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Ghosts Text fic 2.0

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Pat created group "The chat"

Pat added













Julian: Why is it called "The chat"

Thomas: Yeah that's really boring

Fanny: It's nice and simple we aren't changing it anytime soon I imagine

Mary: Who the fuck names a group chat "The Chat"

Julian: Vote to change the name say I Thomas: I

Mary: I

Kitty: I A

lison: I

Robin: I

Humphrey: I

Pat: I

Julian: Right we win

"Julian" changed the group name to "Wierdos"

Fanny: >:( I hate you guys

Robin: Can you help me with the physics homework plz

Alison: sure

Robin: Thx




Alison: Anyone awake???

Thomas: Yes I am my sweet xx

Alison: Oh shit not u

Thomas: Why must you hurt me this way

Alison: Cus I don't like you Thomas

Thomas: That's uncool

Captain: Will you shut up!

Thomas: No

Captain: Look I'm trying to sleep

Thomas: Then Y u awake bitch

Alison: Thomas shhh Thomas: No I will not be silenced I have rights

Fanny: Respect Thomas's rights

Robin: Yeah the right to be punched in the face

Thomas: Y so mean :'(

Captain: If that's all good night Thomas: Night :'(

Alison: Good night




Pat: Can anyone tell me why you were you awake at 0:34

Thomas: And you weren't

Pat: I actually care about myself

Thomas: urgh whatever

Julian: what's the square root of 81

Alison: 9

Pat: Julian are you doing homework

Julian: Ye what's it got to do with you

Pat: Maybe you should not do it the morning it's due

Julian: I have 3 pieces not done due today

Pat: Holy shit 3

Fanny: can we not swear please

Thomas: No you fucking little shit bitch

Fanny: How dare you if my mother saw that

Julian: We really don't fucking care about your mum

Fanny: I want to uphold good behaviour Cap please help

Captain: What the hell do you want

Fanny: I dispare

Robin: You sound like an old shrew

Julian: She acts like an old shrew frail and dusty

"Robin" renamed "Fanny" to "Old shrew"

Kitty: Haha old shrew

Old shrew: Change it back

Mary: Make me an admin

"Robin" made "Mary" an admin

Mary: thx

"Mary"changedthegroupnameto "The Republic of Chat"

Old shrew: Why did you make this heck Patrick?

Pat: I mean it was a study group originally but times change

Julian: And you added me ;)

Old shrew: Definitely a mistake




Pat: guys the bus is nearly here where are you???

Captain: I'm at the next stop

Julian: I'm "sick"

Pat: Julian we've talked about this

Julian: Does it matter I get to stay home all day

Pat: Bus is here

Captain:Everyone else was at the shops they're here tho Pat: nice :)

Alison: Anyway Julian does you skiving have anything to do with the test today

Julian: Ehhh no?

Robin: Yes it does

Julian: Don't expose me Robin u were supposed to be my secret keeper

Robin: changed my mind

Old shrew: Julian we all revised

Thomas: About that...

Old shrew: Really. Alison

Alison: Nope

Old shrew: Has anyone done anything

Pat: I made flashcards :)

Old shew: Finally a man of sense

Pat: Well I made them then lost them

Old shrew: Honestly!

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Julian: Anyone up?

Robin: Me

Mary: Yea :D

Alison: I think most of us are up

Pat: I really shouldn't be

Julian: What!? You should it's not even 1am yet

Alison: So y are u up then

Pat: There was a spider

Mary: Ew was it hairy

Pat: yes

Mary: Be gone bitch leave Pats house and never return

Julian: Rightly said

Pat: Everything but the bitch part

Alison: Definitely the bitch part >:)

Old shew: My goodness I have much to complain about

Julian: Here she goes

Old shrew: Pat and Mary swearing I am disappointed and Julian waking me up this is unacceptable

Humphrey: Fanny just shut up

Mary: No one cares about you complaining

Old shrew: Captain would care if he was awake

Pat: I'm jealous of him getting some sleep

Captain: I'm not asleep I was watching war documentaries

Julian: And so what's new about Ww2 oh that's right nothing it was 70 years ago

Captain: Hey I actually have interests other than girls and kissing and whatever

Alison: That is Julian tho

Mary: Yep just girls and kissing

Julian: Hey I have other qualities

Humphrey: Yeah name one

Julian: Chess I'm good at that

Mary: Hes right tho I've seen him and Robin together they are really good

Pat: I think we should go to bed before anything bad happens

Alison: Yeah we should



Julian: I can't sleep :(

Mary: Julian's still awake something bads gonna happen

Robin: Yep I feel it

Alison: So true

Julian: Hey look just because I might have done one bad thing doesn't mean you can bully me

Mary: One bad thing

Humphrey: I can list ten straight away

Alison: Julian you hooked a bunsen burner to the lab tap and turned it on

Julian: What I was curious >:(

Humphrey: You also mixed pencil shaving into my waterbottle

Robin: He stole all the splints last year

Mary: Buy them you're rich enough

Julian: Actually yeah reviewing my statement I stand corrected

Alison: Good :)

Julian: I have never done anything wrong ever

Mary: Oh jesus



Captain: Does anyone what squid games is?????

