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Making friends with a rival.

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(Over In Spain The Bellas are in the middle of the riff off as their in the middle of it Beca's looking up at the other acts and seems to be enjoying them performing

together which she can tell her other group mates are not as their finishing out the riff off Beca looks at the others as they turn and walk off as they walk off the

members of Evermoist watch them walk off and laugh.)

Veracity: Now that's holding your head up.

(The other members look at her and laugh.)

Calamity: Yeah. The one in the leather jacket.
Serenity: She can sing.
Calamity: Yeah. She's cute too.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Mark: Now now Calamity keep it in your pants.

(She turns and looks at him.)

Calamity: I will. But she can sing.
Mark: She can.
Charity: What's her name?
Mark: Beca! Why?
Calamity: No reason.
Mark: Cal.
Calamity: I know. I won't force anything.
Mark: Okay.
Calamity: Mark!

(He looks at her.)

Mark: Yeah.
Calamity: Tell Beca we think that their all great.
Mark: I will.

(Then he turns and walks off to go and talk to them as Calamity stands there and smiles to herself.)

Charity: Uh-oh.
Calamity: What?
Charity: We've seen that look before and it's the same look you gave Marley before she was killed.

(Calamity looks at them and laughs.)

Calamity: Yeah well.
Veracity: Be careful Cal. We don't know if this girl will hurt you in the end.
Calamity: I will be. But then again all I said was that she was cute I didn't say I would sleep with her.

(They laugh at her as they get back to what they were doing. Outside Mark walks up to the Bellas and hears what they said and gets annoyed with them.)

Mark: Are you fucking kidding me?

(They turn and look at him and can tell he's annoyed with them.)

Chloe: Mark!
Mark: One you guys don't know the first thing about them and two if all you're gonna do is put them down. I don't want anything to do with you.

(Chloe looks at him and then to the other members of the group.)

Chloe: I.
Emily: We're sorry Mark.
Mark: It's fine. I was coming out here to tell you guys that they thought you guys were really good.

(They look at him as he turns and walks off.)

Aubrey: Well i feel like a bitch.
Beca: You think.

(She turns and walks off to go after Mark. Over by Mark he's looking at his phone as Beca walks up to him.)

Beca: Mark!
Mark: Yeah.

(He turns and looks at her.)

Beca: I'm sorry. I never should of let them get that far with the insults.
Mark: You really shouldn't of but then again.
Beca: What?
Mark: Calamity's heard a lot worse insults as far as the bands name goes.
Beca: Really?
Mark: Yeah. So that one wouldn't of hurt her feelings. Well no actually it would of.
Beca: Why's that?
Mark: You'd have to ask her that. It's not my place to say.
Beca: Okay.
Mark: Look Evermoist aren't as bad as people make them out to be.
Beca: Really?
Mark: Really? I've known the band for awhile.
Beca: How long?
Mark: A little over five six years.
Beca: Oh. So you would know a little bit more about the band.
Mark: I would.
Beca: Okay. Well thanks Mark.
Mark: Anytime. Like i said their not so bad once you get to know them. It might be a tour and they could be the rival's but.
Beca: Have fun i know.
Mark: Okay.

(He turns and walks back inside of the hanger as he walks in he heads over to Chicago who can see the look on his face.)

Chicago: Uh-oh.
Mark: It's nothing really. I just walked out and over heard.
Chicago: Yeah. They didn't seem to happy about losing again.
Mark: They weren't but then again. Their not in collage anymore their out in the real world now. And on tour where there are bands who play instrauments.
Chicago: Beca looked like she was enjoying it.
Mark: She was. I could see the look on her face.
Chicago: Evermoist aren't bad looking.
Mark: They really aren't.
Chicago: Aren't you supposed to be married.
Mark: Married not blind.

(He walks around him laughing. As he walks off he walks over to the band who are getting ready to go back to the hotel until they have to come back for the show.)

Mark: You guys ready?
Veracity: Yeah.
Mark: You are right?
Veracity: Yeah. Just happy to be here.
Mark: Well I'm glad you guys are here.

(She laughs at him as he grabs her in and kisses her getting her to smile in it then he pulls away from her.)

Veracity: I still can't believe we're married.
Mark: I know.

(She smacks him getting him to laugh as he kisses her again then pulls away from her as they walk off to go out to the van that'll take them back to the hotel.)

An hour later.

(Over at the hotel all of the acts are staying at down in the lobby Mark's one the phone with his brother as he's talking to him Beca walks into the bar to go and meet

up with the other members of her group as she walks in she walks over to the other girls and sits down.)

Emily: It's about time Bec's.

(She sticks her tongue out at her as they laugh at her.)

Beca: Sorry. I ran into one of the Saddle up members.

