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The Shredder

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In the middle of the night Keita was exiting the stall of a men's public restroom after having taken a shit, he washed his hands while glancing occasionally up at the mirror in front of him, and was a little startled to see Saran reflected, standing behind him--did he come from another stall?

"When did you get here?", Keita asked, to which Saran replied, "I was in one of the stalls, reading a magazine, then I heard you come in--I knew it was you, because no one else would wear that god-awful granny perfume to a men's restroom--and I waited for you to finish."

"Why?", Keita pressed further, becoming a tad bit nervous as they don't usually see each other this late.
Saran said nothing, and instead wrapped his huge arms around Keita's waist and pulled him closer.
"What are you doing...?", Keita asked weakly. Saran chuckled and further enveloped Keita; "I wanted us to have some fun together, just the two of us.", he finally stated.

Keita wasn't as surprised as perhaps he should have been--he used to think he was reading too much into the overly affectionate gestures Saran frequently displayed towards him, but in the end it seems he wasn't.
Saran loosened his grip on Keita and lifted the front of his skirt, displaying his girlish panties which barely contained a significant bulge; "Keita-chan... Can you touch it for me?"

Keita was becoming aroused himself, and did what was asked of him.
First he poked and prodded the soft lump with his fingers; Saran clearly enjoyed this, and he began slowly moving his hips.

Saran's erection quickly became too mighty and slid out from the top of his panties, so Keita knelt down and began smothering the length with both hands.
"Aaah!", Saran let out a soft moan, "Can't we use some lubrication?"
Neither of them had any lubricant, so Keita decided to spit on Saran's penis, apparently unwilling to take the enormous thing into his mouth.

Some very cute squishy sounds were heard as Keita's hands continued to work at kneading Saran's wet meat, but Saran seemed to be getting impatient.

"Doesn't it feel good?", Keita inquired as he stared up at Saran's face, and Saran nodded positively; "But I think we should try a new position," Saran said, "turn around."

Keita let his hands fall and looked reluctant to do as Saran said this time, but he couldn't have backed out even if he wanted to--Saran grabbed his arms and turned him around, setting Keita on all fours. Keita was either too curious or too dazed to do anything when Saran clawed at his tight shorts and rolled them down to his knees, and there it was; round, smooth, soft and quivering.

Saran's cock was still fairly wet, and he decided to forego any further foreplay as he began to prod Keita's tight hole with the tip.
Keita knew that pain was fast approaching as he felt Saran becoming more and more forceful, but he'd never been penetrated by a real penis before, and wanted to see what it was like.

Keita yelped loudly, like a dog, as Saran forced his way in at last.

It was very warm inside Keita, but by now most of the spit had dried up and things were pretty rough.
Regardless of how slowly Saran was pumping, Keita was still in pain. He decided it might help for him to masturbate with one hand as Saran continued his mechanical poking.

No sooner had Keita began to enjoy it than Saran began to probe faster and deeper, as if Saran was working to maintain the level of pain just above the level of pleasure.
Keita's eyes were watering and he began moaning a little at irregular intervals as he continuously jerked his penis with his hand while Saran's piston kissed his insides ever more deeply.

Twelve minutes later, both men were making ecstatic vocalisations, and Keita no longer had even a hint of regret over being caught alone in the middle of the night by Saran.

Suddenly, Keita felt a great pressure on the sides of his behind--Saran had cinched it tightly, painfully, and was now forcing it towards himself, impaling it deeply on his penis--and finally Saran exploded.
Keita experienced chills as he felt the warm, thick fluid quickly flooding his insides. Saran pulled out slowly, and let Keita fall flat and lose consciousness as he watched his juice escape the rear of the lovedoll.

Keita woke up seated on a toilet in one of the stalls--Did Saran drag him here?
"So you're finally awake," Saran said as he leaned against the corner of the stall, "I'm sorry I was so rough with you, I'll make it up!"

Keita sat still on the potty as Saran knelt before him and slid his shorts off the rest of the way.
"I'll make it all up to you." Saran muttered softly. He parted Keita's thighs and moved his head in towards the crotch, and began to tease Keita's semi-flaccid penis with his tongue.

Keita wasn't sure any sort of apology was needed, as he did indeed enjoy Saran's violation towards the end, but Saran's tongue was so slippery and skillful, and Keita was quickly becoming hard. He didn't dare turn down Saran's offer now.
"I'm going to swallow it now." Saran stated; he opened his toothy jaw as wide as he could and took in all of Keita's meat, then his tongue had its way with Keita inside.

Keita's meat was fully engorged now, and Saran began bobbing his head on it when suddenly--
"Aaah!!! You bit me, you bastard! I'm bleeding!", Keita cried. "Sorry, sorry! I couldn't help that I had to sneeze!!" exclaimed Saran, as he longingly watched Keita storm out of the stall, cupping his genitals.


Would Keita ever forgive him?