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"I am sorry Yena."


"I can't accept your proposal."

"But I courted you for 3 months right?"

"Yeah but I don't feel the same way as you feel. Plus its forbidden"


With that word Chaewon looked at Yena. She holds Yena's hand to comfort her. Yena isn’t crying but she is feeling  down now. 


" I am sorry again, Yena. I hope you will find someone else who will love you a lot."


Chaewon let go of Yena's hand and left the place. Yena is still processing everything. 


"Unnie?" A soft voice called her. She knows the owner of this voice. It's none other than her favourite dongsaeng,Jo Yuri. Yena looked at Yuri with a sad smile on her face.


"What happened unnie?" Yuri asked her. "Umm nothing much. Your best friend Chaewon rejected me after courting her for 3 damn months." Yena chuckled. 


"It's okay unnie. Don't be sad. You will find someone better." Yuri tried to comfort her. "I am not sad because she rejected me. I am sad because of the money I spent on her. Ugh...I could buy a lot of video games with that money. Wasted!" Yena said while pouting.


Yuri doesn’t know how to react. She is kinda annoyed now. 


"Let's go home. It's already late." Yena said while unlocking her bike. She sits on the bike and signals to Yuri to sit behind her. Yuri sits behind Yena and wraps her hands around Yena's waist. Yena started the bike.


Yuri puts her head on the back of Yena's shoulder and closed her eyes. She is kinda happy that Chaewon didn’t accept Yena. Because she has loved Yena from her childhood. She and Yena are neighbours. Yuri has always tried to show her love towards Yena. But Yena is too dumb to notice it. She always think that Yuri loves her as her unnie. Plus Yena is always busy flirting with other girls. That's why she doesn’t have time to notice Yuri's love.


With this,Yuri sighed. Maybe Yena never can be hers. Yena stops her bike in front of her house. Yuri gets down from the bike and bids goodbye to Yena. When she was about to go inside her house,Yena shouted from behind.


"Joyul,can you come to my room at night? I need some help with my project. If you want you can sleepover in my room."


Yuri smiled after hearing this. She thumbed up instead of saying anything. 


At night Yuri comes to Yena's room to help her with her project. After 1 hour they became tired and decided to take rest. Yuri was lying on Yena's bed while Yena was checking her instagram. 


"Joyul look" Yena said. Yuri goes towards Yena to see. "This girl is quite pretty right? I think I have a crush on her" Yena said while smiling widely. Yuri just sighed. She is kinda tired of this. Yena literally gets a crush on girls every second. She can't hold her emotions anymore. 


"Do you think I should propose to her? I think I should. Maybe tomorrow" Yena said. Yuri's blood is boiling at this point. "Yuri ah? Why aren’t you saying anything?" Yena asked. "Don't you like this girl?"


"NO I DON'T" Yuri bursted. Yena was shocked. She never saw Yuri bursted like this. 


"I don't like this girl. I didn’t even like Chaewon. I don't like any girls on whom you get a crush on every second. Because you know what? I freaking love you Choi Yena." Yuri started crying. 


Yena is too shocked now. She doesn’t know what to say. She never even imagined that Yuri would love her in this way. Yuri's parents are homophobic and religious so its impossible to Yuri to like any girl.


"Yuri i-" Yena tried to say. But she isn’t finding proper words currently. She is very shocked. 


"It's okay unnie. I know you don't like me in that way. I know you will never like me. I know I can never be yours. But I hope you will find someone who will love you with all her heart like I do. I know you will be happy with her"


With that Yuri smiled sadly. Yena hung her head down. Yuri walked towards the door and left the room. 


Yena immediately took her phone to call her best friend Ahn Yujin. Yujin always helps her whenever she is in any hard situation.


"Hello Yujin?"


"What do you want, you ugly duck?"


"You know what...Yuri proposed me"


"WHAT?!" Yujin is also shocked.


"Now what to do" Yena is kinda shaking now.


"Do you also like her?"


"For real,i also have feelings for her. But i never expressed it towards her cause you know,she has strict,homophobic and religious parents. They will never accept this. But i love her a lot. I never thought she could love me too" Yena said.


"Unnie,if you want my suggestion then i will tell you to follow your heart. Don't think about anything else"


"You sure Yudings?"


