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Green monster Touya Kinomoto

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Touya Kinomoto was having a good day, a very good day actually. He had aced his Chemistry test, won the soccer game with his team, and now was enjoying a shared afternoon lunch with none other than Yukito Tsukishiro.


"Mmhm?" The silver-haired boy turned to face him, cheeks full with whatever food he was chewing. Contentment in every single movement, eating always made him happier. It looked like he was one second away from doing a happy dance. "What happened?"

Touya wanted to pinch his adorable cheeks, he only stopped because they weren't alone and Touya had yet to confess his feelings.

"Nothing, I just felt like calling you."

Yuki looked at him curiously, amusement painting his features. He opened his mouth, probably about to tease Touya. However, a shadow fell over them, covering the sunlight that had warmed their picnic date (Touya had yet to tell Yuki about the date part). He looked up to thank whoever had saved him from the teasing. When he saw this person, his smile dropped immediately. 

"Brat, you're covering the view."

"To-ya!" Yuki tried to admonish him. Touya grumped quietly.

"Kinomoto." Syaoran greeted through gritted teeth himself. 

"Syaoran, would you like to eat a cupcake?" Yuki's inviting smile could appease the wildest beast. But this time, Touya didn't want him to be sweet where the brat was involved. 

"He'll eat them all, and they're yours, Yuki." Okay, Touya would admit he was being a little rude. But regarding Syaoran Li, this boy had come to take away not only his sister but was also besotted with Yuki, Touya could tell.

"Okay... If they are mine, I can share them with Syaoran, right?" His knowing smile only accentuated the amused glint of his eye. 

Touya couldn't argue with his logic. He grumbled again, looked to the other side, watching Sakura in the distance, near the Penguin of the park. "I guess."

"I won't eat your cupcakes, Yukito-san. You need to eat to be healthy." The way Syaoran spoke to Yuki was amenable, a contrast to how Touya and he treated each other. Touya wanted to say something along the lines of: "Of course he needs to eat them, that's why I made them for him. What did you make for him?" But Touya didn't say anything and continued to watch the park ahead. Out of sight, out of mind.


"That reminds me," the brat continues speaking. "I made you these. They are-"

"Mooncakes!" Yuki's excited shout makes Touya look over, just to watch Li Syaoran handing Yuki an elegant box filled with mooncakes.

How dare the kid... right in front of Touya.


"There's a festival coming up. I was wondering... I mean, if you want to-"


"He can't go." Touya cuts in. "He has plans with me that day."

Before Syaoran can say that he didn't mention any day, Touya mentions.

"Why don't you go with your fiance?"

 Oh yes, Touya totally heard that. The gossip that the new transfer student of Tomoeya Elementary school was betrothed with his cousin got to the other side of the fence and into Seijou High school. Touya has never been one to heed rumors, but this one has been about the little brat. Whatever precautions Touya could get to prevent the brat from being near his family was well received.

"Meiling is my cousin! Not my fiance!" Little Syaorans face had turned red with embarrassment, unlike the blushing he would get from staring at Yukito, this one was fierce and all over. Like a big tomato.


Touya could possibly mess with the brat all day, but before he could decide if he was going too far or not Yukito spoke up.

"We can go together another day. Meiling can come with us if she wants." Yukito was smiling 

with his eyes like half-crescent moonlike eyes.

Syaoran's anger deflated at once and he was left with the usual blush tainting his cheeks, reserved for Yukito. He nodded sharply and muttered softly "not with Meiling".

Touya totally heard that.


He was getting ready to argue with the brat again when Sakura came back and called Syaoran to the Penguin statue where she was with Tomoyo. Syaoran quickly excused himself and bid goodbye to Yukito, ignoring Touya completely before running away.

"That little-"



Yukito's gentle voice made him look at him seeing the same smile with the closed eyes. But this time he knew this smile was only reserved for him, more gentle, amused, and open. Only for Touya. It made him stop in his tracks.


He sighed softly and laid on the blanket. The tree's shadow behind them providing little protection from the sun as Touya stared at the sky.

He felt Yuki lay down beside him, shoulders touching.


"You don't need to be jealous, you know?"

"Who's jealous? No one is jealous." Touya wouldn't normally lie, but admitted being jealous of a little kid was too much for him. Besides, what can he do? It's not like he can say they're together. In social standards, Touya is just Yuki's friend, having as much right to spending the afternoon with Yuki as that Syaoran Li.


Yuki's quiet chuckle didn't startle him as much as the fingers running softly through his hair, soothing. He felt tension slipping away. He closed his eyes.


"Your hair is longer," Yuki muttered after a while, fingers still carding through the strands. "I will cut it for you if you want-"

"I want."


Another amused chuckle, "Okay then."

Peace lasted only a minute before Yuki decided to tease him. "I can cut it the day I can't go to the festival because we apparently got plans." 

Touya's groan could be heard in the whole park.

"Onii-chan! Are you bothering Yukito?" Sakura yelled across the area.


"No! Go and play."

Maybe having a picnic in the park, where he could watch Sakura in case she needed him, wasn't such a good idea.

Yuki, bless his heart, seemed to read his mind. "Do you want to watch a movie and-"


"Eat some more?" Now it was his turn to tease as Yuki's neck turned a little red. "Yes, please."

And so they picked up their stuff. Synchronized in a way you only see in people who have been with each other forever.

Touya hid a little smile as he packed the last of their belongings. Loading up everything in his motorbike, he made sure Sakura had a ride home and passed the blue-silver helmet to Yuki.

Yuki, already familiar with this, sat on it and put his arms around the broad back. Touya started the ignition.

They rode home, sunlight and wind caressing their faces.