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The Love in your Eyes (5 times Aaron hated being at a wedding and 1 time he didn‘t)

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Pardon the way that I stare, 

There's nothin' else to compare, 

The sight of you leaves me weak, 

There are no words left to speak


Leaves are rustling in the warm breeze and somewhere sheep are bleating. The corn is swaying softly, waiting to get harvested in the upcoming weeks and the shadows of the trees are slowly growing longer. Aaron is standing there on the small mound, just staring, soaking the view in and breathing deeply the clean air. It smells like flowers and earth, summer and home. He loves it here. 

The early evening sun is still hot on his skin and according to the weather forecast the temperatures won’t drop much as they expect the warmest night of the year. He closes his eyes and simply enjoys the sun rays on his skin.

Aaron has learnt to appreciate a perfect moment and this is definitely one of them. Where he just feels content. Present. Whole.

Arms are sneaking around his belly and another body is being pressed against his back.

Aaron’s current happiness might have to do a lot with that person behind him and he doesn’t bite back the smile that’s spreading on his face when he turns his head around. He blinks his eyes open and they are landing on his favourite face.


Robert kisses his cheek and starts nuzzling Aaron’s scruff along the jawline, humming a pleased sound. The tickling sensation sends a shiver down Aaron’s spine. He grabs Robert’s hands, squeezes and in response the hug tightens. His stomach does a flip flop.

The muscles on his neck are getting sore, so he turns his head back to the front and Robert settles his chin on his shoulder. They are both overlooking the landscape in peaceful silence and Aaron doesn’t even notice at first that they started swaying at some point.

Robert’s inability to keep his hips still. 

Not that Aaron would complain about that.

“This is beautiful,” he says quietly.

“You are beautiful.”

Aaron snorts, because it’s such a Robert reply. 

One would assume Aaron got used to compliments over the years since sweet, little statements like that just naturally spill out of Robert’s mouth all the time, and he did to a certain degree, but it still makes him wanna squirm on the spot. 

Not as beautiful as you,

is on his tongue, but he doesn’t say it. 

Once they had an actual fight in the pub that started out of a whispered ‘I love you more’ moment and their friends officially declared them insane. 

“Oh God, get a room, guys, will ya?”

Robert lets go of him and Aaron misses the feel of his body already. They turn around and Adam is grinning back at them.

“Can we start, please? My feet are bloody killing me!” Vic moans and rubs her belly.

It only takes about a nanosecond before Adam joins in on giving her 37-weeks-pregnancy-bump a little massage. To no one’s surprise he is a total helicopter dad already.

Aaron looks from them over to Vanessa and her wife, who are currently snapping a family selfie with their son Johnny. When Aaron found out that it was Vanessa who didn’t pass his number on to Robert, he was pissed off at first, but she apologised and explained she was only trying to do the right thing. At some point along the way she became his friend too and Aaron likes the family a lot. Johnny even calls him ‘uncle Won’, the ‘r’ still too difficult for the little chap. 

Everybody is dressed up nicely for the nuptials and Aaron’s heart is impossibly swelling, overflowing with love and happiness. 

Jesus, Aaron is an emotional guy on a normal day, but today it’s like ten times worse. But he reckons it’s okay to be a bit sentimental. 

Since it’s his and Robert’s wedding day.  

“Okay then!” Robert gestures for Ashley to come closer and then he smiles at Aaron. “Shall we?”

Aaron takes a deep breath. “No.”

The vicar stops dead in his tracks, just like everybody else.

“Aaron?” Robert asks concerned and grabs his hand.

The green eyes are filled with a sudden fear and worry and Aaron puts him out of his misery quickly. “We are still waiting for guests to arrive,” he informs the group. 

“We are?” Robert frowns. “We said no Dingles. Don’t tell me you invited-”

“Robert,” Aaron chuckles. “relax.”

No Dingles today, that's what they both agreed on. Aaron is more than fine with it. Despite loving his mum - she is his mum after all - their relationship will always be rocky. Chas will be massively pissed when she learns that she was excluded, Aaron can see the storm already rising on the horizon and he will deal with that another day. They will do a little celebration where they invite his lot and Andy and Bernice, their friends and business partners, but today is supposed to be about them and only them and nobody else. He can’t deal with his mum and her sensitivities today. 

The only guests they wanted around are their best friends, their chosen families. 