"Yes, i am sure"


"Thank you so much"


"You are we-"


Yena cut the call immediately and went outside. She is now standing in front of Yuri's house. But too scared to go there cause there are two big scary dogs inside. She is afraid of dogs.Plus Yuri's parents will doubt something if  they see Yena at 1 am. So she went back to the house where Yuri's room is. She can see the light from Yuri's window. That means she is still awake. But if she wants to get inside through the window she has to climb this damn long wall which is in front of her now. She somehow managed to climb the wall. Now she has to climb a freaking tree which is beside Yuri's window. She started climbing the tree. She managed to climb the tree too. Now she is standing on a tree branch. She jumped from there to Yuri's window. She scratched her arm. Still she succeeded in getting into Yuri's room through the window. She is thanking her cousin in mind who taught her how to climb walls and trees when she was 8. There is no sign of Yuri in the room. Maybe she is downstairs now. So she sat on Yuri's bed and waited for her. 


After some moments Yuri comes to her room and gets shocked after seeing Yena sitting on her bed while reading a magazine. She never thought she would see a duck reading magazine in her room at 1 am. Yena noticed someone entered the room. She looked at the door and met Yuri's gaze. She smiled at Yuri. 


"Don't smile like that, you ugly duck. It makes me fall for you more" Yuri said in her mind.


Yuri locked the door and came near Yena.


"What are you doing here at this freaking 1 am?" Yuri asked her.


"Umm...I came here to talk with you' Yena replied.


"About what?"


"Your confession"


Yuri is now shocked enough. She doesn’t know what to say.


"Joyul" Yena said while holding. Yuri is now looking at Yena's eyes.


"Bae...listen. Whatever happens. I will always be with you. I will love you till the end. No matter what. I have also loved you since I met you. But I was too afraid to say that. I never thought you would love me too. I will love you more from now. I know I am not right sometimes. But I will try to make everything right. I really love you, Jo Yuri. my girlfriend" 


Yena said all those words while looking at Yuri's eyes. She can feel her heart is beating faster than before.




Yuri started sobbing. She thought Yena would never love her like she does. 


"I love you a lot, unnie. I really really love you a lot. I can't think of my life without you. You are the happiness of my life. And I am accepting your proposal Choi Yena."


Yuri smiled after saying this. Her tears are still rolling on her cheeks. Yena wipes the tears and hugs the younger. Yuri hugged back tightly. 


Yena broke the hug and looked directly into Yuri's eyes. Yuri is also looking at the older's eyes. Yena started leaning towards Yuri. Yuri closed her eyes. She can feel the hot breath of the older's. Yena closed the gap between them and pressed her lips against Yuri's. 


They are sharing a passionate kiss. Yuri wrapped her arms on Yena's nape while Yena was holding Yuri's waist. Yena goes down through Yuri's lips to her jaw,to her neck. She started placing soft kisses on Yuri's neck. But after that Yuri pushed the older one. Yena looked at Yuri with a confused face.


"That's enough for now you duck. Don't forget that we are still minor" Yuri said while crossing her arms. Yena just pouted with her ducky lips.


"Okay unnie now go back to your house. It's already 2 am" Yuri ordered her.


"Okay but before going,give me another kiss" Yena said while pointing to her lips.


Yuri knows how stubborn this duck is,so she gave another peck on the duck's lips. The duck made a happy noise and hugged the younger. 

From that time Yena and Yuri started their secret relationship. Why secret? Obviously for their homophobic and strick parents. If they find out about their relationship,they will never be able to see each other again. So they are keeping it secret.


Only Yujin and Chaewon know their relationship. Yeah Chaewon again said sorry to Yena and told her to take care of  Yuri as she is Chaewon's best friend. Yena tried to take back her money from Chaewon which she spent on her but Yuri smacked her head which made her stop doing that.


Yena and Yuri completed their high school and college together. Now they are taking training for their company. Their parents have their own company. After taking training they will be the CEO of their own company.


Everything was going well. They still kept their relationship secret relation. But one strom ruined everything.


It's a sunny day. Everything is looking so nice. Yena is drinking her coffee while reading a novel. Suddenly she got a text. She smiled after seeing the username. It's Yuri.

"I have something important to talk about with you. Come at the coffee shop as fast as you can"


- My Cutie Joyul❤

Yena frowned. What an important thing it could be. She immediately drank her coffee and went to her car. She starts the engine. After 20 minutes she stops in front of the cafe. This is the cafe where she and Yuri have dates.


Yena went inside the cafe. Her eyes are searching for her hamster. She saw Yuri was sitting beside a window. She went straight to that table and sat in front of Yuri. She is smiling like an idiot now. 


"How are you Yuri?"

"I am fine" Yuri replied in a cold tone. Yena is confused now. 


"What happened? Why are you looking like this?" Yena asked.


"Yena....." Yuri started.


"Yena, my parents had arranged my marriage with one of our company partner's son. And the wedding will be held in the last week of this month" Yuri said while almost sobbing. 


