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Michael Myers, cursed to forever deal with having the same name as a fictional serial killer, had never been a kind person. Even as a child, he’d liked to hurt things. Psychopath, he’d heard. But too young to be officially diagnosed; parents at their wits’ end… No one missed him when he up and left home at age sixteen.

Michael had committed his first sexual assault at age eighteen and had never been caught, so he kept on doing it… and then escalated as he grew more confident. He was a nomad by nature and wouldn’t have been able to stay in one place, even if he hadn’t been a serial rapist, so the cops had never put two and two together. The equation had never equaled four… until he himself had made a stupid mistake and Fuckface Swanson had finally caught him. But then couldn’t keep him.

Raping the cop had almost been payback. Almost. Killing her was what really got him off. He’d shot her, then immediately come inside her. No harm, no foul, right? He was already going to prison for the rest of his life. She wasn’t even his first kill, nor had the nurse been. He’d never been caught for murder either. Stupid cops. Guess I’m living up to my name after all.

Slouched in his car, Myers munched on the Slim Jims he’d stolen from various gas stations on the drive from Atlanta. As it happened, it hadn’t been hard to find Bitcha Mitchell. She’d been all over the internet with Oscar nomination this and Winner of Best Original Song that. He reminded himself to try to steal her bank account details. She obviously had money. He’d take that too. And fuck Beale. While Bitcha watched.



In her apartment, lazing around playing with Bella and Battle Cat, Beca was humming melodies to herself. She already had a theme running and a few sheets of music written after inspiration had struck in the shower. She’d been thinking about Chloe and their new home, and the music had just flowed out of her. Apparently being insanely happy made Beca a better composer. Shocker!

“Who’da thunk, Battle Cat,” she said as she rolled onto her back and sat the kitten on her chest. The little one was still a little unsteady on her three legs, so she gently helped her balance as she snuffled her mom’s t-shirt. “A year ago, I was an anxious, deeply unhappy mess. See what meeting your other mom did for me? Now I have a gorgeous fiancée, an amazing house and two kids!” She glanced around and lowered her voice. “And I won a fucking Oscar. Can you believe it?”

Battle Cat looked sufficiently impressed as she lay down and licked her paw. Bella, however, was highly unamused and jumped up onto the couch to claim her spot on Beca’s head once more. The composer laughed and moved her, so they were both lying on her chest, blinking in their loving cat way at her (with Bella throwing shade at her new annoying little sister every now and then).

Then there was a knock at the door and Beca frowned as she looked over at it. “Go answer the door for me, BC,” she said, then chuckled softly. “Alright, alright, no opposable thumbs. You guys stay here.” She moved her babies, then rolled off the couch to go answer the door.

“Good afternoon, Ma’am.” The smiling delivery guy held out a huge bouquet of red roses. “Special delivery.”

“Thanks!” Beca replied brightly as she took the flowers and brought them to her nose to inhale deeply. “Wow, so pretty. Do you need me to sign something?”

“No, Ma’am, we’re good,” the guy replied. “Have a good day.” He smiled and then went on his way, leaving the musician to step back and close the door. She carried the flowers to the kitchen and set them on the counter as she looked for the card.

My beautiful, incredible Beca. Leaving you this morning was so hard. I want you to know that I’m thinking of you always and that I love you more than the moon and stars combined. See you tonight, My Love. Chloe.

Tears welled in Beca’s eyes, and she shook her head. “Your other mom’s a big, corny softy,” she told the cats. “And I just love her more and more each day.” She put the flowers in a vase, took a selfie with the roses behind her, then texted it to Chloe with lots of hearts and kissy face emojis added for good measure.

Then she almost dropped the phone in fright as it rang in her hand. “Hey, Rachel. How are you?” she greeted amiably.

“Pretty good, Becs. I have good news. We have a full price offer for the apartment. I presume you’re good with taking that? Or do you want to wait and see if any better offers come in?”

“What… sight unseen?” the brunette asked.