(Chloe and Aubrey look at her and then look off.)

Emily: What he say?
Beca: Nothing much. Just that they all agree with Evermoist.
Amy: Okay.
Beca: They think we're just as good.
Cynthia: Well that's good to hear.
Beca: It is. And look i was talking to Mark after the whole thing with.
Aubrey: What he say?
Beca: Just that Evermoist aren't as bad as people make them out to be.

(They look at her and then look off.)

Beca: Look i know this is a competition but it wouldn't hurt us to try and get a long with these rival's.
Chloe: We got a long with the Treblemakers?
Beca: Yeah only after Bumper left.
Ashley: She has a point.
Beca: And another reason we got along with them is because i was at the time dating one of them.

(They look at her and then look off.)

Amy: You ever going to go after him again.
Beca: No. God Amy this isn't about Jesse. He made his choice when he broke up with me and chose the woman he's with now.
Emily: No Beca we get it.
Beca: I'm just saying we take Mark's advice and try to get a long with Evermoist.
Chloe: Why?
Beca: Because from what i can tell they don't seem as bad as half of the groups we've come across.
Jessica: I don't know.

(She looks at her and then looks off.)

Beca: Okay fine. If you guys wanna see them as rival's fine. But I'm willing to try and get to them chance weather you guys like it or not.

(Aubrey and Chloe look at her and then look off.)

Emily: We're not all saying we can't try and get a long with them.
Beca: Tell it to your guys faces. Excuse me.

(She gets up and walks off as she walks off she bumps into one of the members of the band they were just talking about.)

Beca: Oh my god I'm so sorry.
Serenity: No it's fine. You are right?
Beca: Yeah. Just having or well was having lunch with my friends.

(She looks at her and then over to the other Bellas and nods her head at her.)

Serenity: Okay. You guys were good by the way.
Beca: Thank you.

(She smiles at her as she walks off as she walks off Mark walks into the bar and over to the counter to talk to the bartender as their talking he says something that

gets her to laugh.)

Woman: Oh my god shut up.
Mark: I would but it was funny.
Beca: Hey.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Hey. You are right?
Beca: No.

(He looks at her and then to the woman behind the bar.)

Mark: What's wrong?
Beca: I wanna give Evermoist a chance but the others don't want too.
Mark: Is that what they said. Or did you jump to something you shouldn't of?
Beca: I do that a lot don't i?
Mark: Kind of.
Beca: I'm sorry. It's just i wanna take your advice and try to get to them.
Mark: Okay.
Beca: But I'm scared that they'll think that i only wanna give them a chance just to well.
Mark: They won't see that. I mean they put up a hardass front but their far from hardasses.

(Beca looks at him and laughs.)

Beca: How do you know that?
Mark: Because I'm married to their bass player.

(She looks at him and then to the woman in question as she walks in with Calamity and heads over to Serenity.)

Beca: You and?
Mark: For close to six seven months now.
Beca: Wow. Whose this?
Mark: This is my sister in law Kate.

(Kate waves at her.)

Beca: Oh wow. She's hot.

(Kate looks at her and then looks off.)

Mark: So's Calamity.
Kate: What? Hey.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Mark: Anyway. Look Beca you do what you believe is best. If you wanna give Evermoist a chance go for it.
Beca: And if i don't.
Mark: Then don't. I won't force you too. But given the look on your face you want too.
Beca: I know it's supposed to be a competition but we're not in collage anymore.
Mark: No you're not.
Beca: Anyway. I stormed off before they could say anything i should really go and talk to them.
Mark: I would.

(She smiles at him as she bumps into someone else which gets him to laugh.)

Mark: Watch where you're going Beth.

(She sticks her tongue out at him.)

Beca: Your other sister in law.
Mark: She is.
Beca: Are all of the Kane sisters this hot.
Mark: You haven't met Mary yet.

(Both Kate and Beth look at him.)

Mark: I love Vera i swear.

(They start laughing as Beca walks over to her groupmates and sits with them.)

Kate: They haven't had much luck with rival's have they?
Mark: Nope. And i have a felling it has a lot to do with that joke Amy told during rehearsals.

(Kate looks off annoyed. Over by Evermoist their sitting there talking and joking around as their talking Calamity looks over at Beca and then looks away from her

before anyone notices. Over the next few weeks as the tour continues the competition for who will get to open for DJ Khaled continues and with the tour still moving

forward Beca's found herself starting to get along with the other acts on the tour with her getting along with all three other acts on the tour the one act that she finds

herself growing closer to is the one act the other Bellas keep trying to keep from getting to close to all due to them being their main competition for their chance to

open for DJ Khaled seeing Beca getting even closer to their main rival's Chloe starts showing her jealous side and is trying her hardest not to show it but someone

does notices it and laughs at her.)

