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Dustin and Deena had been working on the drums the past couple of days, Dustin having stopped by Deena's work to help Deena out on the drums some more. They worked more on Deena's confidence, some of it on the drums, other techniques being used for her self confidence. "I think you're ready to take the next step" Dustin brings up, standing in front of her with his arms crossed while Deena sits at the drums. "Next step?" Deena repeats. "The next step towards gaining your confidence. Asking someone out" Deena stares at him blankly. "Do what now?" "It doesn't matter if you get rejected. Asking someone out takes a lot of confidence. It's a fifty-fifty chance." "is that how you got confident?" "Actually yes. I kind of got this idea from my dad. Told me to ask out some girl from school. A cheerleader actually. She laughed in my face" Dustin explains.

"Oh...I'm sorry" Deena frowns. "No, it's okay. I had no interest in her and she was out of my league anyways. But, do you know how much confidence it takes to ask someone out?" "Trust me, I know" Deena mutters, tapping a drumstick idly and Dustin nods. "Well, have you done it?" Deena shakes her head. "Now's your chance" Dustin nods. "So, you're telling me, to help with my confidence on the drums, you want me to ask someone out? Are you sure Reagan didn't put you up to this?" Deena asks in disbelief. "Nah, I would've done it for you" Reagan scoffs from her spot on a ladder nearby, hanging skeletons playing saxophones on the ceiling while Heather held the ladder for her.

"I'm not saying you have to ask out your crush. Not even I can do that. Just asking someone out in general" "But what if I don't like them?" "You don't even have to know them. Just ask someone out and if they say yes, you get a date out of it. If they say no, well, at least you had the confidence to ask them out, right?" Dustin explains. "But-" "Deena, you're not gonna beat Tiffany if you don't put your trust into Dustin" Reagan reminds her, holding a hand out for Heather to hand her more glow in the dark duct tape. "She's right, Johnson. I'll make it easy for you. I'll get some cute girl to come in the store and all you've got to do is ask them out" Heather agrees. "Ooh, good idea. If you head into the food court, grab us some Slushies?" Reagan asks hopefully.

"We'll see" Heather shrugs, walking off. "But I didn't say yes" Deena panics. "Relax" Reagan says, having climbed down from the ladder to lean an arm against the shelf beside the two of them. "You're hot. You've got this. Be the Ladykiller Kate and I know you to be, yeah?" Reagan adds and Deena rolls her eyes. "Use the confidence you've been building the last couple of days and focus it on asking out the girl" Dustin adds and Reagan nods. Deena sighs, standing from the drums and shaking out her hands. "Do I even look good? I probably look miserable and lame" Deena stresses, looking over her outfit, dressed in a a navy blue polo that had Musicland over the right breast and some black slacks, a lanyard hung around her neck with the key to the store on it and her curly hair framing her shoulders. "You look fine. If Sam's seen you in this uniform and had no complaints, you're good to go" "She's got a point" Dustin agrees and Deena rolls her eyes at them.

A girl that looked about two years older than them walks in then, looking around the store curiously. Heather walks by at that moment, holding some slushies and winking, jutting her thumb back in the direction of the book store before heading across the way. Reagan sends Deena a wink, grabbing Dustin's hand and dragging him behind her, leading him out of the store. "I hate them" Deena mumbles to herself. She stands at the counter, tapping her fingers nervously against the flat surface as she tried to make herself look busy while she waited for the girl to approach. "Okay, I've got this" Deena sighs, nodding along. "Excuse me?" Deena looks up to see the girl in front of her. "I was told there was a deal about free drum lessons" "Free drums lessons?" Deena repeats, raising an eyebrow. "The girl said there was a really talented girl with curly hair who could teach me?" The girls says and Deena sighs to herself.

"Um...maybe she meant someone else?" "Well does anyone else with curly hair and pretty eyes work here and know how to play the drums?" The girl asks. "Pretty eyes?" Deena asks. "That's what the girl said" The girl shrugs. "Of course she did." Deena nods before shaking her head. "No, no, it's just me at the moment. Um...maybe I could teach you another time? After we get something to eat?" Deena hesitantly asks and the girl raises her eyebrows in surprise. "Are you asking me out right now?" The girl wonders. "Maybe" Deena replies. The girl looks her over before a small smile appears. "I guess maybe I could join then. As long as you promise to teach me the drums?" The girl says. "Uh, yeah, no problem" Deena agrees, surprised that actually worked. "Cool. This Saturday then? 3?" The girl asks and Deena slowly nods. "I'll be there" Deena smiles and the girl smiles back. Before the girl can walk away, Deena has a realization. "Wait, wait, wait!" Deena quickly says and the girl pauses.