“From the pictures on the website,” the realtor replied. “There’s a couple in New England who say it’s exactly what they’re looking for. They’re moving to California for his job and need somewhere quickly.”

Beca shrugged to herself. “Ok, sure. I’ll take the offer then. Sounds good. Chloe and I are ready to pack up as soon as we hear the closing date. We can’t wait to move in.”

“Awesome,” Rachel replied. “I should know more tomorrow.”

“Cool,” the brunette nodded. “Talk to you soon!”

“Later Babes.”

Beca brought the flowers into the living room with her, set them on the coffee table and lay back down on the couch, smiling to herself. “Bella, Battle Cat… life rocks.”


“Hey, got a sec to talk in my broom closet slash office?” Chloe said as she pulled off her surgical gloves and trashed them.

“Sure,” Aubrey replied with a smile. “Everything ok?” She sprayed down the metal operating table with disinfectant and cleaned it thoroughly as another vet tech carried their patient to the recovery room.

“Everything’s great,” Chloe grinned. “I just have something I need to talk to you about.”

“Ok, cool. Let me just make us some coffee and we can chat.” After a few minutes, Aubrey joined the vet in her office and closed the door behind her. Then she sat the two cups on the desk and took a seat in a spare chair. “Hit me, oh grinning one.”

Chloe leaned on her desk with her fingers laced together. “So, I have news. Big news. And I wanted to share it with you before I tell anyone else.”

“Oh?” Aubrey was smiling. “Fuck, Chlo, did Beca get you pregnant?!”

Light blue eyes rolled. “Aubs, seriously? No, I’m not pregnant.”

The blonde sniggered. “Then what’s the big news?”

“It’s in two parts, I guess,” the redhead went on. “Firstly, Beca and I bought a house and we’re moving in pretty soon.”

“Wow! That’s great, congratulations!” Aubrey exclaimed. “What’s the second part? Is BECA pregnant?”

“Shut up, jeez!” Chloe exclaimed. “No one’s pregnant!” She cleared her throat and settled herself. “The second part is… the house came with a veterinary practice on the property.” She shook her head, still slightly disbelieving of it herself. “Like a full vet practice with a fucking client list and everything. The previous owners are selling to move close to their kids and grandkids.”

Aubrey’s mouth dropped open. “Wow.”

“Yeah,” the redhead agreed. “So anyway, I’m going to be leaving Perfect Paws and opening my own place. It’s called Purrrfect Veterinary Services… and Aubs… I’d love nothing more than for you to come with me. I want you to run the day-to-day operations for me… be my right hand essentially.”

“Ummm… you’re… you’re serious, right? This isn’t just a joke?” the blonde asked slowly.

“Not a joke, Hon,” Chloe confirmed. She took out her phone, opened the listing on the realty site and pointed to the address. “The only thing is… it’s here… and I know that’s a pretty long drive from where you are now.”

Aubrey took the phone and looked at it all very closely. “Holy shit! The house is gorgeous, Chloe,” she said, totally awestruck. “And it’s on the beach! Jesus Christ. And how big is the clinic?”

“The same, if not bigger than here,” Chloe explained. “I’m definitely going to need at least two more vets and five vet techs. The vets would report to me, and the techs would all report to you.”

“Well… I’m not passionately attached to my apartment,” Aubrey chuckled. “I want to go with you, Chloe, I’ll just need to find somewhere nearer to live that’s within my budget.”

The vet’s grin was so wide, it was as bright as the sun. “Weeellllll,” she said. “I might have a suggestion. I already talked to Beca about this, and she thinks it’d be a great idea. Our new property has a converted pool house with a big bedroom, bathroom, living area and kitchen. It’s gorgeous and we were thinking you could move in there until you find somewhere for yourself. Rent free, of course.” She showed her friend the pictures on her phone. “What do you think?”

Aubrey got up, rounded Chloe’s desk and pulled her to her feet to hug her to within an inch of her life. “I think you have yourself a deal, Boss!”

