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Deena sits in her room, her back leaning against the end of her bed as she scribbled onto a piece of paper, "Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies playing throughout her room. She groans again, scratching out the words once again and shaking her head. "That sounds too desperate" She sighs out, tapping her cheek with the eraser part as she tried to get her words out on paper. Then again, she never was good at writing her feelings down on paper. In fact, she wasn't good with feelings at all. And she especially wasn't good at sharing her feelings with others.

That didn't seem to stop her these days, whenever her eyes landed on none other than Samantha Fraser. Sam Fraser was a cheerleader that moved from Sunnyvale to Shadyside. She wasn't sure why anyone would move from a place like Sunnyvale which had mansions and money to a place like Shadyside which was the complete opposite but she couldn't find herself caring as she passed her in the hallway everyday, getting a glimpse of the cute cheerleader. Sam always seemed to send a friendly smile her way when she passed which would cause Deena to smile back, a genuine smile. Kate always liked to point that out, that Sam was the only one who could get a genuine smile out of her, but she didn't believe that.

It always surprised Deena that someone like Sam could have come from Sunnyvale. Everyone from Sunnyvale were a bunch of rich pricks that liked to remind the Shadyside folk every chance they got. Sam was different though. She liked to lift everyone's spirits and was the perfect head cheerleader. Everyone loved Sam. Especially Deena. She could never seem to get her out of her mind. But, being the well known single lesbian of Shadyside didn't seem to work out in her favor. Everyone may have loved Sam, but everyone hated Deena. She'd hear whispers of her apparently watching people change in gym class (Which wasn't the case, considering she always had her head down in the locker room), or even accidentally running into a girl in the hallway meant feeling her up which didn't usually end well if the girl had a boyfriend.

The only good thing about school was the fact that she had some friends who never judged her and always had her back. There was Simon Kalivoda, her fun-loving, goofball best friend who worked at the grocery store to support his family. Then there was Kate Schmidt, her cheerleader best friend who got good grades and excelled in school while running a drug business on the side with the help of Simon. And then there was Cindy Berman, her know-it-all friend who was always the first to have her hand up for every question. She was the school president and had trouble having fun but she was also the best person to go to when you needed comfort. She has definitely loosened up a bit thanks to her girlfriend Alice, who always seemed to want to party and do something fun with their friends. The two of them balance each other out. Cindy keeps Alice in line and Alice reminds Cindy to have fun. They were the perfect couple. They were also lesbians, but considering they were together, they weren't as hated because the others didn't fear them trying to steal their girls.

There was also Tommy, their football player friend who was friends with everyone and was the 'glue' of their group. Then there was Ziggy, as she liked to be called, Cindy's younger sister. Ziggy was a bit of a troublemaker and seemed to always have theories that her and Deena's brother, Josh liked to talk about a lot. Speaking of Josh, Josh had always wanted to be a director, always filming around the house and the group, and ultimately, getting on Deena's nerves. Which he happened to be doing at this very moment.

"Josh, what did I tell you about filming in my room?" Deena complains, looking up from her writing to find Josh slow panning a camera around her room. He stops his camera onto her glaring face before lowering it. "Whatcha doing?" He wonders. "Nothing" Deena stuffs the paper into a shoebox, pushing a lid on top of it before standing. Josh glances at the box before looking back at her. "Was that for Sam?" He wonders. Her face turns slightly red and she pushes the box under her bed before she moves past him and out of her room, heading into the kitchen with Josh following after her, once again recording her. "No" She denies and he lets out a hum, not believing her in the slightest. She opens up the fridge, looking through it. She picks up the sticky note stuck to the bottom of the empty shelf, looking at the messy sprawl of her father's handwriting with a frown before throwing it shut. She turns to look back at Josh who had set his camera down and was now watching her curiously.

"Pizza?" She asks and Josh shrugs his shoulders. Deena grabs her phone, dialing the little pizza shop they always seem to find themselves calling. After their mother had passed, their dad had thrown himself into his job, leaving the two to always have to fend for themselves, Deena mostly taking care of her and Josh. After ordering the pizza, she checks her phone and frowns. "I'm gonna have to start getting ready for work soon. Can you get the door when the delivery driver gets here?" She asks him hopefully and Josh shrugs again. "Fine, but you better hope there's pizza left if you take too long" Deena rolls her eyes, messing up his hair as she moves past him while he tries to push her hand away.

Forty-five minutes later, she comes back out to find Josh eating pizza as he talked into his camera. She grabs a slice out of the box, taking a bite out of it with one hand as she tried to get her converse on with her other one. "In fact, it was Sarah that was innocent and the actual culprit was none other than Solomon Goode." "You never give up on that stuff do you?" Deena sighs out, getting her other shoe on. "It's fun, learning about the town history and all." "None of that stuff is real, Josh. It's just a myth" "A cool myth. A girl hung for being called a witch after she was caught with another girl. It's a story for the ages!" Josh explains excitedly. Deena rolls her eyes, grabbing her keys and wallet. "I know how the myth goes." "But not everyone does! Not the true myth at least! Everyone believes Sarah Fier was a witch and believes she was the one to get Cyrus to gauge all of those kids eyes out, but I know the truth. She was innocent all along. But no matter how many times I say it, everyone takes it as a joke. Sarah deserves justice" Josh explains passionately as Deena throws on her jacket.

"Hate to tell you this, dude, but no one wants to listen to the nerdy kid associated with the bull dyke of the school". "That's just it, though! No one wanted to listen to Sarah because she was caught kissing with the Pastor's daughter! Maybe if I made a movie, showing everyone the truth, maybe Sarah might actually have the justice she deserves" Josh's face lights up. "Whatever, I've gotta go before I'm late for work. Don't stay up too late" Deena ruffles his hair again, walking towards the door. "Just you wait, Deena! Everyone will know the truth of what happened that night!" Josh calls after her as she leaves. Knowing him, he was probably gonna call up Ziggy and tell her all about it but she couldn't exactly worry about that right now.

She arrives at the Shadyside Mall and heads in, stopping by the bookstore, B. Dalton's, where Heather was working. "Heather" Deena greets and Heather smirks. "Deena, as much as I love your company, hiding away in a bookstore won't get you out of your own job" Heather replies, leaning against the counter while Deena leans across from her. "Did my book come in yet or not?" "That depends..." Heather reaches under the counter before looking over the item curiously. "Are you wanting to write out your feelings...or your fantasies?" Heather slides the book across the counter to Deena, the title, "How to write a love letter for dummies...", displayed across the front. Deena's face grows red as she digs through her pockets for her wallet, not meeting Heather's eyes. "I need it for a school project" Deena makes up, handing Heather a 10, who's smirk had grown.

"I bet..." Heather replies and Deena huffs, grabbing the book. "I've gotta get to work" "Don't get yourself too worked up, Johnson. It's only Sam Fraser!" Deena throws up a middle finger and Heather chuckles as Deena speed walks out of the bookstore and over to the music store she works at "Musicland". She passes by her boss, Arnie, who was on his way out. "Yo, what's up, Deena! Want some?" He holds out a vape towards her but she shakes her head. "No thanks" "More for me, then. Here" He hands her the lockup key with a grin, giving her a wave before leaving. She heads into the breakroom in the back where Ziggy's girlfriend and Simon's sister, Reagan, was sat on the couch, most likely texting Ziggy. Once she notices Deena though, she shoots out of her seat and picks Deena up, spinning her around in a circle.

"Hi, fellow lesbian!" She greets excitedly, Deena scoffing. She eventually puts Deena down, still grinning. "You do that every time. Doesn't that ever get old?" "Pfft, no! It's fun. Especially from your reaction" She grins before her eyes zero in on the book clasped in Deena's hand. She snags it before Deena can stop her. "Oooh, what's this?" She asks, looking it over. "Hey, that's mine!" Deena protests, trying to get it back but Reagan was a little taller than her, making it more difficult to reach for the book. "How to write a love letter for dummies? Aw, someone's got a crush. I wonder who...Oh, wait, I already know!" Reagan grins. Deena finally manages to get it back, glaring at Reagan, her face red as she stuffed it into her bag.

"It's for a school project" Deena denies, trying to once again, use that excuse, though it wasn't fooling anyone. "Mmm-hmm. Suurrreee..." Reagan hums, biting her lip in amusement though she decides not to press any further on the subject. "Listen, I was texting Ziggy-" "When are you not?" "Touché" Reagan agrees before shaking her head. "She was just talking to Josh and from what I heard, he's apparently starting a new movie" "Oh, not you too" Deena groans. "Oh, come on, Dee! It sounds fun. It's a twist on the original myth, turned into a horror. Ziggy, Simon, Tommy and Alice are already in and Alice is working on trying to rope in Cindy as well" Reagan explains, both of them walking out of the breakroom to walk through the empty music store, Deena looking through the different records to find something to play. "Lemme guess...Josh sent you to convince me to be in it as well?" Deena asks. "Ding, ding, ding." Reagan grins.

"Not interested" Deena says, putting on "Cherub Rock" by the Smashing Pumpkins. "Why not? Don't you want to help your brother follow his dreams?" "Of course I do. That doesn't mean I have to be in it though. I can just support from the sidelines" Deena shrugs, moving towards behind the counter. "But you're the one who inspired the movie in the first place" Reagan points out, leaning across the counter. "Me? How?" Deena asks confused. "Something about you and Sarah Fier having some sort of connection with each other" Reagan shrugs. "I'm not connected to Sarah Fier. And also, I'm not a very good actor." Before Reagan can try and convince her stubborn friend any further, a customer walks in and she sighs. "Fine, but this conversation isn't over. I'll get you to agree one way or another" Reagan warns her. "Whatever you say" Deena shrugs, greeting the customer.


Later that night, when Deena gets home from work, she heads into her room, throwing her bag onto the floor. She sits beside it, pulling out the shoebox she pushed under her bed from earlier. She opens it, looking at the multiple notes piled inside, all failed attempts of trying to write a letter to Sam. It was a regular occurrence really. She'd find herself thinking of Sam and she'd grab some paper and a pen, writing down her feelings. There'd be some that she'd think were kind of decent and consider actually slipping it into Sam's locker but her brain would get the better of her and she'd end up throwing it into the box along with the ones that she thought were really bad, she just kept them for future references.

She places her new book inside the shoebox, looking at it with a frown before closing it up and pushing it back under her bed. It was stupid really. The crush she had on Sam. She didn't even know if she was gay or not either. She could easily be straight and Deena would just make a fool of herself. Who knows what Sam would do. She didn't want to dwell on it. She climbs into her bed, ready to call it a night when her phone lights up. She grabs it, looking over the notification. It was from the group chat.

Josh- All right, I've got mostly all of you to agree to be in my movie, we're just missing a couple things. I still need two leads (preferably lesbians)

Kate- *Cough* Deena *Cough*

Josh- And I need a few more people to play side characters, of course

Ziggy- What are the roles you already have? Who's playing what?

Josh- Wellll...the main part of the story is kind of based around a certain someone so Simon and Kate are playing the two best friends. As for the side story, Ziggy, you're the lead in that with Cindy and Alice and Tommy's playing a killer

Cindy- Wait, Tommy's playing a killer?

Alice- Oooh, what's my character like?

Simon- Why are there two separate parts?

Josh- There are actually supposed to be three in total. The first parts based in the 1994, the second part in 1978 and the third part in 1666

Reagan- Which one am I in?

Josh- You play Simon's sister in the first one

Reagan- What? Why don't I get to play with Ziggy in the second one? I thought you were basing this around lesbians that deserve better? I demand a recast!

Josh- That may be the case but there weren't many lesbian relationships in the 70s and I already kind of gave those roles to Alice and Cindy

Alice- Ha! Suck it!

Cindy- Alice!

Ziggy- It's okay, babe. It's just a movie

Reagan- Couldn't you at least have given me a better role? Simon's sister, really? Why can't I be one of the killers instead?

Josh- You know what? That's given me an idea. Thanks Reagan!

Reagan-'re welcome?

Simon- Hey! I happen to be an excellent brother!

Josh- Okay, Reagan, you are now Ruby Lane

Reagan- Who?

Josh- One of the killers

Tommy- Looks like we both get to be killers

Reagan- Killer buddies!

Kate- Can I get a love interest?

Cindy- You do know most of these characters are your friends, right?

Kate- I know...

Josh- Um...I'd have to write a new character in and cast someone else

Kate- Well, duh...

Simon- You could always write yourself in XD

Ziggy- Ooooohhh

Josh- Moving on, Deena, I know you're reading these. I need you as the lead. Please? For me?

Deena- Why me?

Simon- She lives!

Alice- It's the witch!

Deena- Haha, very funny

Josh- You're the perfect lead for this movie. You and Sarah are connected in some ways if you think about it. It'd make the most sense

Deena- What do I get out of it if I agree?

Josh- Anything!

Deena- Anything?...

Reagan- I don't think that was a good idea, dude

Josh- Anything

Kate- I'd tread carefully if I were you. This definitely doesn't seem like a good idea

Deena- Fine, I'll do your movie

Josh- Yes!

Tommy- Wait, but doesn't that mean you need one more lead?

Josh- Don't worry, I think I've got an idea for that

Deena- Who?

Josh- You'll find out when we start shooting

Kate- Mysterious

Deena puts her phone down then, staring up at her cieling as she thought it over. Who could Josh possibly use as her co-star? Maybe Heather? But then again. Heather wasn't a lesbian. Heather liked Ryan Torres, who also worked at the mall in the party supplies store. The two liked to banter a lot and Heather always acted like she didn't like him but Deena knew better. Just like Heather knew her better as well. Heather was one of the first people she met when she started at the mall, well, besides Reagan. The first time her and Heather met, Deena was browsing around the book store during her dinner break and found a book series called "Fear Street" that intrigued her. She had picked up the one entitled "Field of Screams" and her and Heather had a long conversation about which were the best of the series and it went on from there.

Reagan was the actual first person she met. In fact, Deena wouldn't have the friends she did now if it wasn't for Reagan. When she started at Musicland, her and Reagan instantly connected and started hanging out more. That's when Reagan introduced her to Simon and Simon introduced her to Kate and the list goes on from there, and now they were all in this tight little group together, having each others backs. Reagan was her first friend in general which is why the two were so close and knew each other like the back of their own hands. Exactly like right now, as Deena picks up her phone again, this time having gotten a text from just Reagan.

Reagan- I'm sure whoever this lead is, it won't be someone too difficult or scary to work with. And you may be love interests but Josh wouldn't intentionally do anything to mess with you

Deena- If you're sure

Reagan- Just give it a chance, Dee. This movie is like a bonding experience for the group

Deena- You and your "bonding"

Reagan- Make fun all you want but you wouldn't know half these people if it weren't for me!

Deena- Yeah, yeah, I'm going to bed

Reagan- Lame!

Deena- Goodnight!

Deena puts her phone back down, rolling onto her side with a smile. Maybe it won't be so bad after all. If only she knew what was actually in store for her, though. She might've not agreed so quickly then.

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Deena walks down the hallways of school, her headphones in as she passed by different couples, all of which seemed to be making out, like usual. She ignored the pang in her heart at the feeling of her own loneliness, shooing off the couple making out against her locker before opening it up and digging through it. It had been a couple days since she had agreed to being in her brother's horror movie. He had found all of the roles he needed except for the other lead, which didn't surprise her considering all of the lesbians of the school were already in the movie. There weren't many to begin with, that were out at least, and the ones that were out were in a relationship (minus Deena of course), and apart of their friend group.

Deena was thinking he might be looking at some of the Sunnyvale students considering he already had some meant for side characters, but she wasn't too sure what Josh was planning. In fact, none of the group knew anything besides what their role was and that they were in a movie. Josh liked to be very secretive about it. The only person who really knew anything besides him, was Ziggy, his co-director, and possibly Reagan as well, since Reagan and Ziggy shared everything with each other. They were supposed to all meet up on Saturday to go over some more things in person so Deena wasn't sure if he was lying about not having the other lead or not, but she was kind of nervous.

It may have been a horror but Josh had hinted at having romance elements to it as well, revolving around her character and the other lead. Deena hoped her brother wouldn't take this whole thing too far with the romance. She hadn't even had her first kiss yet and she wasn't planning on having it because of a movie she was practically forced into. She turns around, running right into a solid wall. "Oof" She complains before looking up to see a face grinning down at her evilly. "Uh, you okay there, Tommy?" Deena asks cautiously, pulling out her earbuds. "Yeah, sorry" Tommy shakes his head. "I was practicing my killer faces. Which do you think is creepier? A grin..." Tommy grins evilly again and Deena raises an eyebrow at him. "Or a glower" he morphs his face to make it almost look like an angry zombie gorilla. "Definitely that one" Deena laughs.

"Perfect" "How long have you been working on that?" Deena wonders as the two walk down the hall together, Tommy dressed in his Shadyside football jersey and some jeans. They had a game against Sunnyvale today after school, meaning Deena had to go with the marching band as well. She didn't know why she was still in band. Sure, she liked to play the drums. Actually, she loved to play the drums. It helped relieve her stress and anxiety issues. She just wasn't a fan of having to go to Sunnyvale to be harassed. "Since yesterday. I want to make sure I make Josh's movie look good. If we all play our parts well, more people might actually watch it" Tommy explains and Deena smiles.

"Aw, there's the sweet Tommy I know" Deena coos, pinching his cheek and Tommy laughs, slapping her hand away. "I'm being serious. This is really serious to Josh. I can't let him down" "Yeah, yeah, we get it. You care about us." Deena waves it off and Tommy rolls his eyes. "What about you? Are you ready to be the lead?" "Sort of?" "Sort of?" Josh repeats and Deena sighs, gripping the straps of her bag as she shrugs. "Of course I'll help Josh out with his stupid movie. It's just...does it have to have romance in it?" Deena frowns. "What's wrong with that? You could use a little bit of romance in your life" Tommy nudges her teasingly and Deena shoves him. "Fuck off" She scoffs. "I'm just saying. Maybe this is your chance" "Who'd want to date a lesbian like me? If you haven't noticed, all of the lesbians that go here are dating someone and are our friends" Deena points out. "Are you sure about that?" "I'm pretty sure. Why? Do you know any other lesbians that go here that I don't?" Tommy shrugs.

"Maybe there are closeted ones." "Like who?" "I don't know. It's just a suggestion. Who knows what could happen. Who knows if Josh even finds another lead. Just be glad you get to be apart of this" Tommy says and Deena sighs. "Yeah, I guess you're right" Deena nods. "I've gotta get to practice before the game but I'll see you on the bus?" Deena nods and he gives her a hug before walking off to meet up with some other football buddies, leaving Deena to her thoughts. Maybe Tommy was right. She shouldn't be stressing over her potential love interest and should instead focus on having fun with her friends and shooting the movie.


Deena and Reagan sit together on the bus over to Sunnyvale, dressed in their band uniforms. Deena drums softly against her knees with her drumsticks, while they both listen to "In the Meantime" by the Spacehogs, waiting for the bus to depart. "How do you think we'll do this time?" Reagan asks Deena curiously. "Fine, like usual" Deena shrugs. "Probably better than the other band. At least we actually try" Reagan adds and Deena scoffs in amusement. It was true really. No one payed attention to the band. From both schools really. Everyone always cared about the football team, after all. Especially the Sunnyvale school, which is why their band sucked compared to Shadyside's band, who figured if they couldn't beat them in football, they might as well one-up them in band. Though, that was more against the band kids than anything. Sunnyvale was so confident in their football team, they didn't think they needed to worry about how good their band was.

"Hey" Kate greets, sitting across from them with Simon, dressed in her cheerleading uniform. The only ones out of their group who participated at these things were Deena and Reagan, who were in band, Kate, who was in cheerleading, Simon, who was the mascot and Tommy, who was of course, on the football team. The rest of their friends sat in the stands to support their friends, meaning they had to drive separately. "You ready to bring your A-game?" Reagan asks Kate. "Please. she always brings her A-game" Simon waves it off, his face painted green. "Not to mention, I just got some more blueberries today" Kate adds and Deena and Reagan both shake their heads. The two of them never approved of Simon and Kate's little drug business.

They thought the two would have quit by now after they almost got Simon and Reagan's brother, Timothy killed but the business was still going strong. It made Reagan sick. Seeing her little brother over-dose, nearly losing his life and then to somehow miraculously survive, allowing Simon to continue with his shady business. She got where he was coming from. Their family was poor, leaving her and Simon to work double-shifts just to pay the rent and feed everyone, but to go as far as to start a drug business and almost kill their little brother, just for some extra money to get out of Shadyside? She couldn't think about it. She turns away, plugging her headphones in and blasting her music, knowing she'd get into yet another argument with her brother.

Deena motions for the two not to talk about it and the two frown, but comply, changing the subject. "I heard Josh got some people from Sunnyvale to agree to be in the movie." Simon brings up. "Yeah, how'd he do that? He can barely talk to people from Shadyside" Deena wonders incredulously. "According to him, Ziggy knows some people" Kate shrugs. "Who?" Now Reagan was paying attention again, having heard her girlfriend's name along with 'knowing people' from Sunnyvale. Simon and Kate both shrug. "They never said" Reagan thinks it over, wondering who Ziggy could possibly know from Sunnyvale. Ziggy hated the Sunnyvale kids. They usually liked to call her a witch, having even hung her by her wrists at summer camp on the supposed tree that Sarah Fier was hung from and burned her arm. Reagan could feel herself getting angry at the thought of it.

