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Stuck In A Rut

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“You need to fuck your Alpha, shitnerd, if you’re going to bother having one.” 

So this was going to be the tone between Izuku and Kacchan today. Not even a hello, or an ‘out of the fucking way, and get out before you mess up cleaning’, but this . Izuku wasn’t sure what he did to anger Yaomomo enough to have her put him on cleaning duty with Kacchan, but considering how tense the past few days were for the whole class he agreed mostly to avoid an argument. It didn’t help knowing why the class was so tense as well, especially who was making it so tense in the first place. 

He sighed, setting down the mop and bucket. “I see you’re doing well today, Kacchan. Do you want to mop the floors or do you want to clean the blackboards instead?” 

Kacchan bared his fangs at Izuku with a growl, “It makes perfect sense you’d pick your damn Simp as your Alpha,” he muttered darkly, “You’re both the same breed of absolute pissant nerd after all… At least respond to the damn comment instead of ignoring it, Deku!” 

“I’m not gonna get into this with you, I still remember the last time you and I talked about my relationship,” Izuku said, glaring right back. Kacchan was mostly a lot of bark nowadays, and as mean as it was the Quirk Suppressant cuffs took a lot of his bite away as well. Sure, he still threw a wicked punch, but even Kacchan had enough sense not to start a brawl in their classroom again . Maybe approach him at Grounds Gamma or go way too damn rough during OFA training, but not in the classroom after the in-school suspension and the cuffs. “And stop calling Tenya ‘Simp’!” 

“If Simp doesn’t wanna be Simp, he’d actually stop letting you boss him around all the time,” Kacchan huffed. He grabbed the bucket harshly, at least signalling they’d be able to keep working while arguing which suited Izuku fine enough. If nothing else, maybe they could go into a less frustrating argument like whether his experience with the slime villain or his kidnapping was more mentally scarring. “Or at least he’d treat you as shitty as the rest of us when he’s in a rut, which should be your job as his Omega .” 

“Yeah, I’m really, really aware of that,” Izuku muttered intentionally, going for the blackboard. If Izuku was going to argue with Kacchan over the fact he and Tenya were not having sex, he was going to make it as unpleasant for Kacchan as possible. 

Especially considering it was bothering him way more than it had to be bothering Kacchan. 

Izuku wasn’t blind. Even if he was spared most of Tenya’s irritability these past few days, he was still a member of Class 2-A. He was there for when Tenya tore into Todoroki’s eating habits, trying to get him to take greens along with his lunchtime soba. And again, corralling the entire class as they got ready to take a bus to Grounds Gamma with a regimented seating chart, something he hadn’t done since their first month at UA. And even Izuku was not completely spared, since the first thing Tenya did when he saw his boyfriend today was to sigh and re-adjust his tie for him

Normally his ruts weren’t this bad. 

It wasn’t uncommon for an Alpha to get incredibly irritable and controlling in a rut, especially if they weren’t experiencing any kind of… Release . Between a heightened sense of smell that could cause aura migraines, the innate hormonal stress, and just the added blue balls that would come from it, it wasn’t a surprise Tenya would be a ball of frustration right now. And there was little Izuku wanted to do right now than to actually help him with that but there was a problem with that. 

The problem being , Tenya had not touched him sexually in three months. 

It wasn’t like Izuku was ignored or they broke up since they became a mated pair. They were constantly around each other, for goodness sake! Tenya took him out on dates at least once a week, they spent time in each other’s room and even slept over once in a while, and he even had a semi-reasonable nest going in Tenya’s room at this point! Well, no All Might merch and none for any of the prior Ingeniums, of course! That would have been awkward to have Izuku’s mentor or Tenya’s family staring down at them. But Tenya allowed him to put up an Edgeshot poster facing away from his bed, and gave Izuku a drawer for himself and a second comforter that had a wonderful coal-and-orange-peel smell already embedded into it! They were in a relationship, and engaging in every aspect of a relationship possible! 

Except. Having. Sex. 

… It wouldn’t have bothered Izuku as much if they didn’t start their relationship with a truly ludicrous amount of sex. And he absolutely would not push Tenya about it, after all he did enough to stress his poor Alpha out when they got together in the first place after how bad his last heat cycle went. But after being turned down the first few times he tried to initiate and Tenya not initiating either, he did worry. He always worried about not being enough, what with being a scarred up mess of an Omega with an incredibly complicated Quirk, a fairly weak scent and unattractive body shape compared to Yaomomo, Komouri or (ugh) Monoma. 

And that was leaving off how he’d eventually need to fight All For One some day for the good of the world. 

Or that he was naturally Quirkless, which came with genetic risks. 

… Of course, Tenya accepted all that. Even with Izuku trying to push him away, Tenya forced himself back into Izuku’s life and accepted him right down to his broken bones, his Quirkless blood and his cursed fate. His Alpha loved him. And even if he was apparently only willing to have sex when Izuku was in a heat cycle, he still adored Izuku with every fiber of his being and loved him. 

Izuku was so happy and lucky to have his mate. His big, powerful, intelligent mate who was built like a goddamn tank , and proportional everywhere from his long fingers on his strong thick hands straight down to his- 

It would not be so bad if Tenya’s rut wasn’t also affecting him so badly . God, he was trying to be understanding and not push for sex, but internally he was damn ready to claw his own clothes off, climb onto Tenya’s lap and tell him to fuck him until he screamed himself mute . Ugh, and this is what he had put Tenya through during his heat, only at least he let Tenya put it in. 

At least Kacchan backed off after the initial snap, so they could focus on cleaning. He was gonna scrub this blackboard so bright that Tenya would have absolutely no problems with it on Monday morning. Maybe even be a little pleased that Izuku cared so much as to put in the effort and elbow grease for this, and be in a slightly better mood if he was still in his rut. God knows Tenya needed a break from the headache-and-blue-balls combo he was almost assuredly going through. And class 2-A needed a break from Tenya’s blue ball induced hyper-vigilance. 

“... So, when you gonna fix it?” Kacchan asked, from across the room. The floor was slick -- ugh, dirty mind, slick was the last work Izuku should be thinking right now, right up there with cock and fuck and especially knot -- with water at least, forcing them to keep distance. Then again, considering the question, Kacchan probably soaked the floor up on purpose to keep Izuku from just ditching. Not if he didn’t want to leave dirty shoe prints and one more thing for Tenya to worry about on Monday

“You better mean the blackboard, I swear to god Kacchan…” Izuku muttered, throwing down his cleaning rag. 

“The fuck would I care about the blackboard !? I’m talking about the fact you’re keeping us all in rut hell because you’re not taking care of your damn boyfriend, ” Kacchan snapped right back. 

“Do you really think I’m the one who’s saying no right now?!” Izuku shouted. “Believe me, if I had my choice, I wouldn’t be walking to class until I milked Tenya’s knot dry, okay?!

