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Deena sits in her room, her back leaning against the end of her bed as she scribbled onto a piece of paper, "Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies playing throughout her room. She groans again, scratching out the words once again and shaking her head. "That sounds too desperate" She sighs out, tapping her cheek with the eraser part as she tried to get her words out on paper. Then again, she never was good at writing her feelings down on paper. In fact, she wasn't good with feelings at all. And she especially wasn't good at sharing her feelings with others.

That didn't seem to stop her these days, whenever her eyes landed on none other than Samantha Fraser. Sam Fraser was a cheerleader that moved from Sunnyvale to Shadyside. She wasn't sure why anyone would move from a place like Sunnyvale which had mansions and money to a place like Shadyside which was the complete opposite but she couldn't find herself caring as she passed her in the hallway everyday, getting a glimpse of the cute cheerleader. Sam always seemed to send a friendly smile her way when she passed which would cause Deena to smile back, a genuine smile. Kate always liked to point that out, that Sam was the only one who could get a genuine smile out of her, but she didn't believe that.

It always surprised Deena that someone like Sam could have come from Sunnyvale. Everyone from Sunnyvale were a bunch of rich pricks that liked to remind the Shadyside folk every chance they got. Sam was different though. She liked to lift everyone's spirits and was the perfect head cheerleader. Everyone loved Sam. Especially Deena. She could never seem to get her out of her mind. But, being the well known single lesbian of Shadyside didn't seem to work out in her favor. Everyone may have loved Sam, but everyone hated Deena. She'd hear whispers of her apparently watching people change in gym class (Which wasn't the case, considering she always had her head down in the locker room), or even accidentally running into a girl in the hallway meant feeling her up which didn't usually end well if the girl had a boyfriend.

The only good thing about school was the fact that she had some friends who never judged her and always had her back. There was Simon Kalivoda, her fun-loving, goofball best friend who worked at the grocery store to support his family. Then there was Kate Schmidt, her cheerleader best friend who got good grades and excelled in school while running a drug business on the side with the help of Simon. And then there was Cindy Berman, her know-it-all friend who was always the first to have her hand up for every question. She was the school president and had trouble having fun but she was also the best person to go to when you needed comfort. She has definitely loosened up a bit thanks to her girlfriend Alice, who always seemed to want to party and do something fun with their friends. The two of them balance each other out. Cindy keeps Alice in line and Alice reminds Cindy to have fun. They were the perfect couple. They were also lesbians, but considering they were together, they weren't as hated because the others didn't fear them trying to steal their girls.

There was also Tommy, their football player friend who was friends with everyone and was the 'glue' of their group. Then there was Ziggy, as she liked to be called, Cindy's younger sister. Ziggy was a bit of a troublemaker and seemed to always have theories that her and Deena's brother, Josh liked to talk about a lot. Speaking of Josh, Josh had always wanted to be a director, always filming around the house and the group, and ultimately, getting on Deena's nerves. Which he happened to be doing at this very moment.

"Josh, what did I tell you about filming in my room?" Deena complains, looking up from her writing to find Josh slow panning a camera around her room. He stops his camera onto her glaring face before lowering it. "Whatcha doing?" He wonders. "Nothing" Deena stuffs the paper into a shoebox, pushing a lid on top of it before standing. Josh glances at the box before looking back at her. "Was that for Sam?" He wonders. Her face turns slightly red and she pushes the box under her bed before she moves past him and out of her room, heading into the kitchen with Josh following after her, once again recording her. "No" She denies and he lets out a hum, not believing her in the slightest. She opens up the fridge, looking through it. She picks up the sticky note stuck to the bottom of the empty shelf, looking at the messy sprawl of her father's handwriting with a frown before throwing it shut. She turns to look back at Josh who had set his camera down and was now watching her curiously.

"Pizza?" She asks and Josh shrugs his shoulders. Deena grabs her phone, dialing the little pizza shop they always seem to find themselves calling. After their mother had passed, their dad had thrown himself into his job, leaving the two to always have to fend for themselves, Deena mostly taking care of her and Josh. After ordering the pizza, she checks her phone and frowns. "I'm gonna have to start getting ready for work soon. Can you get the door when the delivery driver gets here?" She asks him hopefully and Josh shrugs again. "Fine, but you better hope there's pizza left if you take too long" Deena rolls her eyes, messing up his hair as she moves past him while he tries to push her hand away.

Forty-five minutes later, she comes back out to find Josh eating pizza as he talked into his camera. She grabs a slice out of the box, taking a bite out of it with one hand as she tried to get her converse on with her other one. "In fact, it was Sarah that was innocent and the actual culprit was none other than Solomon Goode." "You never give up on that stuff do you?" Deena sighs out, getting her other shoe on. "It's fun, learning about the town history and all." "None of that stuff is real, Josh. It's just a myth" "A cool myth. A girl hung for being called a witch after she was caught with another girl. It's a story for the ages!" Josh explains excitedly. Deena rolls her eyes, grabbing her keys and wallet. "I know how the myth goes." "But not everyone does! Not the true myth at least! Everyone believes Sarah Fier was a witch and believes she was the one to get Cyrus to gauge all of those kids eyes out, but I know the truth. She was innocent all along. But no matter how many times I say it, everyone takes it as a joke. Sarah deserves justice" Josh explains passionately as Deena throws on her jacket.

