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Ghosts Text fic 2.0

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Mary: I am so bored

Alison: Same

Captain: Try entertain yourself

Mary: How


Kitty: Gardening

Mary: I have carrot trama

Alison: Carrot trama

Mary: I have a freaky nightmare about carrots and a burning man

Alison: Jesus...

Captain: Do you need therapy

Mary: Most definitely I also need help with my dyslexia :)

Captain: Good for u

Alison: Mike messaged me yesterday

Mary: What did he say Alison: He might be switching to our school

Kitty: Eeeeek

Mary: When!!!!

Alison: I said he might be his school are talking about it

Thomas: Mike?!

Mary: Oh no Thomas has got started

Thomas: Alison after all I've done for you

Alison: What have you done for me?

Thomas: I bought a drink for you I've held countless doors

Captain: But that's just being polite

Alison: Caps right you're just being kind

Thomas: I can be more than kind ;)

Alison: Omg fuck off Thomas

Humphrey: Thomas why are you having this conversation with Alison in a group chat

Mary: And said group chat has Julian in it

Julian: Thomas if a rumor spreads about you it wasn't me

Thomas: Julian your worse than me

Julian: Really me? No

Alison: At least Julian can quit asking people out

Thomas: We can talk about this tomorrow x

Mary: Why would you add the kiss that was unnecessary

Alison: Thomas is unnecessary

Old shrew: Why

Mary: We don't know

Old shrew: This is terrible but I can't complain

Captain: Really it is

Alison: This time you have my full permission to complain about Thomas

Old shrew: Right now I'm just not in the mood

Julian: Really!?

Captain: Why are you not in the mood

Old shrew: Nothing

Alison: Explain

Old shrew: It honestly doesn't matter

Julian: If you say so ;)

Old shrew: Urgh that is disgusting