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A Performance to Remember

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Aizawa felt a migraine coming on the moment an announcement was made in the staff meeting. Classes were cancelled for the day but each class was given an assignment to focus their time on, an assignment that would be graded on Monday. Today was Friday which meant this assignment was meant to take the weekend to complete. He looked down at small file he was given which explained the assignment Class 1-A was given and he let out a loud sigh before leaving the meeting wordlessly, he needed coffee and he needed to prepare himself mentally for his class. 

He was not prepared. He had drank two mugs of his expensive coffee, took a nap, prepared himself as much as he could but he was not prepared by the time homeroom started. His class were silent when he walked up to the podium at the front of the room and he took a deep breath. 

“All classes have been cancelled for the day-“ Before he could finish speaking, there were cheers and other excited noises but a flash of his quirk silenced them all once more. “However the class has still been assigned work, a project if you will. It can be done in groups or individually.” He passed the sheets to Iida to hand out as he read the details. “The assignment is a performance, a recreation of a scene from any pre-quirk era media, be that book, film, TV show etcetera. You must stick to the source material and cite the source your performance is from, with the original source material included as part of the project. There are two ways you can submit this project, as a live performance or as a recording which will be presented on Monday, you have today and the weekend to complete this. Any questions?” He looked around and felt relieved when nobody had any questions but his gaze faltered when he watched one students reactions. “That’s it, talk amongst yourselves.” He got into his sleeping bag and sat against the wall, watching his class but specifically that one student. Problem Child. 

When the announcement was made, Izuku grinned, his grin more feral than usual. The moment Aizawa mentioned recreating pre-quirk media he automatically knew what he was going to do and who he was going to partner up with. He glanced at the members of the Dekusquad and the Bakusquad though Uraraka, Iida, Shinsou and Asui had immediately noped out after seeing his grin, oh well, there were still enough people for the project. He stood on top of his desk with a smirk, watching as everyone tried to make groups with the people he needed and he knew they’d join him over the others. The class froze and stared at Izuku the moment they noticed him stand up onto the desk.

“Kacchan, Roki, Denki, Mina, Eijirou and Hanta are in my group!” Izuku had the biggest smile but with the chaotic glint in his eye, the smile was less than innocent, it seemed almost demonic. He opened his mouth once again and said something that no-one else apart from the four who noped out and the chosen ones understood, “Wanna know why? Because I want it that way!” He jumped down off the desk, the named classmates now sharing an equally feral expression and the group walked over to the door. “Sensei we are going to the dorms for the project, there’s some things we need to discuss privately.”

Aizawa looked at the group and sighed, though he was screaming internally because he did not trust those faces on his students, especially on his innocent Problem Child. “You’re free to go just dint burn down the dorms.” He turned to the rest if the class. “That applies to you all, you can plan and practice wherever just don’t give me a headache or destroy anything.”



Izuku was pacing in his room while the rest of the squad were sitting down and watching, he was writing ideas and plans down in a notebook whilst he paced. “We aren’t half-assing this. We go all in.” He looked up to the others with a grin. “So first step, costumes!”

Todoroki smiled slightly and pulled out a credit card from his pocket. “I still have my Sperm Donor’s credit card.”

“You still have Endeavour’s card? How has he not realised its been stolen yet?” 

“Because he’s an idiot. Anyway Mina, would you like to join me on a shopping spree? We can get outfits that are almost identical and then we are going to buy things for the dorm.” 

Mina practically squealed and nodded. “Fuck yes! We need Hanta too, he’s good with outfits and shit and with three of us, the quicker we can drain Endeavour’s bank account.”

Izuku started scribbling in his notebook, muttering under his breath though the others could still make out what he was saying. “Okay Mina, Hanta and Roki are on wardrobe got it.” He started and then began to talk about getting props and a backdrop but a laugh broke out, halting his thoughts. 

“I thought you said we aren’t fucking half-assing this, right nerd?”

“Yes? That’s why I’m planning and-“

Bakugou cut him off with a smirk. “So using props and other things is half-assing. Why not go the extra fucking mile and film the performance in the actual place?”

“What the fuck do you mean?”

“Ask your fucking dad to let us film in the police station, its the right set up and shit!” Bakugou had a feral glint in his eye and the rest of the group were nodding in agreement. 

