jak reckless on one end, or even naïve on another, the boy is clever, brave, responsible, and, even if he says otherwise, has the makings of a great leader. He could very well be the next Mar." Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he showed a more sincere smile that Rayn figured was meant for her. "All the same, sweetie, you should form your own opinions of the young man yourself, uninfluenced by anyone, but your own experiences. Even if I have to guess that it was Jak and his talking pet that will put me in the ground, I like to think that Jak could be worth much more to you as an ally than an enemy." Chuckling warmly, Krew at last concluded saying. "You'll might even find Jak to be just your type of man, too."

"What?!" Rayn could not but exclaim in blushing embarrassment at her father's blessing before she then heard someone coming along, and decided to change the entry to the one about Krew's deal with Mizo as soon as Jak came along.

Shortly after acting up a scene of Rayn's "total distance" from her father, followed by Jak offering his support to her, the former could not help but consider Krew's prior words and then surprised Jak by giving him a kiss on the left cheek.

"You're a better person than my father ever was, Jak." She told him sincerely while Jak touched his cheek unsurely and looking down on the floor.

"I don't think I'm that good." Was all he said in response much to Rayn's hidden amusement mixed with her understanding of his troubling circumstances.


I figured basing it on Decoding Affection by Blackfire 18 on FanfictionNet would make this one-shot easy to write and quick to wrap up.