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because my thighs can't lie

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It's one of those rare nights that Tian has to sleep alone while Phupha is out to fight the bad guys. In the past, Tian would be tossing left and right, heart too erratic to sleep even if he desperately wanted to, waiting for bad news, for someone to finally pull the plush rug underneath his feet, for the inevitable proof that this fairytale was nothing but the prelude to a horror scene.

But after a little over two years, his body begins to get used to it. He has learned that sleeping is best to prepare himself for whatever that may come. If something bad happens to Phupha, Tian can't take care of him or help with anything if he runs on too little sleep.

And Tian is tired. He's been running around the village all day. There's another wedding coming up soon. He's been cutting and sanding bamboo for hours until his hands were bruised and almost blistered. He also built a sturdier fence for his students’ vitamin green garden. He feels worn out, useless like melted wax. 

He is about to cross that thin line between awake and asleep when he hears heavy boots against the creaky wooden floor. Phupha is here, he registers. He waits for the second set of steps, but none comes. Phupha comes back alone, which means he is not assisted, which means he is not seriously injured. Tian breathes in relief. He thinks about abandoning sleep to brew some tea when the bed dips and strong arms circle around his waist. The mixed scent of gunpowders and the damp forest invades his nose and he breathes it in slowly like he would the mountain air in the morning.

"Hey." Phupha says with a kiss on the back of Tian's neck.


"We caught them."


"Not the underlings. We caught their big boss."

"Good job." Tian strokes Phupha's arm, just basking in his presence. "You're the best."



"You 're the best," Phupha says, touching Tian's cheek and turning it to face him. 

In the dim lantern light, Tian sees the exhaustion in the crease of Phupha's forehead, the tightness of his jaw, the lines around his eyes. A leftover tension along his neckline. But he looks at Tian like he can't believe Tian is there. It's been over two years, yet Phupha still has that look. 

It's been over two years, but Tian still feels his face blush.

"You're gorgeous," Phupha suddenly says like he can't not say it, mapping Tian's face with calloused fingertips and stopping at his lips. "Look at you. Gorgeous and mine. How could you even be mine?"

"You and your sweet talk."

"I can't help it." Phupha leans down to inhale the base of Tian’s neck, like he's been denied the air for hours.  His lips soon travel to the back of Tian's ears and nibble lightly. Hands are now roaming to Tian's chest to lift his shirt, touching everywhere. Shoulders, collarbones, stomach, waist, the dip below his hips...

"Chief," Tian says, grabbing Phupha's head to get his attention.

"Yes, my star?"

Tian chuckles  at the cheesiness, then sighs in regret. “I'm so tired tonight."

"Oh. I… okay." Phupha pulls away, and Tian feels the  warmth leaving him like losing an arm.

"I'm sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about." Phupha kisses his shoulder and lies down beside him. "Go back to sleep." 

"You're not taking a bath?"

"Later. I want to hold you and feel you fall asleep in my arms. Can I?"

As if Tian could refuse such an offer. "Sure."

They're spooning. This close, Tian can feel Phupha’s heartbeat. It's so quick, like Phupha’s still high and drunk on adrenaline, so contrasting with his hands that draw soothing circles on Tian's stomach and chest to lull him to sleep. There's a tremble in his fingers, too, an unspent energy thrumming beneath his skin, trying with all his might to keep his touch gentle. It’s so slight that it will go unnoticed by anyone else. But it's Tian, and he's so fine-tuned to each of Phupha's beats.

Feeling just how much Phupha desires him turns his longing into hunger, simmering in the tight muscles below his navel. Tian wants.

And so Tian scoots back until his ass is pressing against where Phupha's dick is. Phupha pulls away immediately. Smooth, not making sudden movement. Phupha probably thinks Tian is sleeping and his unconscious is to blame. Tian doesn't give up, though. He chases it again. The bed rustles as Phupha shifts back farther and lies fully on his back, no longer touching Tian.

Impatient, Tian reaches out and cups Phupha's dick. Phupha's breath hitches. Smirking, Tian gives it the softest caress, traces its length, pets him over the thick material of his pants.



"You're not sleeping?"


"I thought you're tired?"

"I am."

"Then don't do this, please?"