“Okay Kacchan two things. Firstly, Tsuki isn’t my dad and secondly, I know already he’ll say yes as long as we don’t fuck up the station.” Izuku sighed and pulled out his phone, calling one of the most used contacts. Dadkauchi. 

It rang a few times before a tired voice answered. 

📞 [Dadkauchi]: “What have you done this time?”

“The fuck you mean what have I done this time?”

📞 [Dadkauchi]: “Well it’s the middle of the school day and you only call me when you’ve broken something, done something wrong or you need help so what have you done?”

“What the fuck dad, I can’t call you because I feel like it?” Izuku flipped Bakugou off when he heard mutters of, “I fucking knew it, fucking liar!”. “But fine yes I’m calling for your help but I haven’t done anything illegal or anything.”

📞 [Dadkauchi]: “Izuku that does not help your cause. Spit it out.”

“Ugh fine. Classes were cancelled but we still have to do an assignment thing, recreating pre-quirk era media. We need to use the line-up room in the station tomorrow to film the project, you can watch.”

📞 [Dadkauchi]: “How many of you are in the group?” 


📞 [Dadkauchi]: “I’ll get it ready for tomorrow morning. Also I will be turning all monitors on and playing the live CCTV for everyone in the station to watch.”

Izuku could hear the smirk in his voice. “Perfect! Bye dad!” He hung up straight away and looked at the group, smiling and eyes sparkling. “We’re in! We film tomorrow!” The group all shouted in excitement before Todoroki, Mina and Sero began to leave. Izuku spoke up before they exited the room. “If you can’t get any of the exact clothes, I can see if Momo can help us out when you get back.” He stated as they walked out. 

This was so exciting!



Saturday is usually the most peaceful day in the dorms, the students all wake up later than usual and so there’s no loud Hellspawn in the common room but not this Saturday. Aizawa had ended up dozing off on one of the couches while keeping an eye on his demonic class and he woke up around 5am. He decided to make a coffee and watch some cat videos on YouTube and closer to 7am, noise picked up and he groaned. 7 of his demons has ran down the stairs wearing baggy hoodies and sweatpants, each of them carrying a large backpack as they made their way to the kitchen, filling the bags with some water and already prepared lunch. He was very suspicious, the matching outfits made him think of the project they were working on but it was way too early. 

“What the fuck are you all doing?” Aizawa stood up from the sofa and glared at his students, especially Midoriya, the latter responding. 

“Oh we are filming the project today. We preferred to record it than to do it live, we planned it all yesterday um..” Izuku trailed off, rubbing the back of his head. “Anyway dad said we could film at the Police Station so we are getting there early so we can spend all day getting it right.” He shrugged before looking at the time. “Fuck we need to go or we’ll miss the train!” 

Aizawa didn’t have chance to say anything else before all students bolted out of the building, grabbing shoes on the way out. He did not want to know why they needed to film at the Police Station but one the other hand he needed to know because why the fuck would they need to film there? He had decided it was simply not his problem today, his Problem Child’s dad can deal with him. 

The Chaos Crew, as they dubbed themselves, had barely made it in time to catch the train but they did it. After grabbing some coffee to-go from a nearby coffee shop, they walked into the police station with Izuku in the lead, the other officers giving him and his classmates space as they headed into Detective Tsukauchi's office, Izuku putting a coffee on the desk once they arrived. 

Tsukauchi didn’t even look up at his kid as he picked up the coffee, gaze still fixed on the computer screen. “Izuku you know where the locker room is, put your belongings in there. I’ll meet you 10 minutes.” He sighed and took a sip of his coffee, footsteps and whispers now retreating from his office. 
It was going to be a long day.

Ten minutes later, Tsukauchi walked into the locker room to see all 7 teenagers wearing combinations of hoodies, jeans and plaid shirts, all in dark colours, they looked like some kind of pre-quirk era band, the irony wasn’t lost and he chuckled to himself. “You guys ready to practice and entertain the building for a few hours? Kami knows we need it.”

