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I Want You to Know

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Manhattan - Tuesday Afternoon


“Do you think she’ll testify?” Fin asked as he stared aimlessly out the passenger window.

Amanda sighed. “Only if Carisi subpoenas her. Which means we won’t get anything useful from her on the stand.”

Fin shook his head as he turned up the patrol car’s air conditioning while Amanda impatiently twiddled her thumbs on the steering wheel as she waited for the light to change.

After about another minute of waiting, the light finally turned green and just as Amanda went through the intersection a white Range Rover blew the red light on their end and slammed almost directly into the driver’s side of the patrol car.

The accident rattled Fin a bit but, having not received a brunt of the impact, he felt seemingly ok. He rubbed his temples, removed his seatbelt, looked over to check on Amanda and was shocked at what he saw. The blonde had what appeared to be a broken arm, blood running from her nose, a wound on her head, and was rendered completely unconscious.

“Amanda! Amanda!” Fin yelled out to her as he removed her seatbelt. “Stay with me, ok?! Stay with me.”

He quickly pulled out his cell and dialed 911.


Courthouse - Tuesday Afternoon
Arraignment Court


Sonny took his position on the prosecutor’s side, had a sip of water and looked over his notes while he waited for the judge to enter. About a minute later Judge Anita Wright walked into the room from the judges’ chambers and as she did, Sonny noticed Velasco slip into the courtroom and whisper something to Liv, who had walked into the hearing with Sonny and had been in attendance from the start.

He watched as Liv’s brown eyes grew large. She immediately turned her gaze to Sonny, and tried her best to keep a calm outward presence, but he could tell something was wrong when she quickly made her way out with Velasco.

“Counselor Carisi?”

Sonny tried his best to push the bad feeling in the pit of his stomach to the side and focus on getting through the arraignment.

“The people ask for remand. The defendant is a known flight risk with access to private planes and several off-shore accounts.”

“My client, who’s family is based here in the city, has no intentions of leaving the country.” The defendant’s young, female attorney rebutted. “We ask that he be released on his own recognizance. He’ll even offer to surrender his passport.”

Judge Wright sat contemplating for a short moment before coming to a decision. “Bail is set for $250,000. Defendant will surrender his passport. Next case.”

Sonny rolled his eyes and briefly glanced over at the defendant’s counsel who, though not getting exactly what she asked for, still seemed pleased with the way the proceedings went. He then hastily packed up his things and exited the courtroom.

Sonny quickly spotted Liv who, upon seeing him emerge before her, hustled over to him.

“What’s wrong?”

Liv ran a hand through her hair and sighed. “Amanda and Fin were in a car accident. They were on their way back to the precinct when someone hit them. She’s…in bad shape Carisi. We gotta get to the hospital. Come on.”

The color instantly drained from his face and him and Liv ran out of the courthouse together at lightening speed.


Mercy Hospital - Amanda’s Room


“She’s waking up.” A young red-haired male nurse, who had been checking Amanda’s vitals, said to the middle aged brunette doctor standing next to him.

“How ya feeling, Amanda?” Her doctor asked as she shined her light into the blonde’s blue eyes.

“Everything…h-hurts.” Amanda managed to whisper out. “My…head, chest…and…a-arm.”

The doctor immediately began working to stabilize her arm. “Ok. I need you to try to stay as still as you can and we’re going to get you something for the pain.”

Amanda nodded her head a little and then shut her eyes again.


Though fairly hectic, Sonny and Liv were easily able to spot Fin in the ER waiting room and hurried over to him.

“How’s Amanda?!” A flustered Sonny asked as he frantically looked around. “Where is she?!”

Fin sighed. “I don’t know, Carisi. They’ve been busy working on her. No ones told me much of anything.”

He then pointed to the brunette woman down the hall. “But that’s one of her doctors over there.”

Sonny nodded and hurried over to her.

“Are you alright?” Liv asked as she took a seat next to Fin.

Her sergeant nodded. “Yeah, I was checked out. I’m good.”

“What happened? This wasn’t…intentional, was it?”

Fin shook his head no. “Velasco’s been lookin’ into it. The SUV that hit us…the driver’s a 17 year old girl. Just got her license last week. Wasn’t paying attention and blew through a light.”

Liv sighed and turned her gaze toward Sonny in the distance.

“I’m looking for Amanda Rollins.” Sonny said as he approached the female doctor. “I’m—“

“Her fiancé, right?” She looked down at some notes on her chart. “Dominick? She asked for you.”

“So she’s awake?” Sonny asked hopefully. “Is she okay?”

The doctor placed her glasses on top of her head and locked eyes with the ADA. “She will be. But Amanda has gone through a lot. She has a pretty bad concussion. Quite a few of her ribs are either broken or bruised and her left arm is badly fractured. We’re going to put it in a cast soon, but I need to find an OB or sonographer to do an ultrasound and check on the baby first.”

Sonny’s mouth opened in shock. “Baby?”

“The bloodwork we ran showed that she’s pregnant. Very early on. Amanda might not have known. I haven’t had a chance to talk to her about it yet. Just got the results back a few minutes ago.”

