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“Take half, get the hell out.”




“Excuse me?”


Kate was livid. “You think after everything we’ve been through, you get to just kick me out and leave me on the side of the road? Fuck you, Seth. I’m not leaving.”


“Then I will. I don’t need this shit.” Seth gets out of the car, making his way down the road when he hears a car door slam and footsteps behind him. “What are you doing, Kate?”


“What part of ‘I’m not leaving’ did you not understand? You’re all I’ve got, Seth.”


Seth turns around to fix his gaze on the brunette, hands on his hips. “You were just saying you wanted to find Scott, were you not?”


Kate rolls her eyes, “And? I don’t remember giving you a timetable on that. I can wait. In fact, I’d prefer to wait until I’m ready to see him again.”


He’s walking towards her now, “So what you’re saying is...?”


Kate meets him halfway, their faces only inches apart now. “I’m saying I’m sticking with you and you’re gonna deal with it.”


Seth raises his left brow. “Is that so? You’re calling the shots now?”


Their lips are mere inches away from one anothers now, their breaths fusing together. Kates eyes drift towards Seths lips, uttering a small Yes before leaning in to capture his bottom lip in between her teeth, faintly tugging. She’s gone as quickly as she came, walking back to the passenger side of the car, laughing softly. “Well? You coming?’


Seth has never run to a car faster in his life.