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Slash 101

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Slash 101.  Or why do we need to explain these things in 2021?


“I’m Jen Hall, reporting at the Courthouse, where there is currently a demonstration in progress, in response to the verdict of ‘Not Guilty for Reason of Insanity’ for Ken Hutchinson, the police officer on trial for murdering his friend and partner, David Starsky.  The crowd here is mainly made up of two groups.  One of them call themselves Evil Slashers.  The other group… well they have signs calling themselves Gay Friends of Homophobes.”

“’We are friends of people who are homophobes, because even homophobes need friends!’, one of them claimed in an earlier interview.  “You know how there are always people saying homophobic things in the media, and they always say they’re not bigoted because they have gay friends?  Well, we’re those friends!’  Wow!  I never knew those people were for real!”

Suddenly, the other group surrounds the reporter.  “We’re the Evil Slashers!  We’re the Evil Slashers!” they chant.  “We’re protesting the verdict that Hutch is insane because we persuaded him to hit on Starsky!” one of them tells the reporter.  “This is nonsense. He’s a fictional character.  It was a gen writer who made him murder Starsky because she hates Slash.  She said so in her little author editorial.  She’s the one who sees Hutch as a murderer because he wanted more than Starsky was willing to give.  Here’s my review of her story:  What the Actual FUCK?!”

“Thanks, Evil Slashers.  This is Jen Hall reporting from the Courthouse”