The two went dead silent for a second, leaving no choice but to stare at each other the moment the words left Izuku’s mouth. Then, Kacchan had the gaul to pinch his sinus with a look of embarrassment

“The fucking last thing I needed to hear from you…” He muttered, and it took Izuku every ounce of self-restraint not to launch himself or blast a shot of Air Force directly at Kacchan considering he was the one to push the damn issue in the first place . Finally, he looked back up at Izuku, face as stony and mean as ever but now with a very light blush painting over his cheeks. “Alright. So, somehow you’re not the one fucking this up, this badly.” 

“Oh, that’s great to hear,” Izuku hissed. Normally, he was willing to give Kacchan the benefit of the doubt and he really did know this was Kacchan’s own way of admitting he fucked up, but after having to spell out how much he wanted sex with his boyfriend and not getting it Izuku was feeling slightly less than charitable. “It only took me having to spell out my relationship problems to you for you to believe me this time, instead of another fist fight!” 

Shut it! I’m tryin’ to help you and Simp out, you damn nerd, and you need to get control of your Alpha! ” Kacchan snapped back. Before Izuku could even really lay into him, Kacchan added, “He’s bein’ a real asshole right now, don’t deny it! He gave Sero detention for god’s sake!” 

“I-” Kacchan wasn’t wrong, but that didn’t mean Izuku wanted to agree with his assessment after all. Not while he was being chewed out for something that wasn’t his fault, and certainly not while he was insulting Tenya. Even if Tenya was being… A bit strict, yeah, and Kacchan had a point, he was being kind of a shit about it. Izuku groaned in frustration, debating for a moment if it’d be worth it to float out of class and just deal with Kacchan bitching him out for ditching in the middle of cleaning later. 

He wasn’t going to, of course, because that would be mean and lazy, but he could do that and he would really like to. 

Izuku huffed, “He’s tense . And honestly, I really do want to help him and help relieve his… Tension,” Kacchan scowled harder at the comment, but it was his own fault that he started this talk about Izuku’s sex life, and therefore he would have to hear the details, “But I’m not gonna force him.” 

“You bothered asking him?” Kacchan asked, “Or you just makin’ assumptions again?” 

“I-I’ve asked before,” Izuku said, stumbling over the words. He picked up the washcloth gingerly with Black Whip, freeing his hands to fiddle with his chin in consideration, “I mean… It’s been months at this point, but Tenya seemed really uncomfortable with it, and I know normally i-it’s more the Alpha’s thing to… Offer that kind of thing, unless it’s h-heat.” 

“Months ago, you useless…” Kacchan resumed his natural state of growling, having to stop himself from tossing the mop down in frustration even if he damn near speared it into the bucket. And that was a clear sign Kacchan was trying to keep control of his temper, which Izuku felt oddly proud of, in spite of the utter frustration from this entire conversation. He really needed to apologize to Yaomomo for whatever he did to get stuck in this situation! 

Kacchan stomped over, ignoring Izuku’s squeal about “Wait, you just cleaned the floors!” as he approached. His hands were firmly in his pockets, the golden plating of the cuffs peeking out with each step, while he loomed over Izuku even with his hunched posture. He huffed in Izuku’s face, a bit of fang barred as he glared down. The sight should be scary for an Omega, of course, and maybe even this time last year Izuku would have been terrified, but he had come to understand Kacchan better now. It was a dominance display and a lot of posturing, yes, but there was a core of trying to understand what was going on in Izuku’s mind and a lot of emotional walls mixed into it. This wasn’t Kacchan trying to threaten Izuku intentionally , but Kacchan frustrated

“You clearly don’t know shit about Alphas,” Kacchan said, glaring down at Izuku, “And you’re still tryin’ to treat this like he’s a Beta or, god forbid, another Omega, so listen up. Ain’t like Icy-Hot or Raccoon Eyes will tell you this, but you can’t just sit on your ass waiting for him to say ‘yup, I’m ready to dick you down’. He’s as bad of a nerd as you are and neither of you are gettin’ laid because you’re both worried about freakin’ each other out.” 

“... It’s not… Because I’m acting like he’s a Beta or an Omega, don’t be an ass,” Izuku muttered as he looked away. His brow furrowed, absorbing Kacchan’s explanation. After all, he wasn’t wrong per say, but it wasn’t because he was purely worried about freaking him out. Well, freaking him out because of sex, at least. “I screwed up when we got together…”

“Which part, when you tried to nuke all of your friendships because One For All got to be too much?” Kacchan asked. Izuku couldn’t even answer, wincing at the question. It would have been better if Kacchan just bit his goddamn cheek or scratched him in the face, for how much the question stung. “Alright. You fucked up. And now you’re tryin’ to not fuck up that bad again, so you’re treatin’ Speed Dick with a lot of kids gloves when it comes to the sex department. But you gotta at least let him know you want it, instead of skulking around like our former sexpest while he’s acting like a tinpot dictator!” 

Kacchan was right. He really needed to stop calling Tenya horrible things, but he was right. Izuku sighed, rubbing his eyes, “This is gonna explode in my face, I just know it, I know he’s got to be crawling off the walls in desperation and it’s not like I’m doing much better, but I also know you’re right and really I should be doing the right thing and taking care of my boyfriend in his rut, how did we even get into this stupid conversation anyway- YOWCH!” 

Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, the loss of his quirk didn’t deter Kacchan from violence. Something he proved when he grabbed a fistful of Izuku’s hair and yanked hard enough to force Izuku to stare him in the eye. He scowled, all sharp teeth, gums and forcibly ugly mannerisms meant to give a tough dangerous aura, “Don’t fucking mutter about it, at least!” 

“Ow-ow-ow-fine-fine-fine-” With that, Kacchan released his grip on Izuku’s scalp, letting him stumble back for a bit, “Y’know, you don’t need to hurt me every time you catch me on a mumble loop…” 

“This time was different,” Kacchan huffed, “I didn’t want to get stuck listening to you strategize a plan on how to finally get yourself some dick.” He looked around the room, “Pissing me off, leavin’ me to clean the classroom myself, just to go actually treat his Alpha like he’s supposed to… And don’t give me any of that ‘gotta help’ shit, if your best efforts are leaving the blackboard a streaky mess, I’m better off doin’ it myself anyway.” 

Izuku opened and closed his mouth, ready to argue but decided against it. At least Kacchan was showing his support, in his own Kacchan way… And if nothing else, the earlier he attempted, the better the chances they wouldn’t get noise complaints from their classmates for waking them up again. “Thanks,” Izuku mumbled, making his way to leave. 

“Yeah yeah…” Kacchan groused, grabbing the washcloth from Izuku’s hand, “It ain’t for your benefit or his, okay? I have to listen to another thirty-minute lecture about 'conduct befitting an Alpha hero' or whatever I’m blasting his fucking knot off, so fix it before I’m forced to."