Sonny stood quietly at a loss for words as he struggled to take in everything he was told before finally asking, “Is…t-the baby…goin’ to be…okay after going through somethin’ like this?”

The doctor sighed. “I don’t know.” She answered honestly. “That’s why an ultrasound needs to be done.”

Sonny nodded his head slowly. “Can I see her?”

“Of course.” She ushered him down the hall and around the corner toward Amanda’s room.

“She should be fairly alert.” The doctor whispered to him. “I’ll give you two some time and then I’m going to have someone come do the ultrasound.”

Sonny nodded, took in a deep breath and slowly entered into the room, where he saw a groggy looking Amanda sitting up in her bed. The red-haired nurse who had been tending to her gave Sonny a small smile before swiftly exiting the room.

Sonny knew Amanda would be in rough shape, but he still felt extremely caught off guard seeing her in such a banged and bruised up condition. The tears that had been welling up in his eyes while talking to her doctor had now started to fall down his cheeks. He quickly took a seat in the chair near her beside, took her right hand into his left and caressed her cheek with his other one.

“They told me I…h-have a concussion.” Amanda said to him quietly. “And that my arm…and ribs are broken.”

Sonny nodded slowly and then immediately tried to regain his composure and reassure her as best as he could. “Yes. But those are all things that will get better in time. You’ll be back at work puttin’ Velasco in his place and kickin’ ass again before ya know it.”

Amanda nodded and smiled softly at him.

Sonny remained quiet for a long while before finally working up the courage to bring up the baby to her.

"There's somethin' I need to talk to you about." He said as he released his hand from hers and ran it through his hair. “Your doctor she...ran bloodwork on you and it showed that…you’re pregnant.”

A surprised Amanda’s eyes grew big. “Pregnant?”

“You didn’t know?” He asked, biting his lip.

Tears started pouring down Amanda’s face as she vigorously shook her head no.

Sonny fixed his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by her.

“I just had to go and try talking Erin into testifying again.” Amanda said through soft cries as she rubbed her nose. “And now I probably lost our baby.”

He sat up in his seat and began adamantly shaking his head. “Manda, you’re in this bed because someone hit you. This was nothin’ you did, you hear me? And we don’t know what’s going on with the baby, yet. Someone is gonna come in and do an ultrasound in a minute and we’ll find out more then.”

“But look at me.” Amanda said to him as she gestured at herself. “How does a baby survive everything I went through?”

Sonny struggled to find the words to soothe Amanda’s fears because he knew deep down that the chances their unborn child managed to live through such a horrific wreck were slim. He carefully thought over his words before responding.

“I don’t know.” He answered her honestly. Sonny then brought her right hand back into both of his and whispered to her. “But what I do know is that no matter what happens…we’re goin’ to get through this. Together. We’re goin’ to be okay. I promise.”

She nodded her head slowly and the two sat in silence for a long while before who they assumed was the OBGYN and a sonographer finally entered into the room with the ultrasound equipment.

“Hi Amanda, I’m Dr. Chandler.” An older blonde said smiling softly down at her. She then pointed to the sonographer standing to next her. “And this is Jenna. We’re gonna check on the baby using a transvaginal ultrasound. Have you had one of those before?”

“Yes.” Amanda told her.

“Ok let’s get started.”

Amanda took in a deep breath, exhaled slowly and shot a quick glance at Sonny, who gave her a small smile as he gently rubbed his thumbs over her knuckles as he held her hand.

As the sonographer started the exam, Amanda and Sonny both turned their heads away from the monitor and instead stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

“Do you see anything yet?” Dr. Chandler asked quietly underneath her breath.

Jenna shook her head. “No.”

The couple anxiously waited to hear for some sign of good news but their hearts slowly began to sink when, after what felt like a really long time, they heard no words coming from the duo or sounds being picked up from the equipment. But just when they thought all hope was lost, a loud and fast heartbeat finally came blaring through.

The two instantly became emotional as Sonny carefully cupped Amanda’s cheeks and gave her a sweet, tender kiss on the lips. They both then turned their attention to the monitor.

“It’s so quick.” Sonny said in astonishment.

“But it’s normal.” Dr. Chandler told him. “Normal and strong.” She then pointed to a small spot on the screen. “We had trouble finding the baby before because he or she was hiding out, but I see it now and everything looks really good.”

Amanda sniffled, looked back toward Sonny and grinned brightly. “I can’t believe we’re going to have a baby.”

She took his right hand, gently placed it over her stomach, and held it in place.

“I know.” Sonny said smiling down at her stomach. He then turned his gaze back to Amanda. “And I know this has been…such a scary and terrible day for you. But I want you to know I’m so thankful that you’re gonna be okay. And I’m so thankful for this sweet little silver lining of ours.”

He paused for a moment to gently caress her stomach before continuing.

“I love you Amanda Rollins. You and our baby. More than words can describe.”

“We love you too Dominick.” She said as she carefully rested her forehead on his. “This little one has no idea what an amazing dad he or she has coming their way. But they will soon.”