So where the hell are they?!

Right at that moment, as on cue, they hear the motor of an approaching car. The parking area is on the other side of the barn, so they can’t see what’s happening, but they hear the engine being switched off and doors opening. 

Aaron feels Robert’s eyes on him and he knows he must have so many questions right now. Aaron gives him a reassuring smile, at least he hopes it is one. His own nerves are showing now. What if Robert hates his idea? Aaron might have ruined their big day and fuck, this would be the worst!  

Vanessa takes a peak around the corner and starts squealing, obviously having spotted the final guests. “Oh my god!” she shouts and clasps a hand on her mouth. 

Only a moment later Superman, Batman, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash are joining them.

Adam is chuckling and Vic’s mouth is twitching in amusement, but Aaron only has eyes for his fiancé. Robert’s mouth falls open and he stares at the superheroes in sheer disbelief. Then Superman waves around awkwardly and Robert throws his head back, laughing out loud. He’s scrunching his nose and Aaron melts inside at the sight. 

Robert looks at him and his eyes are shining brighter than the sun. He shakes his head fondly.

“Thank you,” he breathes out and grabs Aaron’s to pull him close for a kiss. 

“Well, you weren’t allowed to invite them to your first wedding, so I thought…” Aaron’s face is heating up quickly and he turns around to Finn and the others to avoid Robert’s gaze. 

They really put a lot of effort into their costumes, Aaron has to give them that. He’s not sure about Finn still wearing his thick, black glasses though… he gives more Clark Kent than Supes vibes like that, but well. 

“Hey.” A warm hand touches his cheek and turns his head back. Robert gives him one of his infamous soft smiles. “This is amazing.”

You are amazing.

Aaron ducks his head and bites his lip, his body feeling hot and fuzzy with love and relief that his little surprise went down well. 

“Well, are we complete then?” Ashley asks and his eyes land on Aaron questioningly. 

He gives a quick nod in return and the vicar steps up at them, clearing his throat. Next to him, Robert straightens his shoulders and shifts on his feet and suddenly Aaron’s heart is hammering quicker and harder with every passing second.

This is it now. He’s going to marry Robert now. 

He’s going to marry Robert!

He’s going to marry Robert!

Aaron’s stomach does a flip flop and there is a horrifying second where he fears getting sick, but then the feeling fades.

“Welcome everybody to this wonderful venue and what can be better than celebrating two people…”

Ashley’s words are washing over him, but Aaron can barely follow. He looks at Robert and his breath hitches.

He remembers how they stood here, all those years ago, at Andy’s and Bernice’s wedding, right at the exact same spot and admired the view over the fields. He remembers the story Robert told him about his mum, about their picnics. Making memories in the sunset. 

It’s what we do.

The sunlight is slowly turning orange now and bathing Robert in the warm colour. They make the freckles stand out even more prominent than usual and Aaron traces them with his eyes all the way to the mole on his left cheekbone that he loves to kiss on sweet, lazy Sunday mornings. The ocean green of Robert’s irises is reduced to huge, bright pastel rings around small pupils. Aaron’s fingers are itching to touch the blond hair, but he’s not allowed since his vain boyfriend

husband, soon

spent better part of his morning in the bathroom, styling every streak. It’s adorable, him being so extra with his hairstyle because Aaron loves him with whatever hair, really. 

Robert Sugden is a stunning piece of art. 

And Aaron can’t believe he’s marrying him. 

He still stares at Robert when he notices something’s different. Someone coughs quietly and yeah… it is quiet in general - despite the soft noise of the summer wind. Aaron blinks at the vicar, kinda dazed, and indeed Ashley has stopped speaking and gives him a little encouraging nod. 


Is it time for his vow already?!

They were arguing beforehand who would start saying their vow and Aaron insisted that it had to be him, obviously! Because Robert is going to say something so beautiful and heartwarming that Aaron will definitely start crying and then he won’t be able to get his own speech out. When he said as much, Robert just laughed and pulled him into a hug and called him an idiot. 

God, this is so out of Aaron’s comfort zone, even though they only have their closest friends around. 

“You know I’m not a fan of practiced speeches,” he starts and God, his voice is already shaky. Aaron takes a deep breath and Robert is beaming his brightest smile when he continues: “But… uh... I did sit down and think about what I wanted to say now… can’t say I succeeded though, because I came up blank.” 