Deena doesn't hear the last of their conversation, as her eyes had trailed towards the front of the bus, where Sam had just climbed onto the bus, dressed in her cheerleading uniform. She moved towards one of the seats to sit with her friend and fellow cheerleader, Joan, Deena watching her the whole time. Sam must seem to sense it as her and Deena make eye-contact. Deena quickly looks away then to find her friends all looking at her with raised eyebrows. "What?" She asks, looking between them. "We asked if you knew anything about the movie. Or is Josh keeping it secret from you too?" Kate repeats, her eyes gleaming with amusement. Deena chances a glance back in the direction of Sam, who had sat down with Joan, her back now facing the group. "He's keeping it secret from me too." Deena tells them, sort of relieved that Sam had sat down. That, however, didn't change the fact that Sam had caught her watching her. Now she just had to hope she didn't have a run in with the cheerleader and hopefully the whole thing would blow over the next time Deena sees her.

"I can't wait to see who he picks as the other lead. Hopefully she's cute" Kate winks at Deena and Reagan smirks. "Maybe Heather? What do you think of her, Dee?" Reagan brings up. "What is this, an interrogation?" Deena scoffs, sinking in her seat. "What if he gets you two to make out?" Simon adds. "Oh God, I hope not. I haven't had my first kiss yet and I'm not having it because of a movie character." "What if it's in your script though?" Reagan questions. "Then I'm quitting" Deena shrugs easily. "Just like that?" Kate asks and Deena nods. The three send each other looks as the bus starts moving, everyone cheering, besides Deena who had turned to look out the window, thinking it over. There's no way Josh would write in a kissing scene. That was her brother after all, that'd be kind of weird if he wrote one in. But then again, he'd also do it to be supportive. He liked to do that sometimes. Him, Ziggy and Reagan like to consider themselves as her wingman/women, always asking around for anyone that could possibly be into girls and then try and hook her up with them.

That's only ever happened one time though, with some girl that went to Sunnyvale, Tiffany, who Josh had found online. The girl was a bitch the whole time. In fact, the date went so badly, the two turned into enemies (Of course she had to be in band) and now every time they saw each other at games, they always seemed to be in some sort of argument that the others would have to break up. Deena always hoped every game that the girl would fall ill so she didn't have to deal with her but then again, the world always seemed to be against her. After that whole incident, the three had started being picky with who they choose for her, deciding to stick with the Shadyside kids instead. Don't get her wrong, she loved her friends and brother to death and she was appreciative of their support but honestly, she didn't want their help, especially when their help resorts to her getting a new person to hate her guts. She wanted to find someone the old fashioned way, where they have a chance meeting somewhere and it goes from there. She wanted something that screamed 'romance' but in her own way, on her own time.

As the bus pulls up in front of the Sunnyvale high school and everyone starts getting off the bus, most of the group of kids excited and pumped, Deena, Kate, Simon, Reagan and Tommy meet up with the rest of their friends, Cindy and Alice wearing face paint (Cindy's idea) and Ziggy and Josh just there to support their friends, not dressed in any kind of school spirit. "You're gonna do great, everyone!" Cindy assures them. "Thanks, Cindy" Tommy smiles. "Let's go kick some Sunnyvale ass!" Kate cheers and they all start walking towards the school, Ziggy slipping her hand into Reagan's. "You know I'm not good at this whole 'Supporting school' thing, but, uh, do your best at your trumpet thing" Ziggy says, grimacing as she says it and Reagan laughs, slinging an arm over Ziggy's shoulder to pull her closer. "That's the sweetest thing you've said to me at these things, babe" Reagan assures her and Ziggy sighs in relief, Cindy rolling her eyes at her sister as they enter the school.

The group splits up, going their own separate ways, Kate with the Cheerleaders, Simon and Tommy with the football players and Reagan and Deena following their band members, Ziggy kissing Reagan's cheek before she goes. Deena rolls her eyes at the lovebirds yet she was happy for them. She liked seeing the two so happy together, same with Cindy and Alice. They head into an empty classroom and start to set up their instruments, Deena pulling on her drum. She played a snare drum, which meant she only needed one drum. It was heavy of course, but not as heavy as the bass drums (Which she's also played), she's just better at snare, and sometimes even the tenor drums. Reagan played the trumpet, which she was pretty good at. She used to play the mellophone (Marching French Horn), but she changed over to play the trumpet instead, which is more her style. Of course, Deena and Reagan are the only ones out of their group who knows what any of these instruments are called and how they sound, but each of them have their own things. And this was theirs. Just another thing the two shared.

The band was lead by the Drum Major, Gary. Gary was an awkward kid with curly brown hair who a lot of people didn't think was the best leader, but he also had a funny sense of humor so people listened to him anyways. He's definitely gained a bit more confidence with running the band, but he still needed a little bit of work. Like right now, as he tried to get the band's attention, even though a lot of people were talking and laughing, not paying much attention to his pleas. "Guys, if you could just focus up here!" Gary tries once again. Deena eventually rolls her eyes and bangs loudly on her drum. "Hey, dipshits!" Everyone stops, turning to look at her and she motions to Gary. "Uh, th-thanks, Deena" Deena nods and Reagan sits beside her with a snicker.

"Now, I know we all came here expecting to just play pep tunes in the bleachers tonight, but the Sunnyvale Drum Major is sick and no one wants to step up for them, so they've decided for us to perform instead" "What? Is that such a good idea? We'll probably just be booed off the field" One of the Freshmen, Jeremy, says, anxiously holding his Marching Baritone as he spoke. "I know it's not ideal, but this is our chance. They always let the Sunnyvale band play, sometimes even on our own turf. This is our chance to show everyone that the Shadyside band knows how to play and do it better than Sunnyvale!" Gary explains. "Yeah, Gary's right!" Reagan stands, moving to stand beside Gary. "Sunnyvale is always trying to show us up! So what they boo at us, call us names, mess with us? This is our chance to prove to everyone that this band is way better than the Sunnyvalers and maybe even spread hope to our football team, because honestly, they need it! We can't let them beat us! Not again! Now, who's with me?!" Everyone starts cheering, even Deena was grinning. She could not wait to show up that bitch Tiffany.

After warming up, the band marches out and towards the stadium where the stands were filled, red on one side of the bleachers and blue on the other. The band moves into their designated spots on the bleachers, passing by the cheerleaders and Simon. Kate and Simon high five Deena and Reagan as they pass. Deena and Reagan sit beside each other, up near the front considering Deena had to set her drum down on a flat surface and stand to play. They both look around, noticing Alice, Cindy, Josh and Ziggy sitting near the band as well as the cheerleaders, where they usually sat so they could support all of their friends. The stadium was usually chaotic when it was Sunnyvale versus Shadyside and tonight was no different as a fight had already broke out between a couple people in the stands, officers running over to escort them out. "Dee, someone wants your attention" Reagan says, gaining Deena's attention. Deena turns to give Reagan a look and Reagan nods ahead of them. Deena looks over, spotting a glimpse of blonde hair.

It was Sam. Sam was...smiling and waving. At her? Deena looks around confused, turning to find the cheerleader's eyes still looking in her direction. She points a finger at herself, wondering if Sam was even looking at her or if she was talking to someone else. But when she sees Sam laugh and nod, her eyes widen. Sam knew who she was? Sam was intentionally waving at her? Sure, Sam smiled at her in the hall but Sam did that with everyone. There was no way she would randomly pick Deena out of a crowd full of Shadysiders and smile and wave at her. She looks over at Kate and Simon, who were both talking with one of the Sunnyvale cheerleaders, most likely talking about their drug business. Well, if they didn't put her up to this...She turns to look over at the rest of their friends, but Ziggy and Josh were looking through Josh's camera, probably discussing Josh's movie and Alice was scrubbing at her face while Cindy fussed over her, probably arguing about the face paint. She turns to look back at Sam, who was still watching her, most likely looking for some kind of response but Deena didn't know how to react.

Reagan nudges her with her shoulder. "Wave back, dumbass" Deena's hand flies up then, her hand not exactly waving considering she only put up three fingers so it looked more like she was waving around a gun more than anything. Sam smiles, seemingly satisfied and turns back to Joan while Reagan doubles over from laughter beside her. "If only you could've seen yourself" Reagan cracks up while Deena buries her face into her hands with a groan. "How bad was it?" Reagan imitates Deena's expression for her, her face red from laughter as she tried to hold it in for her impression, her face forming into a grimace as she did the gun wave before she continues to laugh.

Deena sinks into her seat, groaning and grumbling into her hands again. "Please tell me this gun is real so I can use it on myself" Deena says, holding up her three fingers again and pointing it at her head, frowning. "Hey, hey, hey" Reagan moves her hand away. "I know you must want to bury yourself alive right now but we've got people to inspire and bands to show up and you're the best player on our drumline, so you're gonna have to suck it up" Reagan says, shaking her shoulder. "I'm not sure I want to anymore" Deena admits. "Oh, come on, Deena. Sam obviously thought it was endearing more than anything." "I'm gonna have to avoid her for a little bit and maybe she'll forget about it" Deena hopes. "Exactly" Reagan nods as Gary moves towards the front of the band, motioning for them to stand so they can play the National Anthem. Deena stands then, taking a deep breath. 'Don't focus on Sam or that embarrassing display, just play' Deena tells herself before she starts the drumroll for the start of the Anthem.

Chapter Text

It's after the game when Deena gets her first chance to actually talk to the goddess that is Sam Fraser. Most of the crowd had left the stadium by now and most of the Sunnyvale teams, leaving just the Shadysiders who were packing up their things to get onto the bus and head back to their own school. Deena had gone a different way than the others, having wanted to play the drums a little more. That, and she had another agenda. She drums her drum solo from their performance (Which had caused all of her friends and most of the Shadyside crowd to go crazy), smiling as she thought about how well their halftime performance actually was. She was glad the Sunnyvale drum major had been sick. She was glad Reagan had convinced her to play after that awfully embarrassing moment between her and Sam that made her want to drive off the road. And the best part? The Shadyside team had won the game. Deena runs into the person she was looking for, who was leaning against the wall in the secluded area of the stadium, her face full of fury.

"Hey, Tiffany! How's it going? How's your drum major?" Deena wonders curiously, though her voice was dripping with sarcasm and she was still grinning which seemed to set the girl off who stands straight then, storming towards Deena, who still had her drum strapped on, dressed in her band uniform, though Reagan had taken her hat with her. "You think you're so cool now, don't you? One performance and it's already gone to your big head. We could outplay your band any day and you know it, Johnson!" "I'll believe that when I hear it" Deena quips back, her eyes having narrowed in a challenge-like manor. The two stare each other down, willing each other to back down, though, like usual, neither of them did.

"You wanna hear it? Fine. How about this? You and me, six o'clock, a couple weeks from now on a Saturday. We each learn the same piece, memorize it and play it in front of none other than Gregory Hart himself" Deena's eyes widen then. Gregory Hart was a resident in Sunnyvale. He got his fame from conducting music and became a composer. He's written multiple scores for movies and never payed attention to the Sunnyvale and Shadyside rivalry. He was the person to go to if you decided you wanted to see who was better between friends, enemies and the like or if you wanted some music written. He liked to call it friendly competition but most of the time it was a Shadysider and Sunnyvaler so it never was exactly friendly. Multiple band kids throughout the years have gone to him to battle it out on instruments to see who was the better player. Most of the time, the Sunnyvalers would win, but these last few times, the Shadysiders have been pulling out on top. He liked to do these competitions to give himself inspiration and maybe find some young talent as well to help him with his scores.

"What's wrong? Not so confident after all?" Tiffany smirks and Deena's face hardens. "You're on" Deena takes her outstretched hand and they roughly shake hands. Deena ignores the way Tiffany squeezes her hand a little too tightly, most likely trying to mess up her hand and lets go. Tiffany walks away, glaring her down as she heads towards the band room while Deena watches after her. She doesn't watch her for long though as she had heard more voices, gaining her attention. She slowly takes her drum off, knowing it would make noise, plus, it was getting heavy. She peaks around the corner, noticing a guy from Sunnyvale talking to someone, though it was hard to tell who. They seemed to be speaking in hushed whispers. Deena moves closer then, hiding behind the giant trophy cabinet and crouching down so she isn't seen. She recognizes the player as Peter, from the Sunnyvale football team and scowls then.

She hated Peter. He was a homophobic asshole who treated everyone like dirt underneath his shoe. She goes to stand, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible so she didn't have to deal with him but pauses. Peter had moved, giving her a glimpse of who he was talking to. It was Sam. She looked frustrated. Deena inches closer then, trying to figure out what they were saying. "No, Peter, I broke up with you, remember? Which means we're done." Sam says and Deena's eyes widen. Broke up? She dated him? Who would purposely put themselves through that kind of torture? "Come on, Sam. Remember all the fun times we had? Shittyside doesn't have to split us apart. We could make it work" Peter had stepped closer, his hand grabbing onto her arm. "It's Shadyside asswipe." Sam moves to push his hand away, but he had a tight grip on her arm.

"Peter, let go of me!" She struggles out of his grasp and his grip tightens. "Don't do this, Sam" "Hey!" Deena hadn't even realized it until they were both looking at her that she had moved out of her hiding spot and was now glaring Peter down. "Well, well, well, if it isn't the bull dyke of Shittyside. What do you want, Johnson? Can't you see we're busy here?" Peter growls out, his hand still gripping Sam. Deena looks towards Sam who was now looking at the ground, though still struggling. "Let her go, Peter" Deena warns him. "Yeah? And what are you gonna do if I don't?" He asks, pulling Sam closer. Deena gets another glimpse of Sam's face, the two locking eyes, and as she notices the pleading and fearful look Sam was sending her, she snaps.

"I said, let her go!" Deena punches him in the face then and he lets go of Sam to grab his now bloody nose, stumbling backwards. He looks down at his hand before looking up at Deena, pure hatred in his eyes. "You're gonna regret that" He lunges at her, tackling her to the ground and Sam shrieks as the two wrestle on the floor, Peter obviously winning considering he had the advantage. He gets a couple good punches in while Sam tried to pry him off of Deena. "Get off her!" Peter gets tackled off of Deena then and she notices Tommy was holding him down, his jaw clenched in anger and Cindy and Alice were stood above her, their faces full of worry. "Deena, are you okay?" Cindy worries, grabbing her chin to look over her face.

"Didn't your daddy ever tell you not to hit girls?" Tommy snarls, keeping Peter held down who was now cowering in fear under him. "Look man, it's not what you think! She hit me-" "I don't care!" Tommy snaps. "Hey, what's going on here? What the hell, Slater?" Kurt and Nick had shown up now, both of them also on the Sunnyvale football team, Kurt, the quarterback, moving to get Tommy off of Peter. Kurt pulls Tommy off of Peter and Peter cowers away, moving to hide behind Nick. "What do you think you're doing, beating up our player?!" Kurt asks, looking ready to get into a fight himself. "Why don't you ask your player what he was doing before I got here?" Tommy bites back, Cindy and Alice moving to stand beside him. Everyone turns their attention to Peter. "She hit me first!" Peter tries again and everyone turns to look at Deena who was still layed on the floor, staring up at the cieling, feeling dizzy. "If that's the case, she shouldn't start something she can't finish" Kurt shrugs, crossing his arms. "You pig! You don't even know what happened" Alice cuts in, stepping forward in annoyance.

Sam had backed away from the whole thing, still in shock, though she couldn't seem to take her eyes off of Deena. "Dude, she's a girl though" Nick brings up, frowning as he looked at Deena as well. "So, what? It's okay to hit me but when I hit back, I'm the bad guy?" Peter scoffs. Deena finally sits up then. "I hit you because you were forcing yourself on Sam, jackass" Deena grumbles out. Everyone turns to look at Sam who was now focused on the ground again, holding her arm where Peter had been squeezing. Alice, Cindy and Tommy turn back to look at Peter, all of their eyes shining in anger. "I don't know what you're talking about. Sam and I were having a private conversation when you rudely interrupted" Peter defends himself, his voice coming out nasally as he still held his bloody nose. Nick didn't know who to believe and Kurt's eyes were on Sam. "Why don't we ask Sam what happened then?" Kurt brings up and everyone looks at her again. Sam looks between all of them, her eyes landing on Peter, who had some sort of look in his eyes and then Deena, who's lip was bruising, a black eye already forming.

"Deena was just trying to help me. Peter wouldn't let go when I asked him to so she punched him and he punched her back" Sam explains. Nick turns back to Peter. "Doesn't sound so innocent after all then" "I don't know. I still think it sounds like a fair fight. Johnson here just doesn't know how to take a hit" Kurt shrugs. "Say that again" Cindy steps closer, eyes narrowed dangerously as she stared him down. A smirk starts to appear on Kurt's face as he looks down at her in surprise, ready to say something else when Tommy steps in front of Cindy, towering over the Sunnyvalers. "Don't make her repeat it" He adds and Kurt has the decency to step back. "Fine, fine. Come on, Peter, Nick. Let's get out of here" They all start walking away then, Nick speaking in hushed whispers with Kurt while Peter looked back at the group, his eyes staying on Deena, anger evident in them which Deena returned.

They all turn back to Deena, all of them now concerned for their injured friend. "Deena, are you okay?" Cindy asks, frowning. "I'm fine" She mumbles, holding out her hand and Alice and Cindy help her up while Tommy turns to look at Sam. "Are you okay?" He asks her and Sam lets out a small smile. "I'm fine" She answers, shaking her head. "Peter usually tends to get like that when he doesn't get his way" She adds and Alice, Cindy and Tommy send each other looks while Sam turns her attention on Deena. "Thanks for helping me, but you didn't have to do that. I can handle Peter" Sam assures her. Deena waves her off and Sam really looks over her face. "I'm sorry he did this to you. Hopefully it doesn't affect the movie" Sam adds, looking over Deena's face. "I'm sure I'll be fine when we actually start...wait...what did you just say?" Deena asks, looking at her in surprise. "I said, hopefully it doesn't affect the movie. Maybe Josh can use your bruises as something that happens" Sam shrugs. The four share a look with each other.

"How do you know about the movie?" Alice wonders suspiciously. "Oh, did Josh not tell you?" "Tell us what?" Deena presses. "I'm the other lead" She shrugs, looking between them. All of them gape at her then, Alice, Cindy and Tommy looking over at Deena to see her reaction. "'re the..." "I'm the lead" Sam repeats, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I need to sit back down" Deena complains, falling to the ground and her friends move to help her while Sam furrows her eyebrows down at Deena. "Uh, I hope that's okay? He said he was making a movie about the witch and you wanted to work with someone you were comfortable with. Which didn't really make sense since we don't talk much, but I agreed to be in it anyways because it sounds like fun." Sam explains hesitantly. "I'm sure it's fine" Cindy answers for Deena instead, who was having a crisis at the moment.

Sam gets a text and frowns. "I've got to get back to Joan. The bus is about to leave. We should probably go" Sam warns them and Tommy, Cindy and Alice all nod, sending her smiles while Deena still mumbled to herself, looking down at the ground. "We'll catch up" Tommy tells her and Sam nods. "Uh, bye, Deena" Sam adds before walking away, leaving them. Once they're sure the cheerleader's gone, Deena looks up at her friends. "I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill Josh" She stands then, stumbling a little before storming away, the others quickly following after her. "it sounds like he was just trying to help, you know" Alice tries but Deena wasn't having it. She was on a mission which also meant passing by her forgotten drum. Luckily, Tommy picks it up for her, deciding he should take it back for her before her drum gets forgotten. Alice and Cindy were still following her, making sure she can walk just fine, and trying to calm her down.

"Out of everyone he could pick and he picks Sam! When he knows...ugh! Is Sam even a lesbian?!" "Uh...maybe?" Cindy answers cautiously. "That was rhetorical" Deena sighs and Cindy holds her hands up in surrender, not trying to upset her anymore. "She could always be bi" Alice brings up and Deena groans again as they make it to Ziggy and Josh who had been waiting outside of the school for the others. "What the hell, Josh?!" Deena yells, storming towards him. Ziggy and Josh look at her with wide eyes. "What happened to you?" Ziggy wonders but Deena ignores the question, pushing her little brother. "Wh-hey! What was that for? And what happened to your face?" Josh asks, using his arms to shield himself from her attacks. Cindy moves to stand in front of Josh while Alice holds her back. "All right, let's all just calm down and talk this out" Cindy tries. "There's nothing to talk about! Josh went behind my back and asked Sam to be my other lead!" Deena tries to lunge at him again but Alice holds her back still.

Recognition crosses his and Ziggy's features as they take in what she just said. "It's not what you think-" Josh tries and Deena starts kicking out her legs to reach him, almost hitting Cindy. Tommy appears again with Reagan right behind him, both of them running to help break it up. Reagan pulls Deena farther away from Josh while Tommy stands in front of both Cindy and Josh, both of them hiding behind her. "Guys, come on. Is this all really something to be fighting over? It's just a movie" Tommy points out. "Yeah, this is supposed to be fun" Reagan adds, though she was looking over Deena worriedly. Deena gets out of both her and Cindy's grip then, shaking her head. She moves away from all of them, everyone flinching, especially Josh but she starts pacing instead. "You know how I feel and you went behind my back to cast her as my other lead, the one I'm supposed to be romancing. Does she even like girls? She does know her role, right?" Deena asks, looking at her brother from behind Tommy. Josh nods. "Yeah, I told her" "Then why would she agree?" Deena asks more to herself than anyone.

"What does it matter, Dee? At least you've got a smoking hot lead" Reagan tries but quickly backs away behind Ziggy when Deena sends a death glare her way. "Did you all ever take my feelings into account? You couldn't have asked me who I would've wanted as my lead?" Deena asks, looking between them. "Well, who would you have wanted?" Ziggy wonders. Deena thinks it over before groaning. "Well, I don't know. Just not Sam! I can barely even talk to Sam, how the hell am I supposed to 'flirt' with her?" Deena brings up. "It's true. She could barely even wave at her" Reagan chimes in and Deena glowers at her. "Sorry, sorry. I'll just be over here" Reagan laughs nervously. "We picked Sam because we figured the best person to get you into your character was her. And she agreed. If she hadn't agreed, we would've asked Heather or someone" Josh shrugs. "You should've stuck with Heather" Deena grumbles. "Don't worry, she's still in the movie" Ziggy chimes in, smiling. "Not helping" Deena groans out before walking away from the group, annoyed. Tommy and Reagan follow after her, waving back to the group.