"Do you actually think we could do it sooner than that? Like, 1?" Deena asks hopefully. "Working?" "Something like that" Deena nods. "I'll have to check my schedule" The girl pulls out her phone, scrolling through it. "Yes, 1 is fine" The girl clicks on something before sliding her phone across the counter. Deena raises an eyebrow at her. "For your number?" The girl says. "Ohh, right" Deena scoffs at herself and the girl smirks while Deena puts her phone number in. "i thought that was my job?" Deena brings up, sliding the phone back to her. "Beat you to it" The girl shrugs. "Can I get your name? For the lesson, of course" "Right, the lesson. To write it down and all" The girl says and Deena nods. "I'm Lydia" "Nice to meet you, Lydia. I'll see you Saturday?" Lydia nods, sending her a wave before leaving and Deena watches after her with a smile. Dustin appears, placing a slushie down on the counter, smiling proudly. "On to the next step!" Dustin says and Deena sends him a smile.


Deena wakes up to her phone lighting up her dark room on Wednesday morning. She blinks her eyes sleepily, picking up her phone to see who had texted. When she sees the name, she has to rub her eyes a couple of times to see if she was noticing it right. It was a text from Sam. She zeroes in on the time on her phone, her eyes widening. 11:24 am. Deena quickly sits up then, looking out her window to see it looked so dark because it was a rainy day today. She quickly throws her door open, running into the room down the hall and spots Josh still asleep as well. "Shit! Shit, Josh, we overslept!" Deena yells, yanking his blankets off of him. Josh groggily grabs his phone, shooting up as well. "Oh no! I missed my math test!" Josh exclaims.

Deena runs out of the room and back into hers, throwing on some random clothes, noticing multiple people had been trying to get ahold of her throughout the morning. She texts the group chat between her, Reagan, Kate and Simon, assuring the other three that she just overslept and was on the way now. She brushes out her bedhead, making sure her hair looks okay and sprits some cologne on as well as applying deodorant and brushing her teeth. She searches through the fridge to only find one beer, a water and a yogurt. She grabs all three, tossing the beer into the back trashcan and packing up the yogurt and water for Josh into a brown paper bag. "Breakfast" She says, handing him the bag and his jacket before urging him out the door. "Don't forget about your jacket too" Josh reminds her and Deena quickly runs back in to grab her green jacket, throwing it on.

The two get into the car to get out of the rain and Deena starts it up, it taking a few tries. She checks the gas and groans. "Dammit" She complains, noticing she needed more gas. "Now we're gonna be more late" Josh sighs out, eating the yogurt Deena gave him. "We've got this. I'll just stop at the gas station real quick and get some gas" Deena mutters more to herself than anyone, having already pulled out of the driveway and heading in the opposite direction of the school. Deena's phone lights up from the center console. "Kate's calling. Should I answer?" Josh says through a mouthful of yogurt. "No, just text her and tell her I'm stopping to get gas" Deena says distractedly. Josh puts down the yogurt, texting out the message to Kate.

Deena glances at him, noticing him looking at something. "What are you doing?" Deena asks and Josh looks at her. "Sam texted you. Seems kind of important" Josh replies. "I'll check in a little bit" Deena says, though her leg was bouncing now. What would Sam text her about that was so important? She hasn't talked to Sam since Monday when the two ran into each other in the hall and Sam was asking about wanting to run lines between the two of them. Deena had just nodded her head, not trusting her voice and then the bell rang and the two went their separate ways. She figured Sam forgot about that since she never said anything else about it though.