Alright, so it was like eight at night. His homework was long since done, nothing to worry about there. Dinner was fine, light in fact considering his plan. And he also got his training for the night donea little early. There would be no training sessions with All Might or anyone who knew about OFA for a few days, so technically Sunday would be absolutely clear and he wouldn’t need to worry about anything. Additionally, he put money aside from his savings so he could treat Tenya to dinner and a proper date tomorrow, so Tenya could feel a little more at ease after the fact...

Then there was the case of other students in this section of the dorms. Ashido, when she saw Izuku red-faced and dressed up for his ‘seduction attempt’ -- and to be fair, he should have put on something more seductive than a button-down shirt and nice slacks, but he didn’t want to spend money on lingerie or daisy-dukes and a crop top he’d only really wear for ten minutes at most at any given time -- cheered, gave him a pat on the cheek with an additional “Give ‘im hell, Midori! You’ll finally get him to start being nice again, instead of being undersexed and over-grumpy!” 

The bluntness left Izuku stammering for a moment, before he could finally choke “I-I’ll do my best!?” because what on earth could he say to that ? It didn’t help how his head probably looked like a strawberry with how vividly he was blushing. When it came to the 2-A Alphas, Ashido was both very protective and kind and incredibly blunt when it came to romance and sex so he knew she meant nothing bad! And she was truly happy for Tenya and himself for dating! She just.  Was way more open about sex and love than Izuku ever could hope to be, even when he was the one trying to seduce someone tonight!  

A surprise hand falling onto his shoulder snapped Izuku back out his thoughts. Crap, he hoped he wasn’t mumbling in a panic over this… Izuku looked to the side, to see Ojirou, “So I’m guessing you’re gonna spend the night with Class Rep?” He had a gym-bag casually slung off the tip of his tail, which drew Izuku’s attention and questions about how dextrous the tip usually was compared to the overall mass but he had to bite back down on Quirk Questions for now anyway. This would go into his ‘Hero Analysis For The Future’ volume seventeen, when Izuku had the chance.

“That’s-” Izuku had to swallow, readying his thoughts and trying to not go into a panic mumble about sex and stress, “That’s the plan. Hopefully. If Tenya will have me.” 

“You should give yourself more credit,” Ojirou said, “It’s not like he doesn’t have you around every week, right? Even if you guys don’t... “ He blushed a little, pausing to consider his choice of words, “ Do it , he’ll have you.”

Izuku nodded, holding back the petulant ‘But I want to do it too!’ or the truth about their sleepovers just… Literally being sleepovers, as Ojirou stepped away. “Oh, wait, where are you heading?” 

“I’m gonna hit my room to drop off my gym clothes, then get things for tomorrow, and then I’m gonna hit Tohru’s,” he said, with a wag of the gym bag at Izuku’s look, “Look, I might be a Beta, but even I know what rut does to a person. And I also remember what your last heat was like, so I’m spending the night with my girlfriend and not getting my ear-drums blasted out.”

“Yeah, that’s why I’m having a Squad-Night with Sero, Kiri and Blasty,” Ashido said. She glanced over to the door beside Tenya’s, “I tried to get Kaminari up too, but he was super-wiped after training today, and went to take a nap. Hopefully he’ll either wake up or sleep through whatever happens, but…” She gave a wink to Izuku, “Well, we still remember Sunday Night, Midori.” 

Izuku choked on air at that, arms going up to cover his face before he could finally blurt out, “ Understoodandsorryandcanwejustnottalkaboutthatanymoreplease-”

Ojirou gave Ashido a soft smack on the shoulder, partly for breaking Izuku once again and partially for the laugh she barked out at his reaction, “Hey, be nice! He’s trying to save us from Class Rep’s Rut Hell!” 

“I am, I am!” She giggled, before waving him off, “Enjoy your night, Midori! Have a good time, and make sure your boyfriend does too!” 

Izuku nodded numbly, watching Ojirou leave with an additional thumbs up, as well as Ashido’s departure. Well… There wasn’t much that could be done for Kaminari at this point. Hopefully he had ear plugs. Or got up and left before anything really loud and dirty happened. God, he still looked like a strawberry, didn’t he? Maybe he should have gone for the daisy dukes or lingerie or something instead of a button down and slacks. Izuku rubbed his neck, trying to enhance his scent before making his attempt.

Well, that was going to be the hard part. Actually broaching the subject .  

“It’s just my boyfriend… I’m okay… This is not scary...” Izuku mumbled to himself, after standing right outside of Tenya’s door in panic. It wasn’t like he wasn’t allowed in Tenya’s room, and even spent one night a week there minimum, nor was it like they never had sex before! But this was… Way too intimidating, to actually initiate! And initiate-initiate, not spread-legs-and-bare-neck-initiate! This was effort and talking instead of just being willing and eager! 

Of course, it’d be better if he actually got to the talking part, even if he had prepared as much as possible. 

He even made sure to stop off at Recovery Girl’s and request another round of Plan O-B. Even if Tenya was still on A-Preven, anything to prevent tiny little Iida-Midoriyas while they were still in school would not be a bad idea. Especially since Izuku was still on the fence about it and wrangling with his own issues on if it would be fair to have his own kid versus a surrogacy or adoption… She also offered condoms instead, but Izuku preferred going for the pill plus their hormonal shots. 

Thank god she didn’t ask further questions, even if she chucked a 30-day pack of the stupid things right at his face. There was really no nice way of saying he really did like being creampied. 

His face was not gonna stop being bright candy red any time soon. Hopefully he could keep it together to actually be appealing and seductive instead of a clusterfuck of emotions like usual. “Tenya?” Izuku asked tentatively, as he lightly knocked on the dorm door. He could hear an unsteady moan, not one of pleasure but of great discomfort, from the other side, “It’s me, I-I wanted to come visit… And spend the night with you, s-since it’ll be a free day tomorrow… And you’ve been kind of holed up in your room whenever you leave class the past few days…” 

“Ah… Izuku?” Tenya slurred, with the sound of stumbling within the room, “You… Really shouldn’t come in, dear, it’s just not proper… I’m in my rut-cycle, after all...”

“I know,” Izuku swallowed deeply, “T-That’s… Why I want to come visit as well. S-since, well, you helped me with my last estrus, and you’re on your third rut since then, a-and I was thinking that’s not fair, I mean, I am your mate a-and I should be helping you instead of leaving you like… This…” Izuku couldn’t see Tenya right at the moment, but he had a good guess. At least he could hear a fan blowing in his room, and there was no light coming from the bottom of his door, which implied he was sitting in darkness with white noise. Aura headaches, especially scent-based ones, were really common in ruts after all. And with how Tenya’s speech slurred slightly, he could guess his fangs were protracted. 

And it didn’t help that he could smell the intense coal-fire heat and sweet citrus of orange peel and orange blossoms coming from below Tenya’s door. Even just being outside left his thighs shaking slightly, slit growing wet. Not enough to soak through his underwear yet, but enough as a warning of things to come. 