"It's not that bad, Deena. Remember what we talked about? just think about it as having fun and helping Josh" "I can't think about helping Josh when he cast Sam as the other lead. That makes me want to kill him! He's lucky you all were there" Deena growls out and the two send each other looks. "I'll stay the night" Reagan assures Tommy and he nods. They climb the bus steps, Deena using the seats to help guide her to her seat. She passes by Sam who sends a smile her way causing her stomach to do little flips but she ignores them. Reagan and Deena sit in their seat, Kate and Simon looking at Deena's face with wide eyes while Tommy sits behind them. Before Simon and Kate can worry over their friend though, Deena plugs in her headphones, leaning against the window as she blasted her music, ignoring the voices around her, Reagan and Tommy explaining what happened to the other two. What was Deena gonna do now? She couldn't act with Sam there. She'd be lucky if she could even talk, let alone read her script. Deena's eyes trail over to Sam who was staring up ahead, listening to music of her own and Deena wonders what kind of music the girl would listen to. An idea pops into her head then, a slow smile appearing.

Later, once her, Reagan and Josh get to the house, Deena rushes up the stairs and the two send each other looks. "Uh, want to watch a movie?" Reagan asks Josh and he shrugs, both of them heading into the living room. Deena digs out the shoebox from under her bed, grabbing some paper and pen. She starts scribbling onto her paper then, taking out her phone and looking through all of her songs. She found the perfect way to write to Sam. Make her a playlist. She may not have been good with words but she was good with music and expressing herself through her music. Why not put those two together into a playlist for Sam. Maybe Sam would understand what she was trying to say then. She could use her times with Sam throughout this whole movie to put together a whole playlist in her head for the girl. It was the perfect plan. She writes the first song down, the first word she managed to say to Sam to get her away from Peter, "Hey" by the Pixies.

Chapter Text

The gang meets up at the Johnson house that Saturday, everyone sitting around the couches in the basement. "So, at the moment, we only have a little bit of the script for the first part" Josh starts off, handing out papers to the people included in the first part, which included Deena, Sam, Simon, Reagan, Kate, Tommy, Heather and Ryan. "Who wrote these?" Kate wonders as she looks over her own script. "Reagan" Ziggy answers, smiling over at Reagan who was reading over her own part. "Oh, that reminds me!" Reagan suddenly says, standing up to grab another script, handing it to Josh. "Wait, what? What is this?" Josh wonders. "Uh, your script?" She says confused. "But, I'm not supposed to have a part. I'm the director" Josh reminds her and Reagan scoffs, waving him off. "You're also Deena's little brother and Kate's new love interest. You're welcome" Josh was speechless. Kate was the complete opposite. "Josh is my love interest?" She asks in surprise.

"You asked for one" Reagan points out. "But, Josh?" Kate repeats and Reagan shrugs while Simon laughs and Josh blushes. "I could see it" Alice pipes up, looking between the two of them with a nod. Kate turns to give Alice a look while Josh clears his throat awkwardly. "Look, let's just try it with Josh first and if we really don't like it, we'll take him out" Ziggy says and everyone nods, looking at their scripts. Deena couldn't concentrate though. Not when Sam was sat right next to her on the couch, the scent of her perfume infiltrating Deena's space. Not to mention, when Sam first arrived, she had made sure to check up on Deena's face, who still had a black eye and Deena had to fight the blush threatening to creep up her neck. Her leg bounced at the thought of Sam being so close to her, which didn't go unnoticed by Kate or Reagan who were both quick to smirk at her.

"Are we ready to read?" Josh asks, looking at all of the ones reading for the first part. Everyone nods, except for Deena and Sam, Deena who was still worried over the whole thing and Sam, who was intensely reading her own script. Josh quickly grabs his camera, handing it to Ziggy to film before moving back to his original spot. "I was planning on reading the narrative but would anyone who's not reading in the first part like to narrate?" "Ooh, me, me!" Cindy quickly says and Alice laughs at her as Cindy snatches the narrative script, settling back in her spot. "The movie starts off with a girl's voice as she reads the back of a book." Cindy starts off. "It began as a prank and ended in murder...fantastic choice. I love this one" Heather reads from her script throwing in a smirk as well. "We get a glimpse of the book the girl's holding as she talks to the older lady who wore a disinterested look" Cindy says.

Alice picks up their script, having been giving the ones for the extras considering this was only a table read so they only needed the main people. "It's trash. Low-brow-horror. It's for my stepdaughter." Alice reads, making her voice seem more uptight. Heather sighs then, her smirk having dropped. "Ugh. That'll be $2.95. Thank you for shopping at B. Dalton's" Heather says, her tone bored as she reads. "The woman picks up her book, walking out and Heather sticks up her middle finger after her" "And have a nice night" Heather adds. "Music starts to play here and the clock speeds up, moving to a cut scene where the mall closes". "I'm confused" Simon cuts in and everyone stops reading to look at him. "If this was based in 1994, how do we still have the same people, working at the same place?" He brings up and everyone turns to look at Josh. "Because, this was if we were in 1994" Josh explains. "Ohhh, makes sense" He nods and the group continues reading through the whole beginning part where Ryan is introduced, Heather gets attacked and eventually killed by none other than Ryan himself, only for Ryan to be shot in the head by Sheriff Goode.

"Sheriff Goode? As in, Nick Goode's father?" Ziggy asks confused. "Didn't you help with the writing and everything?" Kate brings up. "I wasn't apart of all of it. Most of this is Josh's ideas" Ziggy shrugs, turning to look at Josh who shrugs. "Nick's father has been Sheriff for a while so he would've been Sheriff back then" Josh explains and the others nod before they continue. Cindy reads through the script of the cut scenes with how Shadyside is full of mystery and horror and about a bunch of tragedy before it gets to Deena's part. Which she just now read over as Cindy read the narrative, infuriating Deena. "Deena sits on her bedroom floor, writing notes to a certain someone using a shoebox, continuously scratching out the words as she stared at the note in anger. Her alarm goes off and she quickly reaches over to turn it off before walking out of her room. The scene cuts to a television screen where a news reporter interviews Sheriff David Goode" Cindy reads but Deena's eyes were on Josh, glaring him down.

Reagan could tell Deena was angry, already knowing about her best friend's stash of love letters in the shoebox, all of it addressed to Sam. Knowing Deena, she was probably thinking of ways to kill Josh again. Josh, who was too busy reading through the script to notice his sister drilling a hole through his head. Before they can continue though, Deena had already stood, Reagan standing as well, just in case Deena lunged and everyone looks at her. "I just remembered, I have to get something from Arnie" Deena says. "Right now?" Simon asks, confused. "You knew we were doing this today, Deena" Kate adds, everyone looking at her but Deena wasn't looking at anyone, stepping around them all and moving away. "Sorry, nothing I can do. Nice reading though" Deena calls out, walking up the stairs. "Well, there goes one of our leads! What the hell do we do now?" Ziggy complains. "I've got this" Reagan assures them, moving to follow Deena up the stairs.

She finds her in her room, throwing things around. She shuts the door behind her and Deena snaps her head towards her. "What do you want?" "Just coming to check on you" Reagan shrugs innocently. Deena ignores her, looking through her things. "What are you looking for?" Reagan asks. "None of your business" Deena replies as Reagan moves to sit on her bed. "I know you don't have to get anything from Arnie. Unless you started taking whatever he's always on" Reagan adds as an afterthought. "Why did you put the box in the script?" Deena asks, turning to look at her. "The box?" Reagan asks. "You know? The shoebox?" "Dee, it's not like Sam knows anything. She probably thinks it's all apart of the script." "But it's not! And when she finds out that it's not, she'll be curious and she'll check the box!" "What reason would Sam have to be in your room?" Reagan scoffs. "I don't know! I don't know what could happen with her!" Deena groans, flopping down onto her bed face first.

"Come on, Deena. This isn't as bad as you're making it out to be. Just think of Sam as another friend" "How can I do that when I've thought about her as a crush since I first saw her?" Deena asks and Reagan frowns. "I know it's hard right now, especially since she's playing your love interest, but this is your opportunity" Reagan pulls out the shoebox and Deena goes to grab it from her but Reagan pulls it away, throwing off the lid and dumping out it's contents onto the bed. "Look at all of this hard work you've put into trying to ask her out" Reagan picks up one of the notes before Deena can hide them again. "Dear Sam, has anyone ever told you, you have a beautiful smile?" "Give me those" Deena tries to scrounge up all of the notes but Reagan had picked up another one. "Dear Sam, I was just wondering if you wanted to get a drink one time?" "These are private!" "Dear Sam, I hope you have a great day today" Deena snatches all the notes away, shoving them back into the box and shoving the lid back on, her face and neck completely red.

"And that was only three out of the multiple and multiple ones you have in there. This is your opportunity to take one of these love notes and use it to express your feelings to her. If not in real life, use your movie self. You two are meant to be dating in the movie, right? So express your feelings through your character instead" Reagan brings up. Deena shoves the box back under her bed, frowning as she looks over at Reagan. "What if it's too much?" "Please, Deena! It can never be too much when you're acting. The main point of this is to go out there and have fun. Don't make yourself miserable because your crush happens to be playing your love interest. In fact, you should be the exact opposite. Your crush is playing your love interest and even agreed to do it knowing what she was getting herself into. That sounds like a win to me!" Reagan points out. Deena sighs then. "Fine. I guess you're right" "Of course I'm right!" "But, if anything bad happens, I'm taking my anger out on you instead of Josh" Deena warns her. "And I'll take full responsibility for it" Reagan agrees, pulling Deena to her feet.

She drags her reluctant best friend back down to the basement where the others had been talking, waiting for their main lead to return. Deena noticed that all eyes were on them as they approached their seats so she kept her head down, grabbing her script she had thrown on the coffee table. "All right, where were we?" Reagan asks, looking around at everyone. Everyone awkwardly clears their throats, looking down at their scripts. "Deena passes by the television talking about the mall massacre when she notices beer cans on the coffee table. She picks some of them up, mumbling to herself."

Deena glances over at Josh before reading her script, just a simple "Ugh, Dad!" before frowning. "Deena continues to ignore the news, dumping the beer cans into the sink before pausing" "Josh!" Deena calls out, glancing at Josh again. She didn't understand why he needed to add their Dad's drinking problem into the script. He could've easily left ii out. In fact, there were a lot of personal, private things they could've left out of the script. Someone besides the three of them should really proofread the script before the table read. "Music starts to play as Deena tries to get Josh's attention once again and we get a glimpse of a computer screen instead, the music still blasting with Josh listening to music, hiding under a blanket. Josh types on a chat with someone by the name of QueenOfAirAndDarkness who asks for her loyal subject" Cindy reads before raising an eyebrow at Josh. Everyone turns to look at Josh who was blushing under their gazes but looking over at Reagan. "How do you know about this?" He asks in disbelief. "Please, Josh, you're basically like a little brother to me. Of course I know about your little crush on your online buddy" Reagan shrugs and Deena snorts in amusement. "Josh types back with his username Horrible8ilence, informing her Sir Silence is there" Everyone snickers then, Josh once again blushing. "Nerd alert" Simon calls out and Deena rolls her eyes.

"They begin typing about what happened at the mall the night before, listing off how it was similar to each of the different events and killers from before. Josh then goes onto explain how he thinks it's Sarah Fier, the Witch, and she's possessed yet another Shadysider. The blanket gets ripped off, making him jump, only for him to see Deena" "Dude, what the hell?" Josh reads from his script. "This isn't yours, Dillweed" "Deena takes the headphones and cassette player from him, putting it in her shoebox" Cindy narrates while Deena narrows her eyes at Reagan who sends her a sheepish smile back. "Oh, I get it. You building a shrine or something?" Josh asks. "All right, you know what? It's time for school. Get in the car" Deena sasses back, already feeling the annoyance she would feel from when her and Josh actually argue, about this very thing. It was always a fight getting her brother to school. He never wanted to go to school, always wanting to talk about Sarah Fier with his computer friends instead.

Not to mention, her having to take care of her brother because their dad basically lived at work, only coming home to drink and leave them sticky notes to seem like he actually cared about them, so it could get a little frustrating for the two of them which seemed to cause arguments. "All right, just let me finish up this chat" "Josh had turned back to the computer, typing back to his Queen but Deena unplugs his keyboard, taking it away from him." "Deena be careful with that!" Josh exclaims, the siblings giving each other looks before looking over at Reagan. She knew them so well. "I thought Dad said you weren't allowed on this anymore. Do you know how expensive AOL is?" Deena brings up. "I'm stealing it from the neighbors! I'm talking to someone online!" "Josh tries to steal his keyboard back but Deena keeps it away from him" "This internet bullshit is potentially exactly why you have no friends" Deena reads. "Wow, thanks Reagan" Josh grumbles before reading his line. "It's not bullshit. It's a community dedicated to the truth. Look" "Josh hands Deena a piece of paper detailing the mall massacre which she begrudgingly takes."

"Some guy went crazy and killed a bunch of people at the mall last night" "Holy shit" "It was all over the news. Skull mask killer. But of course, the media won't talk about the most important part" "Josh moves his chair to face his wall full of articles about Sarah Fier, taking one of the pages off" "Josh, I am telling you calmly, step out of your internet fantasy nerd land and get in the car" Deena sighs out. "You step out of your depressoid, 'I'm gonna die alone' land, and stop obsessing about Sam!" Josh bites back. "Get in the car!" Deena snaps, avoiding Sam's gaze. "You two are good at that" Ziggy smiles, her head leaning against her palm as she looked between them, also looking at the camera. That's when Deena take notice. Everyone had been watching the siblings as they read their scripts, minus Cindy who had been narrating of course. "Let's play that back" She plugs the camera into the television and shows the two reading from their scripts, actually acting like two siblings in the middle of an argument as well as the whole beginning of the table read.

"It wasn't that hard" Deena shrugs and Josh nods in agreement. "You can go ahead and say it. I'm a good script writer" Reagan sighs in satisfaction, leaning back in her seat. Deena and Josh both turn to give her a look. "What? That's exactly how you two act. I got it right on the dot" She points out. "She's got a point" Kate agrees. "Whatever" Deena rolls her eyes. "So, when are you writing the next part?" Sam wonders, kind of surprising everyone considering she hadn't said much since she's been here. "Uh, Josh, Ziggy and I were just gonna start working on it after this." Reagan brings up. "So, are we keeping Josh in?" Kate asks, looking over at Josh curiously. "Considering he was in most of the part already written and him and Deena did such an amazing job, that's a yes" Ziggy nods, standing up. "Oh, uh, are you sure? I'm fine with-" "You're staying in. Get over it." Reagan deadpans, giving him a look when she notices him about to protest again.

"All right, we're gonna go work on the next part of the script, as for the rest of you, we need you all to bond." Reagan explains "We're all basically good friends. I think we're good" Tommy points out. "True, but not everyone here is apart of the main crew. You all are gonna split into little groups of people you don't usually hang out with and find something to do" Ziggy adds. "I thought I was the bossy one" Cindy mutters, Alice patting her shoulder comfortingly while Ziggy sarcastically laughs. "Shouldn't the three of you be included then?" Kate adds, looking specifically at Josh. "Another time. We're gonna be doing bonding fairly often until we're all comfortable with each other. Right now though, we need to get this script written." Josh says and Ziggy and Reagan nod, all heading towards the stairs but Reagan pauses. "One more thing..." She turns to look between Sam and Deena. "You two have to be in the same group" She warns them.

"But-" Before Deena can argue though, the three head up the stairs. Sam and Deena look at each other, the rest of the group smirking over at them. "Well, now that that's settled. Let's pick these groups" Tommy sighs, standing and looking between all of them. "Simon, Ryan, you two are with me" Tommy tells them, motioning them to follow. "I get it. Too afraid to go out of your comfort zone and hang with the girls" Kate quips, smirking at him. "Fine, Simon and Heather, come on." Tommy corrects and Kate continues to smirk at him as Heather and Simon both stand then, Simon slipping on his jacket with a smile. "Sweet! Where we going?" Simon wonders as the three head up the stairs. "All right then, my turn." Kate looks over the group. "Alice, Ryan, we're going to the mall" Kate exclaims and both of them groan. "Why the mall? I work there" Ryan groans out. "Seriously, worst place to pick" Alice agrees, both of them trudging along after Kate, who winks over at Deena before she goes.

The three remaining girls look at each other then. "So, where are we going?" Cindy asks, looking between the two of them. "Who cares" Deena shrugs nonchalantly, leaning back in her seat. Cindy turns to look at Sam who shrugs as well. "Anywhere is fine" "Fine then. Leave me to pick. Come on" Cindy says, motioning them to follow. Both of them stand, following after the perky girl who struts out of the house, passing by Ziggy, Reagan and Josh who were in the living room, all discussing the script. "Have fun, sis!" Ziggy calls after her. "You too" Cindy calls back. "Yep, you two have fun as well. If you can, make out some and record it so we can see if you have chemistry!" Deena has to resist the urge to tackle Reagan as Ziggy snickers and Josh awkwardly clears his throat. Sam keeps her head down, walking faster and Deena's the last one out of the front door, flipping all of them off before slamming it behind her.

The car ride is silent, Sam and Cindy up front while Deena sat in the back, looking out the window. "So, got any hobbies besides cheerleading, Sam?" Cindy brings up awkwardly after a few, having turned down the music. "Uh, nothing really comes to mind" Sam replies shyly. "How'd you get into cheerleading?" "it wasn't really my choice. My mom practically forced me into it" Sam informs her and Cindy hums. "Sorry to hear that. Do you at least like it?" "It can be fun at times. I like some of the cheerleaders. They're all pretty nice for cheerleaders, really" "You seem pretty nice for a cheerleader. Really nice actually." Cindy adds and Sam shrugs. "What do you think, Deena?" Cindy looks in the rearview mirror at her silent friend in the back, who had been staring at the blurs they passed, pretending not to listen. "Hmmm?" Deena continues with the act and Cindy raises an eyebrow at her, not buying it in the slightest.

"Sam. She's like the nicest person at school, right?" "I don't know about that" Sam laughs awkwardly. "Yeah" Deena answers and Sam turns to look back at her. "Oh. Thanks" She gives her a small smile which Deena returns. "What do you think about Deena, Sam?" "Deena? Oh, I don't really know her that well. There's nothing to think. She seems really nice though. She punched Peter for me" Sam answers, glancing back at Deena again, more specifically, her eye. Deena just shrugs again. "Yeah, Deena can be very protective about certain things and people. Like me." The two girls smile at each other. They eventually end up at the local bowling alley. "Fun. Bowling..." Deena deadpans, climbing out of the car. "Hey, you two didn't want to choose so I chose for you" Cindy says, and Deena sighs while Sam follows behind them.

"Hi, there. We'd like to rent a lane" Cindy gives the guy at the counter a friendly smile. "Shoe size?" "I'm a 7" Cindy answers before looking over at Sam. "Uh, I'm a 7 too" Sam tells him and they look at Deena, who had her arms crossed, scuffing her feet against the floor. "6" She mumbles. "All right" The guy nods, getting each of them their bowling shoes. They split the pay before heading towards their bowling lane, Sam moving to find a ball while Cindy and Deena take a seat, putting on their shoes. "What are you doing?" Cindy asks, looking at her friend with an expectant look while tying her shoes. "Uh, putting on my bowling shoes?" "Deena, come on. You two were put in the same bonding group for a reason. I know all there is to know about you. You should be talking with her" Cindy nods over at Sam who was holding a red bowling ball, testing it in her hands.

"I have been" "You've hardly said one word to her since she first walked through your front door." Cindy deadpans. "We just talked in the car" Deena points out. "Only after I mentioned your name. If I hadn't, you wouldn't have said anything" Cindy scoffs and Deena glances at Sam again. "What do I say to her?" Deena frowns at her friend. "Start with something simple. Compliment her. Go from there. Maybe ask about bowling. Something. You can't be this helpless." "I'm not helpless" Deena denies. "Then go talk to her!" Deena stands then, stumbling towards the sandy blonde who was still looking for a ball. "Wait, Deena-" Cindy sighs when she notices Deena ignoring her. "Should've maybe waited for her to get her bowling shoes on properly" Cindy sighs to herself as she watches the untied shoelaces smack against the floor with each step Deena takes, threatening to catch on to something and cause her to trip.

Deena moves to stand beside Sam, who notices her and smiles. "Hey" Sam greets. "Hey...uh, hi, hello." Deena greets and Sam raises an eyebrow at her. "Hi" Sam greets again. "So, uh, bowling." Deena says. Sam slowly nods, waiting for Deena to add something else to her statement but nothing comes. "Yep. Are you any good?" Sam asks curiously. "Me? Good at bowling. Pfft, totally" Deena nods. "Really?" Sam says in surprise. "For sure. I'm always beating those losers at bowling." Deena scoffs. "Then why didn't you seem excited when Cindy pulled up?" Sam inquires suspiciously. "W-well because, I'm so good, and I've beaten them so many times, it's gotten boring" Deena makes up and a slow smile starts to grow on Sam's face. "Trust me, won't be boring this time. I happen to be pretty good at it too" Sam says, finding a green bowling ball and holding it up. "Oh. That's good to hear." Deena nods and Sam nods as well.

"May the best bowler win, then" Sam adds. A smirk appears on Deena's face then, her competitive nature showing. "You're going down" "We'll just have to see" Sam walks towards the chairs, Deena watching after her with a grin as Sam goes to put her bowling shoes on. Deena turns back to look at the selection as well, the grin dropping off her face. Cindy appears beside her, humming. "Good at bowling, huh?" "Oh, fuck" Deena groans in realization and Cindy hums in amusement. "I can't wait to see how this goes" "Why did I say any of that?" Deena asks her and Cindy shrugs. "Who knows, but you did. You better hope your 'skills' can keep up with your mouth, or you're gonna embarrass yourself" Cindy smirks, grabbing an orange ball as she looks at Deena.