Thomas: Oh please not that

Alison: Here Cap just watch

"Alison" uploaded a photo

Captain: Oh thx :)

Thomas: I'm on squid games tik tok and I can't leave

Julian: Ha ha I'm on the good side of tik tok

Mary: Tbh he's on staight tory tik tok

Captain: I don't have tik tok

Kitty: I'm on cottagecore tik tok

Alison: Awww cute :)

Thomas: I have the red light green light stuck in my head

Kitty: Ow

Mary: Rip Thomas

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Mary: I am so bored

Alison: Same

Captain: Try entertain yourself

Mary: How


Kitty: Gardening

Mary: I have carrot trama

Alison: Carrot trama

Mary: I have a freaky nightmare about carrots and a burning man

Alison: Jesus...

Captain: Do you need therapy

Mary: Most definitely I also need help with my dyslexia :)

Captain: Good for u

Alison: Mike messaged me yesterday

Mary: What did he say Alison: He might be switching to our school

Kitty: Eeeeek

Mary: When!!!!

Alison: I said he might be his school are talking about it

Thomas: Mike?!

Mary: Oh no Thomas has got started

Thomas: Alison after all I've done for you

Alison: What have you done for me?

Thomas: I bought a drink for you I've held countless doors

Captain: But that's just being polite

Alison: Caps right you're just being kind

Thomas: I can be more than kind ;)

Alison: Omg fuck off Thomas

Humphrey: Thomas why are you having this conversation with Alison in a group chat

Mary: And said group chat has Julian in it

Julian: Thomas if a rumor spreads about you it wasn't me

Thomas: Julian your worse than me

Julian: Really me? No

Alison: At least Julian can quit asking people out

Thomas: We can talk about this tomorrow x

Mary: Why would you add the kiss that was unnecessary

Alison: Thomas is unnecessary

Old shrew: Why

Mary: We don't know

Old shrew: This is terrible but I can't complain

Captain: Really it is

Alison: This time you have my full permission to complain about Thomas

Old shrew: Right now I'm just not in the mood

Julian: Really!?

Captain: Why are you not in the mood

Old shrew: Nothing

Alison: Explain

Old shrew: It honestly doesn't matter

Julian: If you say so ;)

Old shrew: Urgh that is disgusting

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Fanny sighed, breathing slightly into her her hands. She was resting her head in her palms and gazing across the science lab. Fanny was rarely caught daydreaming however looking lovingly at George Button seemed to be an exception to this rule.

She found out that increasingly she was prone to looking across the classroom at George. George Button was friends with her parents and they we introduced to each other at a young age. Fanny had discovered that her life was very similar to one of those popular romance shows where the girl endlessly fawns over the man who rarely shows interest. She found that was often the case with George.

"George! George Button!? Really." Julian scoffed, picking up a ham and cheese sandwich. A boy with straw coloured hair gave out a small laugh. David was in the year above him, he was popular with lots of friends and that was probably due to his good looks. He nodded before continuing, "I see her staring at the guy all chemistry. It's kind of creepy to be honest. I'm surprised she's still top of the class, the amount she's been looking at him." Julian laughed. "Isn't he friends with Barclay?" He said between mouthfuls. David rolled his eyes. "Barclay's a bitch. I can't believe he even talks to us. Right Jules?" He stood up slightly and put his hands in his pockets. "To think Fanny, the uptight old shrew..." David tilted his head. "Old shrew?" He questioned. Julian snorted, he began to mess up his hair hiding his embarrassment. "Did you come up with that?" David smirked. Julian stayed quiet. "Huh interesting I might use that one." The low ringing of school bells stopped their conversation. "Shit, the bell don't want to be late." Julian gave him an awkward grin before waving and rushing off to English.



Captain: Is everyone online?

Alison: No Julians in detention

Pat: I'm going out I can talk in a bit :)

Kitty: I'm always on my phone

Captain: No bother it doesn't matter anyway

Julian: Detention finished early

Mary: Nice

Julian: I'm free bitch

Old shrew: Urgh...

Julian: Got something to say

Captain: Actually I do

Julian: Ooooo what?????

Alison: Don't tell Julian

Captain: Well I'm wanting to tell everyone this

Pat: Sorry mate I'm gonna have to go :(

Captain: I guess I can tell you later

Pat: Aw thanks



Thomas: Was Kitty in today

Mary: No don't think so why?

