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Ghosts Text fic 2.0

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Pat created group "The chat"

Pat added













Julian: Why is it called "The chat"

Thomas: Yeah that's really boring

Fanny: It's nice and simple we aren't changing it anytime soon I imagine

Mary: Who the fuck names a group chat "The Chat"

Julian: Vote to change the name say I Thomas: I

Mary: I

Kitty: I A

lison: I

Robin: I

Humphrey: I

Pat: I

Julian: Right we win

"Julian" changed the group name to "Wierdos"

Fanny: >:( I hate you guys

Robin: Can you help me with the physics homework plz

Alison: sure

Robin: Thx




Alison: Anyone awake???

Thomas: Yes I am my sweet xx

Alison: Oh shit not u

Thomas: Why must you hurt me this way

Alison: Cus I don't like you Thomas

Thomas: That's uncool

Captain: Will you shut up!

Thomas: No

Captain: Look I'm trying to sleep

Thomas: Then Y u awake bitch

Alison: Thomas shhh Thomas: No I will not be silenced I have rights

Fanny: Respect Thomas's rights

Robin: Yeah the right to be punched in the face

Thomas: Y so mean :'(

Captain: If that's all good night Thomas: Night :'(

Alison: Good night




Pat: Can anyone tell me why you were you awake at 0:34

Thomas: And you weren't

Pat: I actually care about myself

Thomas: urgh whatever

Julian: what's the square root of 81

Alison: 9

Pat: Julian are you doing homework

Julian: Ye what's it got to do with you

Pat: Maybe you should not do it the morning it's due

Julian: I have 3 pieces not done due today

Pat: Holy shit 3

Fanny: can we not swear please

Thomas: No you fucking little shit bitch

Fanny: How dare you if my mother saw that

Julian: We really don't fucking care about your mum

Fanny: I want to uphold good behaviour Cap please help

Captain: What the hell do you want

Fanny: I dispare

Robin: You sound like an old shrew

Julian: She acts like an old shrew frail and dusty

"Robin" renamed "Fanny" to "Old shrew"

Kitty: Haha old shrew

Old shrew: Change it back

Mary: Make me an admin

"Robin" made "Mary" an admin

Mary: thx

"Mary"changedthegroupnameto "The Republic of Chat"

Old shrew: Why did you make this heck Patrick?

Pat: I mean it was a study group originally but times change

Julian: And you added me ;)

Old shrew: Definitely a mistake




Pat: guys the bus is nearly here where are you???

Captain: I'm at the next stop

Julian: I'm "sick"

Pat: Julian we've talked about this

Julian: Does it matter I get to stay home all day

Pat: Bus is here

Captain:Everyone else was at the shops they're here tho Pat: nice :)

Alison: Anyway Julian does you skiving have anything to do with the test today

Julian: Ehhh no?

Robin: Yes it does

Julian: Don't expose me Robin u were supposed to be my secret keeper

Robin: changed my mind

Old shrew: Julian we all revised

Thomas: About that...

Old shrew: Really. Alison

Alison: Nope

Old shrew: Has anyone done anything

Pat: I made flashcards :)

Old shew: Finally a man of sense

Pat: Well I made them then lost them

Old shrew: Honestly!