"You can't help me?" "You did this to yourself. Besides, I'm a loser at this game. What could I do?" Cindy shrugs innocently. "Cindy, I swear I didn't mean to say that. I-I panicked! You have got to help me" Deena pleads. "Sorry, but I've got my own game to win" Cindy shrugs before leaving Deena there. Deena curses under her breath, grabbing a blue ball and looking it over. She goes to follow Cindy back to their seats, only to trip over the forgotten untied shoelaces, dropping the bowling ball as she stumbles, having to use one of the racks to catch herself. She almost knocks more bowling balls to the floor but luckily, nothing else fell. Only problem? Deena looks down at the bowling ball that her foot had accidentally kicked into, full force, when she tried to catch herself, her foot absolutely throbbing and has to hold in the multiple swears threatening to fly from her mouth, her hand clamped over it.

And as she looks over to their lane, seeing Cindy and Sam talking idly, not having noticed the commotion, she wants to cry in sweet relief because she didn't make a fool out of herself in front of her crush once again. That, however, wasn't the case for the worker that had given them their shoes who was passing by at that very moment, only having to give her a judgmental look for her to want to wrap her hands around his neck. She gives him a glare instead, too much in pain to cuss him out before she bends down to pick up the ball that had dropped. She takes a few deep breaths, wiping her eyes which had watered and tries her best not to limp as she approaches the other two. "Who's first?" Deena grits out. "I go first and then it's Sam and you go last" Cindy explains as Deena drops into her seat, still taking deep breaths. "Great" She nods, trying to keep her cool. Cindy stands, moving to bowl and the two watch as Cindy bowls, hitting eight out of ten. Cindy gives Deena another smirk before knocking the other two pins down and Sam turns to Deena in surprise.

"Wow, already a spare. If she's that good, you must be really good." Sam brings up and Deena bites her lip. "Yup. Totally" Deena nods. Cindy moves to sit back in her seat, her chest puffed out a little. "Your turn, Samantha" Cindy smiles and Sam rolls her eyes good naturedly before grabbing her green ball. Once they're sure she's out of earshot, Cindy turns to look at Deena, specifically her foot, her expression having turned into a worried frown. "Is your foot okay?" She asks. "You saw that?" "You should really pay attention more often. I knew I should've warned you about those laces" Cindy glances at Sam before moving to tie Deena's shoes and Deena lets out a hiss. "I'm perfectly fine" Deena waves her off when Cindy gives her another concerned look. "Always gotta be hurting yourself one way or another" Cindy tuts, sitting back in her seat as Sam bowls, landing a strike.

Sam squeals before clearing her throat and composing herself, though she was still smiling when she turned to look back at them. "Your turn, Deena. Let's see if you can keep up" Deena literally wanted to die in that moment. She's made up the fact she's a really good bowler and just kicked a bowling ball as hard as she could while trying not to trip and now it was her turn to bowl which meant she had to prove that she was in fact, not a good bowler at all and possibly give away to the fact that her foot was still killing her, all in front of her crush. Could this day get any worse for Deena? Before she has to actually bowl though, her phone rings and she gasps, picking it up to see Kate calling. "Sorry, gotta take this real quick. Cindy, you can bowl for me" Deena jumps at the chance, (not literally considering her foot was still hurting) and picks up her phone. "But-" Sam goes to protest but Deena was walking away (still trying not to limp) and heads into the bathroom, locking the door.

"Am I glad to hear your voice right now, Kate" Deena practically cries. "As you should be. How's it going in Samland? Anything interesting happen that I should know about?" Kate asks and Deena rolls her eyes. "More than you know" Deena sighs. "Spill!" And so she does. Because if there was anyone she was close with besides Reagan, it was Kate. Sweet, sweet, Kate who, no matter how many times managed to get on her nerves, could always manage to comfort Deena and get her to tell her anything at the same time. Not to mention she was a bisexual, single, hottie and the two have hooked up a few times, though only Simon and Reagan knew that. "Damn, first you get your ass kicked in front of her by her pervy most-likely ex-boyfriend and now you're kicking bowling balls. I take it you like to seem weak in front of her?" Kate quips. "No! That's not- I tried to beat Peter up for her and I didn't mean to kick any bowling balls! And I'm not weak!" Deena exclaims, only receiving a laugh in response. "What do I do? I can barely walk nor bowl. How am I supposed to impress her now?" Deena whines.

"Simple. Just be yourself" "What?" "Hello! She obviously doesn't care about whether you can bowl or not if she volunteered to play as your love interest! You must be doing something right! So what, you have a bit of limp? Use the excuse that Peter did something to your leg and it's still hurting you. And as for the bowling, just say it was an off-day or something. But, other than that, don't worry about what she thinks, Dee. You're amazing just the way you are" Kate assures her and Deena softly smiles. "Thanks, Kate, You always know what to say" "No problem. Now, get out there and actually have some fun for once" "Wait, wait, aren't you gonna tell me how your hangout is going?" "Alice and Ryan have been arguing with Arnie for the last hour about a name for some blowup doll from Ryan's store which is why I'm in the food court, taking a much needed break from them. Wouldn't surprise me if they were getting high in the break room right about now" Kate explains and Deena nods in understanding. "Well, call me if you need some sort of escape" Deena warns her and Kate scoffs. "I'll be fine. Go impress your woman" "She's not my-" Kate hangs up before she can protest and Deena shakes her head, taking a deep breath. "Just go out there and try and enjoy myself. Right. Should be sort of easy, I guess. Cindy knows how to have fun...sometimes. And Sam...I've got this" Deena leaves the bathroom to head back to them.

Chapter Text

Later that night, Deena and Reagan hang out in Deena's room, an ice pack on Deena's foot as she layed on the bed while Reagan sorted through the scripts at the end of the bed. "I'm sure Sam was impressed with you" Reagan replies, having listened to how her day went. "I kicked a bowling ball on accident, lied and told her I was a great bowler and now she probably thinks I'm some sort of loser" Deena complains. "Come on, Deena. Don't be like that. Accidents happen" "There's no way I can talk to her now" "You're gonna have to. She's playing your love interest" Reagan points out and Deena groans again. "Deena, out of everything you told me, it doesn't sound that bad" "Every ball I rolled went into the gutter! And I spilled my drink all over myself" Deena whines.

"Accidents happen" Reagan reminds her once again and Deena buries her face further into her pillow. There's a knock at the door and Josh peaks his head in. Reagan looks up at him while Deena continues to groan and moan into her pillow. "How are the scripts coming along?" He wonders and Reagan smiles, picking the narrative one up and handing it over to him. He starts to look through it, humming. "Do I really have to play Kate's love interest?" He asks after a little bit. "If Deena has to date her crush, you have to date yours" Reagan deadpans and Josh splutters as Deena finally sits up to acknowledge her brother. "Crush, huh?" "Me and Kate! No, no, no! That's not- no!" Josh exclaims, though his face was burning and both Reagan and Deena smirk.

"You sound as bad as your sister, Josh." Reagan scoffs, taking the script back as Deena's smirk drops and she groans, burying her face again. Josh looks over Deena's foot with a raised eyebrow. "Did you really kick a bowling ball?" "Out! Get out!" Deena yells and Josh holds his hands up in surrender, backing out of the doorway. "Pizza's still down here if you guys want some" Josh adds before closing the door behind him. The three eat downstairs, discussing the table read when the doorbell rings. Both Reagan and Josh put their fingers on their noses, giving Deena an expectant look. "Come on, I hurt my foot!" Deena reminds them. "Accidents may happen but it was also your own stupidity that caused the accident and we can't help that" Reagan scoffs and Deena rolls her eyes. "You guys are dicks" She limps towards the door and opens it.

"Uh, hey, Deena. I just came by to check on you and make sure your foot was okay. I would've texted you but I don't have your number" Sam explains, playing with her fingers nervously while looking at Deena. Deena just stood there in shock, staring at Sam like a fish out of water. Reagan appears beside her with a smile when she notices Deena's too shocked to say anything. "Sam! How's it going? Wanna come in?" Reagan offers. "Sure" Sam nods, moving past Deena who watches after her as Sam smiles awkwardly, moving into the house. Deena turns to look at Reagan, still in shock. "What the hell is she doing here?" "She just told you" Reagan points out, pulling Deena along after her into the kitchen.

Sam was looking over the scripts layed out on the table, Josh already rambling on about his movie to her while she hummed, listening. Deena and Reagan both take seats, Reagan next to Josh while Deena found her regular seat, right next to where Sam was standing. "You can sit" Reagan invites and Sam smiles, taking a seat next to Deena. "I didn't mean to come by so late. It took me a little bit to get out" Sam explains sheepishly. "What are you doing here?" Deena asks and both Reagan and Josh give her a look while Sam turns to look at her. "To check on you. I told you that" Sam brings up, looking her over. "Right" Deena nods. "So, is your foot okay? Why didn't you tell us you hurt it earlier?" Sam asks her. "My foot's fine" Deena waves it off and Reagan and Josh both scoff, receiving death glares from Deena. "Deena never likes to let on to the fact she's hurting even if you are her best friend" Reagan explains and Sam frowns over at Deena.

"Seriously, it's not that bad" "You can't even walk without limping!" Josh exclaims and Deena has to resist the urge to flip him off. "How did you kick the bowling ball?" Sam wonders curiously and Deena wants the ground to swallow her whole. "It's...complicated" Deena grits out. Sam nods, still looking her over while Josh and Reagan watch them intently, both munching on their pizza like they were actually watching a movie. "I also came to...get your number" Sam finally gives in. Deena chokes on air. "My number?!" "Well, yeah. We're costars" Sam chuckles at her reaction. "That is true. You guys might need to text each other sometimes to practice with each other" Reagan adds. Deena thought she was dreaming. Sam came to check on her and ask for her number? There was no way this was happening right now. She must have been staring in shock and disbelief for longer than she thought because Sam was shifting uncomfortably under her gaze.

"Cool" Deena says the first thing that comes to her mind, resisting the urge to cringe at herself. "Is that a yes?" Sam wonders. "Yeah. Totally" Deena nods. Sam gives her an expectant look and Deena shakes her head then. "Phone number, right. Sorry" Deena grabs her phone and both of them exchange phones, putting in their numbers. They hand them back to each other, each of them looking over the new contacts. "Thanks" Deena says and Sam smiles. "No problem. I should really get going before my mom kills me but I'm glad your foot's not broken" Sam says, standing. "No broken foot here." Sam smiles. "Great. Nice seeing you, Reagan, Josh. I'll see you at school" Sam waves, slowly walking out of the kitchen door and both turn to look at Deena. "What are you doing?" Reagan whispers. "What do you mean?" Deena asks confused. "Walk her to the door!" Reagan hisses. Deena hops up, regretting it as her foot throbs again but she ignores it, moving to walk Sam out the door.

"Here" Deena holds the front door open for her. "Thanks" Sam smiles. She stops on the porch, turning to face her. "I'll see you at school. Don't forget to keep ice on your foot. And, try not to spill too many drinks on yourself" Sam teases. "Ha ha" Deena replies, though she was smiling and Sam gives her a wave, leaving. Deena watches after her before closing the door, taking a deep breath. "The gay panic is real" Reagan laughs. "I hate you" Deena growls and Reagan snickers. "Look at you! She came to get your number! Kate's right, you are a lady killer!" Reagan winks and Deena shoves her.


Deena walks through the school halls with Kate and Simon who were arguing about who was more popular Monday morning, Deena's Sunday having been uneventful as she had spent most of it in bed, resting her foot. "Come on! I'm a cheerleader!" Kate reminds him. "And? I'm the school mascot and incredibly hot" Simon fires back. "I'm incredibly hot and really flexible" Kate shrugs, all of them heading into the girls bathroom, Deena and Kate used to Simon just entering the girls bathroom considering no one ever used this one anyways. Deena leans against the sink, looking over her eye in the mirror. It was getting better, which was good, but you could still tell she had a black eye. She frowns as she looks it over. "Hello? Earth to Deena?" Kate says, snapping beside her. Deena raises an eyebrow at her.

"Yes?" "Who's hotter, me or Simon?" Kate asks. "Obviously me, right? I mean, come on! Look at me" Simon motions over himself, his salmon hoodie hanging slightly off his shoulders, wearing slightly baggy jeans and a white shirt underneath, his messy hair swooped to one side. "No way! I actually put effort into my look. It's gotta be me" Kate pushes Simon so Deena can get a good look at her, dressed in her Shadyside cheer uniform, her smooth black hair tied up into a ponytail as she gave Deena an effortlessly bright smile. Deena hums, looking over both of them. "Kate" Deena says, turning back to the mirror and Simon starts whining while Kate rubs it in his face, cackling.

"You only said her because you two hook up sometimes! We should ask someone who isn't a biased lesbian!" Simon complains. "Most of our friends are lesbians" Deena reminds him and Simon huffs, crossing his arms. "I bet Tommy would agree with you" Kate chimes in, smirking. "That's a good idea!" Simon runs out then, both of them rolling their eyes at him. Kate moves to lean beside Deena who turns to raise an eyebrow at her. She wiggles her eyebrows at Deena. "What's that look mean?" Deena wonders. "Well, we're alone. The whole bathroom to ourselves and still some time until first period." "In a school bathroom?" "Why not? I've hooked up in here before" Kate shrugs and Deena turns to fully face her. "With who? When?" "Is that jealousy I hear?" Deena rolls her eyes.

"Just curiosity" Deena answers and Kate smiles. "You know that girl from the cheerleading squad? The one with the purple hair who talked back to me?" Kate brings up and Deena gapes at her. "No!" Kate shrugs. "I had to show her who was boss around here" Deena shakes her head then as Simon runs back in, dragging a very reluctant Tommy. "This is the girl's bathroom" Tommy points out, looking around worriedly. "Please tell them what you just told me" Simon says, putting his hands on his hips as he looks at Tommy expectantly. "About who's hotter?" Tommy asks and Simon nods eagerly. "I said you?" "Yes! Me! I win!" Simon cheers. "Yeah, he said you. Deena said me. And we still have a whole group of people to ask so come back when you've asked them as well" Kate flips her hair, sending Deena a wink and grabbing her bag as they hear the warning bell. "I should go before I get in trouble for being in here. You too" Tommy drags Simon back out who was pouting. "Maybe later tonight then. See you, Ladykiller" Kate smiles, leaving the bathroom. Deena turns back to the mirror, rubbing her temples. "Why do I hang out with them sometimes?" Deena mutters to herself before grabbing her bag, leaving the bathroom as well.

She heads into her first class, taking her regular seat in the back corner where Reagan was already waiting, texting someone on her phone. She puts her phone down though when Deena takes the seat beside her. "Hey, lab partner. Ready to experiment?" Reagan asks, her leg bouncing excitedly under the table. "I swear, you and Simon are like the same person" Reagan scrunches up her nose then. "Yeah, right. We're totally different. I'm way cooler" Reagan scoffs and Deena shakes her head at her. "That's all you've got to back up your argument?" "That's all I need, Dee. It's all I need" Reagan puts her arms behind her head with a smirk, leaning back in her chair. The teacher walks in, starting class and soon the two have started on some lab like the rest of the class, though they were distracted talking about other things. "I can't wait for you to read the script. I might consider giving you a sneak peak later at work" Reagan wiggles her eyebrows across the table at Deena.

"You might?" Deena raises an eyebrow at her. "Depends on your behavior" Reagan shrugs, pouring water into the beaker with a concentrated expression. "I'm pretty sure we were supposed to put like, half of that in" Deena points out. Reagan looks at the empty glass in her hand and the now blue substance in the beaker. "Whoops" Reagan goes to dump some of the liquid back into the glass and Deena lets her, her attention focused on the outside world instead. Surprisingly, Deena liked spending time outside. It was better than being cooped up in the house, staring at walls while her mind flashed through different memories and scenarios she'd rather not relive. The outside world though, especially at this time of the year, where it was just starting to turn fall, a slight breeze whooshing through the trees and leaves and into your hair. It was relaxing and refreshing, a breath of fresh air from the house that held so many painful memories. So, she'd take walks around the small town, enjoying the sounds of the animals and the breeze that flowed through her poofy hair, listening to her favorite bands and even stopping by some specific spots throughout that hold certain happy memories to bring her out of her random funks.

"Where is this movie supposed to be taking place at anyways?" Deena brings up after a couple minutes, turning back to their experiment to find Reagan was now drawing something on her lab paper, the liquid having turned to a purple color, which, considering most of the other groups had a yellow color, seemed totally wrong though neither girl cared. Reagan's face lights up as she looks up at Deena before looking around the classroom and leaning closer. "I'm not supposed to tell you this or Ziggy would kill me but, from what they told me, the second part is supposed to be based in some camp" Reagan explains. "A camp?" Deena asks and Reagan nods. "By the time we get to that part though, the weather will have gotten hotter and we're all supposed to spend some time there." Reagan adds. Deena bites her lip, thinking it over before focusing back on the experiment. A camp, huh? Can't be that bad. She likes the outdoors, but then again, during that time it won't be as breezy as she hopes meaning her hair will be even more untamed than she'd like, not to mention the bugs.

And Deena's never been to a camp before but she's pretty sure they're usually forced to socialize and participate in camp activities which seems to make her scrunch her nose up at the thought. She didn't want to do any of that. Hopefully when their group goes, they won't have to do any of that and will just be able to focus on the movie instead. Because she'd rather spend any day shooting some stupid movie she was forced to star in then do camp activities. "Ladies" Both Reagan and Deena look up at their teacher who was looking between them and their experiment with a disapproving stare. "I think you've miscalculated somewhere" He informs them, looking over their blank lab papers to see what they have written down, though the only thing on any of their papers was a drawing on Deena's which Reagan had drawn of two girls making out, causing the teacher's frown to deepen as he looked at Deena. Deena looks up at Reagan with an incredulous look who had a mischievous grin on her face as she looked down at her handy work.


Deena was someone who could get annoyed easily. It was a proven fact between her friends actually. You knew she was mad because her jaw would clench tightly and her eyes would narrow just a tiny bit, her pupils growing wider as she stared down at the prey that seemed to cause her annoyance. In this instance, it was the music boy as she called him. You see, there was a boy around her age that always seemed to stop by the music shop every week, test playing a different instrument each time. It's not that he was bad or anything. In fact, Deena didn't think there was a single instrument he didn't know how to play. But even then, it got a little tiring having to listen to this boy play the same song on a different instrument every time he paid them a visit.

To make matters worse, it was only Deena working at the moment, Reagan coming in a little later considering she was stuck in detention for punching a guy who called Simon a faggot. Yes. that's right. Some douche had called their beloved friend a faggot because of his painted nails, right to his face when Reagan, Deena, Kate and Simon were sitting together at lunch and before he could even manage to turn his insults and homophobic slurs onto the others, Reagan had popped up from her seat and tackled him to the ground, landing a couple fists to the jaw. She didn't get to pummel him too bad as people had already come to both of their aid, the guy having been helped up by one of his buddies while Cindy had appeared, holding Reagan back though she was glaring daggers at the guy.

In the end, both of them ended up in separate detention rooms, both of them having detention for the rest of the week but the whole friend group felt it was justified. You don't get to call someone such a word and not expect to get your ass handed to you by an angry lesbian that happens to also be the victims protective sister. And as proud as Deena was of her best friend punching the dude's face in, she was not happy she was stuck here alone for another hour while music boy continued to drum on the drum set. Deena taps her fingers against the counter, watching the boy with her jaw clenched as she waited for him to actually make some sort of purchase. It wouldn't bother her that much if he actually ever decided to buy anything. But, every week, he'd come in and play an instrument for a half an hour and then leave, not even acknowledging any of the workers and not purchasing a thing. And unfortunately for Deena, Arnie's one rule was as long as there was a customer in the store, you weren't allowed to do anything non-work related until the customer left.

Which meant she couldn't listen to her own music to drown out his playing, couldn't practice up on her writing skills, and she couldn't even play an instrument herself unless she was asked to demonstrate. She glances at the clock five minutes later, having memorized the time the guy came in, seeing as it was a little passed his usual half an hour slot which seemed to set her off even more. So, she walks around the counter and heads across the store to stand in front of the dirty blonde with a curly mop on his head, wearing a navy blue hoodie and some jeans, and crosses her arms, her glare growing darker. He seems to take notice of her and pauses his drumming to look up at her. "Are you going to buy something?" "I'm sorry?" The guy asks and Deena resists the urge to huff. "Are you going to buy something?" She says in a slower tone this time, the guy staring at her with wide eyes. "Oh, uh" He stands from the drum set then, his hand running through his curly hair as he looks around. "No, I was just..." He doesn't finish his sentence, staring at the floor guiltily.

"Look, dude, you're pretty talented and all but if you're not ever gonna buy anything, you can't continue to play every instrument here" Deena deadpans. "Right, right" The kid looks around the store with a frown, grabbing his phone and heading towards the exit, sending a two fingered salute Deena's way before leaving. Deena sighs, taking a seat at the drums herself and looking around the store to make sure there were no customers before starting her own drum session. She starts to play 'Welcome to the Jungle' by Guns N' Roses, plugging in a headphone to make sure she's on tempo and after a little bit, she starts to get into the song, starting to relax some thanks to her drumming. Because drumming seemed to calm her down usually. That's what she liked about working at the music store. She couldn't afford the drums herself but thanks to her employment there, she could play the drums whenever she wanted, as long as there wasn't a customer.

