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It was a perfect moment. After everything ended and before everything started they had a perfect moment of stillness.
And now, as their college lives start all April can do is look back fondly.

Look back at the perfect moment of stillness, in between all the chaos.
More things were said in the silence than could've ever been put in words.
The grass was soft and mossy under their backs. The sun was giving her light, enveloping the girls in her warmth. The water would play it's gorgeous melodies while the wind harmonized it's sounds.
And the clouds. The clouds we're so much more than clouds. They made up stories and fantasy worlds. They told April to let go and told Sterling she would figure it out in the end.
The clouds told stories of princesses in castles and mermaids.
Stories about flowers and puppies rainbows.
Stories about change and pain and tears.
Stories about leaving your family behind, about being angry and confused.
But most of all, the clouds told the story of two girls in love.

Two girls who didn't need to use words to share their feelings. So in sync with each other, they'll know what the other means by just a look or a touch.

They didn't cry or say goodbye.
All they did was enjoy their moment of stillness as they looked at the clouds together. The clouds passed, waiting for no one. The clouds blocked the sun, demanding their presence to be known, before passing and letting the sun back out.

It was a perfect moment and now, in her new room all April can do is look up at the clouds and remember the stories.