Izuku just grinned and nodded, automatically leading his friends to the line-up room, knowing the police station like he knows the scars that riddle his body. Of course once he arrived, he and Mina split off from the main group to go behind the one way glass that overlooked the room where the other five were, lining up against the height chart except for Todoroki who was setting up a tripod in front of the glass on his end. He set up a camera in his area on a tripod in front of glass and monitoring equipment whilst he watched the others get ready, of course they weren’t going to press record yet, they were just going to practice first. 



The Chaos Crew walked back into the dorms at 7pm, once again wearing the hoodies and sweatpants they left wearing, their costumes pack away once more into the backpacks. They were exhausted, they had been busy since 7am, 12 hours filled with travelling, practicing and filming, of course a lunch break was thrown in there as well as the occasional 5 minute break but they did it! There was just one more thing to do and that would be done the next day, editing the footage together with subtitles since it was all in English. They moment they walked into the common room, their classmates looked up with questions.

“Where the fuck have you been?”

“What time did you leave?”

“We thought you were kidnapped!”

Izuku chuckled a little and looked at everyone. “Sorry but we were in a rush. We left at like 7 this morning, we had to go somewhere for the project. We’ve finished it by the way, just need to do a bit of editing!” He beamed, pride showing in his expression.

“It was fuckin’ exhausting. Can you extras like give us some space, I need to fuckin’ sleep!” Bakugou pushed past everyone and headed towards the elevator, pausing when someone spoke up.

“Oh Aizawa’s getting pizza and shit for us, he left about 30 minutes ago maybe.” Uraraka smiled at the group and looked at Bakugou. “You can sleep after Bakugou.”

“Tch fine, but I’m getting a fuckin’ shower first. Oi you idiots-“ Bakugou pointed at the other 6 that were in his group, “you lot get one too, fuckin’ got it?”

“Aw Kacchan cares.” Kaminari grinned as he and Kirishima made their way over to Bakugou. 

“Fuck off Duracell!” 

“Don’t anger the Pomeranian.” Izuku chuckled a little as he and the rest of the group joined the other three. “Oh yeah if Aizawa shows up and we’re upstairs, just tell him we came back.” They all headed upstairs to their respective dorms to put their stuff away and get showers, leaving the rest of the class who still had questions. They spent a few minutes murmuring about what they could’ve been doing, someone even decided to become a conspiracy theorist and suggested they were abducted by aliens. Huh.

“I can’t believe they're almost finished already, we only got the assignment yesterday.” Hagakure sighed.

“I can.” Shinsou spoke up from the armchair he was sprawled across. “I know what media they’ve chosen but that’s it and we should be scared. Knowing Izu, he had it all planned out yesterday, you all saw him in class.” He shivered slightly as he remembered the feral grin. 

“I think most of us have an idea of what their recreation is and honestly, I can’t wait to see the reactions of 1-B and the teachers, they have no fucking idea what they are in for. Nothing can prepare anyone for the 1-A energy!” Jirou smiled, sitting next to Momo on the sofa, arm around her shoulders and pressed against her side. 

“And one of you Hellspawn has been spying on 1B. Not that I’m mad, scoping out the enemy is fair game. I’m also going to be working on your situational awareness because not noticing a man carrying multiple pizzas is quite pathetic.” Aizawa walked into the common room, having returned with the pizzas. He was amused by them and then the slight disappointment set in when the teens still talked when he walked in, yep definitely needed awareness training. He ignored his students outbursts and reactions as he put the pizzas on the table whilst another person entered the dorm who was easily noticed, Present Mic. Aizawa watched as His husband put the bottles of drink, the sides like fries, extremely spicy chicken , the works, and looked around. “The 7 demons should be here by now, where-“

“Upstairs taking showers, they got here almost 10 minutes ago, kero.” Asui spoke up, her voice just slightly louder than the rambunctious bunch of teens with her. 

“The demons are on their way, running down the stairs.” Shouji flexed the ears at the end of his limbs, Jirou nodding in agreement as she twirled her earphone jacks. Sure enough all 7 of them rushed downstairs into the common room and everyone paused in shock, well except Present Mic who was trying to hard to stifle his laughter. 

“What the fuck are you all wearing?” Aizawa raised an eyebrow at the group. 

“Oh yesterday we went shopping using my Sperm Donor’s credit card and we bought hero onesies.” Todoroki shrugged and lifted the bags he was holding, the others were holding bags as well. “We got one for everyone. We did get help from Momo and Mei from support to help protect the onesies against quirks and to accommodate for quirks.” The group dropped the bags onto the floor with smirks.