She pulls into the gas station lot and pulls up beside a vacant pump, the rain still pouring. "Wish me luck" Deena sighs out to Josh, who was now drinking the water. Josh just gives her a thumbs up and she puts her hood up, jumping out of the car. She starts filling up her tank, one hand in her pocket as the rain poured down on her, the wind blowing strong against her causing her to shiver slightly. Finally, she gets it taken care of and heads into the little building to pay with cash, also buying herself a banana. She runs back out into the rain and climbs in her car. "Let's go" Deena breathes out, pulling out of the lot. "Want me to open this for you?" Josh asks, motioning to the banana. "Yes, please" Deena nods. Josh unpeels it, holding it out for her and she takes it, biting into it as they stop at a red light.

"Uh, Deena?" Deena glances at him as he points past her, frowning. She looks over to see none other than Tiffany herself sat beside her, laughing and pointing at her. "Oh, that bitch!" Deena says, noticing Tiffany video taping her. Deena flips her off and the light turns green, Tiffany speeding off then. "When I catch up to her..." Deena growls out. "Deena, calm down. It's not like she got anything bad. You were just eating" Josh points out. "Still, who said she could fucking videotape me? I can't wait to beat her at the drums" Deena says. "I believe in you" Josh nods. "Thanks" Deena says, finishing off her banana.

They park in a parking spot and both turn to each other. "Run, and run fast. If anyone asks why we're late, tell them to mind their fucking business" "Even the cuss word?" Josh asks. "Hell yeah" Deena scoffs and they both throw the doors open, grabbing their bags and sprinting into the school. The hallways were empty, everyone either in lunch or study hall. Deena takes a detour at her locker, shoving things into it. She goes to pull out her phone to see what time it is but groans again. Her phone was still in the car. "Dammit!" She sighs out. She heads back into the rain, completely soaked by now from how long she's been in the rain what with the gas and all that and grabs her phone from the console. She sprint back into the school, opening up her phone to see the text messages were still on Kate.

Kate- Hey, where are you?


Kate- Hello, answer your phone!

Kate- Bitch, answer!

Kate- Deena, I swear to God, if you're still asleep...

Kate- Don't make me drive there myself!

Kate- If I have to come over there, you're in trouble, Johnson!


Deena- Josh here, stopping to get gas and then we'll be there

Kate- She too good to answer herself?

Deena- She's driving

Kate- That girl and her driving! Doesn't she know how to have a little fun?

Deena- Texting and driving isn't fun. It can kill you

Kate- Oh, boo! You sound just as boring as her!

Deena- Whatever

Kate- Are you here yet? Meet us in our bathroom when you get here

Deena heads towards the bathroom then and as soon as she walks in, she's bombarded by yelling. "Deena Johnson, you're in trouble!" "What the hell were you doing?" "Hey, Deena. Glad you're not dead" Her three best friends all greet, Reagan slinging an arm around her shoulder while Simon sorts through the drug box and Kate glares Deena down, crossing her arms. "Sorry, everyone. I could've sworn I set my alarm" Deena apologizes. "What had you all tired last night?" Kate wonders. Deena thinks it over, thinking about how she was tossing and turning all night, thinking about her 'date' Saturday, as well as Sam's text in the group chat during their group hangout. After she read that text, the mood had kind of shifted and instead of her sitting in between Tommy and Simon because she was nervous, she sat in between them because she was depressed. Sam didn't seem to mind though or notice for that matter, munching on the popcorn and listening to Simon's pointless whispers throughout the entire movie of how hot both Black Widow and her sister Yelena looked.

"Couldn't sleep" Deena shrugs. "Well, don't scare us like that next time. You had us all worried" Reagan adds, frowning. "I'm fine, guys. Didn't mean to scare you. What are we doing in here?" "The real question is, why are you soaking wet?" Simon quips, looking over her shirt which was now sticking to her stomach as she pulled her jacket off. "Uh, it's pouring out there and I had to get gas" Deena shrugs. "That's the worst" Reagan shakes her head, leaning back against one of the stalls. "Well, lucky for you, while you were sleeping in, I, being the bestest friend ever, took notes for you" Kate shoves her notebook into Deena's hands. "Thanks" Deena sighs out, looking it over. "Make sure you give that back before the end of the day. I need that for something else".

