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Forever and ever, Darling

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Taking a little stroll down by the river, Terese’s arm linked around Paul’s, talking about life in general, work, the kids, them. Paul decides to tell her now instead of later. “Oh by the way I’m taking you on a date tonight.”

“Gosh not asking but telling me it’s happening, can’t say no then, can I?” she cheekily replies back looking up at him as they share a cheeky sarcastic grin, “Where are we going?”

“There’s this new Italian place I wanted to try so I thought what better way than taking my beautiful wife on a date there to try it together.”

“Ooo sounds lovely” she smiles up at him and stops to stretch up and give him a quick peck to the lips

“Yeah, apparently they have the best pizza and pasta but we’ll be the judge of that. I’ve booked the reservation for 7:30 tonight.”

Terese giggles at that comment, “Oh yes we will be the judge of that.” They stop walking once they reach the end of the bridge and look at each other very lovingly. Paul brings his right arm up to the side of her face and gently strokes his thumb over her cheekbone which only makes her lean up to kiss his lips, once, twice before saying they have to go back to work to finish a few things if they’re going out for dinner tonight.

Later that night, Terese is coming down stairs after getting ready to find Paul sitting on the couch, she walks to him while finishing putting her earring in, “Oh there you are, you better hurry or we’re gonna be late.”

“Be late for what?” Paul questions as he is brought out of his deep thinking by her voice

“Uh dinner at the little Italian place you wanted to try.”

“Uh, right yeah” not sounding too sure

“Remember this morning you said you booked it, please don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten?”

Completely in the conversation now, “Uh yeah, sorry been a busy day.”

“Yes it has but it would be nice to unwind and debrief over a lovely meal.” Terese agrees

“Yeah. Unwind yes. Debrief, mm might leave that for another time” Paul doesn’t want to go into detail and leaves her with that.

“Ned?” She asks

“No. No, I was thinking about something else actually”

“What?” Terese questions again

“Ahhh nothing we can talk about just yet. Believe me it’s gonna be good for us” giving her a wiggle with his eye brows

“Well why can’t we talk about it?” She questions trying to get more information from him.

“Wow, is that a new dress. You look stunning in it.” Trying his luck to change the subject

“Yeah. Nice try, what is going on?” Not taking his bait

“Oh it’s nothing you need to worry about, promise. Promise”

Knowing her husband all too well she says “Paul. You are up to something, I can feel it.”

“You sure you’re just not really hungry?” He stands up to walk towards her, “Come on get ready and we’ll hit the road.”


As he is walking past her he can’t resist saying to her, “God you look lovely,”

At the restaurant, they sit across from each other in a little secluded area. Their hands meet in the middle of the table as Paul gently caresses and plays around with her fingers. Neither of them can wipe the smile off their face, loving this quiet, intimate moment they have to themselves.

With a spinach and ricotta filled ravioli and basil and mozzarella pizza to share ordered and their drinks already at the table, all they need to do is wait.

Paul can’t stop admiring her, her gorgeous dimpled smile, beautiful lips, sparkling chocolate brown eyes. She’s batting her eyelashes at him and he feels like she’s flirting with him. The butterflies he gets when he’s with her, thinking of her, admiring her. He’s never felt like this with anyone. He’s going to spend the rest of his life making sure she knows how much he loves her. How devoted he is to her.

With the dishes arrived, eaten and the couple satisfied they head home. Once they arrive home they both head to the backyard as they’re too full to go to bed. Paul leans against the table and Terese leans into him, her back against his chest. He is lightly rubbing her shoulders feeling her relax into him. Both look up at the night sky and sparkling stars.

“Wow, so many stars tonight.” Terese comments

Paul hums in agreement, before he stops rubbing her shoulder and asks, “Care to dance with me under the stars?”

She moves her head to look back at him, “Absolutely!”

She turns around and, as his hands move to hold hers, he slowly walks backwards, leading her onto the lawn. As he pulls her closer, she wraps her arms around his neck and his wrap around her waist. Swaying on the grass, they talk shout how good dinner was and how good the night has been in general. Just the two of them. He leans down and kisses her forehead, she lifts her head enough to catch his lips with hers. Without warning he dips her, not down too far but enough for her eyes to shoot open and gasp against his lips causing them both to giggle. Bringing her back up he says,
“I love you Terese, with all my heart. You’re the best wife and mother. You’re the most caring person and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to have by my side.”

Terese has the biggest smile on her face, “Aww Paul, I couldn’t ask for a more romantic husband. I love you too, with all my heart.”

A genuine smile appears on his face, one reserved only for her. “Forever and ever darling.” He leans down again and seals the night with a passionate kiss.