Yena freezed at her spot after hearing this. She knew someday this day would come. That's why she always prepared herself to let go of Yuri anytime. She knows Yuri can't go against her parents. Also this society. This society will never accept them.


"Yena....please say something. What should we do now" Yuri said while crying. 


"Yuri...." Yena holds the younger's hand tightly.


"Listen to me baby. I think you should accept the wedding. Cause you know. We can never get married. Both of our parents are homophobic and they wont let that happen.Cause its Forbidden Love. I can disobey my parents but I know you can never do this. So it's better to accept the marriage" Yena said with a broken heart. She doesn’t wanna cry in front of Yuri.


"Please....don't say that" Yuri said while crying.


"I am sorry. But we have to do this. There's no other way" 


"This is all a joke right? Please tell me you are joking. Please don't tell me you are serious" Yuri started crying more while hugging the older.


"I am sorry. But this is our fate. We have to accept it" Yena is trying to hold back her tears.


"Is this your last word?" Yuri asked.


"Yes. This is my last word" Yena said with a cracking voice. 


Yuri stood up and left the cafe while crying.


Yena put her head on the table and started crying silently. She was always prepared to let Yuri go. But why does it hurt this much when she is doing it for real. Why is love so cruel? Why is society so toxic? 


"If it's a dream,someone please wake me up. It hurts too much. God please,don't be this cruel to us. Please wake me up. Please.....please..."


Yena cried her heart out. She lost her happiness today. She can never be happy for real in the rest of her life.

It's Yuri's wedding day. The entrance is decorated beautifully. Yuri's parents are so happy because their daughter is going to marry into a well known family. Did Yena come to attend the wedding?  Yes she did. Because it's her most favourite donsaeng's wedding. She obviously has to attend. 


Yena is standing in front of the stage with sad eyes. She is looking at Yuri. The younger one is looking so pretty in that white gown. The wedding ceremony started after a few moments.


Chaewon and Yujin come beside Yena and hold her shoulder.


"Are you okay Yena?" Chaewon asked.


"Ye-yeah i am o-okay" Yena replied with a broken voice.


Chaewon and Yujin just sighed. They know Yena isn’t okay. She loves Yuri too much. 


"Now you may kiss the bride" The priest said.


Before the kiss Yuri met Yena's eyes. Because this is the first time she is going to kiss someone who isn’t Yena. She never even thought she would kiss someone except Yena. But her fate is so cruel. With a broken heart Yuri kissed her groom.


Yena holds the left side of her chest. Her heart started aching from the scene. It hurts to see your beloved one kissing someone else. 


She couldn’t hold it anymore. She ran away from the site and went to her car. She put her head on the steering. She is crying her heart out. 


"Don't cry Yena. Your Joyul will be happy with him. Yes he is a good person and will take care of Yuri like you. He will love her with all of his heart like you do. So don't cry. Her happiness is your happiness." 


Yena smiled after thinking that. Yes....if her Yuri is happy,that means she is happy too. That's why she let go of her.

"Sometimes you just has to let go of your beloved one"

"The cruel world and the cruel society won't accept you sometimes"

"So instead ending everything,find the happiness for your beloved one"

"Because if your beloved one is happy,that will make you happy too"




8 Years later:


Yeah it's already been 8 years since Yuri's wedding. Yena left Korea the next day after the wedding. She worked as a CEO of her company in the USA branch. She didn’t contact Yuri after that day. Mostly she didn’t want that.


She always was about to call her or text her. But something stopped her from doing that. 


Today she came back to Korea. After 8 years. She misses her country a lot. So she decided to come back.

Yena's Pov:


Ugh after 8 freaking years I came back to my country. I wanted to scream "I MISS YOU KOREA" but nah...that will decrease my reputation. After all, I am the great Choi Yena. 


I was walking in the airport looking for the exit. Suddenly someone bumped into me. And a glass of juice poured on my shirt. Wow what a nice way to welcome me after 8 years tch.


"I am really sorry. I didn’t mean to do it" The person said and she started to wipe the juice on my shirt with her handkerchief. 


"It's okay. You don't have to do this" I held the person's hand and looked at her.


I never thought I would meet her here.


"Yuri?" i asked 


"Yena?" She was surprised too. 


We are now both looking at each other. We really missed each other's existence. I am surprised but very happy to see her pretty and cute face after 8 years.


"Umm...hey Yuri" I said with a shy tone.


"Hi Yena. It's been a long time" She smiled. I missed this. I missed her angelic smile. I really want to hug her so badly.