From beyond the door, he could hear silence before a frustrated sigh, “It’s... Truly not necessary yet…” Tenya mumbled, “I can understand your need… Believe me, I’m very well aware… But you deserve a proper courtship, and I didn’t give you that. I’m holding out as long as I can, making sure you’re doted on and cared for as you deserve before I even consider the option once again...” 

Izuku’s blush deepened on hearing that, as relief filled his chest. So… It was courtship, then? Not because Tenya was having second thoughts about Izuku as an Omega or was not interested in sex outside of heat? But because he wanted to court Izuku, as a proper Alpha and Omega are supposed to instead of screwing wildly a solid week before even marking like they actually did. 

Who wouldn’t want a proper courtship with their mate, after all? Just time building up nests and living spaces with each other, adjusting to the ambient scents, getting to know each other romantically before anything intensely physical and just enjoying the same level of affection as Betas have with dating without the expectation of sex looming over one’s shoulders for a few months? Overall, it was an incredibly sweet intention, and fit with how Tenya treated Izuku, allowing the Edgeshot poster in his room, installing a bookshelf and adding a small collection of law textbooks to Izuku’s, and their dates and nights together without any expectations… 

“That’s so sweet, Tenya-” The sniffles already started welling up. Izuku couldn’t help it, when it came to things like this, he was soft! He didn’t even realize he was being courted, and his Alpha was so sweet and careful, trying to avoid temptation to stop the courtship early- 

… Wait, Izuku wanted sex too ! What were they even doing?!

He pounded his head against Tenya’s door with a solid thunk, drawing the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps and Tenya’s voice, “Izuku!” The doorknob rattled a second, before Tenya stopped himself from actually unlocking it. “I… Are you alright? Has my scent overwhelmed you? I’ll call Todoroki-kun or Ashido, so they can escort you-”

“I’m fine, I’m fine, Tenya I’m fine, ” Izuku muttered into the door, forehead pressing into the wood. “I didn’t faint or fall, I’m just… Frustrated,” He contemplated how far he could go with explaining, “Both emotionally frustrated and physically. S-same sort of frustrated as you, really.” 

After all, Tenya and him were a bonded pair. All of the lustful, hungry hormones he was giving off were effecting Izuku badly, leaving him like he had to be ready for sex at any moment from his Alpha, only to not get that . At least masturbating helped Izuku, but rut (and heat for that matter) made self-pleasure nearly impossible for Alphas due to some sort of subconscious response they talked about in health class. He could feel how bad the need was, and knew until someone stepped in or his rut passed, Tenya was going to be stuck just feeling it. 

Tenya sighed, as close to the door as Izuku was as he mumbled. At first, the words were incomprehensible, possibly due to his fangs. Fuck, hopefully Tenya wasn’t going feral. At least the door was locked, but that just meant he was trapped until he got enough self-awareness back to remember how doorknobs worked and would be likely to bite anyone who attempted to save him by entering through his patio door. Finally, he found his actual words again, “I have self-control. I’m not going to end the courtship you deserve just because I want sex. You deserve that much respect, and I’m not going to force you to aid me.” 

“I-I mean…” Izuku tried his best to keep his voice steady. His hands went to the edge of his shirt, a nice yellow button-down to go with the dark slacks and dress socks he wore to give his seduction attempt a bit of a ‘date’ vibe, worrying the edge of the fabric into a mess of wrinkles. “It’s not. Just something to make you feel better- Not that this is just for me, god no - b-but…” He swallowed a hard knot in his throat, whether caused by nerves or how much his mouth was watering at the scent of his all too hungry Alpha just a door away, even Izuku was not sure. “I want sex too, with you.”

Tenya went quiet. Long enough for Izuku to start trembling with worry, eyes stinging slightly with unspent tears. Shit. Shit shit shit. Oh, he took it too far, didn’t he? Tenya was trying to be so respectful and kind, and here was his Omega, being a slut and asking for sex when he was already saying no, that’s just manipulative and low, why would he do something like this - The sudden click of the door snapped Izuku out of his shame-spiral. Before he could even collect his thoughts, the door opened, with Tenya’s hand grasping Izuku by the forearm to drag him inside in one swift motion. 

God, he liked reminders about how strong his Alpha was. 

As soon as he was inside, the door slammed shut behind Izuku, followed by Izuku’s back being slammed against the door. Even before they exchanged words, Izuku was trapped between Tenya’s outstretched arms blocking him and keeping him pinned to the door. The room was barely lit, only with the slightest dim tone from LED lights to allow for… Presumably reading or studying, knowing Tenya. But considering he was down to his boxers and his unbuttoned UA uniform top, and how his erection strained against the undershorts with wetness from pre-cum, Izuku was sure the last thing Tenya was doing was studying.

Just this sight and this touchless contact was intoxicating, leaving Izuku’s legs trembling, absolutely rock-hard and drenched at the implication and the intense scent soaking into his pours. All he could think of doing was purring his approval, shivering as Tenya leaned into his neck to breathe in Izuku’s scent before pulling back.

“You…” Tenya tried to speak, only to pause to swallow thickly. His fangs were glinting in the dim light of his room, sending a shiver down Izuku’s spine. Tenya was barely a step beyond going feral, even as hard as he tried to keep his composure. He tried to speak again, “You do realize… This is incredibly dangerous… don’t want to hurt you…” 

Izuku nodded, pressed against the door. He trusted Tenya implicitly, and knew his Alpha would never intentionally cause him harm. But that was the crux of the problem with going feral. God knows what kind of thoughts were barely suppressed in his subconscious, that were screaming for release especially with the chance to knot and the scent of his claimed mate in the room. Especially with how turned on Izuku was, sure his boxer briefs were absolutely soaked through, nevermind how he went full-mast by a kabedon . “You helped me during my heat, even before you claimed me,” Izuku whispered, before stepping on tip-toes to kiss Tenya on the lips, “I want to help you too.” 

And if getting fucked into a mattress was ‘help’ in this case, he was more than glad to help. 

Tenya stared at him, before biting into his mouth with a deep kiss, all tongue and teeth and longing. Immediately, he tangled around Izuku, his Alpha’s fingers curling into Izuku’s hair to pull his face up, arm wrapping around Izuku’s trim waist to keep him close as Tenya’s weight pressed flush against him. Fuck. Tenya’s cock was pressing right against Izuku's abs, hard and huge and leaving him purring in anticipation. Okay, so he was still a slut, but in a good way, one that would make Tenya very happy as soon as he had the chance and it doesn’t really count if you’re a slut for one person anyway, right? That just means you’re a very good Omega and partner.

A moan slipped from Izuku, caught between their lips. The warmth between them, all the heat from Tenya’s body wrapped around his back and shoulders, sliding in his mouth and soaking into his brain. Izuku purred uncontrollably, pleased from such contact and from joy at Tenya allowing him to help overriding any stream of conscious thought bubbling in his head. 

