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Breaking the Rule Breaker

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Saber Alter stared down at Caster, who was doing the same to her. To no end was the witch constantly pursuing the blackened king and wanting to make her into her slave. However, the fallen king in question had her own plans for her. One that she know will definitely benefit her.

"Caster, I've been wondering..."

"Go on," the witch said.

"Considering that you have been completely obsessed with me, maybe you should be by my side."

Caster grinned widely. "Oh, Saber, I am pleased that you have finally come to your-"

"As my personal consort."

Caster's grin disappeared as quickly as it appeared, now replaced with a frown of confusion. "Saber, would you care to repeat that? I fear I have misheard you."

"You heard me correctly," Saber Alter replied. "I want you as my personal escort, Witch of Betrayal."

Upon having the announcement repeated to her, Caster actually sputtered in shock. "W-What nonsense are you spouting?  Do you really expect me to just agree to be your personal whore?"

Saber Alter simply smirked. "It is the only I will be by your side."

"Ridiculous!" Caster shouted in anger. "What makes you think that I would betray Kuzuki to be your personal-"

Whatever protest Caster had was quickly silenced when she saw what Saber Alter did. The dark knight parted her dress, revealing a large cock and massive balls beneath it. It slowly rose to full hardness, lightly throbbing.

"T-That..." Caster breathed out.

"Yes, I have a penis," Saber Alter replied, amused with Caster's shock. "Merlin gave it to me in order to rule."

This only made Caster more bewildered and confused. "Since when did having a cock was required to rule?"

Salter said nothing as she walked towards Caster, her large member bobbing with each step she took. Caster was unable to take her eyes off of the cock, feeling herself grow wet between her legs.

"W-What are you...?"

Once she was mere inches away, Saber Alter said but one word.


Hearing that made Caster lose all feeling in her legs as she fell to the ground, faced with the object of her faltering mentality.

"Well? Aren't you going to properly worship my cock?" the knight asks rhetorically, knowing what it was the witch wanted to do.

Almost immediately, Caster got to work and began to suck Saber Alter's huge cock. Immediately, her purple lipstick stains the shaft, much to the knight's amusement.

"What a lovely color you have," she said in a mocking tone. "I can only imagine how it would look on my bulging testicles."

Caster didn't need to be told twice as she took the cock out of her mouth and began sucking on Saber Alter's balls, leaving a trail of lipstick and saliva on the smooth, hairless sack. She even made lewd noises as she took both in her mouth, causing her cheeks to bulge.

Saber Alter watched in amusement as the witch took her balls out of her mouth and focused back on her throbbing shaft. And though they were concealed by her hood, her eyes rolled to the back of her head as the lewd noises got even louder. The knight resisted the urge to cum, as she had a specific place she wanted to discharge her mana-infused load. And as she witnessed Caster's tits jiggle and her ass wiggle, she immediately had a good idea. The knight pulled her cock out of Caster's mouth, much to the witch's disappointment.

"Saber... why did pull out of my mouth?" she asked with a slight pout.

Saber Alter smirked. "Because I have a much better place to discharge my semen inside of you. And I need you to strip in order for me to do so."

Caster blushed mildly. "As you wish."

Using her magic, she made her clothes disappear, leaving her voluptuous, alabaster body exposed to the dark knight. Immediately, Saber Alter's attention moved to her wide hips, and with wide hips come a fat ass.

"Turn around and get on all fours."

Caster complied immediately, turning around and getting into position, her plump, heart-shaped ass exposed to the knight. Saber Alter kneels down, spreads the thicc cheeks and immediately thrusts inside of Caster's ass, making her moan. But she gave her no time to rest a she thrusts roughly inside, making a smacking sound with each thrust made.

"So good!" Caster moaned.

Saber Alter paid no minds to the pitful cries of pleasure the witch beneath her made as her mind drifted elsewhere.

"I wonder how Rider's tits will feel around my cock," she mused. "Another time, maybe. For now, I'm going to make Caster my bitch."

And so, Saber Alter fucked Caster for many hours straight in the abandoned church. The tightness of her anal walls was drawing her to the point of climax. And soon enough...

"Receive my semen, witch!"

With that last thrust, Saber Alter filled Caster's bowels with her semen, causing her to shudder in pleasure. Even when she passed out, Saber Alter continue to cum, shooting the rest of her load all over the witch's back and ass.

"Ah... now let's see if Rider is out and about. I have something to show her."