"How are you doing Yena?" her question made me come back to my senses. 


"Yeah I am doing good. I just came back from the USA. I will stay in Korea from now" I said with a smile.


"Really? That means we can meet each other again" She seems happy. 


"Mumma" Someone shouted from behind her. I looked there and saw a small kid running towards her. 


"Oh my what are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to wait for me in the cafeteria?" Yuri held the kid.


"But you were taking so long. I was so scared" The kid said while pouting. Haha this kid has ducky lips like me.


"Omo i am so sorry baby. I was talking with your aunt" Yuri pointed at me.


I smiled and kneeled down in front of the kid. 


"What's your name?" I asked while smiling.


"I am the great Choi Yena" The kid said while pointing to her muscles. She is also pouting. 


It made me confused. Maybe this kid saw me on tv saying this sentence. Cause yeah i am kinda famous. And sometimes say "I am the great Choi Yena" while giving a speech. But I never point my muscles and pout like a duck.


"Ummm...I asked your name, kiddo. Not mine." I said.


"But I told you. My name is the great Choi Yena" the kid proudly said.


I looked at Yuri. And she started laughing. I am very confused right now. I don't know what's happening.


"She told the truth, Yena" Yuri said. Still laughing.


"Her name is Choi Yena" she said.


My eyes got bigger. What is she saying now?


"Why did you name your kid by my name?" i asked


"Cause...." Yuri started


"Cause i love you Yena. I still love you a lot" She said while looking downwards.  


My heart started beating again. Too bad that this stupid heart still beats for her.


"But...why my surname?" i asked


"You don't know? My husband is also a Choi" Yuri replied 


"Really? So you are Choi Yuri now"


"No. I am not Choi Yuri. I am still Jo Yuri " She replied in a cold tone.




"You know what Yena. I always wanted to be Choi Yuri. But I wanted to be Choi Yena's Choi Yuri. Not someone else's. That's why I didn't change my surname" Yuri said while looking into my eyes.


This is making me sad again. I can't express how much I love her. I still love her a lot. But destiny didn’t make us for each other.


3rd Pov:


"Hey honey" someone called Yuri.


Yena and Yuri looked at the director from where the voice came.


"Honey hey" Yuri went towards the guy and hugged him.


"Daaaaddd" kid Yena also ran towards him. While Yena is looking at them.


"Welcome back honey" Yuri said and kissed his cheeks. 


"Thank you honey" the guy kissed her back. 


"Dad i missed you" kid Yena pouted and the guy held her up


"Awee my baby i missed you too" he kissed the kid's cheeks.


Yuri turned back to Yena. She held the guy's hand and approached him towards Yena.


"Honey this is Yena unnie. Remember i told you about her?" Yuri said


"Ah yes i remember" he said


"Nice to meet you. I am Choi Youngho"


"Nice to meet you too. I am Choi Yena" Yena introduced herself.


"Yuri talks about you a lot. She always says how great unnie you are. That's why she even named our daughter Yena" Youngho smiled widely.


"Ah, I see" Yena said. She thought Yuri would forget her after some years. But she didn’t. Even though she still loves her after her marriage and having a baby.  


"Okay Ms.Choi we have to go now. Please come to our place one day. We would love to have you as our guest" he said in an excited tone.


"Sure i will visit you"


The guy held the baby Yena and started walking towards the exit. Yuri is still standing in front of Yena.


"Yena...i will meet with you tomorrow at our favourite cafe. Okay?" She said


"Sure....Joyul" Yena replied.


Yuri smiled after hearing the nic name. She missed hearing this.


"Bye Yena"


"Bye Joyul"

Yuri left the spot and joined her husband and daughter. Yena is smiling towards the happy family. 


"Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to let her go. She is happy with her family. Also...she still loves me like before. That's what i wanted"


Yena thought in her mind and smiled brightly. She started walking towards the exit with a bright smile on her face.

"I fell in love with you when I was 7 and you were 9. And confessed my love when i was 14 and you were 16"


"I was also in love with you. But I was scared to confess. But you made me confess to you when i was 16"


"I know it was a forbidden love. But I still loved you with all of my heart. I didn’t even hesitate to confess it"


"Maybe I could hold you in my arms forever. But you weren’t able to disobey your parents and this society"


"I am really sorry for being a coward"


"It's okay. I don't blame you for that. In next life i will make sure to make you mine"


"In next life i promise you i will be brave enough"


"In next life i won't let you go"


"In next life i will make everything right for us"


"In next life i will hold you till the end"


"In next life i will fight for our love"


"I love you Jo Yuri "


"I love you too Choi Yena"