He hadn’t even realized Tenya had picked him up, wrapping his strong arms around Izuku’s thighs to pull him close and lift him deftly, until he felt the sudden rush of gravity followed by coal-and-orange-scented comforters all around him. For a second, he stared up overwhelmed, trying to catch his breath while his mind was flooded with pheromones, lust, hunger, Alpha needs you, smell his warmth around you, let him take you again and again little Omega throbbing in his mind beyond any logical thought. 

“Ah-” Izuku mumbled, before coming to his senses enough to feel Tenya’s claws digging into his collar and the sound of a button popping. Shit. This was one of his few decent shirts that weren’t a uniform top. “Wait- Hold on, I’ll get this off!” 

“Hurry,” Tenya whimpered, desperation lining his voice as he pulled away from Izuku. His hands gripped the comforter tightly, staring down at Izuku with constricted pupils, his eyes all bright blue with the scantest sliver of black. Izuku squirmed, shucking off his clothes right down to the nice dress socks as best as he could with Tenya hovering over him, watching every exposed centimeter of skin with appraisal. Maybe it was his Alpha’s watchful eyes, or maybe it was the anticipation, but Izuku didn’t remember trembling this badly with need the last time they had sex. 

As Izuku thumbed at his underwear, a crimson and gold pair of boxer briefs from Hawk’s signature line, Tenya caught his hands. “I’ll take care of these,” He said, leaning close enough to breathe into Izuku’s lips. The boxer briefs slid free, a line of slick following and dripping along Izuku’s inner thigh and the comforter. Even the scent was enough to draw a whimper from Tenya, as he pressed his forehead against Izuku’s chest.

Tenya must have been keeping his room cool to try and mitigate the feverish feeling of his rut, considering how much Izuku shivered. Not for long though, even with the loss of his last stitch of clothing, as Tenya tangled around Izuku. God, the heat of his body… Hard and feverish, and so damn muscular. Izuku missed this so much the past few months, yes, he had been able to share a bed with Tenya and even made out with him a few times, but it didn’t have this unrepressed hunger. The feeling of a hard cock pressing against his thigh, a hand glancing against Izuku’s groin and stroking up his inner thigh, the ‘v’ of his muscles and right against his slit and balls, and fuck , getting to reach up and grasp Tenya’s chest in return. 

Izuku felt far too helpless with need to really enjoy touching Tenya’s pecs during his own heat, but feeling the firm muscle beneath soft flesh, and hardening nipples against his palms made Izuku groan right into Tenya’s mouth. 

“I-” Izuku’s words were cut through with a whimper, Tenya pulling away from his lips long enough to softly bite at his neck with sharp, Alpha fangs, so damn good against his throat and the sensitive scent glands and veins along his neck , “I- missed this… I was so worried y-you didn’t want me…”

“I’ve wanted you so damn much,” Tenya mumbled, licking hard at a fresh bite-mark he left. Not a proper mark, but a hickey barely below Izuku’s jawline, one more reminder of his Alpha on his body. Tenya bucked his hips against Izuku’s, the hardness barely hidden under thin, silky boxers, “You don’t know how desperately I have wanted to fuck you… To taste you and make you scream my name, especially during my rut…” 

The idea of his Alpha’s face between his legs, tongue deep within his folds was enough to elicit a whine of need. 

“Please-” Izuku moaned, “Please, I need your tongue again-” He kissed Tenya deeply, tongue lapping against the points of Tenya’s fangs, marveling at the sharpness and heady, sweet flavor of his mouth before he could even continue, “I want to pleasure you too… Feel your cock down my throat-” 

After all, when it came to sex, Izuku didn’t have much he could do but plan for the next time with Tenya… And he was nothing, if not both creative and hungry for knowledge.

With a nod, Tenya moved, shrugging the last of his clothing off before he slipped beside Izuku on his bed. Izuku could not help but stare at his exposed body, his strong biceps, his heavy and massive pecs that Izuku loved to bury his face in whenever he slept over and delighted in kneading in his greedy hands, running a hand from the detailed core of his abs and right down to Tenya’s cock, as it slapped against his belly and leaked precum. The salt of come and orange peel, coal and vaguely citrus-floral scent of Tenya’s pheromones left Izuku’s mouth watering. He couldn’t resist crawling up Tenya, carefully adjusting to have his mouth hovering over the head of Tenya’s cock while having his slit directly in Tenya’s face, Izuku’s cock angled closer to his chin and chest. 

The position left him feeling exposed, drawing whimpers as soon as Tenya grasped Izuku’s thighs to spread him out more. A stroke along his outer lips drew a gasp from Izuku, relishing in the feeling of Tenya’s calloused thumbs. Every touch heightened Izuku’s senses, how Tenya’s muscles felt against his body, the sight of Tenya’s slightly bent legs and his engines pipettes within reach of Izuku’s hands, and the cock right in front of Izuku’s face, twitching and hard, with the ring of Tenya’s knot already swollen. Not popped yet, but god, tonight it was going to be pressed within Izuku’s slit, throbbing and pulsing with each shot of come Tenya gave him. 

Izuku lapped at the head in delight, hand carefully wrapping around the shaft and settling against the knot. After all, he only did this once before… And his attempts at trying to practice with ice-pops or a banana afterwards left him feeling incredibly self-conscious. 

But the reality was so much better, of Tenya’s body beneath him, Tenya’s hands kneading and groping the back of his thighs, and the taste of Tenya’s cock that Izuku savored. All salt and scent and bitterness, and so damn heavy in his mouth. Still couldn’t take the full length, let alone the knot at the base, but fuck it felt so good in his mouth. 

Almost as good as the surge of bliss from Tenya’s tongue lapping at the lips of his slit, fuck-

Izuku’s whine of need reverberated against Tenya’s cock, mouth buzzing from just that little contact. He could feel Tenya chuckle against his lips, his Alpha’s strong hands grasping Izuku’s hips to keep him pinned, “I thought I was the desperate one… God, you’re leaking, and I’ve barely touched you.” 

He wanted to sass right back, or to beg for Tenya for more, god please more, I’ve needed you for fucking months , but he needed more of Tenya’s cock in his mouth, how the head pressed against his tongue and slid to the back of his throat with still a goddamn fistful of shaft that Izuku wanted to take so bad. The only response he could make was to take in more of Tenya’s cock, stroking the length with the drool that slipped from Izuku’s lips. Considering how Tenya’s hips twitched from that, how his knot throbbed against Izuku’s palm, clearly he was appreciating the response. 

Tenya purred against Izuku, mouthing first at his slit before finally, blissfully, slipping his tongue within his entrance, and it took everything for Izuku to not buck back into his mouth and that length of tongue savoring every drop of slick and velvety inch of his slit right back. It did nothing to prevent the desperate moan that reverberated against every inch of Tenya’s cock within Izuku though. 