"Yeah, well, I also helped you out in Chemistry. I did a lab all by myself and got us both a decent grade" Reagan chimes in and all three turn to raise an eyebrow at her. "You did?" Kate asks. "Okay, a little less than decent, and I had to beg the teacher to even give you a grade, but I did it" Reagan says and Kate and Deena roll their eyes while Simon fist bumps her. "I was actually on time today and I worked a whole shift the night before. I haven't slept" Simon adds, smiling between them. "Are you okay?" Deena asks. "Totally" Simon scoffs, jumping up. "Tommy may have stopped and gotten me some coffee as well" Simon adds. "He's running on no sleep with some coffee? We're screwed" Reagan panics and Simon rolls his eyes. "Please, I'm totally fine" Simon waves them off before getting a text. "Tommy needs me!" He sprints out of the bathroom, leaving them. "Simon, wait!" Reagan runs after him, leaving Deena and Kate there. Before Kate can say anything, they hear Simon and Reagan both scream.

"Don't go anywhere. I'll take care of the idiots" Kate grumbles, running out after them, leaving Deena to herself. Deena takes that as her chance to check her phone again and actually looks at her texts from Sam. The texts that woke her up in the first place.

Sam- Hey, this is Sam

Sam- Well, of course you knew that, I guess

Sam- I just figured I'd bring it up just in case you didn't

Sam- Anyways, I know I said something about us running our lines together one time but it turns out, we're history partners for a project!

Sam- You would've figured that out, if you were in class. Hope everything's okay...

Sam- I was kind of hoping, since we're project partners and we're both leads, we could kill two birds with one stone and I could come over today?

Sam- If you're not working at least!

Sam- We don't even have to run lines if you don't want to

Sam- Or the project!

Sam- We could like, assign different parts and do it separately if you'd like!

Sam- I guess that'd make it more difficult though...

Sam- It's up to you though!

Sam- Please answer?

Deena was shocked. How were they partners when Simon was in the same history class as her? Did Simon know about this? Why didn't he mention it? And how could someone be so adorable even over text? Wait a second...she wanted to come over today? Deena checks her schedule was her day off...

Deena- Hey, Sam, it's Deena

Deena- Well, shit, I guess you knew that as well

Deena- Uh, anyways, you could come over today if you wanted

Deena- I've got nothing going on

Deena- Not that I don't usually have stuff going on!

Deena- I'm always super busy or whatever, I just don't have anything to do today, is all

Deena cringes at herself. Could she be any more of a dork?

Deena- Come over later after school?

Yeah, that was a nice touch. Now all she'd have to do is wait for Sam to text back. At that moment, Kate walks back in, dragging both Reagan and Simon in by the ear who were both complaining. She lets go, looking between the two who were both rubbing their ears in pain. "Now, are we going to calm down?" "Simon started it" "You chased me" "You ran out" "Yeah, well you-" Kate steps on both of their feet and they both yelp. "Answer the question please?" "Yes" They both mumble. "Are we going to argue anymore?" Both of the twins glance at each other with frowns. "Are we?" Kate repeats. "No" They both reply. "Good, now give each other a hug" Kate demands.

Both of them scrunch up their noses, glancing at each other. "Don't make me count" Kate warns them. They both grumble, slowly and reluctantly giving each other a slight hug. "That's better" Kate nods in satisfaction, looking down at her phone with a smirk. "Hey, did you take a picture?" "Yep, and it's getting put as my wallpaper" Kate cackles. "No fair!" "Gimme that" The two chase after Kate who had run out again, having grabbed her bag, the two running after her and Deena smirks in amusement, shaking her head.

She turns to look herself in the mirror, noticing just how wet her shirt actually was. She didn't think she'd gotten that wet in the rain. But then again, the jacket she had on wasn't exactly rain material and the way she was standing in the rain when she was getting gas had all the wind and rain blowing right at her front. She'd be fine though. She liked the rain. The rain could be fun. There was no way she had been standing in it for that long. She gets a notification and looks down to see she was tagged in something on Instagram. She clicks on it, confused, and notices it was a post from Tiffany. She had posted the video of Deena eating a banana with the caption 'I thought you were a lesbian?' and she already had multiple likes and comments from both Sunnyvalers and Shadysiders, all making fun of her. Deena gapes down at her phone. "Oh fuck!" She groans out. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." She adds, pacing around as she looked down at her phone. She should've known Tiffany would use that video against her.

