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Track in a Crowd

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Track in a Crowd


“I hate parties.” Steve complains for what must be the twentieth time since they arrived, slumping over on the couch so he can press his forehead against Carol’s shoulder, arms curled around her waist.


“I know Stevie, that's why you dragged me along.” Carol says with a laugh as she pats his head. It is always like this, every time Steve’s agent Heather calls and insists he needs to go somewhere for exposure, he begs Carol to go with him. They share an apartment so Steve usually slams into whatever room she is in, flops dramatically over the closest surface and complains before giving her big damp eyes, scent pumping out distress that is only a little forced.


“How much longer do we have to stay?” Steve asks, turning his face and tucking in closer to Carol’s neck trying to block out the other smells from the party. It is mostly alphas and betas crowding the room and the pheromones are high, they always are when alcohol is flowing at these sorts of parties, most folks trying to show off to others and make connections, it is nauseating. Steve sighs into Carol’s neck as she projects comfort into her scent and it helps a little.


Carol does not answer his question, Heather had come by their apartment before the party and insisted Carol keep Steve at the party for a minimum of three hours. It has only been thirty minutes, best to not point that out, instead she changes the subject. “You want some horderves? We should probably eat something.” Carol says as she finishes her flute of champagne, Steve already finished his drink a few minutes earlier, empty delicate glass held between his thighs. 


Steve makes a noncommittal noise into Carol’s throat. Carol is right they should eat, he is even a little hungry but the thought of traveling across the room to get to the large table holding various mini foods makes his stomach roll anew. Why are the servers not also carrying trays of food, instead of just carrying drinks around the room, he finds it very inconvenient. 


"How about you stay hunkered down here," Carol waves a server with drinks over swapping out their empty flutes for two fresh ones. "And have some more to drink while I go get us some food?" Carol sips her own champagne while running the fingers of her free hand through Steve's hair.


"But then I'll be all alone." Steve complains, fingers toying with the glass Carol presses between his thighs, careful not to spill it. 


"Can't have it both ways sweetie." Carol does not actually give him a chance to decide, standing abruptly and dislodging Steve from her. "I'll be right back." Carol says bending down and laying a kiss on Steve's cheek, hoping it will help keep any overzealous alphas from approaching in her absence.


Steve tries to grab for Carol so he can drag her back onto the couch but she dances out of his reach and he pouts as she disappears into the crowd. Steve hunches down and tries to look as unapproachable as possible as he frowns into his champagne glass. He hates these things but at least with Carol at his side he does not have to worry about alphas trying to approach him. 


It is not that he does not like alphas, he just does not like most alphas. A lot of them are huge assholes, who have forgotten how to actually talk to an omega, especially the ones who come to these sorts of parties. They think they do not have to work for it, that they can just get away with pumping out pheromones and using their alpha vocal cords to force an omega into a drop. Steve punched the last alpha to try using their cords on him. The tabloids had hounded him for three weeks after that, until another famous omega got caught having an affair on their alpha.


Steve scowls at any alpha that even glances in his direction, scent going hostile because he really, really does not want to deal with any of them. Steve frowns as he looks at his watch before berating himself, it has only been five minutes. He occupies himself by drinking his champagne, by the time he finishes the glass it has been twenty minutes and he starts to worry. It definitely should not be taking Carol this long.


The same server as before who has thankfully been working the outskirts of the party comes by and Steve thanks him as he switches out his empty flute for a new one, eyes scanning the crowd looking for Carol. It is the wrong move, as it attracts a nearby alpha, who takes Steve’s searching eyes as an invitation to take up the seat next to him, sitting entirely too close without invitation. Steve huffs in agitation, edging away from the man in the limited space left to him.


“What’s a pretty thing like you doing all by yourself over here?” They ask, sliding closer and taking up the space Steve just made between them, ignoring the sour scent pouring off of Steve. Steve doubts the man can even smell him with all of the interest the man himself is pumping out. Some alphas smell good to Steve, this man is not one of them and Steve decides to take immediate action.