The desperation made it so hard, Izuku trying to keep his mind intact enough to focus on the cock in his mouth, the taste and heft, and how the foreskin and slit felt against the tip of his tongue upon pulling back and every throaty groan Tenya gave. It didn’t help every wave of pleasure that overtook him with how every groan rumbled against Izuku’s entrance, the length of Tenya’s tongue plunging deep inside him and lapping him clean of his slick. Or how every drop of precum tasted of orange peel and orange blossom, with the slightest note of smoke, as well as the salt of sex, making Izuku crave the flavor more in his mouth. 

Fuck, and the knot still remained unpopped and hard in his hand, even with how Izuku worked his Alpha’s spit-slicked shaft, gripping and rubbing at the base especially. Still, he was going to give Tenya release, and feel that goddamn knot within him by the end of the night as his beloved Alpha with a godly tongue, who was purring right into Izuku’s snatch and leaving his thighs and legs trembling from the pleasure so obviously deserved- 

He wanted to reach up, stroke and caress against the engine pipettes. Or run his fingers against Tenya’s torso, worshiping every muscle in his tight, hard core. Like this, all Izuku could do was writhe against Tenya, their sweat-soaked bodies moving together with how the heat pooled up. Izuku winced, trying to take more of Tenya’s length in his mouth, not ready to come yet when his Alpha needed more, deeper, wetter, a chance to pop his knot and leave his Omega drenched with come. 

But Tenya’s hands roamed, and god they were such strong, big hands especially with how they groped Izuku’s ass before gripping his thighs so damn tight. Izuku didn’t even have time to think about how many bruises he’d have all over his legs before Tenya gripped him close, spreading his legs just enough to leave him open and at the mercy of the deep tongue-lashing Tenya gave. 

The speed, the fucking speed and the depth inside of Izuku’s slit left him trembling, peaking all too damn quick. The crackling pleasure shot through him, leaving Izuku’s slit and cock twitching, his voice cracking from the scream of pleasure barely muffled by the leaking cock deep in his mouth, a scream that Tenya released with a sharp grasp of Izuku’s hair to pull him off of Tenya’s cock-

Pfgha-aaAH-TENYA!” Izuku screamed, incomprehensible and breathy beyond Tenya’s name, saliva still running down his lips from the unfinished blowjob leaving a line of spit from Izuku right down to the wet, shiny cock still within his grip. All that existed for seconds was the sharp electric pleasure, especially with the realization that Tenya tongue-fucked him through his first orgasm, without even touching Izuku’s cock once

As the pleasure ebbed away, Tenya still lapped at his dripping hole, savoring Izuku’s slick with a pleased purr that left Tenya’s lips vibrating . The sensations were almost too much, leaving Izuku squirming from each touch and overstimulated but he was not calling it yet. No, Tenya was still in rut , and as mind-blowing as the orgasm was and how he trembled with Tenya’s attention, Izuku could feel that tight, hard knot against his palm. 

His Alpha needed to come desperately, and Izuku was going to give him release or die trying. 

“-P-Please-” Izuku moaned, trying to speak. Tenya pulled away from his slit, even with how his grip held to one of Izuku’s thighs, the other stroking gently along Izuku’s back. “Please… H-How do you want to fuck me? I want… I need to take your knot, I need to make you come too, honey please-” 

Maybe he was a little incomprehensible with the pleasure at that point. Izuku was easy to overwhelm when it came to feelings, and getting blown through an orgasm by his handsome, strong Alpha certainly left him a little mentally scattered. 

“... I want…” Tenya mumbled, taking a moment to settle his own thoughts too, “... You to ride my cock. I want to watch you fuck yourself on me… Can you do that for me, my Omega?” Izuku swooned, purring in affirmation. Any other time, he would have hated it, and Tenya would have never dared to call him something like ‘his Omega’, because he was sweet and careful and respected Izuku’s autonomy. But getting handled like a little fucktoy and getting the chance to make his Alpha come during his rut filled a deep hunger Izuku had carried for the past few months. 

As he clambered up carefully, Izuku turned to take in the sights of Tenya, face shiny with slick and a line of come running down his flushed chest and along his collarbone and Adam's apple. His eyes, still cat-slit pupils, looked hazy and delighted, even if he still didn’t receive the relief he so desired, the relief that only Izuku could bring him. Izuku hovered on his knees, pressing the tip of Tenya’s cock to his slit with a hiss. 

His snatch ached, still too sensitive from the last orgasm… But it wasn’t in Izuku to give up, not when someone needed him and certainly not when he could send Tenya beyond the brink of pleasure. And even if he ached, he was still soaking wet with hot slick soaking the head of his Alpha’s dick just from contact. “Tenya…” Izuku mumbled, staring him in the eyes, lustful and hungry, as he slid down all too slowly. 

As much as he wanted to rut hard, Izuku needed to take time, ease his slit into the next round and not set himself off so quickly once again. 

Not that he thought Tenya could truly complain about it. Not with how his eyes rolled to the back of his head, writhing and grasping at Izuku’s hips to draw him closer. “Aah… Ah- Izuku- ” Tenya gasped out, thrusting upwards and leaving Izuku all too full, all too quickly. It took everything for Izuku not to come a second time then and there, the thickness of Tenya’s cock pressing against his walls so tight, so fucking tight , that first thrust’s glancing shot to Izuku’s g-spot too damn much. 

All Izuku could do was press flush against Tenya, trying to catch his own shuddering breath. Overwhelmed tears were beading up in his eyes, the emotions of getting to see his boyfriend, his Alpha staring up at him so wanton and hungry, almost as powerful as the pleasure from just a cock pressing inside his slit. Still, he could feel how Tenya’s fingers clenched onto his hips with the promise of future bruises, how a whine escaped Tenya’s teeth with how he lolled his head back, “Izuku- Move, please-”

Even if Izuku felt too overwhelmed, Tenya was asking so nicely, and looked so goddamn gorgeous, furrowed brow and starving for sex- 

Izuku rolled his hips, gasps crackling out of his throat from the thick, hot cock stroking his inner walls from just the simple motion . He couldn’t even think enough to start bucking, instead hips instinctually rocking and drawing moans from both of them at just the contact of velvety tightness against thick and hard and so goddamn big- 

I need you to move-” Tenya’s growl almost brought him back to reality as his Alpha gripped his hips, snapping him just out of that daze of friction only for Izuku to realize he was pulled up ever so slightly to be slammed right down on the full length. He wasn’t sure if that next whorey moan, more of a scream, came from himself or Tenya. All that remained in Izuku’s mind was he needed this kind of friction, now, that was so much better than rolling his hips and feeling the cock within. 

Izuku’s thighs were always something Tenya appreciated, due to being so strong and muscular. It was all that work, thousands of kicks and muscle training and practice that made them so impressive, and let Izuku buck so damn hard back into his Alpha, bouncing on his cock with wild abandon. As Tenya’s strong hands roamed, gripping Izuku’s thighs, he groaned in pleasure before reaching up to grasp Izuku’s re-hardened cock.

