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Off Course Landing

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Disclaimer: The series, Jak and Daxter, was created by Naughty Dog, not me.


Off Course Landing


Having unintentionally split up from their friends during their rough ride, Jak and Daxter found themselves in Haven City, which felt like anything but a safe haven for them or anyone else. While they were fortunate to avoid the Krimzon Guard, the two friends were lost in a harsh city without knowledge to where Keira and her father, Samos Hagai, had landed at.

Thankfully, Jak and Daxter quickly met a kind old man named Osmo Drawers, who not only gave the two a home in Haven, but offered them both a job as bug exterminators at his Kridder Ridder company. Needing money and a roof over their heads, Jak talked Daxter to agree with him and be Osmo's exterminators with the intention of spending their days off looking for Keira and Samos. After two weeks since arriving in Haven, Jak was then directed by an unsure Osmo to the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon where he was supposed to deal with the owner for information about where his friends were.

"You sure you want to do this, Jak?" The diminutive Osmo asked his employee in a fearful kind of way as he led the latter right outside the Hip Hog at night. While Daxter wanted to come along to support his friend, and Jak was starting to wish he did upon hearing the loud music from inside the Saloon, Jak figured that Krew, the Hip Hog's owner, would not appreciate his best friend's antics, so he asked him to stay at Kridder Ridder while he practiced his own conversational skills. "I know you and Daxter are worried about your friends, but Krew is said to be just as dangerous as the Baron."

Jak was tempted to move back upon Osmo's words, having seen the cruel impact Baron Praxis's rule had on the City, but shook his head to get his act together and turned to Osmo with a convincing smile. "I'll be fine, Osmo. You just head on back."

With a sigh, Osmo forced a hopeful look as he replied. "Very well, just be safe."

While Osmo left, Jak took a deep breath and upon entering the Saloon, was very glad that Daxter did not come along. If he saw the seductive pole dancers, the flirty Human turned Ottsel would not get much done.

Clearing his throat to avoid the dancers, Jak ignored the glances thrown his way before reaching the blonde and buxom bar tender, who showed him a more genuine smile as she said to him. "Aren't you a young customer? Then again, who am I to talk?"

Forcing an awkward chuckle at her joke, not because Jak did not see the humor, but because, aside from Keira, he did not have a lot of experience with pretty girls, he then told her. "I'm actually here because I heard your boss has a talent of knowing what there is to know in the City, if I can be allowed to meet with him." Remembering his manners that Samos and his honorary uncle had taught him, Jak then held his hand out to the bar tender as he said. "Uh, I'm Jak, by the way."

Reciprocating the gesture, she replied. "The name's Tess, and Krew's in the back. Still, just be careful, and try not to make him mad in anyway, okay?"

Nodding, Jak said. "Right. Thank you, Tess."

Making his way to the back, Jak did not notice that Tess was reaching for something underneath the counter as he was about to meet with Krew.


Having left the Saloon in a mix of satisfaction and worry, Jak's payment to the obese Krew rewarded him news that someone bearing Keira's appearance and name was working as a mechanic at the Mar Memorial Stadium, while another who resembled Samos was imprisoned by the Krimzon Guard on suspicion of being connected to the Underground against the Baron's rule. While Jak's heart went out for his old mentor, he was at least happy to know that he and Daxter could reunite with Keira soon enough, and the three together could focus on rescuing Samos later.

Just as Jak was coming in reach to his temporary home with Daxter, however, he was surprised to be grabbed at the back by Tess, of all people, who whispered harshly into his ears. "Sorry, Jak, but I need to talk to you." She then added when Jak was about to protest in confusion. "And I can't take "no" for an answer."

Going along with Tess's odd request, Jak was led to a rundown area of the City, where he met her comrade in the Underground named Torn, who interrogated him suspiciously about Samos Hagai until he exhaled in exhaust bewilderment.

Turning to Tess, Torn commented. "Okay, well, Jak's too innocent to tell a lie, but the fact remains that it's too coincidental for a second man named Samos Hagai to be in Haven City, having a similar look, and connected to the Underground all together."

Torn's statement got Jak's curiosity as he said. "Excuse me?"

While Torn realized his slip up with a groan, Tess glared at Jak as she asked. "Jak, do we have your word that you won't leak any of this to the wrong person?"

While caught off by Tess's demand, Jak, nonetheless, narrowed his ears seriously at her as he nodded and swore. "I promise not to tell anyone. Krew, Krimzon Guard, or otherwise."

Showing a pleased smile, Tess kissed him on the forehead before turning to a reluctantly nodding Torn and then asked Jak. "Have you ever heard of the Shadow who leads the Underground?"


Thankfully, Jak and Tess's interactions in A Matter of Time by Burenda on FanFictionNet as well as the ideas of Banchoking from SpaceBattles, inspired me to make this one-shot easy to write and quick to wrap up. And, for the sake of argument, I gave Jak the power of speech in this and rationalized that he did not talk much due to everyone else, especially Daxter and Samos, speaking first, and that the Dark Eco experiments roughed up his voice pretty badly, which is not that hard to believe, actually.