Steve stands and ignores the man's surprised shout as he sucks it up and ventures into the crowd, the scents here are not really better but at least no one is actively directing them at him. Steve wanders through the crowd looking for Carol and trying to avoid groping hands when his nose catches a scent. It is something pleasant tangled in the mass of unpleasantness and he wants to follow it. Steve chews on his lips, it is rare he finds a scent he wants to follow, downing his third glass he weaves through the crowd, Carol forgotten as he searches.




Billy is bored, always so bored at these parties. It is always a variation of the same people crowding into these things. The first year after their band had taken off and they really got famous Billy had enjoyed all of the partying but they have been at this for a few years now, it is old hat. Billy has meet all of the people who enjoy these types of things, has fucked a wide variety of them, he is not really looking for nameless sex these days, which is all that ever comes out of these things, that or someone just trying to cling onto the coattails of his fame and Billy is not interested in that either. He thinks it would be nice to find someone to settle down with. 


Robin is not really into these parties the record label throws either but she has always been less inclined, all the mixing alpha pheromones make it less than fun for her sensitive nose. Their manager insists they have to come to them though, they have a reputation to keep or something, Billy tends to tune him out when he starts talking. They will be expected to make an appearance downstairs in the crowded ballroom soon, will have to come down from the little couch set up on the balcony overlooking the party. Billy is not looking forward to it and he can tell by the pinched look on Robin’s face that neither is she. 


They are shooting the shit, mostly judging various party guests when their manager finally makes an appearance with a fake grin stretched across his face. “I suppose it’s time for us to go play our parts and cater to the masses.” Robin huffs out scent sour, the whole place reeks, even up here all Billy can smell is the strong mix of scents, the majority of the party alpha and betas. 


“Don’t worry, if anyone tries anything, I’ll kick their ass.” Billy reassures, getting a bark of laughter out of Robin.


“Like I need you to kick someone's ass for me.” Billy has seen her defend herself plenty, she is more than capable but that does not mean he will not jump in if he happens to be right there. 


“Come on birdy, I’m getting hungry anyway, the catering is from that fancy place you like.” Billy stands tossing an arm around Robin’s shoulders as they brush by their manager, ignoring him as he opens his mouth to speak. They just keep walking, heading down the stairs into the throng of people. Billy pushes Robin in front of him, to keep from losing her in the crowd and so that no one can grab her ass. The last time someone made that mistake she broke their hand and Billy had cracked a rib laughing about it. Billy still ends up having to shoves people out of their way, as they ignore Robin trying to get through, sneering threateningly at anyone who opens their mouths to say something about it. 


“Awe fuck yeah stuffed mushrooms!” Robin says excitedly, making a beeline for them as soon as they break through the crowd by the catering table. She grabs one off of the table and immediately stuffs it in her mouth. Billy is laughing at her antics as he grabs a kabob and watches a pretty red headed woman offer Robin a napkin as sauce dribbles down her face. 


Billy keeps his distance as he watches Robin flush as the woman makes gooey eyes at her and offers up a plate next. He keeps close just in case she gets too bold but Robin is smiling and making conversation so he just munches on his own kabob and watches them. They are all flirty and gross cute and Billy is definitely going to tease Robin about this later.


Billy does not want to interrupt but when a server puts a tray of fresh mini sliders on the end right behind them Billy moves closer, he loves mini sliders, the one good thing about these parties. He is just passing them when he catches a scent, a really good scent, smells like home and comfort and Billy wants to chase it.


“Uh Billy boy what are you doing to Carol?'' Robin asks and it is only then that Billy realizes he has stuck his nose against Carol’s shoulder.


“My bad.” He mumbles pulling away cheeks pink. He really needs a drink, or maybe no drink, maybe he has had too much to drink without enough food, he has never done something like that before, just pressed his nose against someone else that he does not even know.


Robin catches him by the arm before he can make an escape. “Are you okay?” He still manages to snag a slider from the tray.


