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Lone Wolf Griffin

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Growing up, Clarke was a quiet kid. She never talked unless she needed to or wanted to. In class, she excelled in every subject. She was one of the smartest kids on the Ark. In her daily life, the kids picked on her for not talking but she didn’t mind it. Most of them were morons to her. Rumors about her black blood started to spread throughout the Ark and it only made matters worse.

One day, Clarke sat in class listening to Pike ramble on about survival when the bell rang. She quietly packed her things along with the other kids and started out of the classroom before Pike called out to her and asked her to stay. She sighed internally, the kids around her grinned and snickered at her thinking she was in trouble. She walked up to Pike who was using one of the desks as a seat. He folded his hands on his knee. “Clarke, you’ve been amazing in this class. It doesn’t even seem like you need to be here.” In truth, she didn’t, she knew all of this stuff already because all she did was draw and read. “I’d like it if you would talk more in class and participate since you know all this.” Clarke just stared at him, waiting for him to get to the point. Pike only sighed. “I guess that won’t happen. … Are the kids treating you right, Clarke?” 

Clarke’s jaw tensed. Does he know? All she did was nod. Pike’s brows furrowed. “Are you sure? You know you can tell me anything right?”

Clarke nodded again. Pike gave in. “Okay, dismissed. Have a great day, Griffin.” He gave her a small smile which was sort of reciprocated as a ‘thanks’ and a ‘you too’. Clarke turned and walked out of the classroom. Her hand rested on her bag strap as her mind drifted, her feet usually guided her home on their own so she didn’t mind that she zoned out, in all honesty, she didn’t want to zone back in. 

Suddenly, she felt all the air get knocked out of her and her feet stumbled backwards as an immense amount of weight was pushed against her. Clarke found herself on the ground and under a curly haired boy. “Look, it's the freak.” He smirked down at her. She struggled under him, trying to push him off. 

“Come on, Bell. Leave her alone.” A boy she recognized as Finn said. He was in her Biology class. He seemed nice but was a wuss.

“Shut up, Finn. Let’s see if the rumors are true shall we?” Bell grabbed her wrist and pinned it against the metal floor of the Ark. Clarke tried to yank her arm away from his grip with small whimpers. Bellamy held up a shard of glass he had collected from a broken bottle earlier. Clarke tried to kick him off, she struggled with all her might but nothing would shake him off. She glared into his eyes, hiding the fear and sick feeling she felt pool in her stomach. He only smirked as he dragged the jagged edge of the glass against her arm. Clarke bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from crying out.

“What the hell is wrong with you?! Get off of her!” A girl shouted as she ran up and pushed Bellamy off of Clarke. The blonde sat up quickly using her feet to push herself against the wall as she grasped her arm, trying to stop the wound from bleeding. Bellamy pushed the girl away from him and grinned down at Clarke. “Look. They aren’t rumors. She really is a freak.”

The crowd of kids that had gathered around them gasped and murmured as they watched the black blood seep through her fingers. The girl that pushed Bellamy off of Clarke turned around and looked down at her. Clarke recognized her but couldn’t remember her name. If she remembered correctly, the brunette was the same age as Clarke, older by maybe a few months. She was sure the girl would walk away from her now that she had seen her black blood. The Ark guards heard the commotion and ran over. “What the hell is going on here?”

“He attacked her.” The girl said as she knelt down next to Clarke. 

The two guards grabbed Bellamy, taking the shard of glass out of his hands. “Come here, kid. We’ll see what the council has to say about you.” The two dragged Bellamy away as he protested and yelled ‘freak’ at the top of his lungs.

Clarke backed away from the girl slightly, not knowing what she was gonna do.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m not gonna hurt you, Griff. Can I call you Griff?” The girl asked with a small grin.

Clarke didn’t say anything but nodded.

The girl smiled. “I don’t know if you remember but I’m Raven. You saw me last week when my mom came in for a check up with your mom.”