Chloe: What?
Mark: Nothing.
Chloe: No what? Mark come on?
Mark: Why the hell are you getting so jealous?
Chloe: I'm not.
Mark: Really?
Chloe: Yes really.
Mark: Look all you've done all tour is throw yourself at Chicago you can't make Beca wait around for you forever. She has a right to move on with her life.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Chloe: I don't see her that way.
Mark: And she knows that. But she does still have a right to move on with her life Chloe weather you like the people she's becoming friends with.
Chloe: I just feel like she's abanding the group.
Mark: She's not. I'm sure there are somethings she can talk to them about that she doesn't really feel right talking to you about.
Chloe: Like?
Mark: Who knows. Look she loves you guys Chloe and it shows. But she is allowed to have friends outside of the Bellas and her cheating ex boy toy.

(Chloe laughs at him.)

Chloe: You never really did like Jesse did you?
Mark: No. I thought he was tool and i thought Beca could do better.

(She laughs at him.)

Chloe: True.
Mark: Look all you nine have to realize is that Evermoist isn't that bad and if you really took the time to get to know them.
Chloe: We would find out for ourselves.
Mark: You would.

(She nods her head at him as she walks off as she walks off Kate walked up to him.)

Kate: Jealous that her bestfriend is spending more time with Evermoist then her?
Mark: Pretty much.
Kate: Sounds about right. So is Reagan single?

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Yes why?
Kate: She's cute.

(He looks at her and laughs as he walks off.)

Kate: What?
Mark: You're a dork Kane.

(As the tour continues the closer Beca grows to Evermoist and most importantly to their lead singer with the closer she grows to Calamity the more she believes they

can be friends if not something else later on down the road but with them growing closer little does Beca know that there is something that could put one hell of a

damper on her growing friendship with the band and the other acts on the tour. And it all came to head when DJ Khaled told Beca he wanted to sign her and wanted

her to open for him. But just her not the other Bellas which of course Beca turned down due to her loyalty to the other Bellas and quickly walked off and bumped into

one of the Evermoist members on the way outside.)

Beca: I'm sorry.
Calamity: It's okay. You are right?

(She looks at her and then looks off.)

Beca: You got a minute?
Calamity: Yeah.

(She shows her towards the exit and out onto the streets of southern France and they walk off together. Out on the streets their walking along and Calamity stops

walking and looks at her.)

Calamity: What's bothering you Beca?

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Beca: I was just talking with Khaled and Theo.

(She looks at her and nods her head at her as she sits down.)

Beca: I don't really know how to say this and not have you get pissed at me.

(Calamity looks at her and laughs.)

Calamity: I'm big girl Beca I'm pretty sure i can handle it.
Beca: Okay. Um. Khaled chose me.

(She looks at her and then looks off then looks at her again.)

Calamity: Just you?
Beca: Just me.
Calamity: He didn't want the rest of the Bellas?
Beca: No. Both him and Theo believe i can go a lot further as a solo artist then with a group.

(Calamity looks at her and laughs.)

Calamity: Well in away that's true. But.
Beca: What?
Calamity: Do you really wanna be a solo artist?

(Beca looks at her.)

Beca: To be honest i never really thought about it. I've only known one thing.
Calamity: And.
Beca: And that's being a Bella. I've been with the Bellas since collage it would seem weird.
Calamity: I'm sure it would. But do you know how many groups have split up over the years and their members have gone on to do other things. Like acting or putting out solo albums. I'm sure they've never thought about doing something after their groups split up.

(Beca smiles at her.)

Beca: Is that what you would do if you and the other girls were to ever split up?
Calamity: I can honestly say i don't know what i'd do. Until i'm faced with that off hand. I love being in the band and i love being to be the lead singer but i can honestly say.
Beca: No come on. You four are great.
Calamity: Tell that to Khaled.

(Beca laughs at her.)

Beca: I will actually. I just. I feel like if i take this i'll be betraying the other Bellas and i really don't want to lose my friends.
Calamity: Well if their really your friends they'll be happy for you.
Beca: And if their not.
Calamity: Then it's time for a new set of friends.

(Beca smacks her making her laugh.)

Beca: Bitch.
Calamity: I know. Look Beca i can't tell you what to do all i can say is that.
Beca: What?
Calamity: Talk to the other Bellas and get their take on this. And like i said if their really your friends they'll be happy and support of what you want.
Beca: And if i still don't want to take this chance with Khaled?
Calamity: Beca a chance at working with Khaled doesn't come around often and then it does.
Beca: Okay.
Calamity: I wouldn't let that chance get away.

(She nods her head at her.)