“Fantastic!” the redhead replied, grin back in full force. “So, keep it under your hat for now. I’ll give you a better timeline once Beca and I see the lay of the land, so to speak. Then we can both hand in our notice here.” She hugged Aubrey again. “And listen, until we can get the details worked out and I can pay you a proper salary, we won’t let you starve.”

“Fuck, Chloe, I wasn’t even worried about that,” the blonde laughed. “Your timing couldn’t be better actually. My lease at my place is up in five weeks. I could move into your place by then, right?”

“Oh, I definitely think so. Hey, thanks, Aubrey. It’s real peace of mind for me to know that someone I trust will be with Beca and I getting all this done.”

The blonde just smiled, tears welling in her eyes. “You have no idea how much that means to me, Chlo.”

They shared one more long hug. “I think I do,” Chloe whispered back. “Because I couldn’t have stood the thought of trying to do this without you.”


Beca smiled broadly as she heard Chloe’s key in the door and smoothed down her shirt as she did one more check of the apartment. She’d spent the afternoon writing more music and then cooking a special dinner for them both. Now she was dressed in black dress pants and a green silk blouse, and waiting for her fiancée to come home so they could eat… and then ravish each other. There was soft, romantic music playing in the background and the brunette fully intended to reward her lover for just being awesome.

The door opened and Chloe stepped in, a big smile on her face as she saw Beca waiting for her. “Hey, Babe. I lost my damn keys, so I had to use the spare.” She took a breath to continue speaking but then just stopped and her smile slowly dropped as she looked down at herself. To Beca’s horror, a red stain began to slowly spread across the right side of her scrubs. The vet stumbled forward then as she was roughly shoved into the apartment from behind, and fell to the floor on her face, hands barely saving her from breaking her nose. “Fuck…” Chloe groaned as she lay on the floor, right hand moving to press against the wound in her side. She lifted her head to find her fiancée, eyes wide and body frozen in terror with her hand pressed to her mouth. “Beca…”

“It’s interesting…” Myers said as he calmly stepped into the apartment, wiping Chloe’s blood off his knife as he bumped the door closed with his butt. “How unobservant people can really be. She didn’t realize I lifted her keys when I bumped into her this morning. THEN she didn’t realize I was following behind her when she came up here. I didn’t even need to use the keys I stole. How fucking ironic, huh?”

Beca blinked, shaking her head.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue, Bitcha Mitchell?”

“Myers… don’t hurt her,” Chloe gritted out as she painfully rolled over to look at him. “Get the fuck out.”

The man shook his head as he laughed. “You’re delusional, Beale. I’m not going anywhere until I’ve… fixed… things.”

“I’ll fucking kill you,” the redhead threatened as she struggled to get to her feet, but Myers just shoved her back down again with the toe of his boot.

“Oh shut up, Bitch.”

The man looked back to Beca. “Well, here we are, Little Bit. We’ve come full circle. I had no idea when we met that first time in Atlanta that we’d end up being such large parts of each other’s lives.”

The brunette swallowed. “Hello, Michael,” she said slowly. “Guess I’m your Laurie Strode.”

Myers shook his head as he narrowed his eyes. “I’ve never seen those stupid movies,” he said.

Beca nodded as she slowly moved closer to Chloe and knelt to place a hand on her shoulder. “Let me get something to help stop the bleeding. Please, Michael,” she said. “There are towels in the bedroom.

For a moment, he just stared at her, then he nodded. “Go on. Can’t have my fun with her if she’s dead now, can I?” He held up his hand as Beca got up. “Where’s your phone?”

“Oh the table,” the brunette replied, pointing to her black-screened iPhone. Myers went to it, silenced it and then shoved it into his back pocket.

“Go,” he said again.

Beca nodded and went into the bedroom. She was gone a minute or so before she returned with some clean towels and the first aid kit from their bathroom. Then she knelt next to Chloe and pressed one of the towels to the wound. “Tell me what to do, Chlo,” she said calmly, eyes flitting between her lover and their attacker.

