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Diluc is different. Not in a bad way or a good way, or in any “way” at all. It was simply a fact. Diluc was not the same as you or the Knights or Sara at The Good Hunter or any other human in Teyvat - that wasn’t also a hybrid.

You often forget about this; not because it’s not noticeable - the floppy ears and constantly wagging tail make it very obvious - but because that really seemed to be the full extent. He didn’t chase after cats or bark at squirrels, he walked and talked and ate and acted as a normal human would.

You’re aware that Teyvat is full of a lot of unique creatures and you’re also aware that most people don’t consider Diluc to one of those unique creatures - there was a whole group of hybrids in Springvale, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Since everyone seems to forget that Diluc is, in fact, different, no one expects it when he acts it.


“What’s wrong with Master Diluc today?”

Your gaze shoots over to the person speaking to you and you shake your head. There was nothing up with him. You’d seen him this morning, a little tired but the same as always. Sweet and quiet with his hair messy from sleep - he’d kissed you before he left and told you he loved you, which was nothing out of the ordinary. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“I’ve never seen him look sick before, but you should probably bring him some soup,” they tell you, turning before leaving to add, “and maybe keep him on a leash. Heard he almost got into a fight.”

When you finally got to the Winery - panicked and expecting him to greet you with bruised knuckles and a split lip - you see him, flushed and sweaty, with watery eyes and red strands of hair sweat slicked down to his face, you agreed that he looked sick.

He wasn’t, though. Not really.

When he spots you he races over, grabbing onto you and running his nose along your skin, from your cheek down to your collarbones.

“Sweetie,” you grab his face, moving him away from your throat so you can look him in the eyes. His pupils were blown out, dark with only a slim sliver of iris visible. “What happened?”

“They wanted to change the bedding.” Diluc mentions, gripping onto the clothes you were wearing. “But I didn’t let them.”

“No, Diluc,” he just wants to take you to bed, you know. “Someone told me you were acting weird.”

“I wasn’t,” he insists. “I was just looking for you.”

“You should have stayed here. What do you think you’re doing picking fights with the state you’re in?”

“I just wanted to find you.”

There’s no room to be mad at him, not when he’s looking at you the way he is, crowding close as if there was some force pulling him to you.

You pause, for barely a second before Diluc takes it upon himself to try to lead you inside. Without any trouble, because you don’t put up a fight - why would you?

Before you know it your clothes and his are being tugged off, he’s pushing you onto the bed and crawling on top of you. He’s hard, cock hanging heavily between his legs. Precum drips from the head like a broken faucet.

“Can I fuck you now?”

His hand grips around himself, pushing the head right against your cunt. Your hand comes to his shoulder, hoping that he’ll pause for just a minute.

“Have you come today?” He’s probably been hard for a few hours now - he doesn’t like getting off if it’s not inside of you.

“Never, never,” he shakes his head. “Not without you.”
You spread your legs a little, to accompany his body, and laugh - a little breathlessly - at his neediness. “You must have to come really bad, huh.”

He whines low. “Please let me fuck you. I’ll be good.”

“I know.”

“I’ll be so good. ‘M always good, your good boy.”

“Honey, you need to relax.”

“Can’t,” he pants against your cheek, breath hot where it hits your skin. “Can’t, need to fuck.”

He finds your hole easily, slipping all the way in until his hips sit flush against yours. He wastes no time in waiting for you to adjust to the intrusion, immediately beginning a sloppy, uncoordinated series of thrusts.

“It feels good, right?” He asks, watching your head fall back with the feeling of him. “Do you love it when I fuck you?”

His words are hurried, spewing out like water out of a broken dam - he speaks so much, not necessarily because he wants to but because he can’t help it. The pleasure of you wrapped around his dick is like a drug, intoxicating him and making words slip from his mouth with each push inside of you.

Unlike him, you are rendered speechless for the majority of this. He’s impossibly big, cock reaching far within you
“Fuck, you’re so wet,” you gush around him in response, walls hugging him with a soaked warmth. “So perfect for breeding.”

He’s dirty, spewing vulgar words while angling his hips so his dick feels even deeper inside. It makes your back arch, a high punched out moan sounding from you.

It spurs him on, tail wagging with each sound you make.“You sound so good,” his hips make a wet slap each time they meet yours, the room filling with repeated squelching sound that you’re sure could be heard from outside with how hard he was fucking you. “I cant wait to breed you full of my cum.”

His own words worked him up, the idea of breeding you the only thought in his mind. “Yeah, gonna fill you up, and- ‘nd you’re gonna have my puppies, right? G’nna have my puppies.”

“I will,” you answer in broken, high pitched cries, “I will, I will.”

“Fuck, so good,” he moans out, hands coming to your thighs, pushing them so you were in a new position. No matter how many times you did this, you would almost always end up in a mating press, Diluc pressed all close gasping about how this is better, you’ll be able to take all his loads like this.

You know, once he changes position and grips you tight, that the first round is almost over, and his knot will start to form.

Just like clockwork, it does.

The base of his cock swelled, knot taking shape and spreading your hole wide each time Diluc forced it inside. Soon - too soon - it is so big that he can’t thrust it in and out of you. It locks the two of you together, keeping a tight seal so nothing leaks out when he comes inside.

With how worked up he is, how backed up from not coming all day, it takes no time for him to release.

His dick pulsed, as if it had its own heartbeat, twitching inside of you with his release. Each pulse would send a rush of cum inside of you, continuing until you felt like you were going to burst. He always gave the most when he knotted.

You get a few minutes of rest to wait for his knot to go down, but by the way he’s sucking at the side of your neck, you know its only a matter of time before his hips start moving.

He hotly murmurs about how good your cunt is, telling you that he wants to fuck another knot into it while you gush wetness onto his cock.

Once his cock is no longer swollen at the base, he keeps his word, pounding you into the mattress and fucking his cum into your womb - thats what he had told you he wanted, to cum so deep that your would get filled. The two of you spend multiple hours trying to achieve this, with Diluc’s hips on overdrive and you boneless against the damp sheets.

This will continue, with hours of fucking that last several long days until the primal need to fuck has finally subsided.