Clarke nodded again, now she remembered. Raven. Same as her, Raven didn’t seem to have many or even any friends. From what Clarke could gather from so little interactions, Raven was hot-headed but smart. “Come on, let’s get you to your mom.” Raven offered her hand. Clarke was hesitant but took it with her unbloodied hand and got up with a wince. 

Raven held Clarke’s hand as she turned to see the kids were still surrounding them. “What the hell are you staring at?! Get the hell out of the way!” she snarled. The kids practically rushed to file away from the two. Clarke smiled internally, she had always wanted to do that but she saw no point to it. Raven guided Clarke to the medical bay, she could’ve made it there on her own but Raven wanted to make sure she didn’t get into any more trouble.  

The two walked through the med bay doors. “Dr.Griffin.”

Abby was standing at the counter and filling out some paperwork when she heard her name called. She turned to them. “Oh hey, Raven. Clarke?” Abby’s eyes drifted to Clarke’s arm. “Oh my god! Clarke! What happened!?” She ran over to her daughter and picked her up, placing her on the table. Clarke looked away as her mother checked her wounds. 

“She-” Raven started but was cut off by Clarke. “I fell.” The blonde said with certainty.

Raven’s brows furrowed as she looked at the blonde. Clarke looked at her and shook her head lightly. Abby is saddened by this, she didn’t know what she did that made her daughter think she had to hide things from her. She would never get used to her daughter talking, she rarely did so even around herself or Jake. “Who saw this?”

Clarke looked away. Raven looked at her and frowned. Clarke didn’t seem like the type of person that let others' words get to her but it seemed to affect her now. “Most of the kids on the Ark did…” Raven answered for her.

Abby cleaned the wound before putting some antibiotics on it and wrapping it in dressing. She tried not to let the fact that the kids saw it get to her but it did. “Raven, I still have work to do. Can you get Clarke back to our room?”

Clarke couldn’t help the scoff that escaped her lips. “Of course you do.” She mumbled as she jumped off the table. 

“Hey.” Abby grabbed her daughter’s uninjured arm. “We’ll talk about this later.” Clarke pulled her arm from her mother’s grip and took her bag before walking out. Raven ran after her. “Hey, Griff. Don’t go too hard on her.” She sided with Clarke here but she needed to deescalate the situation. Her daughter was injured and still Abby couldn’t take time off to take care of her. Clarke said nothing. The walk to the Griffin’s quarters was quiet. Clarke didn’t talk and Raven didn’t know what to say. The two walked in, Raven closed the door behind them. Jake was away, probably working, the same as Abby. When she walked in, she felt bad for Clarke… Even though her own mother was a drunk, she was still there. Physically anyways. Clarke spent most of her time alone, no friends and busy parents. 

Clarke threw her bag on the floor and walked into the kitchen, Raven followed quietly. Clarke went to the fridge and stood on her tippy toes to grab the carton of orange juice. Raven played with her fingers, not sure what to do. She didn’t know what she was doing here but she didn’t want to leave Clarke alone after everything that just happened. 

Clarke looked through the cabinet, pulling out two cups and filled them with orange juice. She put the carton away and grabbed the glasses. She walked up to Raven and offered her a glass. Raven couldn’t help the small smile that spread across her features. “Thanks, Griff.” She took the glass and sipped the juice as Clarke nodded and walked past her to the living room table. Raven follows her as Clarke goes through her bag and pulls out her sketchbook. Raven plops herself on the couch. Clarke feels bad for not giving her anything to do so she takes the TV remote and offers it to her. Raven smiles and takes it from her, turning it on and flipping through the channels. 

Clarke grabs her pencil and walks over to sit on the opposite side of the couch. She flips to a new page and starts sketching. Raven finally finds a channel she likes and puts the remote down. Coincidentally, she stopped when Tom and Jerry started playing which was something Clarke watched all the time. The two sat there for a while, a comfortable silence falling on them. 

Suddenly, Raven heard a giggle. To her shock, she looks over to find Clarke hiding behind her sketchbook with a dopey smile spread on her face. It was when Jerry had Spike as a bodyguard and Tom was trying to get around him to get to Jerry. Raven smiled widely, it was the first time she ever heard that sound from Clarke. 