She's found herself at work multiples times when she wasn't even supposed to be working and she'd start drumming out some songs on the drums to destress herself. It was comforting to her, losing herself in her music. She finishes her song and jumps as she notices music boy standing in front of her again, this time smiling. "You're good" "Oh, sorry" Deena stands up then, feeling slightly embarrassed she hadn't been paying any attention to her surroundings but the boy shakes his head. "No, no, it's all right. I liked it. 'Welcome to the Jungle', right?" The kid asks and Deena raises an eyebrow. "Yeah..." She nods, putting the drum sticks back. "Where'd you learn to drum?" "Where'd you learn to drum?" She retorts, moving to a different section of the store and the kid follows.

"I asked you first" "I asked you second. Second is best" Deena shrugs and the kid cocks an eyebrow, shaking his head. "That's not how that works" "It is now" The kid lets out an awkward laugh. "My dad taught me" The boy shrugs, his hands in his pockets. "Hmmm" Deena hums, busying herself with organizing the counter. "And you?" The guys asks. "I started playing when I was younger. mom got me into it. Always telling me I was gonna grow up to become a famous drummer." Deena shrugs. "Personally, I like to sing" The guy admits and Deena gives him a look of disbelief. "You?! You can play, like, every instrument in here and you're telling me you prefer to sing?" Deena asks, still in disbelief and the guy gives another awkward laugh, running his hand through his hair again. "My dad's always been into the whole instruments thing, you know? Never a choir person" The boy shrugs and Deena slowly nods, looking him over more closely.

"Are you in band then?" Deena wonders. "Yep. It's fun, I guess. But, when you play the same types of songs over and over again, it gets a little old" "How come I've never seen you around school before?" The guy flushes at the question, kicking his feet into the carpet of the store. "I, um, I go to Sunnyvale" He admits sheepishly and Deena can't help but to gape. "You go to Sunnyvale yet your always at the Shadyside mall?" She asks incredulously. "I know, I know, it's just...your music store is way cooler than ours. It's much...homier? If that's even a word" The kid scoffs. "I wouldn't know. I try to stay away from Sunnyvale" Deena replies and the boy nods. "Yeah, trust me, if I could, I would be going to Shadyside but my dad makes a big deal about the music program at Sunnyvale even though everyone who's in band there doesn't really know how to play their instruments well. The Shadyside band always seems like a fun time" "It has it's moments" Deena nods.

"Wait a second, I knew I recognized you somewhere! You were the one from that drum solo at the game! That was awesome!" The kid suddenly brings up, bouncing on his toes in excitement and Deena can't help but to blush because someone recognized her from her playing. "Yep, that would be me" "Now I can see why you play so well. You've got to teach me that solo." the kid smiles. "I don't know about that" Deena awkwardly laughs. "Another time, then. I've really gotta get going anyways. I've gotta help my dad write a piece" The boy explains. "Wait a second...what's your name?" Deena suddenly asks and the boy seems to blush at the question. "Uh, Dustin Hart" He answer hesitantly and Deena's eyes widen. "You're Greg Hart's son? The famous composer from Sunnyvale?! Everything suddenly makes sense now" Deena shakes her head in disbelief but from how Dustin was reacting, she could tell he didn't want to talk about it.

"Yep, that's me. His son who he uses constantly to help him make music and teaches me how to play every instrument" Dustin slowly nods. Deena cools her expression, seeing how awkward the boy was, knowing if it were her in his shoes, she'd be the exact same way and decides to downplay it. "Well, that's cool to hear, but just because your dad is some famous composer, doesn't mean you're gonna start get any discounts. Try the Sunnyvale store" Deena shrugs and she notices Dustin grin at her. "Right, of course. Hopefully they'll send us another tuba to add to our collection" Dustin quips and Deena smiles in amusement. "I never did get your name" The boy brings up. "Who said I was gonna give it to you?" Deena raises an eyebrow at him. "Oh. Of course, you don't have to. I can always guess" Dustin looks her over and Deena scoffs. "Whelp, see you around, Georgia" "Oh God, not even close" Deena groans and Dustin smirks.

"You could always just give me your name then." "But then where's the fun in that?" "Too true. Well then, I'll see you around, Lauren" "Even worse" Deena complains, both of them laughing as he sends a wave to her, leaving the shop. At that moment, Heather arrives, holding a script to her chest dramatically. "Oh, woe is me. I am now a ghost that haunts the mall after being slain by my best friend dressed in a skull mask. Someone help quench my thirst for mischief in my time of need!" She reads dramatically before collapsing to the floor and Deena rolls her eyes. "Really?" She moves to kick her leg and Heather gasps, moving to sit up on her elbows. "You'd rather kick me in the leg then help me?" She asks with a pout. "That's what happens when you act like an idiot" "Fuck you" Heather scoffs, standing then as Reagan appears, drinking a slushie. "If it isn't my new favorite violent lesbian. How was detention?" Heather asks Reagan and she rolls her eyes. "A load of bullshit. How did I end up getting in trouble when he instigated it in the first place? And no matter what Cindy or I said, it didn't help my case at all. You know what that means, don't you?" Reagan asks as she moves to stand behind the counter, placing her slushie down.

"Our principal is just as homophobic as the rest of them and doesn't care about the turmoil we have to endure because of who we prefer to love. It makes me want tp punch him just as hard as I did the other kid" Reagan scoffs. "Sounds like a fun time. If you ever decide to go through with it, let me know so I can join" Heather smirks and Reagan lets out a laugh. "No problem. Deena, would you join in as well?" "Is that even a question?" Deena scoffs and Reagan gives her a fist bump. "I knew I could count on you of all people" "Listen, it's almost October and I was thinking of decorating the place up a bit. You two mind helping me with the bookstore and then I can help decorate this place?" Heather asks, looking between the two of them. "Oh, hell yes! I call decorating Ryan's blowup doll" Heather rolls her eyes. "You all are disgusting" Heather sighs, turning to look at Deena expectantly. "What do you say, Deena?" Heather asks hopefully. "I'm not sure. I'm not much of a decorator" Deena replies.

"How about, if you help, I'll throw in another book to help with your...dilemma" Heather adds, both her and Reagan smirking at Deena who rolls her eyes but considers it. Because, the last book she purchased didn't seem to be doing her any favors. But then again, she was the one who picked that book. Maybe getting Heather, the book expert to pick her out a book might actually help her. "Fine" Deena relents and the other two cheer, high-fiving. "Great, bring your a-game ladies because we're going all out this time. We're gonna beat Ryan!" Heather says as she heads towards the exit. "He doesn't stand a chance against us this year!" "If you say so" Deena scoffs. "Show some enthusiasm, Dee." "Sorry, but that left a long time ago" Reagan rolls her eyes at her friend, moving to help the customer that just walked in. "Whatever you say, Deena".

Chapter Text

Deena and Kate lay in her bed later that night, both cuddled up with each other, Kate snoring softly while Deena stared up at her cieling. Usually after they hooked up, Kate would always end up falling asleep, which was understandable. They just wasted all of their energy and plus, Kate always seemed tired with all the hard work she puts in at school and everything. Deena didn't understand how she did it. Juggling cheerleading, school work as well as her drug business, as well as babysitting and also being vice president, yet she always seemed to have a smile on her face. It seemed tiring to Deena who only had to juggle band, school and work. Deena never brought it up with Kate though who would always wave away her concerns before Deena could even ask, like she knew what Deena was already thinking.

After a little bit, Deena's arm begins to fall asleep under Kate's head and she shifts a little, trying not to wake Kate up. It doesn't work however as she makes a wrong move and Kate slaps her stomach. "Ow" Deena hisses. "Stop moving" Kate mumbles while Deena uses her free hand to rub where Kate harshly slapped her. "My arm's falling asleep" Deena whispers. She hears a huff as Kate rolls over and off of Deena's arm, her body facing away from Deena. Deena rolls her eyes as she stares at Kate's back, only wearing one of Deena's big shirts that seems to cover her entire body. Deena rolls onto her side to face away from Kate, deciding she needs to get some sleep of her own before school. She starts to fall somewhat asleep when a pair of arms wrap around her.

"I'm sorry for slapping you" Kate mumbles into her ear. "I can take a hit" Deena replies and Kate scoffs. "We'll go with that" Deena opens her eyes to glance back at her. "What the hell does that mean?" "Shh, go to sleep" Kate says instead of answering. "I can take a hit" Deena repeats, her voice more firm. Kate hums and Deena turns back, biting her lip. "I can take a hit" She mumbles more to herself than anyone, glaring a hole into the wall. Deena doesn't realize she's fallen asleep until she's being woken up by a very obnoxious Kate shaking her awake, Kate already dressed and ready to go, wearing a long sleeved light gray shirt, her hair tied up in a ponytail and some jeans. "Five more minutes" Deena mumbles. "If I let you sleep in any more, we'll be late for school. Now get your ass up. I'll be downstairs actually feeding you and Josh some proper food to eat. If I don't hear that shower start in the next 5 minutes, you're in trouble" Kate warns her, slapping her ass before she leaves and Deena groans.

"So bossy" Deena sighs out, forcing herself to sit up. She rubs her tired eyes, moving to grab the shoebox out from under her bed, glancing to make sure the door is closed. She opens it up, picking up the specific paper that had her list of songs on it. It already had three on it so far. 'Hey' from the Pixies, 'Possum Kingdom' from the Toadies, and 'Campus' from Vampire Weekend. She adds another song to it 'Somebody to Tell Me' by Tyler Glen before shoving it back into the box and under her bed when she hears Kate's voice. "I still hear no shower!" "I'm going!" Deena calls back in annoyance before muttering to herself, grabbing clothes. After her shower, she heads downstairs to where Kate had made French Toast. Josh was already sitting at the island, most likely having smelled the food.

"I take it your friends aren't online?" Deena says, taking a seat beside him and Josh shrugs. "When did Kate get here?" "Last night" Kate answers, setting a plate down in front of Josh. Josh grabs his fork, staring down at the French Toast with wide hungry eyes. He digs in and hums in satisfaction. "You're good at this" Josh says and Kate smirks. "I know" She shrugs, having turned back to plate some for Deena. "Did you spend the night?" Josh wonders curiously. Usually, when they'd hook up, it'd be either during the day or Kate would have woken herself up to drive home (usually when she was sure Deena was asleep) but this morning was apparently different. Why did Kate spend the whole night? Was she that tired she couldn't get herself to drive home? Kate and Deena make eye-contact then.

"Something like that" Kate nods and Josh looks between the two of them before focusing on his food while Kate sets a plate in front of Deena. "Eat up" Kate winks and Deena shakes her head at Kate, starting to eat as well. Later, the three arrive at school, and Josh splits up from them, having found his nerd friends, leaving the two. "Why did you spend the night?" Deena finally asks and Kate shrugs. "I was tired. And, just in case you wanted another round" Kate adds and Deena rolls her eyes. "You're ridiculous" 'But you love me" Kate smiles and Deena sighs. "Unfortunately" "Hey!" Kate shoves her. "Don't be an ass" Deena holds her hands up in surrender as they walk into the school. They head to Deena's locker and Deena unlocks it as Kate leans beside her, looking around the hall.

She opens it up and a note falls to the floor. "Ooh, what's this?" Kate snatches it up before Deena can and reads it over. Kate frowns, handing it to her. "Nothing interesting. I thought it'd be from a secret admirer" She sighs. "I don't have any secret admirers" Deena scoffs, taking the note to look it over. It was from Heather. She had written a list of supplies for Deena to pick up from the store so they could start decorating later today. "I take it you all are starting your decorating again at the mall?" Kate wonders and Deena rolls her eyes. "Reagan and Heather are both confident we'll beat Ryan and Lucas this year" Deena explains. "I've got faith in you" Kate nods. "I don't. We never win, what's so different about this year" Deena shrugs, grabbing her things. "We're better than them" Reagan had appeared, slinging an arm around her shoulders while smiling at Kate.

"You want to help?" "No thanks. Sam and I have got a new routine we've got to work on with the girls later. You have fun with that though." Kate pats both of them on the shoulders before walking away. Reagan turns to look at Deena. "You and I need to talk" Reagan says, dragging Deena into their bathroom. She checks under all the stalls before shutting the door and turning to look at Deena. "What?" Deena asks confused. "Why didn't you tell me you challenged Tiffany to a music battle? That could ruin your entire music career if you lose!" Reagan brings up. "Where'd you hear this from?" Deena asks in surprise. "Lucas Marino" She shrugs. "And where did he hear this from?" "He didn't say" Reagan shrugs, now the confused one. "I might've..." Deena admits sheepishly. "Are you crazy? What force could have possibly possessed you into giving in to Tiffany's snide comments and agreeing to do a music battle with her in front of Greggory Hart?" Reagan asks in disbelief.

"I don't know, okay? I was kind of impressed with myself with that drum solo and then she was there and somehow, I was accepting her music challenge" Deena shrugs and Reagan shakes her head. "You know, it's not the fact that you accepted that makes me mad, because trust me, I'd want to see you knock that bitch off her high horse any day, but the fact that I had to find this out from Lucas? Where's the loyalty!" "Okay, I did mean to tell you about it, I swear, but, with the whole movie thing, I kind of maybe forgot about it..." Deena admits and Reagan gapes at her. "You forgot?! So you're telling me you haven't even started practicing?!" Reagan rubs her temples. "Deena, I love you, I really do, but, when you do stupid things like this, it honestly makes me want to jump off a bridge" Reagan says and Deena rolls her eyes at Reagan's dramatics. "I've still got time to practice. I can start today" Deena waves it off. "Damn right, you are! Right when you get to work, you're playing those drums, screw the customers!" "Reagan, this isn't a big deal" "But it is! This is Greggory Hart we're talking about. Could you imagine impressing such a legend like him? He might even let you help him write some music" Reagan explains, a wide smile on her face at the thought.

"I think we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Come on" Deena sighs, dragging Reagan out of the bathroom and almost running right into someone. The person drops their books and both Reagan and Deena pause as they see Sam stood there. "Sam!" Deena exclaims once she realizes who it is. "Oh God, Deena, I am so sorry. I should've really payed attention to where I was going. That was totally my fault" Sam starts apologizing as she bends down to start picking up her books. "No, no, it wasn't your fault, it was mine." Deena denies, bending down to help her as Reagan bit her lip in amusement while she looked between the two before slowly backing away, not wanting to ruin the moment. Deena picks up her last book and the two make eye-contact as Deena holds it out to her. Sam smiles shyly, taking the book from her before standing up again while Deena watches her. "I feel like I haven't seen you in days" Sam brings up, looking down at Deena who finally realizes it was okay to stand now and stands up as well.

"It's only been like two" Deena waves it off. "That's why I said 'days' with an 's'. To make it plural" Sam points out. "Right, of course" Deena lets out awkwardly. "Hey, so, I've been meaning to talk to your brother about my script" Sam brings up and Deena's mood seems to suddenly dampen. Reagan had handed out scripts yesterday to each of them, having written more of the first part and she wanted each of them to check things over and give feedback so she could fix things for their next table read on Saturday. She hadn't checked her own script yet, too afraid to check what Reagan, Josh and Ziggy could have possibly put in her script but considering Sam was here, seeming to have some sort of problem with her own script, she didn't feel very good right now. Was there already a kissing scene in the beginning of the movie? Was Sam starting to regret her role? Was Sam even gay?

"Oh?" Deena asks, her voice sounding more defeated than what she wanted it to be. "Um...did he get Peter in the movie?" Sam wonders. Deena furrows her eyebrows, taking the script from Sam and reading it over. Her eyes land on what Sam had highlighted in her script with Peter having an arm around Sam as they were at some sort of memorial and Deena feels her blood boil. "That little-" Deena says through gritted teeth, shaking her head and handing the script back. "I'm sorry, Sam, I've gotta go commit a crime" Deena apologizes and Sam cocks an eyebrow. "Nothing too bad?" "If you count murder" Deena shrugs. "Well, if you need help burying the body, I'll be here" Sam smiles and Deena lets out a surprised laugh. "Thanks for the offer" Deena smiles and Sam waves before leaving Deena there.


Deena had a feeling Josh was avoiding her. She hadn't seen him all day and considering she really needed to talk to him about the script, she figured he was avoiding her. And ever since Reagan had left her there with Sam, she had disappeared too. Maybe Reagan heard their conversation and decided it was best if her and Josh ran and hid, she wasn't too sure. Which meant having to find Ziggy. She knocks on the Berman House door and waits, her arms crossed. The door opens and Alice stands at the door. "Hey, Dee, what are you doing here?" They ask, smiling. "Have you seen Ziggy?" Deena asks. "Yeah, she's in her room" Deena doesn't wait to be invited in as she storms past Alice and up the stairs to Ziggy's room. She knocks on the door before bursting in to find Ziggy and Josh sprawled out on the floor, working. "Hello?" Ziggy asks confused.

"Josh!" Deena yells, storming towards him. "Hey, what!" Josh dodges out of the way and Deena chases him around the room. "What the hell!" Ziggy wonders, chasing Deena around, trying to stop the supposed murder about to take place in her room. Cindy and Alice appear to see the commotion, both of them running in to stop whatever was about to go down, Alice holding Deena back while Cindy stays in front of Josh, almost exactly how it was last Friday when the same thing occurred. "What's going on now?" Cindy wonders, looking between the two siblings. "What's going on is you put Peter in the script and you had him and Sam together!" Everyone turns to look at Josh who seems to shrink sheepishly.

"Did you forget the part where they were exes and he was forcing himself on her?" Deena adds. "Okay, let me explain-" Deena tries to lunge at him again, managing to get out of Alice's grip and it's a chase again, Josh sprinting out of the room with Deena following close behind. "Deena!" The other three run after them, all of them running down the steps. Josh sprints out the front door with Deena close behind him. "Wait, wait!" Josh tries, holding his hands up in surrender while Deena approaches. "He had already agreed to be in the movie before Friday happened. If I knew he was gonna be an asshole to Sam, I wouldn't have let him in" Josh explains. "Okay, but why is he still in the movie then? Just kick him out!" "I...kind of can't" Josh says and both of them pause, the other three nearby, watching apprehensively. "Why not?" Deena asks and Josh sighs. "Because the deal was, if I let him be in the movie as Sam's love interest, he'd fund the movie" Josh explains.

"I thought I was Sam's love interest" Deena points out. "You's complicated" "Have you read your script?" Ziggy adds. "Well, no...why?" Deena asks and Ziggy and Josh both sigh. "You two are meant to be exes at first. To make the movie more interesting" Josh informs her. "How the fuck can we be exes if we've never dated?" Deena scoffs. "You two are gonna reconnect throughout the movie. It'll make more sense when we're actually filming" Ziggy says and Deena huffs. "You can't get anyone else to fund your stupid movie?" Deena asks. "He pays for part of it and Nick Goode's dad pays for the rest." Josh says and Deena bites her lip. "We didn't mean to upset you that much, Deena. If it makes you feel better, Peter and Sam don't last long and Peter dies" Ziggy reveals. "Ziggy!" Josh gasps while Alice and Cindy give each other surprised looks. "Oh..." Deena says, thinking it over. "If you haven't read your script yet, how'd you know about Sam and Peter?" Alice brings up.

"Sam was asking about it" Deena says awkwardly and all of them raise an eyebrow at her. "I thought the two of you didn't talk much" Cindy brings up. "I ran into her in the hallway...On accident! And she told me about it" Deena tells them, all of them nodding. Deena sighs, noticing their looks and shakes her head. "Well, you better at least tell Sam the plan then, because she's the one who asked" "You seemed pretty upset about it yourself" Alice points out, smirking and Deena blushes but waves her off. "I've gotta get supplies before work" She mumbles instead, walking away. "Have fun!" Cindy calls after her.


Deena drops down the bags of supplies onto the bookstore counter and Heather smiles. "Hey, Ladykiller. Thanks for grabbing the supplies. I would've gotten Reagan to, but, you know, detention" Heather says and Deena nods. "Get ready to lose, ladies!" both of them turn to find Ryan Torres and Lucas Marino walking in, both smirking. "Oh, you just wait! We'll get you this year!" Heather says. "Not when we have better equipment" Lucas wiggles his eyebrows. "Like what?" Deena wonders. "Ah, ah, can't tell. You'll just have to wait and see" Ryan says and Heather rolls her eyes. "Whatever. If you'll excuse us, we have our own decorating to accomplish" Heather shoos them out and the two chuckle walking back out the of the store.

Heather turns back to Deena then. "All right, while we wait for Reagan to get here, you can start cutting these out" Heather hands her two Fear Street books. "Cutting what out?" Deena asks, looking between Heather and the books. "The pages of course" Heather scoffs. "But, these are books." "That's the point. This is a bookstore, Deena. What kind of bookstore wouldn't decorate with actual book pages?" Heather scoffs. "But, what about the books?" "Oh, relax! Those are my copies and I've got a couple of those! Just start looking through the pages and cutting out the more scary, gory parts." Heather commands and Deena sighs, grabbing the pair of scissors from Heather and moving back to her own store.

She takes a seat behind the counter, getting to work on skimming through the pages, not believing she actually volunteered to help. As she's cutting out a specific part, she hears someone clear their throat and looks up, expecting to see Heather, there to boss her around some more, only to find music boy instead. "Uh, hey" Dustin places a set of drumsticks on the counter, giving her a small smile. Deena sets the pages off to the side, looking down at the drumsticks in surprise. "You said to buy something if I wanted to come back so..." Dustin motions to the drumsticks and Deena bites her lip in amusement. "Right, I did, didn't I?" She rings him up and he hands over the money before placing some money in the tip jar off to the side.

She goes to bag it up and moves to hand it to him but he shakes his head, pushing it back towards her. "Don't you want your stuff?" "No, I've got a ton of drumsticks at home, actually. I figured you needed 'em more than me" Dustin explains, giving her a smile. Deena looks over the new pair of drumsticks then. He wasn't wrong, of course. She's needed some more for a while now, she just hadn't thought to actually get herself some more. "Thanks" Deena smiles appreciatively and he nods. "You mind?" he motions to the piano and she rolls her eyes then, setting her watch. "You've got a half an hour. Make it count" He lets out a chuckle, moving to the piano and warming himself up. She sets her drumsticks to the side, continuing on her little art project of destroying the Fear Street books.

