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Ghosts Text fic 2.0

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Julian: Anyone up?

Robin: Me

Mary: Yea :D

Alison: I think most of us are up

Pat: I really shouldn't be

Julian: What!? You should it's not even 1am yet

Alison: So y are u up then

Pat: There was a spider

Mary: Ew was it hairy

Pat: yes

Mary: Be gone bitch leave Pats house and never return

Julian: Rightly said

Pat: Everything but the bitch part

Alison: Definitely the bitch part >:)

Old shew: My goodness I have much to complain about

Julian: Here she goes

Old shrew: Pat and Mary swearing I am disappointed and Julian waking me up this is unacceptable

Humphrey: Fanny just shut up

Mary: No one cares about you complaining

Old shrew: Captain would care if he was awake

Pat: I'm jealous of him getting some sleep

Captain: I'm not asleep I was watching war documentaries

Julian: And so what's new about Ww2 oh that's right nothing it was 70 years ago

Captain: Hey I actually have interests other than girls and kissing and whatever

Alison: That is Julian tho

Mary: Yep just girls and kissing

Julian: Hey I have other qualities

Humphrey: Yeah name one

Julian: Chess I'm good at that

Mary: Hes right tho I've seen him and Robin together they are really good

Pat: I think we should go to bed before anything bad happens

Alison: Yeah we should



Julian: I can't sleep :(

Mary: Julian's still awake something bads gonna happen

Robin: Yep I feel it

Alison: So true

Julian: Hey look just because I might have done one bad thing doesn't mean you can bully me

Mary: One bad thing

Humphrey: I can list ten straight away

Alison: Julian you hooked a bunsen burner to the lab tap and turned it on

Julian: What I was curious >:(

Humphrey: You also mixed pencil shaving into my waterbottle

Robin: He stole all the splints last year

Mary: Buy them you're rich enough

Julian: Actually yeah reviewing my statement I stand corrected

Alison: Good :)

Julian: I have never done anything wrong ever

Mary: Oh jesus



Captain: Does anyone what squid games is?????

Thomas: Oh please not that

Alison: Here Cap just watch

"Alison" uploaded a photo

Captain: Oh thx :)

Thomas: I'm on squid games tik tok and I can't leave

Julian: Ha ha I'm on the good side of tik tok

Mary: Tbh he's on staight tory tik tok

Captain: I don't have tik tok

Kitty: I'm on cottagecore tik tok

Alison: Awww cute :)

Thomas: I have the red light green light stuck in my head

Kitty: Ow

Mary: Rip Thomas