By the end of the episode, Jake walked in through the door. “Hey, kiddo, I’m ho- Oh hey. Raven right?”

Raven smiled and nodded, getting up from the couch. “Hey, Mr.Griffin.”

Jake looked at Clarke. He was shocked to see anyone else in here. Clarke was a lone wolf, she didn’t like anyone. He was… happy to see Raven here with her. Things have been rough for Clarke and she needed some friends. “You should probably head home. Thanks for hanging out with her.” he smiled at the brunette.

“It was fun. We watched Tom and Jerry. And yea… I should probably get back to my mom, she’s probably wondering where I’ve been... “ Raven turned to Clarke. “See you later, Griff.” She smiled at her before starting out. 

Clarke got up and ran after her before she left, grabbing onto her shirt. Raven turned to her. “Hey, everything okay?”

Clarke walked back to the couch and the sound of tearing paper rang through the room. She folded it up and ran back over to Raven, offering it to her. Chocolate brown met blue oceans. Raven gently took it from her. “Thanks.” She smiled.

Clarke gave her a small smile and nodded, walking back over to the couch. Jake smiled at the sight, that was the first time she had seen her interact with someone like that other than him or Abby. Jake and Raven smiled at each other before she left and he closed the door behind her.

On the other side of the door, Raven whooped internally. She got Lone Wolf Griffin to open up to her, even if it was just a little. She carefully unfolded the paper and she was stunned. She could see the care that was put into the soft strokes of the lead. A beautiful raven was sprawled across the paper. Flying majestically through the clouds. A dopey smile slowly grew on her lips. She looked down where Clarke’s signature was, in neat small letters, it read; “Thanks for today.”  Raven smiled widely. She hoped this meant Clarke would want to be friends. God knows they both needed those. She started back to her room feeling like she was walking on clouds with a warm heart.

Jake threw his bag to the side and walked over to the couch where his daughter seated herself again. His brows furrowed as he saw the bandages on her arm. “What happened to you, kid??” He sat next to her.

Clarke shrugged. “I fell.”

Jake gently took the sketchbook from her, forcing her to look at him. “What have I told you about lying?”

Clarke looked away. “I’m not lying… I did ‘fall’... It’s just… Not the whole story…”

“Come on, you never hide anything from me…” Jake said softly.

“A kid… He tackled me and I fell.”

Jake raised his brow, waiting for the ball to drop.

“He cut me to prove to the others that I’m… not normal…” The blonde looked away and hugged her legs. “Why was I born like this, dad…?” Jake could see the unshed tears that pooled in his daughter’s eyes. He pulled her into his chest and she clung to him as she cried silently into his shoulder.

“I don’t know, kiddo… but it doesn’t matter. You are special. They don’t see that but me, your mother, and Raven do…” He spoke softly. 

Clarke ripped herself from his arms. “Don’t talk for mom.” She wiped her tears away and took her sketchbook from the table. “If she really cared, she would be here.”

“Clarke, your mother does ca-”

Clarke had enough of this conversation. She stormed to her room and slammed the door shut behind her. Jake sighed softly until he remembered the kid. This kid attacked his daughter and he was going to get to the bottom of it. He got up and left their residence while Clarke plopped on her bed angrily and turned to a new page.

Jake bursted into the medbay. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me that our daughter was injured?”

Abby looked up from her papers. “I’ve been busy.”

“She’s our daughter.” Jake tried to keep himself calm.

“And she’s fine.” Abby retorted. “They don’t call her Lone Wolf Griffin for nothing.”

“That isn’t something to brag about Abby. You know why she lies to you? Because somehow, every time, she feels more and more alone. And maybe if you were there for her, you’d know that she isn’t fine.” Jake growled lowly.

Abby’s jaw tensed as she listened to her husband.

“Now excuse me. She needs a caring parent. She got attacked by a kid and I intend to find out who.” Jake finished and started out. Abby’s eyes widened. She knew her daughter was lying to her before but she didn’t think it was to that extent. She followed Jake out.

