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"You crave love."

That was the last thing I said before it happened.

I pulled her in, pressing my lips against hers softly.

She grazed her fingers against my neck, making me desperate for more.

I placed my hand behind her head, pulling her closer to me.

The kiss grew from passionate and meaningful to rough and desperate.

She grabbed my waist. A fluttering feeling took over my body.

We collapsed to the ground. She bit my lip.

I placed my hands on her thighs, which were on either side of me, trapping me in between her legs.

She pulled my dress up just above my hips and removed my bottoms i wore underneath, leaving me fully exposed to her.

I grew more desperate. She moved to kneel in between my legs.

Neither of us cared about the possibility of being seen, nor the fact that i was married. We needed each other badly.

She ran her hand up my leg to my inner thigh. Heat coursed through my veins.

I could only feel that way with her. She made me see stars every time.

And the way she held me. The feeling of soft skin against my own made me feel safe.

Her fingers traced around where I needed her most. A soft moan was released from the back of my throat.

I pushed my hips up, making her slender fingers slip inside of me. She pushed them back down, her fingers brushing against the spot that made me go wild.

In that moment, i wanted to scream in pleasure. i wanted to scream her name as loud as i could. But I had to hold back.

I did not want her to see how hot and bothered she made me.