Eventually, Reagan shows up, moving into the break room before coming out a second later to stand in front of Deena, a frown evident on her face. "Are you mad at me?" She worries. Deena continues to cut up the page, not saying anything. "I know putting Peter in the script isn't ideal but...I mean, Josh is the director" Reagan tries. She still gets nothing though. "Deena, come on! I'm sorry, okay? If I knew it'd upset you that much, I would've punched Josh myself for even suggesting it, but he honestly isn't gonna be in it for that long. In fact, we're gonna shoot Sunnyvalers scenes first so we can get them out of the way and everything" Reagan explains. Deena glances up at Reagan with a raised eyebrow. "How many Sunnyvalers did you all get?" "No that much. Most of them are unimportant side characters who only agreed so they could get recognition from famous people. Like that'll happen" Reagan scoffs.

"Just, promise me nothing bad happens? With Sam and Peter?" Deena pleads and Reagan raises an eyebrow. "Why? Jealous?" "Pfft! No!" "Hey, wait a second! What the fuck are you doing, anyways?" Reagan asks. "Uh, decorating because you and Heather are so adamant on beating doofus one and doofus two" Deena scoffs, motioning to the books she was cutting up. "No, you're supposed to be playing on the drums right now! You know, because you've got a couple weeks until you face off against Tiffany and you're not gonna make a fool of yourself in front of Greggory Hart" Reagan points out. "That's weeks away and Tiffany sucks anyways. I've still got time until then" "This is a big deal and you're not even taking it seriously!" Before the two can argue any further, they hear a throat clear and both turn to find Dustin was stood there once again.

"Uh, hey? How's it going? Looking to buy this time?" Reagan wonders, looking him over curiously. "Uh, I already did" Dustin brings up, pointing to Deena's drumsticks and Reagan looks between the two, sending Deena a questioning look. "I heard you mention something about a music challenge or whatever" "Yeah, this ding dong accepted a challenge to one" Reagan scoffs, motioning to Deena who rolls her eyes. "Well, I might be able to help you with that" Dustin replies. "How so?" Deena chimes in. "I am his son, so I know his expectations" Dustin shrugs and Reagan gapes at him. "You're related to Greg Hart and you're just now telling us this?" "Well, technically, she already knows" Dustin motions to Deena who cringes as Reagan turns to gape at her.

"I meant to tell you that as well, I swear-" "Where's the loyalty?! First you forget to tell me about the music challenge and now this?! Am I even your best friend anymore? Have I been...replaced?" Reagan whimpers. "No, no! I've had a lot of my mind is all" Deena tries but Reagan shakes her head. "It's okay. If you need me, I'll be at the bookstore, where I'm more appreciated" Reagan leaves the store then and Deena sighs. "Dammit" "She seemed really upset" "Our friendship means a lot to her. She'll eventually get over it" Deena waves it off and Dustin nods. "What piece are you playing?" Dustin wonders. Deena sighs, taking out her phone and showing him the message. " 'Come Out and Play' by The Offspring, huh?" Dustin asks. "It's not ideal, but the drum part's pretty cool" Deena shrugs and Dustin nods.

"I always liked the singing part" Dustin says and Deena lets out a laugh. "Have you ever tried singing for your dad?" Deena wonders but Dustin shakes his head. "Even if I did, he'd be too busy to listen. It's not worth it anyways" Dustin waves it off. "I think, if you want something, you should go after it" Deena shrugs. "Maybe you should take your own advice, then" Reagan was there again, leaning against the counter, "Back already?" "You know I can't stay mad at you for long. You're like a little teddy bear." Reagan replies, jumping over the counter to pull her into a hug. "I'm not a teddy bear" Deena scrunches up her nose at the name. "Whatever you say, Dee, but you are. I bet if I asked the next person who walked into this store, if you were a teddy bear, they'd agree with me" "Yeah, right" Deena says, shaking her head and Reagan shrugs, turning back to Dustin.

"So, what were we talking about? What was Deena trying to give you advice about?" Reagan wonders and Dustin shuffles his feet. "i want to be a singer but my dad thinks I should continue playing instruments" Dustin informs her. "We just love a pushy parent, don't we? Looks like you Sunnyvalers aren't as perfect as I thought after all" Reagan smirks and Dustin frowns while Deena elbows her. "Ow! What?" Reagan asks. "Ignore her." "No, no, she's right though. I just wish, for once, he'd actually take my feelings into account, ya know? Like, why do I have to continue to do what he wants when it all it does is put more pressure on me, almost like it's casting a shadow over me" Dustin rants. "Maybe you should be telling him this instead of two Shadysiders then?" Deena suggests and Reagan nods in agreement. "Maybe" Dustin nods. A customer walks in and Reagan grins, jumping back over the counter to greet the familiar customer.

"Welcome to Musicland, Samantha Fraser, here for all your music needs. Lemme ask you something" Reagan slings an arm over the cheerleader's shoulders and Deena wants to die in that moment. Because, of course, Sam had to be the next customer to walk through that door. Why wouldn't she, right? It was like she was stuck in some cliché movie and there was no escape from her crush. Her being herself though, she ducks behind the counter, confusing Dustin who glances over the counter to check and see if she's okay. She gives him a cutting throat motion and he backs away, heading back towards the piano then. "Deena, sweet and lovable Deena Johnson who we all know and love. Total teddy bear, right?" Reagan asks, leading Sam towards the counter.

"I don't really know her that well" Sam shrugs. "Let me put it to you this way. When people refer to someone as a teddy bear, it usually means they try and act all tough and stuff on the outside but on the inside they're just a big softie that'll protect and care for their loved ones" Reagan explains. "Well, when you put it that way, I guess you have a point" Sam nods and Deena can't up the blush rising up her neck but she stays hidden, hoping Sam didn't notice her when she walked in. Unfortunately, she forgot about her best friend who, once again, liked to be her wingwoman, who had moved behind the counter to look down at Deena. "Everything okay down here? We have a customer, you know?" "I hate you" Deena mouths before standing straight, plastering on a smile.

"Sam! Two times in a row today. Must be my lucky day" Deena wants to cringe but Sam just smiles at her. "i wasn't meaning to stop by but I actually have a message for you, from Kate" Sam digs through her pocket to hand Deena a note, who raises an eyebrow. "Has she forgotten she has a cellphone with my number on it?" Deena replies while Reagan snorts in amusement. Sam just shrugs. "She said for me to give it to you and that it was urgent" Deena unfolds the paper while Reagan reads over her shoulder to read. 'Had fun last night, was hoping to do it again tonight if you're up for it. Btw, you're welcome. Ask her out! ;)' Deena gapes down at the note and Sam moves to peak at it but Deena jerks away, laughing nervously.

"Kate gave this to you to give to me?" Deena panics. "I didn't read it, I swear. She specifically told me not to so I figured it was top secret" Sam shrugs. "And she couldn't come by herself" "She was helping Cindy with council duties" Sam explains. Deena stuffs the note into her pocket while Reagan eyes her in amusement, moving away. "I've gotta go talk to Heather about something, actually" Reagan walks away, Deena hopelessly watching after her while Reagan sends her a discreet wink and Deena lists off the multiple ways she's planning on murdering both her and Kate in her head. "I should go too." Dustin hands her a slip of his own. "Text me later about the challenge, yeah? I can give you tips" Dustin explains and he leaves as well, leaving just the two of them. "Challenge?" Sam wonders. "Oh, uh, it's nothing. Just some stupid thing I agreed to do" Deena waves it off.

"Are you talking about that challenge between the Sunnyvale and Shadyside band students?" Sam asks suspiciously. "No" Deena answers almost immediately. "Yes" Sam argues. "No" Deena denies again. "Yes" Sam argues once again. "No" "Yes" "No" "Yes" "No" "No" "Yes, I mean, dammit, no!" Deena says and Sam laughs while Deena sighs in defeat. "It's not important really. It's just some stupid thing between the band kids is all" "Yet you're doing it? Against who?" "Tiffany" "Tiffany Salisman?" Sam asks in surprise. "You know her?" Deena asks and Sam shrugs. "We used to go to school together. She was friends with my friends. How do you know her? Band rivalry?" "Something like that" Deena nods slowly. "Now that I think about it, I think I remember her mentioning something about you before" Sam brings up suddenly, thinking it over.

"She was talking about me? To you?" "I think she mentioned going on a date?" Deena pales. "D-date?" "Maybe that was someone else" Sam shakes her head but Deena frowns, sighing. "No, no. We went on one date and I guess it went so bad she...kind of, like, totally hates me now or whatever and now she's challenged me" Deena explains awkwardly. "Oh...did you two kiss?" Deena furrows her eyebrows. "No?" Sam nods and Deena tries to understand what that question meant. What did she mean by that question? "I haven't exactly been lucky in the girl department" Deena blurts out before she can stop herself but before she can curse herself as well, Sam scoffs in amusement. "Same here" She agrees and Deena looks back over at her with wide eyes.

"You mean the guy department?" Deena asks but Sam shakes her head. "Well, both. With, you know, Peter" Deena nods, remembering Friday night. "And girls don't exactly look at me in that sort of way, so, it makes it hard to really date. I've just been focusing on myself for now" Sam explains and Deena's hope diminishes. She finally got the answer she was looking for. Sam was into girls. Except, she also just admitted to not looking for a relationship right now, which meant she didn't see Deena in that way at all. Reagan appears again, carrying more Fear Street books. "Special delivery" She drops them in front of Deena. "You really need to keep working on these or we're gonna be here all night" Reagan scoffs and Deena sighs while Reagan looks to Sam.

"What about you? Wanna help us decorate our stores so we can beat Ryan and Lucas?" Reagan asks. "Sorry, I can't. I promised my mom I'd cook dinner tonight. I had only stopped by to give Deena the note" Sam apologizes. "That's all right. I'm sure Deena appreciates it. Right, Dee?" They both turn to look at Deena who awkwardly nods. "We'll see you Saturday for the next table read, if not at school" Reagan smiles and Sam nods. "For sure" She sends each of them a wave and a smile. "Thanks for the talk, Deena. I'll text you?" Deena quickly nods her head then and Sam smiles, leaving. Reagan turns back to Deena with a grin. "All right, Ladykiller, get to work. We've got a lot of pages to cut and not a lot of time to do it" Reagan urges and Deena groans, grabbing her scissors again.

Chapter Text

That Saturday morning, Deena gets woken up by someone jumping on top of her. "Hey!" She complains, groaning. "Get up, lazy bones! We have work to do" she hears the voice of Reagan say. "What time is it?" Reagan glances at her phone. "10" "Ugh. Just gimme another hour" Deena whines. "No can do. You and I have to head into the store to work on your drum skills while also continue to decorate before our table read at 2." "It's our day off" Deena points out. "We're gonna have to go in anyways so you can practice on the drums so we might as well work while we're there" Reagan scoffs. Deena groans again, burrowing herself deeper under the blanket. "Come on, Deena. Don't make me drag you out of this bed" Reagan threatens. "All right...just..." Deena sits up, rubbing her eyes. "Promise you'll let me sleep in tomorrow?" Deena pleads and Reagan smiles then.

"Sure thing." Reagan agrees. Deena sighs, climbing out of bed, being developed by the cold October air, floating through her cold house. Soon, the two arrive at Musicland where Heather and Dustin were waiting for them. "What are you doing here?" Deena wonders, setting her bag down behind the counter. "I said I'd help with your music issue" Dustin reminds her and Deena thinks back to their texts. "Right, right" She nods, looking at Heather who was stood at the entrance of the store, trying to get a peak into Ryan's store where Ryan and Lucas were busy doing their own thing. "They had the same idea" Heather sneers. Reagan pats her shoulder. "Don't worry about them. We've got a couple hours until the table read so we should get started soon" Reagan turns to look at Deena and Dustin.

"Heather and I are gonna be at B. Dalton's, decorating some more. While we're doing that, you keep an eye on the store and practice up on your drumming." Reagan tells her. "isn't the point of working, you know, working?" Deena brings up and Reagan and Heather both scoff. "The mall's hardly busy. No one ever wants to go out and shop, let alone here" Heather points out and Deena shrugs, nodding. "I guess you're right." "Work with her, Dustin. You are a master drummer after all" Reagan says and Dustin gives her a thumbs up, Heather and Reagan heading to B. Dalton's, leaving the two there.

"Well, I didn't drive all the way up here for nothing" Dustin moves towards the drum set, Deena following begrudgingly. Dustin pulls up a seat while Deena takes the one at the drums, Dustin propping a music stand in front of the drum set. "I know you know how to play the drums, but, in order to be able to play something like this" He motions to the song he placed on the music stand, a printed copy of the drum part from "Come Out and Play" on display. "You need to make sure you're warmed up with something similar" Dustin explains. "Something similar?" "How well can you play?" "How well do you think I can play?" Deena quips. Dustin looks her over carefully. "I think you can play pretty well, you just need more confidence" Dustin says and Deena raises an eyebrow.

"I have plenty of confidence" Deena scoffs. "That's not what I've heard" Dustin shakes his head. "What the hell does that mean?" "Reagan tells me you don't like playing in front of people" Dustin brings up. "Well, yeah, but does anyone?" "You've heard me, haven't you? I'm always playing, people or not" Deena rolls her eyes. "That doesn't count. You're like a musical prodigy. You can literally play any instrument in this entire store and your dad's Greg Hart" Deena points out and Dustin blushes. "You think that's where I got my confidence from? If anything, it makes it harder to play. Being the son of a well known musician puts more pressure on me" Dustin explains. "Okay, then where did you get your confidence?" "It wasn't easy. I had to really find myself, practice a lot, make sure I was comfortable in my own skin before anything" Dustin says.

"What do you mean by that?" "In order to be confident, you have to be self aware." "I'm pretty self aware" "Tell me about yourself" "Uh..." Deena thinks it over. "Well, I'm a lesbian, I like the drums, I guess...." Deena says and Dustin nods. "That's your first step." Dustin nods. "You've lost me" Deena admits and Dustin chuckles. "First of all, you used, 'I guess'. Do you like the drums, yes or no?" "Yes" "See? No, 'I guess', or 'maybe', or 'I don't know', because that's not very confident. Especially when you're describing yourself. You're your own person, you should know what you like, how you are, your personality. Now, you admitted you're a lesbian, and that must have taken a lot of confidence to come out at first, right?" Dustin asks and Deena nods. "Yeah." She agrees. "How did you work up your confidence then?" Dustin wonders.

Deena thinks it over. "I guess...I just kept telling myself they'd accept me for me. Reagan was already out and Cindy and Alice had already started dating, so I figured the group wouldn't care if they added another lesbian" Deena shrugs and Dustin nods. "Now, I want you to take the confidence you had for when you first came out, the first person you said it to, and use it on your drums. Play whatever you want. Any song, not just this one right here." Dustin motions to the drums. "Okay..." Deena nods, taking a deep breath and looking down at the drums. She glances at Dustin who shakes his head. "Pretend I'm not even here." he tells her, standing and moving away. Deena bites her lip, nodding before starting to play the drum part in 'Why Bother?' by Weezer. And as she plays, she does forget Dustin's even there.

Because drumming brought her into her own little world. Where she forgets about anything bad in her life or anything going wrong and she takes it out on the drums instead. Drumming may not sound peaceful to most and it may even get on old people's nerves, but drumming was opposite to Deena and she could do it for the rest of her life. It was freeing, and most people who lived in Shadyside wished they could feel it as well. But Deena found her own way to feel like that and this was it. "See, there you go! That spark of confidence you had. Where'd you get it?" Dustin wonders and Deena thinks it over before looking around the store. The store she worked at in a town that sucked so much, everyone resorted to drugs and sometimes even suicide to try and get away from it all. "Freedom" She admits, looking up at him. Though, instead of smiling like Dustin thought she would be, she wore a blank expression. Because she wasn't free at all.


Reagan sprints out of the car as soon as she parks in the driveway of the Johnson's, having raced Heather and Ryan here, Heather quickly climbing out of the car as well, both racing to the front door. Everyone else seemed to already be here for the table read, they were just waiting on the four of them who seemed to have lost track of time. "Come on, Ryan, this is a team effort and you're failing!" Heather urges. Ryan and Deena both take their time, sending each other amused looks. "Deena, I will pick you up and carry you over here myself. You better not make us lose!" Reagan threatens, both waiting for their 'partner' to make it to the front door to see which team wins. But Deena and Ryan decide to mess with the both of them, walking slowly and in sync, side by side.

And then, Deena takes off. "Hey!" Ryan takes off after her but Reagan had already opened the door for Deena, pushing Heather out of the way. "No fair!" Deena and Reagan both sprint down the hall and towards stairs, Ryan and Heather hot on their heels and the four start stampeding down the steps, everyone that had been talking and waiting looking back at the commotion. "Yes! I knew I picked the better partner!" Deena and Reagan high five. "Come on! I sped here for nothing? No fair!" Heather complains, glaring at Ryan. "Deena cheated!" "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin' " Reagan smirks and the two huff.

"Nice of you four to join us?" They turn to see everyone waiting for them still. "Sorry. Work ran late" Reagan apologizes, and the other three nod. "I thought you were off today?" Simon points out. "It's complicated" Heather shrugs, all of them taking seats around the couches and chairs. And, it seemed like everyone purposely left one spot left for Deena, right next to Sam, of course. "Uh, can you mind?" Deena motions to the seat beside her. "No, no! Go ahead" Sam smiles and Deena nods, awkwardly taking a seat beside her. "Now that everyone's here, we can start. Now, I'm assuming you've all looked at your scripts and practiced before today" Ziggy starts off, glancing at Deena who had her arms crossed and was leaned back in her seat, trying not to think of how close she was sitting to Sam.

"I have!" Reagan smiles. "You wrote it" Tommy points out and Reagan shrugs. "And she did a great job at it" Sam quickly adds. "Well thank you, Sam. I'm glad someone appreciates my hard work" Reagan smiles over at the girl and Sam smiles back. "Oh, shut up. I appreciate your work" Ziggy huffs. "Someone's in trouble" Simon snickers and Reagan elbows him. "Can I narrate again?" Cindy asks hopefully. "That was the plan" Ziggy nods and Cindy fist pumps while Alice chuckles. They start passing around scripts, Ziggy having collected them all two days before to workshop them a little. Deena takes her script, glancing it over with a frown. Because, no, she hadn't looked the script over. In fact, she handed it over happily when Ziggy had asked for it.

Because not only was she still on the fence about this movie, she was worried. Worried about what else Josh could've given away about her to the rest of them. He already hinted to the fact that their dad was hardly around and Deena was taking care of the two of them and also the shoebox thing and she would literally kill him if he gave away that Deena had any sort of crush on the girl sat beside her. She knows they're exes and Sam's apparently with Peter, but if Sam figured out that they recruited her specifically because Deena liked her, then she'd be done for. Because Sam even admitted to not looking for relationships at the moment and she was not gonna let her brother of all people, force her onto someone who isn't interested in the first place because of a stupid movie.

"All right, so we ended last time after the whole Deena and me thing went down. Last line was 'Get in the car!' by Deena and then it switches over to the high school. Everyone have their scripts?" Josh asks, looking around and everyone nods while Ziggy gets the camera set up. Cindy clears her throat, looking to Ziggy who sends her a nod. "The scene switches over to the school where we see different groups of students heading into the entrance, like the junkies who were smoking out in the parking lot and the like. We see Deena and Josh walk into the school along with the crowd."

"See you later, Sir Silence" Deena reads from her script, smirking up at Josh. "Deena leaves Josh there, who pauses to stare after Deena in embarrassment and it shows more features of the school. Josh continues down the hall at a fast pace but starts to slow down as he notices Deena's best friend, Kate Schmidt, walking in his direction." Josh looks over his script for a second, glancing over at Reagan, who sends him a wink, before clearing his throat awkwardly.

"Up, up, down, down. Left, right, left, right, B, A, start." Josh mutters and everyone looks between him and Reagan confused. "What does that mean?" Alice wonders. Before Josh can answer, Reagan cuts in. "Ah, ah, ah. That's between me and Josh for now. You'll find out later" Reagan assures them and Josh shrinks under their gazes. "Kate begins to pass Josh, hugging her books tightly and dressed in her cheerleading uniform. She looks right at him as she passes and Josh pauses to look back at her as she does. Someone shoves him away before he can actually talk to her though."

"Watch it, nerd" Alice reads, raising an eyebrow over at Josh who was too focused on his script to care. Deena frowns, looking down at her own script. "Deena walks down the hallway, glancing at all the different couples she passes. She notices a couple making out against her locker and rolls her eyes before slamming her hand beside them to get them to leave. As she's getting her locker open, she hears a slam from near her and notices someone carving a knife into one of the lockers. She notices other cards on the locker, all of them addressed to Heather."

"Aw, you guys. I feel so loved even though I'm dead" Heather says, placing her hand over her heart. "Deena jumps as her best friend appears from behind her." "You see? It's the witch. Sarah Fier's back" Kate teases, glancing at Deena. "Oh, Christ. Not you too." Deena reads. "Kate laughs, dragging her best friend away as the camera focuses on the locker. They make it to the bathroom and both pause as they notice words written in red paint across the bathroom stall doors." Cindy narrates.

"'She reaches from beyond the grave to make good men her wicked slaves" Kate reenacts, using a voice and Deena rolls her eyes. "She'll take your blood!" Simon yells. "Simon!" Deena says, annoyed, though it was in her script as well. "She'll take your head! She'll follow you until you're DEAD!" Simon finishes, smirking. "Wow! You guys are dicks" "It's just fun" Kate shrugs. "It's sick." "What? The dude was wearing a Halloween skull mask! How is that not fun?" "People died. Heather died. The dude was probably just some sad sack who hated his life, just like the rest of us, except he decided, 'Hey, why don't I get out of here for good'? And, 'Hey, why don't I take Heather and a couple other mall rats with me'? There's no angry dead witch who made him go postal. The only thing that made him go crazy is this town!"