“Wait.” Abby said finally. Jake stopped and turned to her. “If you want to know who, go to Raven. She knows.” Jake nodded as he turned around and started to the Reyes’ quarters. Abby took a deep breath before she headed back to the medbay. “Jackson, take care of things while I’m gone. I need to go check on my daughter.” 

Jackson nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

Abby threw her white coat on the counter and walked out, heading to her home.

Jake knocked on the door. It took a moment before the door cracked open. Raven looked up at him. “Oh, hey, Mr.Griffin. Is something wrong?” 

Jake looked at her then through the crack of the door. Raven’s mother was passed out on the couch and he could smell the booze from where he stood. He gritted his teeth before taking a deep breath to calm himself. He knelt down. “No, nothing is wrong but… Can you come take a walk with me?”

Raven looked back at her mother before nodding. “Yea, okay.” She stepped out and closed the door behind her with a soft click before the two started walking towards the Griffin’s home. Jake looked down at the brunette. “I need you to tell me what happened today, Raven.”

Raven looked up at him. “But Clarke-...”

“She already told me what happened. I need to know who.” 

Raven nodded. If Clarke told him then it should be okay. She didn’t want Clarke to be hurt anymore so maybe her dad could get something done about it. “It was Bellamy.”

Jake felt the anger boil his blood as his hands balled into fists. “Okay. Thank you, Raven. Uh, why don’t you spend the night at our place? I don’t want either you or Clarke to be alone and you seem to be able to get Clarke to open up.” He offered her a small smile.

Raven grinned slightly. “Quite an accomplishment to get Lone Wolf Griffin to open up.”

Jake chuckled. “Yea. She could use a friend right now and I think you could too.”

Raven nodded softly. “Thanks, Mr.Griffin…”

He smiled at the kid. “You are always welcomed in our place okay?” Raven smiled softly and nodded again before running off to the Griffin’s residence.

Abby walked into their house. “Clarke? Honey?” 

No answer.

Abby sighed softly and walked up to Clarke’s room. She took a deep breath before knocking on the door. “Clarke, can I come in?”

Again, there was no answer so she took it as a yes. She opened the door slowly, her eyes panning the room before spotting her daughter on the bed, head in her sketchbook. Abby frowned slightly as she stepped in.

Clarke felt her bed dip but didn’t look up from her sketch. 

“How’s your arm…?” Abby tried.

“Fine.” Clarke said dryly as she continued to draw.

“Can you look at me, honey?” Abby asked softly.

The blonde sighed as she put her sketchbook down and looked at her mother.

“Why didn’t you tell me what really happened?” 

Clarke shrugged. “You wouldn’t have cared anyways. You never do.”

Abby’s heart ached. Has she really been working that much? That her only daughter felt neglected? “Of course I care-“

Clarke’s eyes became stone. “If you cared, you would be here when dad and I are spending time together. If you cared, you would have been at the parent-teacher conference. If you cared, you would have known how much the other kids hate me. If you cared, you-… you would have just let me die when I was born…” At the end of her speech, tears ran down her cheeks. Abby was shocked. That was the most she had ever heard Clarke talk at once.

“Baby… I would never-…” She pulled her daughter into a tight embrace. Clarke gritted her teeth as she cried into her mother’s chest, gripping her shirt. “I could never hurt you. I don’t regret having you. You are special, Clarke. Whether you see it now or not. I don’t know what you hear from the other kids and I’m sorry I haven't been here. I promise I’ll be here more. Don’t listen to the other kids okay?”

Clarke sniffled softly as she calmed. Abby felt her baby nod and heard a soft whisper. “Thanks, mom…” 

Raven ran into the Griffin Household. Abby and Clarke turned to the door, seeing the brunette standing there. “Oop- sorry…” She let out an embarrassed laugh.

Clarke couldn’t help but giggle at her new friend’s antics. Did she just say friend? Yes. Yes she did. Abby looked down at Clarke in shock. She had never heard her daughter giggle or laugh before, not even as a baby. Abby just smiled. “I have to go help your father with something, stay here and keep Raven out of trouble okay?”