As she looks down at the phone, looking at the different comments, she makes a decision, hiding the drug box in it's original spot and grabbing her bag and jacket, walking out one of the school side doors and walking towards her car, hoping she isn't noticed. She unlocks it, climbing in and taking a deep breaths before slamming her hands against the steering wheel. "I'm gonna kill that bitch!" She yells out to no one in particular before pulling out of the lot.


Deena idly swings on a swing set in the park, having ended up there. She had more texts from all of her friends, all of them wondering where she went and if she was okay, because, of course, everyone saw the video. Which is why she left in the first place. She didn't need her friend worrying about her though, and even if it was still raining, and she didn't have a proper jacket to be sitting in the rain, she was still there anyways because walking helped her clear her head. She parked her car in front of the house, the only text she sent asking for someone to take Josh home and had taken a walk to clear her head, like usual.

Hanging out in nature, at an abandoned park was another one of Deena's safe places and made her feel at peace, even if it was pouring and she was still shivering slightly from how cold and windy it was. She could care less at the moment though because after the last couple of weeks, she needed this. It went from just any regular week to being apart of a movie with Sam as her co-star and has had a lot more bonding with her friends than she was used to. Now Sam and her are History partners and playing love interests? It was crazy to her, really. She sits there for at least another hour before walking back to her house and deciding to take a nap because, honestly, she was over the day and it was her day off after all.

She wakes up later, noticing her phone read 2:50 and sits up blearily to see who rung their doorbell. She passes by the basement door, listening closely to hear if Josh was there but apparently he wasn't. She opens the door to find Sam Fraser stood there, it no longer raining but the ground still seemed wet. "Sam? What are you doing here?" Deena asks. "Oh...did you not check your phone?" "No, no. Not since earlier" Deena shakes her head, sniffling slightly. "You said to come over after school and cheer practice was cancelled cause of the rain. We are still working together right? Unless you're not up to it?" Sam looks over Deena's appearance with a frown.

"Right, no, no. It kind of slipped my mind" Deena motions her in and Sam does so. "Listen, why don't you wait here and I'll be right back?" Deena asks and Sam nods. Deena walks back into her room and grabs her phone, seeing Sam had texted and warned her she was on the way. She opens up the group chat, noticing multiple texts.


Simon- The video didn't look that bad...

Reagan- Please tell me where you are so I can come find you

Reagan- I changed my mind. I'm gonna go find Tiffany and beat the shit out of that bitch!

Josh- I should've let you go after her :(

Cindy- We've got your back, Deena. Don't listen to what anyone else says and please come back. You're missing classes!

Ziggy- She was thoroughly embarrassed, Cindy. I think she has the right to miss a day of school!

Kate- True, but that DOESN'T mean she CAN'T ANSWER HER PHONE!!

Tommy- Let us know you're feeling better, Dee! I'll get people to back off!

Alice- Everyone can fuck off for all I care. It's literally just you eating.

Alice- Most people eat bananas as well so what's a video of you eating one have to do with anything?

Alice- I wish I had a banana right now...

Deena- Sam Fraser's at my house and I'm kind of freaking out right now. Please help?

Reagan- Thank God you're alive! I thought you were dead!

Kate- She's gonna be dead when I get my hands on her!!!

Simon- Ooh, what's Sam doing there? Study date? Can I come too?

Deena- She wants to practice lines and work on our history project together

Cindy- Okay, don't panic. Just think of it as if she were a guy you were partnered up with

Alice- Yeah, right! Make a move! Get it, girl!

Reagan- Gonna have to agree with Alice on this one. Use a note ;P

Tommy- No way! You can't let her know if you're not ready. Don't stress yourself out more than you need to

Simon- Make out!

Josh- I'd rather not think about that, thanks

Ziggy- You cast them as leads though. There are probably gonna be plenty of those scenes

Deena- Wait, WHAT?!

There's a knock on the bedroom door and Deena opens it to find Sam stood there awkwardly. "Sorry, I were in here for a little bit and I thought we were gonna get started" Sam replies. "Right, sorry. I was texting. You know how the others are" Sam gives a small smile, nodding and Deena allows her into her room, Sam looking around. Before Sam can comment on any of the band posters, Deena sneezes into her arm once, then twice, then three times. "You okay?" Sam asks. "Yeah, yeah. It's been a day" Deena sighs out and Sam nods. Deena notices her room was messier than she wanted it to, especially with Sam Fraser in here what with her blanket on the floor and clothes scattered all around thanks to the rush of a morning she had earlier. She starts to clean up as Sam focuses her attention onto a framed picture placed on her desk. "Are these your parents?" Sam wonders while Deena throws her blanket onto her bed and drops the clothes onto the floor of her closet, reminding herself to clean those up later and shutting the closet door.