"I knew you were a good lead" Reagan mumbles to herself and Deena glances up at her. Perhaps not all of what she just read aloud was true, considering Heather was still right here and Ryan wasn't some sad sack who thought about suicide, but most people who did live in Shadyside wanted to find someway to get out of this town. Which is why Deena didn't understand why Sam would want to leave a place like Sunnyvale for a place like Shadyside. Could Sunnyvale have been that bad compared to Shadyside? Deena didn't think so.

"Are you okay?" Kate reads from her script, though she sounded genuine. "Yeah, I'm fine." "Seems like....maybe you got a little witch in you." Simon quips. "Dude, why are you even in here? This is the girls' bathroom." "Simon climbs up on one of the toilets and pulls a box out of the vents above." "Candy store" "You know we don't believe this witch shit, right? It's just, like, fucked up Santa Claus or something." Kate scoffs. "Ho, ho, ho!" Simon adds. "Deena turns from the mirror to hand Kate her shoebox" Deena looks down at the script with wide eyes.

They were actually using her shoebox? As a prop? "What's this?" Kate reads, though she actually was curious. Because the only people who knew about Deena's sacred shoebox were Reagan and Josh. "I need you to give this to Sam tonight?!" Deena gapes over at Josh. "It's meant to be a statement, not a question" Reagan points out and Deena glares over at her. "Reagan, Josh, could I talk to you two for a second?" Deena grits out, not daring to glance back at Sam.

"Oh, but we're-" Ziggy tries to say, motioning to the camera still filming but Deena had already stood, dragging the two into a different section of the basement where no one could eavesdrop. "What the hell is this? Why do you keep bringing up the shoebox?" Deena demands. "Relax" Josh says but he quickly stops when he sees the look Deena gives him. "It's a vital prop for yours and Sam's relationship" Reagan informs her.

"We're not using the shoebox!" Deena exclaims. "it's okay, we're just using the shoebox itself, not the contents" "What?" "We're gonna dump your notes out and use it as kind of like, a place where you kept your memories of Sam" "What memories?" Deena asks in disbelief. "We're gonna make them, of course. You two are meant to be exes in this, remember? Can't you just trust us with this, Dee? We swear we're not gonna do anything to jeopardize whatever it is you have with Sam" Reagan promises, holding up her pinkie. "I don't have anything with Sam. She's not looking for a relationship right now" Deena grumbles, linking her pinkie with Reagan.

"Really?" The two ask in surprise. Ziggy appears, looking between them apprehensively. "Everything okay?" Ziggy wonders. "We're fine" Deena moves past them and takes her seat back beside Sam who looks at her worriedly and the cute expression on her face makes Deena want to die. "Are you okay?" Sam wonders. "I'm fine" Deena nods, giving her a small smile as the other three take their spots. "Okay, we're at 'I need you to give this to Sam tonight" Ziggy reminds everyone and they all nod, Deena taking a deep breath.

"I need you to give this to Sam tonight" "Yeah, uh-uh. No way." "Come on, Kate!" "No way, Deena. I am not getting mixed up in your ex drama. Do it yourself." Kate reads. "I'm not going to the game. I quit band" Deena raises an eyebrow at Reagan who gives her a thumbs up and she rolls her eyes. "Since when?" "Since who gives a shit!" "Was band the only extracurricular you had left? Well, you still have your band uniform, right? You just wear that shit one last time." "Kate walks over to Simon to get the box from him." Cindy reads.

"I've got something that'll give you the balls to face Sam." "Kate opens up the box to show pill bottles and wads of cash, all hidden under a Shadyside sweater." Everyone looks to Kate who shrugs. "It gets me money" "Are we really using this as a prop though? Couldn't you all get in trouble for that?" Tommy brings up worriedly, glancing between Kate and Simon. "Yeah, I thought you hated us doing it" Simon adds, turning to look at Reagan. "I didn't put it in" Reagan grumbles.

"It adds to the effect of what we're going for. You two deal to escape Shittyside when you graduate and these characters are basically you. So, you two are doing the same thing in the movie" Ziggy explains and everyone nods. "Continue" Reagan urges. "What? You're dealing again? I thought you stopped after this dingus's brother OD'd." Deena says. "Timothy?" Simon asks. "Wh...Uh...Timmy wasn't a real OD. He didn't actually die. They brought him back" "Luckily" Reagan mutters, obviously annoyed.

Simon imitates cardioversion, like it says on his script. "You're both morons." "Excuse me? Which one of us is valedictorian, again? You know, president of every club this shithole has to offer." "Uh me" Cindy scoffs. "You're not in this one" Kate smirks, shrugging. "Ladies, come on. You're both incredible hardworking badass geniuses" Simon assures them. "Thank you, Si-Money" Kate smiles. Cindy goes back to reading the script then. "The three leave the bathroom and into the crowded hallway." "I'm getting out of here. Off to claim my place among the stars, bitch." Kate replies.

"The three hear screaming and cheering and notice a guy running down the hall." "Woo! The witch lives! Long live Sarah Fier! Woo!" Alice cheers, chuckling as she does so. "A boy passes, dragging a dummy behind him with a rope wrapped around it's neck and Kate and Simon both laugh. "Yeah!" Simon yells. "All right, I think that's good for today. What did we think?" Reagan asks, looking around. "I like it. I think it's cool" Cindy smiles.

"It's something I'd watch" Alice agrees. "Any mistakes you noticed?" Ziggy wonders and the group shakes their heads. "When do I come in?" Sam wonders. "You should come in by the next table read." Josh assures her and she nods, looking over her script. "Now, for the fun part. Bonding!" Reagan jumps up, looking around. "Are you three actually joining this time?" Tommy wonders. "We've got enough of the script written for next time to be able to join, I guess" Ziggy nods. Reagan pulls out a piece of paper then.

"This time though, it'll be groups of four and I've got them all right here." Reagan holds up the paper. "Lemme see" "Ah, ah, ah, hold on a second" Reagan holds it away, backing away from Kate. "I'll read em to you. For the first group, it'll be Josh, Kate, Cindy and Alice" Reagan starts off. "No complaints here" Alice smirks, slinging an arm around Cindy. "Ooh, fun" Cindy smiles. "I'm stuck with girls?" Josh asks, looking between the other three nervously. "Most of the group sitting here are girls" Ziggy points out and Josh sighs.

"What, are you saying we're not fun?" Kate quips, narrowing her eyes at him. "No! I just..." Josh shakes his head. "You'll be fine" Deena deadpans and the four head out, Cindy mentioning a skate rink. "The next group is Ryan, Heather, me and Ziggy" Reagan lists off, looking at the others. "Fun" Heather stands, looking around at the other three. "What are we doing this time? And please don't say the mall" Ryan adds, standing as well. "Nope. We're going bowling" Reagan says, handing the list off to Simon and grabbing Ziggy's hand. "Why bowling?" Ziggy complains.

"You sound like Deena. Hope you bowl better than her because you're my partner" Deena growls in annoyance as Reagan winks back at her while Sam has to stop herself from laughing, covering it up with a cough. "Whelp, it's just us, I guess. What are we doing?" Simon wonders, looking between the rest of them. "Uh...maybe the movies?" Tommy suggests. "Ooh, yeah! I've been wanting to see Black Widow forever now" Simon agrees.

Simon grabs Deena' hand, lugging her to her feet. "Come on, there should be a showtime soon! We don't want to miss it" Simon urges them all up the stairs. Simon ends up driving them there, speeding the whole way as he does so, with Tommy sitting in the passenger seat, holding on to the handle bar and reminding Simon that stop signs do matter, leaving Deena and Sam to sit in the back.

Deena had plugged a headphone in to calm her nerves of having to yet again, hang out with Sam. Sure, it wasn't bowling so she didn't have to worry about making a fool of herself again, but it was the movies and she couldn't imagine sitting beside her crush for at least two hours, watching a movie that didn't even interest her. Maybe sitting in between Simon and Tommy will help?

"What are you listening to?" Deena turns her head then, noticing Sam looking at her and pulls her headphone out. "Huh?" "Uh, what are you listening to?" Sam repeats and Deena can't help but notice how awkward and nervous the girl looked. "Oh, uh, just some Foo Fighters" Deena shrugs. "Foo Fighters? I think I've heard of them" Sam shrugs. "You think?" Deena repeats, raising an eyebrow. "Name a song?" Sam asks and Deena scoffs. "Are you being serious? You've never heard of the Foo Fighters before?" "I said I think!" Sam defends herself.

Deena holds out an earbud for her, motioning for her to take it. Sam takes the offered earbud, hesitantly plugging it in and the two listen to 'My Hero' by the Foo Fighters, Deena nodding her head along to the song, watching Sam to see her reaction. "They're pretty good" Sam nods after a little bit. "They're more than just good. They're awesome" Deena corrects. "Are they your favorite?" Sam wonders and Deena shakes her head. "I like a lot of bands actually" "Who's your favorite?" Deena searches through her playlist, and the starting notes of 'Mr. Grieves' by 'the Pixies' starts to play. The two listen to it as the song speeds up and Sam starts nodding her head along to it. "Now, they're awesome" Sam tells her and Deena smiles, nodding. "Do you know who they are?" Deena wonders but Sam shakes her head. "It's the Pixies. Here" Deena plays another one for them and Sam and her both start nodding their heads along to 'Gigantic', sending each other smiles.

Eventually, they arrive at the movie theatre, Simon holding the back door open for Sam. "Thanks" Sam smiles, stepping out and Simon nods, winking at Deena who climbs out of the car. Simon starts rambling to Sam about how you know someone's good for you if they hold the door open for you (also adding to her that he only did that because he's a good friend and to teach her a lesson), leading her towards the entrance while Tommy looks to Deena. "Has he always driven like that?" "Both him and Kate" Deena nods. "Remind me to drive back" Tommy says and Deena nods in amusement, noticing how green Tommy looked. "Come on, killer. Let's get you something to drink" Deena teases, leading him inside as well where Simon had been waiting, holding the door open for them.

Deena and Simon stand at the back behind Tommy and Sam who were in a conversation of their own now, all of them waiting for the people in front of them and Simon smirks at her. "Don't worry, I've got you covered. Now you've just got to start opening doors for Sam" "You said those things because of me?" Deena scoffs and Simon shrugs. "If you want to be with her, you've got to be the proper gentle-lady" "Is that why you held the door open for Tommy?" Simon blushes then, and Deena smirks as Simon crosses his arms, trying to stay cool. "I'm just a good friend" He shrugs nonchalantly and Deena lets out a chuckle. "Uh-huh" She hums, not believing him for a second.

The two glance up at Tommy and Sam who were looking at something on Tommy's phone, moving slightly farther away. "Seriously though, think these groups were calculated?" Deena brings up. "What do you mean?" "We're stuck with our crushes, Kate and Josh went together with Cindy and Alice, Cindy and Alice who are together and Josh is playing Kate's love interest and Reagan and Ziggy, who are also together, are in the same group with Heather and Ryan, who act like they don't have something going but they most likely do" Deena lists off and Simon nods thoughtfully. "What are you saying? Reagan's playing matchmaker again?" Deena nods. "Well, two can play at that game!" Simon pulls out his phone, opening up the table read group chat then.

Simon- Rea, are you saying you LOVE Ziggy?

Simon- Oh, whoops. Wrong chat, gang! Sorry!

Reagan- WHAT?

Ziggy- Wait, what?

Kate- Ooooh! More tea! Come and get it while it's hot!

Cindy- Oh, wow

Alice- Called it! You owe me five bucks, Ryan!

Ryan- Dammit! You all couldn't have waited another month?

Heather- This is what I've been waiting for! Why didn't you tell me, Reagan?

Reagan- Hold on a second here-

Ziggy- REAGAN?!!

Deena and Simon watch the chaos unfold, both snickering in amusement while Sam and Tommy turn to raise an eyebrow at them. "Anything you two want to explain?" Tommy asks, putting his hands on his hips like the father figure of the group that he is. "Nothing over here" Deena chuckles. "We're fine" Simon agrees, though they were both red in the face from laughing too much which didn't help their case at all.

Reagan- Babe, let's just talk about this-

Ziggy- Talk about what? You were texting Simon about the....the... you know! While you're bowling with me?!

Deena- How is bowling going?

Heather- Better now that that's out XD

Kate- We need video evidence!

Josh- Ziggy, I guess you might as well tell Reagan...

Reagan- Listen, Zig, I just want to say....


Ziggy- Yeah, Josh, what the hell are you talking about??

Josh- You know? What you told me the other day?

Kate- The tea gets better!!

Ziggy- Okay, hold up! I didn't...nothing happened the other day!

Reagan- What happened?? Tell me!

Ziggy- No, you know what? You can't bring this back on me until you tell the truth!

Ziggy- Did you, or did you not, admit to Simon that you...loved me?

Cindy- ...

Alice- ...

Tommy- ...

Kate- ...

Heather- Waiting for a reply here. The tea's getting cold...

Simon- ...

Deena- ...

Josh- ...

Ryan- ...

Sam- ...

Ziggy- Well?

Reagan- ...okay...I might've...mentioned it?



Alice- Yes! Woohoo. I'll be expecting that cash soon!

Ryan- All right, all right, you win.

Ziggy- I can't believe it...

Reagan- Are you mad? Oh, God, I didn't mean to make you upset or anything! God Dammit, Simon!

Simon- Sorry, sis...

Josh- There's no way she's mad. She told me the other day she was waiting for you to say it!



Kate- XD, He just totally outed you! Nice going, Josh!

Josh- uh, thanks...

Reagan- Wait, really? Does that mean you, I don't know, might me back?

Tommy- ...

Cindy- Come on, Ziggy...

Alice- ...

Deena- ...

Josh- ...

Kate- ...

Heather- ...

Ziggy- Possibly?

Simon- Jesus, this is painful to watch

Reagan- You do?

Ziggy- Yes, okay! I do love you!

Reagan- Aw! ! love you too!

Heather- These are real tears, ladies and gentlemen!

Kate- Such a beautiful relationship...where's my love? :((

Cindy- Aw, Alice, they're all grown up!!

Alice- Took them long enough!

Simon- You're welcome, Rea! ;)

Reagan- Still lowkey pissed at you, dude. But, you did good

Tommy- Well, I'm glad that's all done and over with. Congrats you two, you guys are a great couple.

Sam- Yeah, you two should be the lead couple instead!

Deena stops laughing as the texts die down, now reading the last text from Sam. She looks over at Sam who was now buying herself a ticket and turns to look at Simon who was staring at her with wide eyes. "Did she just...?" "Yeah, yeah...she did" Deena nods, frowning down at the message. She should've known, really. Sam was way out of her league, of course she'd have a hard time playing Deena's love interest. But, that didn't make it hurt any less, seeing that text.

Chapter Text

Dustin and Deena had been working on the drums the past couple of days, Dustin having stopped by Deena's work to help Deena out on the drums some more. They worked more on Deena's confidence, some of it on the drums, other techniques being used for her self confidence. "I think you're ready to take the next step" Dustin brings up, standing in front of her with his arms crossed while Deena sits at the drums. "Next step?" Deena repeats. "The next step towards gaining your confidence. Asking someone out" Deena stares at him blankly. "Do what now?" "It doesn't matter if you get rejected. Asking someone out takes a lot of confidence. It's a fifty-fifty chance." "is that how you got confident?" "Actually yes. I kind of got this idea from my dad. Told me to ask out some girl from school. A cheerleader actually. She laughed in my face" Dustin explains.

"Oh...I'm sorry" Deena frowns. "No, it's okay. I had no interest in her and she was out of my league anyways. But, do you know how much confidence it takes to ask someone out?" "Trust me, I know" Deena mutters, tapping a drumstick idly and Dustin nods. "Well, have you done it?" Deena shakes her head. "Now's your chance" Dustin nods. "So, you're telling me, to help with my confidence on the drums, you want me to ask someone out? Are you sure Reagan didn't put you up to this?" Deena asks in disbelief. "Nah, I would've done it for you" Reagan scoffs from her spot on a ladder nearby, hanging skeletons playing saxophones on the ceiling while Heather held the ladder for her.

"I'm not saying you have to ask out your crush. Not even I can do that. Just asking someone out in general" "But what if I don't like them?" "You don't even have to know them. Just ask someone out and if they say yes, you get a date out of it. If they say no, well, at least you had the confidence to ask them out, right?" Dustin explains. "But-" "Deena, you're not gonna beat Tiffany if you don't put your trust into Dustin" Reagan reminds her, holding a hand out for Heather to hand her more glow in the dark duct tape. "She's right, Johnson. I'll make it easy for you. I'll get some cute girl to come in the store and all you've got to do is ask them out" Heather agrees. "Ooh, good idea. If you head into the food court, grab us some Slushies?" Reagan asks hopefully.

"We'll see" Heather shrugs, walking off. "But I didn't say yes" Deena panics. "Relax" Reagan says, having climbed down from the ladder to lean an arm against the shelf beside the two of them. "You're hot. You've got this. Be the Ladykiller Kate and I know you to be, yeah?" Reagan adds and Deena rolls her eyes. "Use the confidence you've been building the last couple of days and focus it on asking out the girl" Dustin adds and Reagan nods. Deena sighs, standing from the drums and shaking out her hands. "Do I even look good? I probably look miserable and lame" Deena stresses, looking over her outfit, dressed in a a navy blue polo that had Musicland over the right breast and some black slacks, a lanyard hung around her neck with the key to the store on it and her curly hair framing her shoulders. "You look fine. If Sam's seen you in this uniform and had no complaints, you're good to go" "She's got a point" Dustin agrees and Deena rolls her eyes at them.

A girl that looked about two years older than them walks in then, looking around the store curiously. Heather walks by at that moment, holding some slushies and winking, jutting her thumb back in the direction of the book store before heading across the way. Reagan sends Deena a wink, grabbing Dustin's hand and dragging him behind her, leading him out of the store. "I hate them" Deena mumbles to herself. She stands at the counter, tapping her fingers nervously against the flat surface as she tried to make herself look busy while she waited for the girl to approach. "Okay, I've got this" Deena sighs, nodding along. "Excuse me?" Deena looks up to see the girl in front of her. "I was told there was a deal about free drum lessons" "Free drums lessons?" Deena repeats, raising an eyebrow. "The girl said there was a really talented girl with curly hair who could teach me?" The girls says and Deena sighs to herself.

"Um...maybe she meant someone else?" "Well does anyone else with curly hair and pretty eyes work here and know how to play the drums?" The girl asks. "Pretty eyes?" Deena asks. "That's what the girl said" The girl shrugs. "Of course she did." Deena nods before shaking her head. "No, no, it's just me at the moment. Um...maybe I could teach you another time? After we get something to eat?" Deena hesitantly asks and the girl raises her eyebrows in surprise. "Are you asking me out right now?" The girl wonders. "Maybe" Deena replies. The girl looks her over before a small smile appears. "I guess maybe I could join then. As long as you promise to teach me the drums?" The girl says. "Uh, yeah, no problem" Deena agrees, surprised that actually worked. "Cool. This Saturday then? 3?" The girl asks and Deena slowly nods. "I'll be there" Deena smiles and the girl smiles back. Before the girl can walk away, Deena has a realization. "Wait, wait, wait!" Deena quickly says and the girl pauses.

"Do you actually think we could do it sooner than that? Like, 1?" Deena asks hopefully. "Working?" "Something like that" Deena nods. "I'll have to check my schedule" The girl pulls out her phone, scrolling through it. "Yes, 1 is fine" The girl clicks on something before sliding her phone across the counter. Deena raises an eyebrow at her. "For your number?" The girl says. "Ohh, right" Deena scoffs at herself and the girl smirks while Deena puts her phone number in. "i thought that was my job?" Deena brings up, sliding the phone back to her. "Beat you to it" The girl shrugs. "Can I get your name? For the lesson, of course" "Right, the lesson. To write it down and all" The girl says and Deena nods. "I'm Lydia" "Nice to meet you, Lydia. I'll see you Saturday?" Lydia nods, sending her a wave before leaving and Deena watches after her with a smile. Dustin appears, placing a slushie down on the counter, smiling proudly. "On to the next step!" Dustin says and Deena sends him a smile.


Deena wakes up to her phone lighting up her dark room on Wednesday morning. She blinks her eyes sleepily, picking up her phone to see who had texted. When she sees the name, she has to rub her eyes a couple of times to see if she was noticing it right. It was a text from Sam. She zeroes in on the time on her phone, her eyes widening. 11:24 am. Deena quickly sits up then, looking out her window to see it looked so dark because it was a rainy day today. She quickly throws her door open, running into the room down the hall and spots Josh still asleep as well. "Shit! Shit, Josh, we overslept!" Deena yells, yanking his blankets off of him. Josh groggily grabs his phone, shooting up as well. "Oh no! I missed my math test!" Josh exclaims.

Deena runs out of the room and back into hers, throwing on some random clothes, noticing multiple people had been trying to get ahold of her throughout the morning. She texts the group chat between her, Reagan, Kate and Simon, assuring the other three that she just overslept and was on the way now. She brushes out her bedhead, making sure her hair looks okay and sprits some cologne on as well as applying deodorant and brushing her teeth. She searches through the fridge to only find one beer, a water and a yogurt. She grabs all three, tossing the beer into the back trashcan and packing up the yogurt and water for Josh into a brown paper bag. "Breakfast" She says, handing him the bag and his jacket before urging him out the door. "Don't forget about your jacket too" Josh reminds her and Deena quickly runs back in to grab her green jacket, throwing it on.