Clarke smiled lightly and nodded. Abby got up and left the room, shooting a smile at Raven before leaving. Raven ran into Clarke’s room. “Hey, Griff.” She smiled.

Clarke copied her smile. “Hey, Rae. Do you mind if I call you Rae?”

Raven grinned at that, who would’ve thought Griffin could joke? “No.” She got on the bed and sat across from Clarke. “What do you wanna do?”

Clarke shrugged. “Whatever you want.”

“Do you have Uno here?” Raven smiled.

Clarke nodded. She got out of bed and ran to her closet. She dug through their board games and pulled the Uno box out, making her way back to the bed. Raven and Clarke played Uno to pass the time. It felt different not to be alone. Raven was fairly loud but she didn’t mind it. One of the reasons she couldn’t make friends was because she didn’t like to talk and many didn’t like to carry the conversation but Raven didn’t seem to mind it. Both of them enjoyed each other’s company as they competitively +4’ed each other. Clarke’s room filled with their combined laughs and giggles as they played.

Jake stood in the council room. “I want him in the skybox! He attacked my daughter!”

Bellamy glared at the man as a few other members of the council, Jaha, Sydney, and Pike sat at the table.

“Is she dead?” Sydney argued.

Pike stood and glared at Sydney. “Does it matter?! We arrest kids who steal! He deserves to be in isolation!”

“We’ll take a vote.” Jaha said. “All in favor of Bellamy Blake being put in isolation.”

Pike and a few others raised their hands. But… it wasn’t enough… 

Jaha nodded. “Bellamy Blake. You are free to go.”

Bellamy smirked at Jake. 

“Are you kidding me?!” Jake snarled as he slammed his hands on the table and Abby ran in. “What’s going on???”

“They are letting him go!” Jake growled.

“What?! This kid attacked my daughter! He deserves to face the consequences! Thelonious. Come on. What if he had attacked Wells??” Abby tried.

Jaha sighed. “I’m sorry. Dismissed.”

The council filed out of the room. Bellamy smirked at the Griffins before leaving. Jake gritted his teeth as Abby clutched to her husband’s arm. “What the hell happened Abby…? We’re her parents and we can’t even protect her…”

Abby didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what to say… The two took a moment to calm themselves before walking back to their home. When they walked in, it was quiet. So quiet you could hear a pin drop. They looked into the living room and kitchen, no one. The couple made their way over to Clarke’s room and cracked the door open gently. The sight to behold would make the iciest of hearts melt. Clarke and Raven were sprawled on the bed, Clarke laid on her side facing Raven while Raven was on her stomach. Uno cards were thrown messily on the bed probably from their movements throughout their sleep. Jake and Abby looked at each other and they could see the tears that pooled in each other’s eyes. Their little girl wasn’t alone. Not anymore… 

Jake walked in and quietly picked up the cards. 

Abby walked in and whispered. “You wanna carry Raven back home?”

Jake shook his head lightly. “I told her she could stay here.”

Abby nodded and walked up to the bed, she pulled the covers over the two as Jake took Abby’s hand and the two quietly walked out. They hit the lights and closed the door gently, letting the two rest peacefully.

Ever since that fateful day, Clarke and Raven were practically inseparable. Raven spent most of her nights at the Griffin household since her mother rarely noticed she was gone anyways. She still stayed at her house every now and then to take care of her mother. It was to the point where Clarke even cleaned out half of her drawer so Raven could leave some of her clothes. 

Raven had become like the Griffin’s second daughter over the years. Clarke and Raven were as close as ever. Since Clarke excelled in every subject, she started to help Raven in some of her classes. She may have excelled in math and science but history was boring to her. If you were lucky enough, you could catch Clarke helping Raven cheat on her history tests. 