"Hate to tell you this, dude, but no one wants to listen to the nerdy kid associated with the bull dyke of the school". "That's just it, though! No one wanted to listen to Sarah because she was caught kissing with the Pastor's daughter! Maybe if I made a movie, showing everyone the truth, maybe Sarah might actually have the justice she deserves" Josh's face lights up. "Whatever, I've gotta go before I'm late for work. Don't stay up too late" Deena ruffles his hair again, walking towards the door. "Just you wait, Deena! Everyone will know the truth of what happened that night!" Josh calls after her as she leaves. Knowing him, he was probably gonna call up Ziggy and tell her all about it but she couldn't exactly worry about that right now.

She arrives at the Shadyside Mall and heads in, stopping by the bookstore, B. Dalton's, where Heather was working. "Heather" Deena greets and Heather smirks. "Deena, as much as I love your company, hiding away in a bookstore won't get you out of your own job" Heather replies, leaning against the counter while Deena leans across from her. "Did my book come in yet or not?" "That depends..." Heather reaches under the counter before looking over the item curiously. "Are you wanting to write out your feelings...or your fantasies?" Heather slides the book across the counter to Deena, the title, "How to write a love letter for dummies...", displayed across the front. Deena's face grows red as she digs through her pockets for her wallet, not meeting Heather's eyes. "I need it for a school project" Deena makes up, handing Heather a 10, who's smirk had grown.

"I bet..." Heather replies and Deena huffs, grabbing the book. "I've gotta get to work" "Don't get yourself too worked up, Johnson. It's only Sam Fraser!" Deena throws up a middle finger and Heather chuckles as Deena speed walks out of the bookstore and over to the music store she works at "Musicland". She passes by her boss, Arnie, who was on his way out. "Yo, what's up, Deena! Want some?" He holds out a vape towards her but she shakes her head. "No thanks" "More for me, then. Here" He hands her the lockup key with a grin, giving her a wave before leaving. She heads into the breakroom in the back where Ziggy's girlfriend and Simon's sister, Reagan, was sat on the couch, most likely texting Ziggy. Once she notices Deena though, she shoots out of her seat and picks Deena up, spinning her around in a circle.

"Hi, fellow lesbian!" She greets excitedly, Deena scoffing. She eventually puts Deena down, still grinning. "You do that every time. Doesn't that ever get old?" "Pfft, no! It's fun. Especially from your reaction" She grins before her eyes zero in on the book clasped in Deena's hand. She snags it before Deena can stop her. "Oooh, what's this?" She asks, looking it over. "Hey, that's mine!" Deena protests, trying to get it back but Reagan was a little taller than her, making it more difficult to reach for the book. "How to write a love letter for dummies? Aw, someone's got a crush. I wonder who...Oh, wait, I already know!" Reagan grins. Deena finally manages to get it back, glaring at Reagan, her face red as she stuffed it into her bag.

"It's for a school project" Deena denies, trying to once again, use that excuse, though it wasn't fooling anyone. "Mmm-hmm. Suurrreee..." Reagan hums, biting her lip in amusement though she decides not to press any further on the subject. "Listen, I was texting Ziggy-" "When are you not?" "Touché" Reagan agrees before shaking her head. "She was just talking to Josh and from what I heard, he's apparently starting a new movie" "Oh, not you too" Deena groans. "Oh, come on, Dee! It sounds fun. It's a twist on the original myth, turned into a horror. Ziggy, Simon, Tommy and Alice are already in and Alice is working on trying to rope in Cindy as well" Reagan explains, both of them walking out of the breakroom to walk through the empty music store, Deena looking through the different records to find something to play. "Lemme guess...Josh sent you to convince me to be in it as well?" Deena asks. "Ding, ding, ding." Reagan grins.

"Not interested" Deena says, putting on "Cherub Rock" by the Smashing Pumpkins. "Why not? Don't you want to help your brother follow his dreams?" "Of course I do. That doesn't mean I have to be in it though. I can just support from the sidelines" Deena shrugs, moving towards behind the counter. "But you're the one who inspired the movie in the first place" Reagan points out, leaning across the counter. "Me? How?" Deena asks confused. "Something about you and Sarah Fier having some sort of connection with each other" Reagan shrugs. "I'm not connected to Sarah Fier. And also, I'm not a very good actor." Before Reagan can try and convince her stubborn friend any further, a customer walks in and she sighs. "Fine, but this conversation isn't over. I'll get you to agree one way or another" Reagan warns her. "Whatever you say" Deena shrugs, greeting the customer.


Later that night, when Deena gets home from work, she heads into her room, throwing her bag onto the floor. She sits beside it, pulling out the shoebox she pushed under her bed from earlier. She opens it, looking at the multiple notes piled inside, all failed attempts of trying to write a letter to Sam. It was a regular occurrence really. She'd find herself thinking of Sam and she'd grab some paper and a pen, writing down her feelings. There'd be some that she'd think were kind of decent and consider actually slipping it into Sam's locker but her brain would get the better of her and she'd end up throwing it into the box along with the ones that she thought were really bad, she just kept them for future references.

