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It was only an accident…

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A minute crack was the only indicator that something was wrong.
Small, almost invisible, scratches littered his body but I knew that he was probably fine. He used to get scratched by Mewo all the time and he always laughed it off.
However, the only thing that worried me was that his eyes seemed unfocused, and his skin was paler.

He’s probably just knocked out, right? Your skin does become paler when you're unconscious. At least that's what I think I remember reading. It's been a while.

Now I feel fuzzy. Or maybe it's my sight? Everything looks slightly out of focus like wearing someone else's glasses when you don't have need for them.

Hero’s here.
That’s good, he can help me carry Sunny to bed.
He just needs some rest, that’s all.

Despite the fuzziness, I think Hero looks upset and soon he starts yelling. At least, I think it's yelling it's hard to hear.
Actually, I'm not sure that I can hear anything, it sounds like static. Hopefully that'll go away soon enough.
I scoop up Sunny, aware that he's lighter than he should be. I'll have to scold him when he wakes up, his eating habits have never been good.

Sunny's placed in the bed but neither I nor Hero pull a blanket over him. He'll get too hot.
We wait.
Sunny should wake up soon, I think. Knowing that when he does it'll be fine. And we'll be back to how we were.

I turn to look at Hero, he's quieter than what he was and he looks like he's thinking about something. What? I'm not sure.
I turn back to Sunny. He's still asleep and I hope that he wakes up soon.
Time passes, but I'm not sure how much, and Sunny still hasn't woken up. Maybe he was knocked out harder than I thought.

Then Hero moves beside me, picking him up with minimal effort, and walks out of the room. With what looks like our old skipping rope slung over his shoulder.
What would he need our old skipping rope for?

We head outside, Hero with Sunny in front of me and I shiver at the loss of warmth that the room provided.
Then I realise Sunny doesn't have a coat. He's unconscious! This will be bad for him. I think, preparing to turn around until I notice what Hero is doing.

He lays Sunny on the ground and I can see the scratches more clearly now. They don't look deep.
He'll be okay, I'm sure of it. My conscious tries to calm me and I relax at the reassurance.

Hero pulls off the rope, which is indeed our old skipping rope now frayed from years of usage then neglect, and starts to fiddle with it.

My hearing has returned though, and I can hear him muttering about covering something up. Covering up what? What does he mean?

It's then that realisation hits me.

He's trying the rope into a noose.

A noose to thread round Sunny's neck.

He thinks Sunny's dead.

I know he has to be wrong. He's still alive.

He has to be.



But as I look longer at his seemingly fragile body I finally notice that he's not breathing.

How long has he not been breathing?

Did I kill him?

Is that why Hero was shouting earlier? Was it at me for killing him?


This can't be happening.

I didn't kill him, I couldn't have.

Hero's speaking again, slipping the necklace of rope around his neck, he says that it's best if it was framed as a suicide. That by doing it this way it'll hurt less people.

His words make my head hurt, I can't think straight but he's normally right. Isn't he?

Hero steps back and I finally see him.



He looks so small. So fragile.
The wind picks up slightly, blowing away the strands that had fallen into his eyes.
And I know that in that moment he is definitely gone.