Izuku had to shove his hand away, hissing at the contact. Fuck, the callouses on his hand and the hard, powerful grip was all Izuku needed to go beyond the edge again , but no, not yet , “I-” Izuku stammered, voice cracking with a glancing hit at that spot deep within leaving the heat sparking through his frame and toes curling subconsciously before he could even dare to speak again, “Want your knot- Please, honey, Alpha, Tenya-Please please give me your knot- make me come on your cock -”

Tenya chuckled at that, and god, his Alpha’s voice sounded so charmed. His hips bucked up hard into Izuku, meeting him midway through thrusting and pressing them flushed, forcing yet another squeal of pleasure from Izuku. It was his Alpha’s rut, but fuck if Izuku felt like anything besides the constant, deep, hard contact. He hadn’t even noticed Tenya had reached up to cup his face so lovingly, drawing him back to his mind enough to stare right into his Alpha’s beautiful, lust-glazed eyes. 

Gonna take my seed too? ” He growled, thumb running over Izuku’s cheek and lip, drawing out overwhelmed tears, “You’d look amazing- Fat and heavy with my pups-” 

All thoughts about his actual feelings went out the window, taking in the thought of carrying Tenya’s children, the rush of emotions at being knocked up by his Alpha drawing a whimper from Izuku. Before he could even think, Izuku cried out, “ Fuck - Alpha please, knock me up-” Even as the words left his lips, Izuku was shoved backwards, gasping at the sudden contact of sweat-slicked sheets and soft mattress, leaving him completely helpless to his Alpha’s machinations, arching into his touch. 

He felt so open, legs spread and Tenya fucking into him, staring him down with hunger , and that blooming hardness beginning to swell at Izuku’s entrance. The knot began to pop and release, swelling so tightly to keep Izuku plugged with cock. All he could do was grasp at the sheets beneath him, drowning in every sensation as his senses were muffled beyond the waves of electric heat pounding from his snatch. Too quick, too hard, maddening and leaving him sobbing Tenya’s name with greedy gasps of air that tasted of coal and orange peel and sex- 

His second orgasm tore through Izuku hard, almost pushing him off the bed with the force of his hips bucking to meet Tenya’s, desperate for more of that knot pressing deeply into him. In the haze of lust, he could make out Tenya howling, his Alpha was howling, god that howl was the best fucking thing he ever heard , cutting through the sounds of someone screaming in the dorm over and punching at the wall. But who could care about anything else with his sweet, hot Alpha’s come gushing into Izuku? 

As the overwhelming ebbs of passion calmed enough to where Izuku could feel and think beyond blinding sensation, he shivered. Fuck… Even like this, Tenya wrapping around Izuku and grasping his shoulders to pull them flush together, he could feel every twitch of Tenya’s cock deep inside his slit, shooting another rush of come deep inside.

All they could do after that was lay back, Izuku trying hard to catch his breath, watching as Tenya gripped him close with a whimper. His eyes were furrowed shut, still overwhelmed with his orgasm striking so hard and so long… After all, an Alpha in their rut could come for a solid couple of minutes, nevermind how long the knot could last. At least he was out of it enough to not hear Kaminari cursing from the other room. 

That… Would need to be dealt with later. After Tenya was back to a proper state of mind again, and Izuku wasn’t pinned with the aftershocks of a twitching cock leaving him overstimulated and exhausted. 

All Izuku could do was lay there, stroking his hands through Tenya’s hair while kissing his temple. “Good Alpha,” Izuku purred, enjoying the purr right back from his overloaded boyfriend. “Thank you for letting me help you… I love you…” 

“Love you too,” Tenya mumbled against Izuku’s cheek. 

It took several minutes before reality broke through the haze of what happened. At first, all Izuku could do was freeze up, hand still tangled at the junction where Tenya’s undercut began, going from purring so gently in bliss to staring at the ceiling in horror. He could tell Tenya came back to reality too with the crooning purrs on his end coming to a sudden halt, his grip on Izuku’s shoulders rigid. 

Ever so slowly, he pulled away, Izuku hissing at the feeling of come and slick spurting out of his slit as soon as Tenya no longer had him plugged. Fuck. At least most of the come was pouring out, even if that wouldn’t… Izuku shut his eyes for a second, focusing on the sensation of the bed shifting and Tenya laying beside him in a similar daze. 

“... So,” Izuku started, waiting a moment for Tenya to settle comfortably in the bed, “Can I take my plan O-B...”

“Oh my god, yes please take your emergency contraceptive!” Tenya shouted, chopping into the air in a panicked emphasis. Izuku didn’t need to be told twice, already using Black Whip to drag his pants over and get access to the small set of pills in the pocket. They might have both been on contraceptive shots already, but it was really the best to have as many defenses as possible. Tenya’s hands went to his reddened face, “I am so sorry, I cannot believe I said something so callous-

“I mean,” Izuku said, tearing open the blue and white box of pills with an exaggerated ‘Ω’ on the box, “It’s not like I didn’t beg for you to knock me up…” Gh, and the words felt so humiliating and sour coming from his mouth the second time over. He swallowed the dose dry, even before Tenya could scramble up to hand him a water bottle. Still, he had to look to Tenya, dead in the eyes, “This doesn’t change how I feel though. I’m still not comfortable with the idea of…” Izuku trailed off, looking down at his stomach. 

On one level, he would love to have a kid someday, he really would. He liked children, and people generally thought he was good at taking care of them. And the idea of having a strong, healthy pup, especially one that took after Tenya with navy hair and bright blue eyes, really did sound like an element for his perfect future. Right up there with being a hero that made people feel safe, being the successor that All Might hoped for, a busy office in a dependable Hero Agency and a ring on his finger. 

But there was still the risk of Quirklessness. 20% chance, fifteen percent higher than the average for a pair of Quirked parents as of current studies. 

It wasn’t that he hated being Quirkless in isolation of itself. Quite frankly, as much as he loved Quirks, if he had known about someone like Knuckleduster two or three years ago then he would have at least tried . Not that he regretted One For All, of course! He loved this gift that All Might gave him, even with the issues that came from it, but… It wouldn’t have hurt so bad if he knew he could be a Quirkless Hero. 

Plus he still remembered his mom’s response. She didn’t mean to break his heart, and she spent the next thirteen years after that talk trying to make up for that apology. But it still hurt, and more importantly, Izuku didn’t know if he would hurt his own Quirkless child in the exact same way

… Adoption would be safer. As would a surrogate. They didn’t need to have a baby together, they had options. 

It also didn’t change the fact they were still in high school. They sure as hell shouldn’t be having a baby now, not unless they really wanted to piss off both their families and get expelled. 

“I wouldn’t expect you to,” Tenya said. He shifted on the bed, lying on his side to pull Izuku in for a hug, “If you never change your mind, I can accept that. You’re so much more important than a possibility.” With that, he kissed Izuku’s forehead, breathing into Izuku’s sweat-soaked hair. “What I said isn’t my true feelings so much as an… Interest...” 

