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Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

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I did end up sparing a minute. Or maybe an hour - I don't remember clearly - sitting and talking under a tree at a corner of the campus as the spring sun blazed over our heads.

Thankfully, it was clear to me very quickly into our conversation that this guy wasn't a creep - I had dealt with enough in my life to pick them out in a crowd. But he was shy, painfully awkward and carrying out a conversation with him was not the smoothest process in the world.

"Dude, no way! You go to the bar just to listen to me playing?" I was totally taken aback. My brain was a mess- astonishment and thrill and just a little bit of pleasure exploding together.

"Yeah..." He was totally flustered and replied in a quiet voice, "I know I sound like a stalker or something but believe me I really like-"

I chuckled a little, "No don't worry...but how did you even get in here?" A non-student attending a workshop performance sitting in the third row without anyone suspecting a wink was a hundred percent not legal and a bit ingenious, I'd admit.

"You know Claire? She's my friend from high school and she's, you know, really smart with these things and she snuck me in-"

I recognised Claire as that cellist with purple hair, "Wow dude....But why?" I seriously didn't know why anyone would want to listen to me, much less sit in that awful place for hours.

"What do you mean why?" He seemed a bit baffled.

"I mean why does a busy med student spend so much time and effort on a useless violinist like me?" I really didn't want to but bitterness crept into my voice.

"You aren't serious. You are Brett Yang! I have heard so much about you. I used to play the violin too, you know. Gave up in senior year of high school when I injured myself. Everyone always talked about you... "

Ah. Those days. When I won a bunch of competitions and felt on top of the world. When everyone around told me I could become a world-class soloist and I really believed it too.

But they never tell you the next, most important part do they? Anyway.

"Okay I like flattery too but that was a bit much." A lot actually.

"No, you are so great. Even now. That's why I go to listen to you - I don't even like pop all that much. And I came here today listen to perform, like for real-"

"Ah. And aren't you disappointed now? I fucked up the Bach so bad."

"It's a difficult piece, you know. Many won't even try... And everyone has bad days. Plus I really like the way you phrased and stuff-"

There was something about the way Eddy spoke - the sincerity, the softness or maybe the kind eyes - that was undoing something inside me.

"It might be good enough for a hobby violinist but it's not for a professional, you know." I replied dryly.

Eddy looked as if my stupid joke poked his skin.

"Hey I am sorry... I was kidding..I really didn't mean-". Shit, Brett Yang, just have to mess up everything, don't you?

"No no it's okay. I was only trying to make it better for you." He always ended his sentences with a soft little smile.

How many people do you know who would even try to make anything better for someone they met only an hour ago. I certainly didn't know any.

Really who was this Eddy Chen?

I hadn't realised we had been sitting there for much longer than we could afford and it hit me when Eddy's phone started ringing suddenly.
"Oh shit, it's my alarm..." apparently even he had lost track of time, "... sorry I have a class now. I really need to rush."

We got up. I wouldn't lie, I did feel a little disappointed that I would have to leave Eddy and this nice bench under the sunshine and go back to the gloom and stink of the practice room.

"It was really nice to talk to you Brett..." Another sunshine smile of his, crinkled eyes and tiny bunny teeth.

"It was nice talking to you too." I returned his smile too, you could in now way help it.

Eddy turned back and started walking off when I called after him. I was out of my mind, I didn't know what I was thinking, "Would you like to hang out some time?"