“We should all wear them tonight I think. Also Toshi, you’ll love yours!” Izukus smirk turned slightly evil as he looked at Hitoshi, his eyes quickly darting to Aizawa and back to the teen. 

“Izu... you didn’t.”

“Yup!” Izuku said, popping the ‘p’. “I did!”

The pizza party was soon over, many pictures and videos were taken of each other and if the other teachers received them as well, that’s their own business, and potential blackmail material. Now with all the class heading to bed, they only had one thought in mind. Destroy 1-B. They assignments may be graded, though a few students figured it might be a logical ruse, but they were going to show off and show up 1-B in ways no-one expected. 



Monday quickly comes around and now both Class 1-A and 1-B are sitting in chairs in the auditorium, teachers sitting at the very front to observe and grade the performances. It was decided that 1-A would go first and the order of performances was discussed, Izuku’s group going last and the other Dekusquad members going first. 

Uraraka, Iida, Shinsou and Tsu made their way to the stage, standing at opposite ends near the wings but nobody, except maybe Izuku’s group, could have seen their performance coming. Iida and Shinsou were standing by the left wing whilst Uraraka and Tsu were standing by the right wing as music began to play, Izuku trying his hardest not to laugh from the audience. As the performance ended, everyone else, including the teachers, were stunned silent while Izuku’s group were giving a round of applause and cheering. No-one had expected the innocent Dekusquad to sing and perform to Left Brain, Right Brain by Bo Burnham!

Izuku watched the other performances with bated breath, he was eager to see what his other classmates did. Jirou and Momo were also surprising, re-enacting the final scene of the pre-quirk movie Romeo and Juliet together. If people didn’t know they were together by now, that performance confirmed it. Tokoyami read an excerpt of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe under the pseudonym, Edgar Allan Crow, Izuku looked at Shouji at that, the multi-limbed boy just shrugging and Izuku could tell he was smirking under his mask. As the second to last performance was being done, Izuku stood up and made his way backstage to set up his laptop, their performance being a previously filmed video. He made his way to the front of the stage when called. 

“So we filmed our performance and I’ve got my laptop and shit all set up and connected to the screen. I’ll be just backstage if you need me.” Izuku looked to the teachers and walked off the stage and back to his laptop. With a smirk he pressed play. 



The video starts with a police line-up, showing 5 members of the group holding signs with a number on them; Kirishima Eijirou holding 1, Sero Hanta holding 2, Bakugou Katsuki holding 3, Todoroki Shouto holding 4 and finally Kaminari Denki holding 5, whilst a voice speaks, in perfect English, the camera changing and now showing Midoriya Izuku and Ashido Mina standing side by side. There are Japanese subtitles for those watching who aren’t fluent in English.

Peralta: “So, do you recognise any of these men?”

Witness: “I was hiding in the bathroom stall so I didn’t see his face but I heard him. He was singing along to the music at the bar.”

Peralta: “Do you remember what he was singing?”

Witness: “I think it was that song, ‘I Want It That Way’?”

Peralta: “Backstreet Boys. I’m familiar. Okay... Number One, could you please sing the
opening to ‘I Want It That Way’?”

Number One: “Really? Okay.. 🎙 You are my fire...”

Peralta: “Number Two keep it goin.”

Number Two: 🎙 “The one desire...”

Peralta: “Number Three.”

Number Three: 🎙 “Believe when I say...”

Peralta: “Number Four!”

Number Four: 🎙 “I want it that way.”

Peralta: 🎙 “TELL ME WHY!”

Suspects: 🎙 “Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache...”

Peralta: 🎙 “Tell me why!”

Suspects: 🎙 “Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake...”

Peralta: 🎙 “Now Number Five.”

Number Five: 🎙 “I never wanna hear you say..”

Peralta: “WOO!”

Suspects: 🎙 “I want it that way.”

Peralta: “Ah, chills , literal chills!”

Witness: “It was Number Five, Number Five killed my brother!”

Peralta: “Oh my god, I forgot about that part!”