With that, Tenya went quiet. Izuku glanced up, to see how very red Tenya’s face went, as well as how he bit his lip in embarrassment. Oh. Oh. Oh, that was… Actually very funny, “You have a pregnancy kink~” Izuku teased, trying so hard to suppress the giggles. 

“-It’s a completely normal kink, especially in young Alpha men, and I’m not sure you’re one to talk, Mr. Quirk Kink -” Tenya scolded Izuku, the hand not cradling him close chopping furiously behind him even as Izuku broke out laughing. He sighed, nuzzling Izuku’s sweaty hair, “And at any rate, you seemed to like it just as well in the heat of the moment.” 

“Y-yeah,” Izuku admitted, trying to stifle a snort of amusement as he spoke again. He looked up, beaming at his adorable, blushing Alpha, who was currently looking away in embarrassment, “Honestly, I’m just happy I was able to get you off before I came. I’ll happily agree to getting knocked up, if it makes you come that hard.” 

“I swear, you’re ridiculous,” Tenya pouted slightly harder for a moment. A pensive look overtook his eyes, “Actually, I was concerned I wasn’t going to be able to come at all. I was incredibly worried I was having knot-based priapism.” Izuku had to wince at that. Fuck, knot-lock wasn’t uncommon for a young Alpha in rut, especially if they were actively trying to hold back from ‘release’ outside of rut. It wasn’t deadly, but it could have been one more humiliating trip to Recovery Girl if that turned out to be the case. 

Tenya bent his neck down slightly, kissing Izuku on the forehead, “Thank you,” he said, “For taking care of me, and for making sure that didn’t happen.” 

“You took care of me too, during my heat,” Izuku said, tilting his face upwards to kiss Tenya’s lips. So soft and warm, and just the vague taste of Izuku’s slick lingered on Tenya’s mouth, which drew another blush from Izuku. “What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t do the same for my partner? Even if…” Izuku stopped, frowning slightly, “Even if we’re not going to probably do this again for a while, you know? I know courting can be… Six months to a year...”

Tenya stroked Izuku’s back, absorbing the words. It wasn’t like Izuku wanted to push Tenya with something he was uncomfortable with as well. How fair would it be to beg Tenya for sex when he was trying so hard to be a gentleman? God, even phrasing it like this sounded pushy, didn’t it? 

“But that doesn’t mean I mind waiting!” Izuku said, holding up his hands placatingly, eyes wide and nervous, “I mean, who could complain about having a sweet loving Alpha like yourself dote on them and take them to libraries and local conventions, or dinner at that one really great sukiyaki place- And you let me put an Edgeshot poster on your walls, and I don’t think you even like posters much-” 

“I think,” Tenya said, gently pulling up Izuku’s chin to display his throat and the three-month-old mating mark right on the junction between his neck and shoulders, “We’re already a mated pair at this point… A courtship of only three months isn’t unheard of, especially with long-time friends.” 

“A… Mated pair…” Izuku mumbled. The thought revolved in his head, before he had to give a giggle. Not a teasing giggle or one of genuine humor, but embarrassed, lusty, and excited. Oh. They were confirmed, and that meant that sex was back on the table, thank fucking god . “I am… Going to bang you every single day, Tenya...”

“Keeping to a schedule of Sundays and Wednesdays would be preferable,” Tenya said, instinctively reaching up to adjust his glasses before waving his hand away at the realization he was still not wearing them, “We can indulge more on vacation days and other off periods, but we still have physical training. You need to be able to walk without any difficulty, and I’m not sure if you can even sit up right now!” 

Tenya was not wrong about that, both on choosing days with no physical training or PE and the fact Izuku’s legs were absolute jelly. Still, he grinned, joyous about having the chance to enjoy Tenya like this again. Thank you, Recovery Girl, for giving an entire month’s supply of the Plan O-B. With that, Izuku shifted to lean into Tenya’s chest, running a finger against the definition between his pecs. “Don’t suppose you’d like another round? You know, to celebrate?”

“First, I would like a shower,” Tenya said, leaning back. Considering how they were both soaked in sweat, slick and come, and with how Izuku was still dripping , that wouldn’t be a bad idea. “Of course… If we’re still feeling up for it, we can have another round in the bath as well.”

God, Izuku was so lucky to have his brilliant boyfriend.


Kaminari Sent at 8:44 PM
dude. fuck you both.

Kaminari Sent at 8:53 PM

look i know you alphas get real fuckin weird about the rut thing and minz explained it way better than blasty did

Kaminari Sent at 8:53 PM

but the howling??? seriously what the fukc was up with thatt????

Kaminari Sent at 8:54 PM

ur both so fuckin lucky i didnt call aizawa for that!!! i thoguht someone broke into the dorms and attacked u!

Kaminari Sent at 8:55 PM

or u became a werwolf?? do alphas turn into werwolves when they do it?? shit i need to ask minz about that anyway dont scream like that i thought you two were dying or some shit!!!

Kaminari Sent at 9:05 PM

also you really arent gonna knock midoriya up right?

Iida is Typing


Izuku watched Tenya speed through his text, a formal apology replete with perfect grammar and self-admonishments in the works. Nothing against Izuku’s own involvement in the noise, but certainly a very strongly worded apology, the textual equivalent of going into dogeza. Even with cuddling against him, there wasn’t much Izuku could do to help the embarrassed tension in Tenya’s shoulders or how red his cheeks were. This wasn’t the kind of cuddling he had hoped for when they got out of the shower earlier, that’s for sure. 

“Ashido and the rest of their squad really tried to wake him up before… Well, we did,” Izuku mumbled, nuzzling Tenya’s shoulder, “Really, it’s not your fault for waking him up. It’s not like he hasn’t woken you up after midnight with his gaming sessions.” 

“Still, I am the Class Representative,” Tenya said, mushing his face into his pillow and looking away from the text and Izuku, “It is my responsibility to be an example in all things, including decorum. And,” he glanced up to Izuku, “I don’t think waking a classmate from a nap with a sexual howl is very prim and proper .”

He pulled himself back up to his elbows, re-reading the text to make sure it was contrite enough. “I’m just glad he left you out of his scolding, this time.” 

“Oh, he texted me too,” Izuku said, holding up his phone in return. As Tenya took the plain smartphone, Izuku’s hand went to his face, trying to cover up his cheeks. It didn’t help how he glanced away, with a nervous yet cattish grin. “I… Might have gotten a bit mean in return…” 

Tenya looked at the text. Then he dropped the phone, before having to cover his mouth to hold back a laugh, “I-Izu-” he couldn’t suppress the chuckles, “That’s very unexpected from you-” 


Midoriya Sent at 9:10 PM

Sorry, kaminari. Already committed to tenya. Maybe you should ask your Fortnight buddies next time youre shouting at 1 am about killsteals 

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