“Yeah, uh just something smelled good on her.” He can still smell it, it is all over Carol, an omega that Billy can smell over Carol’s own alpha scent and the mix of scents that have brushed up against her since.  Billy has never reacted to an omegas scent like that before, never smelled something so compatible, so alluring. Carol looks fucking delighted as she gives him a once over.


“Oh you must be smelling Stevie! I was just with him a few minutes ago, he’s a hugger.” Carol’s eyes turn away from him searching for her friend, frowning as the crowd parts and she does not spot him on the couch on the other side of the large room where she left him. “Usually he sticks to lingering on the outskirts at these sorts of things.” Worry etches into her scent. “Sorry I should go find him, make sure he hasn’t been cornered by some unwanted alpha. I swear it happens every time.” Carol shoots Robin an apologetic look. “Maybe I’ll see you later?”


“Or I can come help you look.” Robin offers quickly. 


“We could help you look.” Billy pipes in a second later. He wants more of that scent in his nose, preferably right from the source and some other alpha interfering with that does not sit right with Billy. Both women smirk at him “If I just leave it to the two of you, you’ll be making out in a broom closet instead of looking.” Billy grumbles cheeks pink.


"We just met." Robin argues the flush of her cheeks saying that is exactly what would happen.


“I would not make out in a broom closet, maybe a very clean bathroom.'' Carol says tossing a wink at Robin who blushes with a giggle, oh Billy is definitely going to mock her for this later, Robin never giggles. Robin catches Billy looking at her and flips him off. 


“So what should we be on the lookout for, what is going to make him stand out?” Billy asks like he does not already have his nose in the air searching for another whiff of that scent that is not on Carol.


“Well he is wearing a dark green suit with a bright floral print shirt underneath, some designer wanted him seen in it and his agent insisted.” Carol says and from the purse of her lips Billy is guessing she is not a fan of the outfit or the agent, possibly both. Billy scans the crowd, there are plenty of people in suits but most of them are boring black or gray, no green, no bright pop of color, a lot of people who happen to be in the industry are dressed down like Robin and Billy, more like they are going to a show and less the fancy party that they are in attendance at.


Billy shrugs, moving as he catches another whiff of that scent, he wants to live in it. He is vaguely aware of Robin and Carol following after him.




Steve frowns. He cannot find the source of that scent but he has wandered into a room that is full of it and he decided that rather than going back out in the crowd to search for it that this is close enough. There are other scents in the room too but most of them are faint compared to whatever alpha smells so good and the only other strong scent is that of another omega. Steve frowns, fingering the strap of a guitar near the wall. He really hopes the alpha he keeps smelling is not already attached. He really would like to bury his face in that scent.


Steve is distracted by his own thoughts and does not hear the door opening, the footsteps muffled by the carpet. Steve blinks as an offensive scent breaks through the pleasant one, filling up the room. He whips around to find the unknown alpha from earlier, standing entirely too close. Steve moves to step back and nearly topples over onto the couch set up against the wall, he had not realized he wandered that far from the center of the room. 


“Easy there beautiful, wouldn't want you hurting yourself.” They say, hand catching Steve by the elbow before he can fall, Steve does not like it, he would have preferred the fall. He wrenches his arm back or rather he tries to but the man's grip tightens and Steve gives a little growl of agitation. “I’m just trying to be friendly, why so hostile?” The man does not let Steve go and his strong scent makes Steve's stomach roll, he wants away and he wants away now!


“Let go.” Steve tries diplomacy first for no other reason than he really does not want to listen to Heather berate him for the next month because the tabloids got another story about him being a bad omega like that is even a thing. Steve hates the tabloids more than he hates parties, and almost as much as he hates alphas who think they can do whatever they want. 


“Calm down baby, just want to talk.” Steve bristles as the man lays his cords on thick, glowering as it washes over him. Steve’s alpha father used to do that shit to him all of the time when he was young, it does not work on him now and he responds violently. He does not give a fuck if the tabloids run another story on him, feeling his knuckles slam against the guys cheek bone is more than worth it. Steve follows up the punch with a quick jab to the guy's throat lest he try using his cords again, satisfaction curling in his belly as the man gives a gasping choke and falls to his knees clutching his throat. 