“I’ll keep pressure on the front,” the vet replied, teeth gritted with pain and face pale. “But there’s an entry wound in my back that’s bleeding too. I need you to keep pressure there.”

“Ok,” the musician replied. She took another towel and rolled Chloe a little to find the entrance wound. Then she pressed hard against it. Chloe cried out in pain and tears welled in Beca’s eyes. “I’m sorry, Baby,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok, Love. Just hold pressure and try to keep me awake. I sleep, I die, ok?”

“Oh, you’re not dying yet,” Myers said as he looked lasciviously at her. “I haven’t had my fun yet. YOU!” He pointed at Beca. “Get over there and sit down.”

“What are you doing?” the brunette asked, fear coursing through her as Myers grabbed her and shoved her onto the couch.

“You’re going to watch me fuck and then murder your little girlfriend,” Myers replied coldly. “Then I’m going to kill you.” He turned to move back to Chloe.

“YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TOUCH HER.” Beca’s voice, slow and loud and clear, made him stop in his tracks. “It’s a pity you didn’t watch the Halloween movies, Michael, because if you had, you’d know that LAURIE ALWAYS WINS.

Myers slowly turned to find his Laurie Strode pointing a small revolver at him. “Let me guess, the gun was in the bedroom,” he sneered. “Clever.”

“I’m much smarter than you give me credit for,” the brunette replied. “I don’t want to kill you, Michael, I want you to stand trial so ALL your victims can see justice done.” She paused a moment. “But you know what? I’m not your victim anymore! I refuse to be!”

“Maybe,” the man allowed. “But we’re still here, alone, and no one is coming to help you.”

Beca smiled grimly, then lifted her wrist. “Siri, call nine-one-one.”

Her Apple Watch dutifully complied. Calling nine-one-one

“NO!” Myers yelled and he lunged clumsily for her as Chloe managed to catch him by one foot and trip him. He fell to the floor and kicked out, catching the vet in the side and wrenching a scream from her as he scrambled away and went for Beca again.

The musician reacted and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened, and her panicked brain took a second to order her to turn off the safety. Then she pulled the trigger again and the gun went off, catching the rapist in the shoulder and sending him staggering back a few steps where he fell over Chloe and hit his head on the floor.

“Bastard!” the vet yelled as she swung her fist over and smacked him right in the groin. She did it again. “I’ll make sure you NEVER rape a woman again you Motherfucker!” She swung her fist again, but he caught it, even as he keened with pain, and he rolled over to grab her by the throat with his good hand.

“Chloe!” Beca screamed as her lover fought for air and she pulled the gun’s trigger again, the shot absurdly loud considering the level of yelling in the room. Then Myers’ hand was falling slackly away from the redhead’s throat, and she was sucking in heaving breaths of air.

Beca dna Chloe both jumped as the apartment door was burst open and police officers swarmed in. “L.A.P.D.! DROP YOUR WEAPON AND GET DOWN!”

The brunette immediately dropped the gun and lifted her hands above her head. “Don’t shoot,” she said calmly. “I’m Beca Mitchell and this is Michael Myers. He’s a rapist on the run from Atlanta and he broke into our apartment. Please, my fiancée needs medical attention. She’s been stabbed. Her name is Chloe Beale.”

One of the officers holstered his weapon and moved to crouch next to Myers and check his pulse. “He’s still alive,” he said. “Get two R.A.s.” Then he moved to Beca. “Miss Mitchell, what’s going on?” he asked.

Beca only had eyes for Chloe though and watched as two officers held pressure against her wounds. But the vet was barely conscious, and she was blinking heavily. “Becs,” she said, voice raspy. “Love you… always.”

But then her fiancée was next to her, taking her hand. “No,” Beca said firmly. “You’re not dying on me, Chlo. We’re moving into our new house; we’re opening your practice and we’re having human babies to go with our fur babies. You hear me, Chlocifer?”