“You don’t want me to?”

“I want it-- ah , more than anything. But I'm afraid I really can’t stop--”

“But you can.”

“I really can’t--”

“You can. You'll stop, if I ask.”

In the silence of the night, Phupha’s breath sounds violent. “I can. I can do anything for you.”

Tian turns around and hovers above Phupha's body. "I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“We can do something else.”

"L-like what?"

"I can use my hand..." Tian gives the bulge a slight squeeze. Not quite there. Just a taste, but Phupha's back arches off the bed beautifully. Tian smiles.

"Or my mouth…” Tian gives Phupha’s Adam’s apple a soft peck and a kittenish lick, a demonstration of the bare minimum he would do to his dick. “Or… you can fuck my thighs."

"Fuck yeah," Phupha says almost immediately. "That. I want that."

“You like that?"

"I like anything if it's with you. But yeah. I like that . Please."

Tian gives him a deep kiss because he can. He guides Phupha's hand to his waistband, and Phupha immediately knows what to do. Without breaking their kiss, he takes Tian’s pants and underwear off swiftly, exposing his pale thighs that look almost translucent in the dim light. Phupha flips their position, crawling back until he kneels between Tian's legs and drops open mouthed kisses alongside the inner part of his thighs, like worshiping.

"Enough. Get on with it. I really am tired."

Phupha gives a questioning look. “Should I just stop?”

"Yeah. Stop talking and fuck my thighs."

"I'm not doing it if you don't want to."

"I want to." Tian brackets Phupha's face with the meatiest part of his thighs. "I want to take care of you. Let me take care of you. Who doesn't want to get fucked by the best Chief like you? Who takes down bad guys and protects the forest? Not just the underlings, but the big boss, you said? Do you know how hot and dangerous you are? And here you are on our bed. I want you so much. I’ll beg to have you fuck my thighs."

"You don’t ever need to beg," Phupha growls.

"Good. So take what you need."

Tian deftly works to unbutton Phupha’s pants. He only has the zipper left to do, but Phupha catches his hand and holds it close to his lips. "I love you so much."

"I know. I love you, too, just as much.” And with that, Phupha’s dick is out, already hard. A low, lewd hum forces its way past Tian's lips. He can't resist. He doesn't have any reason to, anyway. He lowers his head and kisses the crown. It's damp from precum and sweat. Tian loves it. The smell of musk and dried sweat in Phupha's clothes is heady and turns Tian almost feral, consumed by carnal desires and he wants. He just wants.

He lies flat on his stomach and spreads his thighs, just a little, just making enough room for Phupha's heat. "Come on."

Tian hears Phupha get the lube from their bedside drawer and smears it on the inside of Tian's thighs, making it slick for him. Tian parts his lips and breathes out. Phupha's fingers feel warm but the gel is cold, too confusing and too much and his skin feels overly sensitive.

"Stop being cute," Phupha says, slapping Tian's butt and he gasps. The slap isn't hard, but the sound it makes is outright obscene. Tian wonders if anyone hears them. 

Tian is about to say his concern, but Phupha's dick already slips in between his thighs, rocking slowly. He's so hard Tian feels dizzy. He lets out a low, rugged noise, sounds satisfied, like coming home. "Tian. Your thighs, fuck…"

"Tell me," Tian manages amidst his half-delirious state.

"So smooth. Soft, so wet, fuck… wet for me. So toned and thick, perfect. Come on, press them together. Just like that, fuck…"

Tian clamps his thighs to make a tighter friction and he feels Phupha harden even more. Tian is suddenly filled with regret. He regrets not foreseeing this scenario. He should've prepared himself nice and thorough so Phupha could have just spread his legs and slide to the hilt. He wants it. He wants to take and feel that hot hardness inside him. But this... this is also good. Having Phupha slicking up his thighs and making him deal with the slow-burn ache and the swirl of hot building up, intoxicated by how much Phupha feels for him through the frantic kisses on his clothed shoulder and neck and cheek and arm, everywhere he can reach. 

He is really fucking Tian's thighs now, and Tian can feel his dick brushing the back of his balls, sliding along the sensitive skin of his perineum. He feels the tingle of arousal, but not enough. Not nearly enough to get off on it.