Their friends are snickering behind them. 

“But I know you remember what we said when we met. That it should just take a look in the other person’s eyes to find the right words.” Robert nods. “I always said I don’t believe in love at first sight, but from the moment I spotted you in the crowd, doing what you think is dancing…”

Robert pulls a mock-offended face and someone - probably Vic, let’s be honest - cackles loudly.

“I felt there was something and you know what? I think it was love at first sight on my part, because I looked into your eyes and I knew you’re the one for me. I just-... I just love you, Robert.” 

Aaron bites his lip, suddenly overwhelmed with that way too huge feeling inside him that is cutting off his throat and the words are getting stuck. His eyes start watering. Of course he couldn’t say his vows without crying. 

“I love you when you wear your stupid elbow patches with pride and honestly no one is pulling off the granddad look as hot as you,” he blurts out the next best thing that comes to his mind and laughs through his tears. “And I love you when you listen to your awful music, because it makes you happy and I love seeing you happy. I even love you when we’re fighting, because you keep challenging me to rethink stuff.”

“He especially loves it when they’re making up, so I’ve heard…” Vanessa mutters loud enough for everybody to hear.

While the others are snickering, Aaron fears his ears are about to fall off any second with how hot they are burning. He’s just glad no one will notice it, because of the orange sunlight. He focuses on Robert instead and as soon as he sees the wobbly chin, the glassy eyes and the sweetest affection on his favourite face, the tears are streaming down Aaron’s cheeks and there is nothing in the world that could stop the flood. 

“I love you for being brave and opening your bookstore and turning it into a successful business. Your mum would be so proud…” 

Robert quickly lowers his gaze and sniffs. 

“And so am I. I’ll support you, always. As long as you’ll have me.”

Aaron shuts his mouth so hard his teeth are clicking and takes another deep breath. 

That’s all. Is that okay? Is that enough?

He can only hope so, because the chances that he gets out another word are close to none. Robert lifts his hands, cradles his jaw and gently wipes away the tears with his warm thumbs. Aaron closes his eyes for a brief moment and leans into the touch. 

“Thank you,” Robert says quietly and his voice is heavy with emotions. “I haven’t practised anything either, because I just wanna… say thank you. Thank you for saving me, literally saving me from a marriage I didn’t want and a life I resented. Thank you for supporting me with the store, for always being there for me. You were the best decision I ever made, Aaron.“

The freckled face swims away again, because Aaron can‘t hold those tears back no matter how hard he tries. Robert‘s smile is blurry. 

“You‘re amazing,” he goes on softly and chuckles, “I mean, you brought Superman to my wedding! And he’s holding hands with Aquaman!”

Aaron snorts and shakes his head at how ridiculous his soon-to-be-husband is. When he glances over to their guests, he does see Superman coupled with Aquaman, a.k.a. Finn and Kasim. If someone would have told Aaron a few years ago that Finn would be at his wedding one day, he would have laughed his arse off. Like, please. 

But here we are. And so is the Justice League. 

Well, minus Wonder Woman, because Vanessa flipped Finn off when he asked her to put on a costume. Not even the reason that it would ‘look freaking amazing on the pictures’ could convince her. They were plotting the surprise behind Robert’s back in the café and Vanessa just leaned back and said with a smug grin that she wouldn’t need a costume to be a Wonder Woman and if someone questioned it that they should simply ask her wife. Aaron almost choked on his bacon sarnie then. 

He looks around at the few people they wanted to join them today and yeah, it is an unlikely group, but somehow along the past few years they became family. 

Aaron wouldn’t want it any other way. 

“You’re amazing,” Robert repeats and his hands are still holding Aaron’s face, his thumbs are still caressing the scruff. “And I will keep saying this over and over until you believe me one day.” 

Of course Robert knows him like no one else ever will. He knows about Aaron’s past, about his insecurities and vulnerability that he usually hides from others behind his grumpy demeanour. “I love you.” 

The tears are still running when Robert slips the ring on his trembling finger, the silver band shining brightly in the sunlight and Aaron stares at it in awe. 

“I, Robert Jacob Sugden, take you, Aaron Dingle, to be my husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish always.”