Pike passed out the tests. “You may begin.” Raven pretended to be focused but really she was waiting. Clarke held onto the window frame as she peeked into the classroom. Usually these windows were used so the council could watch the class taking place but Clarke had other uses. Clarke had history before Raven so she did everything before her. Meaning she also knew the answers to the tests. Raven answered what she knew and discreetly looked over at the window. Raven blinked rhythmically. ‘7’ Clarke nodded and dropped low, she opened her note book and wrote the letter ‘C’. She raised herself again, peeking at Pike who was grading last class’ tests before raising the notebook for Raven to see. Raven grinned and wrote it down. A couple of the students snickered at the antic which made Pike look up from his desk. “What?” Clarke freaked and dropped down at lightning speed as Pike looked over at the window. Raven bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from bursting out laughing. This continued until Raven finished and turned in her test confidently before returning to her desk. They looked at each other, Raven grinned and made a discreet heart with her index and thumb. Clarke smiled and gave her a thumbs up before running off.

Over the years, Clarke didn’t care to celebrate her birthday. Raven wanted to, it was the day her best friend was brought into the world, of course she wanted to celebrate. So Clarke and Raven compromised. They let Raven’s birthday pass and two months later, it would be the middle date between Raven and Clarke’s birthday. On that day, they would celebrate their birthdays together. It became a tradition in the Griffin household. Clarke’s gifts to Raven were usually drawings and Raven’s gifts to Clarke were things she welded and created in Mechanics class. 

They had celebrated their 17th birthday a few days ago. Raven gave her a bracelet with R+C engraved on it. The band was blue and faded into purple at the half mark. Clarke gave Raven yet another sketch but this was different. It was more completed than usual. When you looked at Clarke's drawings, there was always a blank spot somewhere on the page. The drawing that Clarke had given her were all their favorite memories drawn out. Them blowing out their birthday candles together. Jake, Abby, her, and Clarke playing monopoly and her getting so mad she flipped the board as everyone fell into a fit of laughter. Her and Clarke in class, passing notes to each other. 

Clarke still didn’t talk much, only to Abby, Jake, and Raven. There were times when Clarke was in a bad mood, she didn’t talk at all but Raven understood all of it. She understood what Clarke was saying even without words. Even with Raven, her words were limited but Raven knew why. Clarke was just a quiet kid. Words meant a lot to her so if she didn’t need to talk, she wouldn’t.

Raven was still as protective as ever, Clarke felt bad but Raven knew that if she were ever in trouble, Clarke would stand up for her too. Raven being close to Clarke kept the other kids away. They did everything together. They were best friends. Basically sisters at this point and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Clarke and Raven were sitting on the couch. Raven watching TV and Clarke drawing as usual. Jake and Abby were busy. Clarke jumped slightly as the alarm rang. She sighed as she turned it off and put her sketchbook on the table. 

“Time for your test?” Raven looked up at her as she stood.

Clarke nodded as she began to clean up their mess on the table. 

“Hey, don’t worry about it, I’ll get it when I get back.” Raven smiled. “Good luck. Well, you don’t need it. We both know you’re gonna ace it.” She grinned. 

Clarke couldn’t help but smirk. “Damn right.” 

Raven and Clarke headed to the door and walked out, closing it behind them. Raven walked with Clarke down to the classroom where the big test was taking place. Before they got there, they found their route was blocked. Bellamy stood before them with Atom and Dax. Raven put her arm in front of Clarke defensively. “Get out of the way and let us pass, Bellamy.”

“No, Reyes. You get out of my way. I have unfinished business with that freak.” He grinned. 

Raven could feel Clarke's demeanor change from the insult. Her blood boiled, she hated when this happened. Clarke may have gotten used to being looked at like a freak by the kids and adults from the Ark but she hated it. She couldn’t stand it. Hating someone for something they can’t control… It was unethical like hating someone for the color of their skin. Raven stood her ground. 

Bellamy gritted his teeth. “You asked for it, Reyes.” He stormed up to her and threw a punch. She dodged it and punched his gut. He grunted as he stumbled back. “Get out of our way.” 

Bellamy growled and tackled her to the ground. “Get the freak! I’ll be there in a second!”

Raven snarled at him, trying to get him off her. “No! Clarke! Run!”

Clarke was torn. She was scared but she couldn’t just leave Raven. After everything they’d been through and everything Raven did for her, she couldn’t just leave. Before she could decide, she felt her arms being grabbed. Bellamy wrapped his hand around Raven’s throat, putting immense pressure to cut off her air flow. 