The two get into the car to get out of the rain and Deena starts it up, it taking a few tries. She checks the gas and groans. "Dammit" She complains, noticing she needed more gas. "Now we're gonna be more late" Josh sighs out, eating the yogurt Deena gave him. "We've got this. I'll just stop at the gas station real quick and get some gas" Deena mutters more to herself than anyone, having already pulled out of the driveway and heading in the opposite direction of the school. Deena's phone lights up from the center console. "Kate's calling. Should I answer?" Josh says through a mouthful of yogurt. "No, just text her and tell her I'm stopping to get gas" Deena says distractedly. Josh puts down the yogurt, texting out the message to Kate.

Deena glances at him, noticing him looking at something. "What are you doing?" Deena asks and Josh looks at her. "Sam texted you. Seems kind of important" Josh replies. "I'll check in a little bit" Deena says, though her leg was bouncing now. What would Sam text her about that was so important? She hasn't talked to Sam since Monday when the two ran into each other in the hall and Sam was asking about wanting to run lines between the two of them. Deena had just nodded her head, not trusting her voice and then the bell rang and the two went their separate ways. She figured Sam forgot about that since she never said anything else about it though.

She pulls into the gas station lot and pulls up beside a vacant pump, the rain still pouring. "Wish me luck" Deena sighs out to Josh, who was now drinking the water. Josh just gives her a thumbs up and she puts her hood up, jumping out of the car. She starts filling up her tank, one hand in her pocket as the rain poured down on her, the wind blowing strong against her causing her to shiver slightly. Finally, she gets it taken care of and heads into the little building to pay with cash, also buying herself a banana. She runs back out into the rain and climbs in her car. "Let's go" Deena breathes out, pulling out of the lot. "Want me to open this for you?" Josh asks, motioning to the banana. "Yes, please" Deena nods. Josh unpeels it, holding it out for her and she takes it, biting into it as they stop at a red light.

"Uh, Deena?" Deena glances at him as he points past her, frowning. She looks over to see none other than Tiffany herself sat beside her, laughing and pointing at her. "Oh, that bitch!" Deena says, noticing Tiffany video taping her. Deena flips her off and the light turns green, Tiffany speeding off then. "When I catch up to her..." Deena growls out. "Deena, calm down. It's not like she got anything bad. You were just eating" Josh points out. "Still, who said she could fucking videotape me? I can't wait to beat her at the drums" Deena says. "I believe in you" Josh nods. "Thanks" Deena says, finishing off her banana.

They park in a parking spot and both turn to each other. "Run, and run fast. If anyone asks why we're late, tell them to mind their fucking business" "Even the cuss word?" Josh asks. "Hell yeah" Deena scoffs and they both throw the doors open, grabbing their bags and sprinting into the school. The hallways were empty, everyone either in lunch or study hall. Deena takes a detour at her locker, shoving things into it. She goes to pull out her phone to see what time it is but groans again. Her phone was still in the car. "Dammit!" She sighs out. She heads back into the rain, completely soaked by now from how long she's been in the rain what with the gas and all that and grabs her phone from the console. She sprint back into the school, opening up her phone to see the text messages were still on Kate.

Kate- Hey, where are you?


Kate- Hello, answer your phone!

Kate- Bitch, answer!

Kate- Deena, I swear to God, if you're still asleep...

Kate- Don't make me drive there myself!

Kate- If I have to come over there, you're in trouble, Johnson!


Deena- Josh here, stopping to get gas and then we'll be there

Kate- She too good to answer herself?

Deena- She's driving

Kate- That girl and her driving! Doesn't she know how to have a little fun?

Deena- Texting and driving isn't fun. It can kill you

Kate- Oh, boo! You sound just as boring as her!

Deena- Whatever

Kate- Are you here yet? Meet us in our bathroom when you get here

Deena heads towards the bathroom then and as soon as she walks in, she's bombarded by yelling. "Deena Johnson, you're in trouble!" "What the hell were you doing?" "Hey, Deena. Glad you're not dead" Her three best friends all greet, Reagan slinging an arm around her shoulder while Simon sorts through the drug box and Kate glares Deena down, crossing her arms. "Sorry, everyone. I could've sworn I set my alarm" Deena apologizes. "What had you all tired last night?" Kate wonders. Deena thinks it over, thinking about how she was tossing and turning all night, thinking about her 'date' Saturday, as well as Sam's text in the group chat during their group hangout. After she read that text, the mood had kind of shifted and instead of her sitting in between Tommy and Simon because she was nervous, she sat in between them because she was depressed. Sam didn't seem to mind though or notice for that matter, munching on the popcorn and listening to Simon's pointless whispers throughout the entire movie of how hot both Black Widow and her sister Yelena looked.

"Couldn't sleep" Deena shrugs. "Well, don't scare us like that next time. You had us all worried" Reagan adds, frowning. "I'm fine, guys. Didn't mean to scare you. What are we doing in here?" "The real question is, why are you soaking wet?" Simon quips, looking over her shirt which was now sticking to her stomach as she pulled her jacket off. "Uh, it's pouring out there and I had to get gas" Deena shrugs. "That's the worst" Reagan shakes her head, leaning back against one of the stalls. "Well, lucky for you, while you were sleeping in, I, being the bestest friend ever, took notes for you" Kate shoves her notebook into Deena's hands. "Thanks" Deena sighs out, looking it over. "Make sure you give that back before the end of the day. I need that for something else".

"Yeah, well, I also helped you out in Chemistry. I did a lab all by myself and got us both a decent grade" Reagan chimes in and all three turn to raise an eyebrow at her. "You did?" Kate asks. "Okay, a little less than decent, and I had to beg the teacher to even give you a grade, but I did it" Reagan says and Kate and Deena roll their eyes while Simon fist bumps her. "I was actually on time today and I worked a whole shift the night before. I haven't slept" Simon adds, smiling between them. "Are you okay?" Deena asks. "Totally" Simon scoffs, jumping up. "Tommy may have stopped and gotten me some coffee as well" Simon adds. "He's running on no sleep with some coffee? We're screwed" Reagan panics and Simon rolls his eyes. "Please, I'm totally fine" Simon waves them off before getting a text. "Tommy needs me!" He sprints out of the bathroom, leaving them. "Simon, wait!" Reagan runs after him, leaving Deena and Kate there. Before Kate can say anything, they hear Simon and Reagan both scream.

"Don't go anywhere. I'll take care of the idiots" Kate grumbles, running out after them, leaving Deena to herself. Deena takes that as her chance to check her phone again and actually looks at her texts from Sam. The texts that woke her up in the first place.

Sam- Hey, this is Sam

Sam- Well, of course you knew that, I guess

Sam- I just figured I'd bring it up just in case you didn't

Sam- Anyways, I know I said something about us running our lines together one time but it turns out, we're history partners for a project!

Sam- You would've figured that out, if you were in class. Hope everything's okay...

Sam- I was kind of hoping, since we're project partners and we're both leads, we could kill two birds with one stone and I could come over today?

Sam- If you're not working at least!

Sam- We don't even have to run lines if you don't want to

Sam- Or the project!

Sam- We could like, assign different parts and do it separately if you'd like!

Sam- I guess that'd make it more difficult though...

Sam- It's up to you though!

Sam- Please answer?

Deena was shocked. How were they partners when Simon was in the same history class as her? Did Simon know about this? Why didn't he mention it? And how could someone be so adorable even over text? Wait a second...she wanted to come over today? Deena checks her schedule was her day off...

Deena- Hey, Sam, it's Deena

Deena- Well, shit, I guess you knew that as well

Deena- Uh, anyways, you could come over today if you wanted

Deena- I've got nothing going on

Deena- Not that I don't usually have stuff going on!

Deena- I'm always super busy or whatever, I just don't have anything to do today, is all

Deena cringes at herself. Could she be any more of a dork?

Deena- Come over later after school?

Yeah, that was a nice touch. Now all she'd have to do is wait for Sam to text back. At that moment, Kate walks back in, dragging both Reagan and Simon in by the ear who were both complaining. She lets go, looking between the two who were both rubbing their ears in pain. "Now, are we going to calm down?" "Simon started it" "You chased me" "You ran out" "Yeah, well you-" Kate steps on both of their feet and they both yelp. "Answer the question please?" "Yes" They both mumble. "Are we going to argue anymore?" Both of the twins glance at each other with frowns. "Are we?" Kate repeats. "No" They both reply. "Good, now give each other a hug" Kate demands.

Both of them scrunch up their noses, glancing at each other. "Don't make me count" Kate warns them. They both grumble, slowly and reluctantly giving each other a slight hug. "That's better" Kate nods in satisfaction, looking down at her phone with a smirk. "Hey, did you take a picture?" "Yep, and it's getting put as my wallpaper" Kate cackles. "No fair!" "Gimme that" The two chase after Kate who had run out again, having grabbed her bag, the two running after her and Deena smirks in amusement, shaking her head.

She turns to look herself in the mirror, noticing just how wet her shirt actually was. She didn't think she'd gotten that wet in the rain. But then again, the jacket she had on wasn't exactly rain material and the way she was standing in the rain when she was getting gas had all the wind and rain blowing right at her front. She'd be fine though. She liked the rain. The rain could be fun. There was no way she had been standing in it for that long. She gets a notification and looks down to see she was tagged in something on Instagram. She clicks on it, confused, and notices it was a post from Tiffany. She had posted the video of Deena eating a banana with the caption 'I thought you were a lesbian?' and she already had multiple likes and comments from both Sunnyvalers and Shadysiders, all making fun of her. Deena gapes down at her phone. "Oh fuck!" She groans out. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." She adds, pacing around as she looked down at her phone. She should've known Tiffany would use that video against her.

As she looks down at the phone, looking at the different comments, she makes a decision, hiding the drug box in it's original spot and grabbing her bag and jacket, walking out one of the school side doors and walking towards her car, hoping she isn't noticed. She unlocks it, climbing in and taking a deep breaths before slamming her hands against the steering wheel. "I'm gonna kill that bitch!" She yells out to no one in particular before pulling out of the lot.


Deena idly swings on a swing set in the park, having ended up there. She had more texts from all of her friends, all of them wondering where she went and if she was okay, because, of course, everyone saw the video. Which is why she left in the first place. She didn't need her friend worrying about her though, and even if it was still raining, and she didn't have a proper jacket to be sitting in the rain, she was still there anyways because walking helped her clear her head. She parked her car in front of the house, the only text she sent asking for someone to take Josh home and had taken a walk to clear her head, like usual.

Hanging out in nature, at an abandoned park was another one of Deena's safe places and made her feel at peace, even if it was pouring and she was still shivering slightly from how cold and windy it was. She could care less at the moment though because after the last couple of weeks, she needed this. It went from just any regular week to being apart of a movie with Sam as her co-star and has had a lot more bonding with her friends than she was used to. Now Sam and her are History partners and playing love interests? It was crazy to her, really. She sits there for at least another hour before walking back to her house and deciding to take a nap because, honestly, she was over the day and it was her day off after all.

She wakes up later, noticing her phone read 2:50 and sits up blearily to see who rung their doorbell. She passes by the basement door, listening closely to hear if Josh was there but apparently he wasn't. She opens the door to find Sam Fraser stood there, it no longer raining but the ground still seemed wet. "Sam? What are you doing here?" Deena asks. "Oh...did you not check your phone?" "No, no. Not since earlier" Deena shakes her head, sniffling slightly. "You said to come over after school and cheer practice was cancelled cause of the rain. We are still working together right? Unless you're not up to it?" Sam looks over Deena's appearance with a frown.

"Right, no, no. It kind of slipped my mind" Deena motions her in and Sam does so. "Listen, why don't you wait here and I'll be right back?" Deena asks and Sam nods. Deena walks back into her room and grabs her phone, seeing Sam had texted and warned her she was on the way. She opens up the group chat, noticing multiple texts.


Simon- The video didn't look that bad...

Reagan- Please tell me where you are so I can come find you

Reagan- I changed my mind. I'm gonna go find Tiffany and beat the shit out of that bitch!

Josh- I should've let you go after her :(

Cindy- We've got your back, Deena. Don't listen to what anyone else says and please come back. You're missing classes!

Ziggy- She was thoroughly embarrassed, Cindy. I think she has the right to miss a day of school!

Kate- True, but that DOESN'T mean she CAN'T ANSWER HER PHONE!!

Tommy- Let us know you're feeling better, Dee! I'll get people to back off!

Alice- Everyone can fuck off for all I care. It's literally just you eating.

Alice- Most people eat bananas as well so what's a video of you eating one have to do with anything?

Alice- I wish I had a banana right now...

Deena- Sam Fraser's at my house and I'm kind of freaking out right now. Please help?

Reagan- Thank God you're alive! I thought you were dead!

Kate- She's gonna be dead when I get my hands on her!!!

Simon- Ooh, what's Sam doing there? Study date? Can I come too?

Deena- She wants to practice lines and work on our history project together

Cindy- Okay, don't panic. Just think of it as if she were a guy you were partnered up with

Alice- Yeah, right! Make a move! Get it, girl!

Reagan- Gonna have to agree with Alice on this one. Use a note ;P

Tommy- No way! You can't let her know if you're not ready. Don't stress yourself out more than you need to

Simon- Make out!

Josh- I'd rather not think about that, thanks

Ziggy- You cast them as leads though. There are probably gonna be plenty of those scenes

Deena- Wait, WHAT?!

There's a knock on the bedroom door and Deena opens it to find Sam stood there awkwardly. "Sorry, I were in here for a little bit and I thought we were gonna get started" Sam replies. "Right, sorry. I was texting. You know how the others are" Sam gives a small smile, nodding and Deena allows her into her room, Sam looking around. Before Sam can comment on any of the band posters, Deena sneezes into her arm once, then twice, then three times. "You okay?" Sam asks. "Yeah, yeah. It's been a day" Deena sighs out and Sam nods. Deena notices her room was messier than she wanted it to, especially with Sam Fraser in here what with her blanket on the floor and clothes scattered all around thanks to the rush of a morning she had earlier. She starts to clean up as Sam focuses her attention onto a framed picture placed on her desk. "Are these your parents?" Sam wonders while Deena throws her blanket onto her bed and drops the clothes onto the floor of her closet, reminding herself to clean those up later and shutting the closet door.

She turns back to look at Sam who was holding up the picture, a picture with a younger her, Josh and her mom and dad. Sam was pointing between her mom and dad. "Uh, yeah." Deena nods. Sam looks back down at the picture. "You like just like your mom" Sam comments and Deena moves to stand beside her, peaking over her shoulder at it. "Josh has her eyes" Deena adds, smiling sadly down at it. Sam and Deena both glance up at the same time then, both noticing they were closer than they thought and blush, Sam moving to put the picture back while Deena backed up slightly. "Uh, how about we get started?" Deena asks and Sam nods. "Is there a place to sit?" Deena clears off the chair in front of her desk and moves it to sit in front of the end of her bed, motioning for Sam to sit on the chair. Sam thanks her, taking a seat and Deena sits across from her.

Sam sets her bag down, looking through it while Deena watches her closely. Sam takes out a piece of paper, handing to her. "Here, this one's yours" Sam hands it to her and Deena takes it, looking it over. "What's the project about?" Deena wonders. "So, we're supposed to pick an important event apart of history that happened in Shadyside and today's class was about researching what topic we wanted and telling the teacher by the end of class" Sam explains, looking almost guilty. "Oh" Deena nods, looking it over. "So, I kind of already picked a topic, if that's okay?" "What topic?" "Um...well, I got the idea from the movie and everything. It's really about Union, what Shadyside and Sunnyvale were before they split, but, it's mostly about Sarah Fier" Sam explains hesitantly. "You believe in all that?" Deena scoffs. "I looked it up and it is apart of our history! It's just...your brother knows a lot about it and everything, more than most so I figured it'd be easy" Sam says. "Oh, I get it! Only using me to get good grades, huh?" Deena scoffs. "No, that's not-!" "I'm kidding" Deena chuckles and Sam lets out a little laugh. "Right. Are you sure the topic's okay though?" Sam asks cautiously. "It's fine, I'm just glad we're partners" Deena blurts out before blushing, rubbing the back of her neck. "I mean-" "Totally agree" Sam smiles. "Right" They both smile at each other before Sam pulls out her computer.

"When are your usual days off?" Sam wonders as she looks at her computer. "Wednesday's and Saturday's" Deena says and Sam nods. "How about we meet up every Wednesday and Saturday then? For the project? Like, are you doing anything before the table read this Saturday?" Sam wonders. Deena goes to answer her before pausing. Would it really be a smart idea to tell Sam she has a date on Saturday? But then again, Sam wasn't looking for a relationship anyways. So she wouldn't care...right? "Uh, I have a thing...before..." Deena trails off and Sam looks up with a raised eyebrow. "That doesn't sound mysterious at all" Sam jokes and Deena nervously laughs. "It's....complicated?" "All right. Keep your secrets" Sam nods, playfully narrowing her eyes at Deena before looking back down at her computer.

"It says Sarah was hung for her use in witch craft" Sam says, biting her lip as she looked at the screen. "Uh, Josh says that's wrong. He says the real reason she wan hung was because she was a lesbian" Deena brings up and Sam looks up then with wide eyes. "Really?" "Yeah...she was caught kissing another girl, Hannah Miller? And they blamed it on witchcraft and some homophobic prick decided to hang her for it" Deena explains. "Dicks" Sam scoffs, frowning at her computer and Deena nods in agreement. "So, you are gay aren't you?" Sam snaps her head up again, looking at Deena with wide eyes. "What?" "I'm sorry. I don't know where that came from. J-just pretend I didn't ask that!" Deena quickly says while Sam looks her over. They both sit there in awkward silence, Deena focusing her attention on the fingernails she was biting off while Sam was typing something on her computer. "Yes..." Sam answers after a few minutes and Deena looks up. "I-I'm bi" Sam explains. "Oh..." Deena nods. "Well...I think. I mean I dated Peter, so I must be" Sam adds and Deena slowly nods, looking her over.

"Well, I'm a lesbian" Deena tells her and Sam looks up again with a small smile. "I know" She nods. "You do?" "You're one of the most talked about people in school. Especially since today..." Deena scowls then. Of course. Of course Sam saw the post of her eating a banana. Why wouldn't she have? Everyone else did. "Sorry." Sam apologizes but Deena waves her off. "I don't care anyways" Deena shrugs, her arms crossed as she stared at her Pixies poster. "I didn't think anything of it. You were just eating" Sam brings up. "Yeah, well you and my friends are the only ones who see it that way." Deena shrugs and Sam bites her lip, looking it over. Before she can say anything, Deena sighs turning to look at her. "So, which one of these are we doing?" Deena asks, pointing at the paper. "Well, I figured since I chose the topic, you'd get to choose how we present it" Sam informs her and Deena looks over the many different ways they're able to present the project. "A poster would mean we'd have to write a lot of things down and I don't have the best handwriting" Deena says, looking at the paper. "Really?" Sam asks, amusement laced in her voice. "Yep" Deena nods. "Prove it" Sam smirks. Deena has half a mind to bring out one of her notes like Reagan suggested.


Sam hands her a pen from her bag, quirking an eyebrow at her and Deena takes it from her, leaning over to write something on the table at the end of her bed using the project paper. She shows it to Sam then and Sam looks it over. "I hate school?" Sam repeats, looking up at her and Deena shrugs. "Maybe school hates you too" Sam quips, handing the paper back to her. "I think we already have that established, thank you. School and everyone in it" Deena sighs out, taking the paper back. "Well, I don't hate you. I think you're pretty cool." Sam assures her. "Really?" Deena asks in surprise and Sam nods, showing off the cutest dimples Deena's ever seen and Deena tries not to melt. "You're pretty cool too. Like super cool. I can't even believe you wanted to be the other lead" Deena brings up, biting her lip as she thinks of Sam's text in the group chat.

Sam shrugs. "I thought it'd be a cool experience. I don't have much friends here either" Sam admits, scrolling through a website of Sarah Fier. "You? You're like the most popular girl in school" Deena scoffs and Sam scoffs as well. "All of those people are fake. I meant real actual friends that I can open up to" Sam explains. "Oh..." Deena nods slowly. "Your friends are pretty cool. Like Simon, Reagan and Kate" Sam adds. "They're a bunch of dumbasses" Deena waves it off and Sam shakes her head. "I wish I had friends like them..." Deena looks over Sam, like, really looks her over as she looked down at the computer. She grabs her phone then and Sam glances at her before focusing back on the computer with a frown.

Dee has added Sam to the Nobodies group chat

Simone- Welcome, new friend!

Rea-rea- Hi, Sam!

Katie- Oh, so you're too good to answer my texts but you can add Sam to our groupchat?

Sam looks up at Deena, having heard her phone go off and notices Deena's crooked smile. She picks up her phone, seeing the text messages.

Sam- Uh, hi...

Simone has changed Sam's name to Sammy

Rea-rea- Now you're really apart of it!

Sam looks back up at Deena who was now back to looking at the paper but still grinning. "Thanks. Your friends seem really welcoming" Sam smiles appreciatively. "Well, they already technically know you which helps a lot and you're like the least annoying person at school" Deena waves it off. "Uh, thanks. I think?" The door is swung open to her room and Josh stands there. "Oh, sorry. I was just...coming to check on you..." Josh says awkwardly. "You ever hear of knocking?" "Sorry to bother you two. Just, are you okay?" Josh asks, looking at his sister worriedly. "I'm fine" Deena nods. "Okay. Pizza for dinner?" "Are you ordering it this time?" Josh had already closed the door though and Deena scoffs, shaking her head. "Are you two always like that?" "Like what?" "You know..." Deena shakes her head. "Like, you always argue but I can tell you care." Sam shrugs. "I guess I never payed attention" Deena shrugs it off and Sam nods. "You two are cute" Sam comments and Deena blushes. "Cute?" She repeats, rubbing the back of her neck. "Yeah, like, you know, your relationship" Sam clarifies and Deena nods. "Right" Sam shuts her computer then. "Want to read lines?" Deena raises an eyebrow but shrugs. "Sure" "Great" Sam nods.