Looking up he is met with Robert’s soft eyes and small smile and trembling chin. It’s his turn now and he can barely remember the words of the vow, because everything is just so overwhelming and when he finally finds the words, he can’t get them out properly because his throat is so tight. 

In the end he manages somehow and their friends are chuckling in the background, but Aaron can’t bring himself to be embarrassed.

He’d never thought a wedding could be that nerve wracking. 

And then he’s married, like… he’s actually married! He can’t believe it.

“You may now kiss the-”

Ashley hasn’t finished his sentence and Robert is making a mad lunge at Aaron. He tumbles a step backwards, but big hands are stabilising him quickly. He laughs in Robert’s

my husband’s

mouth and grabs his jacket. Their first kiss as official husbands feels incredible. It’s perfect like always, but even better somehow. Robert’s lips are magical, it’s like they cast some spell over Aaron and all he can do is melt into the contact and forget everything around him. 

It’s the quiet cough of Ashley that brings him back down to Earth. Aaron pulls back reluctantly, with slightly burning ears and ducks his head. 

The first person to congratulate them is the vicar and he gives them a warm smile, before he leaves. Then they are surrounded by their friends and the superheroes and everything is just like a blurry movie. Aaron nods along to the conversation and focuses on that warm, strong hand that is holding his own and won’t let go. He fears he might just float away if it did. 

Aaron Dingle hated weddings. He loathed weddings.

And now he’s a married man. 

Adam throws an arm over his shoulder and shakes him. “Congrats, man. It was really touching to watch you weeping like a baby.”

Aaron laughs. “Shut up.” He elbows his mate playfully.

“No music, no flowers, no decoration - some kind of wedding planner you are,“ Adam jokes, causing him to roll his eyes. But hearing the same thing for months at work made him immune by now.

He looks at Robert, who is talking animatedly and laughing with the guys from his geek club, and then at their still intertwined hands.

“Why would I need all this,” he says, “when the only thing that matters is right here?”


-    -


They are finally alone and Aaron spreads out the picnic blanket they brought with them. The timing could not be better as the small clouds above them turn from white to pink and purple.

Robert sits down next to him and opens two beer bottles with swift motions before he hands one over to Aaron. 

“Cheers, husband.” Jesus, does saying that word feel good. 

“Cheers. Husband.” Robert smiles, probably thinking just the same.

They clink their bottles and take their first sip. 

Aaron leans his back against the barn and Robert ends up between his spread legs, lying with his back against his chest. They both take the view in, silently, and Aaron wonders if it’s like Robert remembers from the picnics with his mum. 

He looks over Robert’s shoulder down at his hand, at the ring on his finger and he takes his husband’s hand, feeling the metal bands clinging against each other.

“I love you,” he whispers and presses his nose into the blond hair.

It smells of shampoo and styling gel and Aaron takes a deep inhale. 

“I love you.” And after a little pause, Robert adds: “This is perfect.” Then he turns his head and they kiss again.

This time, they are blissfully alone and no one can interrupt their moment and it doesn’t take long for their lips to part and their tongues to meet. Aaron starts stroking over Robert’s broad, flat chest, down his belly and over his arms, loving how strong and big his husband feels under his touch.



He slowly moves his hand towards the waistband of Robert’s trousers, doesn’t stop there until he feels the zip and the hardening bulge underneath. 

Robert moans into his mouth and the sound alone sends a spark through Aaron’s body. The cock is quickly filling under his palm and he gently rubs the spot where it is straining against the fabric. Opening the fly without looking properly is a bit of a fumble, but he doesn’t want to break the kiss and eventually he manages. A moment later he wraps his hand around Robert’s rockhard dick. The soft gasp he gets in return is music to his ears. 

He jerks him off, slowly, sweetly, playing with the pressure and a little twist until Robert starts rolling his hips and breathing faster. His back is rubbing just the right way against Aaron’s crotch.

Robert pulls back and licks his spit-slick, red and swollen lips as if chasing the taste of Aaron on them. “Want you.” His eyes are filled with longing. “Fuck me.”

Never did they get rid of their clothes more quickly and finally they are lying on the blanket, bare skin on skin and the warm summer breeze is caressing them in the softest way. It’s a constant reminder that they are outdoors - which is not exactly one of Aaron‘s kinks, but it’s how they planned this, how he wanted it. 

He tries to push that paranoia someone might see them away - deep down he knows it’s not possible, because there is no house, no street on this side of the barn - and focuses on the man on top of him. 