Clarke fought against the two that restrained her. She saw Raven clawing at Bellamy’s hand for air. At that moment, all she saw was red. Clarke roared. “No! Raven!” She cocked her head to the side and bit down on Atom’s shoulder. He cried out as she twisted her body and kicked Dax in the crotch. Atom clutched at his bleeding shoulder and Dax doubled over in pain. She ran over and kicked Bellamy in the face, knocking him off of Raven. She then ran over and straddled him as she began punching him over and over again. “Leave! … Her! … Alone!” 

Raven gasped for air as she clutched at her throat. “Cl-Clarke-” She gritted as she slowly got up. Clarke didn’t know how many times she hit Bellamy or whether it was his blood or hers that was on her knuckles but she didn’t care. She felt a hand on her shoulder and suddenly, all her anger drained out of her. She looked up to see Raven. She got up quickly and embraced the brunette. “Are you okay?”

Raven nodded, hugging her tightly. “I’m okay…”

The Ark guards ran over when they heard all the yelling. “What’s going on?!”

Bellamy sat up as he sputtered. “M-me and my friends were j-just walking peacefu-fully when that freak attacked us!”

Raven pulled away from Clarke. “That is not what happened!”

“Yes it is.” Dax and Atom said in unison.

“No!” Raven shouted as she stood in between Clarke and the guards. Clarke was looking at her reflection in the window. Blood ran from her mouth where she bit Atom and covered her knuckles. She looked down at her hands, she was trembling. 

The guards pushed Raven out of the way and pushed Clarke down to the ground. She cried out as her hands were bound behind her back. Raven was about to jump on top of the guards until she heard Clarke. “Rae! Don’t! You’ll just get yourself in trouble!” 

Raven gritted her teeth. “They are lying! Can’t you see that?!”

The guards ignored her and pulled Clarke up to her feet. They started dragging her to the council room. “Rae! Rae!” Clarke cried and she tried to look behind her.

“Clarke!” Raven had to think fast. What would Clarke do? What would Clarke do? Jake and Abby. She sprinted to the medbay, she bursted through the doors with tears running down her cheeks. “Abby!”

“Raven? What’s going on?!” 

“They have her!” She cried. “Get to the council room! I’ll get Jake!”

Abby was confused and in shock but listened, she ran to the council room as fast as she could.

Jake was doing his daily check ups to see if everything was working okay when Raven bursted into the engine room. 

“Jake! Clarke needs you! I- I don’t know what to do! They have her!” Raven said frantically.

“Who?!” Jake threw the clipboard aside and tried to address his obviously distressed daughter. 

“The council! They have Clarke!”

“Let’s go.” Jake took Raven’s hand and ran towards the council room.

The guards brought a flailing Clarke into the council room. Again, members of the council sat around the table.

“Clarke?” Pike stood. “What is the meaning of this?”

“She was found attacking three others.” The guard said.

Clarke gritted her teeth. The Griffins burst through the door the same time Bellamy and his crew busted in.

“Clarke? My baby..” Abby approached the blonde but the guard held out his shock baton. “Back up.”

Clarke had tears running down her cheeks. “Mom, dad, I didn’t do it…”

Bellamy spoke up. “Dax, Atom, and I were just taking a walk when this freak came out of nowhere and attacked us.”

“THAT’S NOT HOW IT HAPPENED!” Raven snarled about ready to jump Bellamy and pummel him like Clarke had. “I was taking Clarke to go take her test when those three idiots jumped us!”

“My daughter would never attack anyone unprovoked!” Jake added.

“You put me in a tough position.” Jaha stated. “It is three against two. Clarke is covered in their blood. What am I supposed to believe here?”

Abby shook her head. “No. Thelonious. You know as much as I that Clarke wouldn’t have done this if she didn’t have to.”

“Let her go.” Pike demanded.

“That is not your call.” Sydney glared at him. The woman leaned over to Jaha and whispered some things to him. “You make a good point, Diane.” Jaha says finally. “Abby, do you have an extra bracelet monitor that you put on your patients?”