Thomas: I'm supposed to do a project with her

Pat: Cool what's it about

Thomas: Boring ass French

Julian: French is the worst

Thomas: Yeah it is

Old shrew: French is a magnificent language spoken all over the world

Thomas: I'll be taking that for my project

Old shrew: Plagiarism!

Thomas: Ehh don't care

Old shrew: You'll get in trouble

Julian: At worst detention but that's really not that bad

Thomas: It is to me

Captain: Right so the thing I was talking about yesterday

Thomas: Oh yes

Julian: Finally got a girlfriend????

Captain: No

Julian: Go on what then

Captain: Never mind

Old shrew: Good news Julian

Julian: What...

Old shrew: You can't annoy me anymore

Julian: I think I can ;)

Old shrew: Julian stop that I have a boyfriend

Alison: Really!!!!!

Old shew: Yes. I do

Julian: Am I reading this right

Robin: Think so

Kitty: Congrats Fanny who is it??

Mary: Yeah tell us

Julian: Wait is it George!?

Old shrew: Yes it is

Alison: Good for you I guess

Captain: Hang on George Button???

Old shrew: Yes that's him

Captain: That's really cool

Julian sat upright in the car, adjusted his seat belt then fell back into a casual slouch. "Something the matter Julian." The driver asked. Julian shook his head. "Nothing just my friends. Will mum and dad be eating with me tonight?" Julian waited for a reply. He never saw his parents at meals anymore, they were always too busy for him. "No I'm sorry, Julian." He nodded slightly, bowing his head down to look at his phone. "Okay, guess their busy." He turned his phone on.




Julian: Hi

David: Hey Jules

Julian: Did you know Fanny's dating George

David: I was right!?

Julian: Yeah

David: This is probably bullshit but I heard George is gay

Julian: Wait really???

David: Yeah apparently

Julian: Fanny should watch out for him then

David: How did you find out?

Julian: She messeged me

David: Wierd

Julian: Hehe yeah

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The autumn air sent a gust off wind into the art classrooms. Captain shivered slightly. "Gosh it's getting cold." He muttered. Havers, the boy next to him and his only friend in art class, nodded. "Maybe you should take in a coat. It's going to be cold tomorrow as well." William smiled glancing over at Captain fondly. He bowed his head hiding a slight blush, which he would blame on the chill if nessiserie. He didn't want to look up in fear of Havers asking questions.

"Right, class for today's piece we shall be studying the Fauvist period. Can anyone name any famous Fauvist artists." The teacher began. Captain sighed, the breath resting as a warm smile. It was ridiculous, how was he was such a coward, hiding his own face from what.

Robin had his head down on the desk. His floppy hair drooping across his maths book. "Robin." Mary whispered. She didn't know if he was actually sleeping so was being extra cautious. "Robin. Wake up. Miss'll kill you if she finds you asleep." She repated, louder this time. Mary rolled her eyes and began to shake him. "Wake...up...asshole." Robin batted her hands away. "I know you're awake." Mary grumbled. Robin opened his eyes. "I was trying to sleep." Robin groaned. Mary sniggered. "Pfft. Robin you actually need to pay attention." Robin agreed with a slight nod and continued his work.



Alison: Anyone want to come to the library with me

Kitty: Yessss where are you????

Alison: Outside form

Kitty: Ok nice :)


Captain: Hey

Pat: Hi

Captain: How's school been for everyone

Humphrey: Bad I had chemistry

Old shrew: Our teacher hates us

Humphrey: Well at least she moved you next to George I'm by myself

Old shrew: So sad

Julian: Was that an ettempt at sarcasm

Mary: I don't think Fanny is capable of that

Robin: I agree

Mary: My day was fine other than babysitting Robin

Pat: Was he asleep again

Robin: For like 5 minutes

Pat: You need to try a healthier sleep routine

Julian: None of us have a healthy sleep routine Pat

Mary: I agree but at least I don't sleep in the middle of maths!!!!

Robin: :o

Captain: Is everyone here

Pat: Oh yeah the thing you want to tell us

Captain: Well I'm doing student counsel again

Julian: I'll vote for you

Robin: Only because you can't vote for yourself

Julian: That is not true

Mary: Yes it is

Captain set his phone down on his desk. Why was this so difficult for him. He pushed his chair back until it hit a small raised section of the floorboards where it promptly stopped. A faint buzz came from the desk. Captain jumped to see the message.



Pat: Hey Cap

Captain: Yes?

Pat: You've been wanting to say something for a while

Captain: I have and I said it

Pat: Not to be rude but I don't think you're telling the truth but that's up to you if you want to tell me

Captain: I promise that's it I'm not hiding anything