She places her new book inside the shoebox, looking at it with a frown before closing it up and pushing it back under her bed. It was stupid really. The crush she had on Sam. She didn't even know if she was gay or not either. She could easily be straight and Deena would just make a fool of herself. Who knows what Sam would do. She didn't want to dwell on it. She climbs into her bed, ready to call it a night when her phone lights up. She grabs it, looking over the notification. It was from the group chat.

Josh- All right, I've got mostly all of you to agree to be in my movie, we're just missing a couple things. I still need two leads (preferably lesbians)

Kate- *Cough* Deena *Cough*

Josh- And I need a few more people to play side characters, of course

Ziggy- What are the roles you already have? Who's playing what?

Josh- Wellll...the main part of the story is kind of based around a certain someone so Simon and Kate are playing the two best friends. As for the side story, Ziggy, you're the lead in that with Cindy and Alice and Tommy's playing a killer

Cindy- Wait, Tommy's playing a killer?

Alice- Oooh, what's my character like?

Simon- Why are there two separate parts?

Josh- There are actually supposed to be three in total. The first parts based in the 1994, the second part in 1978 and the third part in 1666

Reagan- Which one am I in?

Josh- You play Simon's sister in the first one

Reagan- What? Why don't I get to play with Ziggy in the second one? I thought you were basing this around lesbians that deserve better? I demand a recast!

Josh- That may be the case but there weren't many lesbian relationships in the 70s and I already kind of gave those roles to Alice and Cindy

Alice- Ha! Suck it!

Cindy- Alice!

Ziggy- It's okay, babe. It's just a movie

Reagan- Couldn't you at least have given me a better role? Simon's sister, really? Why can't I be one of the killers instead?

Josh- You know what? That's given me an idea. Thanks Reagan!

Reagan-'re welcome?

Simon- Hey! I happen to be an excellent brother!

Josh- Okay, Reagan, you are now Ruby Lane

Reagan- Who?

Josh- One of the killers

Tommy- Looks like we both get to be killers

Reagan- Killer buddies!

Kate- Can I get a love interest?

Cindy- You do know most of these characters are your friends, right?

Kate- I know...

Josh- Um...I'd have to write a new character in and cast someone else

Kate- Well, duh...

Simon- You could always write yourself in XD

Ziggy- Ooooohhh

Josh- Moving on, Deena, I know you're reading these. I need you as the lead. Please? For me?

Deena- Why me?

Simon- She lives!

Alice- It's the witch!

Deena- Haha, very funny

Josh- You're the perfect lead for this movie. You and Sarah are connected in some ways if you think about it. It'd make the most sense

Deena- What do I get out of it if I agree?

Josh- Anything!

Deena- Anything?...

Reagan- I don't think that was a good idea, dude

Josh- Anything

Kate- I'd tread carefully if I were you. This definitely doesn't seem like a good idea

Deena- Fine, I'll do your movie

Josh- Yes!

Tommy- Wait, but doesn't that mean you need one more lead?

Josh- Don't worry, I think I've got an idea for that

Deena- Who?

Josh- You'll find out when we start shooting

Kate- Mysterious

Deena puts her phone down then, staring up at her cieling as she thought it over. Who could Josh possibly use as her co-star? Maybe Heather? But then again. Heather wasn't a lesbian. Heather liked Ryan Torres, who also worked at the mall in the party supplies store. The two liked to banter a lot and Heather always acted like she didn't like him but Deena knew better. Just like Heather knew her better as well. Heather was one of the first people she met when she started at the mall, well, besides Reagan. The first time her and Heather met, Deena was browsing around the book store during her dinner break and found a book series called "Fear Street" that intrigued her. She had picked up the one entitled "Field of Screams" and her and Heather had a long conversation about which were the best of the series and it went on from there.

Reagan was the actual first person she met. In fact, Deena wouldn't have the friends she did now if it wasn't for Reagan. When she started at Musicland, her and Reagan instantly connected and started hanging out more. That's when Reagan introduced her to Simon and Simon introduced her to Kate and the list goes on from there, and now they were all in this tight little group together, having each others backs. Reagan was her first friend in general which is why the two were so close and knew each other like the back of their own hands. Exactly like right now, as Deena picks up her phone again, this time having gotten a text from just Reagan.

Reagan- I'm sure whoever this lead is, it won't be someone too difficult or scary to work with. And you may be love interests but Josh wouldn't intentionally do anything to mess with you

Deena- If you're sure

Reagan- Just give it a chance, Dee. This movie is like a bonding experience for the group

Deena- You and your "bonding"

Reagan- Make fun all you want but you wouldn't know half these people if it weren't for me!

Deena- Yeah, yeah, I'm going to bed

Reagan- Lame!

Deena- Goodnight!

Deena puts her phone back down, rolling onto her side with a smile. Maybe it won't be so bad after all. If only she knew what was actually in store for her, though. She might've not agreed so quickly then.