Billy and Carol track Steve’s scent to one of their rehearsal rooms, well Billy does most of the work, Carol keeps getting distracted, flirting with Robin. It is gross but Billy hopes she is being sincere, she smells sincere, it has been a while since Robin met someone new, much less liked anyone so easily. 


Billy gets distracted from his thoughts as he watches a man who can only be Steve punch some alpha in the throat, scent going bright with satisfaction as his dark eyes watch the man struggle for air. Billy’s cock definitely gives a kick in his tight leather pants, his own scent going heated, shit he might be a little in love already, he is definitely in lust. Steve whips his eyes from the man as Carol lets out a low whistle from next to Bill.


“That’s my boy! Heather isn’t going to like this.” Carol laughs.


“Heather can kiss my ass, I’m leaving, I fucking hate parties.” Steve hisses, kicking the alpha over when it looks like he might try getting up off of the ground and heading for the door. He stops suddenly in his tracks right in front of Billy, giving the air a big obvious sniff. “It’s you, that scent is coming from you, I’ve been trying to find it.” 


“Smell pretty good yourself pretty boy.” Billy says, giving his own sniff, nostrils flaring as Steve takes a step closer. “How's your hand, you hit that asshole pretty hard.” Billy makes an aborted move to grab at Steve’s hand before thinking better of it. He does not want this to end the way it had for that other alpha. 


Steve licks over his lips, scent inviting “Could use some ice.” He holds his hand up close to Billy showing off the red of his knuckles and Billy takes it for what it is, lets his fingers brush over soft skin. 


“Why don’t we get you some ice, I know my way around this place we can bypass the crowd.” Billy asks, letting his fingers slide down to Steve's wrist, thumb brushing the underside, feeling the thumping pulse underneath. 


“Billy grab some champagne while you're at it and meet us on the balcony, no one else will be up there, me and Carol will raid the horderves.” Robin pipes up grinning when Carol just nods her head enthusiastically at the idea.


“What do you say pretty boy?” Billy asks, hoping Steve says yes, watching Steve as he appears to be thinking about it.


“Well I am hungry.” Steve offers with a smile that Billy mirrors while the two women make excited murmurs to one another before leaving the room. 


“Follow me.” Billy says, tucking Steve’s hand into the crook of his elbow and leading him toward a door on the opposite wall, grinning when Steve takes the opportunity to kick the alpha from before one last time as they are walking by. “What did he do to piss you off?” Billy asks as he leads them down a dark hallway. 


“Tried to use his cords on me.” Steve sneers, scent souring. 


“You should have kicked him in the throat. We can go back if you want to. I can do it if you don't want to.” Billy offers, scent becoming angry at the thought. It is clear the man does not know Steve and even if he did, they certainly are not together. Steve bears no second scent, he is not bonded to anyone. It is impolite to use your cords on an omega who is not in distress or imminent danger, especially someone you do not even know. 


Steve's scent goes bright with amusement as he tips his head back and laughs, putting more of his long spotted neck on display. Billy's mouth goes dry as his scent just gets better, his own scent draining of aggression as he breathes Steve in. "Maybe next time." He says, tone lilting with his continued mirth. 


Billy ignores the staff in the kitchen digging out ice and wrapping it in a kitchen towel before holding it against Steve’s knuckles. He swipes a case of champagne on their way out and one of the servers watches them before shrugging and going back to stuffing crab cakes into a little plastic container. 


When they get up to the balcony they find Carol and Robin making out against the railing that is overlooking the party. Billy makes it a point to let the champagne clatter against the little table, both him and Steve laughing as the two women break apart.  


Billy sits down on the couch leaving the rest of it open as the two women press into an armchair, practically on top of each other. Normally he would have sat himself in the middle and spread out but he wants to leave Steve with plenty of space, giving him the choice of how close they are. He is utterly pleased when Steve slides close, barely an inch between them as he stuff a mushroom cap in his mouth offering another one to Billy.