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wildest dreams

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April 15, Spring of 19 59.


The early mornings were always rather silent and laizy, Claire would remind herself. She rather enjoyed Spring, the season of new beginnings, another reminder to leave her memories behind and concentrate on the present, to prepare her early morning tea and read a book in the tranquility of her own solitude. When she was three and twenty, shortly after getting divorced, one was barely aware her life would come upside down again after fewer months of glory.


Does it ever drive you crazy how fast your life can change? Of course, hers hadn’t changed much, her career still stronger than ever and nowadays she had the privilege of choosing the projects she would be part of, with the help and support of her husband, one she grew to love and cherish in a special way after the last couple of years.


Her whisky orbs had barely been able to stare at the flash of light invading her bedroom through the window when a particular pair of beings she loved more than life itself stormed into the room, throwing themselves at the one man that earned the title of being their loving father. Normally it wasn’t something they would do, but today was a rather special day, being the man’s birthday and how much excitement the girls were sparkling towards the idea of just spending his day with him.


Then her mind betrayed her, as it often did , wondering what her life would have been like if both sides had played fair since the beginning, rather being honest and truthful than falling down into a web of lies because of what it was thought to be love? Would he welcome their daughters this way? Sweep them off their feets every time they got home from work, and later put them to bed with a bedtime story like no other? Cruel were the tricks your mind played you. After all, hadn’t it been six years already?


Her husband’s voice brought her back to reality and Claire stared at him, a smile growing across her lips as the girls went away after announcing their breakfast was ready, waiting for them, and that they had helped Mrs. Graham to prepare it. She leaned closer to the man, her lips kissing his cheek as he hugged her briefly, holding her hand in his.


“Happy birthday, John.” she said softly as he squeezed her hand, thanking her with the gesture. 


Their marriage wasn’t one bounded by love, not that kind of love between a husband and a wife anyway…Clarifying that one, he was her best friend. Two, he was gay and again, he was her best friend, almost a brother she never had. But there was friendship, respect and a mutual liking. She and her children were loved and cared for and she wouldn’t trust anyone else to be their father, to look after them, except him and her uncle Lambert.


His blond hair was a morning mess, something she’d sometimes tease him about, but not today of all days. “Thank you, my dear.” John offered her a kind smile, like he always did, offering support to leave the bed. The happy screams of Faith and Brianna echoing downstairs, making both of them laugh. “I do think we should join the girls. Shall we?”


She simply gave him a nod, deciding it was the best to keep thinking of the past and move on with their morning routine and later festivities. It was not likely Claire would forget about it any time soon anyway, once one of her twins looked exactly like him, a daily reminder of the time her heart was shattered into a million pieces, but she would never ever regret them.