Beca: You know I'm actually really glad it was you i ran into and not one of your bandmates.
Calamity: Why?
Beca: Because i have a feeling they wouldn't of taken what i just told you so well.
Calamity: Oh I'm sure they would of surprised you.
Beca: Okay.
Calamity: Like i said talk to the other's and see what they think.
Beca: Okay thank you.
Calamity: Anytime.

(They continue on their way talking and joking around.)

Later that day.

(Back at the hotel Beca walks over to the other Bellas and sits down next to them.)

Chloe: Hey where've you been?
Beca: Off clearing my head.
Chloe: Why? What's going on?
Beca: After we walked by Evermoist Theo asked if he could talk to me.
Aubrey: Okay.
Beca: He told me that Khaled had made his choice.

(They look at her.)

Chloe: Who was it?
Beca: Oh this is going to be so hard to tell you.
Emily: Bec's what's going on?
Beca: Khaled chose me.

(They look at her and then to each other then back at her.)

Flo: Just you?
Beca: Yeah. I mean i turned him down of course.

(They all look at her in shock.)

Amy: Why would you do that?
Beca: Because being a Bella is what i am it's what i know.
Chloe: Well yeah but. Beca we don't expect you to give up your chance in order to make us happy.

(Beca looks at her and laughs.)

Aubrey: Being a solo artist isn't that what you've always wanted?
Beca: No what i always wanted to be was a DJ. The Bellas just came a long before i could.

(They laugh at her then calm down.)

Emily: Well like Chloe said we won't keep you from doing what you want to. I mean a chance at opening and working for DJ Khaled doesn't come along all the time.
Beca: Yeah i know. And you're not the first person whose said that.
Cynthia: Who else knows about this?

(She looks at her and then looks off but then looks at them again.)

Beca: After talking with Khaled and turning him down i ran into Calamity.

(They look at her.)

Aubrey: Okay.
Beca: And she asked if i was okay. I told her i wasn't we went for a walk and i told her.
Jessica: What she say?
Beca: Just that i should talk to you guys and see what you guys think.

(They laugh at her.)

Amy: And here i thought.
Beca: Mark's right. Evermoist aren't as bad as people make them out to be.
Chloe: Oh we know.

(She laughs at her.)

Emily: So what you gonna do?
Beca: I don't know. I still don't feel right about it.
Chloe: Well we're not gonna force you into doing something you don't want too.
Beca: Yeah i know.

(As they sit there and talk Calamity walks over to her bandmates and starts joking around with them as their joking around Beca looks over at her and smiles to herself.)

Beca: Will you guys excuse me?
Chloe: Yeah.

(She gets up and walks over to Calamity who had thrown popcorn at Serenity whose laughing at her.)

Beca: Hey.

(She looks up at her.)

Calamity: Hey. You are right?
Beca: Yeah. In fact i wanted to ask you something.
Calamity: Okay.
Beca: Will you do a duet with me?

(Calamity looks at her and laughs.)

Calamity: You serious?
Beca: Yeah. I mean you've got one hell of a voice and well i could really use the help.

(Calamity laughs at her.)

Calamity: Yeah sure.
Beca: Okay.
Calamity: When?
Beca: Tomorrow night.

(The other members of the band look at her and laugh.)

Calamity: Yeah sure.
Beca: Okay good. I'm gonna go and talk to Khaled.
Calamity: Okay.

(She turns and walks off to go and talk to him as Calamity looks at her bandmates.)

Calamity: What?
Serenity: What?
Calamity: He chose Beca.

(They look at her and then look off disappointed but then look at her again.)

Charity: Well that sucks.
Calamity: Yeah it does. But she's earned it.
Veracity: She has. And you so have a thing for her.

(Calamity looks at her and then look off laughing.)

Calamity: I do not.

(They continue to laugh at her as she starts thinking about weather she does see Beca as something other then a friend and if that's the case she wonders if Beca sees

her as something other then a friend. After talking and telling DJ Khaled that she would open for him and then told him that she wanted to do duet with Evermoist

lead singer he agreed Theo not so much but was quickly shot down by Khaled all of this lead up the final night of the tour. After introducing Beca out onto the stage

and her doing a song with the rest of the Bellas and then doing her duet with Calamity Beca realized that Calamity means something more to her other then a friend

and went to talk to her after the show and told her how she felt after telling Calamity told her she felt the same way and Beca quickly kissed her as they were kissing

Beca smiled in it knowing that not only did Calamity make a better friend then Jesse at the time or might make a better person for her that she knows damn well is

even better then Jesse she couldn't help but continue think that you can have a rival but at the same time that very rival can be a good friend and maybe sometime

down the line will make even better girlfriend.