A small smile lifted Chloe’s lips as she barely nodded. “Yes, Ma’am.”

Two paramedics entered the room then and began working on the redhead as Beca moved to her head to stroke her hair. She looked back at the officer then. “Contact Detective Jesse Swanson at Atlanta P.D. He’ll tell you everything you need to know. In the meantime, make sure this guy is cuffed. He escaped from a hospital in Atlanta and murdered at least two people while he’s been on the run, including a police officer.”

The man nodded grimly. “Ride to the hospital with Miss Beale,” he said kindly. “We’ll take your full statement there.”

“Thanks,” the brunette nodded as Chloe was loaded onto a gurney and wheeled toward the door. A second paramedic team entered then to work on Myers. Beca’s second shot had hit him in the abdomen and a pool of blood was forming around him, despite the officers’ best efforts to help him. “Remember, restrain him.”

Then without a backward glance, Beca walked next to Chloe as they left the apartment and headed for the stairs.


It was fuzzy. And weird. And shiny and… Oh, it’s Mom and Dad. Where’s Beca? Oh. There she is.

“I’ve always wanted a flying bicycle,” Chloe said solemnly as she looked around at the people in the room. “They always seem like they’d be the most eco-friendly way to travel.” She blinked heavily as her blue eyes met Beca’s. “Hi, Becs.” Her grin was huge then.

“And pain meds are our friends,” Beca replied just as solemnly as she leaned in to kiss her fiancée’s chapped lips. “Hi to you too, My Love. How are you feeling?”

Across the room, Mo burst into tears and Tom wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Chloe’s eyes tracked to them. “Mom, Dad,” she said, weakly holding out her hand. “Did you come here on flying bicycles?”

Her parents moved to the side of the bed and Mo took her hand. “No, Baby Girl, just on a regular airplane.”

“Oh,” Chloe said softly. Then she looked around again. “Where am I?” There was a line coming out of her hand and she winced as she touched it, becoming a little agitated. “Myers… Beca…”

The brunette leaned down and kissed her forehead, stroking her hair gently. “You’re in hospital, Chloe. You had surgery to repair some damage Myers did when he stabbed you, but you’re going to be ok, Baby, I promise.”

The redhead nodded slowly and calmed down. “Is he dead?”

“No,” Beca shook her head. “He survived but… the second gunshot paralyzed him from the waist down. The bullet hit his spinal cord.”

“Seriously?” Chloe asked. “Poetic fucking justice for you right there!”

Mo squeezed her hand gently, a smile on her face. “Language, Chlocifer.”

“Sorry, Mama.” The vet squirmed a little. “Sorry.” Then she looked back at her lover for help. “Did you show them the new house?”

“I figured you’d want to do that yourself…” Beca’s voice broke. “When you woke up.” Tears spilled down her cheeks, and she sniffled hard, wiping them away with the back of her hand. “I’m so sorry, Chloe. This is all my fault and I…”

A hand smooshed against her mouth. “No,” Chloe stated firmly. “Not your fault. His fault. And he’s never going to hurt anyone ever again because YOU shot him so he can’t use his junk again, Becs.” She blinked then distractedly. “Can I have ice-cream?”

Tom chuckled softly. “I’ll go see if I can find some for you, Baby Girl.” He kissed her forehead and then ambled out of the room. Everyone pretended to not hear him break down into sobs as he moved down the corridor. Mo squeezed Beca’s shoulder and followed him out.

“This puts a bit of a hold on our moving plans, huh?” the redhead said then. “Aubrey said yes, by the way.”

“I know, Babe,” Beca smiled. “She told me when she was here yesterday.”

“I can’t wait,” Chloe whispered, eyes closing as a sudden wave of exhaustion crashed over her. She yawned then. “Tired, Becs. Tired of thinking about flying bicycles.”

“I know, Honey. Close your eyes and get some sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Love you… always,” the vet replied.

“Love you too,” Beca whispered into her ear, right before she dozed off.