She turns back to look at Sam who was holding up the picture, a picture with a younger her, Josh and her mom and dad. Sam was pointing between her mom and dad. "Uh, yeah." Deena nods. Sam looks back down at the picture. "You like just like your mom" Sam comments and Deena moves to stand beside her, peaking over her shoulder at it. "Josh has her eyes" Deena adds, smiling sadly down at it. Sam and Deena both glance up at the same time then, both noticing they were closer than they thought and blush, Sam moving to put the picture back while Deena backed up slightly. "Uh, how about we get started?" Deena asks and Sam nods. "Is there a place to sit?" Deena clears off the chair in front of her desk and moves it to sit in front of the end of her bed, motioning for Sam to sit on the chair. Sam thanks her, taking a seat and Deena sits across from her.

Sam sets her bag down, looking through it while Deena watches her closely. Sam takes out a piece of paper, handing to her. "Here, this one's yours" Sam hands it to her and Deena takes it, looking it over. "What's the project about?" Deena wonders. "So, we're supposed to pick an important event apart of history that happened in Shadyside and today's class was about researching what topic we wanted and telling the teacher by the end of class" Sam explains, looking almost guilty. "Oh" Deena nods, looking it over. "So, I kind of already picked a topic, if that's okay?" "What topic?" "Um...well, I got the idea from the movie and everything. It's really about Union, what Shadyside and Sunnyvale were before they split, but, it's mostly about Sarah Fier" Sam explains hesitantly. "You believe in all that?" Deena scoffs. "I looked it up and it is apart of our history! It's just...your brother knows a lot about it and everything, more than most so I figured it'd be easy" Sam says. "Oh, I get it! Only using me to get good grades, huh?" Deena scoffs. "No, that's not-!" "I'm kidding" Deena chuckles and Sam lets out a little laugh. "Right. Are you sure the topic's okay though?" Sam asks cautiously. "It's fine, I'm just glad we're partners" Deena blurts out before blushing, rubbing the back of her neck. "I mean-" "Totally agree" Sam smiles. "Right" They both smile at each other before Sam pulls out her computer.

"When are your usual days off?" Sam wonders as she looks at her computer. "Wednesday's and Saturday's" Deena says and Sam nods. "How about we meet up every Wednesday and Saturday then? For the project? Like, are you doing anything before the table read this Saturday?" Sam wonders. Deena goes to answer her before pausing. Would it really be a smart idea to tell Sam she has a date on Saturday? But then again, Sam wasn't looking for a relationship anyways. So she wouldn't care...right? "Uh, I have a thing...before..." Deena trails off and Sam looks up with a raised eyebrow. "That doesn't sound mysterious at all" Sam jokes and Deena nervously laughs. "It's....complicated?" "All right. Keep your secrets" Sam nods, playfully narrowing her eyes at Deena before looking back down at her computer.

"It says Sarah was hung for her use in witch craft" Sam says, biting her lip as she looked at the screen. "Uh, Josh says that's wrong. He says the real reason she wan hung was because she was a lesbian" Deena brings up and Sam looks up then with wide eyes. "Really?" "Yeah...she was caught kissing another girl, Hannah Miller? And they blamed it on witchcraft and some homophobic prick decided to hang her for it" Deena explains. "Dicks" Sam scoffs, frowning at her computer and Deena nods in agreement. "So, you are gay aren't you?" Sam snaps her head up again, looking at Deena with wide eyes. "What?" "I'm sorry. I don't know where that came from. J-just pretend I didn't ask that!" Deena quickly says while Sam looks her over. They both sit there in awkward silence, Deena focusing her attention on the fingernails she was biting off while Sam was typing something on her computer. "Yes..." Sam answers after a few minutes and Deena looks up. "I-I'm bi" Sam explains. "Oh..." Deena nods. "Well...I think. I mean I dated Peter, so I must be" Sam adds and Deena slowly nods, looking her over.