Like this, lying down flat on his stomach with Phupha’s full weight on him, trying to make do with imagining what Phupha’s dick looks like peeking between his legs gives him a new level of high he never felt before. He wants to ask to change position, to lie on his side, so that he can see, but Phupha has found a steady rhythm that's good for him and Tian has decided tonight is all about his boyfriend. So Tian just lies back and takes it. Takes whatever Phupha is willing to give him.

Biting his lips and closing his eyes to refrain himself from making too much noises, Tian's other senses are fixated on the hungry kisses on his neck, feverish breath across the side of his face, the slick sound of skin slapping against skin, the tightening hold of Phupha's hand around his forearm as he chases his climax, the feeling of how caged yet safe he is… 

Like this, Tian feels so used. Deliciously used. 

"You're so good to me, Tian. So good."

Tian can only moan as Phupha comes in the tight fold between his thighs.

He is basking in the warmth of it, in the sated feeling of pleasuring his man, but Phupha cuts his fun short by flipping him around and swallows his dick in one swoop.

"Fuck! Ah!" Tian’s hands flail, trying to find a grip. He’s been edged for so many minutes by the inadequate friction against the bed sheet and the sudden, intense warmth around him feels almost overwhelming.

Phupha lets go only to kiss open-mouthed under Tian’s crown. "Want me to stop?'

"Don't even think about it."

“But I’m tired,” Phupha teases.

“It’s not gonna take you much. I’m so close, please .”

Phupha smiles, and goes back to task. Using the last ounce of his strength because his bones feel made of jelly, Tian gets up and leans on his elbows. Watching.

The sight will never stop being one the most beautiful visions Tian’s eyes have ever been blessed with. Phupha, the feared Chief of the entire Chiang Rai is on his knees for Tian. His strong cheekbones are hollowed around his dick, blushed pink from the heat in their room. His lips are shiny and full, making out with Tian’s dick like he’s hungry for it, not letting even an inch escape his tongue. And what never fails to drive Tian crazy: the way he looks up at Tian from under his lashes, not in a devilish way Tian sees in cliche porn, but in worship, like taking Tian's dick in his mouth is a privilege. A goddamn honor.

As much as he wants to keep Phupha there, gorgeous and caged between his parted legs, he really is close.

Tian's hands drift downward, gently combing his fingers through Phupha’s hair as a warning. “I’m coming.”

Phupha only nuzzles into Tian’s touch and settles his hands on Tian’s hips. Not gripping, not even applying any pressure. Tian gets it. With a curse, he leans his body more firmly on his elbows and thrusts once, twice, three more times. He throws his head back with a gutted moan while Phupha just kneels there and takes it.

Seconds after, Tian recovers from what he feels like a blackout and sees Phupha wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, having just swallowed Tian's cum. 

Tian stares, dazed. “Thank you." 

“For what?”

Tian points at his spent dick and sticky thighs. Phupha laughs. "Anytime."

“And for coming back home to me.”

Phupha gives a comforting kiss on Tian's forehead; a little thing in their unwritten aftercare manual that always rouses awake the swarm of butterflies in Tian's belly.

“Thanks for welcoming me home," Phupha breathes against Tian's earlobe.


“And for the celebratory making love.”

Making love, he says. "You better not expect it each time."

"Only when I got their big boss, got it."

"Correct. I don't put out for small fish. One orgasm for every big boss you caught."

Phupha looks wistful. "What if I fail and catch no one?"

Tian smiles sleepily. "One orgasm for every person you didn't catch."

Phupha looks like he's about to cry. Tian has too few weaknesses. His mom and Phupha's tears are definitely in his top three. "You crybaby. Think about it as incentive to do a better job next time and don't even think of slacking off."

"Got it," Phupha says, lying down and pulling Tian close. They're spooning again.

"Seriously, don't slack off," Tian says, burying his face in Phupha's bicep to muffle the quiver in his voice. "Make sure you can come back to me in one, perfect, fuck-ready piece."

Instead of an answer, all Tian gets is soft lips on his jaw. Maybe it means to be reassuring, but Tian is gripped with fear. "Hey. You can. Right?"

In the silence of the night, Phupha’s breath sounds violent. “I can. I can do anything for you.”