Robert is grinding carefully, rubbing their dicks simultaneously and they both moan. 

Aaron puts two fingers into his mouth, sucks, licks, makes them as wet and dripping as possible, while Robert watches him with blown pupils and parted lips. Then Aaron reaches down and behind him, spreads him open with his palms and feels with slick fingers his hole twitching. 

“Aaron…” A whispered plea.

Carefully he pushes in and Robert is still loose from this afternoon, when they were putting their suits on and got distracted. No, they didn’t do the whole ‘don’t see each other before you get married’ circus - Bernice would probably suffer a minor meltdown if she knew. 

Oi, stop thinking about Bernice when your hot husband is lying naked on you!

Goddamnit, his brain is right, for once! Fuck traditions and stiff protocols, rules are there to bend and be broken.

Aaron uses his left hand to pull Robert down for a passionate kiss while he keeps opening him up. When he hits the prostate, Robert makes a high pitched, needy little noise and seriously, who needs music at a wedding, when you can get perfect sounds like this?! 

Aaron kisses down that sharp jawline to the soft and warm neck, where he smells of aftershave and Robert and everythinggoodintheworld.

I love you, I love you, Iloveyou

He gets absolutely lost in the feeling and when Robert finally sinks down on his cock, Aaron is close to cuming already. 

“Oh god,” he sobs out.

The colours of the sunset are reaching their peak of glowing and the heaven above them is burning, burning like Aaron’s body and it’s almost too much to keep his eyes open, but he forces them to, because Robert is on top of him fuck yes, that’s a sight! 

It’s the perfect moment captured in a perfect scenery.

“I’m fine with Robert,” his idiot husband groans with half lidded eyes while he waits for the sting to subside. “Always wanted to ride into the sunset.”

Aaron’s laughter ends in a broken moan when Robert starts rolling his hips. It doesn’t take long for Aaron to plant his feet on the ground and meet his movements with sharp thrusts. He pulls Robert down again, needing him close, and holds him while he fucks into him.


Robert’s dick is trapped between their bellies, getting the perfect friction from their sweaty bodies and Aaron knows Robert can cum just from that, he just needs to find the angle-

“Fuck, yes! Aaron!”

Yeah. C’mon.

Robert buries his face against Aaron’s neck, his breath is hot and ragged. His moans are getting louder and more desperate. It’s ending all too soon, but Aaron already feels the heat coiling in his guts and he knows he’s close.

He cums a few minutes later right before Robert, his eyes are rolling back into his skull and everything gets absorbed in an explosion of white heat. Robert is clenching around him, shivering and spilling between them. 

Aaron gasps for air and all he can do is hold on to Robert and he’s glad his husband is on top of him, grounding him with his weight.


Dazed, Aaron blinks his eyes open. The sky is blue again, the first stars blinking down on them.

That grin that’s spreading on his face is something he can’t control - he can’t control anything about his body right now! Robert’s heart is thumping rapidly against his own. 

It’s his favourite beat and the jerky breathing his favourite music.

Really deep thoughts for a DJ who just fucked his brain out, right? Seriously though, who needs all the fuss, when all that matters is just the two of them?

They end up snuggling under a blanket, not because it’s cold, but Aaron does feel a bit too naked and too exposed when the afterglow wears off. The wedding night will be spent here, at this special place, under the light of millions of stars and with a cooler full of beers and Aaron couldn’t imagine anything more romantic. 

“Sooooo,” Robert starts and turns his head to look at Aaron. “What is the verdict on today’s wedding?”

He asks that every weekend after Aaron comes home from another venue and it makes him chuckle. 

“Ten out of ten!” he answers without hesitating, meaning it wholeheartedly. He wouldn’t change anything for the world.

“So, you’d do it again?” Robert asks cheekily and smirks.

Aaron meets his eyes and gets lost in them once more. He knows Robert can look right into him right now and it might be terrifying, that thought of baring his soul to another person, but there is so much unconditional love in those green eyes that leaves no room for any doubts, insecurities or second thoughts.

It’ll always be you. It’ll always be a yes.

But Aaron is also a wedding DJ who hates weddings. 

“Fuck no. Once is enough.”

Robert laughs and Aaron smiles. This idiot is his, now and forever. It’s enough indeed.