The screen went black as more music began to play, many would recognise it as the theme music to the referenced show, Brooklyn 99. As the music played, credits began to roll with the cast and other pieces of information. 


Jake Peralta – Midoriya Izuku

Witness – Ashido Mina

Number One – Kirishima Eijirou

Number Two – Sero Hanta

Number Three – Bakugou Katsuki

Number Four – Todoroki Shouto

Number Five – Kaminari Denki



Midoriya Izuku


Todoroki Shouto

Ashido Mina

Sero Hanta

Yaoyorozu Momo

Hair and Make-up

Bakugou Katsuki

Ashido Mina


Midoriya Izuku

Kirishima Eijirou

Translators and Subtitles

Midoriya Izuku

Bakugou Katsuki

This performance was funded by Endeavour’s stolen credit card and was filmed in its entirety at Musutafu Police Station under the watch of Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa

No students were arrested in the filming of this performance


After the credits rolled, the screen once again went black before a video began to play, this time it was the original source material that they had re-enacted. Aizawa felt some sort of pride that his Problem Child and the demons in his group had planned this all out in such a short amount of time, the assignment was only given to them on Friday and they had it all planned by the following morning. He could see the effort they put in, the costumes were almost identical, as was the location, that would explain why they were filming at a police station. He watched as the 6 demons walked onto the stage, Midoriya making his way there after the video ended and he turned off the projector. Both classes and the teachers began their applause, his husband looked extremely proud of the performance although there was 1 person who wasn’t joining in, in fact once the applause ended they stood up laughing, mockingly. 

“I thought 1-A were supposed to be the show offs, I mean you’ve been attack by villains so many times that you have bragging rights. I thought you were better but you aren’t!” Monoma cackled as he looked over his rivals, Class 1-A. “We all know our performance will be better, 1-B is far superior than some children who like to play with villains.”

Before anyone could retort or shout, there was a flash of green lightning from the stage and in a blink of an eye, Izuku was now standing in the empty row in front of Monoma, hand tightly grabbing the front of his shirt.

“Do you think we wanted villains to attack us?” Izuku hissed at him, a low growl escaping. “Say anything like that shit again and you’ll regret it!”

“And what will you do?”

Izuku smirked as he yanked Monoma closer, whispering into his ear. “Or you might just become the Alexander Hamilton to my Aaron Burr.” He let go of Monoma, watching as the loud blond was now stunned into silence, slumping into his seat. He looked at his classmates that were in the audience and those still on stage and motioned towards the Auditorium doors before making his way there, the others quickly picking up on what he did before following him leaving the teachers and 1-B as the only people left in the auditorium.



Izuku is exhausted by the time he gets to the dorms. It’s still early but he’s just exhausted from everything. He slumped into an arm chair the moment he entered, staring up at the ceiling after getting comfortable. Everyone gives him space, they know he needs it, well except one person but that was only to whisper something into his ear. 

“Hey nerd, if the lie detector is your dad, doesn’t that make Eraserhead your honorary uncle?”

Izuku looked at Bakugou with a mischievous glint in his eye, nodding. It would. Eraserhead and Tsukauchi are close friends, Izuku may have helped with one or two cases, maybe a few more, in the past. Plus Aizawa always calls Izuku his Problem Child, it makes sense actually. He whispered something back to his blond friend who smirked in response, already pulling out his phone. 

Aizawa walked into the dorms not long after, praising them on their performances. He sighed in annoyance at the fact they mostly used memes though there was a hint of fondness there. He scanned the room, noting that Problem Child looked like shit, probably overwhelmed and exhausted.

Izuku gave the signal to Bakugou as he stood up with a yawn, stretching his arms and back. He saw the small nod the blond gave in his peripherals and gave a small smirk. “I’m gonna head upstairs, need to sleep for a bit. If you need me send up Toshi or Roki to get me. Alright then peace out guys.” He walked towards the stairway, pausing only to turn to his teacher. “See you later Uncle Zawa.”

Aizawa just stood there, a faint colour now present on his cheeks as he tried his hardest to suppression a smile, watching as Midoriya ran up the stairs giggling. He ignored the muffled laughter from the rest of the class as he just stared. That was the first time Midoriya had called him uncle and that warmed his heart. 

“Fucking Problem Nephew.” He shook his head with a fond smile.