"Well, I'm a lesbian" Deena tells her and Sam looks up again with a small smile. "I know" She nods. "You do?" "You're one of the most talked about people in school. Especially since today..." Deena scowls then. Of course. Of course Sam saw the post of her eating a banana. Why wouldn't she have? Everyone else did. "Sorry." Sam apologizes but Deena waves her off. "I don't care anyways" Deena shrugs, her arms crossed as she stared at her Pixies poster. "I didn't think anything of it. You were just eating" Sam brings up. "Yeah, well you and my friends are the only ones who see it that way." Deena shrugs and Sam bites her lip, looking it over. Before she can say anything, Deena sighs turning to look at her. "So, which one of these are we doing?" Deena asks, pointing at the paper. "Well, I figured since I chose the topic, you'd get to choose how we present it" Sam informs her and Deena looks over the many different ways they're able to present the project. "A poster would mean we'd have to write a lot of things down and I don't have the best handwriting" Deena says, looking at the paper. "Really?" Sam asks, amusement laced in her voice. "Yep" Deena nods. "Prove it" Sam smirks. Deena has half a mind to bring out one of her notes like Reagan suggested.


Sam hands her a pen from her bag, quirking an eyebrow at her and Deena takes it from her, leaning over to write something on the table at the end of her bed using the project paper. She shows it to Sam then and Sam looks it over. "I hate school?" Sam repeats, looking up at her and Deena shrugs. "Maybe school hates you too" Sam quips, handing the paper back to her. "I think we already have that established, thank you. School and everyone in it" Deena sighs out, taking the paper back. "Well, I don't hate you. I think you're pretty cool." Sam assures her. "Really?" Deena asks in surprise and Sam nods, showing off the cutest dimples Deena's ever seen and Deena tries not to melt. "You're pretty cool too. Like super cool. I can't even believe you wanted to be the other lead" Deena brings up, biting her lip as she thinks of Sam's text in the group chat.

Sam shrugs. "I thought it'd be a cool experience. I don't have much friends here either" Sam admits, scrolling through a website of Sarah Fier. "You? You're like the most popular girl in school" Deena scoffs and Sam scoffs as well. "All of those people are fake. I meant real actual friends that I can open up to" Sam explains. "Oh..." Deena nods slowly. "Your friends are pretty cool. Like Simon, Reagan and Kate" Sam adds. "They're a bunch of dumbasses" Deena waves it off and Sam shakes her head. "I wish I had friends like them..." Deena looks over Sam, like, really looks her over as she looked down at the computer. She grabs her phone then and Sam glances at her before focusing back on the computer with a frown.

Dee has added Sam to the Nobodies group chat

Simone- Welcome, new friend!

Rea-rea- Hi, Sam!

Katie- Oh, so you're too good to answer my texts but you can add Sam to our groupchat?

Sam looks up at Deena, having heard her phone go off and notices Deena's crooked smile. She picks up her phone, seeing the text messages.

Sam- Uh, hi...

Simone has changed Sam's name to Sammy

Rea-rea- Now you're really apart of it!

Sam looks back up at Deena who was now back to looking at the paper but still grinning. "Thanks. Your friends seem really welcoming" Sam smiles appreciatively. "Well, they already technically know you which helps a lot and you're like the least annoying person at school" Deena waves it off. "Uh, thanks. I think?" The door is swung open to her room and Josh stands there. "Oh, sorry. I was just...coming to check on you..." Josh says awkwardly. "You ever hear of knocking?" "Sorry to bother you two. Just, are you okay?" Josh asks, looking at his sister worriedly. "I'm fine" Deena nods. "Okay. Pizza for dinner?" "Are you ordering it this time?" Josh had already closed the door though and Deena scoffs, shaking her head. "Are you two always like that?" "Like what?" "You know..." Deena shakes her head. "Like, you always argue but I can tell you care." Sam shrugs. "I guess I never payed attention" Deena shrugs it off and Sam nods. "You two are cute" Sam comments and Deena blushes. "Cute?" She repeats, rubbing the back of her neck. "Yeah, like, you know, your relationship" Sam clarifies and Deena nods. "Right" Sam shuts her computer then. "Want to read lines?" Deena raises an eyebrow but shrugs. "Sure" "Great" Sam nods.