Abby stared at him. “Yea. Why?”

“Go get it.” Jaha demands.

Abby grits her teeth but leaves to go and grab it from the med bay. She comes back moments later and sets it on the table. Jaha grabs it and gets up. He walks over and locks it onto Clarke’s wrist.

“What are you doing?” Raven growls. “Get away from her!” Abby holds Raven back from doing anything stupid. Clarke glares into Jaha’s eyes. 

“Clarke Griffin. You have committed a crime against your fellow Arkers. Instead of spending the rest of your seventeen year old days in a cell, you are being sent to the ground. Maybe your life can mean something after all.” Jaha states plainly, Bellamy smirks internally.

Clarke’s eyes widened as she slowly panned her head to look at her family. 

“No! You can't do that! She’s only seventeen!” Jake argues.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Even if Clarke had gotten in trouble, she was supposed to spend her time in isolation then be judged when she was eighteen. 

More guards emerge from the doorway and restrain Abby, Jake, and Raven. 

“Let’s go.” Jaha says as he walks out. The guards that carry Clarke follow him. She kicks and flails. “No! Mom! Dad! Rae! Please!” She cries.

Clarke’s name echoes through the Ark as Raven, Abby, and Jake shout for her.

They get to the space launch where a dropship gets prepared for launch. Abby, Jake, and Raven are still restrained by the guards as they are dragged to follow them. “Clarke!”

Jaha presses the button to open the door to the dropship. The guards unbind Clarke’s hands. Clarke whips around and punches the guard in the jaw. She runs into her family, wrapping her arms around them. Abby, Jake, and Raven wrap their arms around the blonde tightly. 

“I don’t want to go! I don’t want to lose you!” Clarke cries.

Abby looks at Jaha. “Thelonious please!” tears run freely down the griffin-reyes’ cheeks.

“Clarke! I won’t lose you!” Raven holds onto Clarke tight as the guards try to pry the blonde from her family. 

“We won’t lose you, kiddo.” Jake hugs her tightly.

“Enough!” Sydney grabs the shock baton from a guard and hits the three. They cry out as the guards tear Clarke away from them. “No! Stop! Don’t hurt them!” Clarke cries as they push her into the dropship. Jaha quickly closes the door. 

“No!” Raven gets up and runs to the door. “Clarke!” She sobs. “Don’t give up on me!” She tries to wedge her fingers between the doors to pry it open.

Clarke falls to her knees, Raven does the same. Their hands lay on either side of the glass. Clarke grits her teeth as her tears run like a river. She mouths ‘I love you’ 

Abby and Jake kneel beside Raven. 

“Don’t give up Clarke!” Jake shouts.

“Survive!” Her mother cries.

Jaha presses the button and the dropship detaches from the Ark, launching towards Earth. Jake, Abby, and Raven are a pile on the floor as they try to console each other. 

“Wait-” Abby sniffles. She gets up and runs towards the monitoring room, Raven and Jake and the others follow behind her. Abby bursts in, the others close behind her. She pushes one of the IT’s to the side and begins typing away and looks up at the giant monitor before them. Clarke’s name and picture are on the side while Earth is on the other along with the trajectory of the shuttle. Jake stands behind Abby, Raven next to them as they watch the screen. No one dared to blink and the room was deadly silent with the exception of the Griffin’s heavy breathing.

What feels like an eternity passes.




Clarke’s heart rate spikes.




The alarm for the heat shield of the shuttle goes off, alerting that it wont be able to handle much more.




Clarke’s heart rate settles for 121 bpm (beats per minute) which passes the average adult’s heart rate speed for “too fast”




Her vitals are still good.




The screen turns red, and Clarke's ID zooms to full screen. Abby, Jake, and Raven’s heart stops.


T R A N S M I S S I O N       T E R M I N A T E D


The Griffins drop to their knees. Raven sobs. “No!” Abby, Jake, and Raven huddled up, sobbing, trying to console one another as they tried to process the fact that they had just lost Clarke…

Clarke Griffin...

Loving daughter and beloved sister...