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Hell on Teyvat (ON HOLD)

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Jean had been away from Mondstadt for far too long. Lisa and Her were on an extremely important business trip and couldn't always phone in or send a letter.

Today, that changed.
They both drove hundreds of miles back but they finally arrived back home….at 4:50 AM.

They both said hi to a few wandering townspeople, made small talk with the town government to make sure everyone knew they were back, and went to bed.


Jean awoke to something staring directly in front of her face, causing her to almost scream.


Jean: "Klee? *Yawn* Where's your Mom?"

Klee: "Daddy felt sick so mom had to take him to the doctors' office!"

Klee: "But I can't believe you're Home Auntie Jean!"

After a lot of hair straightening, education on preferably NOT waking an elder at 9 AM after a cross country drive, and coffee, Jean and Klee set out for the elementary school

Klee: "I'll be Good Auntie Jean!"

Jean: "Please don't bring a firecracker to the class again."

Ignoring her completely, Klee bounced throughout the hallway and into her class.


On the way out, Jean accidentally bumped into Mr. Xingqiu, One of the teachers for the elementary school.

Jean: "Ah! I'm Sorry Mr-"

Xingqiu: "Please, it's just Xingqiu. And you're fine, I'm just heading back In, I forgot a book I was supposed to bring."

Jean: "Still, I'm sorry that I hurt your shoulder like that."
Just before Xingqiu could retort, a booming sound could be heard followed by Klee laughing.

Xingqiu: "Gotta run!"

Jean sighed at Klee's mischievousness, before walking along the street, So many new tasks to do.


Make sure the City Council was doing its job, call the previous Mayor and ask where he put the folders for the Taxes again, and make sure that damn radio tower was fixed.
She leaned her arms on the railing and sighed to herself.
She looked onwards towards Cider lake and stared into the sky.

Lisa hummed as she leaned against the railing as well.

Lisa: "It seems my Jean is a bit... Overwhelmed upon coming back, Hmm?~"

Jean: "I suppose. It's just a bit overwhelming to come back and have to deal with a bunch of things again AFTER such an exhausting trip."

Lisa: "I thought that guy was never going to let us out of the Gas station back in Maine."

Jean: "I know, right?! That guy was…. Ridicu..lous…."